ezClocker: Employee Time Track

4.8 (7.5K)
34.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
ezNova Technologies LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ezClocker: Employee Time Track

4.79 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Atl-QueenVee
Great app, but missing something
I’ve been using this app for about 2 weeks to track my employees time and location. I love having the ability to email timesheets to my Accountant without having to create a spreadsheet myself. The only thing missing that I could use is having the ability to view schedules by location. I have contracts with many different locations and need to ascertain shift coverage. The schedules list the location at the top of each employee’s schedule, but you can’t view it by location only. Also, it would be great to see the locations on the dashboard. Other than that, I’m pleased especially with the price.
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2 years ago, jubileigh73
Easy employee time card app
We’ve been using this Sept 2020 as an ez-way for employees to clock in/out from any jobsite. As a contractor (employer) hundreds of jobs can be added & multiple employees can be assigned to each job. Employees can add notes to jobs (lock box codes, customer phone #, etc) Payroll info can be printed, sent in various formats, as needed by whoever process it. Great for tracking hours for job costing reports. Location service needs to be on which helps verify employee location when using this versatile “time card” app.
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2 years ago, Philipnw
I downloaded this app last night. So in order to see the features I need to set up an account which I did. Then I tried to get a subscription to try it out and it wouldn’t allow me to do it. So now I have both apps downloaded on my phone no subscription showing up. It won’t let me log into the employer one and it won’t let me cancel my subscription. So if anyone’s reading this from customer service, please cancel my subscription. And tell me how I can log in because your system is not accepting my very clear password. For some reason it’s not letting me log into the set up account. I am the only employee of my own company. So this is already causing me problems so I want to delete this app and make account and the subscription that doesn’t exist on iTunes.
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3 years ago, Lance Dance..
Employee Time Tracking App
I was looking for an employee time tracking and time sheet app to monitor employee time clock and my search was over here. This employee time tracking app has it all, from time tracking with gps to timesheet and time card it got me covered. Amazing employee time tracking app with many features and benefits for businesses like mine. If you are looking for a “ EMPLOYEE TIME TRACKING APP “ look no further you are at the right place. Time tracking and time sheet and time clock are very well monitored here. Thank you 🙏
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3 years ago, noellelad123
Great Customer Care
The simplicity and usability of this app is one thing and the customer care they provide when we need technical support is another! The team at Ezclocker are always there and provide immediate response and support. Customer support is very vital in any app and this company is never short of it and far beyond exceeds pur expectations each time. Thank you Raya!
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6 years ago, Need One Fax
Great app for small business!
We have been using this app for about a year to run our hardwood flooring company with 7 employees. Positives: - Accurate and helpful - Great customer service - GPS feature is necessary as we have some guys go straight to the job site Negatives/Room for Improvement: -GPS is not totally accurate - Wish it had a way to block clocking (guys that show up 30 minutes early and sit in their car) - would like to be able to restrict clocking in before a certain time - I guess we could have worse problems than employees showed no up early - Should have a break and/or lunch button - When notifications are sent to employer that an employee is clocking, wish it showed the location too bc it’s a pain to go in and look at the coordinates each time - Wish there was a way for the employee to send a message directly to the employer. We don’t get notifications when an employee leaves a note Overall, very useful for tracking hours for remote locations.
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11 months ago, DuckFiabetes
Exactly what we have been looking for!
For years we were lookign for a cloud based time clock, but it had to have job costing. We found the perfect solution to not only track hours per employee but per job!! Huge win and great reports we can all learn from! Really helping my business!
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3 years ago, User in SC
Works well for our Tree Service Company
We recently started using ezClocker to keep track of our employees’ hours for our tree service company. It has taken some figuring out exactly how to make it work for our business, and our employ are still learning how to use it, but so far we like it.
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5 years ago, auggie1971
Augustine alarm fire and sound
This app is great for companies that do not have time clocks. It’s a little hard to figure out how to do your work schedules but once you learn it this app is great I love how it shows the complete times of clocking out in minutes, and how it is so easy to send your time sheet in by email this is a wonderful app.
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6 years ago, Baytree House
Best decision EVER!
Began using this app about a month ago for the 8 private caregivers caring for my boss. Saves me so much time calculating hours, seeing who’s working, etc. The only downside is trying to edit a worker that forgot clock out. Difficult to do on a device, have found I have to be in the computer. Especially if they didn’t clock in or out at all. But overall it has made my job so much easier!
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3 years ago, Picniky
From an employee
It seems to work pretty well, my only issue being that it always has to “think” about it for a second before it registers the clock in or out. Often I have to click a second time. Kind of annoying to have to wait to make sure it went through.
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7 years ago, E in Layton
It's okay.
I use this to keep track of my employee's hours. I agree it should have some sort of alert when they leave the job or arrive. My guys forget to clock in/out all the time. Maybe that's an employee problem... Anyway, I HATE that I have to punch an employee in and out to change their time, if they forgot. It needs to be simplified in that respect. I do like having the gps. Other than those mentioned things it's fine.
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12 months ago, Your Neighborhood Allie
Pretty Good, Needs a few changes
App functions well between it and the website. Would be improved by having access to an individual employees schedule directly from the dashboard instead of having to open through the schedule tab.
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6 years ago, johnstonmom
Great product for the price.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of using the clock-in/clock-out feature. My employees can clock in/out from our work PC or from their phone. The GPS location of clock in/clock out is the epitome of trust but verify. Easy to use and easy to export the pay period for my payroll department.
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6 years ago, Piranajoseph
Best app so far, and I’ve tried a few
I used other apps before this one, and most of the time they were showing the employees clocking in and out in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. This app hasn’t missed so far. Emailing the time sheets with daily details is a big plus.
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4 years ago, Cmlbj
Simple and easy
Very simple and easy to use. We track about 20 employees and works to our satisfaction. I only wish I could add other managers and be able to class employees to those managers so the managers could get text messages when they clock in and out. Only 1 manager can see this for now and some employees don’t pertain to him.
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6 years ago, cafe23456
Working good.
Has worked well for my small business. Happy to say there has been no glitches or problems with the app experienced. We have been using ezClocker for the last year or so. All has worked good.
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4 years ago, andsug
Great app
Great way to keep track of time for employees and their location I just wish it was free for at least 2 or 3 employees because it doesn’t really give you a good feel for how it works with multiple employees. Aside from that great tracker
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3 years ago, Daebme
Ease of use
I have been using this ap for months now. I find it is highly functional and easy to use. Plus, the affordability.
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2 years ago, andrew5069
Great app
Works fine but it needs an alarm to buzz the user to remind them to clock out because at times we tend to forget to do so
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1 year ago, Jnp lawn
I love that I can set up a employee in minutes and the tracking of hours is so easy now
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4 years ago, Musclemutt 1958
Love this app
This app has changed the way I handle my employees. No longer can they clock in at home and tell me they were on a job. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, ARC Renovations Llc
I can control my employees time and location so easily and from my cellphone or computer, real nice!!!
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8 months ago, itwasntmesir45
Update broke it
The update has made us not be able to email our time sheets at all. Also there are a lot of features that would make it so much better & worth the price.
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1 year ago, Ok this is takin way to long
Time cards
Would like to be able to see past weeks worked
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5 years ago, Cummins2017
Works Great.
The app does freeze once in a while which is why I didn’t give it 5 stars. Otherwise it is perfect for keeping track of my employees time in my small business!!
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6 years ago, T. Gabriel
Kinda hard to navigate even with such few features have been using for about 2 weeks now for my employer. But gets the job done.
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4 years ago, Mitz1423
The best
This is the best app to check your hour you have worked and for your boss to be able to calculate for taxes as well
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6 years ago, Mrsmunoz13
Use this for my domestic employees
This is a great app for nannies and babysitters. It is simple and easy to use and I did a lot of research before signing up for one to use.
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3 months ago, Justinram643
Would give it 5 stars but..
Please add a clock in/out and break reminder, if it had one it would be a 5 star app for sure
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7 years ago, Norking777
Reliable tracking system.
Easy to use.
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7 years ago, Flacooo
Great to manage your bussiness
I love this app you dont have to pay someone to do the scheduling and keep track of hours
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7 years ago, Gasguy!
Great App!
App is very functional and a great way to keep up with lone workers on night time and weekend call outs. Support is fast and friendly.
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6 years ago, ?:):&:'en
iPhone X format
After upgrading my phone to the 19 the format on the app isn’t working. Uninstalling and downloading again. I hope this fixes the bug.
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4 years ago, HonestlyMick
Great app
This is an awesome App that does mostly what we need it to do. Could you guys please extend the employer feature to managers & HR!? As the owner, I don’t have time to manage employees. -Mickey
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7 years ago, casignguy
Easy to use
Easy to use, look forward to using it
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3 years ago, WSSTERN STAR
Works great and helps me to keep track of my hours for payroll.
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6 years ago, A2Z RC
It does what it says it does. One of our desires for this app would be to see the notes for the employer to see them as well as the employee.
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5 years ago, Twin momma in Texas
Great app for small business
Very easy to use. People friendly. Great app for small businesses.
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7 years ago, notargiovanni
Still no push notification
Even with new updated, no push notifications. It was working before on iPhone and Apple Watch with no problem! Now the app is pointless
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4 months ago, JayX210
Great App
Very easy to use/user friendly. Best digital time punch I’ve ever used!
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6 days ago, Jxbxj CNN ck
Yes but you have to have a lot
The most common
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2 years ago, susanannlewison
As long as I remember it is easy to use
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7 years ago, Xterminators
Would be nice to be able to clock more than 2 employees in at a time without having to upgrade. For such a small company it’s not worth upgrading.
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5 months ago, MichaSuri Michael S
Website Not Working.
Good app but the Website does not work, has a lot of problems when Logging in. App is good.
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7 years ago, lubbock
Great to track our nanny's hours
It is easy to use and a great resource at the tip of our fingers!
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5 years ago, Lisi518
Positive rating
This app makes it so easy to clock in and out.
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1 year ago, Greg:($!?;543788$)(,
Easy to use
Just what we needed
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7 years ago, Kc10123
Good basic time log app
The app works well, if you just have a few employees.
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6 years ago, drock24bp
App is just plane
Simple it’s missing futures lines being able to add how much much each employee make an h/ so we would have to add it shoot send a reminder at lunchtime to clock out for 30 minutes or whatever or do it automatically. Make it great ASAP !!!!!!
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