FC BigRoad ELD

3.8 (2.5K)
40 MB
Age rating
Current version
Complete Innovations Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FC BigRoad ELD

3.78 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Rudy@Holtz
When it works it is great. When there is no connectivity it could get you in trouble.
I would give this up at five if it would stay connected 100% of the time. The problem is is that every time I stop driving or park my truck the app indicates that there is driving time which is unassigned. This has become a problem and has resulted in me driving past my 14 hours and driving past eight hours without a break. I would like to totally rely on this app but at this point I feel that in order to avoid getting an HOS violation I will need to set up a separate alarm for my driving times. It would be really nice to be able to rely on the timer on the BigRoad ELD app. I have had to call the customer service number several times in the last year and give them five stars as they are very helpful and patient and always were able to assist me To my satisfaction.
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2 years ago, AntMnd
Nice interface
I paid for a full year then I sold my truck three months in and bought a ELD exempt truck. I tried for almost three months to get in touch with someone to change my account type and just credit my new account. I never received a credit or refund towards my other account where I was only using BigRoad as a electronic paper log. You can never get any sales person or customer service person to call you back or pickup the phone. I would never recommend Fleet complete anymore and I thought that Keep-trucking was bad. I do like the interface and how easy it is to use. The sales department never call you back most of the time it takes two months to get anyone. The tech support department is the best part off the the company. The freight app needs work especially when it comes to uploading documents even with the current update. Their quality and customer service has fallen off tremendously! They are a hassle to deal with right now the only way you can get a quote is by calling someone which is ridiculous I would like to see prices for their applications or equipment placed on their website. I paid for a year then three months later canceled the lease on my truck tried to transfer my services to the new truck and they wouldn’t give me credit. I was left with holding the bag on nine months of unusable service because my new truck was eld exempt.
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4 years ago, Truckin Cowboys
Big Road Equipment and Service
I searched high & low before the ELD became mandatory so I could use the AOBRD. Every company had so much BS added into their packages that I did not want. I could care less how much idle time my truck had on a 10 degree night or a hard braking event due to a herd of elk on the highway. I keep up with my trucks, I know where they are and when they load. I understand the needs of the large fleet but that’s not for me. I ran into the Big Road boys a few years ago in Dallas Texas at the truck Show. They were great to work with and gave me 1 year free trial with the electronic version so I could get my feet wet. It was great, all I wanted was the log book although they offered more in-depth versions. Their ELD is simple, it’s easy for a non-tech guy like me and their tech help is great and always available. Big Road is the most simple subscription I found. I didn’t even need to buy hardware, it works on your phone or I-pad. Have an Apple or Samsung, your ready to download, no other equipment necessary except for the computer plug in. Other company’s wanted me to purchase their monitors. Big Road is here to stay, so far after 3 years I rate them a 12 on a 10 scale and the unit subscription cost per day is the cheapest on the market. Thank you Big Road.
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3 years ago, Harleychikka
Issues all the time, customer support is terrible
Will jump to on duty/off duty/ driving or whatever on its own and you won’t know til you look close. Has showed the wrong location a couple times. When you call customer service first of all you listen to this extended recording that has nothing to do with your issue and then you sit on hold forever with terrible screechy elevator music hurting your ears if you wear a Bluetooth headset. Then when you finally get a person they don’t have a clue what they’re doing and blame it on you and your device. All that being said, we hear from other people that most the other elog companies are the same way. So we stay here because they’re cheaper than most for the junk that works if it feel like it. Thanks to the government for knowing how to operate a commercial vehicle better than a trained professional. Not. Amazing how fast they respond to a bad review. Too bad they don’t respond to issues. They don’t give ticket numbers for most issues, they blow us off. Also, since a good share of your customers are in the US, get customer service people that speak understandable English! Nothings changed after 2 years. Still does what it wants when it wants.
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5 years ago, jmonroe388
Frustrating glitch
Update: Losing another star. Update still has same glitch plus more. Mainly the app crashing and freezing. I won’t even fall for call us again because they truly don’t care. I’m calling keep trucking now. They seem to have happy customers. I have been a BigRoad user since before dash link was even available. The UI is the best out there. It loses stars only because of one major glitch. 2-3 times a week when I start my truck it changes to driving then immediately to on duty so it starts my 14hr clock. When it does this it gives me a missing odometer error. Last update says it fixed this but it didn’t. I know from other reviews they’re going to tell me to call or email which I will not because I have several times in the past year and a half with no luck in fixing it. A couple of times I was told no one else is experiencing this and I’m doing something wrong. The only thing I’m doing is starting my truck. If this problem is ever resolved they’ll get 5 stars. Everything is 5 star review ready but this glitch is a huge one. It can be avoided, I have discovered by signing out of the app when you start the truck every time then signing back in before you take off but that is a bandaid fix and shouldn’t be required.
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4 years ago, Peacable1
Can’t trust this app
I signed out 4 days ago with no violations. I logged back in yesterday, again with no violations. I get to my destination tonight and suddenly every day last week shows a violation. It tells me I drove over 8 hours without my half hour break. It tells me I drove after my 24 hours. None of which are accurate!! All you have to do is look at the graph and entry’s and you know that is incorrect. I arrived to my destination a month ago just under my legal time by 4 minutes. When I parked it and tried to change my duty status to off duty it suddenly said I had 5 minutes of unassigned drive time which then put me in violation. It is unreliable and will someday cost me a ticket even though I’m in compliance!!!!!!!!! 😡 Addendum- don’t waste time calling. They won’t correct the violations they caused. The app sent me off my breaks and rest early. This puts me at risk and they caused me to violate the hours of service even if only by seconds. It makes no sense to me that they would change their way of counting the minutes and applying it retro. It should have just been applied going forward. Their new solution is to wait for one minute after the app clears your break or rest before driving. In other words DONT TRUST THIS APP!
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3 years ago, AcmeTruck1
Do your homework and find a better ELD app
Sadly I wish my review of Big Road would be better than what it is. I have had very few issues and had decent customer service but after the app update of June 17th I wish I had a different app to use for my ELD! Before when new updates came out and issues came up customer service was great in helping getting the issue resolved. The update on June 17th sent everything the opposite direction. I have ensured my app is up to date as well as my IOS and I am still having issues. Contact customer support and I get nothing in reply other than my issue has been solved. The app seems to think I drive twice as far as I do everyday because it asks me to update my mileage and when I do it adds it to the mileage already driven. A fellow coworker has been without and ELD for almost 2 months now because his device isn’t communicating with his phone. He can’t even get customer service to call him back, he only gets emails saying the problem has been solved. Wish this wasn’t the case but it is. Look for a different provider until you see reviews showing app updates and customer support improvements!
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6 years ago, riback1
Just ok
App removes your signature all the time then automatically drops you into on duty when you're not on duty then you're in violation the location marked is wrong at times I know the app uses google maps so unless Melvindale Mi moved to delta township Ohio something is certainly wrong Melvindale is nowhere near OH The app will give a violation warning for can't modify logs talked to big road about it and they're aware of that bug and are working a fix for it that was a year ago. There are times where it just stops working altogether not just with my truck but other trucks. When I mean stop working or will show you stop in Fort Wayne IN and your 6 hrs away and have been on duty the whole time. Won't record drive time at the time you mark on break it shows on break So you go to leave and guess what app takes your break away and now you're in violation and yes it was clearly marked and saved on the log. So clearly have some issues with this app that need to be fixed because if I get a ticket from dot because this app has a mind of its own I will be pist
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6 years ago, Alstang1
It simply works.... period
You don’t have to worry about the complicated loop holes to gain those few extra hours. This program knows the rules, and allows you to squeeze the most out of the law, while still staying compliant. I’m a Texas driver where you are still allowed to gain time over the standard 15 hour day. This program allows for that and does it with ease. No more 15 minute intervals. This program logs your activity down to the second. If you stop at 2:07 pm, that is exactly what it will read. No more bumping it up to 2:15 to make the graph work correctly. It even allows for yard move and personal conveyance without charging drive time. It has thought of everything. Great work guys. Using the “AOBRD” version, you can edit in time for on duty or sleeper birth, that you may have forgotten to previously add. This is a very helpful feature. It does not allow you to modify any drive time, which makes it DOT compliant, and the troopers really seem to favor this program over other options. I have been in touch with the developer team via Facebook Messenger. They were very open to communication, and said they would look into implementing my suggestions. I’ve used a lot of log book app’s, and I have not found one more accurate and driver friendly than Big Road. Get it today and use it for your ELD mandate. Al Supak
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6 years ago, haulin sticks
Always room for improvement
I had to switch ELD providers for my small fleet after our current one gave us notice they were going out of business. A friend who had used Big Road with his employer recommended it I decided to give it a try as I didn’t have a lot of options I had knowledge about. So far I am impressed and very happy with the service. Still learning all it’s features and a little difficult for one of my drivers not so tech savvy but he’s getting it. Would like to see it save the password so I don’t have to type it in all the time when logging in (already have enough passwords to remember) and it needs more then 5 seconds before auto changing status. We have a lot of construction going on and it keeps putting me on duty not driving every time the Flagler stops us. I wish it would verify before changing automatically. What does it do in city driving?
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5 years ago, brandonjperkins
Starting to get frustrated
I’ve been using big road for about 5 years now, and up until recently, I’ve been pretty happy. In the recent months, there has been some updates with IOS, and for some reason, it caused my app to crash, multiple times an hour, putting me on duty, then back to driving, thus making my log book look like a preschooler art project, I contacted tech support and explained the issues I was having and was told to try uninstalling the app and download again. I tried that multiple times before I call and was told to try again. I did as instructed and the program still keeps crashing. I’ve called multiple times since and haven’t been able to resolve the issues. I’ve tried contacting my fleet manager multiple times and haven’t been able to speak with anybody, I’ve left voicemails and no response. I’m not really sure what steps to take at this point, but if the problem doesn’t get resolved, I will have no choice but to take my business elsewhere. I’ve been very happy with bigroad and I hope to continue to be a customer if they can get this fixed.
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3 years ago, K-MacNOLA
Been nothing but trouble from the start!
From the very beginning I’ve had trouble with this app. There is some sort of bug that won’t allow you to put notes in ex: stopped for fuel. I’d start typing and before I can complete the sentence it deletes it! I’ve been able to just deal with it up to this point. Now I just went from Hoover, AL to Oklahoma City and the time zone switches from eastern to central in between those locations. I got to my destination with 2 mins of drive time left. Did my 15 min post trip inspection, tried to edit notes for my fuel stops to which it wouldn’t let me. I decided to skip calling them and just un install the app and re download it after my trip when I couldn’t add notes. When I signed back in it tells me that I’m in violation due to driving past my time! It’s saying my off duty time was 22:22 (it was actually 21:22) and therefore put me in violation! Right this second it is 22:09 as I’m finishing my review. Clearly I was not in violation! NOT HAPPY!
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6 years ago, SuperiorBlueHD
Not great, but not bad either
Been using this for over a year. It’s definitely intuitive and easy to use. Slight learning curve to maximize your time. But overall easy to navigate. My only grip is accessing the log for the day I’m on. Most of my week consists of several short hauls and I have a billion BOL#’s to put in. You used to be able to hit “view log” and it would jump to that day’s activity. Now you have to hit “view log” then tap the day. I understood why they changed it months ago. But, for me it makes it just a tad less convenient when I get 6+ hauls in a day. I preferred it more when you had to do the extra presses to view previous days. Would be nice if you could do either one based on your preference. Sometimes it loses Bluetooth signal to the AOBRD device randomly and won’t log drive time. Usually comes back or you have to toggle your phone’s Bluetooth.
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2 years ago, Stix&Stoned
Mind of it’s own
This ELD keeps you in “off duty” status, unless you select another status while in the drop down window. This can set you up for failure. When changing status, pay close attention to the line bar status which drops down when touching the hours of service button, you will have to re-select the status you prefer, once box drops and select your status again, then add your notes or location, blah, blah, touch save. To me, it’s sets you up thinking you just selected that status, but your. Line bar will indicate “off duty’, not the status you choose. you’ll be editing logs constantly. Otherwise, it has nice screen layout, easy to use, great map on screen which switches between satellite, day/night modes.
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3 years ago, kikele2510
A nightmare app for driving
You are driving and the app jump to on duty by itself. You realize at the end of the day, of course, by mistake allow me to drive more than 11 hours, but at the end of your shifts: the app updates and recognizes you drove more than 11 hours. Thanks to this horrible app and terrible service DOT stop me and got violations on my record. SECOND PART: when you call costumer services( around 40 minutes) they blame on you saying you unplug the device, or blame if you are using the Bluetooth of the car audio or earphones. I stopped using this devices and problem still. So when I did last call the agent said: you should move from IOS to ANDROIDE, we having issues with iPhone. They lost your location frequently. Honestly, I lost my money because I paid the year in full, but I move to KEEP TRUCKING( more expensive) but I am so happy. Now I have a app controlling my job, no when I had BIG ROAD, that I had to checking the app all the times
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6 years ago, Tazworld
Goes Beyond Total Garbage
This has become the Worst Software i have ever had to use for logs. As of today it updated all by itself an wiped out all my logs for the past two weeks. This is the final straw for me an im pushing my company to switch to another program for logging. There so called cust "non support" is just that. Days without return calls or e mails that go un answered. They rushed this crappy app to market just to cash in on the mandate. Congrats another customer lost due to your lack of support. Will look into KT an Rand they have real customer support an try to fix issues not hide them an blame the user!!!!! I recommend you look elsewhere for Elog software and devices. There's is total crap an the DOT has even told me this during random checks. As soon as they ask what software we run and I tell them they just shake there head an Say I don't even want to see your logs. That software is nothing but a headache for drivers an us.. Wow that makes me want to ask how did they ever get approved for use...
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5 years ago, TruckingDad
Love(ed) it
They had it about perfect. But the last iso update and BigRoad update don’t seem to work well together. You would think that BigRoad knew about the iso update and would have had the bugs worked out before the launch. My phone keeps dropping the connection to the truck if it goes to sleep or anything else other than the BigRoad app is pulled up. Then it goes to unassigned driving. Or worse it goes on duty not driving but continues to log miles. On the positive side. Very easy to install, very easy to navigate, very user friendly. And when it’s working well it’s the best elog I have used. During my last dot inspection (today) the officer even commented how easy it was to find what he was looking for. Just get these new bugs worked out please.
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6 years ago, lennybrad
Great Lakes Tucking (owner)
I’m not sure about any other ELD but this one i will not be renewing. You can’t edit or change when vehicle is in motion. You can’t make it go to drive or take it off drive because the software locks you out. Very unfair. You are locked out of drive editing all of the time. Several times the software hasn’t recognized when I’m driving or when I’m off duty. Support is HORRIBLE!!!! Good luck trying to get anyone to return your calls or even answer questions. The software will not allow you to access any editing regarding drive time anytime regardless if your diving or not. Many times I’ll be driving and it will stay on duty. Can’t change it so now I’m considered being dishonest with my logs because the software has a glitch. Don’t waste your time or your money with this system. It WILL get you aggravated and most likely in trouble. I’m considering hiring an attorney to get my money back. Not happy at all! If I could I wouldn’t give this any stars for a rating
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1 year ago, oXking62
Needs some major updates
When me and my boss go to start out the day it will not knowledge the area we are in. We have to manually enter the town in a good chunk of the days we work. Noticed that when you end your day and park for your ten hours when we do get it to put the town it ends up not being the same town as when we ended like I will end in Louisville, Ky and in the morning when it does show town it will say a different town It will not show Louisville, Ky and it takes to long to switch duty status when we get parked. The other thing is it will ask me to review the app while I am driving when I am locked out of the app during drive time. Another thing it does is signs me out of the app and refuses to let me even get to the sign in screen. I have to delete the app almost three times a week just to be able to log into the app.
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6 years ago, Dropped app
There are to many interruption in this application. The application is using time by the second instead of quarters. All log books are build in 15 minuets increments, for example 15= .25, 30 minuets = .5 and 45 minuets = .75 Four of those quarters = one hour (4 .15= 4 quarters) = one hours and so on... Also drivers are expressing drop connection and back logs being changed when they where off duty all day.. the application may not be ready for charter companies that uses SPAB hourly set ups... (15 hr. 16hr Duty status) Adding, Technology has been around for sometime now and people can learn new things if they’re taught well, nevertheless the old-school of doing logbooks in 15 minute increments seem to been the best for some time in years. Any time between quarters can be a line down in that area of the notes. The time between 1/4 to the next quarter‘s should move to the 1/4. <> Systems that are built differently seem to always have a outcome to put a end to companies succeeding
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5 years ago, blue tick willyg
Big road app
I love this app it’s super easy to use and very reliable and this way I don’t have to keep track of my mileage and or my hours of service between on-duty off-duty and driving time because it does it all for me which is amazing I have been using the free version for two years it’s absolutely amazing it never sends you ads or tries to get you to buy the upgrade version This app is the best thing since sliced bread it is very user-friendly strongly recommend it most the time if you get pulled over and they want to see your logbook you hand them your phone and tell them it’s on an app and they don’t mention anything else about it and don’t check your logs so that’s a plus as well
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6 years ago, Cowboy8541
Pretty good app
Overall the app is easy to use and understand. The 3 main issues I have is when I’m driving at night I have to shut off my iPad because, even though it’s running Google Maps” it doesn’t auto dim like Google Maps and there is no manual way to dim the map. I can’t drive down the road with this 10.5 inch screen lighting up the interior. My 2nd complaint would be the app loses where it or we are and the map goes blank and won’t fill in the location. I have to log out of the app then restart my iPad before it will work again. And lastly I don’t know if it’s the plugin OBD-II Module or the app itself but when I come to a stop it won’t show driving when I take off. My dispatcher has to finally put me in “Stand Alone” mode.
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6 years ago, ynotjf
Works GREAT!
I use this app as a stand alone not connected to the Truck ELD and it works great as an electronic logbook. I even disable the automatic status feature so I have to push the button manually to change status. You have complete control over the log entries and can change and add duty status anytime until you certify the log. It allows you to makes notes along with every duty status which is a really nice feature. If I could change one thing it would be to allow the user to select the default duty status with note (which is by default Off-Duty), I’d like it On-Duty by default which would save a few key strokes. Great App, easy to use, keeps the data indefinitely, Inspection friendly, what’s not to like..
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3 years ago, unsatisified 999987
Inferior product, worse customer service!
Log is constantly having issues, unable to determine your location and prevents you from changing status without the location that it cannot find. Will kick you from Off Duty Driving or Yard Move to Driving while you are moving. Customer service is horrible, long wait times and non-native English speaking reps. Their solution to everything is either “log out, uninstall, reinstall and log back in” or “we will send you a new transponder”. In three years, hand had to change transponders four times! Logs have not been working properly for about a month now, their solution once again was “ we will send you a new transponder” that was four or five weeks ago, still nothing. I’m done, moving to another eLog at the end of June. Seriously, don’t waste your time or support this cr@ppy company!
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2 years ago, Steve Battista
Big Road app review
Good customer service calls, very nice folks to talk about issues. I’ve had a few problems with the app and other Bluetooth accessories fighting for connectivity. Also when I stop in a zone of low phone service I loose ability to switch duty status. Most of the time the log catches up, but there are times I loose drive time due to this problem. Many of our customers have large facilities where we move to several locations to unload and reload, so the loss of yard move feature can cost you some drive time. I also would like the map to be usable to plan a route. Thanks, Steve
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3 years ago, oshevjo
I can’t give less than one star on this rating but I assure you it is definitely less than one star. For almost a week now the connection has been shifty. It’s not updating location , and not allowing me to input location nor is it allowing me to input a description for the stop. The app also switches from my truck to no truck on its own which is a pain in the a, but that’s not even why I would rate them less than a star ( -3 stars to be exact) . I know technology is hit or miss . I would rate them that low because I have followed the instructions and still have not found a remedy and have been trying to call them since Thursday ( today is now Wednesday) and haven’t been able to reach anyone , and in my book a companies customer service is a direct reflection of them and their product.
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6 years ago, farmboy1862
Updates updates updates
I haven’t experienced any major problems with the Dashlink since installing it in my 2005 international. A couple of glitches from loss of internet connection. But I blame that on my carrier. I know of a few that have went a different road on the ELD and have had all kind of problems. I’m sticking with Big road, because I can switch from our 93 truck and go manual, back to my Dashlink equipped truck with no problem all in the same day. Keep up the good work and the only thing I would change is when you add a Duty status, GPS will not automatically add your location. It had to be done manually.
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5 years ago, Msal93
I would give this zero stars if I could
From a fleet owner prospective and driver this service and hardware is nothing short of AWEFUL! How in the world am I or my drivers supposed to stay compliant? - The dash link device never connects on the first try or takes upwards of 25 min. to retrieve data or require multiple tractor restarts to reset device - Customer service is virtually non-existent. When I go to call, I expect an English speaking representative to answer the phone. - Regarding team operations, how is it legal or possible for two drivers to be driving the same unit at the same time. We’ve tried having one driver completely log out to prevent this to no avail. This is such a common problem, and one that a safety manager can’t correct without phone calls then being told to bad we can’t fix it either that we are resorting to starting migration to another provider across the entire fleet! -IFTA tracking is a complete joke and very inaccurate due to the device losing location data constantly All in all, by the end of the month we will have migrated to either keep trucking or Omnitracs due to big roads total failure to resolve the problems from all ends over a total of a year. Compliance is more important to some of us then a pretty “useless” platform
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1 year ago, GravyTrain87
It keeps getting worse and worse!!!!
They’ve now taken away our ability to make any edits if the vehicle even gets rocked by the wind. God forbid that we actually be able to do our jobs in a reasonable manner. Any motion whatsoever and it locks you out. Section 390.5 of the FMCSA law book allows us full access to manipulate our ELD while driving. But as if the FMCSA wasn’t already overbearing enough, apparently Big Road Inc knows better than the FMCSA. But to make it even WORSE, they took away the ability to see traffic conditions on the map on night mode! Instead of having the satellite option to dim the screen at night and be able to see traffic conditions, now I have to run a second app to see that which means I have to switch back and forth between my map and my ELD. Makes a whole lot of sense. NOT!
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1 year ago, Milliken350
Good app
Overall my experience has been great. Easy to use simple and on point . My only issue is that now that I switched trucks I have been having issues with it picking up gps locations, or accurately displaying drive time when unassigned driving is needing to be claimed. Couldn’t fix the accidental 19 mins over my eleven hours because of it. But seriously a good app other than the small issue. Would love to see a recap circle like the available times to drive on duty and overall 70
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4 years ago, son of a trucker
Big Road Referral.
Our small company has been using Big Road for over 8 years. I’ve never had any problems and DOT has looked at my logs many times, lol. I recommend this program to many truckers over the years and everyone has had positive feed back. I do have one problem with the program. Recently I’ve noticed they have added a additional seconds clock. Why the heck did you do this. NO ONE SAYS ITS 12:38:35. It’s 12:38. If you insist on adding this extra un needed time on the clock at least make it so we can edit it or leave it off. Thanks. Sincerely a devoted Big Road User. Love the program. Thanks
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3 years ago, Ghhuytff212
Fix the syncing issues!
The syncing issues is unacceptable and it has been going on for so long. The app does not track my personal conveyance properly sometimes while I’m doing my 10hr reset and then about an hour or two after I start regular on duty driving it randomly switches my personal conveyance from before to on duty driving which causes my 11hr and 14hr clock to go to 0:00 and it thinks I never completed my 10hr reset and says I violated the 11hr and 14hr rule. Even when editing the logs back to off duty driving it still switches the personal conveyance back to on duty. This isn’t good and it can give someone a huge ticket from DOT! Fix this please. Along with that, the app still randomly disconnects from the dash link and you constantly have to claim unassigned drive time
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6 years ago, CstrifeH
Worse elog ever
I have had nothing but problems it has created violations after violations on my logs constantly calling support about issues. I took a 30 minute break in cline texas and four days after closing the log out he changed my log and gave me a violation when there was no violation when i signed my log it also stated that i took my thirty minute break in another state and started driving in the state i was in really also likes to mark me on duty an hour into driving and show that i drove for so much time only on on duty and so when i close out my log for the day it will show that i drove 680 miles in 6 hours worse company they do not have a good system and is not worth the money i have to go paper log to because of big roads now cause i cant trust it to keep my out of violations
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2 years ago, Essamir
Customer support and automatic duty status
Customer support waiting times are way too long approximately 30-45 minutes. Automatic duty status working erratically, specially when coming in/out of cellular service it will switch from Off duty driving to On duty driving. I called about this issue and the representative alternative was to switch data provider, (I have AT&T) not sure why he would suggest to switch out from BigRoads parent company. With the new regulations about editing logs, automatic duty status changing duty statuses on its own has made it an inconvenience rather than a good feature. It’s a good ELD for the price, but on recent years the overall quality has decreased.
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3 years ago, lui199573
Cruz hauling llc
This is a pretty basic eld it works off your phone and have not had any inconvenience with this set up at all . I highly recommend this app and eld .I was going to go with keep trucking but it was insanely high on cancelation fees and all that stuff so I went with this eld and couldn’t be happier !!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🙌🏽 and of course it has its little glitches but nothing that I couldn’t fix myself I had ordered the set up for my truck and got the wrong plug 1day later I got the right plug and ever since no real hassle 🙏🏼
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6 years ago, Tjbaetz
I like to setup. But there are problems with system. 1. You can’t move over 3mph w/o it going into drive mode. So always got to remember to do yard move. I’ve forgotten several times and did false start. Which sets your 14 clock. Which I didn’t want to do. Oh well it’s programmed a little weird. 2. When doing updates. Be warned it won’t function after that. I’ve had the worst time with it after update. And try getting ahold of customer service is a joke. 3. The one way I found for it to work witness is put it in personal conveyance it with go when you go and stop when you stop. You can change it to driveline afterwards.
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6 years ago, Dannyz32
DONT UPDATE! Better yet chose another app
Well sad to say, Big road has finally caved in. No more past due status adjustment!! This was the best app before this last update, I was able to fix simple driver error, now all you can do is insert the upcoming status. And now they require certification time location and date of when I last sign the log. It's one thing to keep up with ELD mandate, but it is another to adjust to the government's policy just because they are paying you to do so! I will now be selecting another app and ELD company overall. If you guys want to keep your customers happy, delete this version and get us back to the old one. Customer service has been terrible lately. Not answering my phone calls, putting me on hold for ridiculous time frames., after I purchased over 15 devices for my fleet, December 17, they updated their system to where we no longer can add any past status claiming that they can't do anything about it but Comply with mandate rules. Thank you big road for snipping our last string of hope towards somewhat normal operation of this business!
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4 years ago, jbr2343
Worst trucking app ever
I have to use this per the company I work for. The updates don’t do anything to fix the long term issues of not detecting when your driving and syncing it with your phone so every day I have to go back and review everything because it doesn’t do it like it should, not saving your inspection logs, not logging locations, ever, giving you a warning if you haven’t drove yet while doing a pre trip. It has gotten worse with every update. And there was just another update. Great, Let’s see what else is broken. Why would it matter if my phone is plugged into a charger? No other Bluetooth program asks for this. Oh I just updated it and go back to the screen in the App Store and it wants me to update it again.
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5 years ago, sgtstv
Stopped tracking IFTA
I’ve been running this app for almost four years and never had a problem until two weeks ago. They came out with an update that turned off background location tracking. That means that if you get a phone call or push the app to the background to use your maps, it will not track your mileage until you put it in the front on your device. I now have two weeks that my IFTA information is nonexistent. If I could give them a negative five stars I would. All I got from customer service was you never should have used our app in the background anyway. Bottom line, use KeepTruckin. They are a little more than twice the price, but BigRoad is twice as useless as an ulcer.
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3 years ago, Sugarbear42
Jim Bauman (Kirplopus)
We’re a team. Issue happened years ago, where BigR showed both of us driving (simultaneously). This cause quarterly fuel tax report hassle, as these errors get counted as “unknown” driving. Now, this quarter, same old issue, again. I’m quitting BigRoad and trying Keep Truckin. Also BR sometimes shows “driving” just due to starting the engine to run A.C. Ridiculous. I’ve suggested a solid connection vs blue toothe; but BR tech’s are too stupid to take the advice. Bye BigRoad (after 7 years as customer). Perhaps we’ll be back? But you’ve forced us to hate your app and try KeepT. -James Bauman (Kirplopus) Charlotte, NC
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10 months ago, harmlessserpent
Please fix the bugs with split sleeper berth
App will absolutely not correctly calculate split sleeper berth. I’m back to manually keeping a logbook to figure out how many hours I have available. Pretty sure I messed up tonight. So now I have a violation. App should do it for me and tell me I can drive for so long, but last time I tried the split sleeper button bugged out and didn’t give me an option and tonight the button never even showed up. I spent an hour last time on the phone with customer service and in the end they told me to just ignore it, figure my hours manually and move in with life. Seems like an app that had to get certified should actually work for once.
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3 years ago, Spiderman3K
Truck Driver
I like this app even though I dislike eld. An excellent improvement would be to click on a tab or link to go to manual logs. If the tab doesn’t work because there’s a major issue with BigRoad, the use of a link or another app that can be linked to BigRoad so there would be no need to use paper logs. We can have them just collect dust unless there’s a problem with the device(s) used for eld logging. These are the main reasons for not receiving five stars!
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1 year ago, Another violation
Hardly ever works right
Works when it wants, does what it wants. The majority of the time it won’t stay connected to bluetooth which causes issues if you’re not babysitting it to see that it’s not in the correct duty status, which if you get pulled in for log inspection, good luck!! BTW, it’s not your phone either, don’t listen to anyone claiming the eld doesn’t work properly because of your phone, i bought a new one. Same results. It’s just a poor (crap) system. I finally just manually change my duty status and babysit it, I keep track of miles because it doesn’t register miles driven on most days. It’s just junk that we’re paying for..
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2 years ago, Anveg4
There are better ones
I’ve used other e-log apps and this one is the worst. Very confusing to use. It does not allow to edit start and end times when trying to correct between off duty and on duty or other statuses that don’t include driving. When claiming a driving event, it will not give the option of claiming it as PC or yard mode, so if you’re making a delivery, or driving home, and are disconnected and try to claim a driving event, it will be automatically become driving status. Personally, I would change back to Keeptrucking but this is what my company uses.
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6 years ago, Fordtruckcs
Updates are making it worse
I’ve been using the app for years. I tried the dashlink and didn’t like it. I was going to keep it just in case but after your last update I’m done using the app. I’m a part time driver and I don’t need anyone seeing when I’m “certifying” my logs. Now you've changed that I can’t add future events. I understand that your updates are for the ELD mandate but like the ELD mandate it’s not one size fit all. There are plenty of other apps out there to use. And their customer service has gotten horrible. They don’t reply to support emails. Now trying to cancel my subscription, one online chat and two phone calls and I still don’t have it cancelled.
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3 years ago, rubvill
Owner operator
I started using BigRoad ap for almost two months to keep track on my logs, driving in order to comply with DOT regulations. It’s been very frustrating that not one day haven’t had issues with this ap. I’ve learned how to use it but it always displays wrong information about my status and locations. I’ve been through one inspection, the officer clearly saw the inaccuracies in the ap and was kind enough to understand that ap wasn’t working properly and he didn’t put me out of service. BigRoad haven’t read or recorded one day accurately since I started using it. Very Disappointed
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5 years ago, Ihor Lypchuk
For developers
Yard move in progress 5 miles some times don’t show on my screen , so I can’t turn it off if I need just 2-3miles use this option. After delete App and install again it’s work. This happens couple time per week. Second my problem with mileage calculations, some time your app calculate 3, 5... different GPS location and start again calculating. And the end of the day distance so different with my GPS or your Trip Sheet web application.
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4 years ago, KPetrella
Not working correctly
Since the update the app has stopped doing auto update of status. So unless you change duty status yourself your in violation. GPS location has also ceased to function. You have to enter location manually to be in compliance. And 3rd now it will not calculate time to break correctly If you go on duty then drive 4 hours it should be 4 hours until break But the app will tell you that you have 8 hours until break. When it goes back to a functioning app like it used to be I’ll give it 5 stars But now it’s only got a 2
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6 years ago, Eric’s MacBook
Keeps getting worse!!!
Key cycle from truck changes duty cycle from off duty or sleeper to driving. All support says is update app, sign out of app and sign in, disconnect and reconnect dash link with zero success. I keep tablet on Big Road, plugged into charger and it is not helping. Your support staff is unhelpful and the updates are making this condition worse. If I get audited by dot, they are going have a field day. I have so many edits from changed duty cycles during rest periods it’s unreal... Thanks for response but I’ve called support multiple times, to no avail I’ve not made any progress to solving problem. I will have to cancel subscription and move on to competitor!!!!!
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5 years ago, Moore584
Absolutely useless
Unable to edit log to correct ANY mistakes other than most recent duty status...... please correct this flaw. I can understand not being able to edit the drive line, but to not be able to put yourself on the drive line manually is ridiculous. This app wasn’t working properly and it put me on the on duty line while I was driving and I could not edit it latter to put myself on the drive line and when I tried to manually put myself on drive after I noticed it had stopped working it said can’t edit the drive line..... how absurd! Worst Elog ever! And where is the daily recap? Horrible design!
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