FedEx Mobile

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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FedEx Mobile

4.67 out of 5
349.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Hogwildthing Andy
Crappy delivery updates !
For the last several FEDEX deliveries to me , at the last minute on the projected delivery date , the FEDEX website will switch from the projected time and date to pending ! When accessing the automated FEDEX system or even speaking to a service representative, all you get is some obscure reply ! I’m a retired Postal Service maintenance technician and the USPS and UPS have far better updates and customer service results and responses ! I WILL NO LONGER make anymore online orders if the vendor is using FEDEX’s crappy delivery services ! I’m 67 years of age and fairly tolerant and understanding of changing delivery obstacles , but FEDEX has become consistently unreliable and for lack of a better term lousy and crappy delivery service !! This scathing review will not even faze or even shame FEDEX into improving their crappy delivery service to its customers !!! Hopefully and with any luck , FEDEX will start losing customers ! I’m willing to bet that I do not even receive an inquiry from FEDEX asking what they can do to constantly failing the customers !!!
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2 years ago, Skypanpan
No notifications and no communication at all
This isn’t the first time that this happened to me with FedEx. Before the shipment was even shipped, I requested all the notifications as much as possible so I can get the real time updated status even if home or not home. Turned out it doesn’t matter anyway. No notifications, no updates, and no communication at all. Just because the gate at my residence was closed (and the apartment staff is off work), doesn’t mean you cannot come in…? That was only around 5-6:00 PM, when in fact, I know that FedEx is always out of deliver until 9-10:00 PM. After the estimated day that my shipment was supposed to be delivered, I went back to check up on the app again, out of no where it says that “the delivery was unable to deliver” at 6 PM when at that time, I got NOTHING for the notifications. I’ve been home all day and I had no idea where my package was. The only thing it says on the tracking category was “out for deliver since 6:50 AM”. They could’ve have contacted or something in order to get inside and deliver some packages. Or at least if I get notified by a text right away because that was the option I chose to be notified if there’s an exception for a delivery, or there’s something happening and is unable to deliver. Again, like I said, NOTHING for the notifications, no updates at all, and no communication. And ALWAYS late/delay when it comes to deliver a shipment.
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4 months ago, HeidinKent
Not just the FedEx has lost it completely
So I have always shipped via UPS because more convenient and cheaper than shipping packages from post office. Then I heard FedEx is cheaper for packages. Really? Yes. And they are closer to me. So I set up an account with FedEx online with all my information and added address book for all ppl I ship packages to, like a handful. Then I went to previous kinkos that is now a FedEx store and the ppl who work there are losers, they could look up my account, great, but could not access any addresses in my address book because “privacy,” and I paid and they handed me a paper receipt, “your package will go out tomorrow, even though guy is picking up now, because you chose ground.” OK. I got no txt msg or email with tracking info and even though they used my account to ship, my account has no links to tracking number. I have to type in tracking number to FedEx tracking website. And they told me they won’t remember the address for next time. We will have to go through all this again. Now FedEx for a time led the world in package management efficiency and used to use the latest in technology, but in today’s world this app and their “accounts” are behind even the post office. Embarrassing. They can’t do anything that makes sense, is convenient, and saves time.
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5 years ago, Joulequeen
Disappointed is an understatement
I really wanted to like this app, but disappointed is an understatement! After missing a package I needed to sign for, I was livid, the driver was at my door according to my ring for 31 seconds, when I got to the door he was driving up the street! Guess what!? You can NEVER get a driver back. This was a critical delivery for that day, but the pickup location was in another city,in another state I might add and an hour away. You could at least have a facility in this city of a million people! So I decided to wait for delivery on the second attempt. I downloaded the app after the site implied for more details, get an account, get the app! Determined not to miss it, I fell for it and downloaded the app, BUT the information provided was exactly the same as just tracking the regular way. This “awesome” tracking app shows it left this morning at 4:30 am, it’s 1:25 pm and not ONE single update, I’ve used better tracking apps, what’s the point if the information isn’t even available? Useless waste of storage space on my phone, back to the cloud you go. FedEx, I hope you can get it together and join the gps world. I cant imagine you don’t gps your precious trucks on such a tight schedule that a package that needs signature gets a 31 second window to get to the door. Its 2019, you have the resources, make easy to track for real. Your customers deserve at least that.
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2 years ago, facebam
This “great” app that this company say’s is a joke. I waited for a week for this package to come in. They delivered one set package that I order with no signature required but when it came to my other one they needed a signature. I had to download this app so I can plan ahead on when the package can be here so I can sign it. But unfortunately every time when I ask for a update or a certain time they give me that date but then say at the end of that day. Unfortunately the app kept on saying package is pending but then says its in transit then says the other package is in one of their stores so now I have no clue which one is the right information. I call customer service to ask to hold my package there so I can have the ability to pick then up. He tells me that he put a hold on them and that you can pick it up. I go over to the location and they tell me that the packages have been sent so I go home and I get hit with that sorry we missed you sticker so I feel that I am in a wild goose chase. I call them the next day and one I could barley get a connection with the representative and two in order for me to hold them I would have to call the next day so they can call the location to hold it for me. Its already been 4 days for me not getting this package and this is truly unacceptable for a shipping company.
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3 years ago, Kiarstin
They Do not right their Wrongs‼️
I paid 30$ shipping for a very temperature + time sensitive very important package . They said they knocked but my dog didn’t even hear them knock and she hears a lint ball hit the floor!! I then get a message that they will resend it tomorrow, but by that time my product that I spent hundreds on + 30 to ship so this wouldn’t happen, will be ruined‼️I called and customer service said they fixed it and the driver would bring it back. He asked me to give a good review after the call + I did. Hours later I called and said where is it ? Oh sorry” they couldn’t bring it , it will be there tomorrow 🤬Again!! It will go bad by tomorrow!!They couldn’t find a driver from 10:21 am till now 3:00 pm to fix this ?and even now it’s only 3:00 pm .they said “well you can come pick it up if it’s going to be ruined by tomorrow, I say “ well since I’m disabled and without a car and am alone , that would be kind of impossible.. sorry nothing we can do . Then she asks me to do a customer service review at the end of the call !!🤨…sure” I’ll give a review while my product is at this moment going bad in the heat on a fedex Truck in melting Ice because of something that was NOT MY FAULT AND THEY REFUSED TO FIX THEIR WRONG. I AM SO UPSET .This product was supposed to help my nerve damage/ neuropathy..They Don’t Care …
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4 months ago, iAmKDK
Not showing/tracking any incoming packages
There hasn’t been any incoming packages showing up via the FedEx app in many weeks even though I receive a weekly package and only receive a email notifying me of the package. Sometimes it would randomly show an incoming package one time in a week, but then after it refreshed; it would disappear. This has become very annoying especially with how long it’s been going on. This should’ve been fixed by now and funny enough, there was a new update in the app that now lets you filter out what packages you want to see whether it’s ones “to me, from me, on the way, delivered, etc.” However, it still doesn’t show any packages at all even if you have one that applies to any of the filters. I’m not sure why they would add a new feature when they didn’t even fix a major problem especially one that makes that new feature useless. They added a new feature to better show you the packages you want to see, yet they didn’t fix the problem that has been not allowing people to see any packages. Major incompetence and they didn’t mention anything about this bug in their notes of the new update even though so many people have been expressing this same issue. FedEx, please fix the problem!
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1 year ago, 5kittles
Poor delivery service
I’m to the point that I will not purchase anything or from anyone whom using FedEx delivery! My deliveries are continuously delayed and pushed for days. I also am continually having deliveries dropped at the wrong location AND today I can not even located a package that was delivered yesterday! The service of photographing a picture of a package on a porch is completely useless. I can not even come close to figuring out what porch it was dropped of on. This is absolutely ridiculous. At the least they could drop it across from my mailbox, on a porch that is directly across the street from the mailboxes. At least I would have located it there. I’ve also had numerous packages dropped AT the mailbox along the road. And at the most bizarre locations, out in snow rain etc. This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional. I myself have been employed by a delivery service for 24 years and they most definitely frown upon this sort of work practice and ethic! You are suppose to provide a safe and secure service. I would have been fired and this lousy service still continues! Where is the accountability and repercussions for this. I’m thoroughly disgusted and now will call yet another company to tell them to change delivery service or lose customers!!
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3 months ago, pappasbike
Push Notifications Do Not Work
Updating my review. As below my packages even those that are out for delivery to me do not appear in the app. Only if I can find the actual tracking number and enter it can I see any information. But that entry does not get retained. I can get a text message update if I enter my phone number but no update from the app. Fortunately I have a 3rd party app that does send push updates once a tracking number is entered. This app is virtually useless to me. Previous review : Unless I log in to the app and select the package that is being shipped to me I get no notifications even though I had previously set a general push notification for all such packages. I have to manually add the settings for each package. I do get text notifications once I manually add my number but no app push notifications. Also once notifications were set for the shipment there used to be a bell icon next to the package, now no such indication is shown so you really never know whether the notification status was actually set for that package. Prior to a recent update this worked much better but not as good as other comparable apps.
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2 years ago, sarahmahammad
FedEx, A NAME I TRUST⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love, respect and TRUST FedEx services. Always keeps me up to date to easily track my packages and delivery status (speaking for myself) FedEx is always on time if is not ahead of the scheduled delivery timing if requested which I noticed and liked to share here. So far, nothing I've received via FedEx was ever damaged or lost and I’ve been using FedEx delivery services for three years now monthly, weekly and sometimes couple times a week. I am happy with the service I am provided and I am grateful for both FedEx International and FedEx US services. Thank YOU so much to all of YOU FedEx family, both home and abroad. I am forever grateful to you all, grateful for your care, your service and the respectful/kind communications of your employees whenever I have questions and call. I send you all forces of love and I pray Almighty Allah to always keep you healthy, blessed, safe and secure as you provide us great services. Amen. Thanks again🙏💝✊
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2 years ago, Z3Z38
FedEx is worse than the Pony Express
This company is hands down the worst shipping service ever conceptualized by man. Continues false delivery estimates even for time sensitive items or paying for expedited shipment. Don’t give me an estimate 4 days before you even come close to getting the package to the destination facility. The app doesn’t allow registration and neither does their website. This company requires signature on EVERYTHING. Do you expect people to sit at their front door from 8am-8pm for a package that never shows to sign for something?? Then when you try to release them from liability and pressing , or hold at a facility, this app and website craps out and is unable to confirm. To top it all off if you want to register to enable a feature which is ridiculous and no other shipping service requires, they have the audacity to MAIL you a parcel that will show in 3-5 days, which is already past the “3 attempts then return to sender rule” This company should be embarrassed that a start up book company was able to develop a shipping service that outmatches your entire business practice in a matter of years. I cannot believe companies still use this company to ship things they are asking for a customer service nightmare everytime they use it.
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6 months ago, Don’t use FedEx
THEY DONT TELL YOU THIS!!!! BUT LOCAL PICKUP IS SLOWER AND A WASTE OF TIME. IT TAKES 24-48 JUST TO CHANGE THE SHIPPING TITLE. (NO UPDATES, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO TRACKING, NO HELP!!!) I signed up for message and call updates on my package and I receive nothing. Once my package arrived, I was not there to sign for it since I had no notification from FedEx. I decided to call and see if there was a faster way such as picking it up from the shipping center. After I changed it to local pickup, I was told it would take 24 hours to process and I could get it that day or the next. Multiple calls later and I’m told I will get it by the end of the second day which does not happen. I was specifically told that I would be able to get it at the end of the day before close. So there I was, at the store expecting to get it and then they had to tell me it wasn’t there. They did nothing for me except tell me there’s nothing they could do and no one they could call but connect me to customer service which I had already called 8 times. Honestly don’t call customer service, they just repeat what the tracking website says or lie to your face. I WASTED 2 days trying to get this package and they’ve just left it sitting in a warehouse. Disappointed. Dissatisfied. Zero stars.
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2 years ago, imaginal
Nearly Unusable App
I can see tracking info on this app when I enter a tracking number. But that is as far as it goes. Any attempt to add or get further information (i.e., delivery instructions) is impossible. Attempts at logging in inevitably fail and so do attempts to reset my password. Using the email method, where I am supposed to be sent a link to reset the password are never received. I have tried this multiple time and different times of day. I have never received the expected email. No, it is not in my spam folder. The virtual assistant they offer is useless. Very frustrating. Update: I have been contact with an apology that there was a system problem which caused my issue. However, I have tried again to log in and change my password only to be disappointed again. As before, I never received the necessary email from them with a link to update my password. Another update: Months after writing the above review and then the first update, I am now writing another update. I have seen no improvement whatsoever to any part of my complaint. This app is useless to me. And even attempts to login directly via the web site has also failed and no texts, emails, or phone calls have reached me to update my login. Terrible.
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1 year ago, goodredman
It’s pretty good, but one improvement suggestion
I like the overall feel in usage. I think it’s actually a better app than the UPS has. I use a screen reader on my iPad. This is called VoiceOver. The suggestion is you have your accessibility department or whomever in the tech department test the functionality and get them to use VoiceOver trying to use the app. You’ll find out certain areas like the package progress does not read. It will highlight with a black rectangle around The item. For example it puts a black frame around the different sections and then it reads them out loud. This is for those that are either dyslexic have a print disability or blind. In certain areas I guess it’s something to do with the coding for labeling voiceover is unable to read the package progress in certain areas sometimes it can’t even read details for how the packages. Your app is more accessible than a UPS version. It’s just there’s still areas that need improvement. Hopefully you’ll get this and can make the changes many thanks keep up the great work!
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3 years ago, Wrong Address Lady
Delivered to the WRONG Address Again!
This is the second time my package from Fedex has been delivered to the wrong address. You all are the ONLY carrier that does this! Even after calling in to verify my address with your call center you all still deliver it to the wrong place. My package was ripped open and left on the ground next to the mail box. If it wasn’t for our mail carrier I would have never received my package. You must pay attention to the street address. I live on Piney Branch Dr NOT Piney Branch Lane, which is were you continue to deliver my packages. The second time I went to the wrong address just to retrieve my package that you all once again left. I have a business account with Fedex that I will most likely cancel in the New Year because of the careless your company continues to display. These were Christmas gifts of which I would have had NO time to replace if actually lost. Even after speaking with your call center and filing two complaints you have continued to deliver to the wrong address! And even when you try and blame the driver for possibly being new, still it is your responsibility to ensure they read and have accuracy before they even drive a delivery truck. Attention to detail is key to any position, of which your drivers seem to lack!!!
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2 years ago, Nickname 1 Nickname 2
I cannot describe how deeply I hate FedEx. Every single year during this time of the year, I have to investigate like I’m a detective to find my packages. This morning, I started receiving “out for delivery” text messages from FedEx at 5:28 am. So I sat at home ALL DAY waiting for the delivery so that I could get on the road and travel for the Thanksgiving holiday without leaving my valuables on my doorstep. Finally, around 2:30 pm, I checked the application to see what was happening because FedEx typically delivers in my neighborhood around 10:30 am. There’s a “delivery exception” with a note that stated that they “attempted delivery at 1:56 pm”. I called the customer service line and had to fight with the automated system to get to a human on the line. The guy tells me that no, nobody actually attempted delivery. He said your packages were actually loaded onto a truck that nobody drove today 😂. I said but wait! The application said they attempted delivery’ he says yeeeah that’s not true. I said bruh! I got to get on the highway and travel for the holiday and you’re telling me I have wasted hours and hours waiting for a package that won’t be delivered until Friday?! He said yes, please go on your trip. I haaaaaaaate FedEx! 14 hours of travel time wasted
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2 years ago, Salty69
FedEx refuses to do their job
This app failed to provide pertinent information regarding my delivery. Was slow to update and I experienced the following issue from the company. My Package was out for delivery today and I waited at home. At 1pm I received a notification online stating “Operational delay” and delivery updated to tomorrow. I contacted customer service who told me it was due to the volume of packages they were processing which is understandable except it was already on a truck out for delivery and it was only 1pm. No attempt at delivery was made. They outright refused to provide me a case number and refused to escalate me to a supervisor. They also refused to change delivery option to a FedEx location I could pick up from and refused to prep my package for pick up at their distribution center. I told them I will go where ever I needed to to get my package since they were unwilling to deliver it to me. They told me that was impossible… they refused to deliver my package, refused to allow me to retrieve it, refused to acknowledge the absurdity of the excuses they were giving me and then refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. I’ll be filing anything I can against this company and I suggest everyone else do the same. Good luck.
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4 months ago, eastofkansas
Not available in the U.S.
I downloaded because the site wasn’t functioning either. Door tag search told me that I didn’t have a door tag (like the one in my hand that I had just scanned), so I should go to the app. The App failed to open with a pop up that said “This app does is not available for use in your territory or country.” I live in the far flung territory of the midwestern United States. In a city with several FedEx depots … How does one communicate with these people. The driver also failed to leave. Message or indication of anything — least of all a tracking number — on my door tag. I signed it and stuck it back on the door, but I am sorry to report this experience is prettty typical of my FedEx “journeys” since 2022. Everything from a malfunctioning site to drivers who lie and say I wasn’t home when I was home. I know there are some good folks working there, but someone on top needs to redirect funds into customer experience and give the drivers a raise who do good work so that the crappy ones will either do better or look for something new. People still matter, even individuals. But you would never guess that FedEx knows that. I am pretty sure they don’t.
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4 years ago, donaldlopez
FedEx Terrible Experiences
I’ve had multiple bad experiences with Fedex, this week is just the latest in a history of bad service. One of my packages has had zero updates for almost a week and no one can tell me where it is. I was also lied to when I called in for another package I’ve been expecting before I travel for the holidays. I was told the driver attempted to deliver the package and left a note. I’ve been in my living room watching football so I know that no one came to my door. I walked outside to check if there was indeed a note, as I expected, there is none to be found. It’s bad enough that I paid for faster shipping and have yet to receive it, but now I need to leave work early and go out of my way to the warehouse to pick up the package. I can understand that they missed one of the deliveries due to high volume during the holidays, but now that’s turning into three days and to do nothing to try to rectify the issue? Not acceptable. Again, this is not the first time I’ve had issues with fedex. Unfortunately, calling them leads to nothing. So I’m commenting on the app that has nothing to do with their actual service... it seems to be the only available forum to complain about their terrible service.
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2 months ago, Whonose54
Zero stars
If there had been a selection for zero stars I would have used it!! Recently we were looking for a package to be delivered and got a notification that it had been dropped off at the gate on our driveway. We don’t have a gate on our driveway!! We have a cattleguard that vehicles drive over!! This package was no where around our driveway!! When we got to looking it was tucked in high grass and weeds on my neighbors place. We have a pipe entryway with our address in big bold letters on the entryway as well as on our mailbox that is mounted to the entryway!! FedEx drivers need to be instructed on how to read!! This is not the first time stuff like this has happened!! Most of the time when we get a notification that a package has been delivered and it’s not at our house we start checking with the neighbors and usually find it, but this is not my job!! You were paid to deliver it to my address!! DO YOUR JOB!! Today our package was delivered to the neighbors front porch. Can these drivers not read? My address is cut out of a steel plate and welded on the entryway, my mailbox is right at my driveway too with my name and address on it as well. I’m frustrated!! Just do your job!!
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3 years ago, mytw0b1ts
Needs many improvements
How do you implement Maps and not the locator feature so you can see where the drop boxes and locations are relative to you? It’s also pretty bad that there’s no FedEx drop centers on this side of town at all. You have to drive downtown or to the north, south or airport areas (basically everywhere but here) to drop things off. Trying to reroute a package is another nightmare because even after you give the app access to your location it will ONLY show you locations near the original delivery address. Considering I live all the way across town from where I used to - you can see the problem with this. Even moving the map - it does not update with addresses in the map area view. Dialing in to try to reroute is even worse. They do everything in their power to make it impossible to talk to a human being and you’re only presented with (again) the 3 closest options to where the package was originally addressed and if those don’t work - hang up and play the phone system tree game again. For a company FedEx’s size and with their seniority in the industry this app is an utter embarrassment.
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3 years ago, Ro•oz
FedEx needs work
Their app. Not bad but sometimes delivery dates are a bit off. For the most part it’s easy to use. Their drivers, for the most part pretty good guys, today however our driver decided to leave our box being delivered, which had frozen and refrigerated food inside and it’s April in Arizona, behind a wall near our front door. They then decided not to knock on our door or ring the bell. They did not even go near our front door because they didn’t activate the camera and we were not aware our box had been delivered. All our neighbors were quite aware I bet because you could see the box from the street, you just could not see it from our front door camera. Our box with perishable food was delivered at 11:15 am and sat outside in the sun until about 6:00 pm when my roommate got home and saw the box sitting outside. I’m surprise no porch pirate took our box to be honest. And all of this could have been avoided if only our lazy FedEx driver would have just KNOCKED! Then I go try and make a complaint on the app about just the one delivery and it’s pretty much impossible, I get redirected to call FedEx directly so spend a long time on wait probably. Maybe the app needs more work than I thought.
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4 years ago, Redcore85
List page shows Monday as the scheduled delivery date, delivery detail page shows Sunday. Not even sure it's the app's fault as much as FedEx just having a pretty crappy system. When they lost my last package, I had to call THEM to ask what was going on and they had no clue what to do - even asking me what it looked like lol (you're the last to handle it, and you never delivered it so how should I know?). They opened an investigation and never called me to keep me informed on the status - this item is worth ~$800 so you know, I'd like to know what happened. Eventually the status finally changed: they damaged it and sent it back to the shipper. But you have to stay on top of them for any information or status when a shipment doesn't go perfectly, they didn't seem to really give a crap. That's why there isn't any way to flag a shipment in their app to signify it's missing (obviously they had no clue), for a representative to investigate it or call you, to track investigations, etc; and that's why their 800 number is a maze to discourage you from calling/bothering them even when they screwed up. Overall it just solidified my preference for USPS and UPS.
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3 years ago, Pecoboo
Personal & Business Use
I have had to downgrade my rating of this app due to a decline in service. Fed X is now routinely collecting high fees for “priority overnight” next day (by noon) service while on a good day, getting it to us by late afternoon. More often, there are delays of days and now weeks. As service has deteriorated, the app has become useless. Once informative and reliable, the tracking report available through this app now merely confirms that a package is in the system. The details regarding travel, passage through check points- gone. No estimated delivery date and time can be found and when I tried to use the virtual assistant, the page crashed instantly. A once great company is unraveling- just like so many others. Our local driver is still fantastic and for his sake, I hope things improve. Finally, do not waste time calling customer service for help. You are likely get someone who barely speaks English and knows nothing about local geography. I live in Virginia and was once told by a customer service rep that the fed x box on “peach tree” (as in Peach Tree street, Atlanta, GA) was the closest drop box in my area with a late pickup time (would take me about 8 hours by car to get there).
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4 years ago, SonicWJ
Shipment Status Conflicting Info
First, I get a text stating my package needing an adult signature will be delivered on Thursday, so I make arrangements for a neighbor to sign, and I add their phone number to be notified by text. At the end of the day when I return home, the package has not been delivered, and I track its status where it hadn’t even left its area of origin. Then I —and my neighbor, whose number I can’t remove from notifications for this delivery—receive a text that the package will be delivered Saturday. Today, I reschedule everything to be home sign for my package, but it never arrives. On the tracking app, one area says “Pending” and another window says the package is in my local distribution city. No idea when it will be here, or if delivery was ever attempted yet, or if I will need to find an adult package sitter for next week! Fed Ex used to be the most reliable and accurate—did they suddenly fall under USPS governance?
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3 years ago, 10101n
I will never use fedex everrrrrr again!!!! Their app is trash, never keeps you updated and they are always late to deliver packages. The delivery guy was literally 2 minutes from my house and I had been waiting all day yesterday and all day today I checked the app before I left my home to go mail out my customers packages at ups and the app said unable to determine drop off! Literally 2 minutes after I left I get a text saying unable to deliver bc I wasn’t home!!!! I called the fedex to tell them to hold my package so I can come tomorrow and get it bc it’s Friday and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday and now it’s saying will try again at the end of day Monday!!!! The guy was completely incompetent on the phone! Had no idea what so ever!!! So now my customer will have to wait until after Monday!!!! I’m done with this company! Please use any other delivery service!! This company is the most expensive and for what!!!??? Train your employees! Fix your app! Stop being incompetent!!! Thank you!! And btw my neighbor would have never received her Christmas package if it weren’t for me, fedex gave me her package after I realized it wasn’t mine I went and delivered it to her! Complete incompetence!
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2 years ago, Consumer1483
Poor customer service
This is ridiculous, my package needed a signature to be released and because I have a life, I can’t sit around all day waiting for it to show up. Oh wait, they have a digital signature release… wrong, attempted to do that so I wouldn’t have to be there to sign for it, didn’t work. Lets try calling them, pointless, said they would make an attempt before 8pm again, didn’t happen. FedEx is behind when compared to other shipping companies since they can’t tell you a direct time. They just say what day it is coming but not what time. Like wow, thanks FedEx for narrowing it down to a 1/720 chance of me being there to sign for it. (Open for 12 hours and only appears for a minute 12•60=720). The least they could do is tell me what hour of the day still only being a 1/60 chance. I guess Ill just grab it myself… of course thats not available for whatever reason. Maybe I should be more proactive in trying to receive it; ill sign up for all of the alerts… Nope, only thing they alerted me about was the fact that I missed it again and didn’t tell me until 20min after it happened. Just ridiculous.
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2 years ago, omgnicknamepleasework
Terrible app and company as a whole.
Scheduled Thursday delivery is delayed, Thursday night delivery is pending, still pending Friday, received an alert a delivery was attempted Saturday afternoon (which is a lie because I was here), I requested a hold at a local store after the fake delivery attempt, received an alert early Sunday morning it will be delivered by end of day, received another alert Sunday later morning saying I will be notified when it reaches the hold location, Sunday night the delivery is still pending. Speaking to a customer representative is impossible. And I mean it might actually be impossible and they have no customer service representatives because it’s an automated menu of unhelpful information no matter what you do. This app and company are horrible. There are perishable goods in this package and I can’t get a straight answer about where it is or when I will get it. I will be selecting UPS for shipment if given the option from now on because this is ridiculous. Especially the driver that lied about attempting a delivery. I hope the seller understands the problem with the horrible shipping and I can get a replacement sent UPS. Thanks, FedEx.
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3 years ago, casperette692003
Fed ex needs to step up their game
Recently fed ex and walmart has been behind on their orders. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just something that I wanted but didn’t need. But when My cats ran out of cat food and they have been using the same litter for a week because my orders are late and not delivered when promised I’m not happy about this at all! If I would’ve known this at the time I was ordering I would’ve went to the next town over and bought the items instead. I wish my town had stores like walmart in it but it doesn’t. Shopping online has always been easier, cheaper and more convenient but if I can’t get my orders when promised then I’m going to have to figure something else out. I can understand a day early or late but a week difference is unacceptable..and now I haven’t got my litter and haven’t even received a reason why or anything from fed ex!
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1 month ago, abygfey
Delivery even when a hold is placed
Added a vacation hold on the app but apparently they don’t see it and even with added notes to the deliver to not deliver, they still did. Again another item I put a hold and still being delivered when I’m out of town. I called the day before to make sure they wouldn’t deliver but rep said she couldn’t see the hold but then said she saw it and it’s not being delivered. It all seemed like a lie. I could just tell the way see was talking. She said call the next day if it tells me it’s being delivered. I said it’s too late then as it has happened before and I know once out for delivery they won’t bring it back for a hold. Yup I got a notification the next day it was out for delivery. I called and again lies from the rep saying she didn’t see a hold but then said, oh it already has a max hold and she sees a date. But I never put that date. So which one is it, does she see a hold or not? Why would the app allow me to place a hold but the rep says the max date is different from the app. Basically the app and the reps are useless. Wish companies wouldn’t use FedEx
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3 years ago, deathsticktank
App is meh, I hate FedEx
My family and I have had some problems with FedEx, from using my phone number as the delivery address and then saying they can only start a investigation after I had to contact the company that send my package and sit on hold for over a hour, to not letting my family now that they delivered a food box from a food service and just not bother to update that they delivered it a day and a half ago so all the food went bad. Sorry this is more of a rant about FedEx. Anyway about the app... it’s meh, it doesn’t like finding tracking numbers if you try to open them in the FedEx app from safari or gmail and such. Also I created a account to give further delivery driver further details and you have to sign up for the FedEx delivery manager, you have to put your phone number to verify your account and my number “could not be reached” so the only other option is you have to go to the FedEx website and vaguely find the second option which is to send the registration form by mail to you which will take over a week. Anyway, don’t use FedEx. Use UPS or USPS or some other shipping service.
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1 month ago, Auriolis
Incompetent Delivery Mechanism
If the package requires my signature, and I live in an apartment, and the apartment office is closed, it gets returned as "nobody is at home". Nobody called me or knocked on my door. I offered to pickup the package at the warehouse and they tell me that I can't. All 3 deliveries were marked "nobody is at home" and it got returned to sender. Important packages like this get delayed. Unnecessary waste of time just to follow process, when I can be right there are the facility where it is being loaded. No notifications when the driver is at your place, no way to contact the driver, delivery instructions in the delivery manager get ignored, driver is not authorized to call me to deliver even though my phone number is right there on the label and in my account, FedEx will sell my phone number to spammers and spammers but not call me on that number to deliver, no way to get driver back, they don't even knock on the door but just leave a door tag, and customer service is so incompetent that they just read instructions from a book and cannot think for themselves when a situation can be handled without wasting everyone's time.
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1 year ago, Frank Bellizzi
It’s 2023. Why release an app that literally forces you to the website for anything of any importance regarding your shipment? On top of that, the website is atrocious. I spent an entire hour trying to figure out how to schedule a delivery for a different date. Let me save you the trouble, not possible. Every click just recycles you to put in an address you already have associated with the account, and then you wind up on a page that has nothing to do with what you’re attempting. I finally opted to just have the package held at an affiliate location (all of this was because they continue to deliver a package mid day when no one’s home, it requires a signature and there’s no way to have me waive the signature and just have them leave it). That was 12 hours ago. I still don’t have any confirmation that A) it’s being sent somewhere to be held on my behalf and, B) if so, where that location is, because they never sent any form of confirmation. Trash. The whole service is complete trash. We’re here in the apparent emergence of AI and FedEx can’t figure out how to operate a website or an app. Bravo.
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3 years ago, shldrlengthwavymidpartpls
fedex, we have beef now.
my packages keep arriving in my city on their scheduled delivery day and then immediately switching to “pending”. after that i can’t get the current status or any status updates and my packages are just floating around in my city for a week. this has happened multiple times. what are they doing??? going on a cute little road trip???? i could deal with waiting a ridiculously long amount of time for my packages, my issue is the false hope you give me. why give me a scheduled delivery date and tracking updates at all if this happens every time? just to mock me? to give me a false sense of hope? to hold my packages under my nose just so you can cause excruciating emotional pain and uncertainty?? to be fair the actual app works great, no bugs or anything but FedEx as a whole? we have beef now. send your CEO with my taylor swift merch so i can challenge them in hand to hand combat. pull up. i hate you. (actual FedEx workers and customer service reps you have done nothing wrong. i know this isn’t your fault and i love you. i hope you’re doing well and that good things come your way. <3)
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3 years ago, nonyah12
Mrs. M. Orlowski
Hi, to all delivery truck drivers and Fed ex! 1st of all I would like to thank you for all your hard work! It may not appear to some, that you all work hard, from sorting, lifting, getting all packages to right location etc. You make it easy for US, here US and all over other countries as well! 2nd of all I would like to recommend a request. Can (Fed ex ) maybe have some small flyer or logo added with the apps availability? Why? For instance in our home! We did not even know there was a app available, until a representative on the phone asked if I had it on my phone., of course I/we downloaded immediately! 3rd-We had so many issues in the past getting packages delivered to our address which clearly states our street address on the packages! (Drivers need to pay attention to the difference between 3,5,&9!) They’ve been delivered at a neighbors! (Fortunately ) two times in the past two weeks they brought the package to us. However in the past the packages we did not receive were never re-covered by us, or the shipper! I/We find now that I have the app I’m getting better tracking of our packages! Plus! I’d like to recommend that you do add that app logo or something?! (Maybe on a flyer with deliveries? The app really does help! Thank you for having this option to track any packages! Sincerely, MO
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1 year ago, JLF18MD19
Does not keep tracking numbers or update properly
Every time I try to track my shipments I add them to my watch list but they never save. I even tried adding updates on them but I never get them! So if I want to track my shipments I have to go back to the order with my tracking number put it in manually over and over again. It’s very annoying and makes it very hard to use. I initially thought it might just need an update but it’s up to date so they need to work these bugs out so people can actually rely on their expected delivery dates and tracking. Also it seems like it takes 2 days to get the most up to date information but even then some of the information is left off. Like this order I had delivered by them, it was 3 pieces a desk, and 2 tv stands. I checking the tracking because I got a phone call from the store I bought it from asking for feedback on my purchase. I said I couldn’t give feedback because I hadn’t received the items yet. When I pulled the tracking up it said they were in Memphis and were expected to be delivered 2 days later. The lady at the store pulled tracking and said that it showed on their end they were delivered that day, I went outside and they were there!
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5 years ago, AMGrail
Login after login after login
The app used to keep me logged so I could quickly check the status of items I’m tracking. Now EVERY TIME I launch it, I have to login. After providing login info I get a screen asking if I’d like to enable Touch ID, I’ve selected to enable it multiple times, yet every time after I login (without the option to use Touch ID despite the fact that I had previously selected to enable it), I get asked again. After realizing it didn’t matter if I chose to enable it, I selected to option to not show that screen again and not enable Touch ID in hopes of streamlining the new need to log in every launch, and yet the screen still pops back up EVERY TIME! Either retain my log in for 30 days so I don’t have to log in every time I launch the app or actually honor Touch ID preferences previously selected. Also, why are shipments I deleted months ago randomly showing up in my list? I’m glad you still remember a package I was tracking previously was delivered back in December, but maybe you could focus on remembering my log in info/preferences instead. As for now, I’m just using the website because this app is frustrating.
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2 weeks ago, Logan's Glam Ma
Today No Bueno!
Fed Ex has all the information of where my packages are supposed to be delivered however as I was driving away from my home, running behind for an appointment, at 4:30pm, I saw the Fed Ex driver pull up in front of my home. When I returned home several hours later, the package, worth $400. Was left on my front doorstep for anyone to take. Thank goodness this one stayed. One of the reasons this package wasn’t stolen, my husband’s car was in the driveway and that blocked people from easily spotting it. The front doorstep is literally the worst place to leave a package, which is in the notes of every delivery company, excluding DHL because Consumers are not given that access. Yet they usually leave packages in the proper place. Unfortunately there are too many people that troll our neighborhood just to steal packages. It annoys and angers me especially when you consider how much Federal Express charges. I paid a lot of money for delivery companies to be able to safely deliver packages. There just isn’t any excuse for this. Most delivery companies don’t accept responsibility when they mess up as well. Once I had photographic evidence that only one package was delivered and they used the same picture on a different day to show they ‘delivered’ the package. A month later someone with a similar address brought me the package. At least that’s what they said. This wasn’t FedEx, it was UPS during the holiday season. It’s ridiculous.
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3 years ago, wadesterk
Rated zero if I could
You can update delivery information on a package and this app makes you feel you did so. You did not. FedEx is in the business of making money NOT delivering packages. With this app you may track a package but counting neighborhood dog barks and believing that to be the time is more accurate. When updating information as package recipient, the app accepts the info but what it never indicates whatsoever is that unless you are the sender, updates made on your end do absolutely nothing. You merely FEEL you have made a correction. FedEx, you see, makes $ on sending it back as addressed I correctly so that the sender must now spend again to get it to you. All of this despite your effort with the FedEx app to assure you receive what you ordered. FedEx and this app that updates nothing while giving you the ILLUSION it did, you see, want money and not delivery. I keep wondering how an app can be 4.7 yet have thousands of 1 star reviews. Well, this is my third write up. It would seem FedEx also has an active system challenging those of us relaying the truth by striking down reviews.
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4 years ago, Chells64
App is Good, Service is less than helpful.
I live in the country. I was notified several times my 3 packages would arrive today. I took the day off from work to patiently wait. About 7pm the status went from “Out for delivery” to “Delivery pending”. I tried the chat bot, as usual with bots, it was useless. Then struggled with the automated phone response system for 5 minutes until it routed me to the que. Waited 27 minutes to speak to a LIVE representative. This person’s system told her the packages were still out for delivery. My app knew more than she did. She said, “Call back tomorrow”. I will say that I was happy to be able to understand the person on the phone when I finally reached her and she was polite but not able to help with accurate information. I also had a package delivered by UPS today. Their app was so much better. It gave me a live map to follow along with to track the location of my driver. I could see his truck location and this helped me plan my day. I even brought the dog in when he was near.
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4 years ago, djmalenica
FedEx should allow users to manage their deliveries, reroute the package, reschedule deliveries, add special instructions, etc. especially in these chaotic times today where people are stealing packages regardless of what the contents are. I DREAD receiving a door tag from “DeadEx.” UPS has upped their game but providing a myriad of options when it comes to managing 1 or 1001 packages. it’s easy, it’s cheap and with frequent promotion, it can also be free. FedEx offer tracking only, which can be accomplished simply by clicking on the tracking number ANYWHERE and the tracking information is going to pop up in any browser and any search engine/app. I see that screenshots provided with the app show options like signing for the package or holding it, but out of 3 FedEx packages I am tracking for delivery (one today and the other 2 by the end of the week) NONE has an option to do anything except to nickname the shipment. That’s it. I hate to say it but I wish the merchant I purchased two pairs of sneakers and a pair of black Doc Martens boots used UPS for their delivery instead of FedEx. I’m expecting the packages to be stolen as it always happens with FedEx.
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2 years ago, SWB1973
Clunky third rate ap for fourth rate company!
FedEx as a company is horrible! Period ! The fact that these “currier’s” can just pitch packages wherever they wish or blow the horn and dump our items on the curb that WE PAID THEM TO DELIVER TO US SAFELY is criminal! The company has chosen to close US call centers apparently using recent events as an excuse to save money apparently. No way to communicate a problem or issue. They refer you to this clunky ap that does NOTHING that they say it does and you have to back door your way into features like adding addresses etc. there is no way to add names even though it says you can. So commercial or family accounts out or a farm account. This company has become a mismanaged joke. Ship with another option. This ap is horrible for any sort of practical application and just creates bandwidth traffic and tracking clicks. But as a whole is MORE than the company as a whole deserves. I’m through with fed ex will pay more to use alternative suggest all other businesses do the same till board is replaced and they restructure and go back to their original foundation
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5 years ago, disappointingservice
I was waiting for a package delivery that needed an indirect signature. I downloaded the app, set up an account. There wasn’t anywhere on the app to download a door tag to sign and leave on the door with a signature. So I went to the website and was able to download a fedex door tag that I signed and left on the door, in case I wasn’t home or didn’t hear the doorbell. They texted me several updates on the upcoming delivery. The next thing I know I get another text that the delivery will be the following day. I must have not heard the doorbell. So I checked the door and they had left me a new door tag to sign that was attached next to my old door tag stating they will attempt the next day. It would have been nice to receive a text that fedex is at the door given all the other text notifications I receive. Having the app was totally worthless. It didn’t notify me of the updates. I contacted customer service and they apologized that the driver did not use my door tag. There was nothing else that they could do. Overall, very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Bobberebob
Long Time User
After many years of relying on FedEx, I am disappointed to be experiencing poor and unpredictable service. I know all the excuses (laborers hard to hire/retain and supply chain challenges)but it seems clear that this season requires a new set of logistics. 1- Don’t keep promising what you can’t manage. Recast delivery projections based on current conditions and 2- Maintain professional integrity by “realistically” projecting delivery dates. Announcing delivery dates that FedEx cannot live up to is creating a scathing review by the public in our area and North Carolina, which are two areas we know about. Every day you delay providing truthful/accurate delivery projections just delays the time-line to recover the good reputation FedEx once had. It also means other existing and newly created competitors will begin moving into your market space. My wife and I are currently perusing other options because our business depends on yours doing what you promise, or we become complicit with your failures in the eyes of our customers. Hope you can pull it together and recast your delivery schedules to once again be accurate and predictable. Robert Welch Savannah, Georgia PS - now you have become liars. I just entered six names that were generated to be random electronically. You rejected all saying they are taken. Not possible. Fred Smith must be rolling over!
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4 years ago, Big Cizzal
We need a 0 star option
Tommy Hanks being a Fed ex guy in Cast Away is pretty close to real life. Only differences are he tried to deliver packages fast and efficiently. And you guys don't. I mean not even an effort. I took work off to wait on a package that was marked as on the truck. Then I get a notification that delivery wasn't made because nobody was home to receive it. First of all, you ALWAYS drop off stuff with no person or signature in sight. And my door bell camera shows not one FedEx truck came at all. That alone is so unprofessional. So then I try to use the app or what they call an app, until I realized "Oh wow this app doesn't work at aallllllll". So I missed work, waited all day, got lied to after a half hour on the phone with FedEx and now I'm wasting more time writing my first ever review all because how badly these people conduct business. If you need your things delivered efficiently and properly. FedEx ain't for you. Tom Hanks would have been a step up from this nonsense. Even after a plane crash and being stranded, Tom and Wilson would have delivered it faster and for sure better customer service... The End #WhatCanBrownDoForYou
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3 years ago, mj06!
Too many times I had to change my password constantly because I can not get into the app either this a problem with the app or with the website not really sure and to top it off I do not understand why the dates that they are sending your package said Sunday when it actually means Monday. This FedEx app is a joke and there customer service you can say they already misplaced 2 of my packages on 2 different occasions. When I call to ask about my package let just say it’s a joke. FedEx customer service representative tells me to call the company that I order from to report the issue and that they will open a case for that the package is lost. And I have to wait to see what happens next. I understand they misplace packages but come on. The customer service representative are not very nice everyone over the phone when you speak to them think is a joke. Have fun dealing with FedEx. I rate them to get there act together. There people who need jobs that want to work and you have the ones who don’t want to do there jobs. Hope this helps.
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3 years ago, Billweb143
FedEx is useless. Why track a package from FedEx? You would think so you could prepare for your delivery but yet again FedEx has “Delayed” another delivery. In fact this is the 4th delivery out of 5 that has not arrived on time. I took off work AGAIN today because I have a lawn mower coming that I have to be home to accept but again after waiting all day the package updates to say “Delayed” wouldn’t care if it came the next day as long as I know it will arrive. Now I have wasted another day off from work for nothing. FedEx is the most unreliable delivery company out there. I wish vendors would stop using them. I will be calling both companies I ordered from to voice my concerns about their choice of shippers. I think I’ll deny the order when it comes and make FedEx ship it back. Guess I will call companies before I order to ensure they DON’T use FedEx. I hope someone at FedEx reads this not that it will do any good except maybe a “standard” response such as “We are sorry your expectations were not met, blah, blah, blah” sad to say but even USPS is better, WOW!
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1 year ago, k999828
Outdated and Unhelpful
Downloading the Fedex App was a waste of my time and so Is writing this review. However, I believe this app is outdated and unhelpful. My reason for it being outdated is because newer shipping apps such as ‘Shop’ have a gps and I can see where my package is at on a map rather than just the name of the location. My reason for the Fedex App being unhelpful is because when my package is delayed it doesn’t tell me why. The least you can do for a delayed package is tell me why it is delayed. Another reason for it being unhelpful is because the virtual assistant does virtually nothing. I asked the assistant why my package is delayed and all it responds with is the date my package arrives. I am highly disappointed with this app and Fedex as a entity. If I pay an extra $12 for a package to arrive a few days to a week sooner then it should arrive on its first estimated date. And if a delay occurs I believe they should at minimum tell me why it is delayed rather than giving me the same response of when it should arrive. Please update your app Fedex.
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6 years ago, jimsch63
The App
App is perfect you can do anything you want except have it get a Pepsi out of the fridge. You can track. Set up a outgoing shipment and you don’t have to leave your house. It’s great for us retired people. Everything you can do on the main website you can do here. What I like is it contacts me when any shipment is out for delivery to my address no matter who it’s for. Keep it up. Right along with the other two companies UPS, USPS. There apps do the same. So it doesn’t matter who it’s from cross shipments when all three companies pick up and ship out to delivery it done by all three companies FEDEX, UPS, USPS they all work to get finally. They let you know Keep it up perfect communication. The only problem I have is to get them to pick the package up I’ll figure it out soon. Let’s see I give it ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️ 5 Stars I have no worries with the app. Thank You!
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2 years ago, G.Rucks
Terrible updates
*update* none of the five packages that we’re suppose to arrive today (or sooner) have arrived. I did get one from UPS (who had 7updates in three days and delivered a day early). Zero updates from FedEx. I downloaded this app to track packages (yanno, the intent of it and such); fedex is horrific at updating location of packages. It’s the 5th and a package due on the 2nd has had zero updates and nowhere to be found. I am currently waiting on seven packages… none of them have updated locations in four days. An item shipped the same day with UPS has had an average of 1.5 updates a day! Also, I believe I was given wrong tracking knee because another package was posted as delivered, in a state 14 hr drive away, a day early. The reason they get 2 stars is the setup of the app is easy/good. Unfortunately their additional stuff is useless due to lack of actual updates. In general, I try to avoid any distributor that uses FedEx… I’ve had these issues for years with no solutions.
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