File Manager & Browser

4.5 (46.1K)
87.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
TapMedia Ltd
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for File Manager & Browser

4.52 out of 5
46.1K Ratings
7 years ago, TT Breve
Great Organizational App!
I love this app in almost every way. It's very intuitive, easy to use and organize. The only reason I'm only giving it 4 stars, is I don't seem to be able to open some Microsoft Office files, 2010 files I think, and it isn't indicated that I should not be able to open these files. When I figure out how I can get those files to work I can easily rate this app 5 stars. Update 5/4/15 Still love this app for organizing and maintaining files. Some of the 3 & less ratings seem to be based on assumptions how they think the app works as opposed to how it actually works. Giving it 5 stars as I have learned what files it supports. Still think this is great app. Makes maintaining and retaining files on your iPhone "normal", just like you might do in your office.
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5 years ago, kurt.iss
Overheating/Pausing issues
Hello. So I love this app. Personally, it’s the best as far as moving files around and whatnot. I use it for all sorts of things, but the primary use is for music. Songs I’ve created. Mind you, I use this app ritualistically so ive learned how it works. I guess this will provide suggestions and draw attention to some issues that I’ve currently ran into. 1). As I’m listening the music, audio keeps pausing over and over about every 5-10 seconds. 2). Phone is starting to get hot while using this on the lowest brightness. 3). If the screen is locked, once the current audio ends, it doesn’t continue to play. 4). Hard/Factory reset does not fix these things. Nor does deleting and re-downloading the app. I could provide you footage of what I mean if you guy would like. But besides those things, I’m going to continue using this app and suggesting it to others. I hope all is well on your end!
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1 year ago, no#nicknames#available
Love this, but . . ,
There are a couple of issues that arose after using the app for a while. Used to be you could search and when you selected from what was found, it went to that item. For example a recipe searched on “shrimp” would bring up all the titles containing the word “shrimp.” When I select one, it all goes away. In the past, it would jump to my selection. Also you used to be able to delete by swiping and selecting delete. Now it says it’s deleting files, but they are still there. Need to use the “edit” function to delete. I have contacted help and feedback a couple of times and have gotten no reply. I tried again today. We’ll see.
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2 years ago, mousester1
The new rules are designed specifically for the use by the public to protect against potential criminal activity and other forms that could be exploited to make the system more transparent and secure and more transparent to the public and private interests involved with this project that will benefit the entire industry as it relates to this matter as it is currently being worked on by our members in our respective agencies as we work with the government and the public sector to make this process transparent and fair for all parties involved and the community as we are looking forward to working with you and our partners to make this project work for you to make this important and secure this process as a whole
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3 years ago, Nostarsforu
Option to move file keeps crashing
This *was* an excellent app, but recently (maybe after an update?) the menu to move a file just stops appearing. It’s supposed to show at the bottom of the screen when you select a file. The only way I can get it back is to exit the app and come back in, but it disappears again after I open a file. So say I have 100 files to sort: I have to open the file to see what it is and which folder it would go into, exit the app, and then come back in to move it into the folder. I tried restarting my phone and even reinstalling the app but no luck.
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5 years ago, LiddoKurt
Love This App (no front)
So I make music and profit off it. This app helps me transfer over beats/songs I’m analyzing for touch ups. Along with downloading/transferring samples into GarageBand for beats. I use this DAILY. no days have been skipped. They finally updated the audio file replays so it actually restarts the current audio file you’re listening to. It’s like they implemented elements for those who use this for music. *DEVELOPER: PLEASE READ THIS PART* If it’s possible to create it so that when I lock my phone screen, the app can still run without stopping after a song has ended. It’d help keep my battery going for extended use (I NEED this app going for me to get to sleep). Even if you can’t, I don’t care. I love this app so much. I wish I could curse for how much I love this app. Keep it up! I love the new look/style/color scheme you guys got. So much better. I can’t wait to see how much more you improve.
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1 year ago, veedecot
Issues of moving files within the app
Great app and it used to have a function where you could move the file within the app to a created folder. Somehow this function seems to have disappeared and would be great if it got added again please. Contacted support a few times about this with no response!
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6 years ago, Ziggymobile
Slight issue
I don't use the app much but really needed it for the wifi sync feature once I switched to wireless charging the only complaint I have is that once I upload files onto the phone I can't see the long file names of what's on the phone. Most of my files are segmented inside folders inside more folders and the file path is really long. When I'm looking at the file list in a browser on my computer a lot of times I can't see the file name because it's cut off. All I can see is the folder name and I can't scroll or resize the column. Please fix this, it's the only good app that has this feature that I've found.
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5 years ago, Blaze600
Quite irritated..
The app WAS great the way it was before the recent upgrade. Now yes I did want the app updated to support the new iPhones which is super but you now HAVE to pay a subscription service to remove ads & get “pro” features.. I PAID for the last version to have ads removed but immediately after the update my payment apparently is no longer valid & they want more money... Dumb route the dev team is taking, a subscription based system is NOT the way to go, especially for this app in particular. Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to be looking else where for another app unless this new business model gets reverted back. Sorry to be so harsh but this ain’t right...
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7 years ago, France Iscoe
Just went from great to useless
An automatic update early this month (Oct 2017) killed the function for uploading files via wifi. The app crashes when this function is selected. It's the first update in a long time, and it seems conspicuously timed to coincide with what I've heard is a new file management capability in iOS. Anyway, don't bother with this app until you see an announcement that this bug is fixed. (Fwiw, tapmedia has not responded to requests for a target date for the bug fix. My version of app is paid for. A restart didn't help. I'm afraid to do an uninstall/reinstall, because my files may thus be lost, and tapmedia didn't answer my inquiry about that, either.)
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1 year ago, tjctogsf
If it takes longer than 30 seconds to understand…
I need an app to rename and organize files on my iPhone. Open the app, ad, ad, fullscreen prompt to upgrade to pro. Not loving it already and haven’t even gotten to the first functional page. Finally get to what appears to be a file navigation page aaaand it’s blank. No tools to navigate folders, no folders, no files. Check settings— no setting to identify a “home” folder, no setting to add an on-iPhone file source. Either this app is unintuitive, it’s broken or it simply doesn’t do what it advertises. Reader, find yourself an app that respects your time.
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4 years ago, CBZ2018
Much better
My initial review couple of years ago was one star. The program has improved significantly and I really really like it. I just wish the deleted files went into an actual folder… When I delete something they are gone and I can’t go back if I change my mind. Other than that pretty good program! Thank you!
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7 years ago, mgates100
Fair to middling
Do not get this if you have a lot of documents stored on your phone only and hope to synchronize them with this app. Apple does not permit this especially for documents created in other apps, so you have to link your documents individually to file manager. Further, the upload ability with respect to dropbox does not function for me however upload capability to iCloud does function. It seems like this would be easier if the developers of the sign up at simply put in functionality to text or email a document to yourself or others.
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3 years ago, HeadMoose
Update Dec 2015: No better news. Refuses to connect to my Box drive. My iCloud drive has only very limited access. I cannot understand these positive reviews - this app is seriously defective! Again: not worth the download. Update Aug 2015: Tried this app again. As far as I can tell, this app does nothing whatsoever. It certainly does not manage any files, nor does it allow you to access/work with any file you have. Sad. Update: July 2021 - Reinstalled. When opened, it hung. I closed and reopened. Found no files at all. Six years and still non-functional. These guys are not getting the job done.
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5 years ago, Mike Mart
Latest update deletes all my private notes
This latest update deletes all my private notes. Why cant you update an app without breaking it? This is very easy to test before updating and you blew it. All my private notes in all the folders i created cannot be seen as in blank white pages. I have been using your app for years now until today. I thought i already found a reliable app but seems i am wrong. Be careful installing this app and backup your private notes or you wont see it again. The only workaround is to download whats in the folders using wifi. Not happy with these and will plan on deleting this app now
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7 years ago, DalyCitySteven
Wifi loading worked until Oct 5, 2017
I've loved this app. Had it for years. It updated by itself, and now I can no longer upload files from my mac desktop via wifi. When I click on the button to go to the wifi, the app crashes. I've rebooted my iPhone 6plus. Still crashes. Please fix, otherwise this app is no use to me any longer.
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5 years ago, 2gfom&
Is so awesome and incredible 😎🤩🤗
This was my number one favorite manager in my life is like a journal 📓 that you can record your voice to talk about your personal life and your childhood 😇 that the things you like or the things you love in your past 😍😍🥰😘 like about your girl 👧 your personal assistant or you could talk about your secret life that you can’t tell to anyone or about your business meeting
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7 years ago, doireallyhavetohaveaNickname?
Simply awesome
Simply works well also. Linked my Dropbox account to this app and now all files are synced between all of my devices. I'm a bit old fashioned, so bought this app to have an actual external hard drive backup on my iPhone as extra protection and to have complete offline access to my files right on my iPhone. Thanks for a great app!
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5 months ago, 69162 fly
Looks like it would be great.
It's great as it has so many features like connecting to a cloud.? Unfortunately, I have not been able to move items already in the app into a newly created folder. That should be a pretty simple task, right? I mean you have a bunch of files, do you would create a file to organize them? I clicked on every menu and every option and I could not figure out how to do that. I could not find any detailed instructions on how to use the app.
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3 years ago, Liv7Knight
I enjoy this app a lot. It gives me the opportunity to create file and save pics in an organized fashion. It could be greatly improved if it could figure out how to save the pics that r not supported for some reason. I still like it lots and hope that change will come one day soon.
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2 years ago, Lucas852342
Lucas Lucas is going back home in town tomorrow afternoon I’ll
Lucas has to go to the gym with the girls for the night so I’ll let him know when I’m done with the kids tomorrow night and I’ll let him know when I’m done with the kids tomorrow night and I’ll let him know when I’m done with the kids tomorrow night and I’ll let him know when I’m done with
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5 years ago, tech guru 57
Ads within app
With the new update March 2019 you now get a pop-up ad within the app. This is very annoying. They look for you now to buy a bundle of apps, which by the way are very outdated, for a monthly subscription. No way. I would not mind paying for this app with a flat fee not a monthly subscription. Microsoft tried this, did it work out well for them. I am now looking elsewhere for an app for replacement.
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4 years ago, J. Berlin
After clicking to download this „free“ app, a quick message flashed on my ipad making it look like the app costs money. Sure enough when I opened the app, there was a message that it is free for three days and then I will be charged. No way I can tell to opt out of this, I was just taken to the next screen, so immediately deleted the app. I can‘t say if the app is good or not, but it needs to be clear that the customer will automatically be charged for using the app if it is downloaded and that is not clear. Please do not charge my account. I deleted this before opening.
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7 years ago, Donthaveanixksbsb
This app saved my life
I accidentally deleted my wireless drivers in my pc and I don’t have an internet cable to use neither and I’ve been able to download the drivers using this app and sync iTunes to share files that I downloaded with this app and voila, magic. This is the only app that I found to do what I wanted, thank you so much guys !
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7 years ago, dtibbz1234
Portable manager, archiver, voice recorder BUT...
...But sadly you're forced to use only one file- format (.aifc) for the voice memos, which by default, is unrecognized by MANY apps, platforms, and devices! At least, add the functionality to change Settings for audio file type to popular formats (.wav, .aac). Otherwise, Everything else about this app is cool.
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6 years ago, NotAShill
Ok for a few files, but doesn't work for serious use
- Zip function doesn't seem to work unless you want to zip small files. - Can't easily copy back many pictures to photo album. - Webdav feature didn't work when tested. - Needs to support SCP. - Web server feature is cool but there is no "Download All" button.
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5 years ago, DushiTaxiCuracao
lost my documents & pictures
i could not find a function to copy & paste all my files and videos in this app to a place to make sure i do not lose all my documents, film, photos and notes. first time my phone crashed and i lost it all, now yesterday this app was somehow uninstalled an when i downloaded it back agai, it did not save anything, so again i have lost thes important info on my phone. i have sent a request to please try to retreive back all of my info. if it does not work i am not using this unreliable app anymore, it does not make a back up.
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7 years ago, hintofsilence
Solid, but one major issue
Overall, this is a really solid app with a great UI. The only major issue is that I cannot link Google Drive with it. All the other cloud services work just fine, but I consistently get a 403 error when I try to connect my Google Drive. If the developer can fix this, I’d be happy to come back and give a 5-Star rating, but this is a major flaw, as I wish to consolidate all my cloud services under one app.
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4 years ago, Mike Erdoes
Worth its weight in helium
Opposite of intuitive! It really works hard to get you to upgrade to paid version which, as a business owner, I understand. However, from what I’ve read, it then becomes impossible to cancel subscription. Luckily, I did not upgrade to paid subscription so I’m sharing only what I’ve read from other users on that particular topic. The interface, while simple to understand becomes more complex to use and I don’t have the patience to keep trying. Great concept but I’m moving in a different direction.
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8 years ago, mobsidian
Not useful to me - did not do what I wanted
I downloaded this so I could move voice memos OFF of my iphone. These are orphaned voice memos. I see them on the phone, but iTunes does not see them when I sync. I was hoping this would let me browse the file system on my phone so I could find the orphaned voice memos and retrieve them. This app does NOT do that. It creates its own space on the phone and you can do whatever you want inside that space, but it DOES NOT see other files. No good to me.
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7 years ago, ddehring
File manager
Excellent app works very well making the transfer of files from my mobile devices a breeze! In particular, I use File Manager with Tiny Scan. They make a handy combination. File manager is very easy to use. It is particularly helpful to keep information that you can't read at the time but want to return to later.
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6 years ago, Valkadesh
Implementation limits usefulness
Typically when you want to file manager the reason is because either; 1) The file is too large, or 2) You have a large file that is taking all your disk space. This app makes a copy of the file you want to copy to your PC. If you don’t have enough space then it won’t give you the whole file. This limits the usefulness of the app to copy large files off your iPhone when you don’t have at least the file size amount of available storage on your device.
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7 years ago, Minnie's Account
Do I Need A Tutorial??
I downloaded this in a hurry yesterday because I needed the QR reader in a hurry at a class I was taking. This app was recommended with it. So although I use Adobe and another file app routinely with no issues, I find I must need a tutorial for this one! Didn't have trouble setting up the files, just adding them. Took me to Google (which I don't use). I was finally able to add the files by turning them into "Notes", copying to my Photos and adding them that way. TOO much trouble unless I'm missing something??
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7 years ago, Flip_Bottle
Perfect Solution to all your File Management needs
Needed a simple, straightforward app to view, store & manage all of the documents for my iPhone 5s & this does it all. No bugs, no annoying pop-ups, just what I was looking for; highly recommend to everyone.
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5 years ago, Rick Greenquist
No Thanks.
I expect with “free” apps that there will be advertising and offers - many of which are very helpful. However on this one I was hit with an animated pop up for a product called “Docusign” to which I could not decline. It presented a high speed animated pen doing a signature over and over with no way to put an end to the pop up, and no other response to give but to accept. The pop up started to show up on other apps. I deleted app ran my malware app, and found another file file structure app that I am happy with.
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7 years ago, mootoyou
So far so good
I needed to download instructional videos to my phone for later viewing and FileManager allows me to do that. Instruction to use it is a little lacking but I was able to figure it out. The only feature that I would like to see is the ability to rename the file. This is the reason I gave it only 4 stars.
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3 years ago, Alphadogtucker
Where are the files?
I imported photos from iPhone to PC. Windows can’t open a couple of them, so I went back to the iPhone to see which ones they are. Maybe they’re worth debugging, maybe not. But iOS doesn’t show the file details, only the thumbnail. So I get this app to identify them by file name and then open them, but it opens up to an empty, nameless folder with no way to navigate to the folder containing the photos. It only seems to give access to cloud folders like iCloud. To me, that’s useless.
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8 years ago, eclecticElle
Great All Around!
Love all the different user friendly areas this app covers! Was pleased to find that it even has an option to sync files from ur desktop! No need to hassle with remote computer settings or pay for another method! Good job! Keep it up!
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6 months ago, LSMD
Not ALL audio!!
I got this app to try to manage Apple Music files, and I was encouraged by the vendor’s write-up that says it will manage audio files. Well, I guess it will, but NOT files that are part of Apple apps, like mine — those are sandboxed. The app told me that after I downloaded it, signed up for a 3-day free-trial, activated my account for a paid subscription, and checked the online help. Subscription cancelled and app deleted.
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5 years ago, pinnerduck
Horrible - DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!
I paid for ad-free service. I used this app to organize files for studying for college. Now, I have to subscribe to a monthly fee for an app for which I already paid. This is absolute horrible customer service. I can’t believe you jerks treat paying customers this unfairly. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, jamie pickles
Idea is there
I really enjoy the idea of organizing all my projects for my business however the execution isn’t there. When I save a photo to a folder the picture never appears, same with saving URLs. So I have to save a note with the URL instead, not as efficient or great as I’d like but I’ll use it until I find something better.
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7 years ago, Tangomaster2
Folders My Way
Finally found this app, it’s so easy to use and never would want to miss it. It lets you create folder and sub folders as many as you need. You could for instance create a main folder called: MUSIC then create sub folders such as: R&B, Blues, Rock&Roll, Jazz, etc. Take for instance the folder R&B, inside you can list all the musicians in alphabetical order or create a folder for each musician. Giving it a 5 Star rating. To the developers, any chance that you could create folders in color? I would give it a 6 Star rating then, thank you in advance.
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2 years ago, Jlynn1020
I downloaded the app today
And I didn’t even get the 3 free trial days to see if I liked it. I was just charged for a month. Please fix. Also, you might want to remove the statement that the app is FREE because it’s not. At all.
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4 months ago, rtp3014
Organization & Display
This App is great in its display and presentation of folders, files and documents maybe better than Adobe. BUT The Only issue I have is that I can’t get pdf and word documents that are Password Protected to Open and the ability to RENAME FILES / documents/photos. Give me that and I’ll give all stars.
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6 years ago, CLA$$Y KENNY
I am grateful that this app was created!
I've been using this File Manager for a few years now and it's never failed me! I ADORE the "Upload by WiFi Sync" option! You have no idea! Looking forward to seeing the growth of your company! Thanks again!
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8 years ago, JJCGWC
File Manager
File Manager is the only app where I can conveniently store attachments and easily find them later. I can create new folders as easily as I can on any Windows machine. Moving files from one folder is also very easy.
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2 years ago, DranDivineBeast
Great app
Would be 5 stars but I have this issue where when I upload multiple photos, for around 30% of the photos the thumbnail shows but when I click on them the image is just black. Please fix I really like this app!
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7 months ago, Katleigh88
This is what happens to me when I don’t have a good reason for it and then when I’m done I start to feel better and then when I’m feeling like 👍 I’m like 👍 and I feel like 👍 so it’s just me I feel better ❤️‍🩹 I’m so grateful
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1 year ago, 00d0s
From love to lukewarm
Moving files around is no longer possible? Kind of makes the app worthless. There's some option to subscribe to 21 other apps with the possibility that maybe the move feature will part of that but that's just overkill and silly and not cool
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5 years ago, Joey Jewel
What Happened?
I primarily use this app for copying and pasting song lyrics and chords. All was well and good until a recent update. Now, instead of pasting the content as it originally reads, it all runs together in one long unpunctuated “sentence “ causing me to have break it up etc. Not only that, the size of the print is smaller, not as it was/should be make it difficult to read while playing off of an iPad...
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