FaxFree: Send Fax From iPhone

4.8 (96.4K)
84.3 MB
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Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FaxFree: Send Fax From iPhone

4.8 out of 5
96.4K Ratings
1 year ago, sativasenoritaV
WOW am I impressed, and so was the government employee!
I had to get urgent and important documents to my state government for my son’s birth. I am currently having my mail forwarded and had a limited amount of time (less than a week) to get the documents to them, being a busy mom I had no time to go anywhere and fax this info. I thought, well it’s 2023, there has to be an app right?! I gave this one a shot, but was weary, these documents HAVE to be in, no exceptions. I sent the documents on Friday in the app, they showed as delivered on Saturday, I called my local gov office on MONDAY and they were impressed that they had the documents via FAX already!!! I am utterly thrilled and impressed, thank you for providing a necessary and much needed service. I recommended you to the government office to notify people to try this!!
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3 months ago, cristyanity
Mostly very good except…
Hi, thanks for this great app! Having convenience to fax documents from my phone at any location sure helps a lot. However within the product itself it would be nice if there were options to insert a coverpage and/or write notes or add information on the documents being sent. Instead I can only send photos of documents that I take pictures of and upload to the app. I’m not sure where the uploaded photos go after they are sent thru the app’s fax because I no longer see what pictures I’ve previously sent in my app’s library. And lastly the quality of the faxed pages leaves much to be desired as the sent sheets look low budget really low but overall it gets the job done. One more thing: the price is high and the options of purchase packages doesn’t have options it’s just $99. For the year. Or that’s the only option I had it could have been that I agreed to something in the fine print in the very beginning when first trying the app and it autoloaded that plan. I weighed my options after the fact and left the purchase as it was. So again it has been a life saver when I needed to get documents somewhere and convenient and easy to use. -Cristy
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1 year ago, Kellis1201
Great for in a pinch
I needed to fax a document to my insurance provider and don’t have access to a fax machine. I downloaded this app, scanned my 3 pages and faxed them all within about 2 minutes or less. It says it was delivered… I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday to find out for sure if they received it but if they did then this app saved me. I read in the reviews it was complicated to cancel the free trial but all you do is go into your iPhone settings, click your name at the top and then subscriptions. Find “Fax from iPhone” and click cancel. I canceled it immediately after sending the fax so I wouldn’t forget to later and it says I will still have access to the app until my free trial runs out but I won’t be charged.
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5 years ago, Jgr301
No way to cancel
It says you can sign up for a three day free trial and easily cancel any time from the settings screen. However, once you sign up for the trial and go to the settings screen, there is no way to cancel. Follow up: I emailed the developers on the day I downloaded the app about the fact that there was no way to cancel. I instructed them to cancel my subscription effective immediately and informed them that they were not authorized to make any charges to my account. They deliberately waited a week before replying (to make sure the free trial period had expired) with complicated instructions on how to cancel my subscription. However they still made the unauthorized charge to my account. I got Apple to reverse the charge and I’m currently working on getting Apple to ban this app from the App Store as a result of their unauthorized charges to my account, AND I am also filing criminal charges against the developers for making fraudulent charges to my account. Therefore it’s possible that by the time you download this app, the developers might be in prison.
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1 year ago, GatorMIT
One fax? Really is free!
Trial period 3 days if you only need to send one fax a decade. And, not very expensive if you do wish to continue beyond trial period without cancellation. I only needed to send a single fax, and after getting the run-around from several other apps and websites, I tried this app. I didn’t need any frills or bells and whistles, so didn’t explore everything the app could do, but I’ll say that for sending a single simple 12-page PDF from dropbox, this app couldn’t have been any easier to use. I will definitely come back here if I need extended fax service. The app developer’s generosity in the trial period, combined with the clean, easy interface, have made me a loyal customer. Thank you!!
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6 months ago, Reaper_7
App will steal from you
The app works great and probably is amazing if you have to fax regularly. However, I signed up for a free trial to send the 1 and only fax that I will send for the next 2 years. When I got into the app they immediately took my card information upon login and did not offer me a way to remove it once I was in the app. I looked around for it and all they allow you to do is delete your account, which I didn’t do incase something went awry with the document I needed to send. Since I was sending this document at the last minute during a busy weekend, I promptly forgot to delete the account after I learned it had been received. So after the 3 days my weekend ended, they proceeded to charge me almost $8 for a subscription to their service that I never wanted to sign up for and tried to decline but wasn’t presented the option. Kinda feels like they stole from me, every other service lets you take your card off after you sign up.
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4 weeks ago, USAF93
Amazing app!!
I was in a jam and needed some important documents faxed immediately but I had no access to a fax machine. I found this app and decided to give it a try I was skeptical at first because I really didn’t think it was going to work but I was wrong!! It was so easy to use it only took a minute or two for it to show that the document had been delivered. I really didn’t think that it was going to show up until I got a call from the receiver telling me they got the fax and I was good to go. I was so relieved, this app really saved me and the fax was free to send! I’m extremely grateful to this app. Thank you so much!!
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5 months ago, Telito_18
Saved me $35 dollars!!!
I had to fax some documents to the IRS since I didn’t wanna mail it for the paper work to be there faster. I went into staples and once I scanned my documents, my total was almost $35 dollars for 9 double sided pages. I couldn’t pay, it just seemed too much so I cancel the transaction! I went home and remembered I had the iScanner app, so I opened it and imported the documents and when I clicked the “share” button I was surprised to see a fax option! It opened the Fax FREE app on the App Store and clicked download. I realized it was made by the same developers as the iScanner app. I quickly imported the documents and signed in using my Apple ID. Enter the IRS Fax number and clicked send! 5 minutes later, I got a notification that the fax was delivered!!! Gave it a 4 star because there is a bug. When you click on the button on top right to change the preview layout it glitched and I couldn’t see the preview of the documents anymore. I had to quickly delete the app and redownload it for the preview to work correctly. I did not touch that layout button again. I will definitely rate 5 stars once that bug is fixed!
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1 year ago, scsllywagsapelo
Good if faxing daily
Really nice app. The fax line I was sending to was busy. I got email later that night the fax finally went through so that was nice….OK DISREGARD BC THESE PPL ARE CHRGING MEC$7 per week for this app and I cancelled service immediately following confirmation the (1) fax was received . Emailed them repeatedly with no response except the chargers that continu. It’s extremely hard to get through to state if Florida. I wasn’t sure if the app would continue trying to send fax after leaving app. I gave up thinking the fax did not go through so I was pleasantly surprised to get the confirmation later that night. Only problem is I fax MAYBE 2-3 x’s/year so it’s not worth the price for someone like myself. If you fax regularly, you might want to check the app out.
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2 months ago, A.Whitsitt
Love the options and ease of the process
This is been so handy helpful and crucial with so many things I’ve had to do the use of the app is so easy it saves my documents let me know sent delivered, failed draft, etc. there’s been many times I’ve been in a time crunch and this has saved me in so many ways because anymore it’s hard to find a fax or you have to pay for them everywhere at a place in it you don’t know if it’s been through or if it went through they get air later so this is extremely helpful and I am grateful for this apphighly recommend
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1 year ago, hap-with
Incredibly, amazing
Incredibly easy to use and operate, amazing to finally get to say “thank god for good technology, and not being milked for the convenience and this apps abilities” I’d like to be able to read security facts and a good feature to add would be “a long-tap to a single page to be able to write on the single page at a time”. I def recommend this app for its logical-ease in function (still will slow your connection, the same way a regular fax would. don’t worry - you don’t need to have app running in the background to continue sending) a bonus in my book!
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1 year ago, TyMan 2000
Finally. I can send a dang fax from my iphone
It took a good while to him down a sample cover letter, use PDF Fill and Sign, crop the pics, convert all to pdf and to do it right but my golly I did it and I didn't have to spend a dime or leave my house. If you need to fax often (unlike me) this app is very user friendly as I am no tech genius. I just figured it out step by step. First one took easily and hour bit the second one took 25 minutes. I suspect I'll be down to 10 min in no time. Wonderful app. Take advantage of the 3 day free offer. YOU DONT EVEN MEED A DEDICATED FAX NUMBER ANYMORE!!! Sweet Bany Jesus. What a relief.
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1 year ago, BredaeBabii
Can’t cancel subscription!!!
I inly needed to fax one thing to my doctor. I did it snd not sure if it was actually sent. I never got a response from my doctors office but in the app it says delivered. So the first week went by and I got charged. I was like ok, not paying attention I got charged again today, noticed the one I had was $6.99 a week! So I tried to cancel and it literally will not let you! Yes I went to my settings and purchases snd saw my subscriptions and tried to delete it and it will not let u. I kept hitting cancel subscription and it just sits there it doesn’t cancel. I also came here to App Store and found my subscriptions and tried to cancel and it does the same thing. You click on it and it just sits there and will not cancel. They are stealing money at this point because it’s no way to cancel!
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10 months ago, BIGGBeeeeeeeeeeee24
I didn’t think this was going to actually work but it did!!! I didn’t want to leave the house and I didn’t want to miss my deadline so I searched on Google about Faxing near me and this app popped up I was skeptical at first “Wait an app to fax over papers?” I downloaded it it was fast and easy I started the process faxed over my documents got a notification 25 minutes later about it being delivered I was so shocked when I got a call the same day about my Fax being Received and I couldn’t tell you how happy my lazy bones were 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FAST AND EASY I LOVE IT THANK YOU GUYS
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12 months ago, HonestReviewFL
Can’t upload accurate PDFs
I just started a free trial to fax important documents to a doctor. But even though all of the content is already saved perfectly on my PDF, and I double checked it in my iPhone’s files and my iCloud first, when I uploaded the same perfect PDF to this fax app half of the content was missing. So I tried re-saving it again, and double-checking to make sure the content was there and re-uploading it again…but half of the content was still missing! So I am canceling the free trial right now to make sure they won’t charge me $6.99 a week within the next three days. I doubt if all 70K of the reviews are real since before the developers released this app and they even charged users $28+ month to use it, they did NOT fix all of its glitches.
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6 years ago, AIC081988
Fax App
I was VERY HAPPY with the pricing options. Especially when I had seen that the app even offers just a PLAN for ONE WEEK for just $4.99 because I’m a SUPER BUSY Mom of 4 and I MUST HAVE these SIMPLE, EASY TO USE phone apps available to me BUT I do NOT want to get stuck HAVING TO CHOOSE a plan where I’m STUCK paying EVERY MONTH when I only fax things MAYBE twice a month!!!! UNFORTUNATELY I’ve ended up pretty UNSATISFIED with this FAXING APP for my IPHONE because out of ALL the FAXES I sent, I had ONLY 2 of them SUCCESSFULLY SEND and had been RECEIVED, meanwhile it tells me that my fax has SENT than about AN HOUR LATER, is when I am NOTIFIED that the fax had FAILED TO SEND!!!!! I have the CORRECT fax numbers that I’m sending to and I also have a STRONG connection to my Wi-fi when at home, as well as I ALWAYS check that my SERVICE PROVIDER signal is FULL before sending any fax so I’m led to believe that this is a FAULT of the APP itself??
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6 years ago, lola124
Works great, kind of complicated to cancel.
I needed to send over 60 pages via fax. I got the 4.99 weekly subscription. Way better than paying $1 per page at UPS. I will definitely use the app again if I ever need to fax. Cancelling is kind of complicated, because there are no clear instructions. That’s why I’m giving it 4 stars. To cancel you are going to have to log in to your iTunes account on your computer not on iPhone. Access your account. At bottom of the page under settings find subscriptions and click manage. You should see your fax from iPhone subscription.
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1 year ago, AllnicknamesaretakenOMGGGG
locating a fax machine in my rural area was a challenge and so URGENTLY, Needed to send a fax and since fax machines are like dinosaurs, fairies and giants to this generation, the kids asked me “what is a fax?” So what started out as a simple “request sign send DELIVERED”, became a Scooby Crew, Blues Clues, egg hunt. Since the kids asked, why not just text it or email it, the fax seemed like a weird invention when you have emails. That reminded me to try online fax. It was all free, fast and straight to the point simple. Now, I have to go, they can’t understand how a phone can fold and still work 🥴🫡😑
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1 year ago, Garkis
Keep getting “Fax Delivery Failed” and “check internet”
I downloaded this app to send two faxes. I sent the first one successfully. But now I can’t send the second fax because it has a pop up to “check internet connection and try to send fax again.” I have tried it on a different wifi but I get the same error message. I have redownloaded the app, I have deleted the pages I wanted to send and uploaded again, I have reset our internet, and nothing has worked. This is ridiculous. Also, you can’t send more than 10 pages at a time. Why? I canceled the trial and I hope I don’t get charged because I’m seeing a lot of reviews that are saying we’ll get charged despite cancellation.
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9 months ago, GetBizy
Their Ad says FREE, but it’s not. Upon signing up there’s an option for Free 3 day Trial, but again it’s not free. I didn’t agree the Trial and attempted to close the App, but their system signed my up anyway against my will. There isn’t an Option to cancel your Subscription, so I sent an email requesting them to cancel it minutes after it automatically Subscribed me. I will be taking Legal action against this company if my Subscription isn’t Canceled today as requested. This is what I sent them: “Your advertisement says FREE. However, it’s very misleading because it is not free. I saw the free 3 day trial and didn’t agree and attempted to close the app but your system subscribed me to your free trial automatically. Please Cancel my subscription today! Thanks”
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7 months ago, Mooseluv69
Awesome Product Performance is High Quality and Easy for Consumers to Use
Wonderful product works exactly how I need it to in every way possible so easy to use and perfect in capabilities with sizing or color coding each page or document that you want the recipient to be able to read a legible document that is clear and easily for them to determine the information provided I highly suggest you definitely get this product you will be completely satisfied Scott Michael Love
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12 months ago, Tissy Daddy's Girl
A cell phone fax that works!
Finally, there is an Apple-compatible cell phone fax that sends faxes easily and reliably. You can use a document on file, a scanned doc, or photos of each page of the fax which you will crop (if necessary, mine wasn’t) enter the receiving fax, send and get a confirmation. Only 2 changes I’d like. 1) a more traditional receipt available and 2) find a way to get my cell phone or email to look like a receiving fax. (The latter is probably not possible since the app doesn’t control the device/email at every received signal.)
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7 months ago, Sybil.Disobedience
Didn’t recognize pdfs
I don’t have any complaints because I didn’t have it on my phone longer than the trial period. This app is pretty straightforward, and I thought the monthly and annual fees were very reasonable. I’ve become very technology illiterate in the last five years and I did have an issue with the pdf I was trying to fax. It was filled out, using acrobat, then I tried google docs, even my phone’s photo editor, so I’m not sure if we’re supposed to filled it out in the app here..? but it didn’t recognize my document, no clue what I did wrong.
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5 months ago, Me too 4 6 8
Phenomenal app
I send a few faxes, but sometimes the need arises and it’s usually very important. I have used this app to send a couple of important faxes at no cost, or at least I can’t figure out how they are charging me. The app is functional and easy to use. It allows me to send files from any of my cloud services, iCloud, Google Drive, and dropbox that is. It also allows me to send files that are local to my phone. Three cheers for a well-designed, executed, and up to now free app.
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1 year ago, T-Bone-Able
Super easy super fast!!
I’m doing a trial right now because my dad’s old old school fax machine 📠 isn’t working. He’s set in his ways and does everything the old fashioned way. However, he was so impressed and couldn’t believe how fast and how easy it was! When I told him how much it would cost per year he was even more impressed because it’s literally a fraction of the price he pays for the Dinosaur🦕 that takes up so much room. Im sure after the trial we will be signing up.
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11 months ago, Your average user
Didn’t work at all
I had two faxes sitting in pending and one of them was sent to my cell phone number as a test and after two days it’s delivery status has remained unchanged. Kinda bummed out tbh cause this app was gonna save me $40 compared to the publisher library and $100 compared to staples but I guess not. I did appreciate the resulting pdf file and the ease of which creating the document file from the document scanner was. That part of the app makes it worth keeping as a document pdf compiler. So 3stars for now. Will update if issue is app or found to be user error.
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7 months ago, Charmzz25
Impressed to say the least
I just tried the trial to see if it worked and it did. Very well actually. And it was right from my phone. And on the go. I really needed to get a fax over and thought this would be some scam or make me pay and it’s been free this whole time. Never asked for my card. You can pay for a more premium service I’m sure but I just needed to send one and now have sent a few because it worked so well and so fast.
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5 months ago, Lyss012
This is exactly what I needed
My copier at the building I work in on campus would not send faxes and I had to get a fax sent out TODAY. Unaware that the copy machine wouldn’t send faxes, I searched google and it brought me to the App Store where I found multiple faxing apps. The other two I tried demanded I pay $9.99 upfront for a month subscription that I didn’t need but this app allowed me to have a free trial and send the one fax that I had to get out. Thank you for making my life so easy!!!
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1 year ago, lilizzy4
I was having so many issues with my personal at home fax machine I didn’t know what to do my sister told me that these exist said I didn’t know that there were apps from your iPhone that you can fax I have no idea, I tried so manyand it was not what they advertise. He had to pay a crazy amount of money, just for a couple of faxes. Once in awhile, I enjoyed this one greatly because I have no limitations with that can ask for a better faxing app.
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6 years ago, Kevin Schwaller
Tricky Auto-renew payments
Make sure you know how to manage iTunes subscriptions. You can’t change your subscription inside this app, you have to do it through iTunes. I was hit with a $5.99 charge despite the app telling me I had zero credits. I thought that meant I wasn’t enrolled in anything. Refunds are also processed through the iTunes Store, which is another step and another pain. Now I am going back through my iTunes account to make sure I was only charged once. App worked well, but the payment system is tricky. Next time I’ll be using something else that has a more straightforward payment system, better user interface, and easier customer service.
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4 months ago, Dubya426
Easy to Use
The process of faxing using this app is pretty straightforward. I deducted a star because I don’t see a way to add pages where I want within a fax already prepared to send. You can add a page or more, but they are added to the end of the pages already in the fax. I had to delete the fax and reset the page order in a new fax before sending it. The unlimited pricing is also very competitive. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone needing a way to send faxes without using or needing a fax machine.
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1 year ago, xshadoex
Good app
The only problem is that it takes long to actually send. The first try it said failed then I had to re-try it to go through. it took me 3 hours to fax over 8 documents due to it taking long to actually go through. I hope the application is improved because i shouldn’t have to go through faxing documents and waiting 20-40 minutes for one to send. It’s ridiculous
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6 years ago, airegin77
Easy Fax app
I had tried to email a PDF file that failed to download/print for the recipient so I decided to try a fax app from my phone as that’s all I have access to at the moment. The first couple of apps were too limited in their initial use. This app required a signup trial but it seemed to send my lengthy fax just fine. I haven’t heard back from the recipient yet so we shall see. Make note: cancel trial if you not need to continue to send faxes. Two thumbs up so far for this one.
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1 year ago, pbubba65
Worked very well
The info wasn’t clear when I downloaded pictures to send and they didn’t propagate on the document… probably my fault. I had to remove app and reinstall from the cloud because I added the pictures twice and again no propagation. It worked the second time and I like the way it tells you it sent and the alerts you that it was delivered. Good job guys👍🏻
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6 years ago, S. Wineman
I would give zero stars if I could. The quality was so poor that after being charged $60, I still had to run down the street and have my document faxed elsewhere. I have attempted five or six times to get ahold of someone regarding the issue and a refund as I cancelled within two hours of ordering this worthless app. I have yet to get a response. This was three weeks ago. Nothing. Not even an acknowledgement of my complaint. There isn’t even a contact number listed to call. I was under the impression that this was a month by month subscription, I did not realize I would be charged the full year all at once. I would definitely not have paid $60 for this knowingly. It’s a scam.
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1 year ago, JoeCirig
Expensive and cumbersome
It successfully sent the fax, but the process was annoying. The “auto” feature started ok for the first snap - but then continued to take the same photo over and over. So, you have to physically stop it and then delete the extra scans. Also, it should collate the scanned pages automatically. Otherwise, you have to scan the pages from last to first, or, rearrange them in the app. Fax machines were smarter. Also, how is this expensive? It’s a fax. Let me watch an ad for 10 seconds and send the one fax I send a year. Deleted after one use.
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4 years ago, cee2297
WOW WOW WOW ......I never write reviews but I simply had to this time. I needed to fax one document one time to a government agency. I was tricked a couple times downloading apps that said fax free from IPhone just to find out I had to join to get a free trial but we all know how that ends so then I clicked on this app, it took me right to the send screen I added my document and the fax number hit send and like a miracle it was done. I’m now going to search any other apps that this developer has done!
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2 years ago, PennyUA
Amazing App!
I absolutely love the design! I feel like this app is user friendly, organizes my faxes right from my phone whether I scan the info, pull it from a file on my phone/cloud, or the camera roll. My only complaint is it does not come with a fax number and the ability for someone to send info back to me. …fingers crossed the developers are working on this for 2022 😊 I still have it 5 ⭐️
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2 years ago, ReetyBird
Best fax app yet
All the other apps have hidden fees and stipulations along with difficult set up and confusing layout. This one is one of the best and simplest apps I’ve tried. It’s straight forward and easy to navigate. I couldn’t even figure out how to send a fax on some of the other apps I tried so this one was definitely a great find. I’ll be keeping it and deleting the others for sure.
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4 years ago, G. m. d.
Possible Spam Harvesting
I’ve started getting a lot of text messages suddenly that are pure spam, and the only app I’ve downloaded/used during that time was this one. Kicking myself for using my real number but the person I was faxing needed it for confirmation. I don’t mind seeing ads in exchange for free faxes but if you’re selling our info to skeezy spammers, not so much. Edit: I appreciate the developer response and have updated my review.
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6 years ago, lawg*
Review of my experience
I didn’t appreciate telling me the app was free and when I continued was told it was a 3 day free trial and my account would be charged $5.99 a week. I immediately canceled the account hoping that my request will be handled immediately . No phone numbers to call , just an email address to send your request . I don’t understand why everyone to hiding the truth about their apps when up front information would be best .
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2 months ago, screw venimo
Reliable app
I love this app, it literally saved my benefits today needed to fax paperwork for my benefits to continue and hands down when I called them about my fax to see if they received which they did thank you to whoever made this app your a life saver and now am able to make my payments after my benefits were approved after that fax this app deserves more then 5star thank you guys your my heros.🦸
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3 years ago, jayleivancore
Simply wonderful!
I’ve been using this app for over 2 years now and I cannot say enough good things. I’ve hardly had any issues and any bugs have been fixed immediately. I am frequently faxing things for my job and I was spending over 70$ a year at staples using their fax machines until I found this app! The yearly subscription for unlimited faxes is under $60 and it’s well worth it for the convenience alone!
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12 months ago, Squeakycats
This appears to be a scam
They really do make it impossible to cancel—there is no trial or subscription in the subscriptions section of my AppleID account. The replies to the bad reviews here say that if you don’t see it listed, it won’t auto-renew; why should I take that on faith? It should be possible to cancel any trial or subscription immediately after starting it, and that’s clearly not possible with this app. I’m afraid to email this developer’s support—I don’t want them to get any more information than they already have. I will however be contacting Apple support. Don’t install this app just because you’re in a hurry to send a fax!
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4 years ago, jbaynx
You guys are awesome for letting me send one free fax before I have to pay. I need to send a report to the police department and they need me to fax. This app and the developers are very much appreciated! you guys are awesome thank you! ****The fax went right through immediately! I got confirmation that it was sent right away. I just now another confirmation notification that it was received on their end. You guys are the best thank you again so much!
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6 months ago, Wrestling momma2
Affordable fax machine at your fingertips!
Definitely hassle free! Fast and easy to use also convenient! There’s only 1 thing either I don’t know how to do it, or there’s no way to send a cover page. Fingers crossed they get to the social security office and to the right person. We shall see! Other than that it’s definitely worth the cost especially for some of us that fax often.
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6 years ago, Jermiahsmom
Got the job done but canceling was a pain!
I downloaded the app because I needed to send a fax quickly and had no access to fax machine. It’s something that works quickly and it got the job done. However I couldn’t send the fax without adding subscription. Canceling the subscription was more of a hassle than downloading the app or uploading the content that I need to fax. The application does not show you or provide you with any information as to how to cancel the basically mandatory subscription. Honestly if I had not read a previous review I would have not known how to cancel. They should definitely provide their customers with such information. If you’re going to cancel your subscription you HAVE to log onto your iTunes on your computer, then go to your subscriptions, select manage subscriptions and then cancel. For those reasons I am giving you a 3 star review
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3 years ago, BabyJackJacksMama
So Easy
I just sent my first fax it was easy super fast however it didn’t tell me what it would cost I’m assuming the first one was free because I don’t see any charges I didn’t have to give any credit card information I didn’t have to sign anything. It would help if a payment instructions for a little clearer I’d be more apt to purchase a subscription but in a pinch this was great!
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1 year ago, Carbon_pressure
Very convenient
I don’t own a fax machine, heck, I don’t know anybody that owns a personal fax machine. However, the ingenuity of this app allows people who don’t frequently need to fax items do so from their phone and with a free trial. I needed this app for identity verification for a credit card. I appreciate that you can track the status of the document to confirm the recipient has received it just like a regular fax machine.
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11 months ago, Scarlet727
You can’t cancel!!
I signed up for the app after reading the reviews about how impossible it is to cancel, but I thought surely they were exaggerating. I’m intelligent, I can figure it out. I only needed to send one fax. And I thought I could do that and cancel within the time frame allowed. This is literally the only time I have sent a Fax in the past 10 years. Well guess what! They weren’t exaggerating! Don’t do it! I still haven’t figured out how to cancel it, and I even emailed them for help. They just directed me to a video that explains how to cancel subscriptions. I already knew how to do that. But it doesn’t work for theirs!!
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