Fishing Calendar, Fish Finder

4.4 (10.4K)
66.1 MB
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TOP APP d.o.o.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fishing Calendar, Fish Finder

4.4 out of 5
10.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Benefits guru
The Go-To Fishing Ap!
Love this ap and would like to give it 5 stars but don't want to buy it/upgrade yet. It has so much information to help you plan your fishing trip and time - if you have flexibility. So far it's been pretty accurate. I'd rate the free version 5 stars but for the fact I can't look ahead for detail on a day or two out (or I don't know how). Really good ap!
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6 years ago, Dukespapa
Just Keeps Get’in BETTER
I’ve been using this since back when rocks were used for batteries in cell phones - talk about short power times !?!?! Real deal... This is an amazingly intuitive product that will save A LOT of frustration. I can not count the cases of beer that were drank out on the water while there was’nt a snowball’s chance in hell for a bite. Now they can be consumed on the bank, in the shade, while comfortably napping and waiting for the next PREDICTABLE hot period to come. The developer dedication to this ‘product’ is totally evident in the constant collection of not only ‘App Core Feature’ enhancements; but heartily so in the new things, which would not necessarily be expected. It’s like chartering a ‘guide’ each trip, but WAY cheaper.
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5 years ago, Bass-N-Grass
Location bs and no pics
It won’t let me change or delete the location that the app comes with and on the fish prediction part it doesn’t tell me where the prediction is so I don’t even know if it’s predicting my location of the bs the app comes with like “lizard island” not very many people have those kind of opportunities. Also the pictures of fish on the app is the same ones that’s in the app advertisement and there is only 3! I would only give one star but I haven’t tested out the prediction yet so I gave 2 just Incase it was accurate.
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7 months ago, Loose_Moose
Handy little app
I’ve been a fisherman for as long as I can remember and have become pretty good at knowing when the fishing are biting, but a moved to new region of the country. I used this app to help me acclimate my knowledge to my new area.
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1 year ago, Scmbag
Love it. Very accurate.
I troll worms for trout. Full moon is absolutely the best time to fish according to the app. In real life on the water 100% true. I usually limit out within 1-2 hour. Love how it tells peak times during the day. I do subscribe and worth every penny.
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5 years ago, topherfishing88
This app used to be okay when it was actually free to use. Not worth the price for all of the stuff you used to be able to do for free that you have to pay for now. Used it for years, deleted it when it went “freemium.” Nothing on here that would give you any info that google doesn’t already have for free. Better yet, just go fishing when you feel like it and don’t worry about all the other garbage. The more you fish, the more you’ll catch.
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7 years ago, Hank Bailey
Great Fishing Tool - "A Must"
Been finishing all my life and this is something I wish I had years ago. Makes timing your trip perfectly to when they are actually biting. Would highly recommend this app!
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6 years ago, Waynew7869
Pretty good !!!!!!!
We have use this app for the last 3 or 4 months maybe longer and I can say that it's pretty accurate,so for it's a (app): that Fishermen's to really look at..... even my brother-in-law has it now and likes it !!!!
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6 years ago, shimano0105
I just started but so far this app is so amazingly designed es. It includes so many features. For example you can read about the species you are among for and find out how to fish for it.
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6 years ago, Gocats719
One day only
The free version is just s teaser to try to get you to pay $7.99 for the full version. It will only show you the current day. It would be fine if you are definitely going fishing one day and you get up really early to see what time to actually fish that day. You can store a few pictures but you can store thousands of pics on google pics so that part is basically useless.
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7 years ago, tecchas
1 Day???
Thanks for the info for today's date ... but not much else except your 'purchase app' ad for attempting anything else ONLY to get back to today's info. Might as well have offered only the 'pay-for' app. Still, you'll get today's fishing forecast ... if that's all you want, ... though you can map out other locations for today's forecast.
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6 years ago, jeehosaphat
Great app.
Love this app. Keeps me from a frustrating days on the water.
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7 years ago, fish/hunter
Fishing an hunting the same on both apps
Fishing and hunting both the same I have app bought an free they are the same check them out I catch fish bye them an kill bye them
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5 months ago, pablo punchwood
Made me buy year subscription
I just downloaded the app and when I was swiping through the page that advertises the year subscription poped up and I accidentally hit it. I didn’t even want to buy the subscription but I’m subscribed, the worst part is that their is no place to unsubscribe anywhere, I feel like I got scammed.
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5 months ago, Jim Beggs
Great App.
If you like to fish this is the App! A lot better than guessing. Ain’t that the truth, always nice to feel your going at the right time!!
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3 years ago, customer of 20 yrs
App is stuck on stupid
Was a 5 star app for almost a year until I couldn’t tap a future date. If I do it asks for subscription options and I already have one. So I can’t get past it. I can only see current day or previous days. The whole point of this app is to see future weather and fishing efficiency.
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4 years ago, Evanrne
This app works, but no optuon to change settings from military ttime to regular AM and PM also you cant even see what time it is throughout the day on the spread sheet. It should include the the full hours of the day on the spreadsheet. Its annoying im constantly guessing what time the high peak is. And i payed 18$ for this app.
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7 years ago, TheSwede789865
Simple and easy
It is what I have been looking for. Sun &moon cycle phase for hunting or fishing. Simple without a lot of bells and whistles. Just have to pay for it if you want future forecasts. Great app for the price.
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6 years ago, Taskic104
Great App, worth the 6 bucks
Used it once and it was on point. Better than waiting around all day with no bites melting in the sun. Saved me a ton of wasted time and effort.
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7 months ago, Wn frscnc
Works great. I don’t pay the subscription but would be worth the money. Feeding time are spot on.
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7 years ago, Theballoonbandit
Bad design and crashes
The app pulls data from web and tries to hide it right and left of display but gets stuck and crashes. Can't edit location if you make a mistake with the pin. Best times to fish are off by 2 hours. all around this app is not worth the money. Better to look at other apps with less issues.
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5 years ago, Pong'O
Fix the time please
Your last update is not allowing to change the time to a 12 hour clock, it’s stuck on a 24 hour clock.
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5 years ago, Tittle88
Needs QoL update
The graph for best times to fish needs a more real-time update. It’s annoying that each day is basically just a screenshot with the times only shown in the spots where is good fishing times.
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6 years ago, t tucker7521
Most bang for your bucks
I time my day catching flounder by their solunar chart and it is spot on. Catch more fish in less time.
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6 years ago, POedToo
Ultimate Scam
This app was great when I first got it. Then I updated my iPad and re-downloaded the app. Now every time I try to change dates, the app pops up a “buy more features” box and won’t let me do anything. 6.99 to restore the function I had. What a rip off considering I already paid for this app.
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6 years ago, bassfishfreak
App user friendly
This fishing calendar is very useful and helpful too
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6 years ago, Chuck Nation
No loyalty... money grab
I’ve had this app for a few yrs and really liked it but now they want another $7.99 and you can’t see future days w/o paying... sorry paid once and now you change the app and want me to pay again??? I’ll take my chances elsewhere in the App Store
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6 years ago, salty dog one
Excellent tool
Excellent tool for the fisherman. Easy to use and it provides good information.
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6 years ago, KaptJiveAlive
Washington Salmon in the Salt
I don’t waste time going out whenever I have time to fish. If they’re not biting I go kayaking
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1 year ago, Paid to soon
Doesn’t work very often
Every time IOS gets a upgrade the app quits working. Wouldn’t be bad if they fixed it in a reasonable time but that isn’t the case. I wasted the my money for a year subscription.
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3 months ago, ready for acyion
Gone Fishing
Great app, has all the info I need for scheduling my trips!
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7 months ago, BASS Z 9
Most of the time. Its actually on time
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5 months ago, Watoos
Wasem Jr
Awesome App. It’s right on. My buddies don’t believe it, until there in my boat with me.
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7 months ago, crappie curt
Not what I expected
This app is a big disappointment…… not accurate or even close. I guide several times a year and have evidence this app is not accurate. Don’t waste your money😩
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6 years ago, Stepbert
Read, buy, and be a angry.
Yes I fell for this useless app. I’ve purchased a builders app previously and was amazed at the information it had so why not buy this fishing app for $6.00. You fooled me once so I’ll never purchase another app from Apple. This app should be removed.
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6 years ago, Reel Custom
Reel Custom
Looks like it has decent info upon first opening, got tired of closing out pop ups to purchase full version and to rate the app... decided to rate the app before deleting this garbage ad disguised as a usable free app. Two thumbs way down
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7 years ago, Pepper crazy
Love this fishing app!
It's usually 95% correct! We use it all the time.
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6 years ago, ...,,..
The more I use this app the more I learn the more I appreciate it it's awesome! Hands down!
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6 years ago, Cereneaujr
Nice app
I don’t know if I like it because you have to buy it to really try it. It needs a trial time will delete it and find something else.
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7 years ago, Kahunahammer
Great information
Well laid out, helps me convince the wife that the walleye are biting
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6 years ago, ness carp
Free version is great too!
Use it all the time!
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6 years ago, MegN32346
Not always accurate and freezes. Other than that, it’s a good app.
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5 years ago, Dbear9
Don’t down load update If you do you can’t see future tides You have to pay to see them Before this update things were good I guess they got Greedy Going to delete app and find new one from NOAA it’s free
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7 years ago, Tjonsq
Fishing time is spot on. I think the crappie read this too.
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4 years ago, frankc96
How are you going to charge someone money just so you can tell them the weather on your stupid app,you greedy pricks are just like everyone else. Delete this app you greedy pricks.
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5 years ago, Apostle Don
Unless you upgrade to premium you can not use solunar tables. When I tried to look at a day ahead, it kept trying to get me to buy premium. Don’t waste your time. Not free!!
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6 years ago, Dr Tiberipus
Dr Tiberius
I use the app and found it to be accurate!!
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6 years ago, Gsquared7
Standard Free Version
Gives you the basics , wish I could find one with barometric readings and forecasts- that would be the BOMB!
Show more
7 years ago, Fishnfinaddict
Not anymore!
This at one time was a good app. Are used it a lot. Since they switched versions and made you buy all the information that you used to get, it's garbage now. I'm dumping it.
Show more
5 years ago, Waresdom
Terrible update
So I bought this app once and now I have to do it again?!?!?! Don't download this app. Money hungry pigs. I loved it until the last upgrade. Subscription based blows.
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