Flashlight Ⓞ

4.5 (29.8K)
59 MB
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Current version
ONE App Essentials
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1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flashlight Ⓞ

4.53 out of 5
29.8K Ratings
4 years ago, JacquelineinPA
The Best App
Whenever I remember that I have this app available to me on my phone it’s great and very useful to me. For example, when I walk my 12 lb Shih Tzu at night I would not be able to pick up after her if I didn’t have a flash light. I have purchased several very small flashlights over the years and I felt elated when I found one that is rechargeable with a USB port. It have it sitting with my keys and dog leash so I automatically pick it up. However when I want to use other apps on my phone when I go out at night, e.g. the star maps, to listen to music or a podcast or even just to make a short phone call, I just need my phone because it helps with many issues all at the same time. Also, I use it if someone on the phone asks me the read off a serial # or something that is very small. The only problem I see with this app is that it appears to drain my battery very quickly. Otherwise it works perfectly and is very useful.
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7 years ago, Jonnie Z 23
I don’t know why restaurants persist in trying to create a romantic ambiance by placing one dim candle on the table in a dimly lit room. IMPOSSIBLE TO READ THE MENU with my 20/20 vision. Previously I would ask the waiter to fetch me a flashlight or insist he strain his eyes and read the menu to my date and myself. Both a hassle, but the only way to decide what to order. UNTIL NOW!!! With this FABULOUS flashlight app, I merely pull out my I phone and illuminate our table for menu reading. I have had folks at nearby tables ask me if they could borrow my “flashlight” phone so they could read their menus. FABULOUS APP FABULOUS FLASHLIGHT. Also very convenient for walking down a dark path or finding things in a dark trunk. Now I always have a bright flashlight conveniently with me at all times.
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6 years ago, TschacherLu;563
Review for Flashlight App.
I really like this App. It is better than any flashlight I have at present & I know I won't have to worry about the battery running out plus it is super bright. It is so cool. Lucy It is still really a cool app to have. I use it a great deal of the time, heck it's so bright I can use it in the day time to find things. Love it! Lucy I was going to give you a 4 stars rating because the flashlight was better before the latest update. Although I think I figured out why it was giving me the fits. When it's in regular mode it works ok, but when I have the ID & passcode on then the problems begin. The flashlight freezes up, it won't go on & off like it's suppose to I have to turn the whole thing off.
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5 years ago, Icepick147
Very Handy in the Dark!🥇
I’ve had this app on several devices during the time this flashlight 🔦 has been available, ZERO issues!!! The light 💡 output compares with many regular flashlights currently on the market. It isn’t the replacement for a regular flashlight, but as just about everyone has a smartphone, knowing that there is a bright, dependable, and long lasting light on your device. Install this flashlight app & even if you never have a need to use it, believe me, you won’t regret it! Unlike other apps, this is one that you don’t have to worry about it being a waste of memory space, because the first time you need a light and then you reach for your device, and save the day (or night)!!!
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4 years ago, OliviaLivFolky
Great for reading!
The main reason I downloaded this app was because the lowest mode for the flashlight on my IPhone XR is to bright to read with. Once I downloaded this app it made was very convenient because it was not to dim that I couldn't see anything but also not to bright that I had to squint. I also found it useful when I dropped something in the car when it's dark, because where I live the street lights aren't the most affective and my parents have trouble focusing when the light is on so I use this app so the light is at a perfect level of brightness. Over all I have this app a five star rating because of the in brightness you have.
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5 years ago, 21st Century Oldie
Senior Female
Anyone who does not use the Flashlight on their phone is missing out! I am on the border of needing readers and my husband needs readers! Well when it is time to adjust our thermostat for heating and or cooling, my husband and I carry the phone with us for the handy flashlight to see the thermostat for accuracy! Since many restaurants have dim lighting it is not easy to see the menu. The flashlight is handy to tap on and easily put away. No fuss with glasses’ case and putting it away plus to read the menu without hesitation! Finding where the key fits into a lock at night is another huge plus! Especially if someone is going into their home alone at night. Enjoy this free app!!!!
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7 years ago, becbay
Most Helpful App Ever!
I find this app to be the most useful, most accessed app on my phone, short of the actual phone, texting, and camera! I am hearing all sorts of horrible reports about imbedded malware in quite a few flashlight apps these days! Permission given to these apps to collect and use/transmit/sell personal info (cc#'s, location, ss#, etc) by accepting the privacy terms that nobody EVER reads...including me! I was very relieved and pleased to find (upon tracking down and actually reading the iHandy privacy terms) that the minimal amount of information they collect is used internally and to help in the marketing of their own apps. It's not being transmitted overseas or sold to the highest bidder!
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1 year ago, Jslvsclf
So very helpful
I am blind as a bat in the dark and can’t see anything. Just now, without thinking, I turned off the kitchen lights to go in the living room without turning the light on. Because I have lived here 18 years, you’d think I should be able to find my way around, but I couldn’t! After a needless 5 minutes of walking very slowly trying not to run into anything, I remembered I had this app. I can’t tell you how very helpful this flashlight has been to me. If I go out during the day and don’t return until night, it helps me to see the keyhole to unlock my door. Thank you very very much for this app!!
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4 years ago, Brother Master
The awkward night dun dun dunnnnn
I love the flashlight app it helped my brother when he was going to the bathroom at night I gave him my phone then he asked me what am I supposed to do with this phone and I said go to the flashlight app and I went back asleep so when I woke up my phone was dead and I thought how did it die then I asked him and he said well I might have kinda sort of played on it for a minute that turned into a hour that turned into a night and I yelled at him and when it was my bedtime I did the same exact thing right back to him!!!!!!😆😂🤔🤭😆🤔😂🤭😆🤔😂💕😆🤔😂🥺🤭😆🥺🥺👄🤖🥺😻🍺🤟🏿🦷😡🤔😆😄🥺😄🥰🤪🧐😎✏️✏️💖💓💓🖍📝🖤💚🦆🐴🦅💕💦😋😘🧐☺️🍣🍮🥧🍔🌯🥘🍫🍜⛷🏇🏇🇬🇸🇸🇽🎤🤹🏽‍♂️🥇🎗🎫
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7 months ago, carrot mage
I have a iPhone 11 it does not work now
Use to be a grate app but now it useless I can’t see at night do the flash light on this iPhone 11 dose not work why apple just will not build one in to the phone who know they might not be that bright no pun intended by the way each phone apple make is just more and more useless features They add get ride of the good ones but sadly this app does not work on a iPhone 11 now please update the app so no one mugs me at night thank you that the reason I use the app do it not safe we’re I live and there drug user ever were you look and people with weapons who should not have one I had some one at night try to attack me with a make shift pole Arm if you don’t know what that is all put simple this person strapped a knife to a big metal pole that they try to charge at people with yep welcome to the crazy land I live in Long Beach
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6 years ago, Jvreal4678864788
It’s always there for me
I never thought of this tool as something that would need a rating because I feel everyone needs and uses it. To my surprise not everyone uses this particular app. I have always used it and it has never failed me. It’s my everyday carry flashlight. Not only is it a flashlight, it will strobe at various speeds and has the capability to transmit any Morse codes you want by typing in your message and it will transmit it for you. Now I haven’t been in any situation in which I would need to do any Morse codes but I like knowing it’s there if the need should ever arise.
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5 years ago, superfunfiends
This flashlight is really really good i really love this flashlight app it’s really handy when it’s dark and when your out in the wild and if you have any phone that doesn’t have a flashlight it’s amazing I have a iPhone that has a flashlight but doesn’t do sos and also just have to click in the app I don’t have to go to my control center then go to flashlight I love this app this is so convenient and not a waste of time I really really hope you guys update this amazing app and hope you creators can make the app better then this but for know it’s THE BOMB FLASHLIGHT APP 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣THE BEST FLASHLIGHT APP
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5 years ago, Lauree6203495
Magnificent Flashlight
I use my Flashlight app just about every day. I have multiple plugs under my desk at home. I often unplug my laptop cord if I am going to be away. When I go to plug it back in I can hardly see way under there. How many times do you drop something in between your seats in the car? What about when you are out to dinner and drop something on the floor, or lose something in the bench seats. Walking around your home at night when you have guests everywhere. I love this app!! Oh, reading menus in a dimly lite restaurant. Reading tiny print... I could go on and on!!
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3 months ago, ohlael1
works on facetime!
i’m not sure a lot of the reviews knows there’s a built in iphone flashlight to start, but there is. what makes this different is you can adjust the brightness with a knob (to adjust the brightness on the built in flashlight just press and hold the flashlight button down) but the one thing this app can do that the built in one can’t is open on facetime! I’m on facetime all the time and you can’t use the flashlight when you’re using video apps. with this you can’t! Plus fancy patterns if that floats your boat.
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6 years ago, The mixin vixen
3 1/2 stars!
Overall a nice app. Using the flashlight that “comes WITH” the iPhone means the light doesn’t turn off when you turn the phone off. Sometimes it’s much handier to have the light turn off when you turn the phone off. The downside is twofold: 1) With this app, you cannot simultaneously run any other app (not that “I” can figure anyway), & (2) It frequently won’t activate - forcing one to DELETE the app, then RE-DOWNLOAD it....OR, try closing out of THIS flashlight app and turning on and off your iPhone flashlight (Which ALWAYS WORKS) a couple of times. I don’t know why but, No.2 works about 85% of the time in “getting this other app UP AND RUNNING”.🌹
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5 years ago, YoursTrulyLekha
It’s Great!
This is a great app, don’t get me wrong. But, the color picker doesn’t work at all. I’m a little bit disappointed by that, but then again i have a pretty old iPhone (a 5S) and that’s not the point of the app. It’s called a flashlight for a reason! Yes, it works great. Where I live power outages are rare but do happen every 3-6 weeks. I was unfortunately caught in one so I pulled out this flashlight and calmly and safely make it back to the living room in my house where me, my mom, and sister waited for the power to come back on. The flashlight is very bright and is over great!
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3 years ago, Papadoc1000
Too many updates
This was a good app for years. However the company is constantly doing updates and wants access to your WiFi and cell data. WHY? It already works, has never crashed, never shows a new function. So what are they doing? The update explanation is ALWAYS “increased stability and performance”. Leave it alone already! It’s just a flashlight, not an interactive leading edge tech gadget. And if they aren’t doing anything hinky, then this is how you break things that already work. UPDATE: they have started asking to track me across all apps. Why? NO! But they don’t take no for an answer so they keep asking. And always right when you need the app. And then show you other apps to buy. Too much of a pain. It’s now uninstalled.
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5 years ago, LJ22Beast
Great for a mechanic
Great when you drop a wrench or a socket or something else down the engine bay. Sometimes you don’t hear a “ding” of metal hitting the shop floor when you drop a tool in an engine on accident. Great to help find missing tools and spot leaks, frayed wires, etc in dark crevices of cars. Prefer a real flashlight but if nothing else is handy I’ve always got my phone. Nice and bright beam coming from the light. Love the compass because I like to do off-trail hiking in the woods and it’s easy to get lost out there in the woods of the rural South. Great tool for any and everyone. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, Clmattox
Saved My Bacon
This app has saved my bacon so many times. I’ve used it to see boo-boos on my pets out in the country after dark. I’ve even used it to to read by late at night, when my husband’s sleeping. BUT, the most important use was during Hurricane Harvey, when we lost power. No power and only a small generator to keep our fridge and freezers running. I kept the phone charged on either the generator or my car and the flashlight app was bright and able to light up dark interior rooms way better than candles or handheld flashlights.
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5 years ago, brenda 52
I really love this app. The light is really bright. It saved my life tonight! I live in a rural area out in the country and I live way off of the hwy. I was taking my trash out to the road and it’s too far for me to walk so I use my mobile chair to take it out there. I had a flashlight with me but I didn’t realize until I had already hooked up the trash can and was headed towards the hwy that my flashlight was going dead! Luckily I had my phone on me just before I almost went into a ditch! So I thank you Apple sooo much for putting this app on my iPhone!❤️
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7 years ago, Joeythesuit
Pretty cool little app
First of all, the app has a nice screen. I also like the fact that you can dim the flashlight if you don't require much to get the job done. The compass feature is also cool because it's like a handy little GPS. It shows you your location on a map. You can zoom in or zoom out to find out where you are or were you need to go. You know, like if you get abducted by aliens and they drop you off 50 miles from home in unfamiliar territory. Oh yeah...if they're nice enough to let you keep your iPhone, that is. LOL.
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6 years ago, Journey82~49
Awesome app for anything & everything in between!!! THANKS!!!!!! Oh also I like how much brighter it is then my clip on book light! Yes I like how the app works on my phone which works different on my other device. Still brighter then my clip on book light. Thanks again!! Haven't gotten to see the newest update. Wanted me to send a 5 star rating before I got to see anything. At least give me a change to see what's different before u ask me to rate your app. Still using it but not a whole lot lately. Still like using it when I do need it. I still use it when I need extra light when I'm coloring at night. Great app:) Hi! Still love this app on my phone! The only way I’ll get rid of it is if u leave & it’s not available anymore. So don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Thanks for a awesome app:). If there was a higher rating then 5 stars then I would give u 25!
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5 years ago, Hawaiian Doc
Turns off when the app is closed
This app works fine when it is on, but you cannot either turn off your phone or go into another app because if you do, then this app shuts down. This means it burns up a lot of battery time because the app needs to stay on your screen at all times. It literally uses more energy on your screen then it does for the flashlight function itself. And, because it is always live on your screen, it is susceptible to accidental changes if you touch the screen itself. If there is a way to “leave“ the app while keeping it functioning, then I am happy to improve my rating. Otherwise, it is not really functional as is.
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7 years ago, Jeb player
It is so handy and convenient.
I'm 72 years old and this flashlight really comes in handy because it is always right there on my person in case of a fall. And when I can't find my glasses. Sometimes they fall because I have fallen asleep while reading and they go under my bed. Makes it easier for me to find them quickly. And with my phone right there on the nightstand, that's convenient if I have to get up at night for water. It really is a lifesaver for me. Thank you for that.
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7 years ago, MsAnointedNubian
Wonderful, Helpful App
It is very helpful app. I use it regularly; almost every day. I never had a problem with it working with iOS 10 prior to this update though. I do not like the fact that now there are ants and promos running across at the bottom of the screen now. Another small concern: there is no way to pick the screen name you would like displayed when composing your review. I certainly don't want my email address displayed. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
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2 years ago, javajump2
This violates Apples policies….
I’m going to figure out how to report this to Apple this app lock my phone up completely when it wanted to turn on location tracking. It gave me two choices: ‘allow tracking’ or ‘ask the app not to track’. That second option is not the same thing as no. At that point the app locked my phone so I couldn’t do anything without answering that question. I couldn’t even reboot my phone. Siri couldn’t reboot my phone. I had to resort to “ Ask the app not to track”.To be able to do anything including uninstall the app which I did immediately. I will be reporting his behavior to Apple. This can’t be in compliance with their standards for apps.
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7 years ago, llrc2003
Very useful
Whether I'm using it in a power outage or using it to see outside while I'm walking my dog this app is always useful. I can adjust the brightness so it's not too bright or too dim. In case of disaster I can translate a message into Morse without even knowing more with the flash light. And just to add a little more, you can even change the color of the flash light. It's not just this app either many other apps this developer has developed are just as or more useful/entertaining.
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5 years ago, dog person love 88&
I love it so much and if you don’t like it then you are just crazy because this is my most number 1 because it is just so much amazing and I love this company and I have been using this app for a long time and my mom also loves it and that is when I first ever ever tried this app and it was so much amazing that I just simply had to get this FREE flashlight app on my phone and I typed this report on my phone so I just love this so much amazing app and if you don’t YOU ARE JUST TOO MUCH CRAZY!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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7 years ago, Nursey613
Lower lighting than iPhone flashlight
This app is somehow able to make the flashlight on my iPhone less bright and use more yellow which is exactly what I need when it's time for bed and I forgot something. Bright light will wake me up and I will have a hard time falling asleep but the dimmest setting of this flashlight is perfect. I also like that if that flashlight is too bright, they can make your screen turn a solid color (of your choice) as a night light
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7 years ago, BraveJediMaster
Yes I rated 5 stars because the app does what it's supposed to. But I find the concept of Flashlight apps dumb. Let me explain: every iOS device has control center. You access it by swiping up at the bottom of the screen. It lets you go to 3 apps, enable the flash of your device, turn airplane mode, wifi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, lock rotation, night shift (iOS 9.3 and up), enable airplay and airdrop and adjust brightness and volume. TL:DR, swipe up from bottom, tap Flashlight icon, profit.
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5 years ago, cmaworks619921992
advertising made this app not work
The app used to work fine, but i cannot use the app anymore because the advertisements ruined the operation of the app. I open the app, press the power button, it takes me to a screen thats all white with a color wheel at the bottom, and the only other thing on that screen is an advertisement, and i try to “x” outof the ad, and it takes me back to the screen that shows the fake flashlight thing with the power button, so i press power again, and arou d and around it goes so dont get this app anymore because its destroyed i believe byy the advertising making it glitch or something. I really need itand its not working so for me it’s getting deleted for sure
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6 years ago, PA_BobSmith
I knew Idea
I was in my apartment all alone when all of a sudden the lights went out I knew my iPhone was on the table somewhere, but where exactly I didn’t know. It was pitch black! I yelled out to Siri, turn on the flashlight, but nothing happened. Hey Siri I yelled, I’m in the dark here and I need some light yet nothing happened. I tripped over the Hasek and hit my head on the table which cause the iPhone the fall next to me. I was able then to turn on the flashlight and see how badly I was hurt. None of that actually happened! But I think it’s a great idea to have voice control of your flashlight don’t you?
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5 years ago, jumpngenes
Great Flashlight
As a woman who works shift work at a local mill, I am constantly going to work in the dark! Although there is lighting in the parking lots there are areas that are either dimly lit or large trucks that block the light. It’s a little scary to walk through that kind of area. That is why I just hold onto my phone and I have plenty of light and feel secure that if I need help I can turn the flashers on and get someone’s attention. Thanks for creating this handy app!
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7 years ago, Britt757
Safety hazard
This app use to be great, then they got greedy. When you open this app it's because you need light (DUH) if you NEED light having your light shut off because an add has come on could be a problem. Like when you are trying to line up a drawer that your 7 year old pulled out too far and the light goes out and now you have a heavy drawer in your hand and can't see where it goes. How about when your electricity goes out and you are walking down steps, that's a convenient time to loose light! Or my favorite, walking down a dark driveway because your light bulb blew and poof the light goes out...was that the wind, was that a wild dog coming to attack me, I don't know, BECAUSE THE LIGHT WENT OUT!!!!
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5 years ago, ButRFliesRFree
Out if the darkness — is Light!
I appreciate this light app! It is available, easy, bright, and effective! ! Often, I walk from room to room during the night. Turning on the bedside lamp is blinding; however, this light is soft on the eyes as I shine it across the floor to secure my path to either room I choose! Moving about my place in Safety is important! Having it on my phone means it is always w me; and, it is easy to use, quick, & always gives me light!
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7 years ago, Es85790
Switches off when needed
Lately, this app has been switching off after a few seconds and taking me to the app store...probably because I needed to update it. Even so, this is an incredibly annoying, not to mention unsafe, design flaw. The light works just fine so the update isn't pressing. I'm female who uses the flashlight when I feel unsafe or when I'm unable to see where I'm walking at night. Having the light turn off because my phone has been redirected to the app store--not to a screen for updating the app but to the download page of other random applications--is ridiculous and unsafe. Please change.
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7 years ago, TammyBook
Ads turn the light off
Look, it's bright when it works, but if you breathe too close to the ad it opens up in a new window. And when it opens the flashlight goes off and you are stuck in the dark stabbing at the screen to get the ad to go away so you can get the light back on. But when the other window closes the light doesn't ACTUALLY TURN BACK ON! You have to hit the button which sometimes works, but other times turns it on a kind of irregular strobe. Clearly with my masters degree I am not smart enough to work this flipping flashlight app. I'm going to get a different flashlight app and hope I'm not too stupid for that one. Seriously how simple should a flashlight be?
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5 years ago, i hate this game sucka
Liar liar pants on FIRE
This is not what it says it is it is like my skill of baking cookies oh wait I don’t have any cookie dough in other words very very poor it says it will go through your device and activate a flashlight through your flash light hole but instead it gave me a blank very very bright white screen so all of you with the oh good reviews blah blah blah I hope you have a good time because I am not and I am going to deleted this app right now and when I say right now I mean right now I read what it is like to have no soul and I have NO SOUL so get it right because it really hurts me it is dark I am trying to lock my back door as an eight year old and make my parents proud so because of you I could be robbed so bye😢☹️😟🙁😕🤨😐😠😡🤬
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5 years ago, GiGi Lolobriggetta
Grateful to have it
It has saved a lot of people from a lot of unsafe situations and has helped people in so many other ways. Maybe something that could be done is to have a sliding intensity feature . I have a hard time sometimes because it is not bright enough for me. And perhaps there is a way to ( I may be asking you to break the laws of physics) to be able to use have a toggle switch to be able to “tilt” the beam so you can hold the phone more intuitively. But like I said I am grateful to have it!!
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2 years ago, MKEWolfGirl
Worst Flashlight EVER!
Beyond frustrating - shuts off whenever it wants to and it only has one brightness but there’s like 50 different ways it can flash and cause seizures or just drive you completely insane! This app should be called gaslight because it’s designed to make you absolutely crazy or at least feel like you’re going nuts! Then it leaves you in the dark! Lol I don’t understand why people like it. Maybe they’ve all been gaslighted into leaving good reviews or it’s some sort of hypnosis with those flashing lights. Well they’re not ever getting me to drink the cool-ade and I’m uninstalling the app. There’s GOT to be something better 🤘🏼peace out sheeple! 🐺
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3 years ago, WhiskeyBards
Awesome flashlight..... only have one issue
This is a fabulous tool, the light is very bright and does have the capability of adjusting how bright for different situations. My only real issue is the scroll wheel at the top that allows you to do different types of flash sequences including SOS if you like. Because we live in a touchscreen era, this wheel is very very sensitive. Occasionally I’ll find myselfAccidentally brushing the wheel and then in the middle of the night I get all sorts of different nifty flashing patterns. Still this is an awesome Flashlight application
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3 years ago, SayerSong
Extremely useful!
This is the perfect app for me, as I am disabled and it is sometimes hard to get around. As such, there are times when it is late and the lights are off and I have dropped something or can’t find where I placed it (such as my night mask or tv remote), and instead of having to get up and turn lights on, I just use the flashlight to find what I need. VERY helpful! Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, hfritz66
Love this flashlight app
Because I can never get the stupid flashlight that is built into my iPhone to come on, the swipe up is a nightmare that never works when I need it but works whenever I am trying to do something else. Since I can’t seem to move the built in flashlight to where it would be convenient for me I got this app and I love it, works every time quickly and easily. Highly recommend !
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3 years ago, Rene-Chan
Good when it works
It’s overall good but only when it works. Sometimes it doesn’t come on at all and I have to reopen the app twice or more to get it to work. While using it can dim from the bright light which is frustrating when you’re using it especially for a small area that needs that bright light. I would say months ago I wouldn’t have any complaints but these two, especially the hesitant lighting, are becoming way too frequent for me to rate this app any higher.
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7 years ago, Scrambleloserbutidontcare
I use this app in a variety of situations. Reading the menu in darkened restaurants. Looking for something in my car-- especially under the seats. When the TV remote doesn't light up enough to see the buttons. To add light when reading a book. When running in the dark. I don't know why you wouldn't have this app on your phone. There is a small delay before it turns on but I've come to expect that.
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4 years ago, rjd999
Great, but for one issue
Love the fact I could place this flashlight on my screen where it can be access easily. Also one could control the brightness is fantastic. The compass is a nice addition. What is missing is the ability to keep the flashlight on while accessing other apps. You open another app the light goes off. Not convent if you need the light to see something and another app open to either record what you are seeing or for instructions.
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3 years ago, DelightfulDebi
Mostly great!
The flashlight works reliably well most of the time, every now and then it seems to malfunction, it’s also possible I don’t know how to work it… It sometimes starts flashing which can be a problem because I have two kids who have issues with epilepsy and flashing lights can sometimes cause seizures. I’m not sure how to turn it off when that happens so I probably need a tutorial on how to work the app.
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3 years ago, DarkFlier929
I will not and will never use apps that track me
When I first got this app it was great but then it started asking if I could track where I was at at all times and to be honest I’m not OK with that and I will never be OK with a tracking the information on my device whether it’s contacts or any of the other things that it lists to me those things are not OK to track Internet information that other companies are privileged to bottom line and as a result when it started doing that I’ve deleted this app along with half of my family who used to use this app I have found a better flashlight app
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7 years ago, Chunk012
Hey, I personally think the flashlight App is AWESOME.!!! It does everything I need it to do. plus, it's pretty bright..! It works great for what use it for anywhere from home first thing in the morning searching for the light in the garage to switch on, something rolling underneath the seat in my vehicle, navigating my way around there, all the way to bed time using it while the lights are off and everyone is sleeping to find my way around to bed...LoL Use on UP...!!
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4 years ago, jimbobilllybob
Eh and yay
Eh part- I don’t use it a lot I know it can be helpful I never use I like but it is better to get a flashlight this hard to use I have to update every freaking minute it is drives me crazy ughhhhhh. yay part- it is super helpful I like it not love it but like it was i was so relieved when I found it I lost my phone and with the help of this app I found it but it died but I can charge it a-ok I love how you can change the color I was relieved when I found this I mean it has problems but a-oki like it more then I eh it
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