Feet and Inches Calculator

4.5 (230)
50.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Evan Winograd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Feet and Inches Calculator

4.48 out of 5
230 Ratings
6 years ago, grendelum
Everything I wanted and more but...
I’m in no way in the construction industry, but I am building a new house. Having just received the survey, I wanted to do some calculations on my current square footage, the overall length and width of my existing home etc... nothing major, purely low volume stuff. The app worked perfectly, doing everything I asked of it and allowing me to do more (the triangle calculator was handy for getting an idea of the size of my new homes roof)... tho (and maybe I missed it), I would have liked to be able to get a slope/pitch ratio from my input of the angle (I actually couldn’t get any of the pitch x/y buttons to work), minor detail as I’m setting my roof by the angle of my latitude for a solar PV array. One star is lost because I *wanted* to toss the few dollars your way for making just the right app available for me at just the right time. Problem is, every time I click on the “Remove ads” button the app crashes... this is a 6th gen iPad with the latest iOS installed so... no cookies for you. If there’s another way (a pay for, ad-free version on the AppStore say) do let me know as I really appreciate the effort that went into this !! While we’re at it, it’d be nice if we could change the font color as well as the bg color... I do love a black bg with green text for that old terminal feeling !!
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2 years ago, Christa Dub
By far the best one I’ve tried
I use this app every single day. I’m a commercial designer and regularly have to multiply and divide dimensions for my work and this app makes my life so much easier. I like that you can change the color and theme of the app as well to make it a little more fun and customizable. If you’re not familiar with these types of apps you’ll wanna play around with it to get the hang of it, but that’s to be expected. I picked it up quick and I know you’ll be happy with this app if you use it. Edit: I’ve been using the app going on 3 years now I believe? I STILL use this app every single day for my job and absolutely love it. To the developers, please don’t ever get rid of this app. I feel like every time I (rarely) fall in love with an app, it somehow gets removed from the App Store. This app is fantastic and I don’t want to ever not have it.
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6 months ago, 68 zephyr
Great trig functions
I used to have the programs in my HP40CX but after 20+ years it quit working. I was getting tired of my other options and found this app to make my life a little easier.
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5 years ago, 57mink
Best for woodworking
I really like this app. My go to calculator. At first I thought I would have to learn to live with the wood looking theme, but it’s changeable to 8 or so other colors I really like how you can limit the fractions to something on your ruler. You can have it get very precise or say have it round to the nearest 1/32nd or 1/16th. At the same time it shows you the decimal equivalent and you can cycle the result to centimeters, millimeters and more, then back, or not go to metric at all. The data entry is different than all the others I’ve tried. You enter the feet in the top section, inches in the section below that, and select the fraction from a scrolling menu. The scrolling fraction menu is configurable and limits fractions to those found on a ruler. You can change the imperial entries to metric and have imperial results and metric at the same time, or just one or the other. It has proven very handy for me working with it in split view on my iPad along side a set of plans. Very nice app, A+
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5 years ago, 15909oldretiredguy
Customer Support
When it comes to a computer or phone product, be it hardware or software, customer service doesn’t make the product work better but it is, in my opinion, what marks the creator or company as to whether they truly care about ‘the customer’. Customer support for this app is top notch! The developer deems it important enough to quickly reply when a customer has an issue or problem with the app. That says a lot to me! I’m no math whiz so this app has come in very handy when I’m attempting to create my latest woodwork or metal project. Thank you for a great little app! 🤓
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11 months ago, Bob417
This is the app you need
I am just a part timer and I use this app all the time. I love the latest updates and new features. Had a question on how to convert inches to millimeters and contacted support. Had a response right away with screen shots explaining step by step how to do it. Can’t say enough good things. I used the free version with small advertisements but after this I paid for the version without the ads. Thanks for such a great app and awesome support.
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2 years ago, iKingClutch
Must Have App!
Quick and easy calculations for any trade in construction or even DIY projects around the house. I’m an electrician and this app makes work much more convenient for me. I especially love the “Triangle” section of the app for quick references for bending conduit. I had a slight problem with some settings resetting on me, but I emailed the support team and they had an update within 24 hours that fixed the bug. Can’t recommend enough!
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4 years ago, Chemao45785
Incredibly useful app made useless
This app is so incredibly useful. Unfortunately, it’s 100% useless unless you’re connected to the Internet. Why the hell is an Internet connection required for a calculator? I can understand that you need ads for revenue but completely crippling the program unless it’s connected to the Internet it’s a bit ridiculous. While the design of the app is second to none [at least compared to the dozen or so apps that I have tried], The Internet connection requirement is absolutely the biggest possible dealbreaker. What a shame
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4 years ago, dustinthealiem
This calculator is amazing.
I am in commercial concrete form work, ex house framer. I have used the Construction Masters and blah blah blah, let me tel you that this app does everything you need it to and it does it for free. I would even pay money for this app, the tenths to fractions conversion is SO EASY compared to construction master, I can convert elevation hubs in the blink of an eye. Best calculator for construction hands down, I tell Construction Master people to make the switch all the time.
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2 years ago, Aly Rae H
Just keeps getting better!
This calculator is so much more straightforward than others I’ve seen. Having separate sections for entering feet, inches, and fractions saves so many button clicks. Additionally, the developer is continuously adding new features to make the app even more functional and easy to use.
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4 years ago, Jbo1323
Beyond Great!
I’m an Electrician by trade and when I say I use this calculator a ton, I do. This app makes my life so much easier on the daily. Something that’ll take a few minutes or more to calculate can now be done in ten seconds or less! All it took me was to use this app my very first time and from there I bought it instantly. I thank the dev for creating an app so GRAND!
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4 years ago, Maui David
Construction industry aid
I manage construction projects and use this app constantly. I find it very useful and versatile, and it’s always in my pocket. Also I was having a bit of difficulty at one point and sent a message through the app to tech support and someone got back to me immediately with the answer I needed. Not a common experience. A++
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4 months ago, Jerry_Ball
Woodworkers DREAM
This app will save you time and increase your accuracy and Wood Working. It is an absolute must once you use it you’ll never want to be without it.. All carpenters and BUILDERS will find this app to be very valuable to their work. Congratulations to the developer for coming up with such a brilliant program..
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6 years ago, skIBOski94
Best calculator
I work as a carpenter and I can tell you that this is hands down the best calculator when doing layouts and finish/framing work. Easy, fast, and great user interface. A bit pricey if you wanna remove the ads but I’ve used it every day for the past 3 months that I decided to actually buy it and contribute. Thanks for the product.
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4 years ago, onegoodlife
UA Pipefitter
I have worked in construction for 36 years. Most of my career has been running work and primarily doing layout work. This app has become an invaluable part of my tool bag. I encourage everyone who works with me to download and use it. It is an easy and very quick method calculating measurements.
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6 months ago, NathanFilz
Very helpful free utility
I really appreciate the developer recognizing that some customers don’t want to have a subscription service associated with their calculator app. The advertisements in the free version are unobtrusive, and don’t hinder the use of the app. This is how a free app should be done. Thank you.
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1 year ago, clear entry
Additional request
Works great. Would like to see a clear entry button so you can correct a keying error without clearing all data entered Like to see metric/English conversion. Enter one or the other and click convert button to see alternate corresponding value.
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2 years ago, Nutz-4-Golf
Worth Going Ad Free
This is a super handy app to have around the shop or in the field. It’s intuitive, and customizable (thanks to Evan for pointing me in the right direction). Having app developers like the Feet Inches team creating useful and reliable tools is the best part of the community. Enjoy!
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2 years ago, RPF75
Great calculator
I don’t write many reviews, but this app deserves one. This is the best foot/inch calculator I’ve ever used by far. The numbers input is a great idea and saves lots of time by making it that you don’t need to input every single number, unit, etc. Highly recommended.
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3 years ago, g00gle2020
Ads bothering
This calculator work perfect but it does ads bottom of the screen when you start open the app ads pops up right the way if you take care of this ads nothing complaint about this app other things work perfect
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4 years ago, Tombillie
I’m building a new house and this app has been a necessity for me. It provides the information in several different formats. If you take some time to become familiar with it you’ll appreciate how much thought and effort the developer put into it.
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4 years ago, 1life4jesus
Great app!!! Totally recommend!
This app is great and I use it for construction all the time I recently transferred phones and had lost the lifetime purchase so I contacted the creator and he imminently responded and helped me get if fixed, was very kind and professional defidently thumbs up for me 👍
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2 years ago, PSssssps
So far the app works great. Just downloaded it wanna try it on the job site for a little while then will probably pay to get no ads if it keeps performing as it is right now.
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5 years ago, uberpixels
Most excellent construction calculator
I’m an Architect by trade and have used many feet-inch calculators and apps...this is my favorite. Please stick with it! I bought the paid version after using it for 10minutes...the adds are not intrusive, but I recommend supporting the dev.
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4 years ago, Arkidroid
Amazing tool and great developer
This is an amazing calculator that’s very intuitive to use. Has everything I need for work. The developer is very responsive when I had a few questions. Definitely recommended.
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6 years ago, wbkades
History tool
The history function allows me to go back and verify that all of my inputs were correct and check my work. For me this is very nice feature as I can make sure a typo does not mess up my project.
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9 months ago, Duckasaurusss
Great app!
Has features I didn’t even know I needed, but man am I glad they’re there. Really appreciate this app. Board ft calculator has come in handy a few times now, and the stringer calculator is a gem.
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5 years ago, gdangdan
Some Advices
1. Use a common numpad layout, “123” at the bottom and “789” at the top. 2. Add a layout to put one numpad on the left and the other one on the right, which is more intuitive.
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5 years ago, LetNothingGo4Ever
Awesome app!
I absolutely LOVE this app. My only complaint is that it rounds up decimals for example 3/8 = .375 but the calculator rounds up to .38 and I recognize fractions to the exact thousandths place. But other than that minor issue this is the best app u can get close to !
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6 years ago, Don rate app
Great for adding up numbers on Blueprints.
Easy, fast use of feet, inches and fractions calculations. After adding up multiple dimensions on a set of drawings, the app allows you to review the calculations on a clipboard. Support for this app is expedient. Highly Recommned.
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3 months ago, n-t-s
Check out the ruler tool!
This new feature to use your phone as a ruler for quick and dirty situations where you don’t have a tape measure handy is really cool. Thanks
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1 year ago, Shane Walnut
The Best Calculator available, hands Down.
I absolutely love this app, I would hate to lose it. I wish I had discovered years ago.
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2 years ago, lil mikey BBC
This app is the best on the market
This app has become my favorite go to for everything I do. Let’s keep the creature safe and secure forever.:)
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4 years ago, Eric on drums!
This app is outstanding! User-friendly interface that is a breeze to use on the job site... or anywhere else! Bravo! Very well done!
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6 years ago, Jbm60
Very Useful App
I am a farmer and an engineer, and this app comes in really handy when working with my feet/inches stadia rod while topo surveying. You can mix and match decimal feet and inches with fractional feet and inches. Thanks to the developer for a nice program.
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2 months ago, Gravityisweak
Best calc I’ve found so far
Honestly perfect. It’s intuitive and easy to use which makes it fast. Love it!
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6 months ago, Spikepeach
Indispensable Tool
I wish I had use of it 50 years ago. Checking blue prints and layout was very laborious and prone to error.
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9 months ago, therealJaymz
Get It!
I use this app near bout daily. Figure jobs with it and use it on the job. It is really simple to use. Helps out a lot. So yeah…get it.
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5 years ago, dfkgdrtnbt
Saved measurements
Love the app, however, since the new IOS on the iPhone it no longer saves measurements after locking the phone. Any thoughts?
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3 years ago, Blackstream01
Highly disappointed!
I paid the $5.99 to permanently remove the ads. After going through the process, I got the usual success notice. Well, the ads are still there and now are blocking to of the function buttons. I tried to contact the creator but I have yet to get a response!
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2 years ago, mcgrath3
Love this app!
This app is so useful that I use it everyday! The app is bug free with regular useful updates. Would recommend to all woodworkers.
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9 months ago, missy's human
Workshop build
I think this app is going to work just fine
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1 year ago, Jill Bailey14
Easy to use and many features
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2 years ago, BernSh
Works well
Nicely optimized interface. Works well!
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4 years ago, tesnevo
Great app!
An absolutely great and thought out app!! I’ve tried several others and this is still the best one.
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5 years ago, _OhmWrecker
My only issue with this app is that you can’t divide measurements. Like if i want to divide 6’3 1/2” divided by 3 i can’t. Other then that its a great app, and i hope the developers can add this feature.
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5 years ago, Whatup3344
Great Update!!!
Love the new layout a lot 🤩. Now they just need to update the icon to look a little nicer as well because the current one is the ugliest one on my phone 🤨👎🏼
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1 month ago, Bflobear
Great tool
I use to carry a calculator that did all this app can do - very helpful. Thank you!
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10 months ago, jay b 100
Great calculator for work.
This is a great conversion calculator that is very easy to use and almost always with you.
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6 months ago, EnderSlayers05
Super helpful
I love how there’s so many different tools in the app. And the ads are slim to none. This app is a lifesaver.
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