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User Reviews for Fiverr - Freelance Services

4.92 out of 5
454K Ratings
2 years ago, DrMusic83
Do not waste your time…
I started out and spent $ on Fiverr and was satisfied initially. I even left sellers great feedback to help them and referred business. Now starting to wonder if it’s more of a “scam.” Come to find out…3 of my orders have been declined in a row and go into a “balance.” For all of these…I needed a project and the seller told me they could provide. Then they answered none of my questions over a several day waiting period (I have screen shots of the comm I sent with absolutely no replies) for the project and told me a few hours before project end period they couldn’t do it. So…I wasted 4 days on a project they likely had no intention of doing. Now I’m also finding out they may not give me my $ back but they apply it to my “balance” that I’m not going to use because I’m beyond frustrated at this point? Hoping they will at least do the right thing and refund me directly given my recent project had zero communication as I was waiting and ended up being cancelled. I wish they had a more strict communication policy if a seller is just in too deep because I completely understand but please…just tell me that rather than make me wait for 4 days and cancel on me last minute. Soooo frustrating!
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11 months ago, Sweetbeats33
Too many scammers
I made a sellers account and attempted to start a small business selling my services on this platform. There is high competition with everything it seems and countless sellers to choose from. The only contact I received was from trolls/ scammers pretending to want my services only to waste my time and attempt to ruin my ratings. There is next to no customer service from Fiverr and the platform takes zero responsibility for allowing this to occur. If they took more time to develop ways to prevent this then maybe I would try this again. The open platform of allowing anyone who took a minute to create an account, to text/ chat with you about anything they wish. One of your ratings is called response time. So I have to waste my time responding to something completely outrageous and ridiculous it be a scammer or a troll - just in order to keep my business going. that’s completely wrong and they need to do something about allowing people to just reach out and chat this is not online dating. The platform makes you fill out an excessive not The platform makes you fill out an excessive amount information about the product or service that you’re selling. It should be more than enough information for someone to read discern and decide if they want to buy a service or not. IMO no one should be allowed to chat with someone until they have actually paid for one of the services that a seller provides.
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5 months ago, Ovidgrove
Room for improvement
As a gig promoter/seller my response time will drastically change when I’m working with clients on a translation project vs. down time (no current requests for services). For this reason, the response time on the site is often grossly inaccurate in my case. To improve, please use a shorter block of time with which to calculate average seller response time to, e.g., a week). Thanks in advance for attending to this matter. Secondly, please tell sellers up front or asap that the date a project is due requires sellers to submit their project by a specific time in a specific time zone on the due day (e.g., 5AM or 8AM) or it will be flagged as “late.” I was caught off guard when I read that my I submission was late, even though the submission date agreed upon by buyer and seller had just started. For this reason, I would like Fiverr to remove the “late” flag in my stats for this singular case. Once I am aware of these specifics, the problem will be eliminated. Thanks!
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1 year ago, overpamper
Fiverr is ridiculous, do not buy from their seller
Hello everyone, if you can see this review, do not download this app or do anything on their platform. Their sellers are crooks, they will take your job with a clear job requirements and deliver what you didn’t ordered. I had contact one of their seller to help with a project, he replied and told me he understood my requirements but after 5 days he delivered half job and never completed the job. I asked why don’t you want to complete this job? He said because EID is coming, I said well, request for extension so you can come back to it later, he didn’t want to do that but wanted me to approve delivery of half job and what I didn’t order. I reported to fiverr which it took them hours before they respond and at the time they responded I had gone really crazy with the seller because he wasn’t trying to cooperate with me at all or find a way to resolve the issue. Well, fiverr respond and resolve the issue, I contact another seller who get the job done but guess what?! Instead of fiverr cautioning their fraudsters they call seller, they restricted my own account and claimed I needed to wait 90 days before they can allow me to process with my ongoing order. Their supports staff are jackass, they’re lazy to investigate customer/seller conflict. Instead they mute their buyer. DO NOT LET THEM TREAT YOU LIKE THEY DO TO ME! DON’T BUY ON FIVERR! If they feel this’s a lie they should respond to this review with their prove.
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9 months ago, traci donnelly
Do not work in this platform
As a fiver pro you are given an advocate. I have done over 200+ Bussiness plans and had 11 cancel. Out of that 11 maybe 4 was understandable in my beginning stage of selling and not being able to screen customers appropriately according to Fiverr market needs. Now the other plans , I spent days on doing. Me and my partner both have business degrees and my partner has a master’s degree in business from Notre Dame. The last cancellation prompted this review. The advocate said she assured me this person who received a customized order of 56 pages would not be able to get a refund. Order was automatically completed and guess what ? Fiverr refunded her putting me negative and made me loose a weeks sort of free saying and I quote, “ we can’t make a buyer pay” THEN WHY SHOULD ANYONE WORK ON THIS PLATFORM?!?!? It’s time for a FIVERR lawsuit to get 11 *$995 back. There is no reason someone with our credentials should work for free. Fiverr does not uphold their own regulations. Ex: “buyer can not cancel on quality alone” This plan was not late, I offered to continue working with her but she refused. She literally got free work that others pay $995. Other customers on this platform has scammed me out of $1,000 of work since Fiverr doesn’t regulate revisions. These buyers agree to a gig and literally for any reason get free work. This is not a seller friendly platform. Do not use this!
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1 year ago, Superstar Lamar
SMH. Never do two accounts
So make sure you read very well. I have been on fiverr platform for over 3 or 4 years. It’s been really good until one day I decided to start a second account doing beats for this one instead of singing and rapping. Made over 30k in my first account, great loyal customer base built, solid stats across the board, ended up being a top seller and then a couple months into my second account they asked for ID verification so I did that. Noticed it asked for my first account then did that one and was immediately blocked from my main primary page I had for over 3 years. Highly upset was not even the words to describe how I was feeling. Over 300 completed gigs not backed up, 5 star ratings with numerous repeat customers all gone in one minute. But I won’t get down because I’m a walking music genius who has worked with a lot of top industry artist like Gucci Mane and more. But anyway to make maters worst there was money still in my account I have to wait 90 days for some link to magically come to my email. None of the reps can find my account and at this point I will be leaving fiverr starting my on platform. They have made enough money off of my work. It was good While it lasted but I hate how it ended.
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4 years ago, futurehearts
Convenient app with a major flaw
I've used Fiverr for close to a year now, and the platform has worked really well for me and allowed me to earn some extra money. This app does make it easier to quickly look through orders and respond to buyers' messages. However, I find that whenever I have Do Not Disturb on, the notifications either don't appear at all or only appear for a second before disappearing. They never remain in my notification center, and usually I won't even get the little icon at the corner of the app. This seems like a small issue, but on Fiverr, your response time is extremely important in getting buyers and giving your gigs legitimacy. This issue has caused me to miss messages and not respond for hours. I just can't be constantly opening the app, I really rely on the notification. I usually turn on Do Not Disturb when I'm working or going to bed, and I get messages, often from buyers in different countries/time zones that I just don't see. I really don't understand this issue, and it's not something I've had a problem with on any other app. For me, this bug destroys a lot of the convenience of the app. I hope this issue will be fixed soon, and without it, this app would get 5 stars.
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4 years ago, mowe251
Not a good experience at all
The last order I placed continually didn’t do anything that I asked. I ordered very specific logo design. They put the wrong business name down every single time even though I continued to correct it and repeatedly told them that was not the name of my business. I sent the exact logo that I wanted incorporated into a monogram so it was very simple and easy and they ignored it repeatedly, and created something totally different and wrong. I told them the kind of welding that I do and the kind of welding torch that I need to be in my logo is very specific and they continued to put the wrong kind of welding torch into the logo which would represent a form of welding our company does not do. They sent me formats that I couldn’t open even on my computer so I asked several times if they could send me a format I could see and review. I couldn’t see the work and be able to review it and I waited so long to receive that format that fiverr finally approve the work. So now I have paid and am very disappointed and still have to go back and pay somebody else to do it again because it’s not anywhere near what I was looking for. Fiverr would not let me leave a negative review. I feel the reviews are allowed to be positive only. When I tried to contact the resolution center I was given an error message
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4 years ago, wetwade12345
Can’t get my $$$ back!!! Extremely unhappy with Fiverr
This app and service seem like a really cool idea. I paid over $200 for a top rated artist to deliver a logo in 24 hours. (I searched profiles for hours!) The artist never delivered a finished logo and TWO MONTHS later I finally got the money-not refunded but I was given that amount in credit for the site. I have tried five top artists trying to use my credits but I have yet to find an artist to speak English and haven’t delivered anything close to what I’ve asked for. I’m currently begging an artist for a refund because it is not anything I asked for. I have sent them over 20 reference photos and paragraphs of explanation. I am happy to support artists from any country but the language barrier has seems to be too much. I read this in the review for many artists but didn’t take caution. Please just let me have my money back, oh wait they don’t have actual customer service it’s just an app. That’s right, no one to phone or email if you’re having issues. I sent complaint and requests and nothing!!! Now I’m stuck owing money to an artist who won’t even try to make it right. Wish I never placed an order. I understand going in next time I will have a concept made, but then what really is the point of this service??? Zero stars.
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4 years ago, MatthewBillman
Seller - Inundated with Spam
I created a seller account on Fiverr - from account creation to date, I’ve been unceasingly inundated with scam gig requests (17 to date, roughly 1 every two days). I’m a data scientist, and offer freelance machine learning dev experience on the side. Literally every request except one that I’ve received - and I get them daily - has been some variation on the following theme: “I (buyer) and from (some foreign country) and want you (seller) to set up a fake account for me on (gigging platform) because (bogus reasons ranging from work visas to online censorship).” There exists no means for sellers to report scam requests, and therefore I’m stuck dealing with these messages until the accounts behind them are banned. And in spite of what Fiverr claims, this DOES impact my response rating on-app (not all scams are caught), which currently sits at 60% despite my perfect non-scammer rapport. Which has been easy to maintain since, as mentioned before, I’ve only been contacted by one non-scammer. Fiverr is either in WAY over their head with this, or willfully negligent at maintaining a positive environment for their sellers. All it would take is one machine learning intern with a substandard message dataset to build a spam filter for these sorts of things - Fiverr, if you’re reading this, I’ll build it for you.
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4 years ago, bgbvvvvvv
Please Optimize for IPad Pro!!
Please optimize this app for iPad Pro when opening the app it appears with black borders on the left and right I don’t mind it too much but everything about it is so low quality and would much rather have it optimize for iPad but other than that the app is pretty solid so far I don’t solely rely on it it’s self are use the website and the app at the same time but I just wish also that the app just had all the features that the website has inconvenient basic locations and just a much better you why And one more thing please allow us to make our gig stand out a little more by us having more freedom with how we title our gigs with apostrophes and (!)’s and for us to put a much longer detailed description under the gig someone’s purchasing I never find it enough space to describe the gig when giving the opportunity it always says that the description is too long and I don’t like that I want people who see the gig scrolling through Fiverr actually see everything that the gig is all about That’s all thank you
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4 years ago, Wasted time here...
No seller protection
I was already a bit put off with Fiverr once I learned that seller payments can take up to a month to be ready for withdrawal. This is supposed to be to protect the buyer, but it comes weeks after the buyer has already been able to accept the work completed and given a review. My feeling here is that once the seller gives a review of the service, that should release the funds. It definitely isn't fair to the seller for the buyer to have weeks to change their mind, especially if it was a service that was rendered. But ok, we're building trust. What just sealed this deal for me is a situation where a customer left a negative review due to a misunderstanding. We worked it out and she immediately placed another order and left a glowing review where she stated the previous one was in error. Well as a new seller this has a big impact on my overall rating. So I requested support remove the incorrect one. Not only was I told that it isn't their policy to remove reviews, but that the rating was posted as an automated posting by Fiverr. So support basically lied to avoid helping a seller. Wanna see screen shots of the conversation? I have them. I'm be going to a different platform now. Fiverr isn't the only one out there.
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1 year ago, Egné gni noua
Ridiculous Taxes and No privacy
Most of sellers are great and offer decent prices, especially the foreign ones because it’s much more money in their currency but the website/app owners are the ones charging ridiculous tax fees. For a $5 order, you’ll pay nearly $3 of taxes which is nonsense. The worst part is they even make you pay the same amount of taxes when you want to tip a seller. How dumb!!! I was trying to tip a seller because I was very pleased with the delivery and I changed my mind when I saw the tax fees. Other big issue is Sellers can have access to your private information. I had a very important project I was working on, and want to make sure I hired the best one for it so I contacted multiple sellers to discuss about it and see what’s they offering. After exchanging with them, I picked the one I found more knowledgeable about the topic and I hired them. Next day, 3 people texted me on WhatsApp inviting me to hire them. Couple days later, more people I’ve never talked to sent me offers to hire them directly and not from the Fiverr to get better and cheaper prices. All these people had access to my personal phone number from the website or the App. This is so not safe and dangerous.
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2 years ago, hotterwithwine
Always exceeds expectations
This provider always does such a fantastic job. She responds quickly to contacts, she is always thorough on my projects, she takes the time to make sure I get what I need and is great about clarifying things that aren’t clear - this is especially helpful if you’re like me and you aren’t tech savvy. She also takes the time to let me know what I can expect in regard to the tweaks or constructs she applies to the project. This is especially helpful, again, for clients like me (who aren’t tech savvy) in order for me to be able to “see around corners” I wouldn’t have known were there if she hadn’t taken the time to point them out. This helps me see the bigger picture in regard to how the project will flow and if there are changes I want to make I can discuss them immediately. I will continue to work with this provider and would highly recommend her to others as well. You won’t be sorry!
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6 years ago, Mrs.301
Practice makes perfect!
I am a huge Fiverr fan and not because I have always had an amazing experience cause I haven’t. I’m a fan because I love the concept as it’s essentially speed dating for entrepreneurs and those that provide services they need at an unbelievable price. There is a place for large marketing firms. The talent and resources they have is unmatched. But, there wasn’t much in between for a blogger or nonprofit or someone just starting out in terms of affordable resources. Fiverr meets that need. Now, like dating, you are going to meet a dud or get burned by a seller on Fiverr every now and again. But, you didn’t spend a ton of cash so consider it part of the learning curve. Once you get the hang of picking the right seller, providing the most information you can and considering if a language barrier is a problem or not, you’ll have successful gigs completed time and time again. Highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone!
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5 years ago, hmt393
I don’t know about the other services that fiverr has, but DO NOT hire someone to rewrite, write or design your resume. I’ve used this site twice and both times it has been terrible. By terrible i mean they have been useless. I spent more time editing my resume than the “professionals”I hired. I took my resume to a legit site and they laughed at what i was provided and they told me i was ripped off. I contacted fiverr customer service and they told me there is nothing they can do. basically customer service does not exist. If you have an issue they refuse to address it. You are expected to take matters into your own hands. DO NOT CHOOSE RUSH for 15 dollars more because you will not have a usable draft in less than a week regardless. If you are from the United States make sure the person you hire either speaks fluent English or at least can properly write in English. Unfortunately both times i used this site they weren’t. This site has good intentions but horrible executions. Please spend the extra money to use an actual site with professionals. I really wish fiverr was better, but from my experience they have no regulations and the actual producers have no idea what they are doing.
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6 months ago, gymnasticsfan21
Sexual harassment discrimination
I reported a man for sexually harassing me during my very first life coaching Gig on there. Their response was to immediately take down all my gigs! 2 years later I went back into my account and noticed I could just re active them. I did that and I also wrote to customer service who had previously said that my life coaching gigs didn’t fit their platform. (Makes no sense they have a full category for it). So this time I was pro active and read all their rules, saw nothing I did wrong, and although my gigs were displayed, I didn’t want the same thing to happen again- so I’m good faith I wrote to them. This time they said “your account has been permanently disabled”. They refuse to tell me if there is any wording they didn’t like about my gigs so I truly believe it was because I complained about a man who gratified himself during a video call with me. Now I can’t even log in. Such a shady company. Not a user friendly app at all. Takes hours to create gigs if using a phone. Thinking about suing them for whistleblower retaliation against my reporting of the sexual harassment. Worst company I ever dealt with.
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1 year ago, fffsqf
Will never use Fiverr again
I was requesting artwork design for a project and the seller did a horrible job. He was not very smart or understanding of the concept and what lighting / effects to use. When I contacted Fiverr they did not care about giving me a refund because it’s apparently not their responsibility if the quality is bad they say. I had many reasons the order should’ve been canceled and they kept making excuses like “the seller wasted their time” well I wasted my time and over $100 for horrible artwork. And it’s so sad because the seller ended up canceling because they knew it was right but the Fiverr team was too dumb to cancel my order even after all the evidence and information I provided. I’m never using this service. These people are so cheap offering me 5% discount because they didn’t want to refund me knowing I did not get what I paid for. Idiots
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12 months ago, Gospel choir singer
Review of Fiverr
After asking about a conversion of an audio reel to a video reel, people began to doubt my sanity. “Valerie, you must be speaking to magicians! How do you think someone can change an audio product to a video product? Why didn’t you just follow the initial instructions instead of trying to do things your way? Do you know the difference between listening and speaking or are you performing too many comedy gigs to know?” Oh, the comments went on and on until my Advisor told me about Fiverr. I could not wait to call and I am not disappointed that I did. When I approached the gentleman working online on my Fiverr project, I asked if everything was legitimate and how much the service cost and the delivery date. My trust kicked in when I was told that my “magician” would not be paid until I approved the final product and I would have a chance to modify any initial request. I thought $20 for a hat trick to be quite reasonable. I have paid a lot more to see magic tricks in Las Vegas. So I gave the ok to raise the curtain on the opening act. I enjoyed the show as he kept in touch with me assuring me everything was going fine. My product was delivered on time and I am so pleased. In fact, my audio reel was delivered in a format that even I could post on my channel. Thank you! Your tip is enclosed. Valerie
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5 years ago, Ajalaveau
Fiverr service/care Awful!
I purchased well over a thousand dollars worth of goods and services from Fiverr and for the most part enjoyed what I got. Then I decided to jump on board and try to sell. I paid a few times to boost my stream views and thought I could do the same thing. I got one customer who gave me a 5 star rating. Next thing, Fiverr disabled my account with no warning or explanation. I asked several times to explain what was going on but i got a robotic answer that I violated terms but no explanation how. I never got any help with the situation. I made another account just so I can ask for help or an explanation and all they did was shut that down and still never told me what the problem was. My only gig was, I would watch and auto host other peoples stream for $5. They have no number, zero customer service and zero security purchasing something. If they inexplicably disable your account you will have no access to the products you purchased. Very dangerous. I feel cheated out of $1,000, and still no one from the company has reached out. I can not in any good faith recommend this app if this is how they treat people.
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5 months ago, Evantecero
Environment Resources Familiar Consent Protected Inhibitors Inheritances
The website on desktop peaked my interest in edit and I was it as a way to connect with the community and I believe it often does with. However I see a possible pitfall in its design because I was fooled myself. I could not reach anyone unless I gambled my way to their company. I’m sure it could be poor favor, but with a more educated approach you are tilting the people who need to expand away. You have might not intended but the verified top sellers and the ones I look for aren’t found in my area in person and many good content creators are washed away. I think the back half of your “talent” pool needs a more nonchalant and local touch without the fear of the doubt. I think we aren’t out sourcing poor talent away but feeding the slow methods and wonderful talent of abstract design into the slightly acidic personal perspective when we hear a 911 call or emergency response is hailed for. I’m sure there is protocol but when red flags goes up, who’s in check or the speedy shutdowns and who’
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2 years ago, Maybeoceans
An absolute professional and truly a blessing!!
I am so grateful for Santhar. She is, in my sincere opinion, an absolute professional—extremely proficient, personable, and patient, and she impressed me at every phase of the process. This is my very first experience with Fiverr, and Santhar has set the bar extraordinarily high. I have already certainly recommended Fiverr and Santhar to others, and I will happily continue to do so. I am also thankful that she has already indicated that it will be okay for me to contact her with my next project. I know I am using rather superlative language, and it is intentional because Santhar is indeed worthy of it-efficient, perceptive, generous, and gracious, again at every turn. Thank you, Santhar, for so skillfully and kindly helping me with a personal project I had worked many years on and for literally and figuratively helping it to come to life. You are truly a blessing!!
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3 years ago, gamache2000
Works great!
I really do love this app. I’ve used it for a few years and literally it seems like you can find someone to do almost anything and everything. All the freelancers seem easy to work with and this is by far the best freelancer app IMO. A few cons... communication can be a huge problem between you and freelancers. They really do mean well( and I hate even complaining about this) but sometimes it’s frustrating because you can give them detailed explanations Fr the beginning and many times they act like they fully understand the task but then you get your delivery and you realize they either have no idea what you were talking about or they just said yes the whole time to make you happy and even if they offer revisions it’s too late. It can be VERY frustrating. They all seem to think they are qualified for the job but when it comes down to it it’s trial and error.
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4 years ago, whale.crap
Great at times but others a total disappointment
I’ve never had such problems with this app until a few months ago. All of a sudden I never got notifications that 3 people messaged me for gigs...I keep the app on my phone so I don’t have to log in on my laptop daily, wildly confused. So I checked my setting at notifications were on, what the heck! It seems that has been fixed but over the past month I’ve had six different people from China try to contact me about hosting their upwork site. I’ve never heard of this and thought it was fishy so I declined the offers. I thought fiverr would fix how many of these I get insure my response time is not penalized but these scammers seem to never stop. I don’t know how I’m supposed to contact support when the app brings me to the website of fiverr and I can’t find it. I’ve worked on fiverr here and there the past couple years and have never seemed to in-counter so many problems. Makes me consider going to up work or some other platform who actually might care about feed back. Ridiculous! Fix your app you f-!
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5 months ago, ich If geh Öl x f x khh HH
I love fiverr
Five stars aren't enough to express how impressed I am with Fiverr! As both a buyer and a seller on the platform, I've experienced nothing but exceptional service and quality. Whether I need a new logo design for my business or a talented voice-over artist for my latest project, Fiverr's vast pool of talented freelancers never disappoints. As a seller, I've been able to run my entire business through Fiverr gigs, thanks to the easy-to-use platform and the helpful features that allow me to manage my orders and communicate with my clients. Plus, the built-in protection for both buyers and sellers ensures that every transaction is safe and secure. Overall, I highly recommend Fiverr for anyone looking for reliable, high-quality freelance services. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, you'll find everything you need to succeed on this amazing platform. Thank you, Fiverr
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2 years ago, tmbradt
Great service
It’s really an amazing platform that allows people all over the world to collaborate from a starting point of trust. The only thing I hate and think is morally repugnant is that Fiverr takes a percentage of a seller’s tip, if left after the initial service. And the percentage is far too high. I understand the service fees are how you support the business and I support that 100% for initial services, but you should absolutely not take any portion of the tip. I no longer tip sellers because of this….that I am trying to share my gratitude with the seller if I am extremely satisfied with a service. There should be an option for a buyer to allow a portion of their tip to go with Fiverr if they like. I’m sure I’m not alone and that many artists are being denied tips because of your skimming. Other than that, this is a great service.
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11 months ago, Aggravated Admin
“Seller Profile Not Approved” WASTE OF 6 HOURS
Don’t waste your time. What a waste of my time creating a profile/resume/completing several proof of skills tests etc. just to receive the disrespectful email below. The service/gig I attempted to post matched other Fiverr approved gigs that are available for purchase (currently offered online)…so there was nothing that broke the site’s policy etc. A bot (instead of a person) replied to my support request email without answers or assistance. I’m professionally disturbed by this apps oversight and neglect to resolve this error. I want this issue resolved and my “gigs” properly reviewed, approved and live on the site. Fiverr Support Team (Fiverr Support) Nov 3, 2022, 7:04 AM GMT+2 Hi there, Thank you for reaching out to us about this issue. We understand you tried to open a Seller profile on Fiverr, and received our response explaining your request wasn't approved Unfortunately, this decision can’t be changed. Your seller profile wasn’t approved, but you are welcome to continue using Fiverr as a buyer. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.
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3 years ago, QueenKwajera
Do not use this service!
I used Fiverr twice to hire logo designers for my business and I am convinced that there are many logo designers on here that aren’t genuine about the work that they post or the experience they claim to have. The most recent designer I hired claimed to deliver a hand drawn logo and even had photos of the gigs he have “previously done” the work that he delivered looked like an amateur created it on Canva. Like seriously I could’ve done a better job. When I tried to cancel and get a refund, Fiverr’s customer support continuously put the blame on me for not being clear enough or requesting modifications when I did both very clearly. They had no intentions of giving me my money back and no one seemed to care that the designer was clearly not qualified for the work he charged for or claimed to be able to do. Fiverr has no customer protection in order to refund your money if seller’s fall through or cannot deliver what you asked. I’ve had so many friends and family members who mistakenly hired flukes and wasted their money on fake designers on Fiverr, it’s really a shame. But I will not be using Fiverr again.
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6 months ago, Jaswood2
Communication is lacking.
The first person I hired to draw up a project for our home was not very good at all. I tried to explain to him I would not be able to use his work to submit to my board for review. I received zero value for $180 dollars I paid him. I tried to negotiate with him half way the project to recover at least some of my money. He was not very willing to work with me. Very amateur work like my 11 year old son could have created on his Minecraft video game. I tried to contact Fiverr and explain my situation to help me and then just gave up. I ended up just paying the guy and throwing away $180. I feel there should be a little more help from Fiver on these type of disputes. The second person was amazing and exactly what I was looking for. A true professional. I’m sure Fiver tries to screen its sellers as much as they can. But the first guy was a total amateur and a con. Jason Wood
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3 years ago, jetmek02
Love Fiverr, but new update took away features.
I have been using the Fiverr mobile app for 3 years and conduct almost all the running of my business through it. Which is good for me because I’m not always chained to my desktop computer in my studio unless actually recording voice overs for customers. I have always loved this app because it is practically full featured so I can do almost everything while not in studio, but this new update does not permit me to see a revision request from a buyer. It will alert me that I have a revision, but will not let me see what the customer wants me to revise. It just tells me to log in on a desktop or laptop computer. Why would Fiverr find it necessary to take this away? Otherwise it’s a feature-rich app that is a huge tool for me to run my Fiverr business.
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3 years ago, Chanceit56
Good idea lousy communication ability!
I did a job with someone I contracted with and never got the job to me. That is not a reflection of Fiverr, and they have resolved the issue as far as I can tell. I will know in a few days when I get my money back from the job. But in the interim I tried to contact them they have no phone number they have no email and when I went to try to contact them they asked for a job number which I could find nowhere. In turn I was unable to contact them again. I looked through all my emails and could not find this contract number. They need to have a contact number and an email you can contact them immediately if you have issues. I don’t have a lot of money so $50 is a lot of money to me to have this job done. Even though it never occurred. I needed to work a week ago. At this point I’m gonna have to find someone local that can do it or do it myself which was what I was trying not to have to do. I wrote this review about 34 days ago and still have not figured out how to get my money back from these people. Bad business.
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8 months ago, El Grayso
Usually good but no refunds if you find out the service didn’t work and it’s been 3 months
I paid for a service and thought it was done correctly. I didn’t have time to work on it myself (which is why I chose Fiverr) but by the time I did work on it I found out that the service didn’t actually fulfill my request even in the most basic sense. And I wanted to wait til I had time to work on it and could confirm it before I accused him of not doing it properly. (Mistake) The seller said that it had been 3 months so he couldn’t give a refund (I even offered to just split the cost in case it was a language barrier issue). So that was $45 down the drain. However, normally Fiverr works well which is why I gave a positive rating. Just don’t use it assuming the job will be done correctly and that you can get your money back if it isn’t. Or if you have any suspicion it isn’t correct, don’t wait until you have time to work on it and confirm on your own, just ask for your money back right away (which is rude but apparently what you have to do). Most services are easy to see if it is correct right away. But for web services or complex tasks, and DEFINITELY SEO (which can take 3 months to even see results), or anything that takes time to confirm, be warned you can lose your money.
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12 months ago, At_The_River!
Awesome Website build project
Shiva was amazing on this project! 3rd different website he has built for us. Could not be happier with the finished new site. Here are a few reasons I highly recommend him for any website build project: 1. Great communication and understanding with our direction on specific items and elements needed. This greatly cuts down on time. 2. Shiva is also very efficient, we finished our site in just a few days! Huge for us as it was time sensitive. Works well to have a site example you like for layout and then make it unique from there with your content. Greatly speeds up the build. Highly recommend this method. 3. Shiva has VAST knowledge of ELEMENTOR and it’s plug in options for having active moving sections or animation or different site elements. Site we are doing next will require a plug-in for data in a table to access. I’m sure that he knows exactly what plug-in to use for this. He is truly a master at his craft. 4. And finally, and also very important he was able to start fairly soon from when I reached out to him . That mattered a lot too. Great job Shiva, we included a nice tip! Thanks again for getting right on this project.
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2 years ago, jb104jb
Worst app ever (as a seller)
I’ve heard it’s fine as a buyer but it is the worse app I’ve ever used as a seller. They take 20 percent commission and charge the buyer a fee as well and then hold onto your money after everything clears for two weeks while they collect interest on your money that should be in your account! To do a PayPal transfer they say it can take up to 7 business days (though it did transfer the same day for me) and the other vendor they use for direct deposits (Payoneer) charges $1 per transaction. Very confusing to just set up an account (and I’ve never had trouble with any of the other multiple apps on my cell phone). Confusing to post “gigs”. Not user friendly, glitches like not recognizing a phone number on set up, couldn’t log in one night from phone/app/website and there is no direct customer support and never received a response to my submission regarding it. Overall a really terrible experience using this app and would not recommend it at all.
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5 years ago, Animockery
Dismal of a decent person
I recently need to get some extra income so I started up my Fivver account again. It was quickly disabled permanently and I was told I can never work on Fivver again. I may have made a mistake under the TOS but I was ready to move past that and better understand they TOS. Fivver refuses to work with me and treats me like a deviant criminal. All I wanted to to is write messages people request and burn them into wood per their request. Simple but fun. I wasn’t looking to get rich, just pay down some debt. Now I am banned for life? Spread the word if you can relate. People should know that this is a network of people and we deserve more than a quick glance and a hard cold dismissal stating it would not be fair to others to fairly evaluate your case with actual information and not template responses that never actually tell you what you did wrong. I’m the USA we arrest people and put them on trial for very specific law violations. We do not execute them and say “it’s because you broke a rule” there provide no specific details.
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1 year ago, Faithier29
The best app for finding artists
I’m a Twitch streamer, but I don’t have anyone to make my emotes, badges, panels, all of that stuff. I heard about Fiverr from YouTubers and Twitch streamers and watched them rate their experiences with sellers and the products they were selling! I was skeptical at first, thinking I could get scammed. Although, there are so many precautions that Fiverr instills so that can’t happen. And, I’ve had amazing experiences with now about six sellers. The flexibility in prices is amazing, the efficiency of the app and website are what make it an enjoyable experience as well, and it’s a great way to get your own unique work done by these artists. I’ve reccomended it to my other streamer and YouTuber friends and will definitely be using this again!
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4 years ago, News Frenzy
Lost in translation
Fiverr is a fantastic world to dive into for creative work and important jobs that you need done. The people who survive here are the talented ones and there are many. Would give a full 5 stars (we give it 4 of 5) because the communication. Many of the folks working on fiverr are running second third and forth jobs and are slow to communicate, miscommunicate, don’t offer what they said they would offer, or don’t understand. The providers (people offering the “gig”) sometimes put alerts up “i will be on vacation in Spain at the beach for a week” and you have no recourse. Also having to navigate the various holidays world wide in every country is tough. The work is good and the prices are reasonable so we will put up with the rest but just a word to those who are hiring : make sure you state and re state the deadlines up front.
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4 years ago, YanS0521
Great concept but lacking collaboration tools
The idea is great. The talent is scarce and you have to literally hire 10 different people to find one who actually has talent and skills. Most of the gigsters are not very good and you can’t rely on reviews or samples as it is not the work you will get. Many use google translate and claim to know the language. Prepare to be very frustrated with trying to convey a message. The biggest problem is that there are no tools for real time collaboration or ability to use voice and video. Terms of the site prohibit them from sharing info and you end up sending messages back and fourth. You lose time and above all you lose patience as you can’t simply go on a shared whiteboard and point to the area you want attention to. If these guys improve I might come back, but otherwise I’m off to their competitors who realize the importance of real collaboration and communication.
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5 years ago, Utrecht1011
Has several drawbacks
iPhone app and online version don’t sync well. iPad version is just a larger iPhone version making it very cheap looking with minimal UTI. Syncing issues is a big issue. You might get a notice on all that you have a message and you might not. You have to actually go into the app, back out of the inbox and select inbox again to have it sync. Very unhandy and clunky. Manage order is separate from inbox causing confusion as they might leave a message there. If you don’t react fast when order is marked complete, it will automatically dispense the funds. Help desk is frequently unhelpful and doesn’t use the app - uses email. Refunds only via PayPal with an account and 2% less. Ripoff. Not clearly stated when you order. Quality of sellers is very hit and miss. Fiverr don’t do a good job screening and determining if the work shown is really their work. It seems there a a lot of fake reviews allowed. Or they have their friends purchase a job for very cheap and the friend leaves a glowing review. Cheap advertising. If you have a complained you can not talk to a supervisor. Very unhelpful and not customer friendly. App allows you to mark favorites for those sellers you like to use again. New feature shows that when you send a message buyer/seller might be offline due to the late hour.
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3 years ago, Reporter and recorder
1 Star maybe please read
Now simply put the support team for this company is like talking to tech support scammers they’re horrible and a waste of time the app itself is good in concept but what’s the point of trying to get your own service out there “simply” if you have to verify both your number and email but can’t sign in with your phone my email is able to be verified to multiple accounts for some reason but my number is connected to another mysterious account that exists but they can’t tell me anything about they ask you over and over if there’s any other email you can think of it would be added to well guess what as someone who’s business uses over 50 emails no I don’t remember them I have my main and my company so please add a way to sign in withy number I’ve gone through multiple support emails all of them have been “solved” on the website but no simply put if they can’t fix your problem they cut you off entirely that is the most bogus excuse I’ve ever hear ever
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4 years ago, JasiwJoer
Scammers stay away!
I was asked to pay my $420. Which I did, weirdly it said error every time and said my card would NOT be charged. Well horrific surprise when we realized that oje card was charged twice with $420 and another card was charged one with $420. That’s a total of $1260!! When contacting them the first representative didn’t even bother reading just told me to go and pay again and send me the link. Heck no! I already paid 3 times! I’ve gone through 7+ representatives and each and everyone of them says something else. Also they then lost my credit card info (the ending figures and name) TWO TIMES! To see where my money is or went! To this day we have received ONE payment back, now they are starting firstly to blame another company who they use for payments. Then they started blaming MY bank for HOLDING the fund. Why should my bank hold the funds??? They don’t! I’ve waited to do a review as I hoped this problem to be solved ASAP, and actually considered moving forward with the artist! But after being passed on from one representative to another AND then then blaming firstly a company that apparently takes their money and payments and then continuing to now blame my bank for it. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! It’s been 11 days since I made all payments and filed complain etc. Fiverr also promised to have the money back in my account from 7-(MAX)10 days! Again I’m still missing $840!!!! Stay away!! Far away!!!
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5 years ago, Flappybirdwasokay
Nice idea, but quite buggy
I'm a freelancer, so I've never bought anything through the site. But I made sure notifications were on so that I could have a decent response time grade, but notifications often show up and then disappear off of the front screen for no reason. If I'm not looking directly at my phone when it happens I will miss it. I'm not even sure how the app manages to do that but it makes the use-ability go down the toilet. I also recently tried to toggle to "out of office" mode on mobile instead of desktop. Not only did it get the return day off by a day (how does that even happen), it didn't apply the reason for leaving in my profile at all even though I entered it. All in all I'm glad I signed up, but this app's quality just generally makes things more difficult. Minor visual bugs are fine and understandable, but these aren't.
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1 year ago, Deevided.Collective
Game Changer & Hidden Gem
This app is a complete game changer! It is amazing being able to connect with such talented individuals for almost any service or job you need done! The resources provided within the Fiverr app enable everyone to turn their amateur projects into professional finished pieces that go above and beyond your expectations! Thank you to the developers of this app for creating the most useful tool for today’s entrepreneurs, small business owners, aspiring social media influencers, mangers etc… I can confidently say that the fiver app has the ability to take any task or project to next level type professional quality results! I just recently came across this app and I will be using this app religiously from here on out!
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12 months ago, Ozzy568!
Great work and customer service
Baumikpatel did a great job on a custom email signature i had professionally done with logo etc. He had great customer service, fast replies, and good communication if i didn’t understand something he explained promptly and was very helpful about everything. He was also very patient as i had a few questions on installing. (And my Facebook settings weren’t set correctly for the hyperlink to work the first time) He didnt mind doing it again once i fixed the Facebook settings to fix the Facebook icon. Like i said he had patience because that was my fault not his. The design was just what i wanted! Can’t thank him enough! I will return if i need anything else.
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4 years ago, Wiretalker
Really vague
Ever wanted to simply do something like offer a service? Post a gig? Review an application before using it. Well this app is not for you. First you get greeted with setup an account that works except you then have to choose your account to buy or sale services or at least that is what it appears to be when you select. Your locked in and no going back so if you need to offer and buy services you are stuck unless you make 2 accounts. Also after being locked in as a seller the application was so vague and the wording really reads like you chose the opposite of the choice you made. What would you like to find? If your offering something then you have not lost what you have to offer. By the time I looked through the application and decided it was not for me it was too late. No way to delete your unused account just logout and delete it. So my advice is don’t waste your time with this poorly setup application. Time is money and you will waste both using this app.
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4 years ago, joshua willams
This is a crappy app.
This is app stinks because when I was scrolling through some gigs to report the bad one I came across the most disturbing thing on Fiverr. A lady with inappropriate clothing this app is for four year olds that can draw children close to this stupid app sure there is also good things For you on fiverr but there is the dark side of fiverr witchcraft spells sorcerers and more this app stinks as heck. Don’t get it it’s basically supposed to be 17 plus and older but no the developers had to put it for four year olds. And the developers need to improve there app by taking out this witchcraft crap and the devils playground and if you want it for kids pls take the inappropriate stuff out and demonic stuff with stupid curses. Thank you for your time and bye.
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5 years ago, Mdmprolock
Great idea but sellers reviews are not always true
Great idea but sellers reviews are not always true as Fiverr force you to leave reviews as condition to receive the your completed order, you can’t receive any order without leaving reviews therefore if you find out that you did not receive what the seller promised you can’t change the 5 stars reviews you left. Also if you had bad experience with seller and you decided not to complete the order with him you will get your money back but you can’t leave him a reviews. Asked question before ordering a gig. Overall, you get good services for very cheap price. It’s kind of Aliexpress for services. It’s cheap but you will never know what you get regardless the gig description.
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3 years ago, MaineRockhound
Excellent Experience ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This was my first time using Fiverr and it definitely won’t be the last. I was hesitant at first because I needed to have thousands of dollars worth of work done. Considering how much hacking goes on these days, I’m always cautious spending any money online, let alone thousands at once. I decided to take a chance and it paid off big time. I hired Matarrese8 and was absolutely blown away by the finished product. I will be using Fiverr for all of our future business projects. Special thanks to the developers for quality updates and keeping bugs at bay. Fiverr sets the standard for all iOS apps. My only regret is not being able to leave a 6th star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, SoonerAce
Disappointing waste of time
I signed up recently to offer my freelance services on Fiverr. It took a considerable amount of time to go through their process and set up a “gig” for my services. Unfortunately through their review process my gig was removed for what is still an unknown reason. I received an email notification without any specific reference to my post - after they deleted it. When I messaged the support team for further information I just received a copy/paste response. It’s my belief no one could tell me why it got removed because they did it without looking at it. At minimum there should be a review process before completely deleting a gig. But the support person was uninterested in engaging in a productive conversation about it. So be warned - keep copies or take screenshots of everything you do because they’ll delete it without warning and you’ll never know why. This was a complete waste of my time and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.
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6 years ago, Sumbi
FIVERR is great
Now the search is a lot better, however, my notices only show up after I reopen the app. At times I’m waiting for a reply and only after closing and reopening is when it shows. FIVERR is an awesome way to find great talent without the need to pay the high prices. Not everything is $5 but that is the starting price. Not every seller will meet your needs so you have to surf to find them. I give it 4 stars because the surfing method is still slow and when I check a seller for more info, it brings me back to the top of the surf when I return. The lower sellers suffer the most because I can never get to them. Otherwise it's just what I need for my music, photo, video, graphic design, and advertising needs.
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