Fieldwire - Construction App

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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fieldwire - Construction App

4.83 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Areadymind
High End Delivery
I’ve been using Fieldwire as a foreman for over a year on a complex, high end project. I’ve kinda always been a paper guy, not caring for the digital medium. After using it as long as I have, I cannot imagine working on our current project without it. The power to streamline communication up and down the chains of command in a way that all interested parties can observe and respond to those communications is priceless. With The software’s new custom form building platform we have more and more ways to track information to limit the use of multiple platforms. I’ve been asked numerous times how Fieldwire saves me time on our projects, and while I appreciate the question, and doubtless FW does save time, I think it’s passive benefits outstrip it’s time saving benefits. By that I mean that it’s record keeping abilities prevent confusion, and keep processes flowing. When used well, conversational communication morphs into tasks that generate clarity for future reference. This passive benefits a direct time savings because captured information ends up trapped in amber as it were. Weeks and even months can go by before a generated task reaches a conclusion. By properly tasking, no one has to build bridges across rivers that already had bridges built on them due to forgetting previous conclusions about how to accomplish an objective. I could say much more about Fieldwire but will leave it at just get this’s good.
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1 month ago, Sue700
Saves time and money! Great App!!!
Fieldwire is a lifesaver for low voltage and fire alarm projects, offering unparalleled efficiency and organization. Its tailored features cater specifically to the unique demands of these projects, streamlining every step from planning to completion. With Fieldwire, managing low voltage and fire alarm projects becomes a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface and comprehensive task management tools. From scheduling installations to tracking inspections, Fieldwire ensures that every aspect of the project is seamlessly coordinated. One of the standout advantages of Fieldwire for management is its time-saving capabilities. By centralizing communication and documentation, Fieldwire eliminates the need for endless back-and-forth emails and phone calls. Managers can easily assign tasks, track progress, and communicate updates in real-time, significantly reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. Additionally, Fieldwire's mobile accessibility empowers managers to stay connected to the project no matter where they are, enabling quick decision-making and problem-solving on the go. Overall, Fieldwire is a game-changer for low voltage and fire alarm projects, offering unmatched efficiency and convenience for management teams. With its time-saving advantages and tailored features, Fieldwire ensures that projects stay on track and deliver superior results, every time.
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7 years ago, Borrmu421
Exactly what we needed!!!
My team has struggled midely with keeping up with project tasks and todo's that it was driving me nuts! Some guys take it upon themselves to take notes and document issues, tasks, etc. Themselves; however the younger generation is much more geared towards technology and using their phones... So we had to adapt. Fieldwire is the perfect solution for us. It allows me to setup tasks for the project, the guys can check them off as they complete things, and my managers love being able to see exactly what's out there to be finished for billing purposes. The only thing I hope they can add is an intermediary pricing plan for companies between 5-Unlimited. To go from Free to $30/mo p/user is a big jump even if you only have a team of 5. Something in the 5-15 project range at $15/mo would be perfect until our company grows and can warrant spending the additional money for it. Other than that though it's easily the best app on the market I've seen for managing construction jobs! Great work Fieldwire! Keep it up!
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4 years ago, CarpeDiem_Carpenter
Best in-field app I have used so far.
I have been trying out several different apps to help keep things organized and so far only Fieldwire has been able to keep up. The ability to upload things like plans, tasks and categories though the app is the most beneficial feature this software has. Most other softwares only allow you to edit and upload though the website and view them through the app. Another feature I like with Fieldwire is the message board that is created under each task of the job, which allows you to add people specific to that task. It will making communicating with each of our subs easier and faster. On top of being an efficient app Fieldwire has excellent customer service. They were very polite, answered all of my questions in full detail and they had a quick response time. I am still learning how to use the app most efficiently before I implement it with the crew but I am looking forward to seeing the results! Thank You Fieldwire
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2 years ago, TVPD PM
First off, customer service was great. Support is very good. Answered all my questions and guided me through a tutorial right over the phone. Super easy to use once you get familiar with it. Which does not take long. Extremely helpful to me. I’m at project manager for a small company (18 employees, about 6-8 million revenue/yr) Super helpful for troubleshooting questions and making revisions with the crews, architects and engineers without having to be on-site or in person. I can pull up plans to any one of numerous jobs instantly and review and share notes, revisions etc. Reduces downtime, increases productivity. Keeping track of change orders and additional work info is very helpful as well. Document consolidation to a per job file is awesome when you have many projects going on. Really can’t say enough. It’s helped immensely. Try the 3 job version, and you will want to upgrade to have unlimited pages almost immediately.
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2 years ago, Bshanabe
Practical, helpful and easy. Just needs more…
We are using Fieldwire for Plan and Task management. That’s its strengths. Tasks are threaded like texts so it’s easy to pickup. Can attach links, photos, files, markups, etc. Everything to get a task done is there to move it along, stay organized and provide great record keeping. Plan management has good version control. Fine names have to be the sane for auto recognition of new version. Markup and takeoff tools are great. OCR is pretty good, but not great - inconsistent on whether it picks up detail symbols for hyperlink. OCR overall seems good in that the plans are mostly fully searchable. Overall the learning curve is tiny - anyone can master Fieldwire over a work week of use. The mobile app is actually easier to use than the desktop version. The Task and Plan management are terrific and improve QC and efficiency. The major drawback is it needs more functionality. The higher level includes forms. That’s ok, but Fieldwire needs to work towards being a full-fledged ERP-style solution similar to Procore. For subcontractors, I think it’s better than Procore. But not for GCs. The second drawback is the pricing model. Per user pricing is not bad, but everyone (including outside guests - like subs) have to be paid for like any other user. That eliminates plan sharing and collaboration. If you are a sub or need focused plan and task management, Fieldwire is very good.
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1 year ago, stopupdatingwhenitaintbroke
Awesome app
I use the app to keep my redline prints up to date while working on commercial buildings. This app makes it super simple and easy even when I’m given a blank print of the building the app has tools to add all of the common electrical symbols that I use. I’ve used the app on my own as well as with a decent size company and I love it. With a large group everyone can view the print and can see open tasks. It’s also nice that the supervisor can view our progress through the app without having to call and halt progress. When used properly this can definitely improve efficiency as well as ease the stress on the foreman running the project. The only addition I’d like to see is a snap to smooth arch when drawing on the print. As of now my redlines are very squiggly and take multiple attempts to look professional.
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6 years ago, petermlee
Where have you been all my life?
I have been in the construction business for over 35 years. As a GC I have designed many different systems for organization of tasks, projects, subs and suppliers. Every thing from color coded calendars, Gandt charts, index cards, and post-it notes. These worked for me and my office but I was unable to communicate to my subs as I made my notes. Fieldwire on the other hand is all about communicating with the different resources that make up your team. This alone makes it worth learning. The fact that you can keep all your plans and related files with each project and that team members can access and share their markups helps to reduce mistakes or misunderstandings. There has been some resistance from my subs in making the effort to take the time to participate, but as they do, I have had positive feed back from each member that has taken the time to learn about the system. Each morning I receive an email outlining today’s tasks as well priority 1 task coming up with in the next week. I highly recommend everyone that manages single or multiple jobs to adopt this program. Absolutely awesome!! I would be happy to be a contact or reference for anyone considered going adopting this approach to managing any project from a wedding to building a skyscraper . Peter Lee Renaissance Construction
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3 years ago, GendryRA
I like
love this app because of the notifications you can receive. I'm a project engineer for a general contractor and this cuts down on the time spent calling or sending emails to notify your team that you have an rfi to be issued, or task to be tackled. The notifications go straight to my phone when someone on my team assigns me to a task. My superintendent love the checklists you can create, and my project manager loves how collaborative the format is. Instead of calling the foreman in the job when a new task needs to be done, we assign him the task and he knows what needs to be done before the end of day. The only item I would like to see improved is when exporting an RFI to PDF, I would like to the attachments automatically populate at the end of the pdf. At the moment I have to download them separately and add them into the pdf.
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5 years ago, Shaq13784226623772
Project engineers perspective
I love this app because of the notifications you can receive. I’m a project engineer for a general contractor and this cuts down on the time spent calling or sending emails to notify your team that you have an rfi to be issued, or task to be tackled. The notifications go straight to my phone when someone on my team assigns me to a task. My superintendent love the checklists you can create, and my project manager loves how collaborative the format is. Instead of calling the foreman in the job when a new task needs to be done, we assign him the task and he knows what needs to be done before the end of day. The only item I would like to see improved is when exporting an RFI to PDF, I would like to the attachments automatically populate at the end of the pdf. At the moment I have to download them separately and add them into the pdf.
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6 years ago, GPJCA
I can’t believe we didn’t have this sooner
The time alone it has saved me with RFI or questions on the blue prints is un real . I am a project superintendent for a major GENERAL CONTRACTOR . I have been in the business all my life 35 years . I am not the most software geek out there being old school pencil and paper. Well never again the program has everything you need to run a efficient and profitable job . You can take notes right in the meeting ,alter prints ,details and send them through email instantly . The tool you have are so easy to work with something I always feared with the new kids on the block techno geeks coming through the ranks. But no more if I can learn to work it in a few tries anyone can . Thank you for helping along with your support staff that is readily available if needed . It has brought back my love of the job I do .
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12 months ago, Chompy Chimpbin Skeggy
Excellent App for High End Residential GC
I am a general contractor in the Chicago area and have been using Fieldwire in collaboration with our architects on the last two projects. The software has substantially improved our on-site efficiency and information sharing with our architectural partners and subcontractors. Fieldwire automatically and seamlessly integrates all details, callouts, ASKs and elevations with hyperlinks to plans, making navigating large drawing sets much easier. Document storage allows you to keep submittals and drawing iterations centralized. I’ve used Procore, Bluebeam, Smartsheets - you name it - and Fieldwire is our new standard. I highly recommend to all builders, architects, designers and subcontractors who want to take their drawing management and project oversight to the next level. 5 out of 5 stars, easily.
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4 months ago, manny_mtb
Field Wire - Streamlining Field Work for iOS Users
Field Wire is a game-changer for iOS users working in the field. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, this app has greatly enhanced my productivity and efficiency. The intuitive layout of Field Wire allows for easy navigation, while its wide range of tools and functionalities, such as creating reports and managing tasks, streamline my workflow. The app's offline capabilities ensure that I can continue working even in remote areas with limited internet connectivity. Data security is also a top priority for Field Wire, with robust encryption protecting sensitive information. Overall, Field Wire is a must-have app for iOS users in the field, offering a seamless experience that enhances productivity and ensures data security.
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4 years ago, WooderMan
Great tool!
I’ve been using FW for over 4 years now in the PM and Estimating field. For starters, I used the free version for a little while prior to purchasing as I wanted to give it a test drive before spending unnecessary money. The free version is limited, but it’s VERY useful in helping to determine whether you want to purchase or not. After using the free version for a couple of months, our company decided to purchase for all PMs, estimators, superintendents and Foreman. Best app and bang for your buck regarding plan/PM management. There are other apps out there but they charge more and seem slightly more complicated - they only offer 30 days free trials. If you’re contemplating purchasing a PM/field app, take a look at this one! Worth every penny. I recommend paying annually to save a little money rather than monthly.
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4 years ago, echaps
Get this App!! Very straightforward
I waited to rate this app because I wanted to test it through a 2 month project. I thought there would be hidden fees or in app purchases for the full app but no!! You can upgrade but I haven’t needed to yet. Honestly I have really enjoyed how simple it is to use and it makes the daily to do list easy to access for a foreman like me. I found taking pictures through each subs work to be very helpful. 1 it gives you proof of work/delivery or corrections that need to be done. 2. It gives me pics to look back on for each process for questions that come up later about where something was before drywall or if a certain support is there, tile color etc. I would definitely give this app a try and see for yourself!
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5 years ago, daffy003
Love this app
I’ve been using Fieldwire for about one year now and I love it. Having the plans in my pocket is so convenient. Not only do I have the plans for my job but I can access the plans for all our current jobs, this is really helpful when I go to support another crew because I can prepare ahead of time just by opening the app and looking at the drawings. There is so much you can do on field wire and I have a lot to learn but so far the experience has been great. One feature I really like is figuring square footage on unusually shaped areas by dragging your finger over it and highlighting. This has been helpful in estimating material takeoffs for concrete work. Great app with so many features, I’ve only scratched the surface but I really like it. Two thumbs up!
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3 years ago, Kristian_96
Completely changes the game.
Our company just started using this app a couple weeks ago and it has completely changed the game for us. We’re a smaller General Contracting company but we handle a lot of different projects at one time. So keeping project information readily available and updates on current tasks and schedules has been very difficult without making tons of phone calls or texts. This app has completely changed that for us. Even though we’re still new to the app, we’ve been already seen changes with how it’s improved our communication and information sharing. I would recommend this to any company of any size.
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5 years ago, swim season
My experience with Fieldwire
Field wire has been a great tool to use to keep our field crews connected to the daily world inside our manufacturing facility- all of our shop foreman’s as well as our field supers all now have the ability to stay up to date with everything that happens in the office, from engineering to sales, drawing updates, changes in direction and schedules etc can all be accessed with a few touches. If I were to add anything to this program it would be to have the ability to change column names from just the generic “priority” and would also add a calendar that was not necessarily only driven by individual task schedules - I am sure I have more to learn about the software, these are my current views.
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2 years ago, Bob Noxious
This is the product that I have been waiting for
I first learned about Fieldwire while working on a large project. One of the site foreman was using it on his iPad to share photos and drawings. After inviting me to his project, I explored the apps full capabilities. Blown away is an understatement. I find that it is very quick and easy to track and share information with the people that I interface with on a daily basis. My team is able to snap photos in real time that I can view from afar. The only drawback for me, is the cost. On a personal level, there’s no way that I could afford it. Thankfully, I work for a corporation that does not mind footing the bill.
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7 years ago, McCoyoioi
Great tool
I’ve been trying to find a way to organize my QAQC program, as well as my job site photos. By the end of a single phase of construction o can have hundreds of photos. At the end of a job I can have thousands. If I don’t keep meticulous notes and if I don’t use the same naming system over the course of a year or so during construction, I’m left with a headache at the end. Fieldwire takes care of both of those issues with ease. Once I take an inspection photo or note, I don’t have to think about it again. My boss with 30 years of experience in construction is just as stoked as I am about it. It’s well worth the yearly subscription fee in terms of hours saved and frustration avoided. Great work y’all.
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1 year ago, Jash_47
Makes tracking progress easy
For the last few months my company has been transitioning into this platform. The more I use it, the more I enjoy it. Having a one place, that everyone on the crew has access to, for finding information, or adding photos for progress tracking, is super nice. All together just a great platform for managing a work site. One thing that is odd to me however, is that when I open my camera to upload a photo, the app automatically assumes control of my phone’s microphone, and pauses any audio that’s playing. Additionally, you cannot upload photos while on the phone, as the app requires the microphone.
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5 years ago, guinnwalkermusic
Plumbing Estimator
I am an estimator for a large mechanical company and had been in need of a way to take new project plans to bid meetings. It was time consuming getting a set of plans ready for the meetings, cumbersome to transport and not to mention, a huge waste of paper, as these pages may never get used again. I chose Fieldwire, knowing only that it would allow me to load plans to my tablet and go. I can mark-up and notate pages anywhere, whether connected to wi-if or not. I know that, like an onion, this app has so many more layers. I can’t speak to those at this time as I have not yet had the opportunity to delve deeper into what this thing can do. Can’t wait to see how this can benefit the company as a whole.
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2 months ago, Eckle75
From the Design team Perspective
I have been working for an Architectural design firm for over 25 years and have been in the construction administration phase on a lot of my projects over the years and have worked with many different construction software systems. Our firm has adopted Fieldwire as our new go to platform for documenting our architectural observation reports as well as punch lists. It have been very easy to use and I love that it generates the reports tailored to how we would like to seem them. I would definitely recommend other design firms look at Fieldwire as their go to platform in the construction phase of work.
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1 year ago, AudioProDB
App quirks
If you take photos for a particular task from within the app, it will save it to your phone’s photo album. It would be nice to have the option to have the photos only populate the task instead of having to take the time to delete copious photos from my phone’s photo album. The photo really only needs to be in the task for that project not anywhere else. When trying to upload an existing photo on your phone, sometimes you aren’t able to select the photo you just took. Is there option for a text fillable task? For instance recording the serial number for a TV in a different hotel room. Each room being a task, could you make a task with a fillable text spot to record the serial number or anything really for that task?
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1 year ago, nickname42069247365
Redundant and Slow
The following is only a review of Fieldwire’s iOS app, not the idea/service itself which is essential. Sadly it underperforms while on the job-site, and Apple has made this app redundant with base iOS. It’s extremely clunky and slow vs. iCloud and the various apps included with your device like notes, reminders, photos, files and now Freeform, which provide superior performance when you combine your files into a single folder on your device and/or in iCloud. Deficiencies of the app include the inability to delete photos, but you can add them. You can’t add photos from an iCloud album, but the app can fetch the thumbnail somehow. You cannot combine pages from multiple sources into a single plan, meaning multiple (very slow) clicks from page to page while the app syncs with Fieldwire’s slow server. In the end it wastes more time to use than it saves.
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4 years ago, Jerometrevjr
Thank you field wife for you convenience and guidance through my work place . Fieldwire is great for all job sites since it’s convenient to all workers and can make you feel like a leader yourself , thank you fieldwire for all the help. I seriously recommend it to anyone and everyone. Sincerely - Jerome Trevino jeField wire has been most helpful about getting on track with your goals and objectives. I would recommend fieldwire to all my coworkers if I could beca when you have access, you have no limits on your job site and fills you with such responsibility you feel like a leader yourself. Thank you fieldwire for your convenience through my first job of construction. Sincerely - Jerome Treviño
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3 years ago, Commercial GC
Must have
I am a commercial general contractor and run multiple projects at one time. Field Wire is a MUST HAVE!!! As the jobs are progressing staying organized on a note pad can be challenging. With this software I can make notes, changes, take photos, post selections from owner right in the drawings and share with my team and subcontractors with the push of a button. It’s simplicity saves time and lets me look back easily to assure Key tasks are completed. This software is also affordable. I have looked at other similar programs and the high cost really take away from your profits. I highly recommend this Software!
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4 months ago, steven581$$$$$
Fieldwire as Part of our New Strategy
Fieldwire has become part of our new strategy for my Robotics team and is streamlining the entire process from start to finish on these large projects our customers are working on, keeping everything in one place. It is super easy to use and I love how you can send tasks to other users and set deadlines to stay on track. Fieldwire is very easy to use and learn and I am highly recommend giving it a try if you have a lot of moving parts on your projects and want to keep them together in one location. Thank you Fieldwire.
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6 years ago, -B-510
A great option for construction drawings
I had been using PlanGrid for years, but they recently canceled their free account option, and their cheapest paid option is much to pricey for my needs as a single user. Searching for comparable alternatives lead me to Fieldwire. They have all the same markup tools, built-in hotlinks, and sheet import and organization automation I was accustomed to, in an easy to use FREE package. Their customer support staff has also been great, sending emails with helpful tutorial and checking in to make sure everything is going smoothly for me using the app. If you work in construction and need an all-in-one solution to organize your various project drawings then you should definitely give Fieldwire a try.
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2 years ago, ASK0829
Field wire is awesome
I've been using Fieldwire as a PM on two large projects and about a handful of multi family conversions. I've kinda always been a paper guy and after After using it the first time , I cannot imagine working on any other project with out it. I love how you’re able to use it in the field or in the office. The tools and features to annotate and measure. The ability to generate RFI and submittals forms easily. How it eases the ability to communicate up and down the chains of command in a way that all interested parties can observe and respond to those communications on the fly. Great investment.
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3 years ago, jnettles51
Absolutely Must Have For Any Project 👍👍👍
This is the best app for anyone who is serious about their project. I have been using apps/programs for construction for years now. I found Fieldwire earlier this year and it has been so user friendly that any one I hire can be taught in a very short time how to navigate Fieldwire. Like I said, I have been using construction programs for years so I can say with experience that Fieldwire does not take a back seat to any that I have used and that includes Procore! I used Procore for years until I found Fieldwire. I am 100% satisfied with Fieldwire. Thank you Fieldwire for a great app.
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6 years ago, c.m.stewart
Good for punchlists
I used this app to generate punch lists for multifamily housing projects. I probably spent a bit more time in the field taking photos and showing where items were located on the enlarged plans but I saved a whole lot of time back in the office by not having to type up the report trying to describe in words where the issues were located. The only drawback is that by inclusion of the photos and enlarged plans, you can only fit 1-3 items per page, which for me resulted in a punch list that was hundreds of pages long. Despite the intimidating length, I think the contractor appreciated the clarity of the report.
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4 years ago, jmbrierton
Simple yet very intuitive
As a younger construction management professional I depend a lot of technology. I have used other software and never been very happy. This product instantly changed that. With the way that you can link drawings to others as well as organize sets into categories. My favorite part right off the start was the way the computer mouse held the drawings and you were able to zoom in and out very easily. I never had any training and I feel like I can do almost in there in there if I’m asked. The tasks function is extremely helpful for large communication groups.
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2 years ago, NeighborsSMASH
Less is more, simplicity keeps work flow smooth
They interface is user friendly and self explanatory. The ability to do as-builts and daily reports from inside the app makes project tracking much easier and more effective. What’s great about planning a project with this is you can make it as simple or as complex as you wish. Building tasks and taking pictures within the task window to track progress makes it all the better. These are a couple of my favorite features, but there is so much more to this and it is worth it for any specialty trade.
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5 months ago, Aidan Bauer
This app is beyond helpful. I work landscaping and our site is very strict about everything. We use field wire because of the simplicity and organization. I get notes/tasks everyday and can choose to complete and tasks and my boss can verify it. Along with the notes we can add pictures to them giving us an easier way to understand what needs to be done or prove what we have completed. All out this app is truly remarkable and I will never use another app. Also I cannot forget to add that it is free, all that good stuff for free I cannot complain.
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5 years ago, takemehomeunitedroad
The app all construction managers/supervisors have been waiting for
My company (large U.S. GC) just started using Fieldwire this year and I can already tell that it is a much more frictionless interface than anything we’ve used in the past, just from what I’ve seen with the few RFI’s and change bulletins I’ve posted already. The feedback from the subcontracting community has been very positive that we’ve moved over to using the app for maintaining our record documents, and I’m looking forward to affording my engineers the ability to allocate more time to coordination on a day-to-day basis rather than doc control.
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4 months ago, marcial121997
I’m new to running a job site as an electrician and Fieldwire makes the day to day routine so much easier ! From simple things as to not having to carry around all those jumbo blue prints everywhere, and to and to all not carrying them around the app helps with scaling so you don’t have to move those prints back and fourth! Another great thing is all the drawing tools it comes with . Makes red lining pipe so much smoother . Overall a great app and such an incredible price over other apps such as smart use with a price of 600$! Great app to use ! Don’t regret my purchase !
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1 year ago, Dumanehu
From Mega to Mini projects. - Fieldwire works.
This software works. Any user can start small with a basic idea of information they want documented. - Over the years I’ve changed how I manage my projects in FW. I’ve developed my own processes for small and large projects. I’ve curtailed a project for reporting & I’ve built projects for long term servicing of clients. - In my opinion, Fieldwire will only be as good as the information you put into it. — If the project management isn’t working for you, change the way you’re implementing FW, try a new way, don’t discard the software.
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3 years ago, MackKrizack
No nonsense Jobsite organization
This is a top notch,complete job site organization and communication tool! From drawings and architectural changes,Fieldwire keeps employees and desired sub contractors updated in realtime. Tracking employee's tasks,production and man hours has never been more simple or clear! Updated photos of completed work throughout the day gives management and employees an archived reference for the life of the project and well into the maintenance phases of the project from start to finish! The Fieldwire app runs smoothly and its easy to use for beginners/new employees.
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4 years ago, J. Mayer
The perfect tool for contractors and subcontractors
This is the best app I’ve found for what I needed done! My company mainly does insulation, siding and gutters, so often times we have to give measurements based on blueprints. This app has cut down the time it used to take me to make an estimate, down to minutes. You can measure in linear feet, square ft, and could be used for many other aspects of building. Roofing, flooring, Sheetrock. This app will help you measure it all, and when selling a job comes down to dollars and cents, accurate measurements will put you ahead of the competition. You will not regret giving Fieldwire and try!
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7 years ago, Wazzy 3
Project Manager
I literally have been looking for years for a way to manage our Todo lists at the farm. Fieldwire has been a perfect fix for our farm tasks, from Maintenance to resource recovery. I can assign tasks to people, see when there completed and verify them simply. I like that I can attach photos to a task so that the guys knows exactly where to go. Fieldwire support has been helpful. The only issue we are having problems with All Tasks on iPhones. I expect that Fieldwire will have it worked out soon. I would recommend this app anyone looking for a way to easily communicate with employees or contractors.
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1 year ago, Tópa Rocks
Great Collaboration Tool
We are building a home remote from our primary residence. Our construction company DowBuilt had used the app to facilitate sharing information on plans and weekly status pictures of the site progress. The app is intuitive and easy for anyone to use. I also appreciate the alert function when something changes. Great tool for both builder and homeowner. Highly recommend builders to use with their clients. And clients, would ask your builders to use to keep you informed and engaged in a lengthy build process.
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6 months ago, Auzzie3D
Extremely Effective
I’m a lead project manager for a commercial construction company. We have jumped around program after program to ultimately compare Procore to Field Wire cost and internal use. If you’re looking for a program that is as powerful as the leading competitors without breaking the bank, look no further! One of my favorite features is once you drop plans into the program it will automatically identify cut sections/elevation/detail views a hyperlink directly to these areas within the plans. This makes an effort identification for anyone that doesn’t know how to read plans, and find certain items within. From creating task on a plan set to categorizing them to have been viewed corrected, and completed is also very essential, leading up to punch walks. This is definitely one of the simplest programs to get through a complex plan set with 100% clarity from field to office and client to subcontractor.
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10 months ago, UnionElectrician
Next Level Job Management App!
I have tried several job management apps and Field Wire is by far a top tier management app! The support team is fast to respond and bugs have been taken care of in a timely manner. There are several features that make adding photos and tasks that are top notch and I really enjoy the auto post not having to “publish” pictures as they are taken. I always look forward to the updates as they come out. Field Wire is usually able to wow me every time! Thank to the entire Field Wire Team!
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2 years ago, John w/Dynafire
Excellent project management tool
I have been using this software for almost two months now and I am so glad that our company decided to select this construction management software…it is very intuitive and user friendly. Participation by all members of the construction team is east now. Communication flow is much smoother and I find that less items are being missed. Great scheduling for my foreman. And keeping track of outstanding items as well as completed items is a breeze now. The imbedded pics on the drawing are my favorite.
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3 months ago, CoriLynn17
Highly Recommend!
I’m a new user to Fieldwire and I can’t say enough about how easy it’s made our lives in the field. It keeps all of our documentation organized and in one location. Punch list has never been easier. Love how you can pull up plans, RFIs and field directives on the fly, make mark ups and take pictures that can be sent off to individual trades or consultants. It also keeps track of our budgeting, change orders and pay applications. Highly recommend for any size construction project!
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4 years ago, Baya Build
Intuitive and powerful
I’ve been using different tools for basic architecture, for my business and for education. The ArcSite app is great for users of the Apple Pencil but also for those who are using their finger. It’s easy to share your work with others in various formats (png, pdf, wdg) helping others using other programs to pick up and edit your work. All I can say is that this App is one of my favorites and I enjoy using it tremendously. I would highly recommend using the trial but soon you will see that its a vital tool for your business and worth every penny.
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7 months ago, urami001
Facility Condition Assessment Star
I work at an architect firm where we are constantly needing to visit sites and capture dimensions due to undocumented modifications. This program is extremely helpful in managing our recorded data and allows us to look back at our records as if we were walking through the site again. Though this program is initially hard to navigate as it has much to offer, learning about all its features really makes you understand how powerful field wire can be for data management.
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5 years ago, MC Ler 45
We have used multiple field management apps and this one is by far my favorite. Some apps are good at tracking issues or problems after they have happened. This app is good at helping you plan things out before they become issues. If you are looking for a proactive planning tools and not a reactive one your in luck! Your reading a review for one right now. We have tried to competition and yet they don’t compare. Support is better and it doesn’t always feel like you are being sold something to fix your “issue”.
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4 years ago, csufaaron
App is okay
Lots of cool features, but it created more problems than it solved. Placed hundreds of tasks, only to find when I print the report, the icons are all slightly north than how I placed them in the app. So things I had on one side of a wall now appeared to be in a different room. Didn’t know it was an issue until we were almost done. We ended up having to redo the whole thing in a different app because of the confusion is caused. I imagine if you’re just doing big tasks covering a certain area, this app will be fine for that. For me, there was a clear issue with where you place markers on your phone or tablet, and where they are when you look on your pc.
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