Fight Club PFRPG/3.5 Edition

4.3 (335)
44.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lion's Den
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fight Club PFRPG/3.5 Edition

4.32 out of 5
335 Ratings
5 years ago, Burtimus
Stylish and Well-Featured
Let me not muddy the waters by pointing out a good point, then countering it with a nitpick. Let’s keep it simple: pros and cons. PROs: The interface is beautiful. That may not seem like much, but in the face of successful (but frankly ugly) systems like Hero Lab and RPG Scribe, sometimes a look that seduces the pupils is a welcome break. The Compendium has basic information of use to players and GMs, and is easily accessible. This is no small thing; in systems as deep and detailed as Pathfinder and 5e, having to delve into the books is inelegant. Price point: this is a good value for the investment. Good support, good functionality, great design. There are others, but let’s keep it short. CONs: I mentioned the complexity of the systems. Hero Lab will do the majority of the work figuring the modifiers and options... for a price. And an interface with all the style and charm of an IRS report form. Not so much with Fight Club. Be prepared to do a fair bit of typing (or cut-and-paste) for any character of a non-vanilla nature. Be prepared to think for yourself. It is no difficult thing to input data incorrectly and have a marginally useless character sheet; to be fair, however, Fight Club has resources which, if followed, will prevent problems down the line. The only reason I list this as a con is that not everyone RTFM. I highly recommend it.
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7 years ago, CaseyElise
Thanks for listening, Lion’s Den!
EDIT: After the update I can now create and roll for companion creatures seamlessly from the character sheet. I appreciate the willingness of the devs to listen to feedback. I LOVE this app. The design is beautiful in its simplicity and it makes dice rolls simple with a touch of your finger, no math after you've smoothed out all your stats. My favorite aspects of this app are the note-taking capability and adding snazzy photos of your characters. I add my characters manually and don't have much use for the compendium, so I can't comment on how much information it has or how updated it is. There is one small annoyance I have, and that is with adding companions. Most of my characters have familiars/summons/pets and I would like to be able to create, edit and roll them from the main character's sheet. I have a ton of pets I have to scroll through on the home page. Every time I want to roll a skill with a pet, I have to back out of my character's sheet to find the pet's sheet, and vice versa. I wish I could click on the pet after I've linked it with its owner to open up the proper sheet, like I can with Fight Club 5. Just a small tweak, but it would increase my rating to 5 stars. Thank you for making an ALMOST PERFECT app!
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6 months ago, JupiterSorrow
Great app
I started using this app to make it easier for me gaming. No need to keep a paper sheet dry or worry about it wearing out from too much erasing or getting dirty at session, that sort of thing. I can just grab my pad and go to game and if I forget my dice I have the ones on the app. My only complaint is about the spell listings. The app does not have them organized by level or really in any manner that could be helpful to players (yes alphabetically but I have to go hunt down the hard copy of the game book in order to check which spells are available at which levels, ie. Is spell X a 4th or 5th level spell). It would make things a bit easier and user friendly if the spell listings were adjusted for ease of use.
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2 years ago, caryn96
All One Should Ask For
Ultimately, no application running under a tablet/phone device OS is going to be able to do everything everyone wants done for them, without being an expensive client of of powerful RDBMS that invites subscription fees, advertising, and demands external online (e.g., Cloud) connections and all such externals bring with them. So the fact that this application is as comprehensive and flexible as it is seems to me to more than compensate for any limitations in supporting data depth. I feel the features like Compendium adequately provide for quick-access reference, while not pointlessly duplicating the ruleset. The app is accurate, easy, and fun to use—and fun is still the core reason I play FRPGs.
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5 years ago, sexycat30
Everyone who plays d&d should have this app handy. It has room for improvement, but I love this app. It’s easier to find sources with the compendium, and rule book. It’s easy to roll for things if you forget your die( like I occasionally do). It’s so easy to make a character and put a picture to it. I love that. It’s easy to learn how to navigate, and remember where things can be. It’s easy to swap out gear and such, and I really like the option to put a picture to the gear to show what it looks like. It’s not a perfect world though, so here’s some things this app could lead into: 1. It could turn into a desktop version to see better, and easier to browse things with multiple windows. 2. The compendium can expand with more races to choose from, updated classes and prestige classes, and rule books. 3. The game versions can expand, like older versions before 3.5, or after etc. I know a couple people who like playing in older versions. 4. Honestly, I don’t think there should be an excuse not to have this app. Everyone should have it who plays D&D. Hopefully this review can help expand the horizons, and may the force be with you.
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3 years ago, KarmicCarcass
Great app for 3.5!
I love this app for our 3.5 campaign. It’s easy to navigate after some practice and use and offers the options to create custom classes and the like! However, it hasn’t been updated in a year, and even though I know fifth edition is the standard for D&D, I still have a great love for 3.5. I’m hoping they continue to update it soon!! Maybe they could add status effects that players could just “put into effect” so they wouldn’t have to deal with the math of fatigue, feared, exhausted, etc! That being said, this is the best app for 3.5 character sheets on the market currently. I have tried them all and this is the only on that functions reliably!
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6 years ago, Stromther
Put back 20+ lvl classes
The app is fantastic for NPC and character management, but the recent update limited the level limit for classes to 20. I'm running a campaign where its semifinal boss is a lvl 24 paladin. I realize I could just modify its stats and leave a note for what level it is, but it would be a nice quality of life improvement if the level cap was gotten rid of or at least set to an unrealistically achievable number such as 99 or something if the sort.
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1 year ago, Flair Garner
A valuable rpg asset
I use this app for my pathfinder games and have recommended it to all of my players. This app makes it so easy to create characters and npc’s whenever I need them. The app also allows for me to create custom items with stats I can toggle whenever (which I totally recommend for mechanics like rage). The only minor issue that I have with the app is that it doesn’t seem to update changes to spell concentration or DC despite these being things you are able to make edits for. But this is only a slight inconvenience compared to all the benefits available.
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5 years ago, Avaraelion
Amazing App!!! Easy to use and understand!
I just started a monthly pathfinder game with some friends and this has become extremely useful! Being able to easily keep track of all my modifiers, skills, and rolls couldn’t be easier than on this app. You can add custom inventory and even customize weapon rolls. I would like to offer a suggestion though: add a “Report Bug” feature. The app has crashed several times while creating my character sheet. The crash I was able to consistently recreate is when I try to change the damage die for the punching dagger.
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5 years ago, _Lynk_
Good app, but...
I really do like this app, but there are three problems. The first one is that there are almost no races to choose from. There are WAY MORE races that should be in the app than the few you are given. The second problem is similar to the first, being that there are barely any classes for you to choose from with this app. My final problem is that I spent an overwhelmingly long time making a class and a race, saved them and made a character, closed the app for a few minutes and opened it back up, and absolutely NOTHING I had just done was there. I would definitely use this app much more if this bug or whatever it is gets fixed.
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2 years ago, 35858586966873
A dyslexic’s best friend!
I’ve been using Lion’s Den’s apps for years and they’ve been one of the best things to happen to my group. Two of my party members are dyslexic, and I’m also dyscalculic so referencing character sheets can be a pain to say the least- let alone waiting on me to do that math on my rolls when I’m not sure what number I’m looking at! There is a learning curve to figure out exactly how to input all the information, but no worse than figuring out a appear sheet.
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5 years ago, Blakkmojo
Great app and easy to use
I think the app is well organized and easy to use. One thing I’d like to see is the ability to set up more robust conditions that can apply all the stat changes for something like Barbaría Rage just by selecting it. It would allow you to apply the ability bonuses, saves and AC penalty all at the same time. That way I don’t have to have multiple attack types I can just have everything adjusted at one time. Nothing to track on a separate piece of paper.
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6 years ago, Gylfie
Good app but...
I really like this app the way it looks and the fact that I can add my own things into it because the DMs I play under love using home brew things. I don't like that there isn't a lot of races and that the race selection is the same for both pf and 3.5. I also don't like that there isn't a place for spells per day and a second BAB at a certain level you get 2 attacks. The last thing that upset me was the fact that after putting in all my work of putting in what I could for my Ifrit Inquisitor I have to pay $3 just to make another character who is a gnome Druid/mystical engineer/master of many forms. This app isn't worth the time and energy.
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6 years ago, Ash1979gargle
Great Job Lions Den!!
I completely love this app. I’m shocked it’s so well done given that it’s totally free. You guys are true pros. Still haven’t found a single thing I wasn’t able to do with it, and the fact that I can add pictures to my backstory in the notes section as well as add pictures to the weapons that I’ve crafted just tickles me. My group is playing through a lord of the rings module, and I have a picture of the Uruk Hai shooting Boromir under the description for the Orkish Hornbow. It’s hysterical.
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6 years ago, Dirkish98926
Not worth the purchase
Took a look at the program for pathfinder (the walk through for character generation) in several areas it repeated (like bonus feats for wizard) several times. When building the class it had you pick class features with no telling what you needed to get them. I created a lv 1 wizard that let me choose any spell I felt like, all bonuses you get for specializing into various schools at once, with no penalty. Overall it just seemed a bit off (and rather messed up for any new players) However it does atleast calculate skills correctly and you can roll as needed.
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3 years ago, demetri0us
Love the app, wish there was more!
I usually don’t do reviews, but I thought that I would drop a note to say "thanks!”. There was one little bug that bothers me just a tiny bit: In an encounter, no matter what Monster you put into encounter, it shows 1 HD. You can even see that in the screen cap that was used in the App Store. Anyway, if you want to fix that, I’d be grateful. Thanks!
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6 years ago, copyright 1982
Great (but with a few bugs)
After trying numerous character sheet apps, this is by far the BEST I’ve found! Easy to use with an intuitive interface. Is is only app I’ve found in which is is easy to apply effects like rage, songs, and auras (by creating a custom adventure item for each effect). However, I have noticed the following bugs which prevent me from giving it 5 stars. Bugs (version 3.0.5): - When creating a new character from an existing character Skill bonus are always 0 no matter the number of trained ranks. - Fatigued and Exhausted conditions do not change abilities and stats - Rearranging custom trackers can create duplicate copies of the tracker
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5 years ago, Idiotstupid
Every Update Makes a Great App Worse
I wish this app had not automatically updated for me. After each update, the interface design is substantially worse — it used to be a neat and efficient use of screen real estate; now, it’s an ugly mess that wastes screen space. Please bring back the V2.3 interface, where the character portrait was only displayed on the first menu, instead of wasting more than half the screen on every menu. I’ve used this app for years and used to recommend it to all of my players. Now I hardly use it (and never recommend it) because it’s become so inefficient.
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3 years ago, Sher014man
Pretty good, but could be better
I really like how you are able to customize so much. There are paid apps that don’t allow as much customization options. However, there is one fairly basic thing that could and should be so much better: the skills. The apps should automatically know which skill are class skills and which aren’t. Also, the system that removes an available skill point when one is added to a skill seems buggy.
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4 years ago, Anaxamaxan
Best of the RPG character sheet apps by far
Yes, there are a few things that I wish this could automate a little better, but honestly the other players in my group take 5x as long to do simple things that I can do on this app with a tap or two. Tip: make an equipment item for common spell effects like Haste or Bull Strength. Then you equip the item and you have those effects in play.
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4 years ago, LaneyNall
I love this app, I bought it full price. However it’s systems of creating classes don’t work very well. I’m playing a summoner, which is already a real class! I tried to create a class so I could use my summoner, but there’s been a lot of issues that would be easily avoided if they updated their classes more often. Please please please add summoner!
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5 years ago, epiclvlcommoner
I’ve gone paperless
I love my dice, but I love faster paced high-level Pathfinder combat more. This app is easy to use and dramatically reduces the algebra needed for some of the more complicated builds. I recommend it to all my friends. A criticism: being able to see the inputs that go into the weapon bonuses and such would be helpful for character sheet auditing. I’ve run into a few bugs that could have been solved much faster if I could track *how* some of the macros are being calculated. It would also be helpful learning tool for new players. Other than the occasional calculation error, this app is wonderful and I have no interest in ever returning to analog.
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6 years ago, NerdRage4life
Would be a lot better if it did the auto calculation like the 5e version. does not change states when race is added. And the spells all fall under the 0 level category. Makes spell selection difficult. Would love for it to be as updated as the 5e version.
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7 years ago, FateLMstake
Worth the price.
It works well and is truly worth the price, especially with the most recent update. I recommend this app to my players especially the newer ones as it helps to make sure that all of their numbers go to the right places.
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4 years ago, Antithalia_X
Labor of Love
This app has been a godsend for me to help new players in my campaigns, and makes it super easy to correct and update character sheets. Little details in the interface and design show that the creator is a longtime player and loves the game — huge thanks to them. Can’t recommend enough!
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5 years ago, devinbear
Amazing help for a new player!
This app has made breaking into Pathfinder so painless! The ability to customize just about everything while still remaining super streamlined is worth far more that the $3 I paid not to see ads. Keep it up!
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2 months ago, jfhtgetufurheb
Soo close
I appear to have an issue where I’ll add something to the compendium and after closing the app it disappears if it’s not actively used on a character/race/class.
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5 years ago, JonellieB73
Useful with lots of potential
This app is really useful, but one thing that would be really handy is to see what modifiers are contributing to a score. For instance, the Initiative score modifier is my Dex modifier+ my Improved Initiative feat, etc. This will also help with diagnosing if something miscalculates.
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5 years ago, AKSMountainBiker
Ok, but disappointing
The interface is clunky but not difficult to use. The biggest issue is that it only handles core PHB2 classes and you can’t specify stats such as BAB or class skills, so all skill ranks count as double even when they are “untrained” which is plain wrong. For supported classes it works ok for initial generation, but less good when leveling up, especially for spell casters.
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5 years ago, Grimstone1
Love this app
Amazingly well done. I have been using it for 3.5 for a few years now. I am hoping an update soon Also guys, please release a how to do manual. That would be an icing on the cake. Highly recommended!!! Support Lions Den.
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5 years ago, AMorbidOne
Facebook support?
I don’t have nor want Facebook. There seems to be no mechanism to add Spell DC for spell focus or greater spell focus based on class. There’s no mechanism to edit the spell and manually set the Spell DCs and the ones for every spell level are set at base a Spell DC which is incorrect for ant spells over level 0. Otherwise a nice app but not very good for spell casters.
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6 years ago, 8171362547
Great app
I really like this app it’s super helpful the only thing I could ask for would be to put more races and classes other then that it is the best
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11 months ago, Troy Agneedance
Homebrew friendly
Anything you could possibly want to homebrew in, it can be done. Trust me I’ve tried to stump it
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5 years ago, wwertghj
Pretty Good
A nice character sheet app. Still could use some improvement but it functions. You have to pay to make more than one character at a time.
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6 years ago, Deruwyn
Pretty good but with flaws
I like most of this but it has a couple issues. Deleveling doesn't remove skill points. Carrying weight just keeps going up, even after I removed all items and added them back.
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3 years ago, wng79
Great App!
I like this app a lot. I am a big fan of digital character sheets. Just wish there was a macOS version like there is for the 5e version. Any plans on releasing one?
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5 years ago, Boogabilliatae
Love it! I’ve been using it for years now & enjoy the ability to add own elements to any system! My favored class are psions and soul knives so that requires ingenuity & this apps permits that! 🔮
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5 years ago, Sleepingpiranha
I’ll admit, it I great, but. I cannot edit the spells to fix them. Because there is one major problem, all of the spells are 0 level, and because I cannot edit them appropriately, they are forced to stay at zero level.
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6 years ago, dekdekd
Need to update with pathfinder hybrid classes
The app isn’t up to date with the hybrid classes for pathfinder, also there are races from the advanced race guide that aren’t in the app as well. Having those added would be greatly appreciated
Show more
5 years ago, UnicornChow
We have to do the work for a paid app‽
Even with the paid version of the app it is incomplete at best. If you want something as basic as all the races and classes from pathfinder you have to find or create XML files and add them to the app manually. Total rip off! DO NOT BUY this app unless you are willing to do a ton of extra work.
Show more
6 years ago, TheNavinator001
Amazing! But...
This app is great for making characters for anything! D&D, RPG’s, Video Game ideas, etc., etc., etc. If you want to make more than 2, well, you have to buy the in-app purchase.
Show more
6 years ago, Tardis_Fox
Very good but needs tweaks
I love this app very much! It still needs some minor updates such as some of the other classes but other than that it’s doing good
Show more
2 years ago, RiotBubbles
It’s pretty good!
It’s a good app the only issue is paying to make more than one character. Though for $3 it’s a great app!
Show more
6 years ago, TheLastHotBoy
Great app
Wold be better if it auto filled more stuff. You don’t even have warlock as a class in 3.5 Please keep updating. Roll dice...
Show more
5 years ago, Jakepec
Not bad!
Pretty great app but could definitely use some content updates. I’d like a way to auto track magical gear bonuses.
Show more
6 years ago, Bloodspoor
Update broke the spells
This is my go-to character sheet app for Pathfinder, but the recent updates have made all the wizard spells level 0. I have not seen an option to alter each spell’s levels.
Show more
6 years ago, Irwinium
Nice layout, not much content
Downloaded this app to make an unchained rogue. There is currently no option to make any unchained characters. I am disappointed. The app is pretty. But I'm still disappointed.
Show more
7 years ago, Suferdood
Pretty good
The new interface looks very nice and aesthetically pleasing, and I can't wait to make some more characters.
Show more
6 years ago, Anarchy Jake
Base book info only?
They only have base players handbook for character creation. I went to make a monk character, and they don’t even include monk weapons. But, I can import info if I search forever online... seems sloppy.
Show more
3 years ago, RrtssMom
Missing this app on M1 chip
the app downloads then shows a dark field without any options to make any PCs, or upgrade. I love the app (on phone) SO MUCH that I would even be willing to re-pay for the app- I love it so! Please make the OS port for Pathfinder, or- hear me out: make a version that is pf1/pf2 for both iOS and Mac OS... again, willing to re-pay to have my characters on the same divice as opposed to the phone. Please!?
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