Feit Electric

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Feit Electric
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4 months ago
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User Reviews for Feit Electric

4.7 out of 5
271.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Don Stump
Our observation
We have two brands(apps) that we use in our home. Feit, of course, and the other rhymes with ring. I have to admit that the pictures we receive from the Feit devices are as clear if not better then the others. It’s a true observation when I read other reviews that pointed out the limited features. Keep in mind though a lightbulb that is watching over my vehicles only cost 40 dollars. It does have all the features I need to rest peacefully, two way talk, night vision , zoom, local storage of pictures and/or video, push notifications, works with Alexa, and more. All I had to do was screw a lightbulb in and set it up in the app. I’m a carpenter by trade and I’m capable of tearing out the old and putting in the new, but why? When all you have to do is screw in a bulb. We do have the flood light out back and it does great. It’s not over sensitive and every raindrop or bug set it off. Not that anything is wrong with the other brand, I’m just impressed how I was able to save money and didn’t have to sacrifice any performance limiting features. Thanks a breath of fresh air.
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2 months ago, NoNicjNameGiven
Hardware is pretty good SW needs some color
I’ve only had one switch stop working the dumber switch, but there are some issues with staying connected, especially with the plugs. I just don’t have range but if you have a good Wi-Fi router, I’ve never had a problem with the lights going out all worked and I have over 100 lights, the color ones are the cheapest possible you can find on the planet especially if you buy through Costco when they have a sale. A negative that needs changing is the std icon goes grey if the device is off. Then is has in WHITE LETTERING “OFFLINE” or “OFF” inside the light gra!!!! That’s just horrible graphics. it does so you could take a picture and substitute it you can put at least two schedules a day to repeat or just a timer to turn items off. There’s offline notification so those features rock especially for the price you can’t beat it. a bit of a hassle to get dimmer switches to work. I frequently have to go to the slow flashing mode. honestly only about half the time I can use them because there’s not enough wires to give it what it needs for a three-way connection these days with great rooms large open spaces you’re going to have at least a pair of three switches if not 3-5 of them controlling a large area. so that is a shortcoming of the hardware.
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2 years ago, rtconnected
New Product User/Initial thoughts
We just received the smart plugs from Costco, which I ordered online versus store based on helpful user reviews. I was impressed by the ease of setting up and installing, but am a little surprised and a bit bummed that it only supports a 2.4GHz network. This is plain as day right on the packaging I didn’t read the fine print prior to purchasing. The issue is that we have is that (for our home network) the location of the plug results in pretty poor signal strength on the required 2.4GHz network and won’t connect to our mesh network which I set up and prefer to use. The app requires that the device be on the same network as the unit, and you must be on that network before launching app (similar to Sonos devices) So a bit frustrating that this will require to change network each time before launching app in order to use. All that aside, we were up and running quickly, app interface easy to understand and straight forward. Also quickly set up daily schedule (automation) and tested the timer function. All works fine. Only gripe again is that only supports limited network bandwidth, would be much happier with this product if it supported more. Not sure if a keeper and definitely will not expand to other devices such as bulbs/others if also handcuffed to bad 2.4GHz limitation.
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3 years ago, Breeze90265
Bulbs are great App is not
Really like the bulbs...they work as advertised. I am using the App on an iPhone 11 Pro before this an XS Pro. The controls icons at the bottom of the App are stacked on top of each other or overplayed making them difficult to read and use. They are usable but annoying. This occurred on both versions of my Iphone. It does work so that's what is important. One of the features I really enjoy is to set timers for my lights. I can change the burn times or turn them on or off from anywhere where I am connected to the internet. Also the bulbs are very efficient using very little wattage. I would recommend these smart bulbs but confused and vexed about how long the App has been messed up. My very first version of the App was perfect then it got bad then worse. The latest update seems to be a little better. If it wasn't for the graphic icon controls on the App overlaying on each other I would give them 5 stars. It's annoying but still functional so I am just accepting this "as is" for now. I erased the App a while back and reinstalled it. That was a pain as I have 10 lights which all had to be reconnected one at a time and the App display was the same. In conclusion, I do like the lights and think they are a good product.
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3 years ago, HektikLyfe
Data Harvest Danger
The Good: The packaging of the hardware. The Bad: I purchased the dual outlet outdoor smart plugs with the intention to set them up for my holiday lights and decorations. I have plenty of experience setting up WiFi outlets of many different brands. The software does NOT connect properly even following the instructions exactly. Then if you attempt to troubleshoot you find typos and English errors in the text which is immediately disconcerting. Then when you read the privacy policy... The Ugly: Your face after you read the privacy policy. Here is a DIRECT QUOTE: “Feit Electric collects general and non-public personal information.” What is “non-public personal information” you ask? Well, allow me to elaborate what it discloses in their own policy. “Non-public personal information may include WITHOUT LIMITATION: name; address; phone number; email address; credit card number; account information; VOTING BEHAVIOR; SPENDING PATTERNS; and individual tastes and preferences.” Oh and it doesn’t end there... “Non-public personal information is any...information...that is proprietary or identifies or can be used to identify, contact or locate you or someone at your business.” Oh and you do NOT have any option to opt out. The Summary: HOLY CARP! I’m no conspiracy theorist by far but this made in China product is going right back to Costco and this app is getting deleted immediately!
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2 years ago, LeLindaBee
I love it
This is a great product. I use it every single day. I would like to see a dark mode for the app be developed. The white interface can be hard on the eyes. The only other thing I really think this app needs is the ability to schedule the color and amount (%) of light to come on, in the scheduling. Instead it uses the last known percent and color. For example, first thing in the morning when I have my kitchen light come on if I had had it at 100% the night before on daylight color it’s going to turn on at that 100% daylight color. When I get up in the morning, I want just a 1% soft white light at 6am, however, it returns to the 100% daylight that I left it at last night. I think they could develop that in the scheduling part of the app. Like you get to schedule the light, the color and the percent to turn on at. Other than that this is a fabulous app.
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3 years ago, mashaf
A good app, but desperately needs 1 more feature
While this app might benefit from a few more features, nonetheless, has MOST of the basic capabilities that it needs. When I say it has MOST of what it needs, there is one annoying (and very important) missing feature. Many of us who use this app (like myself) use it much more on an iPad than on an iPhone and many of us (again, like myself) use their iPad with an attached keyboard (like my Apple Magic Keyboard) almost all the time, therefore we almost always use the iPad in LANDSCAPE orientation. This app only works in PORTRAIT mode. Therefore, we always have to either detach the iPad from the keyboard (and, even more importantly, the trackpad) or look at the screen sideways. I don’t mind too much that the app only has an iPhone version (although adding a native iPad version would be nice). If, however, you have an iPhone only app you should assume that many people will use it on an iPad in screen magnified form and often with an attached keyboard/trackpad in landscape orientation. Thus it simply MUST operate in landscape orientation as well as portrait mode. If it did, I’d give it 5 stars.
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2 years ago, jacekmus
App shows devices ON while they are OFF. Automation stopped working
I have installed and been using Feit Electric smart devices for last 6 months with fairly good experience. I have 20 smart dimmers and multiple smart plug outlets. For about a week, since March 13th, the Feit app for iOS started acting weird. The biggest issue is with the app showing smart devices ON while they are actually OFF, when you pull screen down to refresh, it changes status for some devices, but it is never correct. What’s more annoying - I have created automation for exterior and interior night modes, that should turn ON lights at sunset and turn OFF at sunrise. It worked pretty good for last 6 months and stopped working correctly in last 6 days. I tried to reset devices and connect them back again with no luck. It is definitely something wrong with your Feit server. I read also other bad reviews on Apple AppStore about same issues from other users. How you can help me to fix the issue? If not fixable I will return all devices to Costco. Please advise. Thank you. Update as of March 24th: Looks like developer reads reviews and comments. After more than a week of malfunctioning, the app was updated and all seems to be working fine back again.
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3 weeks ago, Shynoke
The best I’ve seen, but room for improvement
Honestly the best I’ve come across on the market. I was recently robbed and my neighbors with cameras didn’t capture when the thief went to their car but mine did. None of them had feit. Others had issues with their cameras batteries or simply capturing nothing or subscription issues. I’m thankful there are no additional subscription charges after purchase for feit. My neighbors had ring, adt, and a brand that I didn’t recognize. I realized my feit held more recording for a longer period of time. I appreciate the continuous recording option. However sometimes there are 1 minutes gaps where a time skips happens. I like that I can download the videos. But it would be nice if the video footage could do 10 sec skips when reviewing footage with the option to review footage in fast motion when I move the sliding button to a specific time. Those improvements would be nice. It would also be nice if the notification didn’t come on when the wind moves the leaves on my tree.
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11 months ago, maria27 work
I would’ve gave five stars, but I don’t get the notification till after they turned around and walked away so it never gives me enough time to communicate with the person that standing there it’ll tell me that somebody’s there but by the time I get on the microphone they’re turning around and walked away 😭if i could get the notification right away and then communicate with the person then I would of definitely give them five stars but all and all it’s been working the way is should if it would if been 50-60 per flood light i would of gotten more but there we’re almost 80 with taxes there were not had to wire but you do need wired outlets for the flood louche to work I have not ran out of memory I can’t remember what amount the sd cartridge was I’ve had them for about 6-7 months as of today date July 24th back and front working ok ✅ any rodents cats dogs will trigger your lights and let you have a notification 🔔 which is a bummer when your sleeping and it’s just a cat 🐈‍⬛ enjoying my FLOOD LIGHT CAMERA!
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3 years ago, greentreewalker-11711
Constantly frustrating and clunky
The app is very unhelpful and clunky to use. Clicking into menus and settings takes holding your finger down just right to make sure you go to settings vs turning off your light. You can no longer make device groups due to the most recent update. Every time our internet goes out we have problems with our lights and often have to completely reconnect them. Sometimes there are communication errors between the app and the bulbs. It will take dozens of attempts to change a lights color or brightness until it actually executes. Also if you want to pick a bulb color it’s a guessing game hitting in a circle palette or you choose from 6 or so basic colors. It would be nice to have more customization in this app over all and more control. The app is not user friendly and it’s clunky, frustrating, and a hassle to use. Changing my light settings genuinely makes me depressed. I wonder and wish that each developer would take at least 10 of these home and use them for the next two months and test out the app with their family. I would say that’s way more helpful to show it’s severe lacking than any of us can detail.
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2 years ago, Anabella Luisa Vera
so i have had no access to my phone for about a week and i just got on the app to turn my light off. i get on and see “feit floodlight”. i have never purchased a floodlight from feit. i checked the footage that it has said it had caught and it is DEFINITELY NOT my house. i don’t know if someone logged onto my account and added their floodlight or what. someone please get back to me ASAP because there’s no way for me to remove this device from my account whatsoever. another reason i’m giving 2 stars is because sometimes my light bulb disconnects from my phone and will start flashing. i’ve had to disconnect and restart the whole process multiple times but for some reason when i try to disconnect that random floodlight, it won’t let me. other times it just won’t let me control the light from my phone like turn it on and off. i personally wouldn’t recommend getting a light bulb or this app. it’s just a pain to work with and a waste of time for me. if any workers read this, please respond. i don’t like having the feeling of “oh some random floodlight is connected to MY account that i MYSELF has made”
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2 years ago, LV Rhino
Overall Nice but could be a lot better
I really do not get a great picture that you could zoom in and get a good picture of someone’s face. Over 2022 Summer there was actually a highly organized team of 10 people going through our neighborhood checking car doors. Our camera did pick them up as they attempted our car doors but the picture was not high quality. A second issue that I have had more recently is that if I click to expand the image to full screen, it simply zooms in to the left side of the screen and the picture remains the same size and does not go to a landscaped picture. I have tried reformatting, shutting the power to the light off for 30 minutes, deleting and reinstalling the app, and also reformatting the drive. None of those things worked. I did send a not to Tech support but they have not been helpful so far. I wanted to buy more cameras for the different sides of the house but I think I might try some different brands. These things are notch cheap either. So I am disappointed at this point
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2 years ago, noodleznow
Hard to read the text
Good app, would be 4/5 if I could read the text more easily. For the scheduling, they use a tiny font that’s light gray on a lighter gray background. Why??? Please increase the size and contrast. My iPhone contrast is already enhanced, but it’s still difficult to read. The app would be 5/5 if for the scheduling I could choose sunrise and sunset and an +/- offset time in minutes, plus have a random time within some chosen range of minutes. I have dumb wall timers that do those things. The schedules I have to make various lights go on and off at seemingly random times, not repeating themselves every day, are obscenely complicated. Having a random time generator would vastly simplify scheduling to help make my vacation house look occupied. Otherwise, I recommend this system. But please, make it easier to read for function’s sake, and tell those people who want light gray font on light gray background to go look at a painting if they want to see pretty things. This needs to be more functional and utilitarian.
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6 months ago, C Farber
Kinda gone downhill
A couple years back when I first bought Feit switches, I was impressed that something relatively low in cost had such a decent interface. I was always able to get new devices to pair, although it often required some messing around. After recent updates I can no longer leave the app open in the background and count on it to refresh properly when brought back into focus. It simply won’t switch any lights or reflect the current status of the light. In order to get functional again, I have to kill the app and re-open it. Not a huge deal, but it is an extra step and it used to work just fine!! I will continue to use Feit for some of my lesser frequently used items, some remote plugs etc.. but with these recent issues and their lack of switch options (such as a simple on/off switch instead of a dimmer) I had to change over to Lutron. So far, I am thrilled with the Caseta lineup with their ease of use and expandability with the little remotes.. and it doesn’t clutter up my WiFi network so much
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2 years ago, new bart rider
A useful app
I am impressed with its ease of use and setup of a new device. It’s fairly basic but currently has enough flexibility in the scenes and automation feature to be useful. One issue that I did observe at least a few times is the automation feature did not respond as programmed. I had setup a delay off when an outlet was turned on. Several times, it did not execute the turnoff action after a predetermined delay when the smart outlet was turned on. Had to manually turn it off. This is and has been intermittent. Hope a future update may resolve it. Still, I would stick with FEIT because I have little confidence in many of the competing products which have higher end features and capabilities in terms of quality design and production. I would trust FEIT products to have a lessor probability of a dramatic flame up and catch my house on fire.
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2 years ago, NFG8619
No longer connects
Been using the feit color smart lights for about 8month. Never had any issues really besides about once a week the lights would disconnect and I would have to repair them. Which admittedly gets annoying. But a step above the previous lights which was a pain to reconnect. Now for some reason this week all my bulbs in my bedroom, living-room and dining room are no longer able to connect through the app. I have deleted all the lights out of the app and tried to repair them. Failed. Reset my router and tried to repair them. Fail again. Create a new account after un-installing and reinstalling the app put them back in pairing. Failed yet again. Tried from multiple devices. All failed. Too bad they arent home-kit usable or I would try that. Normally I hate leaving bad reviews but to have all 8 bulbs no longer work in all the main rooms is just ridiculous. Wanted to avoid phillips hue bulbs but I guess Ill have to slowly move to them eventually when Im able to since they are so expensive. But they are homekit accessories so thats a big plus for me on apple. But its gonna take time.
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1 year ago, Case Solved
Difficult at first
When I first got this app it just wouldn’t connect to my LED lights. It told me to go to a place with better Wi-Fi and to be as close to the lights as possible so I tried that. I finally gave up then a few weeks later I tried again and it worked second try. I still don’t know what was wrong but it’s a great app and it does make things easier when I have them in my room because my dad had the app for them and sometimes it was a little to bright so I had to tell my dad to turn them down and since my room is in the basement it’s hard tell if they are turned down enough. So, I finally told my dad to give me the account and I love this app because I am very unorganized and I lost my remote for my lights and I had to have it on white ALL THE TIME. When I have this app I can change the colors, the brightness, and even when the lights turn on and off automatically. Therefore GET THIS APP!
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3 years ago, Rad hgal
Great solution to our problem
A previous owner did some creative wiring so that the recessed lights in our living room were connected to the ceiling fan and light. The only way to get light in the room was to turn the big, bright, ugly fan light on. By installing the smart bulbs in the recessed lights, we are now able to only turn them on -and not include the fan light if we don’t want it. The lights are also dimmable so we can control the brightness now. My only issue is that they had to be connected to a 2.4 internet connection which created some connectivity issues in some of our other devices. In the long run, we saved a lot of money by not having to have the fixtures re-wired. We are very pleased with this product and have the bulbs installed in other fixtures throughout the house and all are controllable with our Alexa app.
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4 months ago, AKA Wilson
Hit or miss…
When the app works, it's pretty cool. When it doesn't work, which is the majority of the time, it's extremely frustrating. Among my lights, I have five bulbs in a chandelier where each bulb seem to have a mind of their own and work when they feel like it. Not just when trying to control them by the group, but individually as well. Bulbs randomly will not respond, sometimes saying they’re offline in the app (while they are working), etc. The next day they may work fine, so there's no rhyme or reason behind it that I can figure out. Also, the app never seems to update if a light is turned on or off without swiping down to refresh the app and forcing it to update the status. I've checked the App Store for updates, uninstalled/reinstalled the app, deleted/recreated the groups, as well as tried to remove and re-sync all the bulbs individually several times with zero success. l will update my review if the app ever starts working properly on a consistent basis. Until then it's a 2/5.
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2 years ago, songbergs
Easy to schedule and set up
I used to have several apps for running my smart plugs. Once I tried these, I replaced all the others with this brand. They are sooo easy to set up. And you can add a schedule in one step. Most others require you to set up one schedule to turn on and another to turn off. And two of these can be plugged into a double outlet. Some smart plugs are too big and and get in the way of using both receptacles. These beat all to heck trying to set up those old fashioned ridiculous timers, too. Now all my smart plugs are in the Feit app and there is no more confusion. I started with these last year and added a couple more this year. Again, so easy. I just hit the + sign in the app and in about one minute each, they were connected, named, and set up on my 5pm to 11pm Christmas schedule.
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5 months ago, Repair you app
Doesn’t work with Apple Watch
I like the Feit app, but it hasn’t worked right with my watch for a couple of months. I can’t log into the app on my watch unless I go to my phone and open the app. What good is it to have it on my watch if I have to pick up my phone and open the app? it used to stay available on my watch for a few days to a week and then I would have to open the app on my phone. It doesn’t stay on my phone even a full day anymore and sometimes I can’t get it to go onto the Watch, even if I open the app, I’ve restarted the phone and I’ve restarted the watch but I still have the same problem. I uninstalled the app from my phone and then reinstalled it and the problem is still the same. I don’t foresee buying any more of your products unless this can get fixed.
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2 years ago, Lord Farquadd
Initial setup (2.4G wifi) requirement has to be revised
All IoTs connect to 2.4G WiFi only, that’s not new. But Feit App only identifies device during the initial setup when both your phone and the device are on the 2.4G WiFi. That is unnecessary, stupid, and has to change. All my other devices allows the phone / app on 5G WiFi while the devices themselves on 2.4G during setups. That makes a world of difference - the new mesh WiFi routers don’t allow you to set 2.4G and 5G networks under different SSIDs. And your phone is always going to hop on 5G network first, which makes Feit device initial setup SO MUCH MORE difficult, if not downright impossible. Roll out a new firmware and correct this nonsense. It is not difficult. Btw, once it’s setup, my Feit device works just fine. The 3-star is solely for the setup difficulties.
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3 years ago, Mmcnel01
Issues for improvement
Bought a 3 pack at Costco and now that I finally got them setup I’m having issues with 1 of them in particular. I live in a 1600 sq ft house with drywall - not plaster, and my router is approximately 25’ from one unit that 99% of the time says it’s “offline”. I’ve followed the suggestions listed and still have the issue. If I turn the space heater on by pushing the button on the unit it switches on ok. Another issue is the app, besides being extremely plain and boring looking, its almost impossible to read because the background is white and the text is light gray, so there is very little contrast for this 60+ year old to be able to read it. (Probably designed by a 20 year old with 20-15 vision) I checked thinking maybe there’s a way to customize it by changing the background and text colors to make it more pleasing to the eye and make it easier to read, but can’t find where that’s an option.
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11 months ago, ScottD1
Stable with 40 but app needs sme work
As of now you can use the app on a M1 macbook but it doesnt work with shortcuts. I dont see them updating the devices to support MATTER for current lights I own. The one weird thing about the app is you can only be logged in from one device at a time. I wish they woudl change this becuase that breaks shortcuts that syncs accros all your devices. For example if you have shortcuts for your devices and own a ipad and iphone it will only work with the one device your logged into. So as a work arround you have to create another account on the app with a differen email address and then invite yourself (new account) with the sharing of the app the same way you would invite other memebers in the house. This work arroudn works, but why not just let people log into multiple devies with your app from the same account?
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3 years ago, G'Naids
App, as other stated, not so good.
First off, the reviews are for not only the Feit app, but bulbs, cameras, outlets and Costco bananas. I’ve read a few dozen reviews and with all the 1-2 star reviews (seems to be almost a third), I don’t understand how this gets an average over four stars?!? Okay, this is my issue: the app is not user friendly! I am using it with the Feit Smart Plugs (two pack from Costco). I’ve have set up LOTS of smart devices. I am a firefighter and the station officer for my fire department so I’ve purchased smart devices and set them up to a level that our least engaged members can figure out (well not all). This app is confusing at best when setting up an automated schedule. The nomenclature is not what the average person would use making it LOTS of trial and error to get it correct. What… read the instructions you say? Even worse. All I want to do is set up a daily on and off schedule- why should that be so difficult? I’ll tell you why, because they add so many gimmicks that take priority over the most common task and they kick you into screens that you have to press every radio button and “next” screen only to be more confused when you started. Took me 93 minutes and 12 seconds to get this figured out. Should of only taken me 6 minute and 30 seconds. And I’m still doubtful it will fulfill my needs. What happened to the good ole days when men were men and sheep ran scared?
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2 years ago, Cas8888
Have been using the app for over a year now and it’s gone from nearly worthless to tolerable. UI is still a mess, and when things change there is no way of knowing. Maybe some release note pop-ups might help? some features are poorly labeled and/or hidden… for example I have been waiting for a simulated sunrise/sunset feature forever. Literally just 10 minutes ago I triple-checked and I found that the basic lightbulb has a buried command called “circadian rhythm” that seems like it might do what I want… when did it show up? Who knows? And I have to set it bulb by bulb. I get tier 0 feature releases guys but come on, you are selling the bulbs by the pack in warehouse clubs. Last major gripe is STILL NO DARK MODE SUPPORT. I don’t have a smart speaker in the bedroom for privacy, so I have to use the app to turn off the nightlight function. All apps should really respect system settings if only for accessibility reasons.
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1 year ago, Colorado Sundance
Extremely Poor Customer Support
I have purchased 7 or 8 of Feit WiFi devices from Costco but have only installed 4 of them because 2 or the initial 4 devices failed within a few months after installation. One it the first two devices I purchased had an initial problem & I called Feit’s phone customer Support & they were extremely helpful in resolving the issue. After purchasing some additional devices (more WiFi bulbs & two external motion activated floodlights with cameras) I encountered another problem but Feit had discontinued their phone Customer Support & only took customer issues through their app. I reported my problems via the app & never heard anything back so I have not even bothered to install the other Feit devices I have. I reported these issues & the lack of Customer Support to Costco Corporate Offices & still have had not response from Feit about my issues. I would NOT recommend this company or their devices due to their product failures & even more so for their complete lack of Customer Support.
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2 years ago, clearly a terrible upgrade
Inconsistent & totally non-intuitive
Trying to create “scenes” is most confusing & frustrating. When you finally do hit on the proper screens & set up a schedule, you hope it remains. For several months I had a perfect schedule set up & was able to control my lights using Alexa. Then for some reason - perhaps a brief power blip or an IOS upgrade - all the set up schedules disappeared & the lights were “not responding” or “offline” when using Alexa voice commands. After resetting the schedules 3 times in the last 5 days, the lights randomly switched on at 6:15 am & the schedules set up have disappeared from the app The Help section is useless & Feedback requires you to upload a picture before you can proceed to explain the issue - a picture of what?! the lightbulb?! Terrible! What seemed to be a great & convenient solution to light control has become a frustration. I have never had an issue with the Kasa system, but I don’t have enough convenient outlets for all of the devices - Feit bulbs would have been the solution.
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2 years ago, tjohara74
Life Changing Peoduct
With this product, I didn't have to change my electrical outlets at significant costs. I just plug in and connect. At nights I can easily turn in/off lights and devices around my home. Once in a while, I can't connect to the switches. When I first installed them, I had a little frustration ro get them connected. It could have been my network. I am not sure. I have the app on 2 devices. Sometimes when one device is connected, the status does not show up correctly on the other device. It is then difficult to get the other device to work. But overall, I like the product I purchased. There are others but I haven't tried them. The concept is very good though.
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1 year ago, Chris Mom RN Boss
Complete Fail
I’ve had my cameras for over a year. About six months ago I lost one of my cameras and have been unable to get it back online. Still six months later. There’s no phone number listed online to call customer service or to troubleshoot anything. You have to go through an email and you have to wait for them to actually read the email and choose if they’re going to respond then when they do they still don’t give you any offerings to help you or give you a phone number to be able to get you back online. I’ve troubleshot every single way I could think of online and through their troubleshooting page and nothing will work. I even went and bought a brand new camera and tried to get it connected onto my network and mind you there’s still one connected to the network and it will not work when the cameras did work, they worked fine and I was happy with them but once you lose a camera, good luck getting it back and good luck getting anybody to help you.
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2 years ago, spiderweb831
WiFi connection issues
Overall, when it’s working, we like this camera/floodlight. Every so often it decides not to like our cable WiFi signal though, and gets dumped off the network. Seems to happen if power goes out or fluctuates. Whenever this happens it is not a simple matter of reconnecting. We have to reset our modem, then bust out the ladder to go up and unscrew the little panel to push the reset button. In the app we need to forget the device, then re-add it all over again. I know which breaker switch powers it, so I could just flip that to reset, but then we need to reset clocks on the same circuit which is annoying. I’ve had to perform this procedure at least 3 times since we’ve owned the unit. Our modem is maybe 15 ft away from the camera, so proximity shouldn’t be the problem. Like I said, it works fine when it’s connected, just wish it would stay that way!
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3 years ago, PhilipNTx
Bad. Just bad.
Originally, set up was fine. Got things up and running pretty quickly. I don’t know if it was an update or what, but now the app is useless. The schedule I had in place (all I have is one device, an outside light on my garage) disappeared, and I had to create it again. Saved it. Worked once, and then it just stopped. I went into the app, and the schedule — the only one I have — was grayed out. I had to go in and save it again. Worked once or twice, but again it stopped randomly. This has happened over and over now, and it’s unsafe. It’s just ridiculous. Just now I noticed that, once again, the light wasn’t on when it should have been. Sure enough, the schedule was again grayed out. Had to open it and save it again. Who knows if the light will turn off in the morning like it’s supposed to. I have no faith that it will work.
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2 years ago, Twisted30
Terrible app and product!
The app is horrible! Poor directions and very disfunctional! I have several smart devices and this is the only one that requires a 2.4 GHz connection. I was on the first screen that is saying to connect to 2.4 GHz - I tried everything to see why it wasn’t connecting…. It wasn’t even trying! Turns out that it is the first SLIDE and you have to slide sideways, which then appears to give you continuing instructions for set-up, but it’s not actually setting it up!!! When I finally get past the last slide, it THEN gets to the set-up. It didn’t get any better after that. I had a lot of trouble just getting it connected to my WiFi. Turns out, you have to enter the WiFi password at the bottom of the page - but it doesn’t REQUIRE IT and lets you continue on without it, then simply doesn’t work! Extremely frustrating! I have Smart devices set-up all over my home - no issues until Feit! This is a dumb device! I will never buy Feit again!!!
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11 months ago, StruggleScorpio
Working issues…
I have the color changing lights, lots of color options, effects and whatnot, all controlled through an app can be so convenient…except when it’s not. Per example, the app will tell me the light is “unavailable” even when on full Wi-Fi and my Bluetooth is on, right next to the device, so if god forbid I had red mood lighting on, if I need to change it to white to see better, I am unable to. Furthermore, there are times I’ll turn the lights on and they decide to flash from on to off every second like a strobe effect (I’ve tried turning the switch on and off), which can’t be safe at all for people with conditions like epilepsy, even though there’s already a strobe effect in the app. Grateful for the product, it makes watching movies or vibing to music nice, but the issues are absolutely inconvenient to every day life and make navigating my place (a lower level with not much natural light) challenging.
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2 years ago, DeliberatelyDave
Thee absolute most frustrating “smart bulbs” to set up!
THEE most frustrating “smart bulbs” to set up on the planet. I follow their set up word for word and just run in a set up loop over and over again (2min “scanning for device” included), to “Could not find the device….. would you like to retry?” Over and over and over! To make matters worse I contact their tech support to get a completely clueless agent who runs me through the same basic set up that has been failing repeatedly and, shortly into the call (most of which the call involved the tech support agent sitting there silently-no “help” what so ever) he legit says to me after sitting there on the phone in silence for 4 minutes and NOT actively assisting me with any other possible ideas, “okay, well Im going now…. (HANGS UP THE PHONE-ending the call on me). THAT is their “tech support staff at Feit Electric!? Sitting there silently on the other end of the line and “Okay Im leaving now, buh bye”!? no follow up or to another agent for any other possible ideas!? Really Feit Electric!?
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3 years ago, Yugutgygvygbugvt
Clunky unresponsive difficult to navigate
This product was a very big disappointment I bought theses from Lowe’s and they are just the most frustrating thing on the planet I bought 4 of them for my ceiling fan and I can never get all 4 to connect one is always offline it’s not the same one either it always seems to change around and I try to reconnect but reconnecting with 4 of these things is a nightmare it takes like 3 minutes to connect and by that time you have a headache from the blinking lights (no warning of that’s how you have to set them up on the box real issue that the company should probably fix) and then after messing with the blinking lights I’m stuck with 2 offline this is day 2 of trying to set these up my connection is fine and is 2.4Hz I don’t know if I just got a bad apple or what but this was a terrible experience and I can only hope I get a refund
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12 months ago, Beyond fed up and annoyed
Started good but now it’s annoying
I don’t know if the app is the issue or if it’s the physical light bulbs, but the lights sometimes work how they are suppose to. I also have Alexa paired with the this app. I command Alexa to turn off or on the lights and it is very inconsistent. I have tried to delete the light bulbs off the app and reset them and it’s very difficult to add the lights again. I’ve sometimes spend more than an hour trying to reconnect one light bulb to the app. I don’t know what happens once they are added but suddenly the lights stop responding to commands from Alexa or physical commands from this app. I am to the point where I’m deciding to just get rid of the light bulbs and try a different brand. Also, I have even reset my wifi to see if that’s the issue but it is not. At this point I think it’s something in the software but all of my bulbs are up to date so I don’t know.
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10 months ago, 0nXYZ
Decent bulbs, horrible app
Find another vendor because their app is hot garbage. I’ve had two bulbs for almost two years now and they still work which is the reason for the two star rating instead of one. The app is made worse with every update. Fading and color selection options don’t work most of the time if ever. The app only shows the dimming percentage for normal lights not color which is what I use most of the time. Anything cool you might want to do or think you’d be able to do based on the advertised features I’d bare bones and clunky. The app also requires you create an account and always be logged in even though there is zero online functionality like turning lights on/off when you aren’t home. Additionally for my fellow audio sensory issue homies, any colors outside of the red, blue, or green will create a high pitched constant tone. Such as blue green. Stay away.
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12 months ago, R3conklin
Good and bad
I bought these bulbs to have more control over some of the lights in my house. I wanted to be able to change colors, intensity, and set schedules. The bulbs and app do that pretty well. The system is also pretty bad. The process of pairing is… annoying, and has to be done a lot more frequently than I’d like. Accidentally turn of your bulb via a light switch? Your living room might turn into a rave for the next 15 minutes while your bulbs pair back up with your wifi network. Update your app? Oops all of a sudden your phone/app has lost every bit of information about your lighting set up and you have to pair every light in your house all over again. See you in an hour! Is it too much to ask for this to just work consistently? I really question if the benefits are worth the hassle.
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2 years ago, frustrated after upgrade
Great product, worst App
These remote plugs are great and a major convenience during the holidays. We can turn all our different lights on and off throughout the house from our phones. However, enabling additional phones (from second one on) requires registering an account in the ALL the phones separately. This alone is problem enough, but after having used them last year and since upgrading the iOS wiped out the account login info. This requires re-registering, but when use enter your previous email you get an already updated in use message and NO WAY to continue beyond that point. No “forgot password” link or any other way forward. We had to use old alternate emails. This is totally unacceptable. We all upgrade our iOS’s or entire phones. Please fix this. Keychain does Not store the login info. I couldn’t even find a new login link if I had the password! Just a “complete the registration “ page
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2 years ago, Subzwayzsuzfer
LOVE my Feit plug-in timers!!!
I purchased three AC/DC plug-in timers to turn my Christmas lights on and off every day!! When I saw how convenient and easy thing were to use, I purchased additional sets and LOVE that my family room lamps all come on at 5 PM every evening and go off at 10 o’clock at night… And the fact that you can control them from any cell phone if you are away or out of town is fantastic!! They are sleek and modern looking,,,,,easy to operate setting the timers on my phone !!! I purchased additional sets for all of my relatives and they love them equally so!!!! What a convenience and great product!!!! Thank you Feit !!! I actually purchased a feit motion sensor for my adult children’s house after loving your products!!!
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1 week ago, annoyedchronicallyillperson
Bring back the widget!
My ability to use the widget to turn my bulbs on and off was removed with a recent app update, as well as the app no longer understanding when the bulb is actually on or off. It’s now taking over a minute just to turn a light on with an app because the functionality of the app plummeted. Adding each bulb to my home screen is a poor solution to losing the widget function because it takes so much longer than using the widget. It has to open the app, then open the bulb, and then I have to manually slide the bulb brightness up or down instead of just tapping on the bulb in the widget and the light turning on or off immediately. Having the ability to turn my lights on and off from my phone is about accessibility as a disabled person, it’s the entire reason why I have smart bulbs in the first place. Making it more difficult to turn on your lights was… not the move.
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1 year ago, no game witihin a game
Disappointed & Frustrated
Have 9 bulbs connected in various locations in my home. Presently 3 are offline and unable to reconnect. Nor will these three turn on or off via the light switch. Funny thing of those, one still follows the on and off schedule, but I can’t access it manually. Frustrating. The bulbs that work, work. The bulbs that don’t work will no longer connect, won’t enter the pairing mode, and won’t turn on via the light switch. Solution for the 33% not working, ohh and the one brand new unused (40% problematic) back to Costco for the refunds. Maybe if enough of the problem bulbs are retailer returned, it will get someone’s attention. Upgrade or fix the app, end user consumers like me have wasted time and money. I’ll skip any comments on the help guide that indicated “energize” the bulb. Geez the wording should have been turn on or switch on the bulb. (For a moment, thinking I had to call Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise).
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2 years ago, Dezistar 1855
Do Not Waste Your Time or Money
This app is confusing and does not work well. I bought some smart bulbs from this brand hoping to avoid the much more expensive LG or Samsung versions, but I shouldn’t have skimped out. Nothing about this app is intuitive. The main reason I bought these lightbulbs was to have lights on a timer that helped me to wake up. The way to do this in this app is through a strange “if/then” system that seems to be wholly ineffective and redundant. It’s been months since my lightbulbs turned on at the correct time OR on the correct color no matter how many times I reset. In fact, if I leave the power source to the lamps these bulbs are in on during the night/day, they turn off and ON AT RANDOM TIMES throughout the day. Many times the bulbs do not connect via Bluetooth at all. If you still have your receipt, return these bulbs wherever you bought them from and save yourself the massive headache.
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3 years ago, RetroUltraModern
Had to reset bulbs 3 times since ver 3.0.6
After installing version 3.0.6 (and later) of this app, my smart bulbs have gotten disconnected and needed to be reset multiple times. They only seem to work for a few days now before they disconnect. I’ve had them for well over a year and they never needed to be reset before. The Feit app is unintuitive and can conflict with Alexa because they have some of the same features. I learned this the hard way. My smart bulbs got disconnected from my WiFi when version 3.0.6 rolled out, and I had to set them up again, so I only did the bare minimum in the Feit app and used Alexa to do everything else. This fixed a lot of quirky little issues I had before. You only need this app to set up the Feit devices initially. Just use the Alexa app (or another virtual assistant) to set up groups, adjust brightness and color, and automate the lights to turn on at sunset or at specific times, etc.
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11 months ago, Lowteck
If -if-if
Instal seemed like it should be rather straight forward but I could not get it to connect to my modem. I had a tech pal come over we spent a long time on it. We wound up calling tech support. It seems there are MANY WIFI security protocols including WPE, WPA, WPA2, WPA 3 the last being the latest and most secure. This Feit camera is not compatible with the latest/most secure WPA3. ONLY, WPA2! I had to then get my modem to only send out a wifi signal with an older protocol to get it to connect. It seems the Feit software is behind in security updates. I would hope the can soon wirelessly update this to accept any version. I’ve also twice had it quit all together but reseting it by powering off and back on fixes it. If you’re out of town this is no good.
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6 months ago, Nhoj 1.0
Smart WiFi Bulb 100W
I bought a Feit Smart WiFi Bulb to brighten up my entryway during the holidays. The app connected to the bulb very quickly and was very easy to setup with my network. I was hoping for more effects, especially since it is the holiday season. There doesn’t appear to be any way to cycle between just 2 colors (red and green for instance). It only cycle through all primary colors. This is nice but not exactly what I wanted. If it can be done I don’t see how to do it. I am also a little confused on setting up a smart scene like a dusk to dawn scene. It seems like I have to go through and set a lot of things twice for a simple dusk to dawn scene. I like the brightness of the bulb but hope that more and easier functionality can be added to the app. When that happens I will adjust my rating.
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3 years ago, Thay-Gia
Need totally rewritten
I have the WiFi camera floodlights installed on the eave of my backyard, 10 foot high! It’s acting up and I have to reset it. The problem arises: dangling 10 foot high, I have to make sure not dropping/loosing 2 super small screws holding a small plate to access the reset button behind the “gate”! It should be designed better than that! AND the app is rediculous! The “alarm” messages list the most recent events first. It’s perfect BUT it’s just a still snapshot, to get the video I have to get into “Playback” selection and it lists by “TIME”. To see the current one I have to scroll way down to the end of the list! Another problem of the app is the “Motion” selection. It uses a weird way to activate the detect zones. There is NO picture of the area to identify the zone as other companies do! I have no idea where are the “detected zones”. Then I CANNOT back out by clicking the left arrow !! I have an iPhone 12 Max Pro!
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2 years ago, Xavia Schmid
It’s not buying again!
I got the LED lights for Christmas, they worked very well but the stick lasted for only a week. It was also so hard to connect the lights to the app, you would have to sit for 2min or more with rapidly flashing lights(not safe as it can be a trigger) i was fine with it the first time but then it kept making me reconnect the lights i had to sit for months waiting so i could try to connect them again. This i asked for help in the app the first time for help connect them about the middle of last year. They said to try to get new ones with a remote from them, however i am not gonna spend my money on that if i have only had them for a year- i reached out for help again because part of my lights are going out and are not connecting it has been awhile and i have still got no response not buying for this company again.
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