First Alert Weather

4.7 (14K)
71.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Alert Weather

4.7 out of 5
14K Ratings
3 years ago, 4Ever Gr8tful
Thank God For This App
April 12, 2020 (The Easter Tornadoes) We received our alert in time to wake up our daughter, looker up some windows, and run to the opposite end of our Mobile Home..... In a matter of seconds our home was totally destroyed..... I thank God for this app because the end of the house that my daughter was sleeping on got ripped to shreds! If we hadn’t gotten the alert we wouldn’t have her here with us today and we probably would have been hurt badly..... Keep helping people be safe and prepared
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12 months ago, Nickname 1 Nickname 2
Don’t have time to watch it anymore! It’s useless
I used to rely heavily on this application for a quick 60 seconds overview of the weather forecast, but recently they’ve added commercials that are LONGER than the 60 seconds weather forecast. I simply don’t have time to sit thru the commercials to get to a 60 seconds weather summary. The application is of no use to me anymore. Last Saturday, a horrendous storm passed through our area. I got a notification for an update on the first alert app. I opened the alert and there’s a freakin’ commercial…BEFORE we can see what the heck was happening outside! Keep in mind that we’d lost power, so we were relying on the app and Facebook updates 🤦🏾‍♀️. WLBT simply cannot need revenue bad enough to throw commercials on a 60 seconds weather update.
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6 years ago, Jmac9333
Loving the latest update.
One of my most used apps and one of my oldest apps. I’ve used it across multiple platforms and it’s awesome every single time. The latest update to the radar is perfect. I had the same idea years ago, guess I should’ve sent it to you. (The expand option) Wish I could give you 8 or 9 stars.
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1 year ago, OnMyOwn43
The pros and cons
One great pro about this app is that it is operated by the news themselves so I get the closest to correct as I can be. And one con about this app, it could be like a tiny thunderstorm, and it would send me like a dozen notifications, such as, “ lightning, strike 3 miles” or “thunderstorm warning until 4:45 pm in your area”. Those are the pros and cons
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3 years ago, 5lb_Bass
Quality/Performance is starting to suffer
App used to perform much better; in your attempt to improve and and capabilities your performance is starting to suffer; don't try to excuse this as a network congestion/bandwidth issue; your app is getting bloatwd and performance is suffering; you can't do or be everything to everyone; please focus on providing a high-performing experience with hourly, daily, and radar capabilities; If users want video or marketing clips don't bog down your app because of that...
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2 years ago, out of state local
Shouldn’t have left!
After moving out of the state I realized that WLBT 3 was the only news channel that gave me the best News ever. I have just moved back in town and I’m so glad to be able to get excellent news coverage from around the beautiful state of Mississippi.
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4 years ago, Hydrobass 1700
This app WAS okay but.....
The radar was nice with the full screen option. Now it freezes up constantly as does the whole app. I have uninstalled it a couple of times then reinstalled it and it is still SLOW and freezes up. I might try it again in a few months. In this day and age there has to be a better option. Now the app looses the location which makes me have to restart my phone only to have it looses the location the next time I open the app. WAY TOO FRUSTRATING!!!
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5 years ago, debbies iphone
Hard to read and ver disappointed.
I use this app several times a day, more if weather is bad. The hourly and daily forecast now being black and white plus the layout makes it too difficult to read. I hate the radar image also. I used to be able to see the county outlines but can’t now. I guess this was an update but please either change this back or redesign. May have to start using the “weather “ app which I’ve never used as much as this one. So disappointed.
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3 years ago, Gonzalezoli
I love this app!
This app helped me know lots of things! When I first heard it, I thought it was not necessary. But then my mom told me the helpful things this app is, so I decided to get it. This app has been really helpful during these days (and yesterday) and I love this app!
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5 years ago, GTSeaborg
Good app, but too many notifications.
The app works really well and is almost always up to date. However, it sends 2-3 notifications a day, even when no storms are predicted for the next 10 days. There needs to be an option for receiving only storm watch and storm warning notifications.
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4 years ago, Isaac Lott
Please go back to original release!
Loved this app when it was first released. Best one by far. Then you updated and ruined it. No more addresses entered and radar is not nearly as good. Videos hardly ever play. It was so much better before!
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2 years ago, Music2b4us
Very accurate weather forecasts!
Really pleased with weather alerts & accurate forecasts! Highly recommend this App to others!!! Really useful when making travel plans!
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6 years ago, Irish72pride
Ok so far
I have have used a number of weather apps to try to find a happy medium but so far I have more than two apps on my phone I have used this app before and a sister style from my local tv channel from when I lived in another state. So I am back to try the main app for raycom here is the test. We will see how it fairs.
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2 years ago, king62ranch
Weather updates
Thank you for constant updates on weather
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5 years ago, Good37839392020
New Update is Horrible
Severe Thunderstorm warning and watch overlays in the radar are no longer the traditional yellow color. They are red and look like Tornado warnings. Also warning/watch overlays are not nearly as transparent as in the previous version which makes it much harder to actually see the weather. I used this app mostly for the radar but will no longer use it with this new update
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3 years ago, kofnc
Best radar out there
I relocated to another state and still use this app for my choice of weather updates and radar !
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1 year ago, susaneml
Never correct with forecast !!!!
This is the worst weather app EVER . It very rarely is correct. They put whatever and then it constantly changes. I guess we all should have been weather reporters , you can just say whatever you want and rarely be right , still have a job and still get paid. Would not recommend this app to anyone unless it’s for a joke
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2 years ago, SaintsFan39564
First (Spam) Alerts
I’m fed up with receiving multiple push msgs each day. Until I deleted the app I could count on 2-5 click-bait First (Spam) Alert msgs ‘The forecast has changed, get the latest now!’ as tho pending doom is looming between now and the last three updates. Only reason I had the app was for extreme severe weather (tornado) alerts. I’d rather take my chances on my own.
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3 years ago, boi get out of my buisness
Bad weather
i love this app its so amazing its a little slow but its just my internet, the radar is ok, it could be better but its good enough, honestly just cut back on all the notifications please, but this app is so useful!
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3 years ago, ubfwm
Pop up
Hate your pop up for ratings. Written 2 reviews already. If I did not like your app. I would not use it
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4 years ago, Dlmay
Very disappointed
This app is pretty much useless. Don’t think your going to use this app for weather information when your tv goes out. It crashes half the time and the other half you get a message saying this application isn’t available in your area. Even though it used to work in my area.
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2 years ago, 🧁🥮🥧🎂🍔🍟🍕🥞
Good app but too many messages
It tells you the current weather and such, but they send SO many messages but reliable
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2 years ago, ASPreuss
The best
My parents always watched channel 3 news and weather so I’m carrying on the tradition. Y’all are truly THE BEST!!!! We always count on you for the weather.
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5 years ago, Bboone62
My map isn’t green anymore!
It’s black. I use the Satellite option because I’m not interested in the Dark and Light map options. I liked the green map. Perhaps add a Green map option. Everything else about the app I like.
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4 days ago, Josh Corporations
Coveage is okay, but the ads are absolutely mind numbing
I’m in the app trying to watch the coverage videos and I get met with a 30 second long ad. Although it’s understandable, you cannot click or close out for a second without it glitching the entire app.
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4 months ago, CTP#3
Always accurate and easy to navigate! 👍🏻😎
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2 years ago, Johnnyaok
Just Awesome
3 First Alert is just awesome. When I want news and weather for Ruth I immediately tune into channel 3. Great job and keep up the good work! John.
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2 years ago, blondiemsrn
Can’t hear what they saying and they don’t give you enough time to read the weather report!
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1 year ago, A Plus Handyman
Best for business!!!
I use this app daily to arrange my schedule for workdays depending on if I can work in or out and helps with preparing!!!
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3 years ago, OldSheep44
Many Ads
This may be a good weather app but it has so many larger ads that I can’t tell. This app is not about providing weather. It’s about selling ads and they sell many. They never mention the ads while pushing it on TV. There are many apps to get local weather without all the ads.
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2 years ago, Coolaryous
Great weather
Enjoy your weather app. I have 4 different apps on my phone but yours I use most.
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3 years ago, Billys Branch
Great news and weather team.
Great news and weather team.
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3 years ago, slikpup
Wrong location
The main headline is always some place else. You would think the app would put the headline in relation to the zine of the user. Not saying the exact location but things that have some effect. Example: Fred is going into Florida and heading North. This will have no effect on East Texas. So why is it the head line?
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3 years ago, Fred2020**
I can zoom in or out on radar image and see the whole area. It’s convenient
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5 months ago, Lewis561
Keeps me on top of the weather
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2 years ago, suggsco
First alert
Very accurate. Use the radar everyday
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2 years ago, okthis is silly
Don’t need to know about those states
I have my app in my town in Oklahoma and that works just fine but all of the videos that keep popping up are about Mississippi and Louisiana. Why would I be interested in those two states on a minute by minute status? It’s ridiculous.
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6 years ago, Megn 9
Current weather not on update
Since the newest update I’m no longer able to view the current weather forecast
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3 years ago, effieshay
This is the best way to be on top of the weather!!
Thanks for keeping us informed!!!
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2 years ago, DrShimo
No support to contact, not saving settings
I’m having to change the location back constantly to my location, and the app is no longer saving my settings. The support link in the App Store for the page is a 404 as well
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4 years ago, sianamvdfbjd
Video Location Wrong
I have a few different cities set but the videos that are linked are all for Mississippi which is none of the cities I have saved.
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2 years ago, naval nerd 22
You interrupted my nascar race when my area wasn’t anywhere near the storm please condense your interruptions
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3 years ago, nanatooley
My fav
My favorite go-to for weather info. Updates frequently. Usually spot-on!
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2 years ago, thomeboy
Best App
By far, independent of the weather; this is the best designed app. That’s of all apps I’ve used. Absolutely Awesome!!! thommy
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3 months ago, thatsMR2u
My go to weather app
Love the app abs wlbt but here lately the hourly forecast isn’t matching what the radar shows.
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2 years ago, Desert Senior
Absolutely the best!
I had three weather apps and this app FirstAlert is absolutely fantastic! Love it!
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3 years ago, Martha62262
WLBT First Alert Weather Team
No better weather team anywhere! Love their personalities even more than I appreciate their weather forecasts!
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5 years ago, jnohra81
This app used to be great and very accurate. The new radar is terrible, slow, and inaccurate because it’s so slow. Thunderstorms used to be yellow. Now all alerts are red which makes seeing thunderstorm vs tornado warning difficult. Bring back the old radar view!
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3 years ago, zio bacialop
Reports are timely and accurate.
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3 years ago, Upallnight2:)
Great app. I’m a forester and work outdoors for a living. I rely on accurate and updated forecasts. That’s why I chose this app. Thanks
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