Fire Remote for TV

4.2 (35.9K)
186.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
TV Cast Pte. Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fire Remote for TV

4.23 out of 5
35.9K Ratings
2 years ago, taywalker15
Love the setup and features… most lag I’ve noticed out of all the remotes from when you hit the button to when it reacts.
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3 years ago, Wren Away
Fire stick
App doesn’t give enough information to inform user all that is needed to efficiently use the remote for the firestick without firetv. It should be more streamlined when it comes regarding what to do on a meta level rather than making the consumer struggle to connect each separate part to the same WiFi , all while using a remote control in app formation that had to be purchased. So j in found it to be a big disappointment due to lack of detail within the explanation or directions regarding how to use your phone as a remote. Sounds simple enough, but it is quite frustrating and I would rather not mess with it after trying for hours to set it up. as Netflix is just a phone call away with just as much or more satisfying streaming capability and is way more user friendly in my humble opinion. capabilities and pleasure without the hassle of the fire stick.
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3 years ago, wolf love 0 8
So I just downloaded this app and when I was looking I did not want to buy anything but then whenever I downloaded this and got it all set up and when I used it anytime I click the button it would say I have to pay and it was super poor quality I feel like if this app once more people to put more ratings than I feel like they should step up their game and make it free so if you’re looking for an app for this type of stuff I do not suggest this app. But if you do wanna buy it then sure it’s fine but still I didn’t want to pay so much money just for an app that barely works and I could just spend a few extra seconds to find the remote and just click stuff and also if you use your phone it does not help because then it just takes a lot more time to get into your phone and then to the app. -Amberly
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2 years ago, BradPhx
Doesn’t work - only tries to charge you
I’m trying to cast from my iPhone and nothing happens except endless pop-ups to get me to pay for it. Will it actually work if I pay or would I just throw my money away? I will never buy another Insignia product again because the operating system doesn’t play well with iPhone. I’ve contacted customer support again and again and am assured I can cast with various apps, and a couple have worked briefly but usually not. I have also been told by customer service at the end of calls that iPhone is totally incompatible for casting to this tv. You’d think somebody would actually know, but that’s not the case. Everything about my Insignia TV and the fire tv apps are terrible.
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3 years ago, RPStudios
Works fine
I honestly have no idea what everyone was talking ab because I almost got turned away because of the reviews. I have a fire tv. If you read what it says premium is for a VPN and some other stuff. I use this to watch videos on the browser because the scroll kept messing up for me. It allows me to play the videos directly instead of wasting time on the site. Works precisely as intended as both a remote and a way to directly watch videos so 5 stars
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3 years ago, mercusio333666
Great app, just way too expensive
I’m really enjoying the free trial, although it is my firm opinion that you guys are charging way too much for the app in itself after the free trial is over I think it’s not cost-effective but it is a great app and you do have a good idea for it come down on the price in a significant amount and more people would be interested in it I mean you can get remotes for a lot cheaper then you can just buying this app..
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3 years ago, Paul2130
Not what I was expecting
I paid the 20$ and to be honest I can screen mirror my phone but the videos I play don’t fit the screen or have like a green border that shrinks them , as far the remote part works fine but it’s really the casting with my iPhone and mirroring that I wanted to work well and sadly it doesn’t. It’s even buggy to screen mirror videos cuz the audio still comes from my phone not the tv which I thought was weird and didn’t understand why bother mirroring at all if that’s where the audio is gonna play out of.
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3 years ago, NHHamilton
Doesn’t work after i brought subscription!!!
I downloaded the app got my phone connected to my fire tv with no problem. After using the app for like 3 mins it wouldn’t allow me to select, go up, down, go back home, etc without getting a pop up telling me to buy there subscription service. I brought the $3.99 a week plan then tried reconnect my phone to my fire stick and it’s not working. I tried turning off my fire stick, unpluging it, closing the app, deleting the app and reinstalling it. But it won’t connect anymore smh!!!
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2 years ago, abcdgfghijklmnopqrstuvwxyZ
Why I don't like it
Well first I download this app because my sister dropped our fire stick remote in a cup of water and and she didn't notice it until like five seconds later. And now i does not work so I download it and i didn't get the Preameim because well I didn't and I connected it to the fire TV and I would not let me do nothing with it like I was clicking the home button and it was not working so I was wondering if you knew why or what to do about the actual remote so I sorry I didn't like the app so I deleted it sorry (◞‸◟ㆀ)
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3 years ago, KarenMcR
When it works it’s great.
The problem is that it randomly connects to both fire RV and a fire stick. It can be fine and 5 minutes later it won’t connect. I have done all of the restarting, rebooting, resetting, log out, log in, power off, power on, of all devices including phone. It still doesn’t work about 35% of the time which is so frustrating, especially when in middle of watching something.
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5 months ago, Kmbbyxo
Horrible App
This app has issue literally every single time I open it or go to use it bc it won’t connect to the fire stick and asks me to redo the set up each and every time. Which is annoying when the Wi-Fi connection never does change and all are on the exact same one and at all times. I have tried another app for the same thing and it has not done this once. So I’m not sure what’s up with this one but if I could give it no start at all I would. It’s not even worth your time to test or try it that I promise you.
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1 year ago, kennachanel
don’t waste your money!!!
i got this to screen mirror some videos from my phone to the tv and it was awful! i tried everything. it connected for a minute and the quality was so bad. when i saw how bad the quality was, i decided to get a subscription to have better quality. i got the lifetime subscription which is $20. after that my phone could no longer connect to the tv. i tried for an hour straight and it never worked. iphones can’t connect to fire tvs and this app tricks you into thinking they can, but in reality they are trying to take your money. i have hardly any money at all right now and i bought this hoping i could use it for years to come but i couldn’t even use it for a minute. i want my money back!! don’t get this app and don’t get scammed like i did.
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3 years ago, letmepostmyreview1087
I only downloaded this app to use the remote feature because the remote that came with our fire tv is a piece of trash. It’s so cheaply made and none of the pads are even soldered that it’s constantly not working. So I downloaded this app so that we could still be able to use a remote, finally synced it with my tv, and used the buttons on this remote maybe 10 times before it starts DEMANDING me to purchase premium. I don’t want and don’t care for premium, I only want the remote feature BECAUSE the original tv remote is so bad.
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3 years ago, LoadingCee
Doesn’t even work?
I downloaded the app and didn’t want to pay for anything. So now everytime I click anything an ad pop up saying app VIP and how much it cost. But I have no problem with that. I have a problem with it not even working. It connects to my fire stick man every time I try using the remote it doesn’t even work, and like I said an ad pop up. The app might as well cost money to download and have all the features instead of downloading it and not having non.
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2 years ago, God•.•
Wow which person decided not to put a volume control. I would like to personally talk to them and ask them why they either chose not to put a control option or decided to hide it. The only thing I needed was such a feature considering my remote evaporated into thin air. So to who ever designed this and chose not to put a volume control and to make wifi the only way to connect please quit your job.
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2 years ago, hostilesociety
Not bad, but laggy and crashes
Not a bad app except it’s responsiveness is laggy. It takes a couple seconds to respond once you tap something. The casting crashes when I try to cast a video to my tv, but photos are fine. Fix those and it would be better than Amazon’s remote app.
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3 years ago, lele poop
this app to me is horrible
okay so basically i downloaded this app because my remote got lost and so i got the app and i got hooked to everything and when i clicked the buttons nothing changed plus forgot to say im the only one with a FIRESTICK and it did nothing it was connected to everything but did mot work and i tried everything i could and did nothing... i hate this app one of the worst reviews
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4 years ago, Nancysnet
Doesn’t work
Downloaded app it found my fire stick on the search but that’s where it ended, kept crashing immediately after finding my firestick, then the pop up adds appeared to pay for the use of “premium features”. I guess every function is considered a premium feature. If an app works well I have no issue paying for it. I am not going to pay for an app that may or may not work. This app is a Waste of time
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3 years ago, Zachmiesta'
A remote with ads
I managed to connect my phone to my TV but I could barely get it to work because ads kept popping up on my phone. At that point I decided to forget it & went back to looking for my lost remote. This app only seems to work if you pay for premium service, otherwise you’ll get apps out the wazoo stopping you every time you try to do something -_-
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4 years ago, yeah man 2008
It doesn’t even work
I did this on my fire stick I did all the stuff but nothing worked I mostly got this so I can let people see my video before It get to upload it The worst part is the fact that really looks like the fire stick is the directions either you have to buy a subscription to do it can you make it so I can do it on my fire stick because if I can only do it then why does it not work🤔
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3 years ago, FrogDirl
Nothing works
Nothing about this app works. I cannot contact anybody to get assistance because when I click the contact us button it tells me that my email configuration on my device is not working. It will NEVER connect to any of my fire sticks even though I have excellent Wi-Fi and I’m standing right next to the device. Nothing about this is worth a single penny.
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3 years ago, joshshaver
I believe the majority of people that download remote control apps are because they lost or broke there physical remote. Why on earth would you create a remote app that requires you to use the original remote to turn certain settings on and off. I cannot use this app because of this and waste $20! I was given two options, pay 3.99 per week or 20 $ for lifetime. Garbage application!
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2 years ago, wisechick92
Every click is an ad. My remote wasn’t working so I tried this app. I’d rather turn the tv off than deal with the hassle of literally every click (admittedly, in the free version) resulting in an ad. The payments are too high in my opinion. This was just supposed to be a temporary convenient fix and has become the exact opposite.
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3 years ago, Bru-Hed
No option to add apps
Lots of prompts to pay for a subscription with no specific list of differences, plus more prompts to sign up for all kinds of apps, some of which are “free” but ask for your credit card numbers! The app description specifically states this can download apps to add to the FireTV stick but all I get is a list of my apps already downloaded.
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3 years ago, annoyed at amazon
App won’t connect to tv
I’ve lost my remote so I downloaded the app to control the tv. The app tells me I need to access something on the tv to be able to pair the phone. Can’t access the tv without the remote which is why I downloaded the app in the first place. Very frustrating since there’s not even a button on the tv to turn it of
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3 years ago, jenijerz
What’s your definition of free?
The app, when clicked on, says FREE, fire tv remote app. READ FINE PRONT: if there is any fine print, you will notice that once you open and hit ok a couple of times, you are asked to pay a weekly or monthly fee. Free to download and free to use are by definition, very different. My phone also did not mirror to my television as the instruction video claimed it would.
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2 years ago, Koprhed
Useless unless you want to watch ads
Literally, every time I click the remote and add comes and covers it up. Is this why people are stupid enough to pay for a remote control under subscription? You’d have to have more money than brains and be a moron the boot to pay for this thing. I wish I could give it a -5 stars.
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3 years ago, 15909oldretiredguy
Too Many Ad Pop-ups...!
the developer(s) of this app are more interested in raking in as much money as they can from the git-go once you install this app... immensely annoying and a big turn off to even try the app given that one is only allowed a 3-day trial period before charging $20...? really...? wading through a bunch of pop-up ads just to try your app, no thanks...! 🤪
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2 years ago, Helen2Roy
Super device all around… easy for the non computer person.
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3 years ago, Kryptic Arrow
Literally the worst app I’ve ever used
First I can’t even connect to the tv without the remote which I lost and can’t buy another and also the ads and constant premium upgrade reminders after ever button press make this literally the most annoying and useless app I’ve ever had the misfortune of using.
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2 years ago, Zpip92
Be ready for an ad every 2 -10 seconds
Why should you have to pay for a remote app when you already pay for a membership with everything else on your fire stick. I can hardly even click the remote without an ad popping up. This app is a joke
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3 years ago, Fractalogic
Not enough function to justify a subscription
2 button presses and you have to deal with ads. A monthly subscription is way too expensive for the function. It is more useful than my timeshare but still not worth it.
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3 years ago, Schwatejayzus
It doesn’t work
Seriously folks, it doesn’t work. Don’t know if it did at one point, but it doesn’t now. Tried on multiple fire sticks, tried every single thing that could be tried, and the app wouldn’t connect. It would even FIND the fire sticks and recognize that they’re on the network, but it won’t connect. DEFINITELY not worth ANY amount of money.
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1 year ago, dieman21
Long-haul TV
It's been a good TV show to my big truck for for 250,000 miles to go in remotel remote is out that's all the trouble I have
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3 years ago, Strawberryletter225
Fire stick remote with mirroring
The remote is not connecting to my tv and I restarted my fire stick and WiFi still not working. I don’t know what to do next, guess have to stick the original fire stick remote.
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3 years ago, mb5305
Keeps wanting you to upgrade ic you don’t the app is worthless.
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3 years ago, LisaMarie1988
I paid the $20 for a “lifetime subscription”, but every time I TRY to use the remote app the stupid pop up asking me to buy a subscription comes up.. so I click on “restore purchases” and it says restored.. then I TRY to use the remote app again and the stupid pop up comes up AGAIN... repeat this process indefinitely.
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3 years ago, midnight.x
Doesn’t work
I guess you get nothing unless you pay. It has so many pop ups it’s awful. Why not be more transparent about costs? I would’ve never downloaded and set everything up just to know I could only use this once. Waste of time and energy. Can’t use the app.
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3 years ago, cesar🍥
Doesn’t work as advertised
I had trouble to even connect in the first place once I finally did and attempted to mirror my screen the feature is just completely broken. Also constant annoying pop ups begging you to get the subscription.
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2 years ago, kstude
I have tried contacting support by email, as that’s the only option in the app, I’ve looked for other ways to contact and can’t find any other form. Several emails sent with zero reply. Very unhappy.
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2 years ago, Tim Garret
This app is a Trojan horse to steal credit card info
The developers of this app have installed a virus on this app to steal all credit card info from your phone. They stole several thousands of dollars from me. I am in works with the authorities to bring these devil pets to justice. Whatever you do, do not download this app!!!
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2 years ago, Tazbgc69
You Gotta be kidding me
Why would anybody in their right mind wanna pay a weekly price to use a remote on youriPad when you go to eBay and get a brand new one or used one for pretty cheap besides have these remotes for the iPad don’t work worth anything they’re always freezing up and locking up they stink
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6 months ago, Ajaysma
Big fat ZERO
This app doesn’t work and it won’t allow you to go anywhere you choose. It gives you an error page every time you try to cancel your subscription. It won’t allow you to troubleshoot, another error page. This app stinks.
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3 years ago, Frustrated pinner!
Worst app
If you don’t buy the premium service after EVERY button push it has a pop up to get you to upgrade. I just wanted a remote because my kids keep losing the actual physical one. Deleted app after two uses and found a different one.
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3 years ago, Airforcejoe
Says connected to fire stick but nothing happens
Useless - how do you troubleshoot if you can’t get a response from the unit. Both the fire stick and the phone are connected to the same wifi but absolutely nothing happens when any button on the app is pressed.
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6 months ago, Help to watch fire tv
Fire tv
It’s a great program just can’t get it to work off of my iphone24
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3 years ago, Person2728723
Paying just for a remote
This isn’t good at all. You literally have to pay just for a remote that has bad reception with the tv. Please don’t get this. It’s a waste of money and there’s a different app that’s better without any paying.
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3 years ago, myfrogger
Using the browser is painful
Using the browser is painful because it defaults to a Google search even if you enter a URL. Basically unusable app within the first 5 minutes
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4 months ago, Hotheaded Grandma
Great product
Highly recommend buying fire tv recast
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3 years ago, iwritereviewswhenimpissed
Waste of time don’t download
Horrible thing is suppose to replace my remote doesn’t work should’ve bout a tiki stick the tiki remote is simply download because on the same WiFi this one you have to pay after 3 days to where I can just buy a whole new fire stick for 30 dollars horrible waste of time
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