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User Reviews for Fax from iPhone: Free of ad

4.72 out of 5
23.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Skihiker21
It Works...BUT...a few caveats...
It works well for sending a basic fax. BUT: IF you select to create a Cover Page and fill it out, and then try to add a multi-page document...the app will crash and you'll have to start from scratch. Super frustrating. I found a workaround for this by tapping the Home icon in upper-left of app which triggers a prompt to save Cover Page. Once saved, the Cover Page draft can then be re-opened and you can add your multi-page document(s) and submit fax without issue. IF you need to go back and review all the pages included in a completed submission - you're stuck with just a tiny thumbnail image of each page. And you can't download a .pdf or anything of what was sent along with the Detailed Report...the thumbnails is all you get. IF your subscription or trial ends your fax history and all the thumbnail page previews disappear...so make sure you secure an active subscription before Trial ends if you think you might need that history for some reason.
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2 years ago, rusrious
I have been using Easy Fax for my business, and I communicate with dozens of companies that need to fax me on a regular basis. Everything seemed to be going fine for a few months until one day my fax number disappeared! When I would open the app, it would prompt me to select a fax number as though I had not done so already. Despite paying already for an annual subscription and being nowhere near my renewal date, Easy Fax dropped my number, which sent my business into a death spiral that is taking me weeks to fix! I’m talking having to edit my website, print new business cards, and change my information with a long list of companies who I do business with. Worst of all, I have missed out on important opportunities because of faxes being sent to my previous now nonexistent number. Despite emailing customer service several times, I have never once received a response, and so I have been forced to select a brand new number, just so I can continue operating. I will definitely not be renewing my subscription, and I’m actively looking for a more reliable fax service that won’t fail me. I couldn’t be more disappointed.
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3 years ago, A-n-A
It works BUT..
I like the app because it works! I needed it to send in invoices to school to show prooof that my job was paying for my classes and a proof of my grade and since I didn’t have a fax machine at home this app was perfect. I take the picture, plug in the fax number and it sends it off. It really is a great app. What I didn’t like is that it changed to a point where you had to subscribe to purchase and NOW I can’t unsubscribe from the app. I’m finished with school (woot-woot!) and I cannot unsubscribe and am getting an auto renewal to my iTunes account. You look under their subscription policy and it says to turn off auto renew under account t setting. Well guess what. There is no way to turn off auto renew or account settings on the app or under my own personal settings for the app on my phone (iPhone). I emailed them twice as that is the only way to contact them and have not heard back so now I have resorted to this. So fingers crossed for me peeps App works but not worth it if this is an ongoing issue. Fix the app if u want to keep customers
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6 years ago, Shays ha
Greatly Disappointed!!
I’M ONLY CHECKING THREE STARS BECAUSE IT SEEMS AS THOUGH EASY FAX BLOCKS CUSTOMERS HONEST NEGATIVE COMMENTS 👀 I sent a fax on December 26, 2017 that I was charged for by Easy Fax and told that the fax was sent. However, the receiver never received the fax yet Easy Fax checked it off as sent. I informed Easy Fax of the problem through their given email under their contact information given within the app yet never received a response back from them at all. Yesterday I sent the fax again and don’t see any confirmation at all that it was sent yet Easy Fax took the money (credits) away from my account that makes it twice that I paid now. Please refund my 40 credits! I should have received a confirmation of the fax that was sent yesterday yet I did not. The only fax that is showing sent is the first one in dispute that was sent December 26, 2017. Yesterday’s fax which was January 31, 2018 no confirmation showing at all yet my credit once again taken away. The fax was sent to the same receiver yesterday by the way. So far nothing!
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3 years ago, She'd juridical
The one free fax i was offered wouldn’t work because it only included ONE page which was the cover page. I couldn’t fax the actual documents i needed to fax included in that free fax, so what’s the point of a free fax? I decided to try the 3-day trial of the pro, tried faxing the complete document. Says delivered from the app, but the recipient NEVER received it. I fax all the time to this same recipient but just happened not to have a working fax anymore until my machine was replaced. This app is a SCAM. It says both on the app and in the settings of Apple subscription that if you cancel at least 24 hours before the3-day trial expires that they will NOT charge you for the subscription. I cancelled the SAME day i started the free trial in settings as instructed. That means i cancelled two days prior to the deadline to cancel, and yesterday, they STILL charged me the $100 subscription. Requested refund immediately from Apple and they WILL refund. They need to take this app and other similar scam apps OFF the Apple store. Ridiculous. People are struggling as it is.
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6 years ago, M.Rae
Another disappointing iPhone fax app
I got this app for the convenience of not having to leave my home to UPS to use their fax machine. I previously tried another app that attempted to take over a hour to send, in which it never did. A couple of weeks later I try this app and it had glitches and never gave me notification if the fax was sent, so when I contacted their support team, they were not able to answer my question in wanting to track it since I never got confirmation and ended up just telling me I couldn’t receive a refund. That’s not what I was asking for! I ended up driving to UPS to get the job done. So... this is yet another disappointing fax app that I wasted my time on when I could have drove to UPS and got the job done faster. Not all apps are designed for convenience and I for sure will not be trying another app like this in the future. Using gas to drive a few miles is WAY MORE worth it.
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4 years ago, ceyshanna
Their support never response to emails and concerns
I have emailed them several time never got response. I had reset my phone and when I tried to restore my purchase it will not allow me said there was no purchase found. Meanwhile, they still charging for the subscription. I was trying to retrieve my fax number I purchased for them that I use for my business. A week has passed and I have not been contacted at all. Be careful using this app. I just loss all my documents and everything.
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3 years ago, Yulyee
This is THE WORST fax app EVER
This app is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING and I wish I NEVER DOWNLOADED IT. First of all, I started out with a trial subscription to see if I wanted to use this app and then DELETED the subscription because it was too slow and had too many bugs for me. I then get billed for the whole entire year AFTER I CANCELLED THE SUBSCRIPTION. I emailed them to let them know what happened and no one ever responded to the email. I figured ok.. now I’m stuck with this app. So I start using it now that I have to (instead I wanted to buy a different app but since I had paid for this one I was going to use it) and my faxes DO NOT SEND. I’m telling you... they DO NOT SEND THE FAX. To make matters worse they tell me that I have to renew my subscription that should be active for a whole year and now I can’t even try to send ANY FAXES. they never refunded me either. FIND A DIFFERENT APP. IM TELING YOU THIS STRESS IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Sophia Livshitz
Customer support does not exist
I would like to start by saying that I only used this app to receive a fax and it worked quickly without any issues. I did not send any faxes therefor cannot say whether it works well or not. My issue is with the support service that never responded to my emails. There is no way in the app to turn off the auto-renewal . The “subscription” button in the app only tells you that you can turn off auto-renewal in the account settings. There is no account settings within the app and there is no option of turning off the auto-renewal within the apple account settings. And of course I was charged the monthly fee because of the auto-renewal. I still don’t know how to turn it off and the support service still has not gotten back to me (It has been more than a week).
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1 year ago, HKWSheppard
App crashes
I needed to purchase this fax app because I have important documents to fax. It took 4 tries to get the app to accept the photos and 3 of the 4 times the app crashed….. so for 7.99 a week it’s good for ONE TIME and not for a 7.99 a week purchase. I’m not sure I need this app unless there is a better sense of service and perhaps a 7 day free trial And or a better option for plans. It would be great if only it offered an assurance that the fax was actually delivered other than a check mark. Basically unless you are faxing yourself or unless you’re going to follow up with the fax there are no guarantees but that’s why we PAY. We are buying a service.
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1 year ago, Beat Daddy
Horrible experience
!! WARNING!! - Needed to do one fax so I paid for the one week usage. The terms say to cancel your account 24 hours prior to the 7 day auto renew. So I did it at least 48 hours prior. Still got charged. I reach out to customer support and no one ever contacted me nor did they refund my money. This is theft, and can’t believe apple would tolerate such actions. The app itself is wonky at best. The auto capture did not work good. It kept snapping pictures while I was trying to switch documents. The setup and design is pretty armature at best. There’s so many other apps to choose from out there that have the same features but optimized and a better reputation. I would not waste my time on this app. Hope this helps you make your decision.
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2 years ago, Tea Leaf!
Good for me!
I’m a working mom without a fax machine. I needed to fax over a couple of things for myself and the children for ex: to schools, doctors, insurance companies ect. I can’t fax things like that from my job and I can’t make it to local places to do so on my own with all the kids so this app came in handy ! I really appreciate it because it makes the image easy to see, it was no hassle, and it was sent within minutes! The only thing is The price. I don’t fax things often to where I should pay a weekly or monthly subscription. However this app was a blessing for me!
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2 years ago, XxCool_BeastxX
Over 8 HOURS to be delivered !!!!!
I already was telling people I love this app after I first sent the fax this afternoon. It had written next to it that it was sent. Never realizing that it would take over eight hours to be delivered. I had sent a Fax earlier this week with another app and it instantly was delivered. However the quality was poor so I canceled that and came to the best app because it had “four-point star reviews“ I am now reading some reviews and it says this developer has the ability to hide negative ones which I never even knew was a possibility. All I know is I sadly recommend this app to anyone. This was a time sensitive matter and I thought this process would be quicker than me driving to my local fax store. SMH! Buyer beware!!!
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6 years ago, userinlosangelescalifornia
Everything I needed
This thing works like it’s supposed to; which is to say, it works. One expects that from an app. But what’s special about Easy Fax is this: I had a complicated question, and their customer service responded promptly, with clear, kind, well-written communications. Often with business-focused ‘pragmatic’ apps like this you feel like the support is robotic and unintelligent and uncaring. Easy Fax support is the opposite of this. Thank you for a very good product and a very good experience, which was enough to trigger me to write an App Store review for the first time in years.
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1 year ago, Billhad
Easy to use. Difficult to cancel
I downloaded this app to fax some important docs. It was done pretty easily. I have no desire to keep this app so I tried to cancel but the app does not allow for easy cancellation nor does it make it easy to turn off auto renew. The term state we must turn off auto-renew but there is no way to do that in the app or on the Apple Store. I sent an email to their support team with “CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” in caps. Let’s hope it works as there is no other way.
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2 months ago, ThriveC
SCAM - Watch Out For Double Charges
Subscription renewed in March 2024. I don’t use this app much so I cancelled the subscription and still have access to faxing for a year. Went in today (April 15) to fax something and the app acted like I didn’t have a subscription and wanted me to pay again. Then in small print at the bottom it says click to restore your subscription so I clicked it. DON’T do that if it happens to you. By clicking that they charged me another full year! Quite honestly I think the entire app is a scam. There is no phone number to call, only a support email and I emailed them once before and never received a response. I’ve put in a dispute charge with my bank and cancelled the subscription. Be wary.
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4 years ago, Another Friend of Shep
Didn’t work for me.
Downloaded the app, paid to sign up for my own number for some important medical documents, upon trying to receive the reply fax, my number was gone. After four unanswered emails to their customer service, they finally wrote to say the problem has been fixed. I tried again, and it had not. I wrote them twice more to inform their customer service of this, several weeks of past and I have not received the pleasure of a response of any sort. Also, apple’s App Store only refunded about 30% of what I paid in subscriptions and tokens. As a simple statement of fact, I never received what I paid for, I received next to no customer service, and very little recompense, the colloquial name for which is being ripped off.
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4 years ago, becsjsu
Horrible support
I can’t cancel my subscription it says to go in settings to turn off auto renew but there is no option to do so in the settings, I have searched through everywhere in the settings but can’t find anything. I have emailed support twice to resolve this issue and have never received a response. I’m paying 9.99 a month for something I don’t use!
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4 years ago, tmr_parker
Poor functionality
I downloaded this app because I needed to send an urgent fax and wanted to avoid leaving the house. There has to be a better one out there. Here are the issues I encountered... -It wouldn't attach a Word doc from iCloud. I had to print the documents and then scan them together into 1 file. Very inconvenient. - You can't add and send multiple documents in one fax. You have to fax each document separately. - The credit system doesn't make sense. It's 10 credits to fax 1 page. Why? They should just make it 1 credit per page since the only thing you can do with this app is fax pages. Sure, the math is easy, but 1 credit per page is common sense. - It supposedly sent the fax bc it deducted the credits, but the app doesn't have a way to confirm. - It is now telling me that I have a draft saved, but I didn't save a draft, I sent the fax. So did it send the urgent fax through when it was supposed to? Who knows. I'll have to keep bugging the recipient to see if they got it. Just wanted to warn the next person before you purchase credits and are very disappointed.
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4 years ago, JCD8
Beef up your customer service!
I have had no problem receiving faxes, but sending has been a problem. I’ve had one (of 3) faxes to fail twice. I emailed them twice to have my credits refunded, but still gave not gotten a response. It’s been about 2-3 months now. No refund. No response. A few weeks later, my fax number all of a sudden isn’t working, although they have been paid. I contacted Easy Fax to determine what was going on and STILL no response. AND the fax number could not be transferred and reconnected with another service, so all of my printed material has this non-working fax number on it. This is extremely bad for business. I will not be using any of their apps again. I can’t run a business like this.
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5 years ago, 11thplanet
Unreliable DO NOT USE!!!
I had to have a fax number I can receive faxes on for court documents (who else uses fax anymore?!) so I found this app. I had 2 important time sensitive papers faxed to me by the court. I got the pop up notification that fax has arrived but once I opened the app it didn’t show. The first one finally showed with over a day delay, the second one (today) has yet to come, I got the notification early this morning now it’s almost 2 pm, still not actually showing up on the app. I tried to reach customer service with the first delay, I never heard back from them. The document was extremely time sensitive so I needed to access it, I knew it was sent but had no idea what it said. Extremely frustrating!!
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3 years ago, Holmes1/25
Horrible app
I usually read the reviews before I do anything, but thought it’s just a faxing app. This app charged me $20 even though it says you can cancel within 24 hours during the trial period if you do not purchase a subscription. They trick you with that because it doesn’t allow you to even send anything with choosing a subscription. They lie and say the first fax is free but will charge you within 24 hours of sending the fax. My fax didn’t even go through. This app is a waste, I recommend reading all reviews before buying. I also noticed many people talking about the poor customer service, which must be why they don’t respond to reviews. Wish I could give this company 0 stars.
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2 years ago, OCookieOs
$7.99 a Week No Way To Cancel!
I needed to FAX something quick so I signed up and paid the $7.99…even tho the first fax was supposed to be free…it wasn’t. It renews weekly, so I figured I’d pay the $7.99 and cancel later…WRONG! The app says to cancel: just go into the app settings…but the APP settings don’t have a cancel option…it just takes you back to the Home Screen. I’ve sent several emails to their support team, no response, but the automated renewal is right on time. $7.99/week. Unless you’re going to FAX regularly this is just a money trap. Literally…I CANNOT CANCEL…APP TRAP.
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3 years ago, FeministMermaid
Beware of getting charged day 1
So this does what is says it does and the process of faxing is fairly easy and streamlined. However, when I tried to complete my first free fax I discovered it’s not the first fax that is free but rather the first page. My bad, I thought, I’ll just do the free trial option that it promoted me to in order to send my fax. The app only allowed me to choose between a month or a year. I selected the month trial and despite advertisements as a free trial, was charged that same day. I’m guessing the free trial only applies to the week long period. I disputed and got a refund but clearly there is a process in place to trick users into monthly subscriptions vs the advertised free trial.
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3 years ago,
Not Working
I used to use Easy Fax and I bought credits already. Today March 5, 2021, I try to use the app and it immediately crashes. I checked the website and I see nothing going on. I’ve restarted my phone. The app doesn’t work. Looking into the app, they updated it to fix bugs in February. I haven’t used the app since 2020, and now am in need to fax and cannot use what I paid for. Please fix this and I will update my rating. In the past I would have rated 5 stars, but cannot at this time with it crashing. This has been the only faxing app I used because it lets me pay for fax credits instead of a subscription which I liked. I don’t have to fax except 2-4 times a year.
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3 years ago, help me help u 2day
Yeah use another app…
So I paid for the monthly subscription, sent my first fax, even though I had to upload files to Dropbox then redownload said files just so I could fax them. Instead of just adding the files from my files folder. Um seriously is this just an IOS thing or what ??? But the main reason I’m writing this is because I opened the app to see if the fax I’m expected came, just to find out my fax number don’t exist. Now I said I paid for a month’s service and how do you explain this ? One day I have a fax number then poof it’s gone.. So my personal opinion is to use a web based service, or anyone else except these guys.
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5 years ago, Katykins8007
(Expensive) Illegible Fax and NO Customer Support
I had a fax that I urgently needed to send while I was out of town and nowhere near a fax machine. I downloaded the app and paid $4.21 to send a fax through the app. The agency that the fax was sent to contacted me as soon as they got it. It was absolutely unreadable. It arrived in a tiny, illegible form. I immediately emailed customer support for the app about the issue. I NEVER received a reply. There was no attempt to remedy the situation or offer a refund. It had been over 4 days with no contact. I cannot stress enough how much this app is a rip off. They will gladly take your money, not deliver a viable product, and then not answer a valid email. Search elsewhere for a working fax app.
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5 years ago, kbappreview2019
Great app, no support
I loved this app, and I used it for all my faxing needs. However, I lost my phone and when I downloaded the app again, my fax number and prior faxes were not there. This seems strange since all of my other apps came back with all the information intact. I can’t find a place to sign in, and I have emailed twice to find out if there is a way to recover this information. For one thing, I had credits that I had paid for. For another, I have given out the fax number. If that could have been fixed, this would have been a five star review.
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4 years ago, saraDPT
Lost my fax number
This app was working great since I started using it last August and would have given it 5 stars. Subscribed to the monthly $10 and had my own fax number and was able to send and receive without any problems. It's a huge part of my business and was working smoothly thru May. Well, apparently, i've been paying the $10 for the past 2 months and realized I lost my fax # even after the updates. Don't know why, emailed them and never heard back, and was waiting on a very important fax that clearly never got sent thru. UNRELIABLE AND DISAPPOINTED. Time to create new business cards bc this app is joke now.
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2 years ago, MelAMcC
Not Impressed
I recently downloaded this app and cannot get notifications when I am sent a fax. I have been to Verizon and they assured me there is nothing I can do on my end. I reached out to the support email to let them know my issueS two weeks ago and have yet to receive a response. Also, I have had several people try to fax, and it won’t go through. I had the app for three months, and one day, it decided to stop working, and I lost my fax number. I have emailed support as it is their only source of contact, and I have not received any response! DO NOT USE THIS APP!!
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4 years ago, Karen Not
🅿️1️⃣3️⃣🅰️5️⃣3️⃣ READ❗️❗️ I made a mistake by not reading the reviews prior to installing the app but I am glad that after a google search, I learned how to properly cancel the subscription. The app could’ve charged me $9.99 monthly even if I uninstalled it.😤 To ‘cancel your subscription’ the app suggests to go to settings and cancel it there, but you can’t actually finalize cancelling your subscription on the app🤦‍♀️. ❌STEPS TO❌ ❌CANCEL❌YOUR❌ SUBSCRIPTION❌: 1. Go to the App Store 2. Click on the blue icon on your top right corner 3. Click on “Manage Subscriptions” 4. And there you will see in red “cancel subscription” I hope this was helpful and if it was please give this review a like so that others can see it too :)
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4 years ago, hgecbjh
Not what I want; now I can’t get rid of it
I downloaded this app and bought credits to fax. However, this is not an app I want ( nor could afford) to use. I tried to cancel my subscription via my Apple ID but this app doesn’t show up under my subscriptions and there is no way to cancel via the app itself. I’ll probably get charged for a month before I hear back from the service department ( if I do at all) In addition, the fax I sent had horrible resolution and I am hoping the information I needed to send will be discernible on the other end. Save your money and go fax at your local library for .25 a page.
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4 months ago, CaptTF
Works Great
I am not a tech person but this app makes loading and faxing documents easy. Extremely user friendly and it confirms the documents did go through to the receiving fax machine. It is also very inexpensive at only $7.99 per week or $95 per year. They also give you three trial days!
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4 years ago, Abell53
Sounds like a great app but wait and see
I set up the account just as instructed. I contacted to company I needed to receive a fax from and provided the number assigned to me as my fax number. I received a notification from the app saying I received a fax from the company. When I opened the app and went to incoming faxes there was nothing there. I gave it some time thinking I could be a connection error or slow WiFi but nothing ever came through after making the changes needed to improve signal. I would definitely not use this app and save your money. There are other options cheaper and easier
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5 years ago, papagunz
Wonderful and remarkable
It was so easy to download the app I was able to fax right away this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in a long time when it comes to phone apps and stuff but I will recommend you to all my friends and thank you so much for making my life easier it’s a pleasure to have you on my side
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4 years ago, crazy13bravo
Great app if you must be able to fax
Great app if you must be able to send and receive fax’s. Small cost to have an inbound fax number and cost per page to send but cost to send is WAY LESS then using places such as UPS store etc. Save your hard earned money and just use this simple and very functional app instead!
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6 years ago, naja1234554321
Problem with app
Whenever I get down to like 20-30 credits it’s like the app reboots itself and I loose those credits . This is the second time this has happened ! So annoying. I just opened the app and it’s as if I never had he all before . It says to give it a free try with 10 credits . But where are my other 20-30 credits? That I paid for ? This is the second time this has happened. Fix this please . Other than this I have no issue with the app. It sends my faxes and the receiver always gets it .
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6 months ago, Impaularose
I had downloaded this app to send off a paper, and it claimed there was a FREE 3 DAY TRIAL. Then it charged my card $102, I contacted Apple immediately they claimed it’s not eligible For a refund and that I needed to contact app developer when I tried to do so there is no actual website in place but a website to buy the domain so absolutely nobody to talk to. Nobody would spend $102 to fax a paper, it’s a scam and now I’m worried about my information being compromised. I’m very disappointed in apple as well with no real solutions when it comes to apps scamming people.
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6 years ago, Jaye669
Misleading Advertisement
FIRST PAGE is free. Not the first fax. This includes the cover page in the calculation, so even if you are only faxing a single page, if you include a cover page you will need to pay something. My first fax was two pages plus a cover page. Ended up having to pay for 5 pages ( the smallest option they offer). I thought the entire first fax was free. I was wrong. Once I use the last two faxes I paid for, I'll be deleting this app. The price doesn't bother me. The misleading ad does.
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2 years ago, ThornTrek
How did they get any stars?
If you have to thanks and you don’t mind paying nearly $100 a year for this app then go for it. Otherwise there is no such thing as a free month because this app makes it very difficult to cancel after the free month. None of the so-called support functions allowed me to cancel. I only needed to send one fax of two pages because there is a company that is still in the dark ages that I work with. Now I will waste another hour or two figuring out how to cancel this app
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1 year ago, JU777*
I wrote them and they never replied me back on the email. The app got frozen and I uninstalled and installed again and I lost the number that I purchased. There is no way to get it back. I LOST MY MONEY. It is a TOTAL FRAUD. I was believing that the doc I sent to the other party was sent because the app displayed that it was sent, but when I verified if it was true, it was not, the other party confirmed that they did not received the doc. I put here 1 star because it is not way to put ZERO STAR. Do not waste your money!! It is serious!!
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2 years ago, chinandega24
Not good at all
It worked for a little while then it wasn’t sending any faxes. When emailing support you never heard back from them and if you try to delete the app and reinstall you will lose your data and your fax number. There is not way you can login into your account so there’s no way to get your old number back and the worst is we are you paying $10 per month and you don’t get any kind of support from this company when you most need it. I’m done with this app.
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3 weeks ago, Starbillzzz
The BEST Are you dumb
This is the only app I’ve ever used that is easy, efficient and looks extremely professional. They also offer a three day trial before you have to spend $17 million sending one fax that may or may not work. Love this app! And no, I was not paid for my review 😘
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3 years ago, power of love.
Retired and no office.
I love how this works. I have no phone lines at home. I’m retired. I have only an iPhone. This app came in handy. I wanted to buy credit but none of the fax offer those. Only weekly, monthly and yearly. So I brought weekly. I will cancel my it until I need it next time. I can turn it back on. Thank you
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9 months ago, jewell monae
False advertising
I downloaded the app the night of august 10th and used a free trial just checking out if it’s real and if it really fax things I deleted it a couple of hours later which was into the 11th and they still trying to charge me $7.99 I’m not able to download anything from my Apple Store until I pay it which I’m not because it clearly said free trial and I didn’t even have it the full 24 hours of it wasn’t a free trial you would’ve charged me the moment I made an account
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2 years ago, VConine
First Fax NOT Free
I downloaded this so that I could send literally ONE fax, 4 pages. First fax is on us it says. Psh, I typed in the number took pictures of the documents said fax now and then it told me there was an error to try again in a few minutes. After 5 minutes I tried again and guess what now I have to PAY to send a fax. $7.99 to send 4 pages. Was it easy yes…Was it free NO…Will I recommend it NOPE!!!!
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5 years ago, bluedrpr
I paid for faxes and now it won’t work
Something is wrong with this app. It worked very well before. Then I paid more tokens or whatever you call it, to send an fax on Friday and had it all set up and then hit send and then it went back to a page of just the icon filling up the screen. I tried many times since and when I click on it that’s all it does, just a screen of the icon. If I delete the app and try to download it again I’m afraid it will lose my money I’ve paid on it. Need a refund so I can get a different fax app.
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4 years ago, Dee2055B
Incoming Fax not showing up
I just paid for the monthly service.. When I attempt to send faxed pages from my physical fax machine, I get the notifications of incoming faxes from the app. However, when I check my incoming folder, it’s empty. There’s nothing there! I’ve tried this about 5 times and the same result. A complete waste of time!
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4 years ago, salvagnialexandra
Wouldn’t cancel- charged
This app wasn’t working, so I attempted to cancel the subscription numerous times. I contacted support and requested by subscription be cancelled within the window of time you have to cancel without the first payment being deducted. I sent them 2 emails and obviously they didn’t cancel my subscription because I got charged this morning. Your app doesn’t work and I want my money back. Support doesn’t answer and I requested to cancel within the time from of the terms and conditions. Please refund me .
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3 years ago, suzvod
Does not work
Absolutely useless. Didn’t send on my first free fax. So I tried resending. Came back failed contact receiver to check fax is on and has paper. Did that to no avail. Then Apple/app charged me $7.99 weekly fee because I sent resend to the number. Still didn’t work. Since I had paid, I contacted the recipient explained what the app was saying, the subsequently gave me an alternative number to try. Did not work again failed. Trust me the problem wasn’t the fax number I was sending to because I went out to a fax service and guess what. Worked perfectly straight away. What a waste of time and money! Never again. Don’t buy it - instead give the money they would have gouged from to charity, much better spent there. Very frustrated and disappointed.
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