FileZilla Pro - FTP and Cloud

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User Reviews for FileZilla Pro - FTP and Cloud

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2 months ago, J-5bot
Best file transfer app for MacOS
I have tried many, many, different file transfer and download apps over the years. I can say with confidence that Filezilla is worth it and the only one I recommend now. Works fantastic to get downloads from all the traditional Cloud providers, SFTP, FTPS, etc. The key is that it just works. High reliability, great support, and frequent updates. Filezilla allows file resume, and for some reason transfer speeds are significnatly faster than other apps I've tried. It also works extremely well on low speed, unreliable connections, and over a variety of VPNs. I have been able to transfer single data files as large as 600 GB, which no other app could handle. The Pro version allowed me to download Google Cloud files without installing any Google products. My only complaint is that I wish it was iPadOS compatible!
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3 years ago, Podcast Evangelist
This app kicks Dropbox's ugly little rear!
FileZilla pro is fast and flexible, and allows me to map a local media volume as a destination for downloads, which avoids screwing up the space on my system drive. It is much, much better for big media file deliveries than either Google Drive or Dropbox (which is seeling me what I already own, the space on my internal drive). It's so much better that I'm looking into creating my own server at home on an old computer so I can direct my clients to use it rather than these other, very deficient services.
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5 years ago, Novatropos
How does Subscription Changes the App?
To the FileZilla Support crew: How does the change to subscription pricing change the app? I have used FileZilla Pro to upload my web page to the server host. I have a MacBook Pro and FileZilla seems to be a good method to do what the Mac OS file system will not allow. I am cautious about upgrading to the newest update. What happens? Do I lose my app as I know it? Do I have to purchase a monthly subscription? Can I just purchase the subscription for the times I need to upload files (I only need to use it a few times a year). Will this wind up costing me more in subscription pricing than previously? Also, the interface is a confusing, for me, when I use it. I need to keep a list of instructions for which block to drag and drop the files and what will happen. How about a clearly identified title above the blocks that clearly states where to drag the files?
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4 years ago, BenjPhoto
Didn’t copy files to network drive. Deleted them instead!
The title says it all. Two weeks work had been successfully moved to an attached HDD by using finder (to make room on my rapidly filling boot disk) and this copy to the NAS was supposed to be my secondary backup before doing a third backup offsite. Nope. Now I have nothing. I’m using Photorec to see if I can recover the files, but I won’t be using FIlezilla to move them again. Pay for Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper if you care at all about your data. Some lessons are hard won. Had it worked I still would have knocked a star off for the clunky interface. But this was beyond bad. I’m absolutely gutted. Photorec says 78 hours to recover. +++++++ Update +++++++ Got a response from the developer: "Dear Customer, all delete actions in FileZilla Pro are behind a confirmation prompt.” I’m sure that’s true. I wasn’t using a delete action. I was copying files from drive A to drive B. I doubt that there is a delete option that says delete the specified files/folders on both drives. +++++++ Additional Update ++++++ photorec only found some of the photos, none of the videos. I am also experiencing an error on one of the drives now and had to reformat, except Disk Utility kept encountering errors, so I had to go to the command line and use dd (not recommended for most folks). Disk Utility could then erase and repartition, but the drive is still throwing errors. Brand new drive, only a couple of days old.
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5 years ago, Rabitguy
It’s the excellent free FileZilla but with lots of cloud services added.
I’ve been using FileZilla for years on and off, and like many evolved open-source tools, it is rock solid. It’s not really a file manager with integrated (S)FTP like Servant Salamander on Windows but it has features that most of these do not have like directory syncronization (keep a local work directory & remote production directory, only upload changes between them), bookmarks and multiple transfer threads for vastly improved speed. S3 support makes this purchase a no-brainer.
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4 years ago, Unhappy User500
From a 1 to a 5
I have used Filezilla for years on a PC and it was always the best. I had a frustrating experience getting it to use multiple directories on a Mac, however en email from a developer at FileZilla quickly got me sorted. Prior to the email, I found conflicting information online which made things frustrating. Following the dev's instructions was simple, and I was up and running with multiple directories in an instant. My original rating was 1 star, but is now 5. The original review is below. ******* I set up a site, put all the connection and local site info in FZ and it worked. I set up a second site, entered the connection and local site in FZ, and I keep getting 'You do not have permission to list this directory' when I try to open it. I can't find anything online that accurately addresses this issue.
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3 years ago, CosmoC
Application does not start
Updating my review - - after subscribing and having a startup issue, I deleted the application and downloaded again. I was able to get everything working and back to the FileZilla I am used to. One other note, before deleting previous FileZilla, export any site configurations to import into FileZilla Pro. That worked out well for me. -------------- I have used filezilla for a long time. Unable to unzip and start regular FileZilla download and thought maybe it was about time to go Pro. Downloaded from apple store. Started application. Purchased subscription. The app only asks to subscribe or quite. I can't subscribe - already did. I can;t log in to the forum as a customer - no info. Stuck - I may have to pull my old version out of the trash.
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4 years ago, teresaj55
Good for frequent FTP users (updated)
it works like a normal ftp app would, but i don't know if i'm satisfied with my subscription, since there aren't many extra features compared to free ones. is it worth the cost? meh. considering a refund. UPDATE: i guess i was just misinformed. not only do i not need to refund (because i was never charged), there are some differences that would make it much more useful if you use ftp a lot.
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12 months ago, Maddix Lang
Caused the website to get wiped out - Danger!
I was making a backup of a WordPress site to my local drive. I selected the wp-content folder for download... it returned an error message. I started over with a new login and selected the folder again... and its content was gone. Where? How? I spend 2 calls with server side Tech Support investigating what happened. They couldn't figure it out. Cold sweats from losing 2 weeks worth of work. Later I get a call from support telling me they found the wp-content folder moved into another folder. Supposedly a slip of the mouse. If Filezilla had designed a confirmation step to such an action, this error would not happen. Disappointing.
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6 years ago, WolfeLogic
Worth $18 Alone for AWS S3 Support
It’s obviously a little frustrating to go from the free-version to the pro-version and find the pro-version missing some arguably crucial features (key file support for instance, which I understand is a pending feature), but being able to SFTP into an AWS S3 bucket is pretty awesome. I think a lot of this client’s features are simply hidden and that a major fix/upgrade would be having FileZilla Pro-specific docs (and if they exist, consider linking them to the “FileZilla Pro Support” link in the App Store page).
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3 years ago, Viking51a
Great program
I had some problems with installation at first. It had to do with not deleted the old file before downloading the new version. They were quick to respond, gave me instructions on what to do. It now works exactly like I hoped it would. It is so easy to use with Dropbox and other remote storage systems. I'd highly recommend this.
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3 years ago, TheVoiceofRhett
Still The Best
I had forgotten about Filezilla until a project I had to upload took forever and constantly stopped and restarted from the beginning. Then I remembered Filezilla and it uploaded in 30 minutes what was literally taking 12 hours with another program. I haven't looked back since.
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5 years ago, Acohen007
Works great
Had an issue with this program. The developer took care of it quickly and told me how to work around it while the update was pending. I wish all the developers here would take care of their customers as well. This program works great and does everything that I need it to do. Although it is a paid app the additons make it worthwhile.
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4 years ago, Bakari C
No instructions
Updated: I was a bit harsh in my first rating. So I'll put at 4 stars for now. I need to use it more. Absolutely no instructions about ow to use the app. It just opens ask you to connect a directory, as that's a common as getting in the morning and breakfast. Like, at least have a walk through tutorial or something. They want $10 per year, but don't have time to create create a walk through tutorial.
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4 months ago, mattcrr
Great Performance
I've been using FileZilla for years now, and I've been really happy with it. It's always getting better, too, with new features and improvements being added all the time. I'm really impressed with the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.
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5 years ago, marcosorourke
Disingenuous... requires subscription
Says it's free, but you have to sign up for a subscription to use it. Yes, it's a free week, but they make you subscribe to use. No thank you. UPDATE: Filezilla developer contacted me with the same lame excuse they give everyone else. WHY DO YOU REQUIRE A SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE YOU CAN USE THE SOFTWARE?! There are plenty of other apps out there that give you a basic functionality and if you want all the bells and whistles it's an in-app purchase. This is why your ratings are 2.2 and dropping. UPDATE 2: You should simply make this a paid software. I'm not changing my rating based on your lame excuses.
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1 year ago, antdizzle1433
Pretty Good except it will fail if local directories not present
Pretty much does what any FTP client will do... my biggest annoyance with it is that if a local directory does not exist or is not mounted (which is the case for many xampp type services), it will not open. In my opinion, the app should open and let me resolve missing local directories later. It's quite annoying!
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2 years ago, Lartaud
Great Product!
FileZIlla is by far the best product I have used for file trasger, site deployments and server file management! It's ease-of-use has enablked me to delegate a lot of the mundane tasks of file management to team mates that have much less experience. I highly recommend this product!!
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4 years ago, kenn6miw
Good 'ol Filezilla Safely
I have been using the free Filezilla for years. Turns out there have been downloadable Mac Filezilla versions with Malware. This way, from the Apple store, I know it is a legit version that isn't stealing my sensitive files or login credentials. I always thought it should be paid for anyway. I use it for work. I just don't like other FTP clients. Thanks to Tim Kosse.
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2 years ago, Gabearts305
Excellent App
For updating my website and overall needs, it works great, runs stable, and enjoy their synced browsing feature along with tab management. While it's not always pretty I feel it's the tank of FTP managers, solid, dependable, robust, and enjoyable. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Gaurav.bhatnagar
The Pro version is extremely helpful
I have been using S3 and other feature of this product. Absolutely a pleasure using this tool. I can sleep at night knowing it will downloaod and upload everything every time.
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5 years ago, LesliP409
Family Sharing Issue
App works great usually....but after recent update my husband cannot open the app (from the family share plan...I was the original purchaser) It asks him to rstore a previous subscription which doesn't work. Seems it may be a family sharing issue. We had no other way to get support for this, so writing here.
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6 years ago, wft227
Awesome and Comprehensive FTP Solution
FileZilla pro is a great all-in-one FTP product. I have used FileZilla in the past and Pro’s S3 integration has really brought the product to the next level. Pro is quick, fairly simple to use, and super reliable. FileZilla is a frills-free FTP that is my website management one stop shop. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Mr. CJD
Dark Mode - Thank you!
Now that Dark Mode has been implemented (the forum chat was quite heated on this subject, so whomever made the change happen, thank you!) I will certainly recommend use FileZilla Pro as the fastest and leanest go to transfer application on macOS.
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5 years ago, frankz00
Doesn’t store Google Authorizations and associated usernames
Every time I reopen the app, I have to reauthorize to connect to Google Drive. Also, it doesn’t save which user I authorized as so if my Google is logged into another account in the browser, that user gets authorized instead of the original user. So many other apps have this figured out, I’m not sure why FileZilla hasn’t! It’s a BIG PROBLEM nonetheless!
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2 years ago, Bvizzle677
Business Practices Questionable
The product alone is good, but I disagree with Filezilla's business practices. Filezilla requires that you sign up for a 1-day free trial to simply test the software. After the 1-day trial they charge $9 per year. I disagree with this type of payment model, which is reflected in the 1-star rating. Allow users to test the software without requiring a free trial subscription that auto charges after a day and I will update the rating based on the quality of the software.
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9 months ago, Kapdani
Filezilla Rocks!
Filezilla certainly makes my web hosting life much easier. Would hate to do without it. It is an incredibly useful tool at a startling zero cost! I also love that it runs on multiple platforms including Mac OS and Linux.
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4 years ago, IPADUSR
Simple transition from the Windows version.
I work in a multiplatform environment, Windows, Linux and Mac and being able to use the same FTP client makes things a lot easier. However with a paid app I kinda expected to see dark mode integrated right in; a feature that built-in to the Gnome version. It should be here.
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7 years ago, ralva
Way out of date app
I don’t think this app is being updated, tons of bugs and issues. For the price it’s way under developed, I got it to replace fireftp and it’s a real pain to use, for one there is a huge issue with key files, I have to browse to it and select every time I connect to a site because it keeps saying it can’t find it. Transfering is a pis as well, there are no buttons, pretty much have to drag and drop. It just takes way more time to use and is very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Star2BarryN
Violates the terms of the GPL license
You may modify your copy or copies of the Program or any portion of it, thus forming a work based on the Program, and copy and distribute such modifications or work under the terms of Section 1 above, provided that you also meet all of these conditions: a) You must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change. b) You must cause any work that you distribute or publish, that in whole or in part contains or is derived from the Program or any part thereof, to be licensed as a whole at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this License. Modidying Filezilla to add features and then charging a required subscription fee violates the terms of the GPL license.
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4 years ago, Curtremarks
No In App Purchase Family Sharing
Look, when my spouse needs an app and if Family Share is listed, I buy it and share it. Don't show Family Share with giant icon then in small print "in app purchases not sharable" Your app is great, worth the $10. But if in app purchase is required (and it is) then using the Family Share icon is deceptive. Just. Stop. It.
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3 years ago, SC Cool
Happy with FIlezilla
Been using Filezilla for years. Very reliable and easy to use. I hope they keep up with their security updates with all the security issues that are occuring in the World.
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4 years ago, JoshySp
Worth the upgrade!
I originally had the free version of fileziall but startded the trial for pro a couple days ago, so far all the extra features have been really useful to me, especially the unlimited file sizes (i work with large files)
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3 years ago, Sam William Gutkind
Conventient and reliable
My preferred FTP client, just the right features, in just the right places. Not annoying, presents you with options when reasonable. I intend to keep a Pro license for both my Windows and Mac systems.
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7 years ago, Sucker for Overhyped Software
Frustrating lack of online help
For a novice like me trying to set up a website the online assistance is mostly useless. The learning curve is taking hours — the tutorial Wiki doesn’t match this app. It has taken me hours to get my website up and running. Once I got it figured out, though, it’s easy to update the website.
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4 years ago, Nick11000
Works great
This is a very easy application to install and start using. It was confusing to figure out how to get the file permissions on my Mac and I would like an arrow to download to the local area instead of having to "drag" the file. After using "Yummy", this is worlds better.
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4 years ago, GrandmasterJim
Doesn't resize on Mac OSX
I downloaded this after it said my free version was not reliable. When I start it, the app is above the start bar/window's upper limit and will nto move. I've searched the forum and it is common. The solution though (Shift ALT CMD) to open it only maximizes it to the screen hight, still leaving the port too high to use. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and even found the configuration files, not joy. This should have never been released this way.
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1 year ago, AtchisonWay
The Best FTP Client
I used the free version for years and then upgraded to the pro version for no other reason than to give back to the people that have made my life so much easier. Thanks for an awesome FTP tool!
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3 years ago, Gitzlan
Cleanest upload
FileZilla is not only a reliable file transfer application but also easy to use. You can easily see what is where
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1 month ago, TysonBirmann
nearly perfect...
would be 5 stars if it had persistent syncing... but as it is, it is pretty great. Using it for up and downloading from Google Drive is so much better than the browser or Drive app interface.
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5 years ago, David-W-G
Works like a charm
Been using FileZilla free edition for years without any issues and finally took the leap to the Pro version. It works great, no fuss, gets the job done, and probably will continue to use it for years to come.
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7 years ago, Nota cakewalk
Great app, does its job
This is a solid app, stable and updated often to support many protocols for file transfers. From good-old FTP to its secure brother SFTP to modern cloud-based object storage S3-compatible to cutting edge Storj. Can’t live without it to manage my data replication and various websites.
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6 years ago, Pixelpshr
Makes transfers and syncing easy, but...
By downloading this app through the Apple App store, you are subject to the sandboxing “feature” forced by Apple. So, to you must specify the directories that the app has permission to access. This includes the directory that you want to write the log file into.
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2 years ago, jvfrance
Great FTP Uploader to Your Website
FileZilla has proven to be an excellent choice to upload your website files to your Production Server. Files uplaoded quickly without error!
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4 years ago, matthewguyriggs
Best support ever
A app all around, need to mention here I emailed at midnighth on a Sunday night with a tech question and over a 10 minute exchange had all I needed to get back to work. Outstanding. Thank you, mystery tech person.
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6 years ago, Bdemark
Missing custom s3 endpoints
Great app, but missing s3 custom endpoints. For example, we have an internal Ceph storage solution which provides an S3 api at our own internal non-amazon endpoint. If I could use it for that, it would be tremendously usefull to me and the rest of the devs at my company.
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3 years ago, Da Armstrongs
The best
I love this software for it has always been true and tested to work. Been using FTP from the early 90's and have changed software many times. But this by far is the best
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3 years ago, LucyHartXO
new version is crashing everytime now
I've used filezilla for over 10 years with no problems. Now everytime I try to change file permisions it crashes. I have rebooted. I have reached out to my host, they see nothing on their end that could cause a problem (mojohost). I have reinstalled Filezilla Pro. Keeps crashing. I have to find another way to FTP to finish my work tonight.
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1 year ago, Jeremh4610
Works great
I been using this for about a year to access my Storj . It has been doing everything I need it for so no compliants.
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4 years ago, dbestarchitect
Just know it’s $9 per year
I think it’s a bit misleading that the product is free to download but requires a paying subscription after a week free trial. I have no problem paying $9 per year for a good product, but it should be stated up-front, not after I download it.
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