Fake Call-Prank Caller ID Apps

4.5 (23.3K)
102.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
雪景 潘
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fake Call-Prank Caller ID Apps

4.53 out of 5
23.3K Ratings
11 months ago, g u it t
I love it
I love you because you can prank your family you can prank them. Like if you’re calling the police and they think you’re actually calling the police even if you’re calling like somebody else on here then they can think like you’re calling them but don’t do this with your parent you may can do this with your friends or other people but don’t do it with your parents because they can think you’re actually talking to someone I did it by my parents and it was like they were so mad and I got in trouble but I told him it was a prank and I didn’t get in trouble but make sure like you don’t try it on your pants it’s so fun and I can’t like prank my friends I can prank on people like me I can print people that I mean I can pink people that I know and people that I just met so make sure you do it so bye
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11 months ago, Darshay-Marie
Pretty realistic and authentic!
I am actually shocked by how realistic and authentic this app is. I think this would be a great app to use if one is in dire need to exit a situation, for example if you need to get away from someone you feel uncomfortable with and need a fake call to swiftly exit the situation, I recommend using this. Especially if you don’t have a specific person who can call you to fake a call, this would be great for those in need. Or if you just want to have a little fun and play a simple prank, it’s cool. Plus the review tactic used by the creator was creative and funny, definitely motivated me to create my review but did not change my feelings of this app (positively or negatively). The only downside for me are the ads but the pricing of the ads are very fair and I understand money must be made (the pricing to remove ads starts at $1.99/monthly and $6.99/annually which is a good deal, better go for the annual deal to save money!), plus the ads aren’t continuously too long nor too annoying. Great app!
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1 year ago, 𝓔𝓶𝓶𝓪 𝓛𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓶𝓮𝓻
It’s pretty nice
This app, fake call, it’s actually pretty cool I prank someone only once and yes, that was the first time I ever did it, and they kind of fell for it even though I named it, Nezuko and she’s not real, but she is my favorite anime! Although, the only thing I don’t kind of like about this app is that you have to buy VIP or whatever to get a certain type of phone call when they ring you or when you can’t custom a name, but what I do, is this; so I first make a contact and I make it whatever name I want and then I can add a picture in the app or in that search up that contact in the app, and add it and boom! There you go start ringing! Also, you can go to Voice Memos, Dropbox, we chat, and files to pick a ringtone and voice. The voice of mine right now is me and the ringtone is “never gonna give you up.” if you haven’t downloaded this, you’d probably love it! Because, who doesn’t like prancing people?! Anyways, have a good rest of ur day!!
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9 months ago, Brooklynn corona
We ❤️ u
We love you thank you for this app it will help me very much don’t give up your get better I have experience with what your going through it will get better I promise you matter to everyone and the world loves you just because someone may say do it you should never you will find your road back to happiness one day we all want you to get better you are probably really fun and pretty or handsome depending on your gender never ever ever give up on your self or the people who love you I want you to get a therapist and treat yourself you deserve love from everyone if you have anxiety just don’t think about what your anxious about we all love and support you hope you feel much better soon you are AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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1 year ago, tanisha C:
Encouragement with whatever you’re dealing with!
When you don’t feel like stepping out of bed for the day, when you don’t feel like showing up to work, when you don’t want to go to the place where you are expected to be, when you don’t want to put in the extra effort that people never notice, just tell yourself that all your work, all your efforts have not been for anything and that today is the day when you get to be the hero. Keep pushing your limits, generate the motivation you need from within yourself, and you will be good to go. I hope you feel better soon and just know that it will end soon! Don’t worry of any futuremor past events. Because, eventually things will get better. Trust me. :) - Your Dear, friend <3
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2 years ago, JojoSiwasLostHairTie
Hey! Don’t worry
Stop being anxious, drop all of your worries it’s okay you’ll be fine! Try and get a therapist, better yet I’ll be your therapist, if you ever feel the need to talk to anyone, tell someone about it! Don’t hold such pain inside, the more stressed you are the less-hard you work, so don’t be so sad and try to get out the house more it helps, eat food it boosts your mood most of the time, find someone to care for you or love you like maybe a lover, sibling, roommate, etc. I know I’m not of much help but I will try and be the most useful as I can to you! -luv ya <3
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6 years ago, ¥•Leah•¥
Good, but needs a little work👍🏼👎🏼
I really have enjoyed this app, mostly because on my phone I can’t call because I have to do some work, but I like to trick some people sometimes that I’m calling. This app is perfect for me right now.🤙🏻 The other thing is, little kids that cannot call on their phone because they are to young, So they can have some fun. But also, this app could use some major fixes. One thing is that there are plenty of ads, and also you have to put in someone to pretend call but then to call someone else you have to put in something totally different for a new call and I think you should be able to save one call and the sound of the call and the background picture.
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2 years ago, Natalie Da Butterfly
Hey man! Look! Put your trust in God and God alone!! He is the one and only true person that can save you and help you with everything. I hope all is well and you get better. Let’s Pray!! Lord I ask for the protection and peace from you! Lord I pray that you can forgive this person for anything they may have done that is unlike you. Our Father, Which art in Heaven! Hollowed be thy name! Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day and forgive us for our sins and those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the glory FOREVER AND EVER!! AMENNNN!!!!
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1 year ago, Zendigh
Dont be depressed
You’ve already done a great job developing this app and I must say I used it alot and it helped me run from tough situations because Im suffering from depression too if you’re right and all this depression thing is not sth to get reviewes I can tell you from my own experience the most you get it seriously it will bother more ; try talking to a loved ones ( there are someone even if you think theres not) try to reduce your lonely times ( and I freakin know how haaaard could it be ) but we must get busy living or get busy dieing)
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1 month ago, It’s a wonderful thing
I think this is a creep app to prank some of your friends whenever somebody’s calling because sometimes you don’t have service or Wi-Fi and you can pretend that you have service now whenever you pretend that you have service, you have to have this app before you even you know Wi-Fi you have to get Wi-Fi before you download this before you can download it and I think it’s wonderful and I use almost all the time toprank my friends even though I have service but I think this is the
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3 years ago, gdhvdndgvx
First of all, this app is GREAT!!! It looks soooo authentic and you can even make your own screensaver pop up when you hang up the phone! This is perfect for kids at parties where maybe they don’t feel safe or they want to leave. You can record a voice message too or just have no talking but you could record your mom, dad, or guardian, or anyone you’d like saying you must come home without the other kids being mad at you. My point is, this app is wonderful and whoever made is brilliant! 100% recommend!
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1 year ago, Aluxyion
Hey, I don’t begin to claim that I understand what you’re going through. You’re someone I’ve never met and don’t know much about, but you are still important to me today. I downloaded this app to help with a school project, and because you are alive this app exists. Might seem like a small thing to some but what else can you do while you’re alive? Remember that you’re allowed to just be, and I hope you find something that brings you joy without the need for others to validate your existence.
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2 years ago, princessliz240
To you(Developer)
This app is so funny and you definitely need to keep making more please don’t be sad and be happy . I love pranking my family it’s so funny. So please stay with us and keep making these apps. I hope you get better and that you get over depression. You are doing amazing in life so keep going and if you ever need a break then take a break you don’t have to rush through it and just take it however slow or fast you want to no one is rushing you. Thank you for this amazing and funny app!
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3 months ago, Unknowndoesnotkno
This app is so helpful especially when needed out of the situation is very useful and to try. This was a very awesome experience and hope to look forward to using the app whenever some drama is happening I will make sure to go on the app to three seconds choose who wants to call me and answer this app was very useful like I said, and I would also like you to look forward to the app five star review in my opinion, this is very useful and it was funny how the man said stop using his Wi-Fi
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2 years ago, lilprincessjay
To you
Hey there Developer! I know it’s hard going through depression, but everything will be ok, all of the stuff you are going through rn is for a reason because through out time it’s going to be better than it is. Just know everyone who cares for you is always going to be there for you. everyone goes through hard times and that is ok!!!. Thought I am so greatful for making this game because it is so well to prank my friends!. Hope you feel better soon :) <3.
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4 months ago, jcjgjchchc
PLEASE, I God loves you turn to God if you need help. Please it’s the devil putting all the misery in your life . Turn to Christ please I promise it will make u feel better. Repent and ask for forgiveness. He will help please. Just saying a thank you for something like waking up he will be happy. If you awake in the morning and see a new day that means God isn’t done twitch you yet. He is waiting for his child to come to him. 💗 He loves you. No matter what sins u have done . He forgave many many bad people. He will forgive you to
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1 year ago, idont liek tjos happek
So many ads
I was testing it out and while filling out the information for the call, there was a total of three ads and there’s not even that much information to put. And only that when you press call you get another one, which in situations especially dangerous ones is very inconvenient. I understand that the app needs to make money but maybe making an app that is for people to get out of unsafe situation shouldnt have ads play at any inconvenient moment. Also there’s a widget but when I used it got another and got the subscription screen telling me I have to pay
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1 year ago, hOwmaNyNicKnAmeS AreTaKeN
Maybe too many ads, but very very very useful
I have a passion for filmmaking, and I can tell you this app just make my life way easier. Are used to have to do fake calls on Photoshop and it will take forever because I couldn’t ever find the right icons and I couldn’t put them in place well but then I found this app and it made it very easy to just call someone that doesn’t exist and for filmmaking that made it really cool. Thank you so much for making this app.
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3 months ago, Izzybeforlife
We love you
Whatever your going through you are going to get through it and feel much better after. Don’t ever let anyone doubt you because they are just being mean. You’re an amazing person and you will make it through this. Just don’t stop believing in yourself and don’t let anyone try to make you feel bad because what they have to say isn’t worth it and they are just haters if they do try to say something mean. ❤️
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1 year ago, HOG-warts
Love it
I love this, I especially love the wrong tongs voice. I love how you can record your voice which makes it so it’s even more believable especially after since you give it some space for you to continue talking and then if answers you it’s an amazing app and I will be drinking a lot of people with this like my mom. I’ll be like oh it’s for you and then she’ll pick it up in OB. Hi I have an order and it’s been ready for you that would be so funny but overall great app.
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4 years ago, so its a good game
It’s amazing👍
So well on our use it and like it was really good so I think if you want one of these you should buy it because on the other ones I use It they were like bad it kicked me out and everything so that’s why I think you should use this one if you go to record memos and download or if u used it before or if you already have it I think you could record your voice like what I did is I’m a big fan of Zoe Laverne so I put Zody. So yeah it’s kind of long my review so it’s a five stars I promise you!
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1 month ago, It’s alright ma
I understand
I understand that you’re going through some hard times I was the same. I’ve went through four times but depression is something seriously if you were being bullied and someone that’s a serious cause people like us that suffer from depression honestly maybe go to a therapist and maybe they can help you, never really look forward to going back to depression after all that bye.
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7 years ago, Jazy23259
AWESOME, but...
I wish you could change the way the app's name appears on my desktop! "Fake call" isn't very inconspicuous, maybe something like "FC" would be better! Other than that I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this app! I tricked all my friends into thinking I got a call from Satan! 😂😂 I love it, it's soooo funny, but it's kind of annoying how you can only set the profile picture once. Also, you can only set it to go off up to an hour later, unlike what is shown in the app description so that was a disappointment 😅, but this app totally deserves more attention! I rate it a final 4/5 stars!
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10 months ago, 123456789 10111222235421468
I love this game (READ THIS PLEASE)
This game is literally the best you should really download it but the only problem that is wrong with it is that it has ads nobody likes ads why are they even a thing? anyways, this game is really fun. You can put any profile as the person that is calling so it would look like a celebrity. I don’t know if you can change the name though, but please download this. It is really fun. You should read this. And have a nice day Bye.
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3 months ago, addybratty
Fake call
OK so I was being chased by weird man but I saw this TikTok. It was like I was with my friend but we’re both girls and own we were never saw this TikTok and it was like guy and he did like really creepy voice so we downloaded this app and then she played it through her phone really quick in my phone and then we put it on the call app and then when it called it just like said that out loud and he immediately walked away so five out of five
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7 months ago, Lordofvenice
Hi author
I heard you might be suffering depression so I wanted to say sometimes it can be rough so try to think of the best. some things that help me when i am down and have a bit of time is to take a nap. Dreams can bring out the best in your imagination. Another thing is to look at photos/videos of good memories from the past. Sometimes the nostalgia can fix it. I hope you are doing well or will be better. I also really like the app. Good job
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4 years ago, bew coice
This app is the best!!
This app works very well. I was looking for a fake call app but none seemed to work, then I saw this app I thought it would be like the others but to my surprise it wasn’t. This app is perfect for pranking your friends parents sibling ect. I highly recommend this app. It’s the most helpful funnies amazing thing and it has tutorials!! The amazing things are the tutorials are optional. This app is simple and easy to use download it and see for yourself it’s great! I recommend this app so much!
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4 years ago, 10yearoldGymnast
Okay I guess
I loved the game at first but then you try to make another fake call and it flakes on you and it says your free trial has ended rather become VIP and pay or have to watch a bunch of ads all the time I loved that free trial but it came out of nowhere now I have a new app a lot better than this one it's called prank call app spoof edition make sure to go check that one out its so much better than this one and it's free did you hear that this prank call yea it's free you should learn from that
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2 years ago, sevensixkiller
Perfect for my needs!
Simulates a real iPhone call very convincingly! Totally free and works great so long as you don’t mind short ads. For what I’d consider a pretty nominal fee, you can do away with the ads and unlock a few more customizable features, adding a bit more realism to the “call”. However, for simple situations that you may want to have this app on hand for, the free version does exactly what you’d want/expect. Very pleased overall!
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1 year ago, lil np
I think this is a really good app, but the only thing is you have to pay for a couple of things other than that it’s really good. I think it was well thought of and I really think you guys should get it if you want to if you have a kids or you like to role-play, or like anything of that sort but it’s really fun to even prank your friends because you can customize the contact and everything. Yeah it’s really cool.
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2 years ago, ...someone07
Hey developer,
I know what it’s like to suffer from depression, and I can’t tell you it gets better, But I can tell you that you’ll be able to know when you start coming out of that darkness. You are loved, even though it may not feel like it! Sometimes it’s good to find something you can dive into to distract your brain, that helped me. I hope you get through whatever your going through <3
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2 years ago, impatient introvert
Don’t be depressed. Wow that rly big guilt game worked. <— Get the app and you’ll understand. Anyways it’s pretty great except for the ads. Every button you press there’s an ad. I even tried to put airplane mode and it wouldn’t work without ads. I was able to upload audio recordings, only as mp3s. It was a little confusing at first but it’s actually fine. Also Noah shnapp recommended!! That’s how I’m here so uh cool. -a happy customer :)
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2 years ago, wwemeagan
To the developer
dear the developer of this game! this game is sm fun for pranking my parents and family! if your not a believer in God it's okay but God will help you through this depression! i'm very sorry you are suffering rn and just now it will eventually end. your worth the world and can change the universe if you believe in yourself. never forget you always have a purpose to keep living life eventually you will see the sun i promise. 💓
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6 months ago, Sydneyadunn
A little something .
Hey, you are doing so amazing and being so strong I really hope ur alive right now. This app has helped me through horrible dates and people this is probably my favorite app !! Thank you so much for creating the app and I hope you get better . Don’t forget you’re strong, beautiful, amazing, caring, and last but not least powerful. I love you and keep going .
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3 months ago, nomm51
Great app some issues
This app is great and I really love it to prank my friends and get out of sticky situations but I will say if I’m trying to get out of a sticky situation I think there shouldn’t be an add and I know they need these to make money so I have found some ways I also thing there should be a way to adjust the volume of the ringer on the app so if somebody for real calls me it would not be so weird if the next call was super loud but otherwise I really love this app.
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1 year ago, Peyton S Singleton
Nice app!!
Why I’m posting this is because it says he is suffering from depression so I want you to know I’m with you and we appreciate you and you should stay strong and don’t give up! Don’t let others discourage you and disrespect you! Don’t ever doubt yourself cause you can do anything and don’t let hate come to you. Also don’t doubt and disbelieve in yourself. Stay strong champ 💯🥳
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2 years ago, worldpup
I hope things get better also this is a great app
Very good overall I hope ur life gets better and things I’m depressed myself so I don’t have much advice but if u ever get to depressed think about the good things even the small things will work like for example the fresh air outside how beautiful life is outside also don’t forget to get fresh air on that note
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6 years ago, ryasap
Love Except for one issue
I absolutely LOVE this app, I just downloaded it and tried it a couple times - the only thing is that I decided to pay for the VIP because I was trying to change the caller photo and it said I only get one try (also didn’t like the ads), after I purchased it STILL doesn’t let me change the photo, and now it’s blank, and I STILL get the ads - I tried restoring purchase but that didn’t work, so I paid for VIP and don’t get the perks :(
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1 week ago, syd2swaggy4u
You can do this
I got a comment from the developer that he was suffering from depression and if he actually is I just want to say, you can do this buddy, idk what hurt you or anything but you can get through this and I believe it is possible cause you made this great app. I send all my prayers to you! I’m gonna stand by you and help you all the way
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1 year ago, ;-$sun C fan
This app may have saved my life
I am a runner and once I was out running. It was around 8 pm and I soon realised a man in a car following me. When he eventually caught up to me, he got out of his car, but I pulled out my phone and had a call come in from my mother using this app. The man soon turned around and left as I was on this fake call. Thank you
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1 year ago, f|_|¢ku
Great save😂
Never have to worry about going to your settings to play ringtones to get out of things or asking someone to call you. It not only does that, but a big up for me is the adding sounds for the call and the attention to detail towards blurring a fake wallpaper andddd home screen. 💯🫶🏽😤 best app ever. The only thing i’ve ever put 5 stars on and ment it.
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2 years ago, Patrick Star99
Most useful app ever
Ever need to get out of a situation? Is your wife nagging you about eating all her snacks again? Did you run into an old classmate that you can’t stand? Are you walking past a mall kiosk and a staff member starts harassing you to buy their products? Then look no further, simply type in the name of some who’ll call you and get out of the situation asap
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1 month ago, lovevol369
The request for review made me do this👍
The fact that I got a notification from the app saying “I’m suffering from depression and need your encouragement to continue to live” is genius marketing…this is why yall have a 5 star review from me, plus it rlly doesn’t come in handy when creepy people try to have conversations with me. Thanks a ton and keep slaying.
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7 months ago, ChristimarX
Seriously BEST fake call app out there for 2023!!
This is exactly what I needed! Easy to use, yet advanced and not juvenile like the other ones I was seeing, I literally just needed a fake call to look legit enough to fool my husband so he wouldn’t know about the the surprise for our anniversary and this was perfect! Caller ID, matching contacts, ringtone, photo id, perfection!
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2 years ago, ROCKSHROOM90_Yt
Works very well
I heard you suffering from depression lately and I wanna give you 5 stars to make your day. Hope you get well soon! Anyway, I’m gonna feature your app in one of my vids since I have to record late at night and none of my friends are awake, and this app really helps for that! Thanks for making this an app and get well soon! -ROCKSHROOM90 (YT)
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1 month ago, emily ! 🎀
this app is so helpful in some situations because if your like embarrassed or angry at someone or someone’s angry at you you can pretend your on a call. also you can just use it for funnn !! to the developer, I’ve been through what your experiencing right now. It gets better with time. I don’t know you, but I wish you the best ! 🙂
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1 year ago, KohnKohn:]
I hope you’re doing OK
Hey man, I’m sorry that you’re going through this depression. I don’t know how it started or why it did but I hope you are OK and I pray for you, and I pray that Jesus will be on your side at all. Cost and stay strong stay courage don’t want anything back you down the evil is trying to take you within stay strong and I hope you’re OK.
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4 months ago, Stellarwatters
I thought u we’re gonna kill ur self 😞
I’m really liking the app so far I used it too mess around for a bit and then I decided to click on the more option next thing I know a notification pops up saying that the developer is depressed and needs my encouragement to live so ofc I press encourage you are worth it 🤭
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5 years ago, Person blah name wut
Love it, but I have one thing to suggest
What if we would record someone talking on the other side? Like, record ourself imitating the person we put in? I think it would be great because we could make more scenarios and the app could fit every situation! Even special cases, because the current scenarios they have recorded in the voice section aren’t for every situation. I just think it’d be really cool and could make the app even better.
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11 months ago, wave_snake
Start off the app is amazing, at first it’s hard to navigate but you get used to it quick, really suggest getting this app to prank your friends, family because it makes everything look and sound real, also you can use your own voice or someone else’s voice for more trolling
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