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Chenxi Yang
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10.13 or later
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User Reviews for ezCheckPrinting

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2 years ago, Chad Helms
Update to Simple and Easy
I upgraded to an M1 Mac Mini in the first week of January 2022 that is running OS 12.1. When I installed the app it opened, I restored the purchase, and it crashed. After re-peated un-installs and re-installs and several messages back and forth with their tech the last response I received was "We are sorry we do not have a solution for this issue. Our programmers will do more research." If they come back with an update, I'll update this review. What's maddening is that the excheck personal works on the new Mac Mini. I found this program to replace a windows based program when I switched my desktop to Mac. I didn't need a program that reports and tracks and keeps a register and yada yada yada since I do that elsewhere. I just needed check printing. That's what this does. Granted, there may be features I'm not using, but I'll admit I haven't noodled around the software very much. There is one thing I'd like to be able to do: that's use carriage returns in the note lines on the stub portion of the checks. Otherwise, I think it's great. There is one other "minor" annoyance. Occasionally I have to "restore full purchase" when I use the program. That may not be any fault of the software; it could be constipation between my machine/account and the Ap Store. Rehardless, with only a few clicks I'm on my way.
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4 years ago, Bingersol
Not Mac ready for prime time
This may be great for Windows, but the Mac team did buggy, incomplete work. Columns can't be resized or reordered in register -- well, you can resize, but next time you open the app, back to incomprehensible stock widths. Can't suppress a column you never want to see. Columns in weird order. CSV only imports (sometimes these folks say "CVS" indicating the care that went into this). In the latest version, you CANNOT import data with a comma in it -- I've tried 50 times working with their tech support (all Windows folks I think). The one thing that CSV should be able to do is use quotes to isolate/qualify field data containing a comma. This happens alot when importing address data. It does manage with some turgid fumbling to successfully create usable blank check-stock printable checks. But the last Mac update was over a year ago. I suspect the Mac version may be on life support. The report function is a reminder of how things used to be 30 years ago. No options, just what it is! They always sort latest to oldest, in reports (which you can't change) and every time you open the file. For $40 this is way overpriced.
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2 weeks ago, shftcmdp
Takes some work but it works!
You get what you put into this software. Use the trial mode to configure your printer settings and make sure it will work with your check templates. Needless to say this is a HUGE cost savings application compared to using others. A one time fee, no need to buy print credits, can use blank check stock. Yes, we don't get all the security features but if you're someone like me who only needs to print very few checks. It's a winner. Highly recommend IF it suites your use case.
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3 years ago, SJTD3
Almost there but not quite......
This software is excellent for importing excel data and printing checks in a hurry. However it could be greatly improved with just a few tweaks. The lack of options for creating the check stub are pretty sad. We need to be able to add fields from the imported data onto the check stub. Things like, Federal tax withholding amounts, state tax, 401k, insurance amounts etc. OR WHATEVER IS IN YOUR IMPORTED DATA. It's already imported! Let us map it to the stub as well as the check!!!! We also need to be able to combine data from the spreadsheet into one line during the import and mapping process. Things like city, state, zip in separate fields is useless to this software as there is no way to print them in the standard format on the check. Instead we are forced to combine them within excel before the import to get standard looking address. This process of combining data cells within excel, before you import it isn't hard, but it's time consuming and introduces oppurtunites for error. The software should just have the options to do it. We could also use password protection on this app of some sort...
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4 years ago, Theceoklwj
Life Saver...Or Should I Save Business Saver!
I relunctantly purchased this software to pay vendors working with my company. I wasnt sure that this was going to work, but it has been definitely getting the job done. Thanks for making this easy for small businesses who have various expenses and payments. We dont have to pay a payroll company anymore. Hopefully things keep going.
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1 year ago, The GrimRocker
Update broke check layout editor...
After I updated, suddenly several items on my check layout are out of bounds and when I try to adjust them and save them, the save does not keep the new settings. I had to load an older version of the app on my computer. Thank God for backups. Update: Got a new computer and running the current version. Still having some issues with inconsistent printing placement. The work around seems to be to print each check individually (or send each to preview individually). Selecting multiple checks at once seems to cause the problem.
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4 years ago, Mart. /TMT
I've had this software for two years and for the most part it works fine, but when there is big update you loose all you data and you have to purchase the software again atleast thats what happened to me. I tried to speak with customer service but, there is no customer support ph. number and I couldn't back up my data and I lost it all and I had to purchase the software again. I would like for customer service to reach out to me via email to see if there is a way to recuperate my lost date then I will give a better feed back. Thanks
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3 years ago, backwaterinv
It really is easy!
ezChekPrinting has saved me tons on ordering pre-printed checks. I set up my check in the software then printed the blank checks. I use QuickBooks Online to print the check data.
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2 years ago, Vanessab87
Cannot print multiple checks at a time
Ever since the Ventura iOS update on Mac, I am unable to print more than 1 check at a time. I have emailed support multiple times over this & they continue to insist it is a settings issue which it clearly is not. My settings are the exact same as they have always been. I also tried to print from my laptop which I have not updated with Ventura using the same printer settings & those checks print correctly. I wish they would make this compatible with the update.
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4 years ago, phil aguilar
mac os updated now program not working
I purchased this program over a year ago for my mac now my macos updated and it is saying the program is not compatable bc i purchased from halfprice soft and not the app store it does not recognize my purchase but I'm being told it doesn't matter bc I cant upgrade I have to buy a new version. Not happy about that I already purchased it why do I have to pay for new version for upgrades what's the point. i'll find one that doesn't quit after a year i guess.
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4 years ago, FaithLifeChurch
Great Software
We searched high and low for a decent check printing software and we were thrilled when we found this one. Its simple and very user friendly.
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3 years ago, jet-driver60
Clunky but Works
It is very "clunky" - menus and features need a lot of work to be a refined product but, nevertheless, it does get the job done. The main thing I like is that it prints to blank checks where most other check printing apps required preprinted checks. Been using it for 5 years.
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2 years ago, KBergen
Simple and Does the Job
Rather than spending a fortunes on pre-printed checks, ezCheckPrint allows me to use blank stock and print checks from multiple accounts.
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3 years ago, PharmBanker2008
Easy to Use and FUN!
Great app! So simple to install, easy to use and print the checks. Can put as many checking account numbers as I need to. Thanks so much for creating this :)
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4 years ago, techTSG
Crashed 5 minutes after downloading on new Mac computer!!
Just downloaded this app and started my free trial. While setting up my check layout I attempted to changed the company name font to "Museo" it crashed! I have quit the app and my mac is pretty new. Ive repeated this multiple time and can confirm the app is buggy. This could be a simple overlooked system. If this issue is resolved I will update this review and give a more in depth review about the product.
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1 year ago, Wor194
Won't work with new IMac
I have tried many times, many ways to restore purchase on new imac and it won't restore
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1 year ago, Sld_Drake21
Great Bang for your buck!
Extremely simple and effective, if it was able to keep track of each individual it would have been perfect, but for the price, I have no complaints.
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3 years ago, Bill98789
i cannot get this thing to print check at the top of the page, it wants to print at the bottom ????
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3 years ago, make it easy to write a review
Easy to use for a non tech user. Checks look professional. Easy to install easy to use and works on all blank checks that I have used with the soft ware
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3 years ago, Smart biz
Does exactly what I wanted it to
I write checks from a number of accounts and this allows me to go back and forth easily and write different types of checks. Works great for me.
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4 years ago, Davidoh45449
It Keeps Deleting My Purchase
Every month the app forgets that I made the purchase. It's a waste of my time to refresh and recover the purchase from apple app store.
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2 years ago, VRBO70
This app has made my check writig so much easier and my checks finally look professional, I am very pleased with the app
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2 months ago, ILerxt
Everytime I Print it Crashes
I've been looking for a checkwriting software program for my mac and thought I'd try the demo version of this. Trying to do the alignment got it about right and go to print a demo check and it crashes. Tried 5 or 6 times. I guess I'll try another brand of check writing software.
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8 months ago, outcoldman
It is ok
If you aren't tech user, maybe it is ok app. But I was looking for a software for just personal check printing, and based on the price of ~$60 I expected a little bit more: - no iCloud syncing, so if I configure everything on one mac, I will have to somehow to move the database to appropriate place - it is just very expensive for personal checks - I have found on github an excel template that allows me to do exactly the same - the interface is built 20 years ago, and just does not comply with the macOS standards
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4 years ago, TPSreports1973
Great Program
Support has always been there to help when needed. Use program daily. TY
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2 years ago, Tammymi11@
Cannot make it print all info shown in print preview onto the check. Cannot talk to anyone in person to get my problem worked out in a timely manner. I have all areas set to visible, and yet is still will not print all of my information onto my check. This will not work!!!
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1 year ago, phatdang
i love to use this app for printing my business
easy to use, kepp all the record of the check, any issue just contact them ,they will fix right the way. i hope they have more software in the futrure , it cheaper then order bank check , 100% satifired.
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5 years ago, Keene816
Found My Error
Under account informaiton you CAN NOT leave the check number blank. After learning more about the program I found my error.
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1 year ago, D2bhube
Unexpectedly Crashes
Worked like wonder for years until today. As I'm editing a check it unexpectedly crashes, and won't reopen. I've tried to reinstall and just does the same thing
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2 years ago, Echooff3
Just Works
Pretty easy to get up and running
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2 years ago, mractor
Editing Payees
Once I enter a payee for the first time I have no way of removing or editing their information. That is super frustrating. If anyone knows how to alter the address, etc let me know.
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3 years ago, Ironman5723
check number wont change
My check number is not changing. I have tried numerous times to change the number it keeps saying its updated but when I go to the main screen nothing has changed on my check.
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5 months ago, joebob l
text on checks
I am not seeing how to change print alignment on checks.
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5 years ago, Smug Wimp
I bought this recently. Now they want more money.
While I do like the software, I bought this software in January of 2019 from the website. Now in September I need an upgrade, and they told me in order to upgrade I have to purchase it again from the app store. I will not pay again for this software.
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9 months ago, DC Installations
Very nice program with a great price. Simple to use and works perfect for my needs.
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4 years ago, Notootechy
Not as user friendly
Requires trial and error and practice. Instructions could be easier. 800 number would be even better.
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4 months ago, Francofelipe
Very easy to work
Show more
1 year ago, Susie9331
Susana Flores
Exellent app to create checks. Very helpful.
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4 years ago, Zavyboy
Printing does not work!
Creating a check is easy enough, but when it comes to print, the print preview just shows a blank page, and if you try print, it also just spits out a blank page. Complete rip off...
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6 months ago, ADifferentBob
Rubbish. Waste of money.
The support email never replies. After using the trial product i stumped up the cash for the full version. It prints the first page of 3 checks fine, but subsequent pages are all misaligned.
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3 years ago, shakkaa
APP Crashed After I Paid
After I purchased the app after working for a few weeks, it suddenly crashed and hasn't started working since
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12 months ago, Oranger Facility Cleaning
BIG waste of money
I cant print more than 1 check at the time , because every 3rd chrck is off marging costing more paper and ink creating chaos.
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4 years ago, LGBMG
MY app keeps crashing and now will no longer load up, I love the app just dont know whats going on now
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2 months ago, Navysardoc
Not worth the purchase
Item isnt worth the purchas. Checks stopped printing on computer-- customer service wouldnt help and theres nothing you can do.
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3 years ago, Mobi in the middle
constantly have restore purchase eventhough purchased full version
restore full version issue
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4 years ago, 58snaps
Not being able to use the QB print feature
Really disrupts the crossover between working on a mac and pc.
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4 years ago, MyNicknameIsSeanP
Not printing addresses
Everything shows up on screen correctly, and everthing prints except my address and the banks name and address.
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1 year ago, Aaddd3
Cannot change fonts size!
Show more
3 years ago, Samm Ade
Software is Glitchy
Everytime it keeps crashing or telling me to buy a new license
Show more
3 years ago, Mickey Heby
It used to work for Nac a few years ego but since a few oparating system upgrades it just will not even open!
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