Fieldpiece Job Link

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12 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fieldpiece Job Link

2.76 out of 5
274 Ratings
6 years ago, 75142
Range is great but bugs with app need to be fixed
I’ve had the wireless charge and test kit for several months and have been overall pretty satisfied with the product. The range is great but the app needs some work. Several times recently when checking pressures/superheat the app randomly changed the PT chart without warning! R22 was selected but the PT Conversation was not correct(65PSI showing 27 degree conversion instead of 37degrees) it only corrected itself when I closed the app and reselect R22. If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew my PT conversion then I could have had big problems. Hopefully this is a issue that was resolved with recent update But if not please resolve. I have also recently added the air temp probes. The range doesn’t seem to be as good (like 1/2) and when I connect pressure,temp and air the app will not calculate superheat. If these issues are resolved I would gladly raise this rating from 3 to 5.
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6 years ago, Andrej Fox
May be done with Fieldpiece....
I’m taking the time to write this right now sitting in front of the unit as I have just spent an hour compiling a three system report with job link, only to find out that it did not save any of my pictures, refrigerant values, notes, or checklist for all three systems. I have ALL of the Fieldpiece stuff, the SMAN460 refrigerant gauges, the SC660 multimeter, the SDP2 digital psychrometer, and the JL3PR probe kit. I have convinced more than 2 company’s to go to all Fieldpiece stuff due to the amazing report it can potentially create. USING THE FULL VERSION, this has been beyond unsatisfactorily . Is this what I get for spending $2,000 for the “best” diagnostic tools available? Not to mention the thousands upon thousands others have spent from my recommendation which now makes me look stupid since the app is completely useless now apparently. I just promised this customer a full report and have to go tell them I cannot provide it due to the app being a complete failure. I can’t even retake value because I do not want to waste another hour of time here on it for it to most likely fail. All in all I may be switching the yellow jacket Bluetooth gauges and Testo from now on because I’m sick of this app having CONSTANT issues from day 1
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6 years ago, Scottnick41
To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty disappointed. And I’m not entirely sure if it’s an app problem or if it’s a tool problem. I just purchased the JL3KH6 wireless set and was super excited. It states that it has a 350 foot range which meant that I could leave the temp probes in the duct work while I was outside checking pressures to get real time updates and so forth...but the tools don’t stay connected to the app. I’m writing this review in an attic right now using this setup and am literally next to my temp probes and they keep disconnecting. My refrigerant sensors are on the unit outside and they keep disconnecting. I’ve got the app opened up on Two different devices, my personal phone and my company provided iPad. Both with different cellular services and it’s the same story on both. So again, not very happy, but not entirely sure who’s fault it is!!! I’ll be more than happy to change my rating once this issue is resolved, but just know that if it’s not resolved by this summer, Testo here I come!
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3 years ago, RalyksMaleven
Not Compatible with Oxygen OS
Love the app even though it has its issues. Mainly connectivity problems. iPhone it often will just not give me any data from the temperature sensors and I have to connect it to my iPad instead, which is troublesome, especially when the battery dies. I’ve found myself switching back to my old Testo gauges instead so I don’t have to slow down to deal with my Fieldpiece set. Sometimes the pressure gauges are finicky. Biggest problem is that it’s completely incompatible with Oxygen OS (OnePlus phones). I’d love to see an update offering compatibility for Oxygen OS
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4 years ago, faa440
Very Good Tool
Works well on my systems. I even use the SC 680 ammeter to measure current and voltage and along with and inside air probes, it’s interesting to see the app calculate the unit’s SEER rating. I would like to make a suggestion; since we need to wait about 15 minutes for the system to settle out after adding or subtracting refrigerant, and since the display seems to update very quickly which leads to the readouts jumping around a few units, would it make sense to add an algorithm that would average out the readouts say over a 2 to 10 seconds period? I realize data logging would show the trend, but it might useful to see the read outs smooth out a bit. One final note; as of this writing the version in the App Store says 2.8.5, but the version I download says 2.8.2. How do I know what I’m working with?
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3 years ago, Cesar458
Works as expected.
To all the whiners about distance … first understand it’s wireless signal via Bluetooth be happy if you can get more than 25ft period. Other wireless probes lose connection between 20-50ft meanwhile this one still gets average 100ft depending on insulation or any other metals blocking signal. Set your expectations correctly. Secondly have not had any disconnect issues at all with the six probes I have. The app is fairly easy to use and understand. Wish they would the monthly fees where less 30 bucks for pro is a bit high for a single license use if you plan on using it for invoicing price should be closer to 5-6 bucks a month maybe 12 bucks the other plans need to be reduced as well.
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2 months ago, adam_hvac1
App goes haywire
The app is straightforward and and easy to use, but has several major bugs that make it difficult to use. First, almost every time the phone display times out is is “woke” back up, all the readings start coming in and out making the display impossible to read. The only way to correct is to close app and restart. Second, if you loose connection with a probe, the display freezes at the last value instead of showing a no connect. If you don’t realize this has happened, you can easily overcharge a unit (happens with the scale, pressure probes, and temp probes). I’ve been thinking an update would come out to correct these seemingly simple to correct issues, but has not. The issues are consistent with multiple phones (all iPhones) with multiple phone software versions.
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9 months ago, Deathklok1961
Love the sman but…
The fact that I can’t manually type in my and wet bulb to find my target superheat is incredible frustrating and is something the yellow jacket app allows you to do this. You have to purchase the psychrometer probe in order to do this which is a good extra amount to pay after you pay the premium for the sman. If you own the pocket psychrometer it’s basically a waste of money since you can’t manually type in its readings on the job link app. Fortunately I can use a third party app to find my target superheat. I love the sman gauges but this fills like a way for them to try and get more money out of you and definitely makes me think of something apple would do to their customer. Really wanted to come on here and write a good review but this app needs in update to let me manually type in my wet bulb
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4 years ago, greenwell93
Perfect to show customers
When they see a old set of gauges they don’t understand what your showing them but when you can pull you phone out and show them a live look at what happens when u remove a dirty filter they don’t complain and say the filter is not the problem. That is one of my favorite things also it helps me a lot with other tools like the voltage meter I can see the voltage drop when I’m having to flip threw breakers in a over crowded unmarked breaker box without having to climb up and down to see if it turned off or not. there are other great advantages but those are the most common problems that this app as solved
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3 months ago, MartianMann
Had no issues with my tools for almost a year of using them. At some point the app started logging me out when I had bad cell service (which is most of the areas we service) and basically making my psychrometers,manometers,pressure probs, and temperature clamps very expensive pieces of plastic. There is no good reason this app needs internet access to receive information via Bluetooth. The tools have become too unreliable at this point to bother carrying them in my tool bag. And that’s just the tools that “need” the app not to mention every other tool that’s supposed to benefit from it. If you are lucky enough to read this before investing in the tools I would think twice before buying anything that cannot function at all without an app
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6 years ago, Yuma kid
Thank you for listening
I have communicated with Fieldpiece for a long time to interface with refrigeration systems and Wa-la!!! Thank you for listening to us. And for you guys that think the Testo is going to solve your issues good luck. I have three of the high end units along with their new software and I still reach for my Sman460 every time. All I would ask is in the app. if you could list Walk In Freezer, Reach in Freezer. You have the coolers covered. BUT I am so happy with what you have done with the new changes I have no complaints. I have every piece that Fieldpiece offers and I love them. Keep up the great work! Tom Landis
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6 years ago, FRoger227
The connectivity issues are still there but not as bad. You can be 5’ away from it and it loses connection. If you have to look up information on the Internet and come back you’ll probably have to restart everything in order to get it all connected again. Now there’s an update and for some reason the update has to be done in order to use the app I’m in an area where my data is weak and now the tools are useless. I’ve gone through an update before and it was the same situation but the customer wasn’t watching at the time and I was in an area where the connection was strong. I understand updates are necessary but is disabling the app until the update is done that important ?
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2 years ago, TMasgh
Save your time and money.
I really thought this app couldn’t get more frustrating, and then they came out with the update. I truly wonder if this app works for anybody? Before the new update, photos and notes and sometimes even measurements wouldn’t save no matter how many times my technicians saved the information. Most times when you go to create the report, it would pull the information from prior dates. Super super frustrating the amount of hours I’ve spent trying to correct the reports and send the accurate ones. Now they’ve updated the app and you can’t even create the report. Not to mention it is so insanely more difficult. This company should not be charging anyone for this app. Terrible, terrible app.
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5 years ago, Sweg Rivas
Fieldpiece is awesome!
The app is easy to use and great overall! But let me talk about their warranty for a sec. I had recently bought a new JL2 transmitter to use with my SMAN’s 460’s and my new SC660, but it came bad out the box and couldn’t connect to my phone! We tried everything but it wouldn’t work. I got ahold of their tech support and we concluded that the transmitter was bad! I was kinda bummed out, but they said they’ll ship me out a new one and within 2 days I got it and it worked perfectly! And this is why I will continue to purchase and use fieldpiece for HVAC needs! Thank you soo much guys!
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5 years ago, Darkens shandy
Job Link
I’m happy with the durability of all the product line. The tech support has done a good job with any of my questions and have been there right away. The Bluetooth connection is a bit spotty at times. The accuracy of the tools is very good. The app is mostly straight forward and not to difficult to use. I have invested in the whole line (wireless scale, meter sc660, transmitter, sman 380v and six piece charging kit) I’m happy to get real time btu and seer value. Its expensive for all the tools but the program makes it a selling point to customers. It’s also good to show green techs how refrigeration works at it core functions.
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6 years ago, Nytefog
Current Update Issue (7/5/18) and previous Connection/Signal issue
After this new firmware update when I load the app and “sign in” it gives me a internet connection error and the app will not load!?? Please fix or let me know what I need to do to rectify the issue that occured after this update FieldPiece As for the connection issues I have happen are odd. I could be 2 ft from the pressure transducers and the signal is fading in and out...I’m almost right next to the transducers connected to the Condensers and connected to the app with weak signal. I have had connection issue when 14-20ft between the indoor unit and the Condensers as well....then it will work from a further distance with strong signal strength. It is not because I’m trying to get the signal through steel or concrete walls with no other interference from other devices. Update: Removing the app and reinstalling fixed thit loading issues. App is working great. I need to recheck the signal strength. Update to follow..
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6 years ago, pete astacio
Job link was a waste of money
I spent $700 on Sman 460 w/ hoses. $100 on job link and another $260. On the dual in Duct psychrometer. Start with the good. Sman 460 works great. Dual induct psychrometer works good. However the point of this purchase is to be able to link all devices together and get live reads. That part of these units DOES NOT WORK. I very poor connections via the job link app. When they do connect you better hurry because they do not stay connected. Just a comparison, I also bought the Testo set and have been using that set because the app and Bluetooth actually works. I feel ripped off. From Fieldpiece on this one. That is a lot of money spent on something that does not work. How about you don’t test your equipment with consumers money. How about you take a clue from Apple and don’t put stuff out until it actually works. Side note: also purchased a Fieldpiece multi meter for $260 only lasted two months. It will not read Amps now at all. Just bounces numbers all over the screen. I’ve spent thousands on Fieldpiece equipment and overall very let down and disappointed.
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4 years ago, C. Sugg
Long time user
Years ago I started using FP HVAC tools as I thought they were top of the line. Started beta testing for them on their job link tools a couple years ago and was very pleased and excited for where these tools were going. In the beginning the tools and application made my job much easier and the reports were much appreciated by my customers. Unfortunately the app has completely taken a 180 and is now unreliable and adds time to my job instead of being convenient. There are way too many issues to list in this review but I have since cancelled my memberships and do not plan on moving forward with job link reports in the future. Idk what happened. But if it isn’t fixed soon, it may never come back.
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4 years ago, AAS Manger
Definitely Worth It
I’ve been using Fieldpiece products for almost 2 decades now, and I gotta say I’ve never been let down. As far as this app joblink probes I love it. All on one page, easy to read, always improving. Guys at work use testo and measure quick but I think it’s a let down compared to this app. If I had one complaint it’s that Fieldpiece could tell us more in advance what they’re working on. Bought a manometer 2 months ago and last month they announced a wireless one. I would have waited.
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2 years ago, Gump513
New look seems half finished.
The new look seems unfinished. The display is now smaller because menu options take up more of the screen. If I minimize the app, and go back to it, it will not display the readings unless I go to the main menu and back to measurements. I feel like this was an update for the sake of having an update. Would love to uninstall the latest update but alas, I cannot. Please make the measurements full screen. And possibly create an option for display size so I can see more readings on one screen. Thanks!
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7 years ago, AtheistAtLast
It shouldn’t require a data connection for me to see the info from my probes!
I like this app fairly well. There is a lot of information at ones fingertips once all the probes are set up. However, the app requires some sort of data connection in order to be able to access the “measurements” tab which renders the smart probes useless in areas where no cell service is available! This makes no sense! Fieldpiece, I had to use my Testo probes at a customer’s house since your app required a data connection. Please fix this soon!
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3 years ago, rainedayne
Outdated and Buggy
It's a pretty outdated app. The UI is straight from 2010 and the features are somewhat disorganized and buggy. The graphs and history are limited. As of the past four weeks, I have been unable to open the app. All I get is a white screen. I have reset my phone entirely and also uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I called customer support and they couldn't figure it out either. MeasureQuick works perfectly and much better than this app. Fieldpiece really needs to allow a bigger budget for their app development so they can figure this crap out.
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6 years ago, Custom TNT
With Measurequick it’s outstanding
II purchased the job link probes on pre-order, and had since removed them from the van. The Fieldpiece app is just lacking, and frustrating, you have to start over anytime you leave the screen. Yesterday the probes started working with measurequick! Game changer, these probes now do exactly what they should. Great range and a really great app. Readings in real time. The job link probes with measurequick app, is a match made in heaven. Get them both.
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3 years ago, Davenezz72
I can’t (don’t want to) work without
I use Fieldpiece tools for my business because I can trust them. I love using the app to show my customer what’s going on while I’m with them in the living room. It’s great to be able to email or text them a report of my findings. Especially useful when I’m doing rental property or commercial because the owner is usually not on site. Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Sewell HVAC
I can’t manually enter outdoor dry bulb
I have overall been pleased with the app. A couple of weeks ago a bug immersed in that you cannot enter the outdoor dry bulb manually. I called fieldpiece, and they gave me a workaround that did not work. It pretty much makes the app useless because you cannot get superheat and sub cooling without being able to put in that piece of information. They need to get it fixed ASAP because it is almost June and the season is here.
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3 years ago, Todd 281
Good quality, caution using Johnstone supply
I really like the quality and ergonomics of these probes. They have the Fieldpiece durability and reliability. However using an iPhone I have had to uninstall and reinstall the application several times which seems to solve the problem with getting the probes to connect. One of the probes is giving me trouble but even after comparing it to other techs probes I’d still prefer to have my Fieldpiece. I just wouldn’t recommend buying them from Johnstone supply because they don’t carry probes individually, only in kit. This means if you have trouble with a probe or a clamp they will not be able to replace it. And you won’t be able to expand the kit either. This is disappointing for a major supply house like Johnstone Supply.
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1 year ago, Jerseydan1977
Thousands of dollars for what???
I purchased my SMAN’s years ago and I recently splurged on a job link and an in-duct psychrometer for the air side. First job I got to use all of them was start-ups on two splits. Sync’d everything and crash! The app crashes and crashes. I restart, close out totally and go back in but nope, crash after crash. Boy I’m so glad I spent all this f@$ing money for something I can’t use. Forget about a report or a log, the app closes too quick. It’s a shame because as a former instructor hvac Instructor, I would funnel students towards Fieldpiece because they “get us.” Boy, what an idiot I am.
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2 years ago, whothehelliskanyewest
Report Issues
All is still pretty unpolished in some areas. After the latest update the reports don’t generate correctly for checklist items, text sizing and placement is weird and centered when it shouldn’t be, and a lot of information saved like model and serial numbers along with manufacturers don’t get moved to the reports.
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5 years ago, Xtrocity
Awesome app
As information becomes more important in a technology driven society, having a tool like this as a technician allows you to be more informed and have a more accurate history of your visits. Now I can setup my tools and get all my reads quickly and make adjustments. I hope they make a multi meter that doesn’t require the JL2 job link. I have the ac charge job link kit and having that is awesome.
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5 years ago, the kid that works
Not even a year old
I got this tool helping to make my life easier and to provide my customers more details on what is going on with there equipment. I have had nothing but problems with the app. I even updated the app many times. now one of the presser probe is leaking. The temperature probe also miss reads by almost 300°. I called this in and they couldn’t help me. I still love fieldpiece tools just would like them to work when needed. At the end of the day I should have listened to the other reviews here and got something else
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6 years ago, nah, im good
It’s great when it works, which is less than half the time for me. Constantly freezes on startup and only shows the logo. No amount of phone restarting or exiting and closing the app fixes it, have to delete app and redownload from the store to get it to work again. Deletes checklists, notes/photos, and reports that were saved. It’s also a complete battery hog even when it’s not connected to any tools. I feel bad for my company because they paid for it for me. I do not recommend this app at this time and am going to advise my company to seek a refund.
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3 years ago, Brocardac
I love the tools but lately?
The app is not opening . Is been happening for a week now . I have a iPhone 12promax but is not opening . I really wish to know what is happening. Luckily I have measure quick which opens the app and I can see measurements. All my tools are from you guys but you need to fix this .
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6 years ago, T.Hendrickson
Good tools but terrible app
I have had my tools for over a year and they work great, but when I purchased the tools and tried using the app it crashed every time, but I just figured it was because it was new (the app) and they had to work out the bugs. So this week (a year for them to work out the bugs) I tried to use the app again and it crashes every time I use it and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times. You would think a year would be long enough to fix something? I know my customers wouldn’t be this patient.
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6 years ago, Tom Wilsom
App still has bugs after many updates
I must have backup instruments because: app requires an internet connection. Crashes when buttons get stuck on due to poor design of temperature clamps. Other apps crash it, like my Square credit card app. Today’s update shut it down entirely. I was told by Fieldpiece, months ago, that the internet requirement would be removed. Every failure can be tied to the app reaching out to the internet. They need to allow the devices to work as stand alone instruments. When the instruments work they are awesome!
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7 years ago, DmarshSC
Great for technicians, management and office.
I currently own the SMAN460, SDP2, SC660 and of course the JL2. I absolutely love the capabilities of the combined tools with the app. It makes doing system capacity and efficiency reports much easier. The reports are nice, but would like to be able to disable the diagnostic section on some reports. Can more then one JL2 be used to get a longer range?
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6 months ago, lilfoxdaddy
What is happening!!!!!
I’ve used the app for a while and actually really enjoy it but here lately a constantly crashes and force closes and logs me out now even today I’ve used the app a couple of times but now it won’t let me login. I enter my information and it just goes right back to the screen where you either login or create a new account I’ve tried seven times nowstill with the same outcome
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5 years ago, Every nickname is raken
Almost unusable. Disappointed and mad honestly.
When the tools stay connected it's awesome, but they are constantly disconnecting. If I had known this I would have bought another brand of tools, this isn't a fun little game I downloaded. This app is for work so it needs to WORK reliably at all times. This has soured me on fieldpiece in general. Well cooling season is here again, sorry to say the connection to my phone is still unreliable. I'm using an up to date iphone 7, I wouldn't think it us at fault but I suppose it's possible.
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2 years ago, kingcuchilla
Big Problems
You are constantly having to close and restart the app. If your screen goes dark the readings blink on and off and they never become stable. Also if you want to switch refrigerants you must select the refrigerant you want and then close the app and restart it as it will continue to display saturation temperatures for the previous refrigerant. It’s a huge constant pain but thankfully Measure Quick exists and doesn’t have these issues.
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6 years ago, JordanOhlmann
Great Tool , ok App. Updates are Frustrating in the Field
Love the probes, and the app is great when it’s updated. Only issue I have is when the app updates, I’m unable to use my probes until I’ve installed the newest update. It’s very frustrating to have to be waiting on the job site while the app downloads, or worse if I’m in a spot with limited cell service. If they allowed use, even limited readings only, without needing to update I would give 5 stars
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6 years ago, 14,000,605
Game changer
Everything about this is phenomenal, I feel sorry for anyone who fails to understand how to use these tools properly because when used properly they completely change how you maintenance and service in the HVAC industry. Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, Ciro1914
Great app for the HVAC Tech’s
Thank you for the nice app and great tools. Some improvements I would like to see: On the Outside air measurement, if we could link a probe to get the readings. On Test and Balance reports we need to record the Outside dry and wet bulb temps. (You mostly likes would sell more probes) 🤣 If we could customize the labels like “Air Side 2” to be more descriptive to fit our report needs. On Electrical measurements please provide 2, one for the total unit usage and one for fan motor only. Make the Send report button more visible. Very hard to see using an IPad on a roof. Just my thoughts. Thxs, Mike
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5 years ago, :646925
Diagnostics is way off, user interface isn’t bad but could be improved. When all your numbers look good but one, let’s say the suction line temp is 72* even tho everything else looks good, maybe superheat is a bit high for the money we paid for these i would think that the suction line temp would show up in red and suggest there’s a restriction (check txv).
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6 years ago, jjacochran
App won’t open leaving you without
Too many times the app won’t work, very unreliable with iPhone. I just ran an after hours cooler call with refrigeration issue and drove my personal truck, dumbed out and didn’t take a regular set of gauges. Get there and app won’t open, tried my iPad same issue. I went to App Store and have latest update. Totally worthless. But then again when they work they are best tool you can have. This list job cost me over $500 in lost revenue! Not happy!!
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1 year ago, Mattbashaw01
Great tool terrible app
The tools are great. And it be even better if you could actually use them. The app is the only real issue. You can’t get accurate numbers off of temperature clamps due to the fact that the app will not allow you to calibrate your probes. Major issue with the app. I would have expected that this would’ve been some thing figured out along time ago for something that is so expensive.
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3 years ago, 3 Pillars
App needs lots of work
I even bought the subscription to do professionally reports for customers, but it doesn’t pull in measurements, just checklist. Then I have to exit the app reconnect for regular measurements. Not BC thh he e notes part of regular measurements report doesn’t show all of the notes. Never did have new paragraph in notes. Worst part is never had any response from Fieldpiece.
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1 month ago, Big jerk 1234
What happened
App was great up until recently and now I have issues logging in which is new since I now have to log in everyday. Sometimes a few times a day. The app is demonstrably worse than any previous version. Please revert to a properly functioning build.
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2 months ago, RagingFlemming
Been using this app for years!
Love this app, been using it for forever, the bugs don’t stop though, one minute it won’t connect to any tools, the next it won’t get past the loading screen. Now I’m having issues with it completely crashing when I try to change it to a fixed metering device, what gives??
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2 years ago, HVAC-FIXER
Buggy app
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It will say this has been sidelined, learn more. It won’t let me cancel that. I have to click learn more. Then I get an email about signing up for something thatI already pay $12 a month for. This is a pain to use in the field. Not worth it. I’m going to cancel this “ as soon as I can figure out how”!
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6 years ago, Wayer929
Application in development
So far, I’ve found the app to be functional. When using the wireless pressure sensors and temp sensors, I’d like the option to measure more than one superheat reading at a time (instead of defaulting to superheat/subcoolong). This is useful for commercial refrigeration applications. Also, real time graphing would be great as well.
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4 years ago, Terrence the Tramp
Great tools but app needs updating
Not sure if others are having this problem, no matter what my target superheat is the app says I’m over charged. I updated the firmware on all the tools and tested against other devices for accuracy, all readings are correct. App needs to be updated please!!!
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