FAST Speed Test

3.9 (215)
1.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Netflix, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for FAST Speed Test

3.89 out of 5
215 Ratings
2 years ago, lazy sob
IOS15.3 issue
I have been using this app for quite a while. It is the closest to real world that I have found in any Speed test app. I really like that I can run longer tests if necessary and I can change settings as needed. Since the 15.3 iOS update the app crashes when the upload test is completing. I can watch the readout and get the info I need but it would be nine if it would stop crashing. Otherwise it’s great.
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4 years ago, RedbearonSea
Measures Net neutrally throttling?
The difference between the speed figures between this and other apps isn’t a flaw, it’s a feature. It can’t be coincidence this app premiered just as FCC relaxed net neutrality. This is a clever way to measure the degree which your ISP throttles the Netflix streaming service. Test your cellular data provider or public WiFi with this app and then with this app and then with another, see how much slower the figure Fast app shows? That’s how some much ISPs are discriminating from one service to another. Giving benefit of the doubt, much of the throttling may just be a way of preventing one user from bogarting the bandwidth on a public WiFi system.
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1 year ago, Chris01973
Realistic speed test results for streaming media
A lot of mobile carriers throttle Netflix and other streaming providers. Do you want to know how much they are throttling you? Run this and compare it to another speed test. You’ll probably find that video is being throttled to only a few megabits. Other reviews of this app that complain about in accuracy are missing the point. What good does super fast 5G do if your carrier won’t let you use it for high quality streaming?
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2 years ago, JDnL-VdB
Recommended by my company I.T. Tech
Before my company's in-house IT Technician told me about fast[dot]com, I didn't know it was possible to check your own internet "speed(s)" (upload rate/download rate.) I use their website to check my computers' internet speed at work & home and now, I use the iPhone app, which allows me to see my cellular data speed, as well as my WiFi speed; independently from one-another. It's great for confirming public WiFi hotspot speeds, too. The FAST App is somewhat more convenient than opening a browser on my iPhone & going to their website (which does the exact same thing as the app.) A Tech-Support Agent with my cellular provider also recommended using this app.
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8 months ago, Jhonnieee
Reliable. Please offer dark mode
My go-to app any time I need to check the Wi-Fi speed. Please consider adding a dark mode with the next update!
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2 years ago, nicknameisrequired.
Love how simple the app is but would like to have dark mode… Also, would love to have a way to have upload speed to run automatically from a setting within the app -instead of tapping “more info”
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2 years ago, Mike Silva
Checkboxes to save settings not showing
The checkboxes to save various advanced setting are not appearing. My phone uses dark mode, so perhaps the outline for those boxes is automatically switching to white, which makes them invisible against the unchanging white background of the app.
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4 months ago, foxmulder503
Straight to the point
Light weight, no annoying ads. Does exactly what it claims. The only speed test app worth using.
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2 years ago, mm010301
This is the only application that comes very close to my actual Wi-Fi speed
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4 years ago, MDeter67
Very misleading
This app doesn’t tell you your actual download speed, especially on a cellular connection. The app needs to disclose that it’s only for testing Netflix connections and not for others. I’m very annoyed because my actual download was about 110mbps instead of the 4mbps it gave me.
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4 years ago, 37946
History Test Logs
Hello, Please add new features history for test logs. Fast is cool and pretty fast application. Please add few features that might use later on like the history logs. Thank you!
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2 years ago, John Graybosch
Works on Wi-Fi inaccurate on mobile
Works great on Wi-Fi. Not accurate compared to other apps on mobile. It was always vastly underestimating my signal. Does that mean Verizon in really throttling Netflix? Maybe…
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3 years ago, يوسف محمود
Bad Application””Browser””.
It feels like you are opening a browser not an app , this app should have a lot of features because it’s an APP Not a Browser , any ways it’s work fine and the speed tests are 80% Accurate .
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4 years ago, TheOGPotato27
Bad have to open it 7 to 10 times to get it to get past the loading screen
Extremely unreliable and buggy wont load 80% of the time I open it crashes whenever it feels like it but ig it does well on letting me know what speeds Im at but whats the point if it only tells me 20% of the time i open the damned app
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3 years ago, nikcr69
No dark theme?! 🤬
Doesn’t have nighttime mode 🤬
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5 years ago, swrobel
New version crashes frequently on iPad mini 5
At least it’s finally able to take up the full vertical space on iPhones with notch
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1 year ago, nraj680
Shows incorrect speed on T-Mobile 5G
It shows my download speed at 2.4 when connected to T-mobile 5G-UC network. Spent hours with T-mobile support only to find the speed was 500Mbps correct shown by Speedtest. Fix the issue Netflix
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3 years ago, X manx
Close but not cigar
This app never gives an accurate account of my devices actual internet speed most of the time its close but not cigar.
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3 years ago, Diceke
Inaccurate 5G speeds shown
This app was showing 1.5 Mb/s, causing me to reset my connection thinking there was an error. After double checking on Speedtest, found my actual speeds were 150 Mb/s. Will not be using this app unless this is fixed.
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3 years ago, Foulmudmammas
Works on iPad, problems with iPhone
It displays accurate data on the iPad app, but on my iPhone it shows 4MB on an 80MB connection.
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2 years ago, Mike1209348756
No longer accurate
Download speeds are no longer accurate, which is odd considering the web version works fine.
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2 years ago, Scott1155
App Keeps Crashing
iOS 15.5 iPhone 12 Pro app keeps crashing after running the download test. The upload test starts and then the app crashes time after time.
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2 years ago, Daniel9845
Throttle detector
Great app to see if your cell carrier is throttling your video streaming
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3 years ago, Abbanne
Helps me a lot!
It is the best working app
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3 months ago, Pimpbk
Awesome fast app
Would be perfect app if it had a packet loss tester hint hint 😋🤓
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4 years ago, The Authentic Reviewer
Highly Inaccurate (2020)
Definitely do not use this app as your speed test provider, Netflix is a joke for even thinking this was remotely a good idea. Stick to the streaming service only.
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1 year ago, bakojason
Not accurate
Testing among other speed test apps this is not even close to the other speeds I get. Don’t get this.
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8 years ago, R41D3NN
It Works
It's a simple app. It does what it is supposed to and quickly. I still prefer SpeedTest but if I need a quick gauge I will pull this up instead. One thing to make this better is simply historical data.
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3 years ago, HermesCL
Good but...
Good but needs updating, it closes itself.
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2 years ago, DecentOnetexas
iOS Crash
It crashes on iOS. Gets up to 80mbps each time then force shuts
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3 years ago, bc cgdtdbfjguvnvodh
This app is no longer viable! Crashes more than it tests! Don’t waste your time!
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4 years ago, Betty95
Hello every time I try to be in the app for more than five seconds it crashes please fix
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4 years ago, Eshaan011
Crashes on iPhone 4
app crashes when i download on iphone 4 with ios 7.1.2 'twas the only speedtest app compatible with it in 2020.
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4 years ago, Five stars for 100 gold
App wasn’t really when I did it got really Annoying
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3 years ago, @jdpohl
Fails to run when using VPN
App works well until employing a VPN, sad
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5 days ago, رورو ١
Dark mode
Please add dark mode because white backgrounds harm the eyes.
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4 years ago, AngelofDeath275
dumb interface
if im having internet issues i want it to be expressed a bit more explicitly than staring blankly at the screen waiting for it to start.
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3 years ago, SpookyHooper
iPhone 7
Does not work on WiFi
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1 year ago, Zephward
Tests are fully inaccurate.
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3 years ago, glazedone
This is not a general speed test. It only measures the speed from Netflix.
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2 years ago, Jasonb483
Force Closes
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3 years ago, Novica36
Sans Netflix...
Shall never support exploiters of children.
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6 years ago, Meadjna
Needs a little work
I hope this gets read by someone in charge. The app is good but needs work. On older iOS devices, iPad 4th gen, it seems to crash after it gets done. It makes the screen go black for several seconds. Other than that it is good. But the crash at the end of a testing is annoying. Please fix. Thank you.
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8 years ago, newtonmaclover
Plain and simple: it works.
The app is small and not the most attractive or feature rich. That's what makes it so amazing. It's super fast at telling you just what you want to know if your a media consumer. I will say that the fact they are not measuring upload or jitter or ping time they can give a far more accurate download measurement. If your a technical person who needs upload stats or well any other information than a pure download speed measurement than I would look elsewhere.
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8 years ago, wowreviewer
Now what?
So I know my speed. Now what? Why, oh why would you not include in this app recommended speeds for a quality connection to Netflix? Speeds for solid 4K so I can pay you more money. Speeds for other resolutions so I can keep paying you money. Display the best resolution you can expect right next to the download speed.
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8 years ago, Staygold415
Fast simple speed test!
Very user friendly and a very intuitive app. I totally recommend this to anyone looking for a connection speed tester with no gimmicks just numbers.
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6 years ago, Dallas8402
Works great but...
This works better than Speedtest. On Speedtest it says I had 50Mbps download then I Used this and it said I had 200Mbps which I pay for 180Mbps.. But can you add a upload speed too
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8 years ago, Clarence Boddicker esq.
Fundamentally flawed
I am probably being harsh here, because I'm so frustrated with sub-par applications like this… There is a serious defect in this application… If you start it when the Internet is not connected, you'll get a button that says "Retry"… And even after you connect to the Internet, the button is persistent and won't go away, and you have to close the app and restart it in order to run the speed test. I have reproduced this bug several times, it's amazing to me that this escaped into the released application. Otherwise, the application does what it's supposed to, very simply and adequately. But this fundamental flaw makes me give it a very liberatingy
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6 years ago, Maulable
Super quick and accurate, with no annoying ads. What more could you want?
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5 years ago, aced411
Someone finally made a speed test that’s not riddled with ads. It’s simple and now that it reports upload speeds and ping it’s the best option by far.
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