Find My iPhone

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10 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Find My iPhone

4.15 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
9 years ago, FreddieP101
A Must-Have App!
My sister tends to lose her phone every once-in-a-while. When we were taking an evening stroll with our friends, we got to our friends house, and about an hour later, she feels her pocket for her phone, and her eyes widen. I have seen this happen many-a-time, so I simply get out my phone and use this app. With our trusty adult chaperone, we set off, retracing our steps, trying to find the missing phone in the pitch black. I was convinced, because we were in a not-so-nice part of town, that it was done for, bye-bye iPhone. But, we used the app, and found that it was right where we were walking. I still panicked, because sometimes this app can say your phone is in one place, then 10 seconds later say it's 18 miles away. We used the "sound" feature and could hear it from half a block away. We found it unharmed. A few months later, my mother lost her old iPod on a road trip. I used this app, and it said "locating"... But it just kept saying that. My best guess to why this is is that it was very old, too old to track. This iPod was not touch screen and only played music. I've also heard complaints that this app doesn't work when the device is turned off, which I think sounds SO frustrating. Please fix this, otherwise, this app is a lifesaver!
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9 years ago, Whatnameistaken?!
BEST THING EVER--a life saver
I was at a trampoline place where there were courses you could do filled with foam. My stupid self decided to take it in with me for pictures and videos. I soon realized that i lost my phone in one of the trampoline pits. The people who worked there said I could come in after it closes to try to find it. I was HOPELESS as the foam pits where very deep and many people have lost there phones in those pits..they even cleaned all the pits out the other day. Thanks to this app I was miraculously able to find my phone with a faint sound under all that foam. ------------------------ The SECOND time it saved my life was when i was at an outlet. I had my phone in my purse the whole time… It wasn't until closing time at the outlet that I realized my phone was missing! We were able to find out the general location of where my iPhone was at BUT It was already closing time. That next morning we played the sound and we found the phone in a store where a guy was trying to turn the noise off. He hesitantly gave me the phone when I told him it was fact the lock screen said someone tried to get into my phone! However he did give me my phone back and that's all that matters. ----------------- Highly recommend to all Apple users
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9 years ago, HelloKitty_lover
Really helped 📱
About two months ago I was in school (Im a senior now) I was walking to school and I was rushing. I only had 5 minutes to get to class so I ran. I had my phone in my hand and as I was walking towards the school I saw a teacher, so I swiftly put my phone in my purse.. well I thought I did. When I arrived to my class and got settled down, I was looking for my phone. I couldn't find it!!! So I'm panicking because I could've sworn I put it in my purse. I looked in my book bag, my pockets and even my bra 😩. I was so confused. Long story short I ask anyone who had an iPhone and thank god one of my classmates did. He downloaded the app and I was able to log into my account. I asked my teacher if I could go find it with him and we did. I played the sound OVER AND OVER. Luckily the police had it and returnees it to me the same day within that hour. 😋 One thing I don't like is if you're using a Mac it won't find it because it's off line. Someone stole my MacBook and till this day I can't find it. That's minus a star. 😐😒
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9 years ago, timlie05
So my friends and I were skating around my school and decided to play football. My sister was with the me so I told her to hold my iPhone 6. Then a group of four teenagers passed by. They were wearing hoods. At first they just passed by looking really shady. They went around the corner of the block whispering. Five minutes later they came back and talked to us. They tried being nice and asked if we wanted their baseball bat. I said sure because I never had one. Then they asked us to play football. After the first three throws, they told us to go down the street really far from them. Then all of a sudden, the group snatched my phone right from my sister's hand and ran away. We called the police and my parents. When we told the police everything they tried searching the street they ran to. Then all of a sudden I remembered the Find My iPhone app. So we tracked it at and looked around that area it was at. The group knew we called the police before so they dropped it on the ground. Plus, I had a password. So we tracked it and found it on a pile of leaves. Thanks Apple for making this app.
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10 years ago, GUPrepster411
Entire Hard drive erased!
For a long time, I thought Find my iPhone (and its accompanying Find My Mac) were great. If my phone or computer were ever stolen/lost, voila! I could find them again! Let me preface this by saying my problem is with Find my Mac, NOT Find my iPhone. So I was on the app, and my Mac wasn’t appearing. I was trying to take precautions and make sure the app worked, so I wanted to remove my Mac from the app and then readd and see if then it would work. And while this is partially my fault, I think it is also the application’s. I selected “Erase my Mac”, thinking this would just remove my Mac from the app. But NO. IT ERASED MY ENTIRE HARD DRIVE because the app thought my Mac had been lost/stolen. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. There was absolutely NO warning that the app was going to do this, no “are you sure you want to perform this procedure”? Which resulted in me having to find a data recovery place (which, by the way, the place the Apple Store referred me to and the only place they work with, Drivesavers, had quotes of $700-$9000 effing dollars! Thanks a lot Apple!) I eventually found a local one that cost me $150, and while I am lucky it only cost that much, this has all been a HUGE headache which could have been avoided by clearer language demonstrated by this app.
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9 years ago, notanathlete
Excellent. A must have for EVERYONE.
Find My iPhone is a must have for everyone. I used it today got the first time with excellent results. My wife left her iPhone at a Carls Jr. When she realized it was missing we called Carl's Jr to see if anyone had turned it in. They hadn't. I downloaded Find My iPhone and located it. It was several miles south of us but we weren't able to go and try to receive it until hours later. When we were able to try and find it the app showed us on the map exactly where it was. It was by a Waffle House. I switched the map to satellite view and it showed that the phone was in the parking lot right down to which parking space, which had a car in it. We called the local police department and they came down to confront who was in the car. Sure enough the lady in the car had my wife's phone. Again this app is terrific and has several features that make finding your lost devices incredibly easy. If you haven't downloaded this app yet you need to. Now.
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9 years ago, Krozy
Dropped from 10,000 feet into the woods and found my phone
I was skydiving at work and had my iphone zipped up in my jacket pocket and it fell out in the middle if the skydive from 10,000 feet in the air. I didn't notice till I landed. We called the phone and I was astonished it still was ringing. Next we found another iphone and opened up Find My Iphone. The phone popped up immediately and gave a map of it's location, over a mile away, in the woods of our training area. Luckily I work as a search and rescue specialist so me and the team loaded up and drive into the woods as close as we could get. When we got to the approximate area I activated the sound feature on the app and within 2 minutes we found my iphone under a bush. Amazingly enough it suffered almost no damage. Really happy this app exists, it sure did save me from having to buy a new iphone. Don't understand why anyone wouldn't rate it high if there phone is properly configured, my phone was literally in the middle of nowhere.
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9 years ago, MiPaty
This App delivers even more than I expected!!
I don't usually write reviews, but this App has exceeded my expectations! Last Monday I took my car to the dealer for service, and they furnished me with a rental car. I had my iPad with me, and placed it on the floor of the back seat, behind the drivers seat. While I filled out the paperwork, the &;/@; rental car company rented the SAME car out to another party, and they drove off with my iPad! The rental people called the new driver, but she refused to return to the dealership, and threatened anyone who attempted to come to her home to retrieve my iPad!! I remembered that I had installed "Find My I Phone" on my iPhone..i activated it, which also allowed me to lock my phone with a password.. It also told me the address/ location if my iPad, but I was afraid to go get it because of the threats coming from the driver! Today this "looney"lady returned the rental car and my i Pad, and I was able to open it successfully. I am DELIGHTED with the service provided with this App!!
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9 years ago, Maniak Pat
The app is great except…
The app is great. I hope you know roughly where your phone is but it has one major limitation. If your phone is somewhere where it links to the Wi-Fi in the area it will not find the phone because the app does not count that as connected to the Internet. If you could fix that little problem then they op would be almost perfect. I would also like to be able to load up multiple phones on my find a phone. My daughter and son both have iPhones and I need their password to access them. Big money items that I'd like to know where they are if my kids can't find them Also my daughter lives in a dorm in another state. If one of her class mate grabs it we could track it by my phone in short order. Or the worst case scenario, one of my kids goes missing I can possibly track their position by tracking their phone.
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9 years ago, 1153789356
Great for catching cheating hubs
I love this app! If you know your significant others Apple ID and password you can track his or her phone! It works ridiculously well and I'm so greatfull to my friend who informed me of this neat trick! I hope it helps others who are in the same boat! I was under the impression that my now ex husband was cheating. Of course I was correct like always! I caught him multiple times coming and leaving her apartment as well as walked in on them having lunch together right up the road from our less then a year old house we just bought. Scum bags.😊 needless to say this app is wonderful and the best part is they don't get notifications your logged in and their phone never makes a sound unless you hit the alert button. So be very careful. Funniest part to this day he has no idea how I always found them how I figured out where she lived and how no matter where they were I was always showing up😂😂 goodness me what a dumb 🐴
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10 years ago, GaryB.Woz
Not perfect, but got me my phone back.
I lost my iPhone 6 at a concert. Minutes after losing it, the phone was turned off. I kept checking the app, and used the option to notify me when the phone was found (which would most likely be when it was turned on). The phone was briefly turned on three times, each time showing a residential area as the phone's location. I drove an hr and a half to the area, knocked on the door, and asked for my phone back. The residents at first denied knowing what I was talking about, but after I shower them an email from the app saying my phone was at that address, they handed over the phone. I do, however, wish the location provided was more specific, rather than a 300 or so foot area. I had to guess between 4 houses before I knocked. (The location provided in the email showed at or around that address). 5 stars because I got my phone back! I would have been SOL without this app!
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10 years ago, JOCC415
I lost my phone at Target. I didn't realize until a half hour later. Thankfully I remembered I had this app and signed in on my boyfriends iPhone. We saw the phone moving so we went ahead and got in the car. Turns out the person who had my iPhone hopped on the bus and as soon as I found out which one I was on their tail. I was nervous as to how I was going to confront this thief. Bus stop after bus stop, people kept getting off and the GPS showed my phone was moving along with the bus. Well after an hour we got to the bus' last stop. I approached the bus driver and explained that I've been following him for an hour and I hear my phone alert ringing. He tells me a regular rider turn it into him and said she found it underneath a seat, but the phone had been going off for several bus stops. Whoever tried stealing my iPhone 6 Plus knew they wouldn't get far. But, This app saved my a#! For sure.
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9 years ago, HannahBaileyAnderson
Needs More Accuracy
I love this app when it works, which is most of the time- the alarm sound is nice and loud. However, the last time I tried using my ipad to find my iphone, this app told me it was at work (which was correct), but on the map it said it was on the complete opposite side of the building (by the dumpsters) from where it really turned out to be. When I got there to retrieve it, I checked my ipad again and the location changed to the front parking lot of the building. When I checked a third time, it was supposedly in the middle of a street behind it! My parents took this to mean that someone had stolen my phone and went all psycho. My Dad dragged me over there and started accusing my boss, looking through his car and another employee's backpack. We eventually found it, unstolen. I got fired for trusting this app (and for idiotically losing my phone at work). The point is that I would very much like for the map feature to be more precise when pinpointing my phone's "excact" location.
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6 years ago, Amynkr
This app will protect your phone from theft or personal forgetfulness
The 2 times someone has tried to steal my phone this app has saved it! Once you realize it’s gone you log onto the app from another device and have the option to lock it even if it’s not password protected. Then you can play a super annoying loud sound to it that will turn anyone off from taking it. You can add a personal message to the front of the lost phones screen saying how to contact you to return your device. The app tracks the phones location until it dies accurately so if it is moved you can go to the location of the phone. In my case my phone fell out of my pocket in the movie theater under the seat so we searched and couldn’t find it until we were asked to leave because the people from the next movie needed to take my seat. Turns out they later found my phone and took it home (I could tell because I was notified that the phone moved location)😡. I had to put a message on my screen saying I had their location and would call the police to get my property back. They later got so annoyed with the constant sound the phone was playing they returned it to me in a target a mile away from the original movie theater. So please get this app it will save your iPhone!!!!
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5 years ago, rkskp
Love this app, but needs to work offline and when device is dead
Don’t get me wrong, I love this app. It helps you find your phone when it gets lost or if you just misplaced it by dinging it. But the one thing that needs to change is that it needs to show the exact location when the phone is dead and still allow it to ring. I had a very hard time finding my phone once because you can’t locate it when it’s dead. It showed its last location which did kind of help though. Also, sometimes when you are trying to find it the location on the map can be quite a few yards off. Like one time when I found my iPhone in my bedroom, the map showed that it was on the ground across the street. Which was quite a ways off. I am sure there are thousands of other reviews just like mine but if the developers of this app could update it to be more accurate and allow it to ding when it’s dead then a full 5 stars would be my rating.
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9 years ago, specialappssk
Currently useless...
Updated to change to ONE STAR since I now know exactly why this is doing this on my iPhone as well- this app now requires 8.0 which my iPhone4 does not support... It only goes up to 7.1. You have rendered Find my iPhone useless on older, but perfectly good devices, in an attempt to strong arm people into buying a new phone- shame on you, Apple! If this were not about the money, and somehow it were truely essential to need 8.0 (doubtful!), then you could at least make a separate app for devices running older iOS versions. But you don't. So your greediness is clear. Really. Original review: I've been caught in a crazy loop. When I try to use the find my iPhone app on my ipad 2 (and no I haven't updated recently and don't want to so perhaps this is why) so I can know where on earth I left my phone, it says I must update it and takes me to the update now button. I click on the update now button, which simply brings me back to the find my iPhone app which has clearly already been updated as it says "open" instead of "update". Rinse repeat, rinse repeat. Ugh.
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9 years ago, Ips13
My husband dropped his phone in the bathroom at work. When he realized he didn't have his phone he traced back his steps but couldn't find his phone. Long story short, someone found it and took it. I call the police they did a report. I showed them the app and that the app traced the phone. I pulled up the address the phone was at. He sent another officer to find the phone. They knocked on the door, but no one answered. He asked if I could play the sound and the officer heard it. We found the phone! This app totally and completely made my husband's day. We both have iPhone 6+ and bought them at retail price. Granted we have insurance, but just the thought of losing $700-$900 was pretty harsh. The officer was shocked to find it and so were we. So thank you for creating this app. It saved us from having to buy another brand new phone.
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5 years ago, KarleneW
Senior Citizen
Ok, I’ll never admit that I MIGHT not remember where I put things as well at 72...let’s just suggest things don’t stay where I put them! Yes, that’s a good story, er, REASON to choose this application! Instead of being embarrassed and having to ask for help finding my phone or IPad AGAIN, I use this program and find them right away. It’s true, I can use my IPad to find my phone and my phone to use my IPad. Once the device is located, I use the option of having the misplaced device make a noise. I thank God, I still have my hearing! I encourage anyone who misplaces their devices, no, I MEANT if you have devices which tend to wander off, this application is effective AND easy. On a scale of one to ten with ten being the best....I give it one hundred! (Yes, I meant 100. It leaves all those one to tens in the dust!). I just found my wandering IPad, again.
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10 years ago, FKMA89
Life saver
I was at Baskin Robbins and the cashier stole my phone when I set it down on the counter to take my wallet out. I was distracted so I didn't notice I didn't have it until a few minutes later. I asked the servers there if any of them had seen it and they denied it. I went to the Apple Store at the mall and one of the guys working there went back with me while the other one kept playing the alarm on the phone. The cashier panicked and said he "found" it and had to give it back because his supervisor heard the alarm and heard I was looking for my phone. Seriously saved my life. I just wish the gps was more accurate like in addition to the map there was a compass or something that will point you in the right direction because the map could only tell me it was in the mall not how close I was to my phone.
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9 years ago, PancakePig123
this app is great...sometimes
Hey! This app is pretty much genius- if you have an iPhone. iPhones do not necessarily go offline. So they are easy to track. iPods however go offline when ever disconnected from wifi. If you lose your iPod somewhere outside of your home/places you have wifi, your screwed. This app only lets you play a sound on your iPod if it's connected to wifi- so if your iPod is offline you have no way to find it. THIS APP SHOULD BE CHANGED SO THAT IF YOU LOSE YOUR IPOD YOU CAN PLAY A SOUND ON IT NO MATTER IF IT IS CONNECTED TO WIFI OR NOT. That's all I have to say- other then that, this app is perfect! I found my iPhone using it several times- but my daughter has been unable to find her iPod touch- she lost it at a concert, where there was no wifi. If this app makes that one change, it will be the best app ever.
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5 years ago, Hon Doward
AirPods Lost
Two people I know have lost AirPods while still in their case. Find my iPhone feature does not work when AirPods are in their case, in that case is closed. It’s very unusual since most people close the case after they put the AirPods and it in fact I don’t know anyone who would leave the case open or even could if they set the keys down, so by default the case is almost always closed. Find my iPhone is great when your AirPods are not in the case it’s easy to track one or both of your AirPods, but the more likely scenario of losing them while they’re not in your ears and charging in the case is a huge problem. Apple should design the case to admit a beeping sound as well, or at least allow the AirPods in the case to beep while the lid is closed it seems like an easy fix that a multibillion dollar company should be able to implement. This app works great for iPhone iPad Mac, works just as intended it just fall short with the AirPods. I hope to see an update.
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5 years ago, SunshineKerri
Life Saver!!!
I have to thank Apple for this amazing technology. In a bizarre set of circumstances a gust of wind blew one of my AirPods from a table top to some corner of our deck or (possibly) yard. I heard the impact against the wood work but had my head turned and did not see it’s drop or resting place. The whole place was turned upside down with no luck in finding them. Someone mentioned “if only it could make a noise”. On a last whim I googled whether there was some related technology attached to this device. I am delighted to find there is! Not only can you use this app to find the location of your AirPods, you can signal to them to emit a sound - which allowed us to find them down two cracks in the wood. I would have never been able to find them otherwise! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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9 years ago, Sev153
Very convenient
Find my iPhone is a very convenient app, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has an iPhone. I only lost my iPhone once in a whole foods in Glendale, forgetting it in a cart after leaving home, and once I made it home, I realized I searched 30 minutes for it around all the shopping bags. Once I realized I left it at whole foods, I used this app to let me know if it's still in the store on if someone took it, and luckily it was still in the store. Once we made it, one of the cashiers made me put the password to make sure it's mine, and I got my iPad back. This app saved my life and iPad. It's also convenient if you lost it somewhere in a big apartment or house or if your parents hide your devices, you can just play a sound and it will lead you to where it is
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5 years ago, cammraee
This would be the second time I’ve tried to help finding a list I phone. I think the app is good but it ABSOLUTELY NEEDS a feature where you can play the sound even if the I phone is off. I mean tracking the location as well would be great. But in tonight’s case, the phone was shut off by the person who stole it, they turned it on and I was able to track it. But because it was in “lost mode” they turned it off and when I went and confronted the apartment it was in. There was no way to prove it was there (although I knew it was, we were right on top of the location) and playing that sound would have been the best thing wether the phone was off or on! PLEASE try to make this as a trigger where it activated when that sound button is pressed. Clearly we use this because it’s an emergency and are trying to find the phone. This would help so much more for users who’s phone has died or someone turns off to avoid the owner finding it!
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10 years ago, maZloPro
Worked when I really needed it -Happy Ending
One of the 3 iPhone's got stolen on my account and I was able to successfully use this app to lock it up with a message. (Hateful message, don't mess with me type of stuff ) I even bought another iPhone, because I couldn't wait and can't be without ... When they couldn't do anything with the phone cuz I made it useless with this app, about a week later they drop off at some Taco Bell, and the manager called me based on the number I entered using this app. Long story short I returned the new phone (was still within 14 days) and used the original one. Funny part is that when I did get the phone back, the battery was full, so you can tell they really, really tried! Thank you apple.
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6 years ago, Temple run player doink?
This app saved me
My phone fell out of my pocket at a party and none of my friends or I could find it. The next day I logged into this app and looked up where my phone was and it was at some apartments away from where I had been. Later i looked and it was across town somewhere. I used the app to put my phone in Lost Mode and wrote a message telling whoever found it where they could contact me. I then was able to play a sound to get the attention of who had it and sure enough the person messaged me and against all odds I managed to get my phone back. If it wasn’t for this free app I would have had to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone. If you have an iPhone or an iPad this app is a must have.
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9 years ago, Cast_93
My phone floated down the River
So I have to say the first time use the app and I loved it! I lost my phone at the river (it was in a waterproof pouch) and someone luckily saw it and picked up. We used the find my iPhone to track exactly were it was until we were able to find it at a taco shop parking lot! I had given up all hope of finding me phone but in the end I found my phone! The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because although it worked great and helped me find my phone it would be nice if the location update were maybe second by second not 30 seconds by in some cases especially if in a moving vehicle a 30 second lag can be a lot of travel. Overall I really like this app!
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9 years ago, Be More Funny
Love it- You need it!
This past winter I dropped my phone at work outside during the middle of a snowstorm. It was about 5 am when I lost it, and didn't realize till a few hours later , only after my lot was snow plowed. I freaked out because my wife was as full term could be in her pregnancy, I was to receive the call any day that we needed to go to the hospital. My phone, currently lost, was no where to be found. I looked everywhere from the car to the perimeter of my store to my jacket pockets- everywhere I could have misplaced it to no avail. When one of my employees came to work who had an iPhone, I quickly downloaded the app to her phone and began pinging it. I was narrowed down to a small area and enabled lost mode. After a brief shoveling session when I head the chime my phone was found in the bottom of a snow bank! Later that same evening, I brought my wife to the hospital to deliver our 1st child. Needless to say I didn't need my phone when I lost it, but this app gave me that peace of mind that I had my connection to my wife and the ability to narrow my search for my beloved phone! Thank you very much!!
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6 years ago, TASAWA
Excellent App
I left my phone in the backseat of a Lyft car last night. I used this app on my iPad to find the phone/car where it was parked for the night. I could see the phone in the back seat. I used the app to lock the phone remotely, and to display a message with a number where I could be reached. I also left a note on the windshield of the car. The driver returned the phone within one hour of tracking it! I then used the app to unlock the phone. While the driver was a little unnerved by the fact that I found his car, I was so happy that the app did everything it promised and more. This is a fantastic and useful piece of software and I can’t recommend it highly enough!
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9 years ago, Ashh_Nicole10
Worked Wonders !!!
So today at work (Starbucks) when I noticed I forgot my iPhone 6 in the restroom I panicked and went straight there only to Findit wasn't there ! I was walking around calling it and my co worker told me about this app he has on his phone, even though I hadn't installed it I was still able to log into my iCloud account And track the location . I put it on lost mode so it was completely useless to them and was able to send a text saying to call this number if it's found . Sure enough a guy came a few minutes later stating he found a phone he said it was outside , how can that be? But whatever I was just happy and thankful I got it back thanks to this app !!! 😄
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9 years ago, Stargal411
This app is a must need on your apple devices
I was charging my iPad in class one day and someone had stolen it when I wasn't watching near the end of class. The iPad was turned off when I logged into the app but a few hours later the dude turned it on at his house so my parents and I went over when we thought his parents would be home and told the parents what happened and they got it from him and gave it back. 😄 Thanks to this app I got my iPad back. The location services were accurate enough to give me the exact location of the iPad at the thief's house. Definitely get this app you never know when you might need it and it is better to be safe than sorry 😄
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6 years ago, Michelle S Jones
Stolen iPhone 7 Plus
So my husbands truck was broken into at the boat ramp while he and his partner were fishing. They took the window out of his truck and stole his phone and charger. I was able to log in to the Find my IPhone app and was able to locate it. I put it in lost mode and sent the phone a message saying that phone was stolen/lost and to please call me. Low and behold I got a phone call from a girl that bought his iPhone 7 Plus for $150 from some punk kids in a convenience store. After a call to the police Dept and the girl being kind enough to return it he got his phone back. I would most definitely recommend downloading this application and utilizing it. Thank you.
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6 years ago, SondraLK1
Track phone.
Love this app. I use it to track my family. Husband at home, work, or out on a service call. Kids at work or on a field trip. Even great to ring to find the phone, iPads or when they don’t answer iPhone. Husband uses it to ring me on the iMac to call him. I use this app to follow iPhone for 900 miles as it traveled under the hood of a pickup. We thought the phone had fallen out because the place it stopped was an empty field. It actually was the home. Luckily we had customer’s phone number and could call him to mail back to us. They do need to update the map. It is really out of date. So much has changed since first got Apple products.
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5 years ago, eduardo_327
Please use this app
I lost my phone at work and I didn’t have find my iPhone activated. We looked through the cameras the next few days to see if someone stole it. So I lost my phone on Wednesday and it took us the following Sunday to noticed in a 4 second window (literally watched hours of footage) that my phone just magically flew into the trash can. No like seriously it was like a ghost picked up and threw my phone in the trash. Sadly the next day was trash day so my phone is gone forever 😭. Anyways just got my replacement and I immediately activated Find my iPhone. So I encourage everyone to please use this app and have it activated so you do not have to go through what I did.
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9 years ago, Katttttttttttty
I lost my phone in a cab on my birthday when it was dead. I assumed it was gone for good but sent a message through the find my phone app to call my work if someone found it that would show up on my phone if it got turned on. Someone did find it, and then called my work! They had found it two days later in the same cab, which is amazing! This has also saved my moms life a few times when she's thought she's lost her phone. We've never had serious problems with the location services and she's been able to track her phone to the exact room she's left it in. Definitely a very necessary app
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9 years ago, Kajfid
This app is amazing and really works!
I had my phone picked up by someone at Home Depot yesterday. I freaked out, looked everywhere in the store for an hour, but thinking I'd placed it on the counter when I paid, which I had. I then went home opened up the app. My phone was 5 miles away. I tracked it to three different locations before confronting the person at their home, since the police would do nothing!!! It was bold, but I got my phone back. I let the police know I was en route before I went though, as well as taking two friends as back up. What a relief not to have to go through insurance and pay all that money and deal with the drama.
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9 years ago, TheAmsomeGame
Found my IPhone
I don't usually write reviews but today I did so I left my iPhone at Washington DC near the Lincoln Memorial I at was home when I realize I lost my phone I was at my home when I realize I lost my iPhone I was retracing my steps but nothing so I remembered that I have the find my iPhone app on my mom's iPhone and I located my iPhone I turn on lost mode and I found the location it was in Maryland at this restaurant me, my mom and my brother we went over to the restaurant and then I turn on the sound so I heard the ringing I confronted the guy but then he denied it I said so what's that ringing noise long story short I got my phone back The find my iPhone app is a lifesaver
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6 years ago, Fontappsrock
Find My iPhone by Apple Review
Find My iPhone is an amazing way to be able to locate your device with another device if you can’t find it. Before this app came around, I used to have people send e-mails to my device and have the notification sound tell me where it was. However, this is much simpler. Also, the notification sound of Find My iPhone does not stop until you find your device. This has helped me and my family find our devices multiple times. It is useful that it also lets you know if people have tried to get into your device. Make sure you have this app on your phone.
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9 years ago, Radio137
Tracking the iPhone
LOL your going to love this one. I'm camping at the beach and a couple of surfers locked their keys in the car. So being a good guy I unlock their car and everybody is happy😃 But I remember that I put my phone on the car about 30 min after their gone😁 so I got my moms iPhone and got on find my phone and the fun started I chased the van for hours... Finally I stopped and just let it go.. Then I noticed it stopped at a casino. So I called the casino and got the dispatcher and explained what happen and gave her a description of the van and my phone #. She called back the 30 min. They found the phone still on the van.... This is a great app...
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5 years ago, yaaaaa_yeeeeeeet1010100101
My I phone story
So me and my family were going hiking and after that we rented a hotel room and stayed there but when we left I forgot my phone was still there and so we asked if we can go in they let us in but it wasn’t in the room so at first the worst case scenario going through my mind was that the janitor possibly took it and so I then realized I could just use my find my phone app (thank you for making) it turns out it was in my car I just dropped it and it fell I think I was a sleep because if I wasn’t I would have got my phone ASAP but anyway this app is great download it you can protect your phone 👊🏻👊🏻👍🏼👍🏼
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6 years ago, -Jassims-
The emails!!
I have used this app quite a bit it’s useful but annoying because the rest of my family {MY BROTHER} always uses this to get his way and every time he does it I have to smother the sound and just wait it out it makes my phone unusable for a good thirty minutes because even after he stops it keeps going because of the lag and even after all of that I have to spend another thirty minutes clearing out each and every one of the emails it sends you EVERY TIME IT PLAYS it’s a great app I just wish I could block a person on my family I just wish my phone could only have a sound played on it by my mom and dad not my brother other then that it works fine but I still wouldn’t recommend it for a family with a lot of kids that pick on each other a lot.
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9 years ago, Alliecat0215
Saved me HUNDREDS of dollars!!!
When we first got iPhones a couple years ago, my brother installed this app on both of our phones and then saved each other's login info on our phones. After losing his phone after a crazy night camping, we tracked the phone's location down after walking 3 miles following the app's directions (it links with the map app to give directions and distances). Location accuracy was spot on and the ability to have the lost phone emit a sound was super helpful! So glad we were able to find his brand new iPhone 6 and not have to pay the money for a new one!
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10 years ago, Logan829918286
A Life Saver!
I recently lost my phone while I was at a very busy, public place. I honestly had no clue when it had escaped my possession, so my odds of finding my phone were slim to none. I had deleted the Find My iPhone app on my lost phone so I didn't think to use it. After doing everything in my power to find my phone I decided to try to find it using this app, despite the fact I deleted the app on my phone. Thankfully, I was still able to track my phone, even though I no longer had the app. I have my life on my phone, so you can imagine relief I felt when I found it. I definitely recommend this app.
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9 years ago, jayyyjay
I lost my phone on the day of prom!
After reading these reviews about people retrieving their phone, I feel hopeless. So I lost my phone in an über cab two days ago. I called the driver and he told me that he will look for it and call me back, but I never got a call back. So during prom my friend used the tracker and locked my phone. I checked yesterday and saw that my phone ended up in an apartment building. I realized that every 2-5 minutes the location of the phone will change into different buildings on the same block (Every time I play the sound) I called the cops but they said they can't check every room just to look for a phone. So I will have to call them back when I see that the phone is outside of the building. I NEED MY PHONE BACK!!!! My prom day was ruined because I didn't get to take pictures with my friends. Hopefully a miracle happens...
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6 years ago, bryagirl96
Shockingly amazing
I was out with some friends at a bar one evening and noticed I didn’t have my phone on me anymore.. so I used find my iPhone app and it was moving down the freeway 15 minutes away from where I was. So I turned on lost mode and wrote a msg pls return iPhone. Police report being filed. After a while the same location kept updating for where my phone was. So I took the chance at 5am to go looking for it. Low and behold it was on the side of the freeway!! I guess the thief got spooked and tossed it out the window. If it wasn’t for this app I wouldn’t have gotten my phone back. Thank you find my iPhone! ❤️
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10 years ago, fwbsofmedic
Worked like a charm...
Spent the day doing a local move. After dropping off the Uhaul truck, I rode with my wife back to our new house. She dropped me off and while getting out I must have set it down somewhere on the truck. She drove back to our old place to clean up and either on the way there or the way back it finally fell off and landed on the road. When she got back I used this app and we found it on the side of the road. Luckily (strangely I might add) it was at night so no one had found it before us. I see others liked the older versions, but it worked great for me! Great app when you really need it!
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5 years ago, Goat 256
Greatfull for this app!
Today, while at the grocery store, I placed my phone on the hood of my truck. I proceeded to help my daughter put the groceries in the back seat. I forgot to get my phone from the hood. About 2 minutes out of the parking lot, my daughter says a bird just hit my windshield. Got home and realized the “bird” was my phone. I went back to look for it and didn’t see on the side of the road. I thought all hope was lost in my way back home. I then remembered about the find my iPhone app and remembered I had my iPad. I opened the app and it took me right to my phone. It was over an embankment. THANK YOU FOR DEVELOPING THIS APP.
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9 years ago, Meika irresistible
More Accuracy!!!
Last night my husbands iphone5c was stolen after he rest it down on the counter at a local store, trying to get his wallet out to pay for the items. All morning I've been tracking as he was at the location. The location of the phone just seem to be all over than in an exact spot every time I update. Anyway the area turned out to be a cab spot on the street.. My husband over heard a passenger asking a cabbie to take him to the Bronx (we live in Brooklyn) I started tracking & Bam!! The phone was going in that direction. The only down fall to this is the PHONE BATTERY DIED.. I think we should be able to STILL keep track of our lost/stolen devices even if it went dead, or maybe have a way we could send power to the devices (lol). I hope we get it back :(
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9 years ago, Dorisq82
It found my iPhone!
Thank you to the awesome creators of this app! I accidentally left my phone in a shopping cart at Walmart. The person that found it turned it off immediately. I couldn't contact them so I locked it down with this App and left a message concerning a cash reward for the return of my phone. The next day when they turned my phone on, I received an email that my phone had been found and gave me an exact address in another town. If it hadn't been for the lock option I would have never gotten my phone back! Thank you for making this app available!!!
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9 years ago, Horze girl
This app saves me a lot
I have a habit of losing my phone around my house a lot. Each time I do this I simply log in to one of my parents phones and find it in minutes with the sound feature. Once I was at a horse show competing and I had to put my phone on top of my jacket when I rode. After riding I came back to find my phone gone so I borrowed one of my friends phones and tracked my phone around the farm. I finally found it in a field covered in dog slobber, obviously carried off by one of the many barn dogs. This app saved me from losing my phone more then once and is one of the best apps available
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