Flashlight •

4.6 (3.2K)
37.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
7th Gear
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flashlight •

4.61 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Best flashlight app!
I am really loving this flashlight app. It’s much brighter and much better than my old flashlight apps. It looks just like a engine. My thumb accidentally bumped the SOS button a few weeks ago but everything is fine.
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5 years ago, Beepfrog
My light shines
I love the flashlight on my phone because it not only lights up the darkness but helps me do many things without wasting time finding a old fashioned flashlight and then it won’t turn on! Why because the batteries are extinct!
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3 years ago, Jewish Latina Girl
My helpful flashlight app
It is so handy has so many features on it very helpful in emergencies so easy to use I wish all my other apps were this easy and helpful thank you so very much
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4 years ago, aten149866
Best light I've found. I tried nearly all of them in the store, and this one works best on my iPhone.
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5 years ago, FrayedKnotFred
Nice Flashlight
Does its job, it lights the camera led and it’s silent. No loud clicking sound that cannot be turned off. Settings are clearly labeled.
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5 years ago, kiyokooooooooo
Ok app. Only bummer you have to push 2 (buttons) different times for flashlight to turn on. Would be better if it just turned on flashlight with the first tap of app icon.
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5 years ago, rimshot905
Great light
Convenient to use and has a nice light
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2 years ago, Brooke123❤️
This app is horrible!🤮
Here’s why I think this app is horrible. This app is just a white screen that pops up when you tap on you screen. That’s why I think this app is horrible.🤮
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4 years ago, Jean102
Flash light
Not Bright like before
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4 years ago, no flash please
Comes on by itself
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6 months ago, girl taken
Loved the chocolate !! Just had to put up with the flashlight not working!
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5 years ago, Budlight#2017
Flash light
It’s the best app and it’s bright
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1 year ago, Phillip morris usa
Best app ever I wouldn’t have thought it better
This thing is amazing
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3 years ago, Dianebpatton
It is good and bright, but it eats battery like crazy!
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Am I doing something wrong?
4 out of 5 attempts to engage the flashlight are unsuccessful. When it does come on, it is quite dim. I do have it set to maximum. Any suggestions?
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1 year ago, R2z3
Flash light app is crap
It sometimes goes on by itself & is annoying ❗️
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4 years ago, from city 2 countryside
Disappointing App
All this flashlight does is flash in my face.. if this had been my cousin he would have had a seizure from the flashing!! Not funny
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2 years ago, phoinex613
Most of the reviews are fake btw. It legit is only a white screen. No joke. Don’t waste your storage on this junk app
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2 years ago, tiqgal
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2 years ago, linmeda
On the brightest setting my light is half as bright as what it should be.
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5 years ago, NoWorkFlashlight
Flashlight no longer works!!!
Did not work long at all !!!!
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6 years ago, Rita jr.
My lite
Works good!! Rita H.
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2 years ago, BobbieREALTOR®️
And, you made me pay $.99 just to communicate with you. Are there instruction????
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1 year ago, Xandersaursrex
Noooooo does not work
So it just is on the SCREEN, not the FREAKING place where the flashlight goes!!!! Omg:<(
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11 years ago, Oor Dor
Great App
This really is a great app. I mostly just use the regular flashlight, and I've found it easy to use and very practical. I use it to read at night when I don't want a big light on ( my husbands asleep). I have to take medicine 1st thing when I wake up and I use the flashlight to see what I'm doing and to get the pills out the bottles. I've used it to guide my path in the dark and I've used it to help my husband if he's working on a repair job of some kind. It's very bright and that's another thing I like about it. It really is just like carrying a flashlight in my purse.
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12 years ago, memyselfandimac
Nothing worse than having glaring ad shining in your face, while in the dark trying find something that just rolled under the bed. Pay the $1 in this app and they go away. After that the nice dark design if this app makes it a pleasure to use. Am a sucker for nice design and layout (printing/comp. graphics) and this app nails it. Only thing this app needs to be perfect would be a screen light mode in case do want to use 1 or the other or both.
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12 years ago, VJA4
Fast and bright
Dumping my other flashlight apps. This one doesn't mess around. When you need light, you click a real flashlight's On button; this one functions about that fast. Bright enough on a Touch from the screen to get you down a dark hallway without tripping over dog toys; on iPhone, the camera/light is all you'd ever need.
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12 years ago, Huck Chandler
This app is simple, but elegant in function... the interface is easy on the eye and is fast to turn on. I paid the $0.99 cents to nix the annoying adds (well worth it)... Once you realize the convenience of having. a quick and easy light source at your fingertips with you at all times, you will see what I am talking about. (that's all I got to say ubout tha-ut)
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12 years ago, EagleXs
No bs
Hm! When I first saw this, I was like, nahh all just stupid claims. I had a free app for the flashlight and I got this. No bs. Takes about 1.6 seconds to start the one I had, this one takes about .4 and it does save battery. I like when ppl say the truth about their products, the whole truth
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12 years ago, Demaculus
It's a flashlight
You press a button and get a light simple as that, stop reading and download this, the only reason your looking for this is because it's dark wherever you are. This app fixes that.
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11 years ago, Jvhilbs
Best flashlight app
Tried others. This one beats them as it is quick & simple to use; & though it still comes with a couple extra functions, the efficiency of use is still not lost. Thanks for a great app!
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13 years ago, LemonSkyyy
Pretty cool.
Don't know other app like this and so I'm not sure if this is better than others but it's pretty bright and I don't go anywhere without my iPhone and so it's nice to have and I use it often.
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11 years ago, V@ughn
Better then my paid flash light apps
Way better than any other flashlight app i do not have paid version and it is better than other flash light apps iv paid for
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11 years ago, CJSharp
Good flashlight app
This app has made it easy to turn my iPhone into a good flashlight that switches on and off easily. It can also strobe however fast you may want.
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12 years ago, Gturown
Good app
Chose it because it had a icon that actually looked like a flashlight, but like all the extra features too
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11 years ago, Jes and Jill
Love it
I love this app it's so good for my dark house when I have nerf wars with my cousin thank you for the app 😃😃 I also like the strobe light and the SOS I had to use it once when I got lost and the police found me 👍👍👍👍👍 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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11 years ago, Michael Gorzka
Aesthetic and functional
Best flashlight app I've tried and I've tried many. I paid the $.99 to remove the ads and to show my support. Very cool interface.
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12 years ago, PureProfit
Most useful app I own
I use this app all the time, it's actually impressively bright. Much more useful than using the phone screen to light up the dark.
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12 years ago, dvlowy
One single detail makes it better
And it's the feature of a pulse switch. The only one around that I found!
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12 years ago, Go joel
Get it
The flashlight is great to have if you carry your phone always around with you. No reason not to have it on all phones.
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12 years ago, Psg159er
Fast startup
The quickest flashlight I have come across. Simple design with a few extra cool options. Lite on space and does the job! Nice app
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11 years ago, OhEmmBee
Best flashlight out in the App Store!
Perfect app for riding bike or anything! Used it as a blinking light to let other people around me know my presence! Perfect for anyone who needs a flashlight for emergencies!
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12 years ago, Laquidara
I Like it a Lot
… But I would love it a lot more if I could figure out how all those buttons work on the control panel. I( never know whether it's going to be a strobe light or a solid beam when I turn it on). But when it's consistent, it's one of the best flashlight apps out there.
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11 years ago, auntvickie
I love this app. I sometimes share it with others when they need light quickly.
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13 years ago, TitoC
Simple. Easy to use. Several options & settings. Great interface. This is how a utility app should look and function. 5 stars all the way!
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12 years ago, OSU Class of 76
Great App
Use it almost everyday and it has never failed to light up the way. Wonderful feature on my iPhone. Soooo glad I have it!
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11 years ago, Hanoch
The best flashlight ever!!
Finally I have found a flashlight that works like it should be. Easy simple and doing the job. Thank you!! Best app for 2012 for me.
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11 years ago, Graphicmaker
Great App
Best flashlight app I've ever used. It even has what I believe is SOS distress flash. Very useful. Not sure of power stress on battery as I only use it for 30 secs to a minute at a time.
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12 years ago, Ros Doug
Great app
Easy access sos. Easy to use. No sound to adjust the light or to turn it on/off. Already recommended it.
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13 years ago, Griff030
Much needed app
This app should be one of the first 10 apps you get once you get your iPhone
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