Fingercheck Mobile

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FingerCheck LLC
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2 months ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fingercheck Mobile

4.19 out of 5
694 Ratings
6 years ago, LoveTheLORD7
Nice App
Seems to work pretty good thus far. Hope they will add some cool enhancements in the near future. Overall, it's a decent app for keeping track of working hours & any notifications.
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3 months ago, HyperTendencies
Poor Performance. Slow load times.
This app is abhorrently slow. It should not take an entire minute to “sync local databases” especially when connected to extremely fast wifi. Store a cache on the phone from the last punch, you shouldn’t be pulling all data every single time I go to clock in. It’s ridiculous the load times vary between annoying and rage inducing. Especially when logging in for the first time of the day, you quite literally lose minutes of your time because this app just doesn’t want to load. The Log in screen glitches out and doesn’t display properly. Get’s locked in an endless loading loop regardless of a successful log in. I expected better from a time app associated with business.
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2 years ago, Gush!
Not that accurate. Most of the time, can’t clock in/out. Had to send message to the admin several times. Sometimes, the screen repeatedly sent punch out screen even after the screen displayed “punched out successful”?? Why is this so, I don’t know. Hope, they can improve their service. Waste of time trying to clock in/out, trying several times. Patience to keep on trying until you were able to have it done is the only thing to help you with this issue. Only, you have to send message again to the admin to correct the in/out as scheduled. Gush!
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3 years ago, Jewels561
Very limited
The app works for individual punches only. There is no weekly view of the punches. You can’t add employees via the app or send fingerprints to the time clock. You will need the desktop version for the majority of your needs. This is only helpful for individual punches. Very very limited app. Isn’t really helpful for me since I have to end up going on a computer to do anything else or view the week’s worth of punches in a clear view.
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6 months ago, Pass/Skip/Annoying
Annoying & difficult
Manager for a business and this is the most annoying service I’ve dealt with. This is the third we gave used and the worst. Every 2 weeks it’s difficult to log in to process time cards. The day to day clock in and out is a lengthy multi-step process and to process after 2 weeks for payroll is a painful process. Would never recommend from the user point of view. The owner of the company likes it because it makes his job easier.
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7 months ago, Soltech144
There are better apps out there.
First off, that notification button doesn’t work. You have to keep clicking on it and when you finally get your notifications, it still shows you have “messages” when you close the app. At the end of the week, most ppl would like to keep track of how many hours you’ve worked. Well it only gives you the last day. It’s a very simple app, not complicated at all.
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1 year ago, Edto30
They charge for everything
This company want to charge for every little thing that you call for. In the beginning it’s fine but after you start to have issues and need there help they charge for transactions. Other payroll companies don’t charge things they do. I pay around $75 a month with QuickBooks for same deposit to my employees and they will charge you $300 each time you want to do same day Depot.
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4 years ago, Pharaoh 18/19
Convenient but troublesome
App is very convenient, but when trying to add emergency contact relationship, the app crashes and shuts down, need to be optimized and updated to work with iOS 13 and iPhone 11 Pro, love the convenience of it. Reminds me of ADP’s app, except ADP’s app is reliable and stable, update the outdated look of this app please and update the software to operate properly on iOS 13 and iPhone 11 Pro
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1 year ago, Mazhar U
User friendly
Great product when you are traveling for business
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3 years ago, ronald fingercheck
So many problems. Not being able to connect, not being able to clock out, even right now it’s unable to find my location so it it is not allowing me to clock in. It is easier to just go without this painfully awful system as i must contact payroll several times a month to adjust my time. Looks like ill have to call payroll again...Stay away.
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5 years ago, Chaim Freund
Amazing App
Employees can clock in/out request time off request reimbursements view pay stubs and much more. Fingercheck made our payroll processing a seamless process and would highly recommend to anyone!
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5 years ago, silverthegold
Time saver!!!!! Love this app!
I love this app! Sooo convenient. I can check my paystub anytime. I can request my sick&vacation time without bothering my manager. Super easy to use. Thank you! Keep up with good work Fingercheck!
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5 years ago, C@ro1ine
Great app
I enjoy being able to log in and see if I just punched in or out with a few clicks on my phone. Thanks for the convenience.
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8 years ago, Bfree380
One problem so far
The app works great so far, except when trying to request an absence. As soon as we hit the +, the app crashes. iOS 9.
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3 years ago, Lkbklyn
The best of everything
The software for payroll and time & attendance is fantastic. The customer support is terrific. I’m glad i switched to them for payroll processing best move I made.
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5 years ago, MMCCD
Great time keeping app
I’m been with them 2 years and they have great customer service and features.
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3 months ago, Ninozigzag
Not working
Older version was very good actually. When I updated the appI thought that they fixed the crashing issue on punch, but the whole app turned not to be working. Every time I open the app it crashes! I hope they fix it. Otherwise it is usless
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1 year ago, recruiter-
Best on the market
Fingercheck is the go to for my business it’s EZ and efficient to use packed with a ton of features!
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5 years ago, Johanyh
Face ID
No option for Face ID but it has option for finger print sign in. In settings when trying to enable it the app just shuts down. Over all very nice app
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4 years ago, lyoshaalyosha
Awesome payroll processor
Very good payroll processing company from New York. Great and fast support, modern and friendly interface. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, DotCR
Drains Battery Quickly
I had to delete it. I will have to use the online website from now on. It used up 16 hours of battery life in two days for background activity. I didn’t see anyway to fix that issue.
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5 years ago, punching in every day
Update on app for iPhone xs
Its a great app I would like to have the update for the new iPhone
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2 years ago, Freightdog288
Autonomous punch out
AppPunches me out in the middle of the day on its own. My supervisor then has to correct this. This is a Pain. It needs to be corrected.
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1 year ago, ffhrigc
Crappy app never works
It’s always and issues trying to punch in and out
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3 years ago, sol•w
Unable to use basic functionality
App keeps on crashing every couple of seconds
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4 years ago, eim23x
Not working on punch in and out
This app does not work correctly it does not fit the screen of an iPhone Xs Max. It lacks lots of updates
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2 years ago, Welldoing
Not user friendly
Not user friendly and buggy
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3 years ago, Randy Acosta
Needs clock in and clock out options
Needs clock in and clock out options
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1 year ago, Pauly OD
Not accurate
Instead of clock in accurately, it round up to closest quarter hour example clock in at 1155 it marks it as 12 , pretty inaccurate
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4 years ago, RayOTecyNOW
Love Fingercheck...
Easy and to the point... Love using this app, REALLY!
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3 years ago, Pianolita
Very poor service. Always having problems to clock in or out. Very unhappy
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4 years ago, hudazahid
Great app
Very useful app
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10 months ago, Jazz85848
Glitches a lot
Punches aren’t always recorded
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3 years ago, rcupcake47
Great app
I Love this app
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1 year ago, sexpistols46
why the app it’s not working?? it’s been 4 days
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2 years ago, kingkane2385
How it works
This app garbage
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7 years ago, xgyrlx
Best customer service and payroll
Their online platform could use some work and there are some minor imperfections but we can live without them. It's a very advanced system with lots of functions. We like the option in which employees can create leave requests and management can approve those requests electronically. My boss really likes being able to open his iPhone and look to see in real time, which employees have clocked in, who's late and who's here today. We are an auto shop with 15 employees and so there are a lot of issues with employees mis clocking. Overall best customer service ever. They are responsive and helpful. We just started using them to process our payroll. They made sure our first couple of payrolls went in with no issues. Recently I had called Jafar, who isn't even our account manager, for a non payroll related question. He must of been looking over our account on that day after our conversation because he called to tell me later that he noticed we haven't submitted payroll and I have 5 minutes to do it. Turns out, our payroll person forgot to submit it. Luckily I submitted it before the deadline and our employees got their checks on time. If he hadn't called, we would have missed that payroll. Thank you guys! We appreciate it.
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8 years ago, Techno inadequate
First time user
This is my first time using a mobile and I absolutely love it! This app is so easy to use, with a really cool layout. It makes clocking in and out everyday, so convenient. I love that I can check my schedule and time card FROM MY PHONE. I'm also really excited that I can approve my time card. It's reassuring to know that I can catch any mistakes with my hours ( which happened quite a bit with the of method). This app also has the added bonus of letting me ask for time off FROM THE APP. I don't have to check and double check that that my request made it up the chain of command to the right person. And the directory? GENIUS! If I need to switch shifts last minute or have someone cover a part of my shift then I have the phone numbers of everyone on the app. I am giving this app two thumbs WAY UP!!
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8 years ago, Beautyqueenscene_KM
Great app
When my boss told us we could access our hours online I didn't think much of it. Eventually when I got around to looking at the app I was surprised how simple it was. It told me the only things I really care about. There's a button I can use to clock in and out, a time card that shows me my hours, my schedule (current and upcoming) and my balance of time off. That's it. If I want to tweak the way time is displayed I can go to the settings, but aside from that, those are the functions within the app and not one thing is there that I feel is unnecessary. There's no clutter, it's just a streamlined set of tools. Really nice.
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7 years ago, ShavyT
Great but can use improvement
I wish there was a way the app can use gps to see what job site I'm at and just confirm with me. Would save time. I also wish it was easier to clock in/out of one job site and go to another. Now I have to clock out on job site A, clock in to job site T (I created a job site just for travel), clock out of travel, clock in to new site. Unless I'm doing the above wrong? Would also want the admin to be able to create job sites within the app rather than the desktop. Would also want to be able to check gps of punches on desktop.
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9 years ago, HeimishBot
Job site managers dream
Managing workers at different job sites can be a hassle sometimes. Now with the FingerCheck, and their mobile app I can login and see who is at what site, and can transfer them to other sites. The multi level job costing is just another way that makes thing easier. Most importantly the customer support is great! They're always there right when I need them.
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8 years ago, pinchusg
Great app and cool update
I've used this app for quite some time now and have been very satisfied with its features one as an Employee and second as a Supervisor and it has been beneficial in both methods for me. Now with Version 2.0 things are more visual and easier to use including the use of the Reports here on the App. Thanks for these continuous updates.
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9 years ago, Goldsoul1010
This app is the definition of user friendly!
I'm compelled to leave a review for this deliciously easy, uber user friendly, fun app! What I love most is that with just a password and a punch, I'm clocked into work. There aren't any extra unneeded buttons on the app. 'Less is more' is the true adage. It's super neat and organized and has all the needs required for an employee clocking daily- not more not less. Excuse my pettiness, but I love the colors! They're bright and cheerful but still give off that professional, office'y vibe without screaming Monday morning if-you-know-what-I-mean. Great way to start and end a day at work!
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8 years ago, AnotherPersonHere
All in one
Great app. Very fast GPS locating (unlike others we've tried) and easy to select or transfer jobs. With added time off and scheduling there's really nothing missing. No criticism. I'd suggest to anyone looking for a good time tracking app. Like the new design btw. Thumbs up FingerCheck!
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8 years ago, PearlyGirl111
Love love love it!
This app is so cool. I can log in anytime and see how many hours I worked. I can also request time off and view my schedule that is assigned to me. I'm so glad my employer set me up with this. I def won't miss paper time sheets!
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8 years ago, Zeligz
Love this app, so neat and easy to use! Now I have my working hours and reports right on my phone. Easy punch in and punch out! Best app for clock in - clock out
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8 years ago, Moshgreatprodct
Finger check is the best software for a manager to track their employees. Very user friendly and has great weekly time sheets.
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10 years ago, ASK Brooklyn
Extremely User Friendly Interface
Great app, excellent customer service!!
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8 years ago, Jhknys
New update is amazing
With this New update it allows me to see everything on the go very nice!!!
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7 years ago, Reliable air
Great app
This app is working great and makes me keep track on my employee's. And saves me a lot of money weekly
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