Flashlight ⊜

4.5 (39K)
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Current version
Noah Corp.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flashlight ⊜

4.49 out of 5
39K Ratings
7 years ago, Mae2011
Nice flashlight app
This is a great app for a simple flashlight. I use it mostly to get into bed, my infant son is still in our room, so I don't want to turn on lights. I love that it has a dimmer feature. My one complaint is that it turns on the brightest setting right off the bat. Maybe this is good for some people but I would prefer it to start with a medium brightness or a manual 'on' instead of an instant 'on'. All-in-all I'm very happy.
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2 years ago, Anonononona
Wants to flash on & off more than stay on
As is a light sleeper and if I drop some medication, pen, or glasses, etc, this was my go-to light to help me find the errant item. Sounds great right??! HOWEVER, there were no ads at first, then a few silent ones here and there, then each time it's turned on. I could have accepted the silent ads. BUT NOW THEY HAVE ADDED FULL VOLUME ADS WITH CHILDREN'S GAME MUSIC AS LOUD AS THE SPEAKERS WILL PROJECT. THIS NOT ONLY STARTLES ME, BUT WAKES MY HUSBAND! Another point of contention: this flashlight app is dangerous. It is often used in a large parking lot at a NYC area train station where muggings happen often. How many of you want your location to be announced to everyone within earshot in a dark parking lot by your phone when carrying all the items needed for work back home after dark??! I thought it was a 'phase' the app company was trying out. But this AM, it blared children's game music as I was searching for a fallen stylus and woke my husband for the 6th time. This app will be erased and another flashlight added ASAP!!
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5 years ago, disaapponted player on s238
Give credit where credit due
I saw one star reviews. All said pretty much app didn’t turn on in bad cell areas or with no wifi. So i turned off wifi and turned on airplane mode. I opened and closed program 10 times and it worked fast and easy no hesitation 10/10 times. Only bad thing is ads but not terrible. All at bottom and don’t screw with the program. Its a free app and a great one. I understand they have to make money. Coincidentally I also downloaded another flashlight app where interface looks like car key. I tried opening in airplane mode with no wifi and it froze and wouldn't open. Don’t know the name. I deleted when it happened. Hope this helps. This app in legit. I normally don’t leave long reviews but when someone gives u a free great app and people lie it pisses me off. Legit great app. Also hasn’t slowed my phone. In past another flashlight app turned my phone into a snail
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2 years ago, =TBC= Cyberspy
Good but could be better
This app is good and does what I need it to for the most part. I can decrease the brightness way lower than the default flashlight that comes with iOS. There seems to be two key things missing though. 1) When switching between apps, the flashlight turns off. There are no settings for this app whats-so-ever (no method of enabling background refresh or controlling ad privacy and tracking or anything for that matter…the app doesn’t even show up in the list of installed apps on iOS). There should be a toggle that should allow to flashlight to stay on unless the app is closed or obviously the flashlight is turned off. 2) Since this app has ads, there should be a one time purchase option to remove the ads permanently. As another user reviewed, the ads are annoying and defeat the purpose of not wanting to wake people up around me at night. Outside of those two nuances, this app does what I need it to do. I will say the safety options (sos alerts) are very nice. The slider to adjust the brightness works but might be helpful if it was slightly bigger and/or tweaked so adjustment to the lowest setting is easier to make happen. I have to mess with it for a few seconds to get it on the lowest setting and seems like when I let off, it jumps up a notch, so then have to fiddle with it to get it back down to low again.
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2 years ago, Bobby wobbles
Where did I put it down?
It’s my handiest flash light, most of us reach for our cell phones ten or more times in a normal waking day, most of us miss place something as many times or more and needs light to shine on the path to recover the lost treasure. Then you relive in your mind the activities leading up to you lost object, to light the path you are retracing you have your cell phone either in your hand or readily reachable. As you you open the screen to activate your handy light you realize it’s in your hand, it’s that light on your cellphone. The hunt goes on!!! Keep looking it will be right where you left it👀👌👍👏🖐🤗
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5 years ago, Hot Cold Country
This is my third review of this app. The first two were one star: horrible. This review is much improved because I discovered you need to go to the APP itself to turn the flashlight on fully rather than just from the icon on the phone top. At least that is what worked for me FINALLY! No instructions anywhere, it’s just what I happened upon. Each of the options held very well....no fluctuating back and forth....a solid light, a flashing light or a flashing red....operator’s choice. I didn’t mark it five only because there were no instructions AND the light could have been a bit brighter in my opinion. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Chrissy Larsen
Useful feature gone
I’m really disappointed that the “lock” feature has been taken away with the new update. For anyone who doesn’t know, the lock feature would cover up the on/off switch for the flashlight, so that you couldnt accidentally press it, or turn on the strobe when you dont want to. I used the lock feature every day when walking my dog; I put my phone in my purse while keeping the flashlight on and locked so I could use my hands freely to maneuver doggy bags and throw them away. I don’t know why such a useful feature would be taken away, but if it’s now guarded behind the new “ad-free” upgrade then that was not a good decision and I’m going to look for an alternative flashlight app either way. I would gladly change my review if this was fixed.
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4 years ago, hdj ccd
Good flash light
Yes I'm sure I can get a little more than a couple minutes to go to the house to see what time he wants me back up to his mama house and I can have her bring it over to my moms and then I'll let you go to bed and I can have him bring it to you if he doesn't have to go to bed and I can get a little sleep and then I can get him sleep I just got home sleep I love him I don't want him sleeping in his bed and I can't get his sleep sleep and I can get a little bit sleep I don't think he's ok I don't want him sleeping with me but he said he's ok he doesn't have a problem sleeping in his bed
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6 years ago, Zigg4Real
Excellent Flashlight
I’ve been using this “flashlight” for a few weeks now and have not had any problems. The dimmer functionality works perfectly. The app is stable and reliable. Highly recommended. The only additional option I would like to see is the option to keep the flashlight on while the app is minimized. I’m sure the developers would have made that option available if they were able to do so. They thought of everything else. That option might be unavailable due to limitations in the IOS.
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4 years ago, Super Raver LRE
It doesn’t have to be this way. This app does not need to so easily get/be so very annoying. Why is the strobe effect so easy to affect?!?! Anybody that doesn’t feel the same is either perfect-ly-not-touching their phone while using the app or simply just not using this app (at least not in the manner in which I do). Soooo.....I’m certain that in not the only one that feels this way. I just wonder wot has to be done in order for something to be done about it. Do we need to sign a petition or? Please advise. None the less there is no question as to how handy this powerful, and almost every time used-ANNOYING, app; I’m happy to have it.
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11 months ago, Forced Into Darkness
Flashlight won’t work, but app asks permission to get my location
I need a flashlight for my phone- not a list of games for sale! If I’m in danger in the darkness I do not want to be without a flashlight on my phone! Long story short I’m am currently in need of a flashlight but my flashlight app has utterly failed. My phone is a I phone 14 pro. However I would rather have a flip phone because the fancy phones are putting me at risk time and time again. At first it was data breech risks and now it is flat out harms way do to forced darkness. This is on me because I should’ve just had my huge old school weapon like flashlight handy. This flashlight app is 1/10 I do not recommend!
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1 month ago, anon1235678
Why the ntgscorp Flashlight app deserves a zero star rating
I don’t object to apps with ads - I use many of them. But the Flashlight app (from ntgscorp) will now not let you turn on the flashlight immediately. I was trying to find something in my trunk. No emergency, but it took an extra few minutes without the flashlight. But what if I was in a dark corrider where there might be stairs? What if I was trying to scare off an attacker with a bright light? The inabilty to turn on Flashlight immediately makes an OK 3-star app a useless 0-star app. Will stick to the default Apple flashlight in the future.
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4 years ago, oldroydcl
Works like it should!
This is the first flashlight app I’ve used that doesn’t spontaneously shut off at the dumbest times, such as halfway down a pitch black staircase. Thanks, other apps. Appreciate that! This one does exactly what it’s supposed to: it makes light that comes on when you turn it on, and that shuts off when you turn it off. What an apparently miraculous concept. :)
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5 years ago, Addicted gameaholic
Gotten worse since iOS 13 update
Before the update there was several times that my light would change colors. It would be a bright light and then in the middle of using turn to an amber color. I didn’t like that then. Now since the update of ios13 when I go to use my flashlight I have to open the app then force it close and open again for the light to even work. I’m just waiting on a time that I’m going to need the light quickly and then miss being able to see what I needed because I was busy restarting the app. I know it’s coming. This used to be my favorite light but not so much anymore.
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3 years ago, 5781(79)jsndhdjskakakdndn
I think you should really get this app because it is the best app in the world if you are looking for something that you think you might’ve lost you can pull up Flashlight ⊜ on your phone and you can even flash or you can do regular Flashlight ⊜ you can depend on how bright or dark it is I think you should really get this app
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4 years ago, DahDahNelson
Thank You
I kept looking for a flashlight that would be nice and simple to use. I need a very dim light so as to not disturb my husband at night. The controls on this app are so easy to use and for someone with lots of arthritis In my hands I can use it. 😊 I am very happy with your app. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and care in making the app. Once again Thank You. Mrs. Nelson
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4 years ago, Chuck2666
Flashlight for iPhone SE
I got this because my iPhone SE doesn’t have a flashlight or a camera on the home screen and lock screen so I had to settle for this. It does a great job does what it supposed to do and it also has an SOS where the apple doesn’t. I feel anybody that needs a flashlight on the iPhone SE this should work very well for you it’s working for me. That’s all for now.
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2 years ago, Mcnickoname
I like the dimming feature.
I like the light dimming feature, but I think the SOS feature is far too slow. Please speed it up on your next release, or offer a way for the user to adjust the speed, similarly to the speed adjust on the strobe feature. This is a nice and useful app. I’ll award you with five stars!
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2 years ago, kitty lovera
My opinion might not be important, but I’m just gonna say it you guys need more like options. I don’t know what options but like I just feel like you need it and I know you probably won’t hear me a chance, but I mean that’s in my opinion, and I don’t know if it’s important to you guys. Yeah oh I know one option. Actually, you should make it be Ables like to cut color I don’t know it might just be cool. Dear, a girl who doesn’t care of her opinion matters Play
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5 years ago, D o g s
I like this app
I like this app because it is very reliable. The other day my dog lost her ball under the couch and I couldn’t turn on my flash light because the batteries were out so I got out my flashlight app. I do have one thing if your phone shuts off you should still have it on. Thanks for listening.
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4 years ago, hatshsj
Great but...Not working right on 11 pro
This is typically is a fantastic app, love love love it. But after I got the 11 Pro, two weeks ago, the flashlight doesn’t work anymore. Instead of having a bright light you turn it on and it’s a dim bulb. There’s nothing you can do to change it. Then if you don’t use it and relaunch, all the sudden it’s bright again. But then it goes back to a dim bulb and it’s a recurring issue. Please fix this because it’s the best FlashLight app out there.
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6 years ago, KourtCoats
Not much better than the stock IOS Flashlight
This Flashlight app is buggy and each IOS update seems to make it worse. Occasionally it won’t start when you click on it or it just shows a blank black screen. Occasionally it will also stick where you can’t turn it off and/or it won’t return back to the actual flashlight if you accidentally bump the strobe button. I’ve also had it get stuck on an ad if you accidentally bump the small ad and make it enlarge. Really frustrating when you need a quick light in a low light situation.
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6 years ago, BeBeLuvsU
A handy dandy flashlight with a lot of great potential in time
I like the way you can use the flashlight on for basically everything, but I do know of one thing that would attract a lot more people and of course your new clients that would find and not to mention want to buy. Thanks Sincerely, A Client of yours,
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8 years ago, D. R. G.
Flash Light
This has always been a great app. I miss some of the old color options that used the screen for color attention getting options. The only thing you could add for me would be a way to use it for tracking game that has been shot at the end of the day and you need to follow a blood trail in the dark. Thanks for a great app.
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2 years ago, D A Webb
This flashlight
This thing is the closest to a real Flashlight ⊜ because it is a real FlashLight no need now for a bunch a FlashLight to continue to put batteries in only when you try to use it do you realize that your battery is dead this is awesome I really like this flashlight app thank you David Webb
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5 years ago, ljm59
I use it all the time to see how to unlock my door when I forget to turn on my porch light. When the power has gone out and no need to search in the dark for candles or something to light them with. Just take my phone out and touch the flashlight button and I’m no longer in the dark. I love this app 😀
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3 months ago, Lost in ArtSpace
Flashlight App Customer
Thank you so much for providing me and my loved ones access to a flashlight when we needed most! When it seemed dangerous out there in the city of Murderapolis, MN, having a reliable and bright flashlight lets everyone know who we are, including those that thrive in the darkness.
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2 years ago, 7075293489
Needs more control for going into sos
I like that it has the sos option, which is why I got it, but I do not like that I have to leave my screen on for it to work, so very often I hit the “sos” or “strobe” function when I don’t want it, which is annoying and counter productive (you don’t want sos going off when you don’t actually need help, or are testing it; there should be a check system to make sure you want to go off of regular flashlight).
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7 years ago, Ntiggr2
Just what I wanted out of a flashlight app. There are a few different settings-normal, SOS. & lighning. Just enough to flag someone down if you're in broken down, also useful on the water at night to make sure other boaters know you're there. Regular flashlight is really bright. Everything I wanted and nothing I didn't.
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3 years ago, Alesia28
not intuitive to use
I pushed the buttin, got a bright light. Turned it off. Turned it on again snd now it’s flashing. Don't know why, can’t tell how to switch mode. I just need a freekkn light damnit. Why does everything have to be a game? Ah, the Lighting bolt is the flasher switch. Ok, once you know. But there’s another icon, a four-part circle. It was the better part of an unattended minute before I realized I’d been sending an SOS. Cripes. The icon couldn’t have been “...---...”? Luckily, that’s all there is to this app. And now you know.
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6 years ago, Zahorak
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3 years ago, ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Not intuitive
When I turn on the flashlight I wanted to go on and stay on. Now the app has added new features where it can blink or go off intermittently. We had a power outage the other night and I wanted to use the restroom. The app was intermittently going off, which means every several seconds. There was no obvious way to get it to just stay on. Sometimes simple features are better than too many ones that aren’t labeled.
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2 years ago, 073171
There’s the Light!
I have problems getting around and this flashlight app makes things so easy to see! I am usually up all night taking care of my husband and the flashlight helps a lot so I don’t have to turn on the big lights. Thank you for the app.
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3 months ago, Keshav Attrey
Able to use dimmest flashlight setting
The iPhone flash is normally way too bright for my needs - I want to dim it as much as possible. This is the only light app I could find whose dimmer seemed to be able to hit that lowest possible brightness level.
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4 years ago, Retired Annie.
Love the flashlight! But sometimes it turns off after a couple minutes. Also flashlight does not turn on unless I turn phone off then on again. Then flashlight works.
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6 years ago, Rhett Havens
I love you
I love the flashlight the flashlight app it is very useful when I cannot see in the dark your Flashlight ⊜ is the most wonderful thing ever I love it I’m giving you four stars because I like it but sometimes it does not work when I want to so I want to tell you guys that have a great day peace.😎
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8 years ago, Ti Ti:
I think I hv FINALLY found a Flashlight App that is so simple, but effective in every way. I'm in a Power Chair and have to travel on the wrong side of the road most times(hugging curb, of course) bc of sidewalk condition being so bad. The Flasher let's all oncoming traffic know someone is headed their way. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the SOS signal. GREAT JOB! Highly recommend this App!
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3 years ago, JulietteGrantham
Finally a flashlight dim enough!
I can finally read in bed without disturbing anyone or blinding myself with the light that comes with my iPhone! Thanks for making this! I could see the strobe & SOS features being handy at night when I feel fearful of who may be around that I’m unaware of.
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5 years ago, Modern day reviews by Granny
Best by far!
I have had several versions of flashlights on my phone. It had been a while since I checked for better or newer versions. I downloaded this flashlight today and I love the user friendly buttons! Not complicated , adjustable light and adjustable strobe light.
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4 years ago, fed up with improvements
Why does a flashlight need the INTERNET?!
The most annoying app ever. All I want is a simple FLASHLIGHT! I don’t need blinking lights, I don’t need red lights. And I most certainly don’t need to have to worry about an internet connection when I’m down in a hole with no mobile access! I just need a freakin FLASHLIGHT! And I don’t need to wait 45 seconds while it tries to connect to the internet. This is a perfect example of making something simple into something unnecessarily complicated. And this comes with the phone. This app is crap.
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1 year ago, Tracey0709
Thank you for allowing me to share my feedback about the Flashlight ⊜. It is very useful and bright. I get off work at night and most of the time the bus driver doesn’t see me so it does come in handy so that I’m able to flag them down.
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1 year ago, Chuck Drawdy
Wow, unexpected how bright it is and how easy it is to excess. Thank you for having an app with a flashlight like this at no cost and certainly not only save me money, but allow me to find my way through the dark.
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6 years ago, Cali Carolyn
HATE the flashing strobe light affect!!!
Why does it flash?!? If you need to use the flashlight than why would you want it to flash when you’re literally in the dark?!!!? I hate it! I was using the flashlight & I don’t know what I did, but it started flashing & I have no idea how to make it stop! UGH 😡🤬😤
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1 year ago, nooooorrrrrrrrrrraaa
The flashlight
The app is very useful when it comes to finding stuff in the dark, like one time I lost my Dogs toy outside and I grabbed my phone and got the flashlight app and I searched so hard and I found it with the light
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3 years ago, FBN1975
Mind of it’s own
Just wanted a simple open and go flashlight (just found it me down further). Had this on my iPhone for a few months and it’ll just go to that strobe for no reason, then if you’re actually using it to look around a car engine or something just shuts off and you’ll have a cool ad pop up on Safari lol. Maddening…well, it’s free so not really maddening lol
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5 years ago, Emahyahmann
Great features
I have used the app several times! While the flashlight is great when I am looking for things, it is an even better location device!!! At concerts, for my Uber driver and movies theaters...it makes it SUPER EASY for people to locate me!!! Love the features!
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6 years ago, Testdawaterz
Here I am....
Love this joint. I live in an urban east coast city. Lot of Uber/Lyft riders. I simply let my driver know to look for my flashing light.... Use my flashlight for just about everything from signaling to walking up the stairs of a seedy dark after hours joint to providing a sense of security of seeing AND being seen.
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6 years ago, SimpleReviewYes?
Dimmest! 2 tone!
Hey, this goes dimmer than the "low" setting on iOS 10 (available by swiping up from bottom of screen, force pressing flashlight). Also, I think it's using the two tone flash instead of only one tone of the flash.
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6 years ago, Duck~duck
Not everybody thinks to or always carry a flashlight as a necessity, but everyone that has a cellphone has And carries it as a necessity. Having this easy to use flashlight app you don’t need to carry a flashlight or buy batteries for one, it’s already on your phone!
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6 years ago, Kim627P
Nice but.....
It is nice and brute however, if you have the flashlight on, then try to go to another App the flashlight turns off automatically. The flashlight should stay on while you’re doing other stuff online. Thumbs down!
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