Flashlight for iPhone + iPad

4.5 (121K)
80.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lemondo Entertainment
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flashlight for iPhone + iPad

4.52 out of 5
121K Ratings
3 years ago, Beckie RN
Works well
Fewer clicks to get to than the built in one. Works great and the ads aren't too bothersome. Drawbacks are that if you bump the screen it changes way too easily to the SOS light and sound. Not good when you're reaching for a drink of water in the night and around others that are sleeping. Also it goes off when you click away from it so easier to turn off. I've used for years and would recommend, just don't like the sos thing.
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5 years ago, KOTYBEAR0828
Most annoying app
I hardly never right reviews, but this app has changed my mind in this case. Sounded cool, looked cool, then used it. Loved it at first...I hate that I turn this on to try and find something and my fingers slip and I am in “rave” mode with flashing lights..no problem, I turn it back to zero and it stays on. Turning it to Sos mode used to work now I have to exit out then back in. Not cool when you’re looking for something in a precarious position that your grandchild dropped in the middle of the seat and console or to sneak up on a mysterious critter you are trying to identify that keeps coming around. Going into flashing mode just scared it away and alerted your neighbors as to some strange person creeping around outside not to mention giving you an enormous headache if your prone to migraines. There should be a button in the settings that allows you to switch to these modes or to turn them off completely to use one specifically. Reading the reviews, it looks like I am not the only one who thinks so. Also, having an ad pop up full screen in the middle is just as bad. No, I don’t want to play a pop the bubbles game when I am in a dark area trying to keep safe or trying to fix something.
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4 years ago, Maiasatara
So this app completely stopped working today because I had the AUDACITY to dim it a tiny bit. I was in a very dark spot and needed to read something that happened to be coated in plastic. The initial reflection off the plastic was SO BRIGHT back into my eye I dimmed it to about 80%. How DARE I??!! The app responded by dimming things down to USELESS% - I literally couldn’t see anything. When I swiped the brightness back and forth it refused to change. When I toggled between ON/OFF it just stayed at USELESS%. When I spun the Devil’s Dial - you know the one you NEVER want that ALWAYS activates spontaneously when you’re walking in the dark and carrying ten things, that one - I swear the app laughed at me. So I closed and opened. Same. I hard closed and opened. Same. Came back hours later. Same. Turned on my Control Center flashlight and I heard the Hallelujah Chorus. Let there be bright light! Back to your app? Yep. Same. So swiping it is.
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6 years ago, LaTierraSutil
This app is a bummer
This flashlight app drives me ABSOLUTELY NUTS. Almost every time I have to use it for one practical reason or another, I end up either accidentally clicking on an ad that takes me off the flashlight app (thus cutting off the light when I am in the middle of using it) or starting a mini rave with the strobe light feature that increases and decreases the frequency of the blinking light depending on the number I somehow land on. What makes it particularly irritating is that half the time I try to go back to “0” to turn off the strobe feature, it doesn’t work... it actually will end up blinking faster. All I can say is thank God I’m not epileptic. Oh, and it would be awesome if the flashlight would still stay on even when I open totally separate app and keep the flashlight app running in the background. But nope, it cuts off immediately once I leave the main screen.
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10 months ago, bubbaman2013
The light automatically turns off
I said I mean I saw this app and I downloaded it before but I deleted it, so I re-download it back because I wanted to make a video with the flashing light but there is no flashing light option and that’s not even the worst part the worst part is that whenever I shake my phone, the light on my ugly turns off and whenever I face my phone down the light automatically turns off and I don’t like that, so I check the settings to see if there was an option to turn that off I turned off an option in the settings, but it still doesn’t work. Why can’t there be a setting to turn off auto turn off, oh and there is too much ads. Do not download this app it’s trash.
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6 years ago, I have a vixen at 1:20
Life saver
I love my built-in camera. We were driving down the swamp Road dark swampy dirt road. Fair come out and hit the front of her car knocking our battery Loose, That’s cause you’re on somebody to have to get out of the car and fix it. I didn’t know if the bear was dead injured or what so we both got out I have a flashlight with my back to the truck looking around in the dark as if I’m going to see a bear in the pitch black darkness. Quickest vehicle fixed in history...
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5 years ago, maggiemoonbeam
Hate the “switch to premium” popup - otherwise great!
I have been using this app for years and I am quite satisfied with it. My only gripes are its tendency to put a full-page popup on the screen while my slightly tech-resistant spouse is using the flashlight. And it switches modes of its on volition, usually to S.O.S., which also sends spouse into panic. He uses an iPhone 5, and I had the same issue with my 5 until I upgraded to an XS. I think that’s the issue.
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3 years ago, OregonStrong
Auto On/Off
I can never easily pull down my ProMax 12 flashlight... so cumbersome. This flashlight app... as soon as you hit the app the flashlight automatically comes on, no more action is needed. When I get out of app it automatically turns itself off. Why can't everything be this easy. Apple keeps making something that used to be easy, so complicated anymore, why?
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5 years ago, AiJa2
I think it’s dumb that Apple decided for everyone that the iPad didn’t need a camera light. I would seriously like to use it on the iPad and no I don’t need to buy into your eco system and only buy the products that you want to sell to me. These makeshift apps that create a “screen light” are NOT at all like an actual flashlight. And then, when I deleted it because it was not what I wanted … it kept reappearing. Now I’m annoyed and writing a review. Note to developers- covertly trying to stay installed is rude and using the picture of a camera light for your app cover is deceiving. What else are you hiding ? I’ll just go buy a flashlight, thanks.
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3 years ago, LLGFM
Light when you need it
During a hurricane a few years past, the electricity was turned off. As the storm intensified, our family decided we better take refuge in an interior stairwell in our building. We took turns using each of our iPhones flashlights app to make it up the dark staircase. We sure were glad our phones were charged.
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5 years ago, mimibkind
Came to the rescue
I was walking my dog at night and there was an area without street light and I heard an animal and was scared as I couldn’t see what it was. Opened App Store and downloaded this flashlight which worked perfectly to allow me to see that the animal was an armadillo. This flashlight is bright and has a good distance range. I use it a lot for many uses.
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3 years ago, Mknowes
I’m giving two star rating because…
I downloaded it because seeing this flashlight app had the most downloads at 87K… Upon downloading it and opening to use for the first time as I turned my volume on my iPhone up a noise was being heard in second or two increments - sound something like “woosh woosh woosh” and it didn’t stop so I uninstalled it after not being able to get it from stopping... has anyone else had this problem and if so was it resolved?
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3 months ago, Raise The Banner
Scam and digital garbage
All one needs is to activate the built in light. Don’t need scam messages about “storage is full” click bait that misleads and lies. Plus all these offerings that lock up the screen a forced you to force close the flashlight to get back to the basics. I did just fine before the digital garbage. I love a good old fashion flashlight that shined a whole lot brighter anyway. You give us a feature but force us to use some useless marketing scam app. It shows really where Apple’s heart is when it comes to the customer. Apple you can keep your light bulb.
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1 year ago, Tiye315
I use to really like this app!
I use to really like this app but now with all of the in app ads it has become cumbersome, annoying and to some extent dangerous. Sometimes I need this flashlight to find a particular key to gain easy and quick entry and here comes this random ad that you can’t get out of in order to use the flashlight. Don’t let this be an incident of stalking because that ad could very well delay and hinder your safe entry. Who has time to be fiddling around with an app when you are trying to get to safety?
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6 years ago, Eli-belly, ball of fire
Useful, but irritating
The flashlight app is very useful. However, the app will sometimes get stuck on the strobing which is very irritating. The advertisements always pop up at an inconvenient time. But my kids know how to use it and it has helped whiling camping and even just wandering down to the bathroom at night.
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5 years ago, Nanny 617
My Buddy!!
Getting up during the night , using my flashlight is so convenient. Safety too! Just think a flashlight and a phone. Love it. I also use it when I go to restaurants that it’s hard to read the menu especially if you forget your glasses! It’s been there for me and worked for me many times!!
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7 years ago, Blackbird777
Helpful Flashlight!
Many features, night white and other colors and tints if you'd like it as ambient light rather than for simply illuminating your way. Check it out! It's an interesting flashlight app. I use it regularly at my house in the woods to get around the homesite when a large beam light isn't necessary.
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5 years ago, MV Doug
Not that helpful
If you just want a light so you can see what you’re doing, get something else. If you want a spontaneous disco party while your juggling groceries and trying to find the keys you dropped, this is a good one, because it might suddenly decide you want to send “hello world” to any aliens who might be watching instead of finding your keys. Want it to flag at random? Got it. Shine a simple light in the darkness? That’s a different app. Because god know you don’t need to be shown some random ad when you’re running down a trail trying not to get eaten by a bear.
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1 month ago, The heck you say
Mrs Rickard
I am disabled and use the flashlight at night when I need to get up. I used to be happy to have it - now not so much. I HATE ALL THE ADS! It’s hard to get past all of them and NOT NECESSARY. last night I was trying to get passed the ads so I could use the flashlight- I finally had to give up and hold on to the furniture and wall just to get where I needed. I have had 7 strokes as well as 2 traumatic brain injuries due to falls - I’m too old to put up with the ads. I’m not going to purchase anything advertised on the flashlight.
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6 years ago, Jcprins
Terrific flashlight
I really like this flashlight and it has saved my skin on a number of occasions. I use it when walking dogs after dark and to peer in dark corners and to assist during blackouts. The reason I gave it only 4 stars is because the controls as to whether the light is constant or flashing changes far too easily. It is extremely annoying.
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3 years ago, Dmascle
What’s the point?
What’s the point of the app if there is already a flashlight conveniently on your phone. Also the flashing lights aren’t any different colors, I also think that the different modes are just pretty much the same. The different colors don’t even appear on the flashlight, just on the screen. I also agree that there shouldn’t be ads in the middle of when you wanna see something in the dark. You can just get a flashlight on your phone without having to unlock it. I did not really like the app.
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4 years ago, Wihltsabow
Light doesn’t stay on
I used to use this app all the time because I have a newborn and I find the apple flashlight hard to get to (I either have to swipe just right from the upper right corner with my small hands or hard press from the home page which I don’t always find the easiest to do). With the latest update I’ve found the light only stays on for about 10 seconds and I can’t get it to come back on once it times out. Because of this I deleted this app and downloaded a different one.
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6 years ago, Azakens135
You are all fools
No offense to the developers but there is a flashlight already on your phone it’s under the control bar the only reason you should have this is for fire mode or if you have a older phone without the flashlight feature
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4 years ago, RainbowTheUnicorn90
So, I decided to download this app because my iPad doesn’t have a flashlight, because the title of the app say “Flashlight For IPhone and IPad” , Alright so you know I downloaded the app, waited for it to be downloaded and started checking to see if it works or if it was a lie, I open it to not see a shocker to me, and it said “Your Iphone doesnt have a flashlight so we can’t really use it” And I was so confused because I don’t have a iphone or ipod, but the title of the app literally says “For IPad” I just cant
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7 years ago, Ragingator
Elegant yet functional
It isn't often that I have the opportunity to provide a positive review of a product. This flashlight not only possesses an unmatched elegance in style, but the functionality of the highest quality.... just touch the power button in the center of the screen and the darkness that inhibited you vanishes with pure light. Powerful LED technology will enlighten your day.
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2 years ago, 4Runnerbabe
Living in Alaska
I live in Anchorage and go outside at night to enjoy a smoke and a cocktail. I lived there for 44 years. Occasionally my cigarette pack or lighter fall in the grass or snow & have trouble finding it(them). My phone light always helps me locate said item(s). I love this app on my iPhone 7. Thank you! RAFB
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8 months ago, Old Lady 76
It has ads! You can’t get through the ads
Who wants to click off ads to get to a flashlight in a hurry. It was great 2years ago, but now you can’t even turn on the light. My elderly mom had trouble with the Apple flashlight 2 years ago and was able to do this app, but no more. I am so mad that she was in a dark parking lot and had game ads come up and could not see the X to get out of the game ads. When I opened it, 2 games ads came up! DELETE this Chinese crap!!
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2 years ago, abcswgg
Very handy.
This flashlight is a very handy tool. We used it this morning when we were searching for something in our car. You never know when you will need it. It’s always there.
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4 years ago, Ddtown
Flashlight won’t stop flashing
I hate when you accidentally hit something wrong and it goes on flash mode! I don’t know how to stop it!! I hate that part, I don’t even know how I’ve stopped it before. Please tell me the easy way to turn it back to the regular flashlight mode!
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1 year ago, Suzanne3604
An Effective Tool for Safety and Sight!
I’ve had this particular flashlight app on my iPhone for years, because it’s simple and effective. Who wants to deal with a complicated app when safety’s at stake? Reliable, dependable and effective, Flashlight has recently become my go-to for reading small print on everything from labels to my Kindle app to instruction manuals (and more!). Getting older truly has its drawbacks but Flashlight is a great tool for compensating for my near-vision challenges! Thanks for a great product.
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4 years ago, Sunshine6161
Useful but...
What I really dislike about this app (and the main reason I’m here, in the App Store, looking for a different flashlight app, is the constant switching from steady beam to SOS or any of the strobe flash settings with barely any touch or if I happen to move my hand while holding my iPhone. The SOS/strobe feature is good...it needs to be less easy to set that off. Otherwise a good app.
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2 years ago, LibraryLady333
Perfect for small places
This small flashlight holds a big spectrum of available light. Because it’s beam emits from a small opening I can shine this light into little places that my big flashlight just gets in the way
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4 years ago, BigDave263
On the spot
This camera is great I use it all the time especially when “ when I am on the spot”.....lol.......” i’m on the spot a lot”. Whether it’s the front porch light out and can’t find the key hole to open the front door or looking for the dog in the backyard fishing at dusk and you’re trying to You’re line or even catching the fish and getting the pliers and taking the hook out?? I use the flashlight for all these things and many many more I can’t think of right now like I said I’m on the spot a lot !! Thank you very much for your great flash light!!!
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7 years ago, PCR-WA
Great app until it started flashing
Worked great until it started flashing and requiring an upgrade to Pro. Nothing in the description indicates the free version has limited use. I would have appreciated knowing this BEFORE I got into a pickle and needed a flashlight.
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7 years ago, thynkerbell
Works Great!
Since you always have your phone, you always have a flashlight. Easy to use in the dark. Great for finding things. Allows you to turn off all the lights in the evening & easily navigate your way upstairs.
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4 years ago, RADAR1942
I work in RANDALLS grocery, we have had a loss of power several times due to the weather. I work in the back of the store and it was pitch black so I used my light to continue working. This is only one occasion of many. Can’t live without it.
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6 years ago, TigerRuff
Shuts off too fast
The flashlight doesn’t stay on very long; either shuts down or goes to an advertisement when I need it the most! It is very frustrating!
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5 years ago, CrystalRalde
I wake up at 4am every work day, and this flashlight makes it accident free while I try not to wake up my husband in the morning. The light stays on the whole time I have the app on, and has other strobe light features.
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6 months ago, Patty9516
I use the flash light on my phone for emergencies. I DO NOT like that now you have game ads popping up that delays being able to use the flashlight. What are you going to do next, not let people make a call or send a text until they watch an ad?!? This is STUPID. To get the games for free I understand having to watch the ads but the ads to other products on the phone is not good!!!’
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4 years ago, BlueFive700
Update was a bad idea
This app has been with me through three phones. I loved it because I could just click and poof, there was light I could dim or brighten as necessary. Close the app and the light is gone ... no need to open the app. In short, it was EASY TO USE. Taking away the dimmer switch and locking me in at the light level used in restaurants for ‘ambience’ made this the least useful app I have now.
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6 months ago, Dave and His Sad Penguins
When you need a flashlight—here’s an ad instead!
Used to be great. Now it is so clotted with ads that it is completely unreliable. I have been in emergencies where I needed a flashlight immediately—and it had to cycle ads at me for a few minutes first. It used to be a free app that you only had to pay for if you wanted extra features—now you have to pay for it to work.
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2 years ago, jahdjHskauwmoa
This app is awesome for when your powers out and it’s useful for when you’re in the dark and you don’t have a flashlight with you like when you’re in a cave
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5 years ago, P,carolj
Great light!!
I've had this for quite awhile now and it really comes in handy. I use it almost everyday. Have not had any problems and would definitely recommend it!!
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2 years ago, ITerk
It’s simple things that work
As My eyes age I need a bit more light at times. This simple, effective, reliable resource almost goes un noticed… until the asked me to review it. It works…
Show more
2 years ago, 🐓🐥🐣🐤🐔
Comes in handy ALOT. Like when I sneak down stairs at midnight to steal a cookie. Or when we go to check on chickens. Or when we need to see in books and crannies. Every one should have this app its a must!
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6 years ago, SAIRYMOO
Fantastic App
The flashlight app is so appreciated. It’s brightness can help you in so many situations. Most of all since we all have our cameras close, in the most unexpected moments the flashlight is there when you need it!
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5 years ago, VannaBug2103
There Is Not Even A Free Flashlight
I always wished iPads had built in flashlights like the iPhone does, and when I saw ‘Flashlight’ in the trending searches I was thrilled. When I clicked the option this popped up and the reviews were okay so I downloaded it. When I opened the app I had three options: -Play with color for no apparent reason -Candle filter -Buy the actual flashlight that you downloaded this app for No Thanks!
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9 months ago, Vicki12151946
Love this flashlight!
The flashlight is convenient, easy to access, and very easy to use. I am very happy with the flashlight on this phone and it is easy and convenient. Love it!!
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6 months ago, Tamcherrie
Not Ideal
When you need a flashlight you need it now. Every time I open the app there is an ad for a 3 month subscription even though I paid for a lifetime long ago. There is also a button that says restore, when I click on it the flashlight is restored why doesn’t it stay restored??? Super annoying
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4 years ago, Txproudmary
Great flashlight. I use it all the time it works exactly like you would expect a flashlight to work. I live in a very rural area and it is really bright when I get out to open and close gate Thank you
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