FIXD OBD2 Scanner

4.6 (18.1K)
29 MB
Age rating
Current version
FIXD Automotive Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for FIXD OBD2 Scanner

4.62 out of 5
18.1K Ratings
9 months ago, DIY’er Antonio
This app has saved me so much as a young DIY’er who cant afford nice things so i have to take older things and make them nice. Ive been with this app for about 2 years and man has it come a long way! I don’t pay the yearly subscription but just whenever i need the function’s required for premium i will grab a monthly one. Must i also add in the AI mechanic is mind boggling realistic. Ive had full on conversations with it and honestly could of told me this was a true living human. All the way from saying thank you and even reassurance that im not completely stupid lol. The AI doesn't miss steps or leave out any possibilities. Ps… if you ask the AI mechanic how to use a certain in app function or process he will guide you through that also! Like live data and the meanings behind scan results with possible problems. With all the money i save from not paying a mechanic for basic car needs is well worth the premium chrage! Hats off to the developers and his team. Keep doing your thang. The little guy support's you!
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5 years ago, K i T Coder
I really wanted to like this but...
I understand you need WiFi or cellular data to connect to databases, stay updated etc etc but when your stuck somewhere with bad phone service it won’t work (only mentions Bluetooth but the data required always is inside after you buy it....) my $15 OBD2 will save the day if you have no service and you can use apps to update it when possible and uses Bluetooth and has many of the same features without the gimmick premium service..really, 7.99/mo? I’m a developer and can’t believe for certain services you need premium when some should be optional. I like the like the live gauges with a mounted tablet, but you need data to login lol.... other apps that connect to much cheaper OBD2 devices with live gauges work with no data (why would you need service data for that..?) oh, you need a required account to login with device to access that, dumb. I’ll stick to something else where I don’t need live data to login, especially if you’re stuck in a dead zone with no service. Come on. Would give 5 stars with such minor development work and fix many of the negative reviews. I could go on more how this can be easily improved while still giving out a premium option but this is just a disappointment (for me) I’m sure it’s fine for others that are not aware of unlocked OBD2 devices that cost 1/4 the price.
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2 years ago, Bookybiz
Easy to use and understand
All the othe scanners I tried only spoke “verified mechanic,” but FIXC speaks plain English. I can find, understand and take action on what’s happening with my car. The interface is easy to use, very intuitive and clean with simple graphics that don’t feel intimidating to see. I was able to find most of what I wanted the first time I used it. I love that I can see the range of what it will cost to fix something and shops near me that do the work. This has got to be the most user friendly app/device I’ve ever used! I’d like to see how to schedule reminders about oil changes, maintence records and maybe a way to scan my repair receipts so I can keep track of my vehicle maintenance. It may have these features and I’m overlooking them. My dash maintenance light is on, for instance, and I know that means I need an oil change, but some way to also track that on here would be special! LOL!
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8 months ago, bellsbeth
It’s fine. I probably wouldn’t buy it again, though. It doesn’t tell me anything my car doesn’t already tell me. It would be nice if it could tell me, for example, what tire is having a low pressure issue. Instead it just says there’s a low pressure issue, something the car already does. Same with the engine light, it provides no extra info, just says it’s on. I don’t see a point in getting this if the information is the exact same that’s on the dashboard in front of me. It’s also a bit odd you have to manually update the mileage. I don’t know anything about cars but there’s got to be a way for either the FIXD device or the app independently to detect driving distance. It is nice to have something to remind me when to get an oil change, change wipers, check my battery, etc, but I could’ve just set reminders for that. Didn’t need to buy an entire extra device for this info. There are also issues with the app that are annoying. For instance, every time I open it it prompts me to re-enter my mileage and the last time I had my battery replaced.
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6 years ago, Con G. Ohio
First day opinion.
Well, so far I am satisfied with this device, although it is giving me a warning for a problem that so far, I cannot detect. It is also giving me a note to clear the engine light. I had an engine light for a day, after I left my keys in the ignition, and by the next morning the battery was dead. I charged the battery, got the car started, and that is when that light came on. After driving it for a half day, for approximately 80 miles, the light went out by itself. The next day, I got the “FIXD” unit delivered to my house, of course. It is giving me two possible faults. The first, a low voltage for the ignition switch. The other one, a possible problem with the transaxle, with possible shifting problems. I have not noticed problems with either, so far, however I am looking forward to seeing the performance of this unit in the future. By the way, I ordered the second version of the FIXD II. So far, so good ! At least it gives you an intelligent basis to relay information to your service provider. I hope... Con G. Englewood Ohio
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2 years ago, 65 n Alive
FIXD is the best
Since purchasing the FIXD, I feel empowered when taking my car to the shop. Twice I’ve taken my 2011 Hyundai Sonata for maintenance and was told I didn’t need to have certain parts change or replaced outside of the oil and filter, but once I informed them that my FIXD is telling me these replacements are needed the argument is over. Today I took my car in for a new battery( adhering to my FIXD ) and the guy told me my battery was in good condition but it’s voltage or charge is low and it could be restored by a battery charger. I’m like really, so when it dies I’m supposed to flag someone down for a boost. Maybe just spend my money and buy a battery charger. I pulled out my FIXD and asked him if he wanted me to make the call because FIXD said it’s time. No hesitation no argument, new battery installed. Thanks FIXD, I love you, you take the fight right out of them.
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1 year ago, Mbdbsnssnsns
This is a great idea however, I have had “Car Scanner” for 5 years now and it has the same of now more ability to change or wipe pieces in the ECU. I bought a Wi-Fi obd2 piece for $30 eBay then downloaded “Car Scanner”. You can buy the premium version for like a $1! So this “FIXD” app really shows its greed and slaps you with a reoccurring monthly subscription or pay $99 up front for a year? Hah I think I’ll stick with my current app and and obd2 sending unit for a grand life total of $31 🤷🏼‍♂️ but there’s apparently a lot more people who’d rather give $100+ a year just to use the app lol and I am wondering if they realize there’s a much cheaper app option that has the same if not more capability out there!? So overall for the fact that there is already an app out there that has the same if not more capability and you have to pay $99 a year with FIXD instead of free with ads with “CAR SCANNER” for the past 5 years. I have to give them 2 stars overall…
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5 years ago, ECM
Good, but buggy
The app works well, but it’s execution is sometimes hit or miss. The daily, and I mean daily bug that I encounter is while the app is either running in the background or being used continually asks me to log into my iTunes account... Aside from this, overall, it’s great! Just tired of logging into my iTunes account. Edit: Hello lead dev! Certainly, describe and give you as much information as I can. I Purchased the device and downloaded the app at the start of September. I purchased two of them for two vehicles. I set up the app via the instructions for vehicle A (Honda) on my device (iPhone X). It was running the final version of iOS 12. I have since upgraded to the most recent iOS. I then changed the connection to that device to my fiancé’s phone (iPhone 8), and paired it because she would be driving it and checking it more often than myself. I wasn’t sure if you could do dual connections for one device. She has not updated to the new iOS and is running the last version of iOS 12. I then installed the other device in vehicle B (Nissan) via following the instructions. It tends to prompt the login when we start our respective vehicles. Sometimes I’ll get random ones while not driving. The only pattern I can see is when I start vehicle B and it will ask me to log in. I’ll update with more information if I observe different behavior. Thanks for your help!
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3 years ago, tekman2000
So far awesome
So far I am enjoying my FIXD OBD 2 port scanner. It saves me the time of traveling to a parts store to borrow there scanner. I was able to clear the codes on a 2012 Audi A4 (rocket on wheels) with V6 supercharged engine with just this one FIXD blue tooth adapter. I bought my FIXD because it really comes in handy I am able to communicate with my onboard computer in my 2014 Toyota Corolla just fine. But this is a consumer level device not designed for advanced diagnostics like the OBD2 system I used to run at Chrysler Plymouth. So don’t expect it to be able to tell you everything about your vehicle. Even our OBD2 system was not able to do that. It still took my ability to decipher what the computer was telling me to narrow any faults down. I am going to purchase a subscription right now to see if I can obtain additional information from my cars computer using my FIXED. 😀
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1 year ago, Midnight100765
Simply great
The app does a lot of good, where even having it without the Fixd device can be beneficial. I did find some inconveniences like the ultimate beginners guide had some issues with the link not being updated, but some advice and videos were helpful for getting my car back to full health. I wish to see some improvements made in the battery section, because when I got my battery checked, the diode had some issue’s that I wanted to put in to see my battery’s overall health. I was hoping that the app might be able to keep a notepad of sort, just to put information about repairs and work that you’re put in yourself. Overall the app is very good with making sure issues won’t arise, so while I feel like it needs polish, the app does a lot in getting you a head start on possible issues arising and information about maintaining your car.
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6 years ago, Garsug
Great System
I recently purchased a used car and one week after purchase my check engine light came on. When I called Chevy they said it was okay to drive as long as the light wasn’t flashing. It turned off by itself but 2 weeks later came back on again. I purchased FIXD in order to spare myself the charge for a diagnostic from the mechanic. Not only did I get a positive reading for a bad O2 sensor, but after it was replaced it gave me a new warning for the fuel trim bank. Upon notifying the mechanic he checked his employees work and found that the injector hose wasn’t secured properly (thank god thats all it was LOL). Since then zero issues and the car is running great. Great implementation. Even my mechanic and his crew were very impressed with the performance of the app and sensor. I’ve been recommending the product to everyone.
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1 year ago, Shadow-of-Christ
It’s a fantastic application however…
If you have an archive of the Applications versions you need to go back before the redesign as the new design and functionality of the app absolutely trashes its reputation. from the inability to view live data at a normal size or full screen to the loss of the ability to tell what sensors are actually on your car the application seems to have lost all functionality any mechanic or common consumer would use. so many things about the previous version of the application and the previous design made it easier to use and understand. and I can no longer recommend this to any of my friends or colleagues until these glaring issues are fixed or addressed or the application moves back in version.
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2 months ago, Neil ski
Get one as soon as you can!
They have sales but even if it were not on sale get one anyway. You can scan your friends car and show them how sweet this little device really is!!! Now when you use it on your own vehicles is where you save money and piece of mind. You can put in your mileage and turn on alerts, it will alert you when to change your oil, and the big thing is preventative maintenance. You will realize the second time you use it, you made one of the best purchases ever!!! I used this little device a lot and not having the complete package served it’s purpose but now I am going to upgrading to get all the services!!! I should copyright this phrase, Just get it You won’t regret it!!!
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1 year ago, do gdgxg
Time and Money Saver
This is an amazing service. Now making your life easier. I bought this because because I’m having major car problems. I plugged it in and in seconds it showed me what was wrong. Not only that they have videos explaining what’s codes are what, what they mean, and everything you need to know. They show you certified techs in your area and give you an estimated cost on part and labor separately and then add everything together. I’ve had mechanics “diagnose” my vehicle for hundreds of dollars just for a “diagnosis”. This app and service does everything you need. Very easy to navigate through the app for those who aren’t as tech savvy. I recommend this to every and anyone. I’m not just saying that, I mean it.
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5 years ago, Wizyrd
FIXD saves the day!
Until recently, my car has been relatively trouble-free. Lately, however, I’ve run into a few problems. It’s nice to know that when that “check engine” light comes on, I can instantly find out what the trouble is. It’s helpful to know if the problem is imminent disaster, and should pull over and call for a tow, or if it’s one of those things where I can still drive, but get fixed soon. In my particular case, I had coil packs go bad, and I was able to tell the mechanic “I have a misfire on cylinder 2”, and have him wonder how the heck I have such specific info! At least my mechanic is trustworthy. But this could be a lifesaver (or at least a wallet saver!) for someone going in blind. An unscrupulous mechanic can turn a vague “check engine” light into a gold mine.
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2 years ago, Ol' Bugs
Cheaper and quicker than a pro
I almost just wrote a bad review because my phone would not read the device. The device flashed its blue “im working” light, and all my software is up to date, but it just would not read. If anyone else has this issue: i just re-registered it. It told me it was already registered but gave me the option to delete it and register it again, and then it worked. Now i know what stupid menial issue is making the check engine light freak out and can proceed accordingly. Useful tool to have around, much much better than guessing. Or worse, having every coworker you know offer a different guess as to what it is. Who else wouldve told me about the idle air control system?
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2 years ago, 0verwatch36O
Worth it
I love FIXD and this app. It’s really great to have access to the car’s computer and the error codes. All you have to do is plug it in, scan and read the information (or watch the short video. From there you can figure out if you can fix it or if you need to take it to a mechanic. So far this has saved us hundreds of dollars and hours of time that would have been wasted at the mechanic. One other thing I appreciate is that we bought our device years ago and it still works well. This company does not try to rob you by outdating the device and forcing you to buy a new one. THIS is the sign of a quality, honest company.
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6 years ago, BlindSniper 671
Bluetooth pairing problem
I always seem to have pairing issues with my FIXD OBD II reader on my vehicles, my 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer ES and my 2003 Nissan 350Z. I constantly have to keep trying to pair my vehicle to the reader about 5 to 10 times in many different ways like erasing my vehicles and pairing them again before it can finally pick up my vehicle. But then after I browse around the interface and something brings me to my internet browser and I go back to the FIXD app, I have to pair my vehicle again and it’s becoming an irritating big issue now. Please fix this issue ASAP, this is an awesome device but this problem is going to bring it down because connection with the vehicle to my phone is the main purpose for this device. But it’s not doing its job properly. I’m going to have to give this a rating of 2 out of 5. Until this problem is solved permanently then I’ll bring it back to a 5 out of 5
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6 days ago, can you save yourself?
100$ automatically charged from my account
I bought the device from a post I saw on instagram, but a week after I started using it all of the sudden I’m charged 100$ dollars and I’m subscribed to their premium service—some insurance coverage Mumbo jumbo. I hate when companies do this, hoping it’ll be too much of a hassle or we won’t notice so they get their free recurring payments from customers. It feels like you’re stealing my money! Sneaky subscription charges aside, the product is very useful and the app is well-designed. I’ll be using this very often, saves me a trip to autozone for diagnosis. Just annoyed me that they didn’t give me due diligence when charging me for their premium whatever. Had to go down a long funnel of ads and small links to cancel and refund the payment.
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5 years ago, sqmeyer
Bad customer experience. No functionality outside of their proprietary app
The app has an easy to understand interface and the codes are given in easy to understand language. However for more complicated vehicles it just isn't up to the task and a more advanced tool may be needed to diagnose the problem. This is where my chief complaint comes in. In a competitive field where an excellent OBD2 scanner is one third the price of the Fixd hardware, it makes no sense to lock their scanner to the app. If their hardware had functionality outside of their app (which they must intentionally limit) this would be a 5 star program (possibly deducting half a star on price). I understand locking the app to their unique hardware as you have to pay for development somehow and the app is free. But intentionally limiting which apps your customers can use with your hardware is a terrible way to do business.
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5 years ago, Krebit monster
Amazing device
My transmission recently dropped. Moments prior to it dropping, I pulled it into a repair shop on the road I was on as my engine was struggling. My FIXD app warmed me on my phone that I was in trouble. It identified the problem and that it was severe. I told the mechanic the work numbers that were on display on my app. He said it was my transmission and that it most likely will need to be replaced. Just to rule out any possibility that the problem may have been something else, I had the mechanic check my engine and transmission. The FIXD app and device was unfortunately accurate. So, I have a new vehicle and am writing this review as I register my new vehicle to the FIXD app and device. It has been a great and reasonably priced investment. 👍
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5 years ago, Techwiz.joe
Great While it Lasted
I purchased two FIXD devices for the special discounted price of $89 approximately a year ago. In conjunction with the free app and online processing of the data to interpret the trouble codes, it was easy to understand. Used it a couple of times to diagnose troubles and it worked well. Just tried to use it again only to discover that the online service necessary to diagnose the codes now requires a subscription of $7.99 monthly or $59 annually. That was not part of the original deal. To continue using the sensor, I would now need to pay as much for the service EVERY year as I paid to buy the sensor! If I was a mechanic using the system regularly that might be acceptable. But for someone who might use the sensor a couple of times a year, that is completely unacceptable and I would argue unethical since it was not part of the purchase agreement. Save your money to pay the mechanic who is going to actually fix your problem!
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5 years ago, Jorist2
Nothing special High Priced Device
The commercials that I saw for this device claimed to provide a lot of features as a part of the purchase. Now, many of the features that were initially provided appear to be moving to a subscription model. The problem is that the device is priced higher than other similar devices. If this were a subscription from the start I would have purchased a cheaper device and just signed up for their subscription from the start. I received feedback from the developer indicating that nothing was removed from the original service. If this is the case, in my experience, all of the new pop ups and advertisements have made accessing the information more challenging for me. I appear to no longer see the information I thought I had originally been receiving in the manner I thought I had been receiving it.
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1 year ago, Bathavejr
My savior
What can I say, this FIXD device is AWESOME…. Saves me money and leaves me with a clear mind knowing that I can tell what going on with my engine in this cold weather… the fact that I can detect the problem when the check engine light appears is such a relief plus the bonus for me is it actually shut the check engine light off leaving me with a clear mind and knowledge of what happening until I can get to a mechanic plus it also lets me know if the problem is serious leaving me with the choice weather I should drive my jaguar x or not…. For some reason I trust FIXD and am great full. Best thing thats ever happened since I bought this car…. THANKS!
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3 years ago, slipshot007
Fixd saved me over $2000
My 2007 BMW 335i began misfiring and the engine light came on. It was still drivable but wasn’t performing like it should. I went to a mechanic and they said I need a new fuel injector and that it would cost $2300. I ordered the fixed device, plugged it in, and it told me which cylinder was misfiring and said to replace the cylinder boot before replacing the fuel injector unit, which was a $30 part from eBay and took me a half hour to do…They even provide a video showing you how. Fixd then turned off the engine light and reported that the issue was “fixed”. My car runs great now and the engine is humming. Way worth the $40, and $39 for the premium app support for 1 year
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6 years ago, Click Harder
Has it all covered
I love this app and I rarely say that about apps. Not only does it allow me to track service on my car, my wife’s, and my daughter’s car (who never warns me about problems), it also has a log book for everything else. Gas, car washes, tolls, etc. Keeps track of everything on my cars so I no longer need to keep notebooks in each car. Really simple to connect once I found the port (which did take some work). Make sure you remember the number on the FIXD reader or you will have to remove it to get the number and then connect to your phone. My only concern is it falling out over time if I hit a bump or the connection gets loose.
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1 year ago, Willphan1712
Report bugs
I’ve bought FIXD sensor after I spent thousands of dollars for my car’s transmission and I found it really helpful for diagnosing and inspecting a car. However, when I started using the app, I found that I can’t select date that is in the bottom of the list when I add a last replacement date for wipers or battery. On top of that, the app should have where customers can go to report any issues when experiencing the app. I’m an entry level developer so I understand it is not convenient for customers when using the app. But anyway, the product (sensor + app) is such a good way for people who are not familiar with car maintenance to be confident when visiting a mechanic and they don’t have to overpay for the repair. Thank you FIXD.
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3 years ago, invent fgd
I’m an unhappy premium customer
I got two when I ordered one. And one didn’t work to begin with said it was already registered to another email so it wouldn’t work with mine. I keep on getting charged and haven’t got to use mine but once. I actually tried to use it last night( we 2:30 this morning)in the rain because well something is wrong . I am a single mom of four babies under 4 yrs of age. I lost my husband in a tragic accident on his way to work. Right before ordered and got my FIXD because it would have been convenient and easy to use since he wasn’t here. I can’t drive my ride now because your FIXD products failed me. What good are they if one don’t work because it won’t pick up on internet or WiFi, or Bluetooth and the other came already registered and I couldn’t get on it. I’m an unhappy premium customer and only used mine one day.
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1 year ago, Carl45631
As A New User Four Stars
I gave the app four stars because there is so much room for improvement. But first when purchasing the scanner it is not clear that you must have a subscription to use the scanner. Here are few suggestions for improvement. 1) The iPad app only works in portrait mode so you cannot use the app with a key pad with turning your head sideways. 2) You have to go into the app periodically and update your mileage in order to fully utilize the app. 3) There are apps out there, I.e. Road Trip, that allow you to track gas mileage and other expenses and repairs. If these features were incorporated into the FixD app you would need to update the mileage periodically because it would be updated weekly when you fill your tank or service/make repairs on the vehicle. Then this app would truely be a FIVE STAR app. 4) The scanner is always plugged into the port on the car so it would also be nice if the scanner would complete a scan at each start up and log the results as well as send a notification if a problem is detected during the scan.
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4 years ago, J-citizen
Still new but it’s freaking awesome
I can’t believe how easy this was to setup and use immediately. First thing I did was scan my check engine light and it came back immediately with all the codes. Not only that, but it gave me possible fixes and it recommended the cheapest possible fix. I have contemplated for years gettin my own OBD II sensor and when I saw an ad for FIXD on Instagram I was attracted the idea right away. Thank you to the creators of this product and everyone behind this idea! Even though I’m poor, you gave me confidence to work on my own vehicle to save me time, money and hassle dealing with the a$$holes at the mechanics shop. God bless you.
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4 months ago, kmmhcxdtuioppz
Scam. Look at their reviews on their fb page.
Currently they’re at 3.3 stars. The reason why is because of the increasing influx of users who were charged $99 without warning, including me. In their ads, people asked about extra fees. The page replied that they don’t do that. Meanwhile, on the app, there’s a premium section- where they ask if you want it… and even if you say no, they STILL CHARGE YOU. they did two weeks later. Without asking. I got charged at 4am. So despite what they advertise, they are charging people without their permission. I checked my subscriptions via settings. There is nothing there for FIXD. It’s undeniably something shady. Luckily my bank shot it down because they knew it was weird. If you want an engine scanner find something elsewhere. Apparently there are free apps compatible with some other $20 scanner.
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3 years ago, ,'/
The app was great. Really great. I was loving everything it could show and felt good about keeping up with my car since it’s older and a little beat up. But I was offered a one month premium free trial. So naturally, like most I took it. Then, a week later they billed me 70 dollars for their premium. But that wasn’t a month. And when I went into the app to try and cancel my premium they basically had it hidden. And then when I followed the iPhone instructions to cancel. The app didn’t even show up in my subscriptions. So no way to cancel. And after creating a dispute with PayPal they’re still pushing for it’s what I agreed on. But I agreed on a month. Not a week. And even if I had wanted to unsubscribe they wouldn’t have let me. It’s a trap. So get this obd because it’s great. But if you’re not planning on paying for the premium I wouldn’t even touch the trial. It’s just a way to scam you.
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1 year ago, KennyJesu
No More Maintenance Log/Vehicle History Log
I was truly happy with the FIXD app but they recently removed the ability to do any maintenance log or add in any vehicle history log. Theres so many other maintenance that’s critical to keep track of like when i last had the brake pad service, brake fluid, cabin filter, and engine filter etc. Even though the app reminds you when you need to change your oil, i always liked to look back at my vehicle history log to see what Date I actually had the oil changed. Now any kind of vehicle history is gone and I lost 3 yrs worth of maintenance data on 2 of my cars. I dont understand why this feature is no longer part of the app since this is an app for people who care about their vehicles. This should be a basic app feature.
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2 years ago, Emartinez35
Good way to track basic maintenance, have a small coder that provides actual text descriptions on your phone, and can reset errors if needed (huge advantage over cheap coders). It pesters you constantly about upgrading to premium while you set it up but the basic functionality is still very good after you say no a few times. My only wish is that you can add manual maintenance schedule items above and beyond what is included but even the basic ones that are included (and having the reminder) is a very powerful tool over a spreadsheet.
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10 months ago, fuufeahbniydvbvd
Not happy!
I paid $30 for the product! And then they wanted me to pay another $100 a year to be able to use it fully! Yes! $100! Every year! Not just once! Every single year! And they never tell you about it when they sell the product! They don’t even mention it! So you’re already paying $7-$8 every year for “full” inspection! But then you have to pay $100 to use this app? Can anyone tell me if that makes sense? I mean seriously?? There are already bunch of other products you can buy and just connect to your car and use “for free”! Plus if you need to go to a mechanic to see what’s wrong with your car they will probably charge less just to check your car! This is ridiculous! Feel free to pay $100 every year just to see if you need oil change or got ignition problems…
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5 years ago, flunky2k
Who expected Freemium app with the hardware
App is ok but way too much is paywalled behind the pricey monthly subscription. And the app is obnoxiously geared to steer you to click and get you to buy it. I’m sure the get referral fees from the services they point you at. They did more clearly label the premium features, which just clarifies how minimal the app is without them. If you could hide them you would be mostly left with a basic scan and mediocre maintenance reminder. The device does work with other scanner apps. One can only hope they don’t try to lock those out in a future upgrade. Try car scanner pro for better scanning, stats, and graphs for free or minimal one time cost. Given the FIXD scanner costs more than other reputable models, one would expect their own app to include much more without a subscription. Subscription models are all the rage and maybe VC investors mouths watered with what might seem like a reasonable fee. But I might suggest the fee is excessive and the purchase of the device should come with a least a year of free premium service. Or a least a substantial portion of it. This would at least provide enough functionality to satisfy and justify future costs.
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1 year ago, Brazad
This app wastes so much time shoving ads and premium upgrades in my face that find it difficult to drill down to helpful productive information. The latest example: I bought and added an additional FIXD plugin for another car. After setting up the new car, I realized I got an email from FIXD saying that the new car was set up AND THAT I SIGN UP FOR A PREMIUM ACCOUNT. Since FIXD did this to me last time, I had my radar on for any subtle premium upgrades. I did not sign up for one, yet there is the confirmation email they sent me. It is so dang frustrating! Some other company will come along that will offer a similar service, scanning cars, but without all of the bait and switch dishonesty. For now, I will tell my friends to stay away from FIXD. And, no matter what, don’t give them your credit card!
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3 years ago, B.Sedrick
Poor Customer Service
I purchased A FIXD Scanner that worked okay for a while. A couple of months into the subscription the module that connects to the OBD Port in the car stopped working. I reached out to customer service and opened up a ticket. I never received a call but an email with troubleshooting steps that did not resolve the issue. I asked if there was a way to receive device and they gave me the runaround. Asking me which website I purchase the device on and blah, blah, blah. I asked how can they not find my account when i’m a paying customer?? The app has all of my info and I had almost 6 months worth of service left. Again never received a call and they closed out my ticket. I would advise you to pay a little more and go with another service that appreciates paying customers.
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6 years ago, Jmrjudee
Loved this app!
AWESOME! Such a fast response! Thank you for fixing the situation. My dashboard light was on and since I have no mechanical experience I like to have a heads up before I go to mechanic. Looks like it’s just general maintenance this time… I can deal with that. Thank you guys! PREVIOUSLY: The app will not except my email and password on my iPhone… Which I know are correct because I can sign in on my desktop. Unfortunately, if I can’t connect to my iPhone I can’t use the gadget in my car to do the diagnosis. I have a request submitted to help me solve this issue… If we can I will change my rating to five stars.
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5 years ago, Jojo165789
Emission pre check 7.99 a month???
I work at a car dealership and paid 50 bucks for this FIXD device because of the good reviews. It’s a good scanner. I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. I was a little disappointed the app didn’t allow the emissions systems readiness check (I check cars for emissions readiness almost on a daily basis) the first app didn’t come with it. In the new app update it now has the emissions precheck but it’s a subscription of 7.99 a month!!. It’s a total scam. If it was a one time purchase of 7.99 I would think about buying it. Every other scanner I have used has come with this feature as part of buying the scanner but FIXD does not. For the average customer having a emissions precheck is usually about a once a year event. So for FIXD to charge 7.99 a month I think they are total crooks. But that’s my 2 cents.
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6 years ago, BUZACOP
Keeping mechanics shops Honest
Plug it in and leave it or wait till you have a problem (Engine Light) Then see if the Mechanic shop tells you the same thing. I had mine alert me and cleared it a few times, Took the vehicle to AutoZone and they tested it for FREE with their testers and said it was the same problem went to the shop and they verified it without me telling them and repaired it correctly, had a 2nd unit and did the same thing and another shop tried saying it was going to be a little over $2500 All in the end the bill was $275. Told the 2nd shop they were a fraud and reported them
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3 years ago, Rob Darko
Very Disappointed
This app is decent for viewing OBDII codes, but the maintenance log is VERY frustrating and marginally beneficial. I’ve reported this problem to FIXD, but the app switches vehicles when entering data for the tire depth so you end up overwriting data for the wrong vehicle. Also does not allow you to record info for brake replacement. Does not allow you to see the mileage for when you changed the oil. FIXD constantly emails me to upgrade to premium. They advertise for premium (most expensive) parts… I’m not interested in spending $250-$400 for an optima battery when my tried and true Interstate batteries aren’t mentioned. I would only recommend this app to view OBDII codes and getting recall info. Tired of the expensive advertising and lackluster maintenance features.
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1 year ago, SMartin24
Money saver
Not only has this devise saved me $100’s of dollars by allowing me to fix things myself or by ordering the parts ahead of my visit to the shop… but also saved other family members. Anyone who is complaining about their car, running poorly, or with engine light on… I just grab my phone and the box and plug in. I have kept cars on the road after others have given up on them because I knew what was going on. Best money I have EVER spent on a car item and I don’t even pay for the premium!
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4 weeks ago, taggartmj71
Stay away!!! Terrible customer service
First there is no number to call when you have a problem, and if there is one it tells you to send an email with your complaint or whatever help you need! I ask more than a year ago to cancel my subscription to there idiotic subscription that offers absolutely nothing for 100$ that I absolutely did not want! Not only did they not cancel my subscription, the didn’t refund my money either, and not only that they charged me again; and now I am having to fight them again to get my money back! This is a terrible company with an ok product! Don’t do it there are other products out there that do the same thing without the subscription charge!!! Very disappointed in this company!
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3 years ago, doinkyTHEcup
Doesn’t work on old Subarus?
I have a 2004 Subaru Outback LLBean edition and the sensor doesn’t work in my car either. I have an iPhone 8+ and did all of their steps over and over and nothing. My phone sees the sensor, this app sees the sensor, but when I try to sync nothing happens. It just pops a problem connecting message and that’s it. This must be a major problem because their support has an auto-reply set up for it. You think they emailed you back like they care but try getting someone to reply after that initial email. Thankfully I didn’t buy into their scammy subscription which they pressure you to buy long before you ever have the sensor in your hand. And thankfully I’m only out $20 for this plus $6 for the “lifetime warranty” which I now suspect they will never honor.
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3 years ago, Gabby Tank
Retired Heavy Equipment Maintinance Supt
I have got not one complaint to report about my experience so far and all 40 some odd years I have had all kinds of things thrown at me but this little FIXD unit is something that you cannot do without it is so simple to install and really no maintenance requirements so all you have to do if you don’t have the mechanical experience there are the avenues laid out for you to follow and get the information you need to have your vehicle repair or whatever without getting RIPPED OFF it’s great to have and very glad I have it
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2 years ago, Njxhbdbs
FIXD Premium - Ripoff
I purchased the FIXD premium membership specifically for the benefit of the vehicle history reports, as I thought it would save me money on carfax reports when looking at used cars. Feels like a ripoff, as when I look at a vehicle that has a carfax report available, and has an accident and sales reported, the FIXD report doesn’t have any of this information. I’ve compared carfax and FIXD reports on multiple cars that have had more than one owner and/or accident history, and the FIXD report NEVER had any of the sale or accident information. The product works well otherwise, but definitely won’t be renewing the premium membership.
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6 years ago, Marpenmar
A lifesaver!
I own a hybrid Toyota Hylander, which Toyota designed so that if one cell out of the 12 cell battery pack dies, they expect you to replace the entire pack at a cost of $5000. Since the car has a regular battery anyway it can run on that, so there’s really no need to pay $5000 for a car that’s only worth $5000 to replace a battery in a car that’s only worth $5000. They also designed it so if the light comes on, the cruise control goes out. This app has been a lifesaver! I can reset the button when it tells me about the battery and my cruise control works again. I love it!
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4 years ago, Killiandoyle
Mixed feelings
I would like to give this a good review... unfortunately, I cannot. I received FIXD for Christmas from my mom and I was impressed with how easily it worked and how well it seems to have operate. I have actually had no problems with it (up to this point)... HOWEVER... please be CAUTIOUS when purchasing this device. My mother originally ordered a 3 (she purchased 2 and she got one free) of these FIXD devices as Christmas gifts...with no problem. They took her payment or $128 from her PayPal account, again, with no problem. HOWEVER, she received a SECOND shipment of these devices (3 of them) which she HADN’T ORDERED and they removed a SECOND PAYMENT of $128 from her account! She has tried, Ad Nauseam, to get this “second order” reconciled, but to no avail. They tell her that she needs to provide the second order number (which she doesn’t have... BECAUSE SHE NEVER MADE A SECOND ORDER!!!) Although I would like to think they are a legitimate company... the way they are conducting their business and customer service (not to mention stealing funds for product that were never ordered) it seem that this could very well be a SCAM! BE WARNED! This device may not be the only thing that is “FIXD”!
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4 years ago, Melrod21
Just a regular dude
I have never used or owned an OBD scanner before. I ordered a standard scanner and the FIXD at the same time. The standard scanner definitely seemed less intuitive and more confusing for a novice like me. The FIxD device was very simple. I downloaded the app and entered my vehicle information. The has a very simple GUI interface. It produced a graphic showing me where to plug the device in and I pressed the scan button. The FIXD app provided the codes with a pass-fail red light green light with a lot of other interesting features that allowed me to understand what was going on with my vehicle quickly and easily. The exact same codes were produced at my emissions testing place as I did double check with them. Again as a novice, was able to research a fix for the red fail codes and solve the problems myself. I am completely impressed with this device and would definitely recommend FIxD to anyone -pro or novice.
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