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User Reviews for Fintwist

4.05 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
2 months ago, GODS GREEN EARTH .
One of the most useful and effective applications I’ve ever experienced first hand from the dividing total financial statements to transaction history.. definitely a “ one up “ from the average bank app’s that are just as beneficial . Here I ways know where a percentage of my money is going at any giving time know matter where other apps just revel to you the basic’s for example the name and price of the individual product , not the over all weekly , monthly , yearly spending .. YOU ALL ARE AWESOME with a capital AAAAA!!!
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2 years ago, N1c0lasss
Horrible Service
Someone stole my card and I lost a lot of money. Called customer service who would constantly ask me what is my reason of calling. Because someone stole my card and used it for many unauthorized purchases and I would like some assistance?? They kept shoving the app in my face that I should use it to file a discrepancy and it would take 21 BUSINESS DAYS before I would even figure out if I can get the money back. That their fraud department would go over it. They kept ignoring the question when I asked so how is the fraud department going to prove I didn’t make those purchases. None of them could answer. All of them denied me a supervisor except one. When I finally got to talk to a sup he also said I would have to use the app to file one and wait the 21 business days. After talking for a while he finally at least offered to file it for me but that there’s nothing else they can do. No way to call the people who are going to go over the fraudulent charges. All of the reps after talking for a brief amount of time, while I am still clearly desperately trying to get help would ignore what I said and say, “So how else can I help you today?”. And after seemingly not understanding why I am frustrated I would hear some of them laugh quietly. Do not use fintwist for banking. Their only job is to tell you your balance and how you should do everything with the app.
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2 years ago, KennethK29
I can’t even get into the app to see anything
So right now I am working for dominos cause I need some money before start college and everything. Well they are partnered with fintwist and gave me a fintwist card and I was not expecting that at all. So I activate my card and get the app and it was working for about a month apart from the fact I can’t see and paystubs but now I can’t even get into the app anymore. It just logged me out and told me for my security the application has timed out then it juat loads for eternity. I don’t want my money being put into this useless app because I can’t even see how much money I have. And not even that I can’t put gas in my car or take money out the atm I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel for scraps from other accounts so I can just put gas in my car. Something’s gotta be done about the horrible service because I can’t even commute to my everyday life with these setbacks
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1 year ago, MammalKins
The app doesn’t work
Tried to make a transfer with my comdata card onto a chime card. And as of this moment after trying several times I still don’t know what is in the transfer screen because it’s never loaded. Instead I know that FINTWIST has a better memory than me, asking for exceptionally old info, that they frankly shouldn’t even have access to, for security questions. Followed by a screen where they have me create a security question, which doesn’t work. That is the final screen I can get to as the next step is pushing continue, however it never does continue. Instead it just does nothing until you’ve been trying for so long that the app just signs you out. I would rather get checks than use FINTWIST because checks don’t just buffer indefinitely if I decide to move that money to another account. BEWARE THE COMDATA CARD, it’s just not worth it if you have ANY other options.
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2 years ago, Janasia :)
Not bad
It’s honestly not that bad, the reviews are exaggerating. Fintwist shows me the amount left on my card and my transaction history. It’s not great but it actually is worth it.
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2 months ago, I’m NatNat
Zero stars
They get ZERO STARS from me my card was lost, I ordered a new one that I never received. I was told I cannot access my funds without another card. Account number and routing number are just for show cause you can’t access your money using them, can’t pay a bill using them, can’t do anything with them.. after talking to several representatives, all of them keep referring to the card that is I can’t use, cause I got it blocked, and DUHHHH I am telling them, I KNOW I CAN’T… that is why I am trying to transfer some money til the new card gets here, HOPEFULLY.. & by the time I get it I will have been paid again.. I will definitely protest to my employer to pick another company I am sick of FINTWIST & several co workers are also..
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3 years ago, mkieth33
The app is horrid and customer support is worse.
I have worked in the customer relations field for over 30 years and have yet to experience this kind of incompetence. I was trying to transfer funds from this card to a personal bank account. Support calls that a direct deposit and that doesn’t work now. They are apparently waiting on update from their IT about fixing it and haven’t heard anything. This has been since March 2021 at least (it is October as of this review). Solution to goes to bank for a cash advance. It was a simple issue and I am more frustrated and aggravated than before. For the sake of your own sanity, I would highly recommend using a different service if you can.
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2 years ago, mickmuckdick
Please do not use this card just use a regular bank
I’ll keep this short I was like anyone else got this pay card was lazy and didn’t switch to my wells account for direct dep. and I saw the bad reviews and one day I reported fraud on my account and long story short 26 days later I got a new card no access to my money what so ever. Customer service is a joke after the first 10 days they said it would take to get a new card I called and they said they never sent the card or filed the claim. $100 worth of fraud 10 transactions they refunded me $10 for one of them. Just switch your direct deposit to any other bank please I’m begging you save yourself the trouble. Can’t give 0 stars so 1 star.
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2 years ago, emilyelizabethfuller
Horrible. unreliable. stay away. switch banks
If I could give it less than one star I would. The app crashes every other day, which is horrible because if the app isn’t working I have no access to my money. I had 2,600 dollars stolen from my account and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of customer service. None of them speak English, they only have one phone number and all they do is read off of a script. The only reason I bank with them is because my work signed me up with them when I was hired. I do not recommend this app to anyone, I am switching over all my money to my new bank account so I never have to deal with FINTWIST again. Do not bank with them!
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9 months ago, cjrateyagame
First of I enjoy how it keeps track of where your funds go. That’s nice… The rest of it is extremely annoying. I’m running into the same problem as another, being that no matter how many times I answer the security questions I am never allowed to transfer my money to another card or account. I’m only using this card because it’s all my job will offer. The digital creators or whoever is responsible for fixing this bug ( or whatever you want to call it) needs to hop on it ASAP. Definitely unimpressed and would not recommend this app to anyone at the current moment. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Danirae swan
Lost money!!!
I lost a ton of money on fraudulent purchases that I immediately called about to dispute and was told I had to cancel the card and wait 21 days for an investigation before I could get my money back but it didn’t take them 21 days to take it out and she declined the purchase before it completely went thru so why is it that my money is still gone??? No answer for it I ordered a new card just to get the rest of my money off of it but will not be using the card anymore terrible terrible service!!! I was forced by my job to use this card in order to receive a pay check!!!
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2 years ago, hazynug
App and voice lines.
Working with a small retail store partnered with Fintwist. Have had nothing but problems with the card and app. Voice lines are down so I can’t call to check my balance, app has only worked once but haven’t been able to log in in over a year. Add in Horrible customer service & If you need to receive money through PayPal or even Facebook pay it not a option the only way you can receive money on the card is direct deposit. I suggest getting a different card and working with someone else. Fintwist is nothing but a headache to work with.
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1 year ago, hryydd
Fix Your Enrollment and Security Questions
Activated my card on my phone , and once I trie to access the app and enroll my card somehow it says I already enrolled or the security question (that they make you choose from) is invalid. I called again and had them reset, I finally got enrolled then I tried to transfer my money and the questions they ask are questions I wouldn’t even know the answer to, or are the right answers but they say the thing is timed out. It just throws out all these error codes that are nonsense. They need to do a whole software remap on this
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1 year ago, Life.of.Peace
Some Type of Scam
I’m a Healthcare Professional. My company uses this card to pay me. This company randomly locks the card and makes funds unavailable with no warning. I’m currently out of town on a work assignment and I don’t have access to use my funds today, New Years Day. In addition, I could not reach a rep when I called from the cell # listed on my account (the system kept hanging up on me) . I had to call from a Google Voice # to speak with a clueless Rep. I will be reporting this company to the Federal Trade Commission for their questionable practices.
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1 year ago, don't download indeed
I had the app for 2 weeks before I got paid with no money in the app and everything was ok the very moment I get my first check then hear comes all these problems like it keeps telling me the app timed out. Then I tried to download it on my second phone and it said the same thing. It seems to as if the developers are in on this scam to steal from people I have money in the app that I can’t even see this is a clear big and the developers don’t care. I need to be able to see my money this why I don’t like virtual money.
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1 year ago, Momma2-5
My work uses this card as a pay card for direct deposit. It is the worst. I don't like that I don't have a savings account, the way they have the transactions set up, you gotta search for deposits and withdrawals. Most of the time the app doesn't sign you in and you have to go to the website anyways. I've been trying to sign in to check my account for over a month and it hasn't let me sign in once. Keeps timing out. It's not my phone service cause all my other apps work just fine.
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1 year ago, Kutt VBF
This App Leaves A lot to Be Desired
I’ve just downloaded this app as my current employer uses this card. The transfer button does not work on the app and there is not way to do it from the web platform. Calling and having the agents do the xfer takes 7-10 business days and includes a charge. It shouldn’t be this difficult to move YOUR funds around. I’ll definitely be presenting these issue at our next quarterly to explore other payment options for our traveling team members.
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11 months ago, Raterfivestar
Can’t even get in.
I recently got a new bank account and I wanted to transfer money from Fintwist by Comdata to my other account. When I went on to Transfer, it said the page wasn’t available to me, and then just stayed there with a loading circle. I left the app and now I can’t login because it says something about security and it won’t let me in. Certainly suspicious how everyone else has the same problems… and how suddenly when I want to transfer money the app doesn’t work…
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2 years ago, Ice cream blob345322
Used to Work
I liked this app but it no longer works. I can’t even open it without it asking me to relaunch the app. Relaunching the app and even reinstalling it does not solve the issue. I hope they fix this soon because I used to frequently check my spending. Also I think they should add a feature where you can see when and how much money is deposited instead of just what you spend monthly. But I guess it doesn’t matter if I can’t even open the app anymore.
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6 months ago, Customer Service Know How?
Lost Card
Called customer service for assistance but was given the run around, ask me several question/s pertaining to my card and to acquire a new replacement……answered all question but one, and was told we can’t send you a replacement card. So with all the questions answered but one specific one: what’s your company ID number? And I said what has the company ID number has to do with me getting a replacement for a lost card. Go figure, I guess that’s customer service for you.
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1 year ago, Nene1860
Frustrated employee
I’m just trying to re-register my FINTWIST card and it takes me out after I put all my information in and states my session has been timed out. When I reported this to the support desk they advised I was moving to slow and asked if it was someone at home with me that could enter the information much faster. Now mind you I just received my degree from an online college. But I’m too old and not fast enough for this company. Thanks for not helping.
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1 year ago, ImJustLivingYo
Most stressful online banking possible.
The app essentially allows you to log in when it feels up to the task. Does not matter how high-speed your wifi or phone service is, the app still runs like if apps were just created last week. So many bugs such as one that doesn’t allow you to transfer to other banks like it says it’s supposed to. Chime banking is 100% better, I’d check them out before using this terrible service.
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2 years ago, benji0405
I get locked out my card every time I use it and have to wait 2hr after every purchase to use it again! I wouldn’t recommend this to my worse enemy! Customer service is a joke they just want you to download the app and won’t even help you! If you ask to speak to the manager they won’t be able to connect you!! Please save your self the frustration and headache and go elsewhere thank me later. I wouldn’t even give this app a star
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2 years ago, david031116
Horrible app!!!
Unfortunately this card was given to me by commonwealth, because my first paycheck gets delivered there, I transferred the money to my wells fargo account and it has been more than 10 days and I have not yet received a penny of my own money!!! The costumer service is a complete joke and they literally do not care about your issues. They always answer by saying “it is going to take ten business days” for everything, get rid of this card asap!
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7 months ago, Famouss223
Worst app ever
Good luck ever trying to set up a transfer. It wants to continuously log you out. You’re better off going to an ATM and pulling out all the money rather than keeping it in this jack hole of an app. I have never had an interface on an app run so horrible and decrepit. The mirror factor IT can’t even fix this app after multiple complaints says enough who’s ever reading this you’re better off cutting your card and saying goodbye to them.
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5 months ago, Colton jamesss
I had to get a whole other card because of this problem. At first it started off with a dollar and then it went up to hundreds of dollars and now since I've gotten a BRAND NEW card the SAME exact thing is happening. So I’m just warning y’all, if you have a fintwist card get RID OF IT!!!! Get a Visa card or a cash app card and go to your boss with that routing number and start getting your money transferred over to that one! THIS IS A TRASH BUSINESS!
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2 years ago, rockerteller
This has to be a joke
it’s impossible to access your account through the app, there are extreme glitches and it will tell you your information is wrong even though it isn’t. i called “support”. only person i spoke to was an indian man on the other side of the globe with literally roosters screaming in the background. He had no idea how to do a single thing and was quite rude. the whole company needs to be shut down it’s awful
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2 years ago, 1000 Nickname tries
An Absolute Nightmare
Takes two weeks just to set up a banking account, then on tile of that the bank transfers do not work. You cannot look at your paystubs to see taxes taken out, hours worked, or anything. The card itself works but when you have bills to pay and want to transfer money, this will screw you over in a heartbeat. Especially if your personal bank is out of town. Can only withdraw 400$ at a time from an atm.
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1 year ago, Delivryman
Another Sucky Comdata Product
I’m not sure why Comdata exists or how it manages to survive; every time I’ve worked for a transport company that uses their “services” there ends up being problems accessing the account and the funds. Customer service is little to no help. I’m told that it’s not just me but also with other drivers. I recommend to transport companies use EFS or just regular direct deposit to save trouble for themselves and their drivers.
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2 years ago, sydney houston
Does not work
I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app many times and it still will not work. It was working in the past but now will no longer work. It is very annoying having to call your card just to see what is in your account instead of just being able to use the app.
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1 year ago, alexhshwvehx
Won't work
Despite carefully logging out whenever I do manage to log into my account, many times it will spam messages saying "error: for your security, you have been logged out" or have an infinite loading pinwheel on the login screen before crashing completely. This is my money and half the time I can't access it because of some goofy programming error
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1 year ago, brando822
Garbage app, won’t let you type or click anything, just times out as soon as you open the app and displays a loading icon for infinity. Do not waste your time, you are better off calling the customer service number on your card. 0/5 stars would absolutely never recommend to anyone. This app alone made me switch my bank card.
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12 months ago, Lalapendeja
Zero stars
Why can’t I move my funds to my bank account every time I hit the transfer tab it say error loading page. So then I go online and and sign in and there’s no transfer tab. Thanks for making all my payments late you scamming company. If you want all you money to be free don’t use them find another job that doesn’t use these scammers.
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2 months ago, Jamar Chase Cousin
Best Supporting Pay Card
Great pay card for everyone free convenient and easy atm withdrawals at all point atms Walgreens CVS and Speedway !
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1 year ago, AeolustheGreat
Worked for a month
Got kicked out due to “Application timed out” can’t access account trough app anymore. I deleted the app multiple times and reinstalled. It always says the same thing won’t even let me try to sign in. Broken app. Thankfully I can still access my account through the website on my phone.
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1 year ago, BoRKng
This company shouldn’t even get a star. Should be -5 stars. Multiple times I have ran into problems using the transfer functions. Customer service is terrible at best. Only good thing is it won’t let you pass 0 balance so no charges for overdrafts. Which is not worth every other part being so terrible.
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2 years ago, Krizzie22Bizzie
Fintwist As A Whole Is Problematic…
App keeps giving an error and will not let m sign in or use any other feature. Tried to submit this problem to Fintwist but this keeps sending me to Apple. I have un and reinstalled the app, turned the device off and back on, reset my phone’s network, nothing works. If one can’t access any part of the app, one can’t report these issues. When trying to reach the developer through the store it redirects me to some page that don’t look legitimate. Im not clicking ANY of those links. The Comdata app was trash, Fintwist is turning out to be the same way.
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2 years ago, S Morse
App does NOT work AT ALL.
App won’t even open to let you view your account. Just says it timed out and gives you a spiraling circle and NEVER opens. I’ve delete the app and reinstalled three times. Nope! That still didn’t work. The online desktop version doesn’t work either… what a surprise. If I could give it a 0, I absolutely would.
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12 months ago, Mr person person
WORST APP EVER. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY. And they won’t let you transfer any of your money off the card into your bank account even though they pretend they’ll let you. This company is fraudulent, and their service is purposefully terrible so they can take as much of your money as possible. DO NOT use this, use any other bank if you value your money.
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3 weeks ago, Mat1829495
This app is stupid
I don’t know why people think this is a good app. Setting up my account was a nightmare and once I did get it set up you have to sign in every two seconds while you are using the app. And it’s super glitchy. And I forgot my password but the forgot password feature won’t work for me. It’s garbage.
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1 year ago, A.Nigel
Bad,bad,and just bad.
I wish I would’ve read this reviews before I use this card. They did the same to me as they did to this other reviews. Lost my money no one tried to get back to me about the money. Immediately went to get my money out. Do not get this card please just get a regular bank.
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3 years ago, BirdCharger101
Why bother?
This is a fine example for an app that begs the question, why bother? If you cannot transfer money from your card/account to a different account or even do much of anything in the app what possible reason is there that makes people even use it?
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2 years ago, Hannahmosey
Too many bugs, you can’t even log in
Not trying to be mean but the developers also have done nothing to improve the function of the app. is pointless garbage you can’t even log in 😭 I wish my job would use a different provider honestly.
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3 years ago, Dejaaa<3
Worst company to be under.
This card company is the worst of the worst. They have horrible customer service. You wait for months on end for responses on anything. The representatives on the even lie about procedures so you truly don't have a grasp of an idea on anything you ask about. Do not work with this company.
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1 year ago, GeekArtist
As soon as I installed the app and opened it, it was stuck on the login screen with a loading icon. The icon sat there and spun until the application said it timed out. I rebooted my phone and tried it again, and that didn’t fix it. I am completely unable to use this app.
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5 months ago, Mcslickman
Cool Savings
I’m pleased with the separation of my pay check and my perdiem….. #smart move
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2 years ago, jfufvdvd
What’s happened to my app
This app has recently started crashing when I open it since about a week ago. Please fix this
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12 months ago, KudzuCarl
Glitchy to the point of being unusable. Unfortunately, I have no option and have to be paid through this app. Sad that they can hold my hard-earned money hostage and force me to use methods that cost me money because their app is useless.
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2 years ago, Dgurrll
This is by far the worst app I’ve ever had. It barely works when I go to use it and takes days to fix the issue. I believe you need better people working on your stuff so that it functions properly
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1 year ago, fhdinkmalnssn
Logs you out randomly, constantly saying there’s an error in the system, and doesn’t even load half the time so I’m not able to log in and view my own money and purchases
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