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User Reviews for Files

3 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
2 years ago, cheerleader4Eva
Soooooo I have literally NO IDEA now to put anything on this app. None! And it could be so useful to!😃well, that is IF I KNEW HOW TO USE IT 😠!!! Soooo I’m giving this app 3 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ and I will change it once I know how to use it. Sooo developer(s), how do u use this/put things in it? I’m downloading it back for when I know how to use it. Well, IF U RESPONSE. So plssssssss tell me how to add things. PRETTY PLEASE 🥺? Thx 😊!byeeeeeeeee! 😘 Edit:ya’ll I’m back YEP 😈 hah Jk I’m not doing anything evil I’m just a child A 10 YEAR OLD CHILD DO U EXPECT A GIRL THIS OLD TO HURT U?! Anyway…….. I tried connecting to Kahoot (cuz why not I was bored) and I waited….and waited….and waited…..sooooooo I waited for 10 minutes (no I didn’t I waited for less than 30 seconds lol 😆) and nothing happened so yeahhhh how do ya add stuff I like that there’s no ads tho 🤗 but I STILL don’t know how to add stuff so developer(s), PLEASE IM BEGGING U HELP MEEEEE okay Ty peace ✌🏾 Edit: Heyyy! Good news! I figured out how to add a folder! But idk how to put things in it soooooo…..
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11 months ago, KRYONOGLOU
The worst app in iOS
Ok let’s start. I have all my photos & videos on iCloud. Not to photos, but to files. Why? I will let you know after. Let’s focus on the files app now. After you open a video or a photo or whatever you want to open, this app, files app, download the file to the phone, to have easy access for it real quick if you wish to open it again, and here is the problem. I have 2tb iCloud, I have a lot of content there, and on iPhone storage, the iCloud size is 153GB. Why apple? Why I don’t have access to unload the files inside the files app? Why I can’t clear everything with one button? Why I can’t use multi selection to unload the files and you only give me the option to do it one by one? And why when I unload a file by typing remove download on the file, the iPhone storage dosnt be updated with the new size on my device? Now, about the photos app and the optimization, no I don’t want to have this option. Because this option keep on the iCloud the real size and on the device give you a mini version of the file, and this is to bad for editing video and photos, because you end up editing photos and videos with compression and not the full resolution. So I want to have all my files to files (iCloud) but to have the option to remove it from my phone (not the cloud). Until then I will go back to google drive, better choice and dosnt make mess on my device. Too disappointed.
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1 year ago, Folklorist
Happy Apple user for decades, but Files is terrible
I love Apple devices and software because they really are great almost all the time. The Files app on iPad OS and iOS, however, is a glaring exception. I’ve been using my 2022 iPad Pro 12.9 happily, leaning into it and using it almost entirely as my work device at home and the office. I really love using it and am one of the end users that patiently takes time to learn new apps and how they work in the OS environment. The Files app is a big disappointment because it is curiously and fatally limiting when working with iCloud and Google Drive—both necessities for my work. As others have noted often, Files seems to get amnesia regularly, losing setup and favorites information. At other times, is shows only 100 Drive files with zero function for searching Drive. Lately, it also becomes unresponsive at seemingly random and inopportune moments when browsing cloud files. It renders my lovely iPad Pro useless for work when I can’t access Drive files on it. I remained in denial for a long time because I’ve never experienced such utter inadequacy with an Apple software product. Fortunately, I found a third-party app that does everything needed to manage files on device, in iCloud, in Drive, and more—just like anyone would want. Why doesn’t Apple put the resources it has to making a decent file management app for iPad OS and iOS?
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10 months ago, J. A T.
🍏Apple, this app is so below your standards
FULL DISCLOSURE: This is the first time I’ve used File Management software in over 20+ years (and my iPhone is running ios 15). I must say it’s satisfying to see a lot of features I wanted back then are finally incorporated into the software of today. But that’s were the positive story ends. Like other reviews I had problems with tagging and some issues I chalked up to possible slow speeds with saving to iCloud bc I don’t having WiFi. However, after 3-4 days, I couldn’t imagine what the deal was with missing tags and sometimes even files. Then I finally came here and discovered the reviews for this app are subpar. APPLE 🍏 frankly I was shocked that your app is so bad. And I didn’t even want it to enter my mind that maybe I shouldn’t be buying an iPhone 15 next month! I’m over 60 years old and from the generation where we’ve kept track of important documents. Given my initial experience with this app, I can’t trust it to properly access my personal documentation on my iPhone. This seems like such a basic thing to use my phone for. I’m keeping my fingers 🤞crossed these issues will be corrected in iOS 17!
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9 months ago, DSmith8
Remember Windows 3.1? The Files App Can Reduce iPad stability to Windows in 1990.
Was this app antagonistically tested with external storage devices containing or servers with more than 100 files and sub folders? Experience suggests not! And if external storage devices presented a challenge to the Files app, SMB support seems is just jello thrown against the wall with hopes to stick. It gets worse, network, server or SMB failures aren't confined to the Files app. Once Files stumbles (don't expect an error message), any app, an app doesn't even have to be using external storage, can succumb to freezes. And you can't graciously back your way out, restarting the victimized app(s) does help; I dismounting the server does not resolve (the Files app is usually frozen itself); restarting the server does not resolve; restarting the Files app does not resolve. Restarting the iPad seems the only "dependable" resolution. I doubt one could implement a meaningful real world production implantation dependent upon Files. And before I forget, how did anyone with meaningful computing experience overlook support for aliases on external storage? This wasn't on a check list of file operations to check? The alias is there, but on the iOS device it is useless.
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1 year ago, BibleZealot
Waste of space
Complete waste of space piece of garbage app that should be an embarrassment to whichever “genius” designed it. Why are none of the copious amounts of files I have download available even though I literally clicked “on this iPhone” why are the only two files available on that option two of the internet browsers I have downloaded? What good is this useless app if I can’t access literally EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY file on my phone? It’s garbage. Whoever created this app, all the designers should feel ashamed and a complete failure for their poor inability to provide a service that the app was seeming to promise. Terrible. Completely terrible. I hope everyone who worked on this app is from this point on blackballed from ever entering app design and UI, because you are completely incompetent and incapable of doing the basic thing people would want to use your app for. Please just work a remedial job and stop wasting people’s time trying to figure out your poorly designed apps. You wouldn’t know UI if it hit you in the face. Completely embarrassing. This app is an embarrassment. Doesn’t even deserve the one star bare minimum I was required to give you to rate it.
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3 months ago, Matthew falletich
One of the Worst Software Experiences Ever. Not Just from Apple.
Before I begin, I just want to state that I say this from a place of hope that Apple will address these issues in future updates. I have seen iPadOS progress in the past few years and, hopefully, this slow but necessary progress and evolution will continue. That being said… The Files app on iPad is quite frankly one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had. To use this app to transfer, access, download, upload, and even export to is painful. I have lost footage, I have lost projects, I have had to cancel projects that I have wanted to work on, and I have never in my three years as a college student experienced something as excruciating as using the Files app on a daily basis. I say this as someone who has to deal with ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD. The access of servers on Files is broken. Using this to access servers, even when connected directly to it via a cable, is frustrating to be kind. Having to access RAW files is painful. The fact that iPads are said to be video editing dreams by some, yet some file formats still cannot be supported WHATSOEVER, drives me insane. The UI is also trash, I get confused as to where things are located and what specific area it is in. This is especially painful considering file management is somewhat good on macOS, but here it feels like Apple has sent me to the dark ages when the Black Plague existed. Everything feels like a mess.
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3 months ago, Ziganga
Native Disappointment
I don't know how you can both be the native app and struggle to function. I use files to connect to other apple devices so i don't need to plug my phone in to transfer information but it's constantly freezes without indicating the problem. There's no way to refresh the connection when a file or folder has been updated on the connected server. In short, even though they have the closest connection to the product, their app don't perform like it. I guess Apple doesn't care about it that much. I imagine the engineers who work on it are embarrassed — i have 0 proof. I just know that engineers pride themselves on making quality products, and that is supposed to be even more true of Apple engineers (based on Apple's projection of itself through ads), but this is not a quality product, so i think they're embarrassed. Or they don't take it personally and they're just in agreement that it's a bad product but prioritizing it is above their pay grade.
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3 years ago, MattMcAdams
Missing features and performance
I’d love to stick to the default file manager over some third party app, but in its current state its extremely limited. On performance, it would be good to have a syncing indicator and a way to manually sync files - especially for third party storage like google drive. File previews are touch and go, sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t or they take forever to load - even on good internet. Features seem lacking as well, especially for power users. I’d like a similar experience to finder on Mac. Being able to see file extensions, hidden files, etc would be nice too. File management feels pretty clunky, but I suspect that’s a side effect of being on iOS rather than the files app itself, but it would be helpful if it were a bit more intuitive and snappy.
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2 years ago, 환불해주세요제발어이없어요
Textbox doesn’t work when being connected to Bluetooth keyboard!
When I open pdf file and add a textbox, it dosn’t type in any word, and looks like its not even recognizing the keyboard or sth (when connected to bluetooth keyboard.) I got a new iPad pro 6th gen, so I called the customer center thinking that it was the issue on my device, and the representative couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with it. I did everything she and he asked me to do like restarting the device, reset everything, but a textbox still didn’t work. The weird thing is that when I disconnect the any bluetooth keyboard (including magic keyboard w/ trackpad) a textbox work like normal. I don’t think it is the issue on the iPad device because a textbox work like normal without the other keyboard connected. I think it is the issue on the application itself. Plz fix it I am even writing here because nobody at Apple couldn’t fix this out for me. And I am sure that there would be other people too having this issue. Plus (with the other keyboard connected) I also tried a textbox on pdf file on Apple’s Note app, and didn’t also work…. I think there is an issue in Apple’s app, i don’t know why it’s not working. It works fine on the other app. But I wanna use Apple’s apps because it is compatible the most with my Apple pencil and I like how it works well with Apple’s device except it has this minor bug or sth.
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9 months ago, RixTheFox
Needs more native file operations
I love that iOS has a local file browser! This was a much needed QOL feature that was missing when I first tried iOS back in 2013. So far my experience with the files app has been overall positive, my one request though would be for native handling of .gz and .tar archive files. The biggest problem I believe Apple has right now is too many file apps in the App Store demand payment for basic operations that should be able to be performed through this native app. It’s very annoying to have to go to a third party app that may or may not be doing other things to my files without my permission. I just need to open files on my phone. I’m not demanding a full software development suite with sftp support but a simple unarchive function for .tar and .gz files would go a long way.
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8 months ago, 37 Snuffy 37
New but happy user
The Files app for me seems to be working fine. My use is simplistic and basically organizational. I use it as a Files organizer similar to the old-fashioned metal drawer files that you would find in an office. But of course it’s enhanced in such a way that I can add photo files, pdf’s, text files of different sorts & “notes”. i’ve just started using it about six months ago and haven’t had any problem or loss of data so far. I also use it across at least four devices on my account. But once again, My use is very simplistic but very effective for my current needs. I’m only giving it four stars now because I’m not finding file sharing between two accounts easy to use yet. But I think simply it’s just the learning curve that I’m dealing with now.
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2 years ago, Omnine
Tedious interface, regularly disconnects from external services
It’s clear that the Files app is made to be touch-friendly, but for those of us to shelled the money for the “magic” keyboard, it’s woefully lacking. The interface is limited, there’s no tab support (even Microsoft finally figured that one out), and opening industry-standard files such as Illustrator (.ai) requires clicking the file and expanding the window size (in Stage Manager) enough that an “Open in Illustrator” button appears, then clicking it. Not okay. That, though, could be forgiven and ultimately made part of a regular workflow. What’s worse—much worse—is that the Files app too regularly crashes the OS resulting a soft reset, and the app regularly loses connection with external storage services such as Dropbox with no notification or recourse. It just sits on a blank folder or refreshes the interface as though the storage had been opened, only to show the same folder you were initially viewing. This last issue may be due to faulty coding on the part of those external storage providers, but it’s Apple’s responsibility to ensure that the tools they make available to them work well and reliably—and, when they don’t work, to make it clear to the user what went wrong. This app is an embarrassment, especially for being so vital to a professional workflow; more so considering how long it’s been available.
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3 weeks ago, BadWolf2112
Apple should change their motto: “single-handedly keeping Google in business.” This app is absolutely useless. Remember the old “there’s an app for that” ads in the early iPhone days? Well, that’s only relevant if you don’t want to store and retrieve files on this device. Steve Jobs could solve our energy needs if someone would hook up a generator to his corpse as it rolls in his grave. The Apple brand quality has become an echo lost in time. Now we have the same useless outsourced garbage software that other brands are known for. The “solutions” offered up to address this defective app are just as absurd as the app, itself. Uninstall / reinstall? Tried that. Useless. Airplane mode? No help. Reboot? Yeah, take a number, that’s been tried too. Un-sync iCloud? First thing I did. This software is supposed to be very basic and fundamental. They couldn’t even get the UX right. And now it doesn’t work at all. What happened to “It just works?” Apple: “It just fails”
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1 year ago, Yumberry
Cannot Transfer Files to NAS
Used to work flawlessly. Now when I try to transfer files wirelessly to my USB storage that’s attached to my router it gives me this error “The operation couldn’t be completed. Attribute not found.” I do not have this issue when using other apps to do the same task. After having a lot of folders/files it seems to not be able to show anything when you type in the name of the file in the search bar. As if it doesn’t exist but if I manually search for the file, it’s there. Also, sometimes when you create a new folder it immediately wants you to name it but lately it doesn’t give me that option. So I’m stuck with “untitled folder” and manually going back in to try to check the option to rename it, the “Rename” option doesn’t show up/exist but all the other options are there (Copy, Move, Get Info). Will remain 1 star review until these issues are resolved.
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7 months ago, Loud&PROfound
Wish these features were integrated into the device…
An advantage that Windows has over Apple is their ability to merge folders together seamlessly (with no broken, duplicate, or misplaced files…) It would also be nice if we had the ability to add an additional layer of security that gave us the ability to lock folders.I know we have the ability to hide pictures; would it be too much to ask for the same ability on our files? And since I’m on this subject of cybersecurity; it would also be nice to have an anomaly detection system built into the firewall in order to ensure that 3rd party apps are only contacting the servers that they need to, in order to function properly… I hope these suggestions get implemented because I love how everything normally works with Apple’s ecosystem…
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8 months ago, Pelican611
Needs Fixing
I make music, and with that being said my engineer sends my music through files and that’s where I save my songs. And I upload using DistroKid which I select the song through my Files app. Ever since this new IOS 17.0.3 update, my Files app has not been working. It won’t let me click any of my saved audio within the app itself, nor can I export it. I can’t delete anything within the app. It just freezer. I tried deleting the app, didn’t work. I tried unsyncing my iCloud and redoing it, didn’t work. And no, my storage isn’t full but my phone always says it is. Between the iPhone storage and I cloud storage, they should both be good. I need this fixed because it is hindering my ability to release music!!
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6 months ago, Zuli__
How many people have experienced this heartbreak?!
You are backing up your device to iCloud, it’s a rush because you’re about to leave network coverage. You go to check the progress, 40 minutes left after hours of waiting for these 190gb of memories and work to be protected, and while you scroll to look at what’s remaining your finger barely grazes the ‘cancel backup’ button. 3 HOURS wasted in a millisecond with not enough time to complete the backup before you leave the port, all because there is no confirmation dialogue box to confirm halting an hours long process. This is terrible design. One click to cancel when I wasn’t even pressing the same location by the time I finished scrolling?! I know it’s not files fault but files are missing because the backup couldn’t be completed. FIX IT before more hearts and careers are destroyed amen
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3 years ago, Wags McDads
Dismal Performance at Best
To preface, I have dedicated fiber internet with 1bps up and down, with a Wi-Fi 6 mesh system that gives me consistent 650mbps speed test results. That being said, why is it an absolute nightmare to download ANYTHING from my iCloud Drive through the Files app? Just a vicious cycle of never-ending spinning circles and irretrievable files. It’s taking me at least 5 minutes to download a 25MB file, which it totally unacceptable. Unless it exists on local storage, there’s no chance that I’m able to access them in a reasonable amount of time. The issue is on both my iPad Pro (2020) and iPhone 13 Pro Max. I’m glad that Apple finally began allowing reviews on their native apps, because hopefully it’ll light a fire under them to work towards actually improving their services instead of doling out the same half-baked, not well-thought out apps year after year.
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3 years ago, kingofzombies
At least the iPad now has a file system, but it is like an Apple IIe 1983
For all the far fetched claims from Apple that the iPad can replace a laptop you would think it would have a basic working finder/file system. Quicklook doesn't work with the apple keyboard. I can't go to the next image or file with the keyboard arrow keys. Basic info like pixel dimensions is available but needs to be drilled down to in a menu. Image thumbnails only have one size. You can have two open file windows next each other now. But on a laptop I can have three, I can have thirty open on the same screen. What wizardry that somehow eludes the ipad with the same cpu as a mac! I'm looking forward to the day the iPad has the basic functionalities of a real computer, hopefully that day will be not be in another five years!
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8 months ago, Icy Leon
Please fix!
I’ve been dealing with this issue for 2 years already, because I use this app to listen to my music with earbuds on in my iPhone X but everytime I open my camera or any number that calls me it causes this annoying bug which delays the volume increase/decrease and delays to pause any music I was listening to! I even got myself a new phone which is the XS but STILL DOES THE SAME EFFECT! I Legit Thought I Got Rid Of It! I tried using different earbuds but STILL THE SAME EFFECT AND GLITCH! I tested it on an iPhone 8 and iPhone 14 pro IT DOES NOTHING TO IT BUT ONLY TO ME! WHY!? I don’t know if it’s the phone or the app but PLEASE FIX IT NOW!
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1 month ago, greg2.71828
Morbidly Unstable
Crashes half the time I use it, requiring me to restart my whole phone just to get it to work again. Critically, all file management even within other apps is broken when files crashes so I have to restart my phone to do much of anything at all. Search is also pretty bad, sometimes when you search a substring of the name of a file, including correct capitalization, nothing shows up. Additionally, it is missing many important file management features like "keep downloaded to device" for icloud drive. Many file attributes are just not displayed when you get info on a file. There is no way to show hidden files (dotfiles). While you _technically can_ open, say, a .mkv file in VLC from the files app (the files app doesn't support playback of many common video formats), you have to go through the share sheet, which makes no sense because i am just viewing the file and not sharing it. This is one of the many ways that the files app is awkward to use even besides the missing features and frequent instability. These issues have existed for quite a while now so in my opinion they have no excuse for not fixing them. Apple has the resources to do so, they have just chosen not to.
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3 months ago, Kernkraft235
App is bad, 3rd party apps are limited
This is just as clunky as managing your device storage from a mac. They really dont want the iphone or ipad to appear to have a posix filesystems, which is fine I guess, but they need to deliver a better virtual file system than this. I have a suspicion that the whole icloud thing is built on a mountain of cruft where if the users could potentially access normal filesystem features it would break the whole thing. 3rd party alternatives are extremely sandboxed, and to access stuff outside of their sandbox you have to go thru the share sheet files applet. Well my files app is straight up broken, so that doesnt even work. This is my first time ever encountering a showstopper from an app, but this is more than an app, its a core part of the computing experience, its almost as bad as lets say a broken touch keyboard
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3 years ago, wetfrog
Come on Apple!
Love & hate relationship. Yes, finally Apple got their act together and created a file management app BUT it STILL is very limited. My biggest gripe is the backward way of doing things just because Apple must be different. Even though its weird, uncommon or just frustrating… like not show file extension! Oh sure you can click on file, bring up menu then click info…really! Several clicks just to find out what the file is? For work this is a huge pain and just plain idiotic. I tend to have folders with multiples of same file but different types, exp. Txt, docx,pdf. So clicy, colicky to just find one dang version. Like i have time to sit around clicking. Files is just to limited and idiotically frustrating to use….and don’t get me started with its frustrating lack of complete synergy with other cloud services like OneDrive, what a pain.
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2 years ago,
Deleting File problem
hey there , i have problem with file app , every time i delete a video file (of course i delete from recently deleted too! ) that file is still using storage space , and i checked that from storage detail , it remains as system data section !!! so i have this question , i only use my iphone 12 promax for watching movie , and i delete movies after i watch them , recently deleted section is clear too , so why deleting files doesnt increase the free space of storage .... please fix it , its my big problem , i am using apple iphone models from the begining and im not amateur.. this problem is Real just check it yourself , check your free space , and then delete some video file in download and delete from recently too , then check your storage , Nothing ! no free storage ...
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2 years ago, Pylod
Loving this Latest Update
With the new iPadOS 16, the File app has become more powerful with the ability to check the file size of each folder, different sorting options in the navigation pane as well as being able to see (and modify, if necessary) the extension name of the file. The only glitch that I noticed is that whenever I create a folder, and put the folder in the dock, the folder effect doesn’t completely cover the entire desktop, which is kinda weird. It’s not a big deal, just a small oversight that dev’s might need to look into. Btw, if the folder is on the desktop, then this graphic issue doesn’t really appear.
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2 years ago, Pember071
Management app lacking in major features, esp. for iPad
For the iPad Pro, a $1000 device, Apple seriously needs to step it up with the Files app. They've continuously chosen not to include basic features on the management app that Macs and all computers have. It was only on the latest major software update that we got the ability to view the progress status of a transfer, a most basic function. A few of the highly-requested basic features needed on the Files app: - Ability to eject external drives and format them - Ability to edit documents (such as TextEdit or Pages) on iCloud Drive that were created on a Mac. - Ability to view media (photos, videos) directly from an external drive on the Files app. And/or, let users directly transfer media from an external drive to a folder like iCloud Drive, to view on another device, and to the iPad's Photos app, to view there as a slide show for instance. - Option to see file extensions and hidden files - A way to undo actions, such as moving a file, overwriting or replacing a file, etc. - Support for all and older media files, so we don't have to download other media-viewing apps like VLC to be able to view old media on external drives
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3 years ago, HondaBoy619
Have to reinstall app every time I need to delete something
I use my iPhone for filming on filmic pro and dump my footage onto my external drive on both my iPhone and iPad. Every time I delete a video file (and yes it’s deleted out of recently deleted), it still takes the space! I have to uninstall and reinstall the app to literally clear the “cache”. This is throughout the entire OS. It will do the same thing to 3rd party apps that utilize the files system. We’ve had files since what iOS 13 and it this app STILL has not been fixed. This is embarrassing on apple’s part. Other than it literally not working like it should, I can’t see file transfer speeds, even how far along my transfers are, etc. It just doesn’t show. I don’t even rarely know when a video file is actually copying. Like seriously??
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3 years ago, alag145
Please fix all the bugs, I want to like the app
As much as I love the interface of the app and its features and the new features added, as well as the ease of use, the problems that pop up, make me want to not use it. The biggest issue is with files just not saving, same thing with annotations, it all looks fine, until I close out and they are missing, having for me to re-annotate. Files app also keeps duplicating files as well. Things may take forever to load, even if they are small documents. I also really wish there was a save button or a progress text where it will say if the file saved and at what time. So i have now switched to OneDrive app as i need the reliability for my files to save.
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7 months ago, Random Amogus
Bit of advice for those who use this for reviewing audio
If you open the Control Center while the audio is playing, you can view the file in there. It will show the timestamp at all times in the Control Center viewer. Hope this helped! Also, this app is great. It’s fast, easy, and efficient. I almost never receive slowdowns with it (except in the case that I open Google Drive’s section, which just slows EVERYTHING down). Overall the app is good for its purpose - storing files. I’d recommend this over Google Drive any day of the week.
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5 months ago, Psionycx
Completely useless
Apple needs to get out of the software business. Their incompetent developers can’t even write a file management app that just shows you all the files and folders on the device. If what you are looking for is not in one of their predefined folders that the developers want to show you then you won’t find your stuff. This is one of many reasons that the iPad Pro is NOT a replacement for a real PC. It’s gotten ridiculous how bad Apple products are and how user-unfriendly their software is. Here’s some advice to the Apple developers: NOBODY WANTS YOUR OPINION! Just show us ALL files and folders. And no, iCloud is NOT an alternative. Users should not have to bounce files off the cloud just to get to them. Only an incompetent engineer would think so.
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1 year ago, Annahumphey140
Improvable aspect
Please make an adjustment to the aspect of saving handwritten notes on saved files AUTOMATICALLY. I use the files app to save PDF documents, and then proceed to take personal notes in class. It has happened numerous times where I will sit through a 3-hour class, having taken multiple pages of notes, and then accidentally closing my iPad and losing everything. This would also be the case my iPad were to die. This seems like a no-brained to automatically save writing, and not be required to hit “done.” Another improvable aspect to this app is being able to search the personal hand-written notes. Other apps are much more advanced, and I feel the Files app has more potential if the creators would update it.
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2 years ago, afraiser
Changed For Worse Since Update
I make a note and save to files on the regular. Then I will attach the corresponding file to the corresponding date in ical. However, since the last update, once I select to “attach file” I am not given the option. The file is now greyed out and unable to be added to iCal as an attachment. This is wrong! Please fix this asap. We dc about the extension when saving in iCal. It can always ask/prompt us to select where to view the attachment (ie notes in this case). But losing the ability to select the file altogether to add to calendar is unacceptable (& highly disruptive). We lost a major benefit w/this. Thank you in advance for addressing this matter promptly.
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8 months ago, Mrjabezzy
So I have generally liked this app. However, I have identified a pretty significant flaw. I do not use icloud. I needed to free space on my phone and sent 75 files to my iPad (via airdrop) and opened them in the files app. The iPad got shook and it asked if I wanted to undo and I accidentally hit the button. I tried to redo it to get the folder back and cold not. I checked recently deleted and there was nothing there. Rather than deleting the files, the action was indeed entirely undone. I cannot find the files anywhere. I already deleted them from my phone following the initial transfer. 75 files gone! I will not be airdropping frequently moving forward. Good in theory but VERY POOR EXECUTION.
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6 months ago, Cowgirl6789
I got iCloud Drive storage since I use all Apple devices, but I’m strongly considering switching back to DropBox bc this app can’t do anything I want it to do. I got it to access my computer files (mainly photos), on my phone so I could send them to get them printed. No matter what I do, I can’t get it to sync correctly. I’ve signed out and back in multiple times on all my devices. I’ve manually synced. I’ve made sure the settings are correct. Yet my phone app stays consistently 6+ months behind whatever is on my MacBook and iPad. It’s unusable. This shouldn’t be this complicated! Why doesn’t it work? So frustrated. I love Apple but what’s the point of iCloud if files are inaccessible anywhere but the native device??
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1 year ago, eastbayguy
Horrible workflow
This app is so unreliable when uploading files from sd card to Google drive. The files get out of order when uploading which make it confusing to monitor. Why don’t they stay in order when you look at the upload progress?? Files fail to upload constantly with “failed to connect” error and then the window with the files you are sharing disappears so you don’t know which files failed and which didn’t. SHOW US WHICH FILES FAILED AND GIVE AN OPTION TO RE UPLOAD or just let the app wait for connection. It’s always a file in the middle of the batch that fails while files listed after somehow upload. Trash.
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1 year ago, WilderChairs
Couldn't imagine a more useless app
Doesn't show the majority of files that I have. Even "recents" doesn't show ANY of my recent files. I can download something right now, and "recents" will show files from months ago. I just downloaded a PDF. According to files, I have *no* PDFs on my device. This is friggin' sickening. Tried to do a Google search but as expected, none of the results have anything to do with what I searched for except one, which was someone else with the same issue posting on Apple's support forum. Nobody bothered to respond, so apparently Apple doesn't care anyway. So frustrating to have a bunch of files I want to access and having this stupid program swear up and down I don't have them.
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3 months ago, Crazywokeworld
Terrible Experience
I had just Bought this IPhone 15 pro max or max pro. This phone has consistently showed it has many apps that are not user friendly. In comparison to all my Samsung phones I used in past. The ability to create files is almost none existent. The only abilities this phone has that Samsung Galaxy phone does not is the ability to just about delete any app. I assumed this Iphone I was buy would be a better experience above Samsung. On the contrary this phone is very much below Samsung Galaxy in many ways except Camera and Satellite S.O.S. . I see no real reason to buy this new phone with all these complications and extra download needs
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1 month ago, Pleased or maybe Not
You have to know how to use it.
I love ❤️ this app. It allows me to save my files directly to a flash drive using an Apple Camera adaptor. I can even use a mini SD Card in my adaptor. I save files directly to my Flash Drive or SD card from the Internet. I share all my photos directly to my devices, which saves a ton of space since my device can only hold 32GB. The only thing I hate about this app, is that it allows nearby thieves to connect directly and steal all your files in the iPhone or Tablet, including photos and Garageband songs. 😩
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1 year ago, LillyZXD
A grown-up-ish App. but I still use it anyways. he he he 🦹🏿‍♀️. i’m not a bad guy. you can save videos on it and plus you can save videos from Toca life world 🗺. I’m just a kid. oh yeah you can also save videos from yo ya Busy life world 🌎. and maybe you can also save photos from PKXD. by the way i’ll get that in three months. bye-bye Apple 🍎. i’m also gonna add emojis because it’s gonna be a fun one even though it’s actually a grown-up-ish.👰🏽‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️😌🥹😅😇🤪😜😛😘🥰😎. 👧🏽🤗😻👒👗🌺🍄🪵🌴🌈🌬🌨☔️🌊☃️🌍🌎⭐️🌞🌚🥟🍽🥡🥢🛝🎽🏋🏿‍♀️🤼‍♀️⛹🏼‍♀️🏊🏾‍♀️🏄🏿‍♀️🧗🏿‍♀️🤹🏾‍♀️🚵🏻‍♂️🥇and done.
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2 years ago, LunimeLova!
Great app! I recommend. Easy to use.
I love this app. You just download a file, and some apps will have you have to use it. Also good for if you need music. If you need to use it but don't wanna have to record it because it's too long, you can just download a file of it and tap and hold, and share to the app you want it in. It's pretty easy. I love it, very greatly organized. I like how you can rename files to remember them. Thanks Apple, for making this app. It helps me a lot.
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10 months ago, Leo-color
For cheerleader4eva
First you have to maybe click on a photo and if it says save or share then click on share, if you see save to files, click on that, and then if you see the save button then press it. Im happy i could help you. Now, for me, i think this is the best app for the users who want to save on this app and it has no requirements its easy, just click share or save as, click saved files, and then, press the save. 5 stars babieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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1 year ago, Batman#12
I like this app
This files app is the greatest app I have ever used. I think you guys should make another files app but I Call it files plus. maybe put some new features for it that has a separate category for photos and videos and one private folder for photos in the other would be a category for videos. I would highly recommend this app and I think it would be cool if it has a new feature soon. like I recommended.
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1 year ago, Javy21
Can’t find feedback option for this app on the website
So I’m going to make it here. Hopefully apple sees this lol. I like this app but the problem I don’t like is that when I save photos from a compressed folder that was on my pc to the photos app, the pictures are saved but they are scrambled up. I’d like for my pictures to be saved in the exact order they were on my pc when I compressed them. In the files app they do show up in the same order but when I save them they get scrambled up. Please fix this
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1 year ago, grepninja
Worst File Manager Ever
This utility is irresponsible for Apple. It is a disgrace to Apple’s usual high quality image. It completely drops files when trying to save them to Google Drive. It will not let me change to other Google Drive folders or directory levels. It “saves” files to unknown locations. Even when I try to save certain types of files to this app they sometimes do not actually get saved. I expect accurate and secure file management on my brand new iPad Air. Now I have to try to find an acceptable third party app for something that should be basic and reliable out of the box. Hall of shame for this one!
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2 months ago, UselessNobody
Very representative of Apple software engineering
The UI manages to be both too simplistic and overly complex that make it awful to use, much like Apple’s iTunes. It’s difficult to perform actual file management operations. Files will lock up when trying to connect to a samba network share if there is a problem, at which point the whole application becomes unusable even after force quitting, which will be required because it seems to cause problems and hangs in other applications too. The entire phone will need to be rebooted. There also seems to be no way to remove the problematic share, “eject” does nothing. Clearly this application is nothing but an afterthought.
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2 years ago, lizib0086
When I use procreate etc. I should be able to just simply choose a file from my iCloud and be able to upload and go from there. However it only works for a little bit then I have to uninstall and reinstall I’ve double checked for updates from Apple etc, but this seems to be the only thing that works to get it working again. You know for a company that charges us anywhere from 800 to 2 grand for your phone you would think they could afford a better developer, absolutely ridiculous just saying!
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6 months ago, Apple_Enthusiast123
Not as utilitarian as MacOS Finder
Dear Apple, I appreciate the effort that Apple has put into making the IOS Files app more user-friendly and convenient. However, I still find it lacking in some features that are available in the MacOS Finder. For example, I cannot access hidden files and private folders on my IOS device, which limits my ability to manage my files. I hope that Apple will consider adding this functionality in the future, as it would make the IOS Files app more versatile and powerful. Thank you for your attention and support.
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9 months ago, ldsstaten
Great app. Small improvements needed
Having a good, reliable, and feature-rich file manager is essential for any phone nowadays o matter what you use the app for. I feel like this app has so much potential, but it's heavily underutilized and lacks so many important features such as the ability to convert files to other file types by renaming the extention, or by adding a quick select button or gesture for mass file management for quicker access. Small improvements will make this app so much better than it already is.
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1 year ago, Liam Oviedo
files app can’t open most files
editing audio files does not work I tried to change file type and it just made .mp3 part of the title instead also there is no point in having ringtone files because you can’t use them for your ringtone I checked the alarm app and the phone app and settings it does not show the audio the only thing the app is useful for is saving stuff you download on safari to your photos PLUS 99% OF THE FILES DONT OPEN when you try to open the files they just say there name and have nothing like why can’t the files app open most file types its just embarrassing for apple to have an app this bad
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