FedEx Office

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4 years ago
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User Reviews for FedEx Office

4.78 out of 5
23.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Grateful user3
Love the app
This app works!!! Make sure you're updating your phone and the app itself if you're having problems. I use this app for large and small print jobs at least every quarter and I've never had issues and my local FedEx offices (I use a few different ones) all have been very helpful and I've had really quick turn arounds on jobs. The app itself though is a gem. There are several options for uploading data, so if one isn't as user friendly for you, there are at least four more options to get the job done. Once you understand how the app works and how it gets its information, along with the format, it's really easy. This is NOT a native iPhone app, so it's not going to automatically display data exactly the way your native apps do, but the option of seeing the camera roll, for example would be helpful for some. I normally don't upload from the camera roll, so I don't have that particular problem. If the app tech support group wants to add those features, that's great, but that's a bonus. The app works great without it...and it's a FREE app.
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6 years ago, $moki
App needs to improve
I have only printed text on a regular sheet of paper. I won't ever buy a printer again with this service. While the service is good, it could be much better. Why can't I just increase my order from less than a dollar to $1.00 (the minimum). The extra roundup cost could go to charity if FedEx doesn't like free money. There is no reason to waste the customers time by forcing the customer to buy more printing than is needed. Also the dollar minimum comes up at the very end of the transaction. If you re-enter or update your credit card, you will need to lose the CC updates, go back and buy more printing, then update card again. Why can't I set a favorite store?
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2 years ago, myztiquems
Not worth it!
I submitted an order before the store opened. One of the items I sent was a pages document (Apple word doc). The app said that it was a non-standard format but it still could be used however preview and online payment would be disabled. No worries I’ll just pay when I get to the store. I get to the store and they informed me that they cannot process a pages document. OK just print the other document I sent. When I checked out the cost to print my other document was almost $10 more than I would have paid if I paid through the app. Great that they offer a discount to use the app but horrible that this was not caught at the store and they actually charged me the extra amount. I have been going to this location for over 20 years and I have never felt more taken advantage of than I did today. App still has glitches as I would connect in preferences to my drop box but then get an error when I tried to chose a document to print.
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6 years ago, Sylectra
Nice try. Needs work.
One of the main purposes of an app like this is to facilitate quick print jobs. In that, it fails. It took me 25 mins of fiddling to determine that it wasn't going to be practical to use the app. And I am a quick study with this stuff... I downloaded the app, created an account, linked my account with Google Drive, added a file from Google Drive, initiated the print job, searched for and selected a store for pickup, added credit card information (why am I asked to type my name twice?), then was told the minimum order is $1.00 (why not notify users earlier?), so I went back and ordered more printouts, had to search for and select the store(why not save this from the previous session?), added credit card info (again typing my name twice), got through checkout, and was informed my printout would be ready to pick up in two hours(why not warn consumers at beginning of this process?). I was standing in the store when I got this unwelcome news. So I asked the store associate for help and, though friendly, he was unable to move the print job up for me. I ended up abandoning that job and using the email to Fedex option which was very fast. Fedex, I feel like the user interface stuff you missed is really basic, like 101 stuff. Get it right before you launch it. Deleted.
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6 years ago, Annette w/ Alpha Omega PS
Perfect for Remote printing!
We own a property services company and ran out of notices while securing properties. As it was not feasible to travel back to the office(an hour away) for more notices, this option saved time and money! User friendly app allowed upload directly from email! Worked great! We will be using this a lot! Please expand the number of locations we can utilize this service! Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, -Element-
Very slow to read pictures and doesn’t have the same capabilities as their store
I recently went to the local Fed Ex office to print off photos and was very happy with the photo quality over many of the online select and ship competitors. So I decided to try the app. It is nearly non functional. It takes forever to load from your camera roll. In fact it could only see the last 3-4 photos. Then when you select a photo, there isn’t an option to simply print photos, you can only print posters and canvas. It’s sad that the app experience isn’t faster and easier than going in to the store. Please improve the experience. You should be able to print all photo types and select photos to upload much faster to be a viable solution.
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4 years ago, DustinGranger
Terrible app and website for printing standard invitations
I always use Etsy to order invitations and print via FedEx and pick up. This was the most complicated the app has been. I was unable to choose a standard invitation size of 5x7” on the app. I even tried to go on the regular computer and the option didn’t exist there either. It had really weird options for invitation sizes that I have never even seen before. It didn’t have the option for cutting or for choosing “no envelopes” online. Very very confusing and wasted about an hour and a half of my time. Finally I called the store and the man said to put it all in the special instructions and submit anyway. Online with the laptop didn’t even have a spot for that so I had to go back to the app and do it there. Ugh.
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5 years ago, Yozhik*
Can’t use FedEx account number
Spoke with Customer Service today and was told there is a known issue that ever since iPhone 7, they’re aware the app crashes if you try to use your FedEx account number. You would think they would have updated that by now, since I’m writing this review from an iPhone X. Turns out you also can’t delete your FedEx account number from the app without it crashing. I routinely place orders under a dollar, so a credit card is not an option for me because they won’t accept a credit card payment for less than a dollar. If they gave me the option to pay the difference between my order and the dollar, just so I could finish my order, I would totally pay it, but they’ve never offered it. Step up your game developers!
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6 years ago, ArtemisSage
Terrible interface
Not easy to use compared to the tracking apps I have. Have the hardest time logging in every time. It doesn’t give you an option of alternative methods of recovering your password. I write everything down and since it doesn’t show you the password when you add it.... then I can’t tell if I added an uppercase in the wrong place. Then the security questions should be easy enough... are they case sensitive? Idk... it doesn’t tell me. What isn’t matching? Email me a freaking recovery password or text me the recovery password.... don’t lock me out of my account for an hour for several failed attempts, I have the password written down.... and it’s not working.... ugh! I’m tracking a package.... why did I even try to log in to this stupid thing
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2 weeks ago, ALTDTZ
No connection between desktop and mobile app
I need to print out tomorrow morning but I started printing orders on my desktop app, it’s easier to manage. After all is set up I logout. Now I am login back from my mobile app but can’t find anything in shopping cart that I already arranged from desktop app from my computer. I can’t find anything to delete the old documents that I don’t need anymore. Some old files and new updates files are in same name and to avoid confusion I must delete the old files but no option to do like that on mobile app. I can’t find any of those files on desktop app either.
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6 years ago, snazzyray
Easy to use, but buggy!
This app has potential. It was very easy to use, and for a single print job it made life easier. But it's buggy and crashed several times while I tried out various print options, forcing me to close the app and start over each time. The selection from the camera roll interface is also very poor. Why have a single line of photos scrolling at the bottom? If your photo is far back in your camera feed this becomes a hassle. Open up the traditional camera roll selection options with more icons, then show me a large preview.
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1 year ago, clickerbelle
Needs Improvement
It’s possible to actually do what I am trying to do on this app so thats nice. But it should not be so difficult. I should be able to scroll through my entire camera roll easily and select different photo albums aswell as opposed to scrolling through 4 pictures at a time. It also should not time me out as I am saving projects for later use. It also should stop automatically lowering the color quality of my images when I go to print them through the app.
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3 years ago, vidaXoXo
Love it!
Today was the first time using this app. I actually needed to print some important documents for school. I was in a rush, I have no printer. Long story short I found this app and I swear it made my life so easy. Took off so much stress! I was able to see a list of locations near me, and when I got there I found all my stuff ready. Great app great service. Will definitely use again.
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4 years ago, KatieZ-M
Essentially Theft
When you print something from this app to a local store, there is apparently no guarantee that anything will actually come out on the other side. I spent $300 printing things for my wedding and the store never printed them because of “computer updates,” though none of this stopped FedEx from taking my payment. There was no notification that “updates” would be occurring, either. When I asked the store clerk for a refund, I was send on a customer service wild goose chase. On top of all this, I had to pay again for the card stock in order to print the things myself. Unbelievable.
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5 years ago, Hawaii listener
No regular sized pictures?
I just spent two hours trying to put pictures on a google drive, extract them, and then print them using the FedEx office app. There is no clear photo printing option. Pictures cannot be put in the cart and then ordered altogether, and the whole process took much too long. I prefer the Costco app for ordering pictures. I have more picture size options and the app is easier to use. I had to use this FedEx because the pick-up person was nearer this office than Costco. Very unhappy with the process. Trying to do it on my laptop only got me locked out of my account.
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6 years ago, The Angry Flower
Very useful and effective app
Well thought out app and useful tool for productivity on majority of issues. It, used in conjunction with the website, are actually MORE USEFUL and EFFECTIVE than speaking to a live agent on their customer service phone line- who was virtually useless compared to this app+website, which solved my issue within 10 minutes... so there you go.
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4 years ago, Greg A. Brown
Nifty but leaves some stuff out
The upside to the app is you don’t have to register or anything, but the checkout formfields aren’t coded in such a way that iOS offers to auto fill them with information it knows. (Like address or credit card.) It also doesn’t show any sort of estimate on when orders will be ready—or set any expectation of a wait at all—so you might show up at the store expecting them to be printed immediately but they’re still finishing up preceding orders.
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1 year ago, HenryMang
App EZ to use!
App is so easy to use! FedEx figured out how to make their app user friendly, something I wish more companies would do. Within 5 minutes I was able to get my printing job sent & I should be getting a text message w/in 2hrs informing me my print request is DONE! Fast! Convenient! Too cool!
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5 years ago, Chucky Arla
Great tool
Love this app, it’s actually easier than doing it on the laptop. Have problems putting in coupons sometimes and then I have to complete the order on the laptop as it jacks up the app. Also can’t update my credit card info which means I have to reenter it each time but all in all, handy as a small pot!
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5 years ago, fooleryland
Happy to Use This App
Works great once you’re used to it. It can be a bit confusing at first, and I have made a couple of rookie mistakes because I missed the order summary “2 pages, single side, color, 24lb paper,” etc.) in its tiny print. But I love the results and the ease of ordering simple print jobs without having to talk on the phone.
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2 years ago, AIRP5728
Photo printing
Assignment due for class at nwtc and my local fire department and they helped me complete my goals same day and they were very busy the whole time I was stressed for myself taking almost entire time to get my stuff done the team at my FedEx knocked it out for me. Awesome team all the way.
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10 months ago, SandraBelle
Not a good experience
I used the app because their website stopped working about six months or so ago and I can no longer make print orders from the website (it won’t add anything to cart) so I tried this app. It doesn’t have the poster size 16x20 which is what I’ve been ordering for my business for years and the order process doesn’t have a place for notes anywhere. It also can’t tell me how much it will be even though it’s a standard size simple color print with no extras.
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2 years ago, king Durti
Customer Service
I placed an order for a canvas picture and once the order was made I was sent a receipt that went to the wrong store. I chose my local store, but for some reason the order was sent to a store 2 1/2 hours away. I called to cancel and was hung up on twice. I didn’t receive the attention and service I expected from FedEx. Now i have an order I can not get to because it says I must pay in store. Now I’m sure there will be some extraordinary price attached that you think I will pay.
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4 years ago, Hair boss
Ease of use
Ive been using this app for years. Even when I’m traveling. It I love this app it’s so easy and fast to use. I’ve used it all over the country. so easy to upload a print job chose laminated or whatever you like, pay ahead and go pick it up. They are usually very fast and helpful at the store as well. Love it.
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6 years ago, JulJul73
Great customer service
Leanna helped me at the Westwood location (Center # 5927, Location SMOKK). It was super busy and I had moved to two lines to wait some more but Leanna came over and told she would help me at another register. She was friendly, positive, courteous and moved fast but never rushed me to fill out the paperwork. There should be more people like Leanna in the world.
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10 months ago, Tenorikuma
I upload from my iPhone I don’t need a printer I don’t need anything it does it all for me I absolutely love the app ! I love the different paper options quality of paper etc. this cannot be done by the basic printing machine the self serve one in the FedEx office location.
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6 years ago, prpsrv
Potential is there
Needs some tweeting. For example, when choosing things like paper type and binding price variations need to be seen on screen instead of only in the the total. I.e. If for my order using recycled paper is a lower price of say $4.32 then it should show on the icon. Would save me a lot of time and it's the most basic of programming to make it possible.
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6 years ago, harishankar
Finally updated for iPhone X
As someone who waited forever for the app to be updated to iPhone 6 Plus, I was excited to see that the developers finally came around for iPhone X. Love the app and the easy way to print docs right from my phone. Please add support to OneDrive cloud support similar to box, Dropbox and google drive.
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4 years ago, dontsmashthatbug
Very convenient
I use their online printing service to have online class materials printed in hard copy format. They are fast and on my way to school. Everyone is nice. Their app is very useful and easy. Worth skipping the school printer drama. Can print directly from word, google docs, blackboard from my iPad.
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6 years ago, Puppy_kitten
Both App and company are the worst
Even though it says adding a business address is optional the app won't accept payment without one. Order is never ready when I go to pick it up and even though the line is short it takes FOREVER to be helped. I hate going here SO MUCH.
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6 years ago, rambam72
App quotes wrong price, charged 5 times the amount quoted!
The app is slick, and works well except that the price you’re quoted and what Fedex actually charges are you are completely different. I was quoted .11 per page and was charged .15 per page. Not a big deal except there were extra machine collation charges etc. A $5 job ended up costing $27. Ridiculous. I don’t care how nice the app is, if you’re not going to disclose fees honestly, your app is not going to be used. I don’t even want to use Fedex for copies after this horrible experience.
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6 years ago, Ajtierno
Easy to use app. Love the integration on my iPhone to allow access to Dropbox and Google Docs. I used this to upload a doc that I needed copied, collated, and stapled. Sent from one destination while on the road and went to the store for pickup. So so easy. The app was intuitive and fast with min clicks to accomplish my task.
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1 year ago, Veezykay
Love the app - but nice to add options
I love the app however when you send orders it’s doesn’t keep track of the purchases even if you have an account set up! This would be a nice feature so if you need to redo a print job!
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11 months ago, MissAlina407
No options for updating payment method
When trying to delete old cc numbers, app keeps crashing. And there is no option within the app that allows to update your user profile. You literally have to be checking out your shopping cart in order to try and do that.
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4 years ago, Y2chaotic
Fast n easy on the fly
It’s great to be able to order printouts, enlargements, posters, etc. while on the move. I pitch in on a number of causes and at school, so I can order something while I talking with someone in a meeting, or via text, and cross it off my list then and there.
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2 years ago, Subha iem user
Poor ux design poor usability features
Never seen so many bugs anywhere else.. the fedex office website as well as the app are the worst.. it is so much tedious to place order for a simple document print.. the delivery time change does not work..there are wrong button placements everywhere ..password change does not work.. not sure who designed and who coded this website.. may be under paid engineers.. its worst experience using this...
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1 year ago, mgarner32
Business Prints (small order)
Definitely an easier, quicker & efficient option than the desktop version when you know exactly what you want!
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5 years ago, AndresCannas
Great app except for no Applepay option
Using this app was pretty easy. You are able to send different files to the same order, then checking out and do pickup. My only concern is the app doesn’t have ApplePay option, it has you to put your CC info in which is pretty annoying and unnecessary by these times. Good app so far
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5 years ago, CJGuz
Great option
It’s been easy to use and get prints done. However the fact that there is no quick pick up is frustrating. My docs are printed and paid yet I have to wait in line. I am ready to walk out.
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4 years ago, Ostara
Clunky photo handling; crashes
Terrible camera roll handling. Unless what you need to print is at the end of your camera roll you have to tediously scroll through four pictures at a time. App often crashes while scrolling and then you have to start over. Been trying to set up a print job for 20 minutes. Please make it easy for me to give you my money. Fix this crap and use the integrated Apple photo album picker instead is this manual scroll crap.
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6 years ago, Beesway
Apps works but prices are hidden with the location
After placing a large order of several templates, went to store and realized the standard paper on app is 32lb instead of 24lb. So I was charged additional amount for heavier paper. Discussed with team member and they said it’s nothing they could do to change it. It would be more beneficial to have highlighted selections on the App instead.
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2 years ago, Enicole32
Printing from camera roll
So frustrating trying to print multiple pictures from my camera roll. Cannot delete pictures from the cue once they’ve been added. Also, several of the pictures I did select from my camera roll do not show up in the cue or are white pages. Then when I try to restart the app or clear the cache, I can’t do it! The same pictures are still there!!!
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6 years ago, candorsmatic
Good app, but needs a little more adaptability
Works well enough w/o talking face to face w/a technician, but just wish there were an ability to add & modify several files at once --since all my files had the same needs & restrictions. Also an ability to make sure some pics were landscape or vertical.
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6 years ago, actionjackson407
Good except...
Doesn't save my payment/address info even though I created an account within the app specifically for this reason. It shows that I'm logged in but it still doesn't retain my information and forces me to have to enter my credit card info, address, etc. every time I place an order. Please fix and I'll change my rating.
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6 years ago, Xpnana
Great app
This app saves me so much time and many miles. We travel extensively and occasionally need professional printing services. This app makes it so easy to order online and pick it up when it’s ready. No more multiple trips!!
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5 years ago, JustForreal
Decent, could use work.
The printing works wonderful, however, if you want to track a package you have to find the little icon in the top left corner. This should be an option on one of the huge squares. It also takes you out of app to track the package - if I wanted to use Chrome to track my package why would I need this app?
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2 months ago, Ccrider1310
Best worker
Drew on several occasions has got Me right by printing my documents and staying open till the last minute I could pick them up which was greatly appreciated so I could meet my deadline.
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6 years ago, LV953
Don't waste your time
Loaded on my iPhone. Followed instructions to print a doc sent in an email and the Fedex option does not show as an available printer. Deleted and reloaded the app with the same result. So then I uploaded the doc to Dropbox, a cloud service the app supposedly supports. When I tried printing that way I got an error message directing me to call FedEx customer support. When I did I learned that no one there apparently has a clue about the app or even that it exists. Seriously?
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3 years ago, LesSand75
Thanks to this app, I will never buy a printer again in my life!
This is SO much more convenient and cost-effective than having a laser printer at home. And the services are super useful - more options of paper quality, lamination, binding, color, etc. This is great!
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3 weeks ago, Alyeecat
Store was clueless
Tried to use the app to print something at the closest store. Paid for my 2 papers I needed printed. Easy peasy. Arrived at store and they were absolutely clueless as to how I even used the app. Told me I had to have an account with them to be able to do that. (No idea what that means, nor am I am I an account holder.) They had zero record of my order, even though I provided my order number. Won’t be using this again. TRAIN YOUR STAFF, FED EX!!!!!!!
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