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Florida Lottery
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User Reviews for FLALOTTERY

3.03 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
3 months ago, chdjsjdhfdjdbdjsd
When it works, it’s great. However, check my ticket seems to be consistently getting worse, especially on non scratch off tickets. The tickets won’t scan most of the time. Lately, it’s been a hassle to get the app going, as it usually just says “error” and asks me to refresh. Not sure if they’re just not maintaining it to fix bugs or what is happening, but the app is definitely crashing more often and becoming less reliable overall.
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2 years ago, Mr_Teacher_Mang
They added barcode scanning!
The app is OK. It can be laggy and it crashes about 50% of the time. A feature that needs to be added is barcode scanning of tickets. Big time. Edit: Ticket barcode scanning is here! It works well most of the time, it can be very “quick” sometimes and scan too early so it misses part of the barcode and you have to rescan. A little annoying but nothing too terrible. Lately I’ve been having issues scanning Cash 4 Life and Mega Millions tickets (version 2.1.7), they seems to always come back and unable to scan or invalid and I’m told to see a lottery retailer to scan them. Not sure if with the changes to the games and additions of new one if some things got a little out of whack. Either way, it’s a good app and works well most of the time.
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3 years ago, Lapis9474
Useless unless updated
I emailed the lottery through the contact us email to let them know that the add to favorites feature for digital playslips no longer works. The button for this is too far down one the screen and cannot be clicked into. Got a scripted nonsense reply that basically said update your app. If they actually read my email they would see that I wrote that I have the most updated version of the app. They also said if I log out and back in my info and digital playslips would be saved by my user ID Info. No such luck. I deleted the app and re-installed and now I have no playslips at all AND I still can’t add new ones to my favorites because it’s still broken. I replied to let them know of their failure and bad advice and to maybe NOT tell people to delete and re-install the app. No reply so far.
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3 years ago, Yeniley D-A
No Upload Option
When I saw online there was an app to play, I thought “finally”, but I was disappointed because it still makes you have to select a number at a time. This makes it easier for someone that just makes one play or two, randomly plays, but for someone that has a lot of plays, it takes just as long as to do it manually in paper. I wish the app had an option to upload an excel with the numbers chosen, so then you can review and take to scan at the store. Even better, that you could pay directly on your phone after the review with Apple Pay or a debit card so that affects directly cash and not a credit card debt as that is not allowed anyway in gambling.
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2 years ago, mark holshoe
App still not working
Having Problems with see results the numbers with the prize amount are wrong showing only a 0.50 win amount not a $1.00 amount I like to play a lot of numbers but your app as only a 5 number set it’s better just doing it on paper till you get it right Your app is like the department of Unemployment it does not work right
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11 months ago, Can2jj
Updates make app worse
The app no longer functions well on my iPhone. The scanner scans, but the results don’t show unless you click scanner again, then most of the time it shows an error. Results used to show up immediately. The app takes a long time to upload each page. I have deleted the app and uploaded again, only to get the same ill-functioning results and now I have to reregister due to losing all my info during the deletion. This upgrade has resulted in a zero score not a one star score.
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2 years ago, Yezererq
Great app!
I give this app five stars without a doubt, also it has a new feature where you can scan your tickets to see if you are a winner they put a lot of hard work into this app and it’s very easy to use don’t understand why there are so many negative reviews they don’t deserve it
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6 months ago, Renattam
Last update slowed app way down and pulverizes privacy
Looking for new app. Latest update slowed scanning results down so much it isnt fun anymore, esp if you have many tickets. Looks likethey are abusing access & collecting more personal info than before. The app used to make lotto fun, now it makes me angry. I guess you get more from stealing personal info than what I spend (or spent) on ticket purchases. PS. Also annoying was not being able to modify Favorites. You have to recreate the whole ticket just to change number of advanced draws.
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2 years ago, Tetrtvfzgsxgcggfags
Add more features
I am planning on moving from Texas to Florida. One addition on the Texas lottery app that would be nice on the Florida lottery app is the option to play the lottery. I don’t have to go to the gas station to pick up lotto tickets. It’s all through the app. Hopefully this will be added before I get to Florida. I am looking forward to moving back to my home state.
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3 months ago, CHEYNA PIERCE
Florida lottery app
This app is very frustrating to work with . The check my ticket never works and takes forever to load . I don’t understand that if the app is undergoing a maintenance everyday by 12 and back on at 6. And these issues have never been worked on . This has been happening for months and is seeming to get worse .. FLORIDA LOTERY , please fix this .. you make billions of dollars off people that purchase lottery tickets / scratch offs .
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1 year ago, Nzack87
This app doesn’t work at the moment. When it was useable it’s good for checking tickets on the go. However, like I said, it hasn’t worked in weeks and just says “there was an error” and asks me to refresh. I did refresh, multiple times over multiple weeks and it still doesn’t work. So it’s trash. Fire the nerds who developed this app because it’s one of the more rudimentary apps ever with nothing very complex about it. Yet it doesn’t work. What a bunch of worthless idiots that developed it
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6 months ago, Annoyed and more!!!
The app worked better before the last 3 FOUCED update. The app just sets there spinning or you can’t scan a scratch off ticket. And when you scan one, 95% of the time it times out or DOESN’T read the ticket!!! You’ve average 1.3 billion donated to schools each year in your 35 years of being in Florida. I would think you cover that that in one month. Quit being so cheap and fix the app or get hire the experienced programmers that can.
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3 years ago, California955
Miss the old app
It would be nice to be able to see all the odds of each ticket, what the odds of each prize of each ticket is and how many of the $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000, $1,000,000, etc are available for each ticket type. Would also like to see the second chance drawings. Why is there so much secrecy on these and why does it take so long to announce the winners. We would like some transparency.
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11 months ago, Calebjames
Almost Useless
I’ve never used an app from such a large and reputable company that has such terrible performance. The Florida lottery should be embarrassed with how slow laggy buggy and glitchy this app is. There are maybe half a dozen features or supported pages and the app can barely function. They should consider hiring an entire new team to rehab this experience using the millions of dollars that they make off the games.
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3 months ago, Okashiro
crashes, Awesome when working
I like being able to scan my tickets and check lotto statuses however, this app constantly crashes, freezes, and 4/5 times that I use the barcode scanner, I get an error message! Errors range from being unable to read the barcode, to not being able to launch the barcode reader. The idea of this app is great, execution needs some work.
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1 year ago, Tinyt 76
It is overall a great app! I love that a list of all the scratch-offs are available with the breakdowns of the winnings. However it can be very glitchy. It will either take (what seems like) forever to load, or boot me out of the app entirely. Then the scanning ticket part only works about 5% of the time.
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2 years ago, kimbels
Ticket Scanner
Tickets don’t scan a lot of the time, either because the thermal printer that printed the ticket line was faded or there is a skip on the barcode and you are forced to go to a lotto location to physically scan your ticket. Why not just create an option where you can manually enter the numbers like in the store??? Scan/Manual entry… it would help ALOT!
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1 year ago, Stephen Crimarco
It’s Alright
It is nice to scan your tickets, problem is it always says “error try at another time”. There have been plenty of times I know I have won a free ticket or a small amount of money and it still gives an error message. Also why can’t they get with the 21st Century and let us play online like many other states?
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2 years ago, Fitznice1
Florida Lottery
A couple of issues with the app. For the last several days I have not been able to scan the tickets for the latest promotion.(fantasy 5 and Holiday Winnings) tickets. Also the bonus word that is on the latest release and also printed on the Power Ball tickets does not work. App issues????
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2 months ago, cmarie1206
Wrong Totals My Favorites Playslips
When picking numbers for the pick 3 draw game, the total of the ticket is wrong. Why? If I pick 248, $1 combo, this ticket costs $6. If I pick 223, $1 combo, this ticket costs $3. No matter what numbers I choose to complete the play slip, the total of that playslip is wrong. Also, it would be nice to be able to purchase pick 3 online. But if you all can’t get the app to run smoothly, there is little to no confidence that you all could create a play online portal.
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2 years ago, Shasha0218
App not working
I normally never have any problems with this app. But for the past few days it takes a long time to load and then I get to a white screen where you can log in , check my tickets, promotions etc… From that screen, no matter what your trying to select it doesn’t work at all.
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11 months ago, American Guardian Title
Needs some updated work
It would be nice if this app had the winner sound when scanning winning tickets. Also, the camera delay after scanning a ticket takes forever to announce if you’ve won or lost. It needs work. I second-guess using the scanner on this app and still go to the store to verify if it works.
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3 years ago, allrpm
It worked well until recently
I liked the app, especially the ability to check my tickets right on my phone. It was working well. But, not anymore. I can’t get it to load most of the time. When it does load, none of the buttons work, and I can’t get any information about the drawings. I’m not sure if this coincided with the latest iOS update or with an app update, but something is very broken.
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4 months ago, Arikur
The new version works well
The previous version was slow, but the new one works great! Good job fixing that. The only issue now is on iPhone pro models the camera does not focus so the barcodes cannot be scanned. This is the main feature I use it for. Please fix!
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11 months ago, D0rk
One of the most nonfunctional apps I’ve ever downloaded
Most of the time the winning numbers won’t load. The ticket scanning feature is amazing when it works but the camera is so touchy it tries to read the barcode too soon and fails because it’s not the complete barcode. Even then, when I’m careful to get a proper scan it fails most of the time. These two issues mean the app is worthless compared to just going to the website.
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2 years ago, fjkrkenudjdks
Consistent Issues
While, mostly the app works fine; however, tickets that have advance play on them, it will only say “unable to verify ticket, please take to retailer...”. It does also say the same when there are multiple sets of numbers on a single ticket. Hopefully they can resolve these issues soon.
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3 months ago, Teram413
Fix Your Ticket Scanner
The ticket scanner used to work fast. Now it might scan your ticket and might not. If it does the results take a long time to come up or it gives an error message. Don’t get why the ticket scanner is so slow now. Needs to be fixed. Really the only reason I have the app.
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3 years ago, Not 2 shaby
This app was amazing two weeks ago… Worked perfectly. Ever since the new phone update happened, their app has not worked once. I tried updating it still doesn’t work… Please fix this ASAP boys and girls. Thanks
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5 months ago, SailinAngl
Working for me again
Fortunately it has been working for me the last couple times after having major issues prior. Hopefully it’ll keep working. I’m mostly scanning scratch offs.
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2 years ago, Ms. Red79
It would be nice if the free cash pop coupons that have been redeemed would be removed from the list. And sometimes the app has issues where you have to log out and back in. But I do love the check your ticket feature.
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7 months ago, Jreamly
Check Ticket Feature Problems
Hi Florida Lottery, the APP feature to check your ticket by scanning barcode is frequently not functioning. Is there a bug? A fix? If the feature should be working and does not, maybe it should be removed or redesigned. I hope there’s a customer friendly solution soon.
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5 months ago, Yma1970
Works great, until it doesn’t
Terrific concept; scan your tickets from the comfort of your own home and jump up and down for joy or not. The only drawback is the app seems to work on occasion. On any given Sunday, let’s say it may scan one ticket and then the next four tickets, it says, unable to whatever take it to your retailer. Obviously, there’s still quite a few kinks that need to be worked out of this app.
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9 months ago, It's getting boring
Can’t Scan Barcode
I can never scan my scratch off bar codes, I have a brand new phone so my camera isn’t the problem, whenever I get closer, it won’t focus on the barcode so I have to go back out and it still won’t scan. I’m tired of having to go back to the store to scan it
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3 months ago, ReddGoodKarma13
What Happened?!?
The app used to be fine. No problem at all. THENNNNNNN….. I don’t even know what happened but it started saying “Something went wrong” and “Refresh” so then I do the refresh and it’s an endless cycle bc it don’t work so I’ll either have to restart my phone or uninstall and reinstall the app. It’s stupid. Can you PLEASE fix this ASAP. Will give higher star rating when fixed.
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6 months ago, Kdnh2fl
What a complete waste of time..
I agree with everyone else who says hire a new app developer, because the current one is FAILING hard. All I want to do is scan the barcode to see if I have a winning ticket, and the app can’t even function to do that. The home page doesn’t even load without timing out and a showing an error box. Really pitiful, honestly. This app could be so good, but someone needs to dedicate more budget to it. Yikes. Good luck, FL Lotto……
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3 years ago, I am Millennia
Awesome app
I recently found this Florida lottery app One of the best app you get everything lotto scratch off and more And the best part is you can scan your ticket on your phone and see if you win or not well Organize and easy to
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1 year ago, Tonedareff
App is going downhill!
This was a good app simple and easy to use. Then the update came and the scanner doesn’t recognize any of the tickets when u scan to check the tickets. Would be an easy 5 stars if they get the scanner actually working again..
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3 months ago, pbgnewbie
App not fit for its simple purpose
It’s a simple task to be able to check one’s lottery numbers. Unfortunately this app is glitchy, crashes too often, doesn’t load sometimes, freezes unpredictably , or offers a crummy latency for tasks that should be seemingly simple. Lousy app, but I’m sure some flunky in Tallahassee is telling everyone it’s a job well done 🙄.
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3 months ago, garyg52
Sorry An Error Has Occurred - with regular frequency
When it works it does what it is supposed to do. Easy to check your tickets, look for winning numbers, and review current lottery games. But thats when it works! More often then not either the “Sorry…” error message or simply no response from various requests (e.g. check your ticket)
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6 months ago, JD19744791
App itself
Something is up with the App. It stalls or doesn’t load most times. Sometimes it has that circle of death like an Xbox gets. Just goes round and round. When it is working, it’s slow to open. Example clicking on cashpop, it will stall when trying to see the last few drawings. The app crashes to much
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3 years ago, mcMaddy1
Fix camera barcode scanner! Error
It was working a few days ago. Now every time I try to scan a barcode it’s a black screen. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app and to no use. It’s also happened to a friend of mine. It’s also black screen. The app has access to the camera so it should work but it doesn’t. Fix the bug if not it’s a useless app.
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2 months ago, 4Onceinmylife
The app does not work all the time
The app does not work all the time specially on the promotions. When entering tickets for the second promotion it takes forever to come up and scan the tickets, but the worst part is that the lottery office does not pay much attention to these issues and they blame it on customers phones
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6 months ago, neckthe
Great app
It’s the best phone app for Florida lottery.. it allows you to scan all your tickets even scratch offs so you don’t have to worry about gas station employee’s screwing you over on wins lol … it’s sometimes a bit slow but like I said it’s the best Florida lotto app
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1 month ago, mjcv46
Constant errors render it useless
The “Check My Ticket” feature rarely works. You’ll either get an error or it will sometimes even incorrectly tell you there were no winnings for a ticket that actually resulted in a win. The app will also sometimes just randomly crash or time out when you try to change to different screens. Totally worthless.
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11 months ago, BroadwaysPrince
Should be better, but not the worst!
The app works fine it is rendered useless as more users flock to the app during and immediately following big prizes. The team working on the app should invest in more elastic services to handle the influx if not partnering with other states to help share costs
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3 years ago, Louissaint
Insert a back button to allows users to go to previous screens. Sessions seem to hang. When entering tickets for promotions you must go back to the beginning of the promotions screen to enter another ticket. A pop up asking if you have another ticket to scan would be beneficial.
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3 years ago, throwloco911
Promotion entry’s
For holiday promotions on second chance I know they are completed but I wasn’t given the correct number of entries after scanning loosing scratch offs and now I can’t even check who won. App is updated and I tried signing out n back in. Please fix
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3 years ago, Matthew Viera
scan your ticket button
Recently I got this app and it has been working perfectly fine, but a few weeks later my scan your ticket button wasn’t showing anymore. Please fix. thank youu.
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2 years ago, Argento-Kanuk
Ticket scan is not working since a couple of month ago
The Ticket scan is not working since a couple of month ago. My lens is clean, I am reading from a flat surface, with light, in a iPhone 13 wit an updated iOS and with the last version of the app. Could you please fix it? I can read bar codes with other 3 apps. Ask Publix or Walmart about what plug-in they use.
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6 months ago, BananaFox_
Scanner needs to be looked at
Scanning barcodes and receiving results used to be near immediate, in recent weeks it has been inconsistent in detecting barcodes and taking 10-30 seconds to display results, or presenting an error. I can no longer rely on the app, and now have to waste time getting them scanned in person or compare numbers manually.
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