Fax.Plus - Receive & Send Fax

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User Reviews for Fax.Plus - Receive & Send Fax

4.57 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
2 years ago, McElroy powers
Faxing with ease!!!
I’ve never had a fax app that works so well and cost so little. I am going through a difficult process with the US government and they are fax fax friendly I mean fax from my everything‘s got to be sent via fax. So with this program I can easily scan my documents put them in a file upload them or take a picture no matter how I want to attach it it is faxed and it sends a confirmation which I love. And it sends it right to your email that everything is done and you can show that it was successfully completed this is a good feeling that your information has been transmitted correctly to the right folks. And I’m on a pension and this is a very again a very good price for the number of pages that you can fax for $10 is incredible. Good luck going to the UPS or USPS and doing a three dollar per page when it’s only penny per page here.
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5 years ago, Amanda Fetaui
So far so good.....
UPDATE : This app is AMAZING! I called my company to confirm receipt and quality of fax and they confirmed that they did receive it and quality is readable! That’s a PLUS considering I don’t need to receive just fax and that alone is FREE! Keep up the good work! I’m giving Fax Plus 5 stars because it is super convenient and user friendly. I tried to fax something moments ago but my fax jammed up my documents so I searched for an app and came across this. I LOVE that I can send 9 pages without being asked to upgrade. Who doesn’t love free? The status of my fax shows successfully transmitted. I will update tomorrow once I confirm that my fax has been received. AWESOME JOB!
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2 years ago, at_ninefouro25
Learning curve?
When my first fax of 2 pages went through i was so impressed with the ease and elegance of this product. I then faxed a second set of 2 pages but it didn’t seem to get sent because it didn’t show up in the Sent folder and disappeared from the Send folder. I was so worried the fax hadn’t gone through that I sent it again (and again) until I used up my free pages. I was not happy. It was not until I checked my email that I saw that the second fax had gone through. My email box had confirmation emails for each of the faxes I had re-sent. I wish the dashboard had updated the status of the second fax so that I was not unnecessarily attempting to fax something that had successfully gotten faxed. My lesson: if a fax I send is not showing up as having been sent in the faxPlus dashboard, check my email for confirmation that the fax went through before assuming it hadn’t.
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3 years ago, DeVondra4
Technical Issues
Purchased a premium subscription to send fax by email and phone. I looked up a few other companies and ultimately went with this one and assumed it would be a better bargain as I was short on time and needing to send documents fast and in a hurry, needless to say I have cancelled my plan after maybe 24 hours if that, I had several issues getting the actual fax to go through and when they don’t go through you lose your credits and will not be reimbursed instead told to re send the fax which also costs credits. After sending 100 documents several times specific incriminates of 10 by the way sheer frustration customer service did apologize but the service is unacceptable as fax may or may not go through credits should not be lost due to this . . Update I was able to send all 100 documents after several fails and still have the emails to prove it so try someone else’s patience .
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3 years ago, KN994
Beware of Hidden Fees
Beware they will charged you extras for hidden fees. They claimed to charge $0.20 per extra page for free plan but they will add the duration, destination, and the other additional cost which never been mentioned in the plan and pricing web page. They charged me 10x more compared to the amount they claimed per page. I emailed their sale person Jola and nothing has not been resolved all I know is that they charged me 34 pages for the 6 pages of the faxed documents As a client, I feel like I’m being tricked by being charged extras on these hidden fees. I do aware that the charge rate for each plan can be varied. Even though I'm trying not to compare this fax service to other faxing services. However, I don’t like the fact that they didn’t fully explain all the fee before you use them. They never mentioned that they will process reimbursement and states their “hidden” charge is the actual appropriate fee and process.
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5 years ago, jamire lee
Good app horrible tech support
App works really good, but tech support is pretty horrible. I made the mistake of linking my personal and business email to the same phone number so I had log in issues and they would not help me at all. You can tell they are only used to dealing with problems they can easily fix via the FAQ. My situation required them to actually troubleshoot and after 3 attempts I gave up. I like the app, but you can only email tech support and on 3 separate occasions they stop responding to my emails once they realized they fix would require more than a link to their FAQ. I mean each time they literally stopped responding (and to think I paid for the app) I honestly thought maybe I just got a bad IT person, but each time I got the same experience. They sent me a link to the FAQ and when I told them that doesn’t help me...they simply did not reply... never seen anything like it!
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6 years ago, Ej scribble
Be Aware
When I purchased fax credits It said that I had 35 pages available to use. I have only faxed 13 pages and my remaining balance of pages to use is 10 when it should be 22. I reached out to tech support and was told that if even a one page fax takes more than 60 secs to send that will be counted as 2 pages. So if you send a six page fax and each one of those pages take more than 60 secs it will count those 6 pages as 12 or more! I have never had this issue with any other fax app. We are not in control of how long it takes for each page to send or whether or not the fax will not go through because the line is busy. When I run out of my pages which I’m sure it won’t be long I will be using a fax app that has more reasonable practices. On a good note my fax were received by the person I sent them to.
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2 years ago, bestcrispyshreddedbeef
Super convenient!!
My Husband has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. This app has allowed me to forward medical records to our second and third opinion Doctors. We have been able to fax his scripts for blood work directly to the lab location we visit. This has eased the stress of running around to find a store with a fax machine. And since we are both out of work currently, him bc of his cancer treatments and I was forced to resign to be his full time care taker. Thank you so much for creating such a simple and convenient way to send faxes ASAP & from the comfort of our home.
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4 years ago, Boston99g
I Didn’t believe it was free and so easy to use it!
I’ve downloaded many apps stating free fax! But, after downloading the app and going thru the registration I had to provide credit card all kind of information which I didn’t have it! So, I did another search and I’ve found this one. FAX PLUS I downloaded enter few information like login with your email and DONE I WAS ABLE TO FAX VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS THAT MY MOTHER NEEDED FOR RENEW HER HEALTH INSURANCE! And to be honest I didn’t have a few bucks to go down to the library! I’m really thankful that I found this service totally FREE! Highly recommend to anyone that uses fax services! THANK YOU AGAIN!
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5 years ago, Mooned by WU Associates
I tested several programs that have unique aspects which will appeal to users with different needs. For occasional sending this app is most affordable. For receiving faxes occasionally there is an app out there that will meet your needs without committing to the minimum subscription. Having said that, if you are receiving frequent or periodic faxes, this app is a good choice. Especially, when you consider getting a dedicated line, email confirmation and security. This app is a no-brained to set up & use; moreover, this app has many pricing scenarios that are easily accessed inside the app.
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1 year ago, Reallyfolks?!
Very unhappy!!!!
When I purchased this printer, the encouragement was to, “ Buy a cartridge plan based on your expected use”. I did, amd based on my actual use, the plan far exceeded my actual usage. No problem, right? Wrong!! When I went to use my printer I got an error where I am UNABLE TO USE MY PRINTER, MY PAID IN FULL PURCHASED PRINTER, BECAUSE MY EXPIRATION DATE OM MY CREDIT CARD HAD EXPIRED FOR MY UNDER-USED CARTRIDGE PLAN. Really folks?! I need to go PAY OfficeMax to print office docs that I need ASAP because you have high jacked my printer?!!! This is ridiculous!!!! This has been a great printer other than not being able to use it now because of an expiration date. Ridiculous. Where does it state that your company has the ability to, “Big Brother”, my purchased printer and render it useless?!
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3 years ago, Flygirl832
Reliable Life Saver for Elderly Parents
I live out of state from elderly parents. One had a stroke and other is the main caregiver. The caregiver has difficulty using smart phone due to health issues. She has difficulty hearing me on the phone too. This App is a Lifesaver! She faxes me documents for me to review, and we communicate best by fax. I Do Not have Landline so wouldn’t have been able to do this without this Fax App. Fantastic Customer Service when had one issue which was solved promptly! No Issues at all. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Thank You!!
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5 years ago, Erinosb
Awesome app!
I’ve never before submitted a review for an app but I couldn’t pass up telling others how great this app really is! I’m in the middle of renewing my Kansas nursing license and had some documents to fax and unfortunately, do not own a fax machine. Normally I have to run all over town trying to find a fax machine but this app saved me from all that hassle. It took less than 2 min to download, register with Facebook and done! Enter fax number, add file and send. That easy! Thanks to this developer for such a great, convenient app! I wish I could give an infinite number of stars!!!
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2 years ago, Tim821
Works well and well priced
Easy to use interface and a reliable e-fax program. I wish that more pdf programs were supported for attaching files such as PDF Expert, PDF Pen Pro and Acrobat but I send my saved scan from Scanner Pro (better than just trying to use the iPhone camera) to Dropbox then attach it to the fax. I don't fax often but hospitals/medical offices/pharmacies/labs only accept faxes no texts or email as they are not HIPPA compliant. I am a physician and understand this.
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2 years ago, JJ5478
Overcharged for failed fax, no customer support
I purchased the basic service for $5.99 which started with a 100 page credit. I attempted to fax a pdf file of 46 pages of medical records to my physician (the limit said 60 pages). After several hours of converting, the fax registered as partial failure to deliver. While I understand that this can happen, when I went to resend the fax, there were only 10 pages remaining in my credit. I was expecting that at least 54 pages would be left given that I checked to make sure that the page charge ratio was 1:1 sending from within the U.S. to within the continental U.S. . I contacted customer support and received no reply. I will be cancelling immediately.
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3 months ago, Just sasy
Doesn’t work at all ! Wasted subscription money
This service doesn’t work as mentioned. Do not use it. I bought their plan to receive a fax. After the sender repeatedly sent fax , I never received it in fax plus app or webpage. I contacted support and received response after 2 days with no resolution. When I asked for refund as the service did not work, they shrugged and asked me to cancel it next month. I ended up using another fax app to receive the document. Most annoying customer service and useless app. Edit: The team tried to contact me after posting this review. I called their customer care after that but no use are not helpful at all. It’s almost like a scam ! Use other apps
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3 years ago, sleep cycle fraudsters
Terrible and no pricing transparency
I bought this app to send a very important fax but was never able to use it. Despite them telling you you can send 100 pages under the basic plan they never mention file size requirements before you purchase. I found out only after I purchased the app that I can’t send my fax since the file is too large. I contacted the company for a refund since I was never able to use the app and they refused to provide one. They were not upfront before purchasing about file requirements (or pricing, for that matter) which I find to be very unethical and shady. Going to file a complaint with BBB and FTC. There are tons of fax apps out there, do not use this one!!!
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5 years ago, JKindeed
Works perfectly
I was in a small town in Texas trying to find a machine to fax important documents in a pinch. Said small town was fax-less. I downloaded this program and was able to easily transmit my documents quickly and for a cost much less than I expected. The recipient of the fax told me they were great quality and she was going to tell her other clients about the app. Thank you for creating such a great working app and not charging an arm and a leg to use it.
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2 years ago, Em.jay.21054
This app seems like a scam
I purchased enough pages to send an I portent fax. First it didn’t go through but they charged the pages regardless. They wouldn’t refund the credits. Then when I attempted to use the app again, it told me my account was blocked for suspicious activity. When I asked what the suspicious was they were blocking me account about, they said it was because I use the app infrequently and have a low fax rate. If it worked correctly might I have a higher rate of faxing docs. I have never been reimbursed or credited for the pages I bought and when questioned and writing a poor review, they blocked my service altogether. DO NOT USE THIS APP UNTILL THEY FIX THERE ISSUES. THIS IS A SCAM UNTIL THEY FIX THESE PROBLEMS.
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4 years ago, pattieaustin
Unexpected flop but with potential to be great
What gives the one star is simply unexpected rates for faxing to a local dentist office. I signed up for the service, and received 10 credits to work with. Upon sending one fax, I got the confirmation page “success”! I was happy. Then I see, it took four credits to send the one page and it will be that way every time to have to send a form to anywhere that has a high fax reception rate. Irritating. But ok. I will give you that. But the kicker was to go to send another fax and low and behold, my credits left. TWO. TEN MINUS FOUR CREDITS DOES NOT IN ANY MATH SCENARIO EQUAL TWO REMAINING CREDITS. WTHECK?!?!? Thanks for the trial. But this is a no go for me. I deleted the app and am finding one where you get what you expect. Thanks for the free trial, but if this is how you handle your credits and such, it becomes a quick no thank you. Reached out to customer support Thursday night and now it’s Monday afternoon and I’ve still not heard a peep back. Another negative. Adios. Work out your issues and maybe I will try again. Possibly. My business relies on reliability.
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4 years ago, BrazenB3
App Is Easy To Navigate but I was unable to fax successfully
I purchased a one month subscription because I had to fax a 27 page document to my mortgage company. I combined everything into one pdf and tried faxing from both the iPhone app and the website via my laptop. Each time it failed after 15 pages. Additionally, with your one month subscription you’re supposed to get 100 pages free pages and then be charged 10 cents per extra page. My two attempts at faxing resulted in 30 pages being sent total, but when I tried again I was told I have zero credits and that I need to purchase more before sending anything else.
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1 year ago, bdyrlsbfysornxnao
App shows payment for Basic but wont let me send fax
I haven’t heard back from the fax they have you send for help. App reload, login/out does nothing. Says I have a free account and I can’t send the fax I got the account for in the first place. Uugghh. Update - they did reply a day later and the solution that didn’t work the day before worked today. So yes a response and yes within 24 hrs but the issue was bad in a time sensitive situation. Not life threatening- I went to staples and lost $15, but now it should work. Don’t know bc I no longer need to send one.
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3 years ago, buy_me_toys!
Exactly what I needed
I send faxes maybe once every couple of years so subscription based sending apps ($x per page kind of stuff) was not what I wanted or needed. This app lets you send faxes without needing an upgrade so I was able to do my once in a long while fax without paying a subscription or per page fee. I dunno if the devs read these reviews but man...thank you for making SOMETHING in my life easy.
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3 years ago, DisSUBointed
After paying, faxes failed. No refund issued.
The free faxes initially worked. After that, I had to buy credit. The app would not allow me to send faxes without buying a monthly service. I upgraded. The faxes failed again and again. Conflicting failure-messages and customer service input ensued. Per the company’s “policies”, customer service declined to refund my money despite getting no use of the service I paid for. Please give your business to companies who value customer satisfaction more highly. (I did contact your customer support department. I described the results, above. Don’t pretend to care only after consumers share their negative experiences, publicly.)
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5 months ago, No More 💩 Apps
Advertised as Fax Out for Free, Pay to Receive - Lies
Downloaded this app understanding from an advertisement that I could fax out for free, but would have to pay if I wanted to have a number to which I could received faxes. Downloaded it and sent a few pages successfully. Then I notice I had a page count that was nearly at 0 and learned that this the service requires payment after your first 10 pages. And there is no way to earn free credits - like watching ads - to send more. I fax too infrequently to be suckered into paying for some kind of membership or some insane 20¢ per page. Deleting the app and going elsewhere to fax.
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4 years ago, DumpsterBB
Rip off with terrible customer service
This app steals money from your account for failed fax transmissions. When I tried to ask customer service for a refund after none of my faxes went through I was told “ We deduct the credit from your account when there is a call duration (this might happen even if the call drops during sending the fax or the sides fail to negotiate properly due to noises on the phone line). This deduction is due to the fact that the telecom operators charge us per minute regardless of the outcome of the faxes.” There should be a warning or notice about this when you sign up. I will be contacting Apple and my credit card company for a refund.
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3 years ago, GKep10
Never received purchase company won’t help
I downloaded this all to send correspondence to IRS. I purchased in app the $5.99 credit, which was promptly billed to my iTunes account. I never received the credit so I contacted the company explaining what happened along with my apple and iTunes receipt. They clearly told me that my account never made a purchase yet I have receipts to prove I did and now basically just told me they can’t do anything. Mind you all receipts have the same company name everything matches yet they will do nothing to help. Save your money and don’t waste it on this company I’m sure there are lots of other faxing apps that actually work
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2 years ago, TomDaBizomb
Good app if you have a few faxes to send
It’s cool that you get to choose your number. However buying the the monthly service of 100 pages will get you between 60-70 pages of fax. This depends on how many times the fax has to be sent. You will not get the actual amount of pages you pay for. Overall if you send 60-70 pages a month then you will enjoy this service.
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3 months ago, FTW28
Amazing app hampered by the terrible payments
This app is so great and reasonably priced. Has everything I’d need out of a simple fax app for my business. The issue is the developer’s insistence on making your plan expire after your first month, then frantically email and notify you that you’ll lose your fax number if you don’t go to their website and add a payment method. There’s a reason I subscribe via iOS, and while I know this is to get around the App Store fees, I’m not going to give my billing info to any app that requests it. Will be looking for a new fax app when my plan expires.
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3 years ago, ladyexec10
Excellent service
Scan & send fax! Not every organization (banks & Federal govt) allow email! With a fax # you can avoid snail mail. After free page just load on a few $$ for future pages. No “Plan” needed if all you want is to send an occasional fax! Additional Plan option is to add a fax # assigned via app to receive faxes. I don’t need to receive faxes so haven’t tried. This app keeps an archive of faxes sent. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, fusionzgamer fan
Perfect for sending documentation
FAX Plus is an absolute lifesaver! I am great at procrastinating and many times I’ve reached the deadline for sending official documents/forms where they need to be and it became too late to send them by mail. It is also quite handy when it is hard to get in touch with certain offices by phone. I’ve not yet had to purchase credits to send a fax because you're given a good number of pages to fax for free; definitely recommend this app if you need to send by fax for any reason!
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4 years ago, 1 Princess Ann
Poor Service
I’ve not been well these days during this epidemic. People, not abiding by rules, and regulations, guidelines nor policies - let alone having common sense of wearing a mask/gloves. Anyway, I’d tried about 5 - 6 times to send an important fax (to a business) that I’ve been putting off for weeks now. Now. What was interesting on my part being an: Executive Management Administrative Assistant for over 25-years, I know how to CYA. So, there’s no need to continue this free trail period when the fault is not on my end - it was on your part. It was truly a waste of my entire morning trying to get that important one-page (document) out, which in fact you’d decided to change it to two-pages. I’m done with having patience. Time management is the key for me since I’ve been disabled, and now of age. You’re causing me: duress; stress; pain; suffering. Personally, I need none of above. You’re killing me softly. I’m working thru another (reliable) source; my fax went through promptly as should. Pity. Chow Bella!
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7 months ago, saraleahl
Created bug in last update
I would have rated this app as 5 stars until today! I have been using this product for years and it has always worked beautifully for me. Today was the first time I’ve used it since the latest update and when I tried to Add Page through scan it opened the APP store to the fax products and would not let me scan the very important, time sensitive fax that I need to send! What’s up here! I pay good money every month for a service I use on occasion, but when I need it, it’s crucial and usually worth it. Please help me and let’s get it back to working condition ASAP! Thanks.
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4 years ago, Toni E Lee B
Thank GOD. 👍🏽
This was/ is a life saver. I needed to send IMPORTANT docs to the government . I initially choose this app because it allowed me to fax for free. The first fax went through successfully. Turns out I needed to send additional docs and I decided to run down to my local Kinkos this time (to save money). TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I broke down and bought some credit for this app.. AGAIN, fax was successful AND I receive email confirmation. Thank you do much!!!! Will not hesitate to use again.
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3 years ago, Kaytaylmt
Relaxer the faxer
This has done everything I’ve needed and then some. Well maybe not and then some BUT it has been exactly what I have needed. Reliable and consistent, what else could you ask for? Great app......and haven’t had an issue where I needed to talk to customer service. It is pretty self explanatory when something is wrong and it walks you through it. Or for me it has. Overall, super happy and will continue to use!
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1 year ago, G3Chris1
Oddly the company distorts faxes. It makes them smaller vertically and even smaller horizontally. PLUS it also adds a header of text across the top. If I wanted a header on my fax I’d put one on myself. There isn’t even an option to take that funk off. If wanted my fax smaller or distorted I’d do it myself. When I make a form with a box that 6 x 4 inches with 10 pt type, that’s what I want to fax. Not something else. What’s so hard about actually faxing what we send?Disappointing!
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4 years ago, kevdogg73
Greatest Fax app!!!!!! Hands down
I have no idea why this app is not #1. The greatest thing about this app is, they are honest with you about the cost! I have no problem paying for something I use or need, but don’t sucker me in to subscribing to a monthly fee if I don’t need it! This app is easy to use! I am more than satisfied! I can’t say enough good things about it! Use it first, it will save you lots of headache!!!!! Thank you guys for doing business right!!!! 😃😃
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4 years ago, cmz123***
Not really free
You get the first ten pages free. Even though the app says free. So that was disappointing, but the app is so great, it’s definitely worth paying for extra pages. It’s so convenient. It scans amazing, lines it up straight and I am able to read every word completely clear. I’m so glad I found this app. I downloaded two different ones to fax from my phone. The other gave no free pages on their “free” app. This one is much superior quality as well. The other app has been deleted.
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3 years ago, stonk ponk
This app is a life saver
As a millennial, the world of faxing appears archaic to me. I also don’t own a printer at the moment. This app allows me to fax PDF documents from my phone by simply adding an attachment and entering the destination fax number. You can also pay to have a receiving fax number. Lately, I’ve had instances during which an entity only accepted documents via fax. This app has saved me every time.
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5 years ago, Das4jmj
Fax Plus Review
Having utilized the Fax Plus app twice so far, I can rate it. It’s a decent app for faxing. Both times I faxed ... the sends were flawless. And the fact that I don’t fax that often makes this app even more valuable for the faxes I sent did not cost me anything other than my phone service. And lastly setting up and sending a fax is straightforward and uncomplicated. I recommend the app especially if you don’t fax that often.
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5 years ago, LJmom
Love the “Try Before You Buy” Option!
This app is different from the others. It gives you the option of sending a few free faxes before requiring you to buy a subscription. For those of us that have become a bit jaded by “free” services, this is a refreshing change of pace. Subscription prices vary and you choose the plan that fits your needs. I highly recommend this service.
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2 years ago, Cielito00000000
User friendly
I signed up with Nextiva and had a terrible experience. They were disorganized and the rep took 25 mins to find my account. Thank goodness for this app! The moment I signed up and paid, it worked flawlessly. It’s very user friendly and simple. I don’t need to fax that often for my business, but it is necessary to have one because I deal with medical offices.
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3 years ago, Miksdol82
Love having fax on my iphone
I love not having to go out to have a fax sent or having a fax machine at home. I just scan what I need sent right onto my iPhone, add the phone number I’m faxing to, hit the send fax button and I’m done. I get a confirmation email letting me know that my fax was delivered, all for $4.99 a month. I have had no problems with this app at all and I’ve been using it for at least a year. I totally recommend it.
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4 years ago, ABorouj
Great app, great service
I’ve only used this app a couple times however I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. The app works great and has very good features, and for someone like me who needs to send a fax only a few times per year, the free service is all I can ask for. I highly recommend this app and service to anyone looking for a fax service for their personal or professional needs.
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2 years ago, DougeeeFresh
Great app for personal and business
I’ve used this app for a couple of years now and have never had a problem sending faxes. I do not receive any faxes through this app so only use the free plan, occasionally having to add credit to the plan to send additional pages. Overall I have been very pleased with the ease and functionality of this app.
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11 months ago, bbeemmee
This Is An EXCELLENT Fax App !!!
This Fax. Plus App is Very easy to use. This was my first time using it, and I had NO PROBLEM navigating through this App sending my fax. I just added the fax number of the recipient to my Contact, and once I have selected “Add Page(s)”, the App will pull the fax number from my Contact list. It took about a minute to send my 3 pages, then it showed me the Status of my fax. It was AWESOME !!!
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1 year ago, Raamayya
I like it and would recommend it.
first use was good. I like the free option for individual and occasional use, (not a business nor an office user). wish there is feature that confirms that the fax was sent. I see that the outbox was empty. May be that is a confirmation. Anyhow I am happy with this and would recommend others to try it. I was fast as well.
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6 years ago, Super hero mama
Best price and fax combo
I’ve tried several, I think ring central is the best over all, but the MOST expensive by far, I’ve tried several other apps and the faxes are to dark or undeliverable, and not many allow a consistent number for incoming, this Fax does and the images are clear (not perfect but good!) the price is great and the fax has not failed yet, I’m 3 months in and probably use it 1-2 times a week
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3 years ago, SickOfAmazon
No confirmation page and no ability to send faxes
Their instructions are absolutely false in regards to obtaining a proof of fax. There is no option for faxes under the sent archives via the ellipses to select confirmation page — absolutely no option. Furthermore, there is no tech support available despite the fact the service is paid for. Again, leaving users yet again with absolutely no option. Additionally, their services completely stopped working with no excuse and nothing can be sent. I’m regretting ever paying for their services — or lack thereof.
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2 years ago, MexitalianStalian
I would have given zero stars!!
First of all, they don't tell you that you can only submit less than 10 at a time. You figure this out when you get the Email that says, "partially sent" and then you have to troubleshoot the best way to send your documents and this is when you find out on their app info that to, "decrease chance of failure, submit less than ten at a time". They should recommend this BEFORE you try submitting more than ten documents because they actually charge you to "resend" the ones that didn't send!!!this is a scam!!! DO NOT BUY!!!
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