Firefox Focus: Privacy browser

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Last update
4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Firefox Focus: Privacy browser

4.67 out of 5
68.4K Ratings
3 years ago, slothrop86
Still a great choice for ad-blocking, and about your only choice for privacy.
If you want to know how private your browser is in 2021, look up EFF Fingerprinting / Cover Your Tracks, which is a non-profit site that will do a legitimate test of your browser’s privacy. Focus will still test better than your other browsers, I guarantee. Edit: Thanks for page search and other new features! Very happy to see Focus receive meaningful, timely updates yet again. Firefox Focus is an absolutely necessary addition to your browser list. You can block ad, social, analytic, and others which if you know what’s up is worth the sacrifice of losing your tabs. Saying the regular Firefox app has these additions by itself or because Focus is installed is ignorant and if you want that question answered you should probably look that up instead of leaving negative a review. Thank you Mozilla for keeping Firefox Focus updated - it is a very refreshing addition to the sea of privacy-invasive apps on iOS, and it easily became my default browser as well. Could we get a way to change our User Agent soon though, please?
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2 years ago, G-A-R-Y-O-N-E!
App Update deleted all of my browser shorcuts
Update: A recent app update deleted my 4 browser shortcuts and I had to add them back in. Hopefully this won’t recur with future updates. This happened on both my iPhone and iPad. Until the last update you could add 4 shortcuts to your favorite sites so you could easily open them without typing in the whole web address for your most visited sites. Not sure why this feature would be removed. If you didn’t want to use it then you didn’t have to use it. So if users were concerned that others would see their favorite sites they could just enable Face ID or Touch ID to prevent this. Hope this is added back in a future update. It was very convenient to just check your favorite news, sports, or other info sites for any quick news updates when your in a hurry. URL Autocomplete isn’t the same because the sites you visit may be similar to those saved in app’s Top Sites which means you have to type more of the website address to get to the correct website. Instead of just clicking the shortcut. Please fix this so Firefox Focus isn’t just Safari with privacy features and an Adblock. Which is appreciated but not a full featured mobile version of Firefox.
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1 year ago, gubbool
Failing to clear all history
Edit-2: New: I am security minded and perhaps OCD about it; ask my gf. The seamless integration of the security functions Focus and FireFox are not perfect. However, the combination of Focus & FireFox & Mozilla VPN are the gold standard for safe/secure browsing of the web. Other secure(?) browsers such as Brave hamper the web experience so much that it is unusable. Original Post: Visited a page on MSN and received an advertisement image related to a search from several days ago. NOT a mere coincident. AND there is no way to see history. Edit: adding details… iphone 14, Focus app running with most secure settings, searched for steel electrically panel days before, open/close Focus several times a day, have Firefox setting secured also and to delete data upon closing AND I manually clear caches every couple of days, a day or so later I clicked on a link from Drudge and it landed on the article at MSN. Advertisement on that page included Steel Panels the same ‘odd’ size that I had looked at previously. Thought it was curious enough that I deleted Focus, cleared every cache that I could think of… reloaded Focus, head back to the same page on MSN via the same link on Drudge… the panels were still showing as an ad but were in a different place on the screen.
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1 year ago, Roman Menyhart
Beautiful work, one caveat
Beautiful design, and blocks even the annoying “log in with your google account” on websites when full content blocking is activated. I block fonts too, try for yourself. One usability issue: if used effectively with Firefox Mobile, users need an option to open current page in FF in non-private mode. Currently the link opened via menu in FF Focus will always revert to a private mode page in FF, creating the need for repeated log-ins. This is bad design, please consider. Ideal setup IMHO: FF Focus as default, with one click to open current page in normal FF where cookies are kept not to make users log-in again and again to services like Google, etc.. Another important point: if I said Firefox focus is the default browser the menu link open in the default browser basically reload the page instead of allowing me the option to open the page in safari for example. Kindly allow the option to open the current page in safari. Thank you.
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1 month ago, not-null
Love It && Developer Request
Thank you for this app! The privacy part of it is nice and is why I originally got the app, but I set it as my default browser and it has really helped me be intentional with how I organize my browsing. It actually does help me stay focused. There is one thing that frequently drives me crazy. This app (and others) hide buttons while scrolling. However, many websites have a paywall popup that locks scrolling once a certain point is reached. When this happens the back button and navigation bar are hidden. The only thing that can be done is to shutdown the app and restart. The main feature of this app clashes with this work around because everything is erased. This is particularly insidious when filling out forms. I understand a little bit about web APIs and understand it could be a difficult fix (not sure if it’s even possible on iOS) but it would sincerely make a big difference for users! Thank you for all your hard work at Mozilla!
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1 year ago, Expert iOS App Reviewer
Update: Deep Linking Turned Off
The app is no longer deep linking out to other apps. I didn’t see a note in the Changelog, so not sure if the app changed or if iOS changed. Either way, great to be back to normal! Previous Review: FF Focus has been my first stop mobile browser for years. The recent update to allow Deep Linking (where a link clicked in the browser open’s the native app), is anti-privacy and deeply runs against the experience I have enjoyed so much in the past. Please remove the Deep Linking capability, or make it an option in the settings so users can opt-out. If this change is due to an Apple API/rendering engine/policy update, please communicate with us so users can also contact the iOS dev team to request flexibility. Looking forward to bumping my rating back up to 5. Thanks! Update note: If you press and hold the link, a drop down will come up. The Open Link option will not Deep Link outside of the app.
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5 years ago, Alfred Tech
I have used Firefox quantum ,developer ,normal ,beta in my Pc for a while now and I can honestly say that I’m impressed by the work and attention to detail Firefox puts into there products . Firefox focus it’s other perfect example of how Firefox changes the way things work . This browser performs and delivers what it promises . With a simple button you can delete all your history ,it blocks ads and google analytics,and it’s fast . There are some downsides such as you can only have one tab open at the time and there is very little space for customizing. Firefox realized that well some iPhone users prefers the tools safari has to offer like out-filling password and multiple tabs so there is a way to integrate the ad blocking section into safari that way users can have the safari users experience and bring privacy at the same time .
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3 years ago, JW10017
Recent update made it unusable
Update3: Dev have responded with a generic boilerplate “here is the support link”, which requires account creation. “Contact developer” also goes to a generic help page about how to install and configure the app. Feels like my issue was not acknowledged and that robot is responding to these reviews. Update2: after recent UI changes gave it a try and found that issue is there doubly so. Whenever a site tries to do full screen messages (say Paywall notification) Firefox frame becomes inaccessible. Can’t use it. Multiple examples. It’s a JavaScript issue likely. Update: Devs have responded and I have updated to the latest version, and problem persists. It’s less often now, and I don’t have a recent example. Will update the review later. Still not usable. Was a happy user for a while, as now I can’t access the navigation bar after I open the page. Page works and scrolls well, but I can’t see the entry box, or back/forward button no matter how much I scroll up or down. Kill the app, open another site and same issue comes back. Too bad.
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2 years ago, EscApeApe
My go-to browser, but…
Compared to my regular Firefox, this browser has issues. It frequently stalls when loading pages. Sites that have transitional popups for login will fail. Form fills sometimes don’t take, including logins. It’s impossible to back out of the occasional redirect to a site that spams you forward multiple pages, there’s no “back” history to choose a previous page away from the guilty site. It loses the previous page sometimes, requiring a browser restart and redo of whatever was being worked on. Lastly, it’s infuriating that the URL window sends the cursor to the end of the URL. Nobody appends or edits URLs in the address windows, and it can take several taps to select/remove the URL to initiate a new search, especially if IOS is being finicky/slow about your taps. Like I said, it’s my go-to browser for casual use, but it has its irritations, and I suggest using regular FF if you need to do something you want to keep track of or do anything remotely critical.
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7 years ago, rockergirl89
Cool, but why is this necessary?
I’ve been using Firefox for over a decade since a tech savvy friend magiced it in my computer. I thought customizing the browser functions was the key selling point for Mozilla, and minimizing tracking and adds was one of them? Most of the add-ons I’ve used over the years have become irrelevant as Mozilla has incorporated their capabilities into their browser. So while I really like the concept, I’m not sure why it’s necessary? It’s kind of frustrating because of the nature of the app makes it so saved bookmarks and passwords for sites I visit frequently can’t be saved. How is this different from the regular Firefox browser incognito mode or otherwise? Do I now have to have 3 browsers (bc you can’t uninstall Safari on iOS -_-) munching data on my phone if I want a way to save my logins/passwords and a good private browser? Also will there ever be a way to set Firefox as the default browser so we can open links in apps straight to Firefox instead of Safari?
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6 years ago, DNAisBuyingTime
My phone is not overheating anymore
I’m very happy with the app. I downloaded it to see if it would improve web browsing because Safari takes a long time to load certain pages like on yahoo or retail sites. Often it doesn’t get the whole page and Instead gives an error message and it retries to load again. The phone would begin to overheat and the battery would drain. The battery drain also happens with Chrome. I decided to get Firefox and found Focus. The problem literally is solved. I have an iPhone 6 so I know the battery and processor are old. What I didn’t realize is that you need updated ones for all the background data being collected. I would give the app 5 stars but it does have some minor issues on certain sites but I figured it is due to what it makes it so effective. It would be nice if it had a reader mode that could darken the background and the words in white. Overall though it is an excellent app. Thanks y’all.
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3 months ago, Captain_Doge
Ok, but could be better…
The browser seems to work ok for the most part. However there are some issues that need addressed: 1: Multiple tabs!!! - I can’t believe a browser like this one can’t have multiple tabs! I have other privacy focused browsers (such as Brave) and they all support it. The fact that an internet browser in the year 2024 can’t support that is unbelievable, especially considering several browsers have had that implemented for over 20 years!!! 2: “Incompatible browser error”? - Several sites I visit say that “this browser is not supported” or “incompatible browser error”, etc. And I’ve also had certain functions of websites not even work like trying to logout of an account because the log out button will not even do anything. 3: No favorites / bookmarks? - Other privacy browsers (specifically talking about Brave), support syncing and adding favorites and bookmarks. So why can’t this one have it when you’re main iOS version of Firefox has it? I really want to like Firefox Focus, but It’s really hard to when there are so many features missing compared to Brave. I would love to see this app be a direct competitor to Brave (especially because Brave uses Chromium and I don’t want to have to deal with anything tied to Google.) But sadly I might have to make the switch back because of how janky this app is. So for now all I can give this is 2 stars. The app is functional, but lacks basic features and also has some webpages break.
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2 years ago, Hybrid_MI
Solving the pressing problems facing people everywhere
I was just in the process of doing a questionnaire that took me to a link. Once I finish the link it would not go back and all was lost. Hi all I hope you're doing well. This is from your manifesto; "solving the pressing problems facing people everywhere. " From your pledge; " We are committed to an internet that includes all the peoples of the earth — where a person’s demographic characteristics do not determine their online access, opportunities, or quality of experience." contrary to your beliefs there are minority, disadvantage, no/low income , and unemployed people that cannot afford new Apple hardware and have to rely on outdated hardware. That being said; can you at least Support hardware running iOS 9? I have a iPad GEN 2 I bought used. Can you make a FAST safe browser for this device? Apple has managed to push all the other good browsers out. I was hoping Mozella would stand behind its good reputation and remedy our problems. Thanks, the disadvantaged
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3 years ago, Lisalisa110
#1 For A Reason!! Firefox is 🎶 Simply The Best.....
Better Than All The Rest,🎶 always has been always will be. Firefox is so much MORE when it comes to browsers. My number One favorite already built in is the security protection. No other browser includes state of the art, top of the security protection. There will be NO HACKERS able to penetrate their security and bonus is Firefox constantly keeps it updated or better by protection you, your files, all of it even before a new virus comes creeping on the www. Firefox has us covered. I gotta say Firefox is the platinum standard others try to offer, yes offer you’re offered such and such protection ONLY IF YOU PAY. That’s how other browsers operate, pay, pay, pay and more than likely you will get junk, outdated already. Do yourself and your devices a big favor by installing Firefox on your devices. You will never go back. Why? Because as I said FIREFOX IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!
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5 years ago, ConsiderThis777
So many settings to increase your Security & with Safari integration
So many settings to increase your Security & with Safari integration (Firefox too) makes for more control and convenience for a great browser experience. Love that the erase data option is right out front, just next to the address bar (instead of hidden so deep within settings, as other browsers do, with sometimes 6-7 steps that one has to scroll through, just to clear history, cookies, cache, & so on). Firefox Focus offers private browsing and tracking protection. (Private browsing deletes cookies when you close the browser window and doesn’t track history. In Firefox, private browsing also blocks tracking cookies by default). When using Firefox Focus, I know it provides a fast, secure, & convenient way to navigate the Internet.
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4 months ago, Xudong Yang
Liked this until it starts to be buggy
I really like the concept of this browser and have been using it as my main browser for a long time, and I have been liking it. However, recently a core function, back button, which is essential for such a browser without tabs, starts to stop working very often. When the back button is hit, it will display a blank page. In this blank page, refresh button won’t make the page render either. The only two ways are (1) go forward to the previous page where we go back, and go back again, chances are it will load properly (no promise); (2) if it doesn’t work, have to copy the url, close the current page and paste the url to reopen it (if this is a one time link, then bye bye…). This is super annoying and I am trying to find the report bug button. Couldn’t find a way… so frustrating
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5 months ago, afegsjgrusjdh
X s s
Can you have an option that would block switch to apps Notes and allow app universal links to open in external apps option and block fingerprintin option and can you have an option to have Block site trackers option and The most annoying thing can you have an option that would save most time is A tabs option remember all tabs erase tabs Data on quit and erase tabs data on background that would be helpful and save a lot of time and a second tabs page on the browser or mini if people open or if there’s an upcoming virus on the website pop-ups and an a HTTPS option of faster connection would give users the option to close it at any time that would be very helpful I believe those features will be very helpful and make tracking less option on the browsing those options and features would be very helpful
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5 years ago, Wags McDads
Exceeded My Expectations
This browser is so lightweight and quick that when I switched to this from Safari, it was VERY apparent in terms of the speed at which web pages load. That, and I’m digging the in-app content blockers. People complain about not being able to set Firefox as a system-wife default browser, but don’t understand that this isn’t something Mozilla has ANY control over. What you CAN do, though, is hit the share button from safari and open straight into Firefox instead of having to copy and paste links. I would very much like to see support for being able to have more than one tab open, and maybe a “clear browser on exit” option that will scrub the cache folder and/or cookies and history. I love Quantum on my PC, and this is a welcome addition to my phone!
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1 year ago, pmrukirwsa
Recent update ruined it
I’m moving on from Focus to DuckDuckGo for one important feature - the ability to turn off opening web links in associated apps. The recent Firefox Focus update went from the annoying pop up asking me if I wanted to open Reddit and Yelp and LinkedIn and more URLs in an app to directly opening them in the app, even if I long tapped and chose to open in my default browser. Why does Firefox Focus development team think I cared to use their browser instead of the app in the first place? If I wanted to use the app, I could have opened the app myself. I don’t need you to open the app for me and ruin my half typed efforts in those apps or impact my privacy with those apps. Why do you think I opened your browser? I do not want to open the app! So don’t open the app! Especially when I choose to open in the browser. Once upon a time Firefox was intent on keeping web users in the web and even created Firefox marketplace with html5 apps. Now they seem to have lost it.
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5 years ago, Browskiez
An Ad-Blocker I can hang with
I appreciate this app because it looks different (can I say better?) than the standard Mozilla app, and it has an option to lock the browser with Face ID. My favorite feature is the ad-blocking aspect though which you can incorporate with Safari under Settings via the Content Blocker section. I’m getting tired of seeing ads that are splashed everywhere but don’t really even offer the convenience of targeting me well. Beware if you select each ad-blocking feature beyond the defaults as it is aggressive and some webpages won’t load properly (it’s rare, but it can happen). Anyway, the app is pretty good about giving this warning too. It feels good to have some added privacy online. I would like to see multiple tabs though as a feature with a future build.
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8 months ago, macaronifriend
Blocks Scam Redirects - Flawlessly
I never leave app reviews. If you’ve ever been browsing on a website and got redirected to a spam scam or virus link upon clicking something on the page - this browser is for you. I’ve never been able to find one on mobile that actually does it, but this successfully blocks any redirects unless I specifically click something. It’s incredible and would recommend this over any other browser, only downside is no tabs but technically I suppose the “Focus” aspect of the browser is for that very function, to focus on the screen you are currently on and not multiple tabs / without distractions. I’m impressed to say the least, congrats on making an incredible mobile browsing experience, Mozilla
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6 years ago, Techy Lady
Looking for a lite browser?
I have tried every browser imaginable. Free ones, paid ones. I wanted a browser that does not use tons of data and mostly ad free. I loved the puffin browser and purchased the pro, however too many ads and auto play videos! Why would you have an lite app with auto play videos? That makes no sense! Opera is great but still too many ads and I hate the news feed you can’t remove. Also does seem buggy at times. I’ve seriously tried them all. Firefox Focus is lacking things I like such as speed dial, however that’s a small price to pay for a browser that for the most part has minimal ads, is lite on data, fast and overall functions very smoothly. Thanks for making a browser that isn’t junk!
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3 years ago, duchess208
There’s a lot to love, but
I hate to be so critical with 3 stars because I do love Firefox and Mozilla. The thing is, Focus (while amazing, especially as an ad blocker for Safari) needs more features. I should be able to set a timer to automatically close my tab(s) and clear my data after leaving the app. I appreciate how easy to clear button is to access though. The second feature it should have is more than one tab. I know that’s what the man Firefox is for, but sometimes I need to open something in another tab, and then I have to click the three dots, click the “open in Firefox” button, and then do it. It’s cool that you can add a custom search engine (like Brave Search)! Plus, it’s open-source.
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3 years ago, Create N!ckn@m3
Recent Update Bug (minor)
This is actually a bug connected to the Apple Shortcuts app. When using a Shortcut to open another app, a silly notification appears at the top with a simple “✔️” indicating the shortcut worked. Now, normally when Firefox Focus is opened, the keyboard pops up and you’re ready to go. But if Focus is opened using a Shortcut, the Keyboard goes away at the same time that silly notification does as well. Doesn’t break anything, but it’s a little annoying to have to bring the keyboard up twice every time it’s opened. Hope that’s clear enough. Otherwise, 5 star app the whole way. Update: It has been fixed with another software update. Thank you!
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4 years ago, GotASportCoupe
“Please update your browser”
This is a great browser. It blocks web garbage right from the start and I can even dump my cache with a single click - I use that option a lot. I want to give this 5 stars. More and more websites I’ve been going to have been telling me they don’t support my browser anymore and tell me to update my browser. I can’t even login to them. I understand I can integrate into Safari and basically use FF as an ad blocker but I don’t want to. I want Safari to be my alternate less ad blocking, more open option in case I have I go to a site that has a problem with ad blocking. If I cant go to several of the sites I want to because they don’t support this, I may need to find another option. I feel this should be a simple fix - make the website detect this as a different browser / higher version of Firefox or just update the version.
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4 years ago, Sterofuse
And I thought Safari was fast
The app is great and also adds content blocking to the built in safari app if you want to add it. It loads things way faster and with less adds than the google app or safari. Before this app I used google for the news cards as they know me well by now and always have an interesting article for me, but they also have the absolute worst ads. Invasive and broken to where it crashes the page. If that happens or if I needed a bookmark from my PC I would “open in Safari” for a more stable experience, and since my desktop has iCloud syncing my Firefox bookmarks they all live in safari now. I only wish I could get my google cards in Firefox. It will give me a few but not the 20+ that the google app gives me.
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6 months ago, Gooseberry Falls
Leave no trail
Firefox Focus (FF) easily clears history whenever you want. You breakup a trail for google to nose around. Actually just set it for duckduckgo and cut off google snoopiness. I use FF when I want to check on something like football schedule, news event, etc. Why worry about cookies when you blow them away after the visit. Saves editing the cookies in my default browser. The price you pay for FF convenience is inability to bookmark (as far as I can tell) frequently visited sites. But FF actually saves time. And if you find something you need you can save it through Print > Share > Save as PDF (which is clumsy but works) or just Air Drop to another device.
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2 years ago, nuggets2share
Simple, fast and easy
I love the latest update to Firefox Focus. They got rid of a bunch of buttons in the toolbar so all you have now is the address bar and ‘reload page’ at the top and the rest are at the botom of the page. Makes getting right to business in the website fast and convenient, especially for us Voiceover users who have to listen and scroll through each and every thing on a page till we land on what we’re looking for. I also like the autocomplete feature, it saves time on typing. My only wish and reason for knocking my rating down one from a 5 to a 4 is that Firefox Focus would follow Firefox and add the ability to save logins & passwords. This would make Firefox Focus the ultimate browser!
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2 years ago, hecktghs
Class action, anyone?
I am so sick and tired of false claims of privacy by these sell out companies. Despite “strict” setting, and purported wiping of history, deleting caches, etc., it’s a joke. I’m getting ads that are obviously personalized. The cache does not clear, despite promises it does upon exit and even my passwords got accessed thru their use of Google (!!) browser tracking machine. Which brings me to my next point- and i am not a tech person so maybe im misunderstanding — but how can you claim privacy with Google as a browser? (probably the most invasive, tracking machine on Earth)?? And DuckDuckGo - another choice of browser— it’s pretty widely known that its claims of privacy are a joke and consumer fraud (it’s Microsoft - another leviathan collector/reseller of personal data, and also most hackable). Can you please offer a bonefide Tor option ? Or else just drop the conceit of privacy. The consumers not stupid.
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3 years ago, Crazy wild blue horse
One of the Best Browsers I’ve Ever Used
I’m just an ordinary internet user and not affiliated with any organization paying me to write this review. Before using any product, I heavily research it. In the case of internet browsers, I read the developer’s privacy policies and terms of service. After reading these policies, I can say that Mozilla’s intentions are good, and what they advertise is legitimate. This browser has all of the best privacy features that I could ever need in a mobile browser. I feel much more comfortable browsing the web with Firefox Focus than any other browser on iPhone. While other users may not like the fact that you cannot open multiple tabs, I personally think it’s a useful feature because I can focus on one task and avoid wasting time on the internet mindlessly browsing. The only slightly negative feedback I have is that I wish the browser had a widget that I could add to my home page. However, I’m sure that this feature is currently being developed, so it’s no big deal! Thank you so much for implementing policies that truly care about the user’s privacy!
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3 years ago, Mauna'
I love this app!!!!
Ok aside from ForeFox, this is the best internet browser in the market!! So if you’re definitely only trying to only open one tab then this should definitely be your go to. I’ve always been one to continuously open tabs and forget to close them and when I go to clear out my tabs I end up with like 50+ open and now I need to sort through for the tabs I want to keep and the tabs which are irrelevant garbage(which is a lot of them). Now with this app! Literally any one tab task I need done I can do it sawfly and securely and after a short while of inactivity the tab closes by itself! No history. Safe and secure and best of all no drama, no clean up. I love y’all Mozilla🙌❤️
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2 years ago, MaxAgHammer
Mozilla devs haven’t fixed the bug
TL;DR – DON’T update to v100 The Mozilla developers still haven’t fixed the most serious bug introduced in the v99 update to Focus. As many, many other reviewers have pointed out, there should be no requirement to authenticate (“touch ID to unlock”) if there is no existing session when returning to Focus. In addition, there should be an option to wipe out any existing session if the user wishes to begin fresh. The requirement to authenticate in every circumstance is MAJOR friction for many people who have posted recent reviews. Please, Mozilla: return the app to its functionality as of v98.1. As things stand, I’m still using that version of the app, but if the terrible Touch ID bug isn’t fixed soon, I will delete Focus and find a replacement. I have no desire to be slowed down by a development team that removes good features and replaces them with friction and bugs.
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4 years ago, Darkfury277
Great, but needs tabs
I really like this browser, it's very fast and secure. I've been looking for a new web browser and this one is my new favorite ....except that there doesn't seem to be a feature for multiple tabs. I like to switch between multiple tabs when I'm on a web browser, as I do a lot of research and some schoolwork from my phone. So it's disappointing that such a great browser can only utilize one tab at a time, but maybe that just has something to do with the security features, idk. Just wish we could have several tabs open at the same time. Overall though, it's a very good browser.
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5 years ago, alarob
My main web browser
I keep Firefox Focus in the bottom row of my apps, and I always use it first to visit all websites I haven’t registered for. I pick Firefox Focus from other apps’ Share menu, or if the URL is copied to the clipboard, I launch Firefox Focus and paste the URL into the address bar. The sites load faster and without spying on me. If I need to dig deeper, I hand off the site to Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, using the … menu. My only request is that a little more space be added above the top row of the app’s bare-bones keyboard. Now and then I accidentally tap the window above the keyboard, dismissing it and, in some cases, losing all the form data I’ve entered. A little margin for error would be a big help.
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2 years ago, squidsheep
Back to 5 stars again!
(Updated) Updated to the latest release. Fast start-up and it works normally again with search suggestions enabled. Thanks devs! ----- Following the developer's response, I disabled Search suggestions in the app settings as advised. It worked. No more typing lag. It worked normally again. The 2-sec start up screen remains the same but I'm ok with that. Thanks for working on this, devs! ----- Used to start up immediately. Now there is a 2-sec delay displaying Firefox Focus logo on violet background. Typing in search bar lags and stutters. But aside than that, it's pretty fast at opening and loading websites.
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4 years ago, qkslvrvb
No teeth
Based on reverse tracking tests, this app provides little if any true tracking protection, prevention of meta data gathering, or anonymous surfing. Although the settings imply a significant level of privacy protection, the actual performance on a basic level is wanting. This in turn creates doubt in other claims, specifically data collection for “development” suggesting Tor and VPNs are much more private. There is no current ability to equip the app with add-ons to enhance privacy, making the app very limited considering its claims at the time of installation. This may be a function of Siri integration and Apples data gathering policies, that remains to be seen. Apple has proven to be an intrusive host, I consider iOS a Faustian bargain, comparable to Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc... Nothing is free, the costs are much greater than we perceive. If you are someone who throws caution to the wind, then “run free Little Bob”.
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2 years ago, sri___
Many bugs
I have been using Firefox Focus for years, but this current version of Firefox Focus has been so buggy that I had to make this review (something that I didn’t bother doing in years). Some issues include: - Adblock preference persists across sessions (if I turn off adblocker for a specific session, closing the session usually reset the toggle and has adblocker on again by default for the next session. This no longer works so if I turn off the adblocker, it stays off until I turn it back on even for the next/new session) - URL selection (in the past, clicking the address bar did a select all on the URL by default which made it easy to copy address or delete/replace the entire link. Now it simply places a cursor so typing text will result in appending text instead of replacing the URL) - Requiring Face ID authentication for a new session (not a terrible bug but is annoying as I am anticipating an existing session) There are some other smaller issues such as shortcuts being deleted, performance glitches, etc that have been surfacing in the past couple months that have reduced the quality of the app. Please fix these issues, Firefox Focus is a daily driver app for me and it’s been frustrating to see the app degrade like this.
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12 months ago, Your.Friend.E
Love minimal, want info on trackers
I love the design, simple yet elegant. the only two things I’d like, would be to remove the small writing at the bottom that tells you how many trackers have been blocked along with a share button. The information is already shown when you click on the top shield icon. The other thing is that I would like to see what trackers were blocked. DuckDuckGo has this feature and I find it very useful and important to see the companies and webpages that obtain our information when not protected. Otherwise, this browser is pretty solid at this time of writing.
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5 months ago, Frustrated 8-16
Enhanced Tracking Protection Breaks IOS on Ipad
Ipad ios is 16.6. Firefox focus is up to date and worked great until a day or so ago. But now I try to type in the URL line and nothing show up if enhanced protection is on. There seems to be no way to choose individual things to block (like cookies), it’s enhanced protection or nothing. Only if enhanced protection is off can I use firefox focus at all. I thought it might be my keyboard but that works just fine - I’m using it to type this review. So I suspect apple has made some behind-the-scenes change. Or maybe it was mozilla but no other apps besides apple itself have permission to update themselves and even apple’s is limited to “download only”. (Since apple can sneak stuff in anyway I figure it’s apple that caused the problem, but since I really want enhanced protection I hope that mozilla can fix the problem.). Thanks.
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5 years ago, DigitalNomadSF
Can’t copy URLs properly
I love browsing the web and sharing intersting articles with my friends. Every time I copy a URL I get this long convoluted crazy web address that’s 10 times longer than the actual URL. Why? I don’t see any privacy benefit to this. So I wind up having to go to safari or chrome to copy a neat and short address to share with my friends. No one want to receive links that are 300 characters long. It’s looks like a scam website. Ugh. Additionally, I wish I could browse with multiple tabs but that’s not possible with Focus. Not a biggie. Other than that, the browsing speed is great, the interface is clean, and I love that I can erase everything by tapping on the trash bin. Super easy. Thank you Firefox. If you ever fix the URL issue I’d love to give you guys a five star review.
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6 years ago, flockofmoose
Browser for a new lifestyle
I love this app! I originally downloaded this for the privacy features to limit Google and other tech companies from spying, but turns out this app is really great at one more thing: less is more. This browser is perfect for a minimalist tech life. This app truly declutters my day with its clean design and ability to only manage one tab is all want and need. This may seem backwards in today’s world but this challenged me to use this app as a utility to access the web in a precise way, instead of harvesting countless tabs and garbage I really don’t need. Again, this version of Firefox is not for the power user, but it is great for anyone else.
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5 years ago, train Song
This version of Firefox
I would rate 5 stars for a free search engine or just flat out browser. You can set up your settings as you like. It has so far blocked over 10,000 trackers and has an app easy way to clear your recent history. For those that do not like a browser tracking your every move such as using a basic browser this is a great app. The original Firefox is good I prefer this one better. Why not?? They are both free this app just goes more into depth depending on what you prefer. I have had no problems with with it and have options to choose from what I will allow to track and what I will not.
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1 month ago, Anthropohedron
A way to separate distractions from focus
Hardly any of my web use needs to be immortalized by browsing history or lingering tabs. If I'm doing a quick lookup of where capybaras can be found, should that be in a tab cluttering my browser that I can forget to close? Nah, Firefox Focus is perfect for that. Quick searches to satisfy curiosity, checking whether trash pickup is delayed by weather, really anything that doesn't require an account and even things that require an account I don't want to keep logged in. I use it, I get what I need, I discard it, and Firefox Focus is ready for the next thing.
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4 years ago, Stubborn Frank
Great solution for Ad/Tracker blocking
I’ve been looking for a free Ad/Tracker blocking solution and have tried 7 different non-Safari apps. Though each had their advantages, I had issues when it came to logging in to sites while browsing. Since Safari is the only browser I have found that integrates with Last Pass on iPhone, I found myself going back to it and putting up with Ads EVERYWHERE, slowing down and cluttering my experience. Though I am not using Firefox Focus as my main browser, FIrefox Focus made it easy to enable Ad Blocking in Safari. Two days in, I couldn’t be happier with the results!
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4 years ago, non-crypotgrapher
web browser with privacy
I have used Mozilla's browsers since the beginning back in the 1990s. I continue with Firefox for the robust app support as my goto browser on all my computers (Windows and Linux). Because of my interest in privacy I decided to tested Firefox Focus. Now I use Focus on my iPhone and iPad. Having a second browser on the iPad my wife and I share allows her to keep her safari browser tabs uncluttered with my stuff. I find Focus very user friendly, easy to use and it works well for most all my basic browsing needs. I have the settings set for maximum privacy though I expect most people will be happier with the initial settings. Good job Mozilla. Thanks for the great product!
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10 months ago, MrAndrewO
Great default browser for the privacy-aware!
I don’t know if we can *actually* keep ourselves private on the web, but at least with this browser (the default browser on my phone & iPad) I don’t usually worry about clicking on corporate data-harvesting links. It’s easy to share a page to other browsers if it don’t need to be quarantined, and otherwise it’s just 1 tap and the whole browser is reset! My only suggestion for improvement (for that 5th star): **Add the option to have more than 4 shortcut links on the start page (even increasing to 8 or 16 links would be a welcome improvement).**
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2 years ago, Adriann Do
Overall it does what I need it to do however...
I use this app for when I need to randomly google something unimportant. I use the main firefox for important stuff with tabs I actually want to keep for later. The only issue I have with this app is that for some reason, when I want to move on from one website to another without closing the app, I click the site address but it doesn't select the whole address. I want this feature so that I can immediately overwrite the address once I start typing. This is a feature on every other browser I've used, so it's a tough habit to break.
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5 years ago, HeebieNoJeebie
The Illuminati Won’t Find Me Now*
If you’re looking for the perfect concoction to poison your wife or the neighbors dog who’s been soiling your lawn I guess this is the app to use. Theoretically they can’t discover your browsing history using Focus when they bring you in for questioning, but just to be certain I’m always on the public library’s WiFi or at a Starbucks when I do my searching. And, just in case they CAN see where I’ve been going, I have the iPad set to self destruct and erase itself after 10 failed login attempts. (Ahhhhhhh, the perfect crime coming up.) *But they aren’t looking for me to start with
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2 years ago, Satisfiedsoul
Tu turk key key
Is when you take a small turkey and shove it inside of a bigger turkey and then cook them per himym. This app is kinda like that. I had my hopes up. I use FF on my desktop, but an app advertised as private shouldn’t have info sending on by default and where’s the option to open a new tab or window while preserving the site you’re currently visiting? That seems like it should be a no brainer. So, similar to the tu turk key key in the end it was just wrong. Safari I sure have grown to loathe you and Apple, but leave the light on for me, cus I’m headed back. You can continue to use your privacy first propaganda to collect and share my info until I find your replacement.
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1 year ago, cheme75
Possibly good for blocking trackers
Seems to block trackers but it’s hard to tell for sure. On the surface, when I use this to browse various sites via a search for checking out products, I generally fail to see similar product ads on Facebook or Twitter so is it Firefox focus or is it iOS limiting the tracking? Using duck duck go for searching may also play a part. I guess for me it’s not worth the time or effort to research it’s performance vs safari or Firefox or chrome. It feels safe using it though like for opening shortened urls or when in doubt about a site. However it clearly allows some tracking since various sites will see I’ve reached my free access limit.
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