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User Reviews for FlexJobs - Remote Job Search

4.24 out of 5
2K Ratings
9 months ago, Cmfsoon
Basic feature missing
I’ve been using the app/site for a few weeks now, and I have no complaints about the quality of positions, companies, quantity of jobs posted, etc. But one thing I can’t get over - why is there no ability to search for positions based on salary?! This is killing me. I signed up for this service because I was tired of wading through other sites for remote positions, but something Indeed has over FlexJobs is this: at least I can filter out jobs that I physically can’t take because they don’t pay enough. I’m mad I paid for a 3 month subscription without this basic criteria unavailable. Sigh.
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1 year ago, darr564
Could be great but how would I ever find out
I paid for the week but found maybe one or two jobs that I could apply to. I also had issues with searching in the app itself. But I only know this after I already paid. I get that you offer a better experience etc and you want to be compensated for that but I feel like you guys are trying to protect yourselves and make sure that you’re good instead of actually caring about your customers and helping them literally change their lives. There is no reason you cannot give a 24-48hr free trial. Or are we concerned that people will find and apply for a job within that time, delete that app and you won’t make money? What about $10 a month? Or whatever you want it to be. What about allowing people to look at jobs but pay a fee for each application? There are so many options that allow you to make money while also being realistic because I bet If the roles were reversed, many of you would probably be complaining about the same thing. All im saying is, If your app is as amazing as you say, then prove it. Allow people to experience what they are getting into. If it’s as good as you say, people will have no problem paying for a premium product. But people have to be able to decide that for themselves and not just cause it said so in the app description or review section.
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8 months ago, Icequeen2128
This review would have been a 5 star, however, the eskills assessment tests do not have all types of work from home positions to show your knowledge of that specific industry. Also, the most FRUSTRATING issue is when I 1st started using FlexJobs I had no issues taking the assessments and now the assessments are not updating as though I have completed them. These tests are long and I took the excel 2 times in one day, and again a few days later. I took 3 different tests and none have posted. When I contacted chat support I was told “the test is there if not take it again”. Seriously, I have already taken the test 3 times at about 40 minutes each why would I take the test again? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Then I called support and because these tests are through a third party vendor they can’t help, just escalate the issue. Still no contact, invested days to weeks of studying, and about 40 minutes per test. This isn’t a free subscription which is why I’m canceling because I’m receiving the services being paid for nor am I getting help from support. Other than that it’s an absolutely fantastic site and worth paying the subscription in my opinion
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2 years ago, AleyyJayy
Must pay to see what Flex Jobs is about
I think maybe I’ve become too spoiled with all of the free trials that apps out there offer now a days… but I also very much appreciate those offers because my money is very important to me and my family’s lives and I can’t just blindly give any part of it to an app that I know pretty much nothing about snd then the only way they will allow me to learn more about it is if I pay upfront before ever seeing what they have to offer. Sorry at this time I will not do such a thing and there are plenty of apps in this same category that so offer free subscription trials so looks like I will look elsewhere for a service like this . Very disappointed as I probably would have ended up purchasing a subscription had I been able to see any part of what they offer but as soon as I opened up the app and signed up I was prompted to the “pay” screen and was unable to proceed until giving up my pmt information. Too bad. I’ll keep checking in every once in awhile to see if they ever offer any kind of trial … I mean even just a 24 hours or even just your first visit in the app free would have been enough to suffice .
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2 years ago, Tinas2Cents
Ineffective Search Engine
First, I recommend that you go for the cheapest deal and immediately discontiue the auto payments, so that you can determine if they have the jobs for which you are qualified. They have a lot of jobs listed but they may not have the one you want. I discovered immediately that their search engine is severely ineffective. I entered “engineer” and got zero results, yet when I did not filter the results I came across several jobs with engineer in the title. This forces you to look through hundreds of jobs that you have no interest in to find the few that you are. Ultimately, I did not find what I wanted. Maybe that’s because I did not want to spend hours looking through all the jobs when I only wanted engineering jobs or maybe they don’t have the type of engineering job I want. Either way, I won’t be renewing my subscription. I threw away $10 but at least it wasn’t more.
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3 years ago, Mia.the.angry.duck
Still takes work, but it’s a useful step
After signing up I was discouraged for a while, as I have very few qualifications and I hardly ever heard back, but with enough time and looking thoroughly enough I did find an at home freelancing position that pays more than my former waitressing job did all while being a lot more flexible and pleasant. Like with any job site you need to be careful and you need to put in the time to apply to as many of the positions you want as you can. And if you’re bilingual there are seemingly loads of positions for you in all sorts of languages. I’d definitely recommend looking into FlexJobs. I applied during a 50% off deal so if you wanna wait for another deal to be on that could be helpful too
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3 months ago, Buttens26
Be sure to read the FINE PRINT!!
I subscribed to flex jobs middle of last year 2023. I read the fine print and everything, after I looked around, and I did a few things decided that the app really wasn’t worth it, and there were no jobs available, although the companies kept saying that there is, there isn’t don’t believe them! I canceled my subscription, but guess who’s still trying to charge my credit card every four weeks even though I have canceled my subscription. I go through the website right now, not in the app, on the website and I still cannot find any place to verify it is 100% canceled. All it wants me to do is sign up again which I do not want. Beware I’m gonna report this to the Better Business Bureau. Also, if you click on the bottom where they say who endorsed by the Better Business Bureau icon, it goes to a page “unfound” beware
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2 months ago, AllNicknameAreTaken1
They are con artist that steal your money.
At first I tried using their website to get access and pay for a single month every time I did this on their website the charges did not match the advertised amount. The two weeks access for $3 was asking for $23 and the one month for $6 was wanting to charge almost $80. My spouse insisted that they were able to get a month access on the app on their phone for $3 with no issue so I paid for flex jobs access for a month through the app (which actually charged what they said they would $3) and never got access to the app or their website. I called them they said they had no record of the purchase but I could see the subscription (on Apple subscriptions after paying with Apple Pay) and the charge on my account with the bank. Do not use their website or app. They steal your money and falsely advertise prices.
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4 months ago, ohmegan
Disappointed and regret purchasing subscription
I have been a subscribing member of FlexJobs for a few months. I bought a 1-year subscription because it was the best deal at the time. But I have not been satisfied with my experience. I feel that the types of jobs that are curated by FlexJobs are not very diverse in sector, field, or experience level. Most of the jobs are very corporatey white collar capitalist jobs at companies I’ve never heard of. There are also still jobs showing up that were posted in December, but are likely no longer hiring. I am also very disappointed in the lack of ability to filter by salary range. Overall, I regret paying to use FlexJobs, as there are many more job boards out there that have a wider range of jobs, more recent postings, more filter options, and are free or a lot cheaper.
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3 years ago, WorkingMomBuilt
The Best App to Find Scam-Free, High Quality Remote Jobs
When I began my first remote job search, I found mostly scams and short assignments that didn’t give me the stability I needed as a working parent. FlexJobs changed my future when I found a position that fit my life perfectly. The filters on the job search allow you to whittle your job search to your exact needs. Part-time versus full-time, whether travel is required, contract versus permanent. And you can save these searches to revisit with fresh listings. The app also offers access to articles that advise you on the best techniques to search for, interview for, and thrive in a remote, flexible job!
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3 years ago, AlexisRJS
This app is a game changer!!
I’ve been a FlexJobs member for years, and the various flexible freelance jobs I’ve landed from the site have changed my life. And I am beyond thrilled that FlexJobs now has an app! I love that I can now get push notifications from my saved searches, so I can quickly jump on new flexible job opportunities. The app is so easy to use and the interface design is sleek. I was also delighted by the balloon animation that was triggered after I marked my jobs as applied. Keep on rockin,’ FlexJobs Team!
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1 year ago, Instagram45988
Not worth the money
No free access or trial here. Assumed bc there wasn’t, this MUST be the app to download for my Remote Job Search…WRONG. The fact that I paid for this app, is what upsets me. So disappointed. Searching for jobs that are personalized to you is difficult. Spent 10 mins creating a search filters that I could save onto my profile - never saved! Disappeared. Do not receive daily emails of recommended jobs and when I do, they are not personalized to me at all. There is no filter for salary preference so I receive jobs that pay $12-14/hour 😐So when I enter a job title into the search bar without 2000+ results come back…80% of them being nothing related to what I’m looking for. I’ve had the app for almost a week now and have sent 2 applications. Better off downloading Indeed or ZipRecruiter…at least their free!
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7 months ago, Checkmatewon
Very small amount of actual jobs
So, here’s the deal. Customer service is Non-existent. I emailed them about 3 weeks ago and they never responded. Also all the reviews online are fake because if they don’t like your review they’ll ask whatever review company like trust pilot to take it down. I got mine removed because they told trust pilot. The jobs are only good if you have higher than a master's. And the small amount of jobs for undergraduate are slim and some just scam you for info. They say they screen but they don’t. I found about dozens of jobs who just wanted your info. Buyer beware. Don’t trust all those positive reviews. I paid with a promotion and would never pay full price for this. Look for coupons if you try because it’s not worth it for no jobs
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4 months ago, Skrillexxi
Not worth my money
I spent the $70 for the year and I wish I had not. On the pros of this, it is an awesome concept and there is room for improvement. I personally do not like this because it has been really hard to actually find jobs on here, 90% of what I see asks for a bachelors degree and I’m not qualified for (even data entry and administration assistance). I wish the algorithm or site would tailor to my qualifications instead of just throwing more jobs I can not do in my face.. I’ve played around and tried filters and still the same issue. The site has discouraged me quite a bit, and I’m looking to other places now to find remote work.
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3 years ago, RemoteWorkLover
Easy to use app to find flexible and remote work!
This app makes it super easy to search for flexible and remote jobs while on the go. I can save searches and save jobs making it easy to go back and see what I’ve already viewed. I also love that I can see upcoming events such as webinars related to job searches and click to register via zoom all through the app! Very clean, efficient and user friendly. Highly recommend for anyone job searching!
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2 years ago, Piink93
Yea this is a BIG NO!!!! Less than 1 star
They want you to give all ur info and then ask u to pay to show you jobs. If the app would have stated that in the beginning I wouldn’t have even gave my info. Why not jus charge for the app… Now that I’m reviewing the comments looks like they have bots commenting that this works all the positive review say the same stuff. One person said they’ve used this app for years … if you found a job and this app works so well WHY ARE YOU USING THIS APP FOR YEARS …. Once again jus charge for the app don’t need ur long paragraph about how the app works don’t ask for all people information saying the app is free then want us to pay. Best of luck 🙄
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3 years ago, JobSeekerMel
Trusted remote jobs on the go!
Super clean and simple extension of the FlexJobs service. I love all the resources and support that come with my account on the website (member events, learning center, etc) but being able to quickly search and save jobs while I’m on the go (or on my couch) is super convenient. I’m very pleased with the app and look forward to see what you add next.
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1 month ago, Mootya
Not worth it - sub par app outdated jobs
Got the trial for $2.95 search filters were limited so you have to scroll through hundreds of jobs. For the jobs that I wanted to apply, they were either already on Linkedin or other job boards or no longer available per the original website. Very inefficient. Desktop wouldnt accept credit card so had to download app and make purchase through apple store. No notification was sent prior to trial expiry so was charged for the full month. Tried to access it after charge only to find they canceled my access. Dont waste your time or money.
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2 years ago, RhododenronOR
Even with app this isn’t supported well on mobile
I tried taking several of the assessment quizzes but at the end I couldn’t see my results, I assume due to being in a mobile platform. The webpage wouldn’t load or the app would crash. I also can’t cancel my subscription via my mobile devices. You have to use a laptop or desk computer for that. So now I’ve paid for it even though I am not able to use the app for my I intended purpose. I use an iPhone 13 and an iPad with keyboard for all of my regular communication and work needs.
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7 months ago, sk8erd
I should have just went for the trial….
I wanted a side gig that didn’t involve me driving my car, and since flexjobs is known for posting real jobs, I had so much confidence in this that I dove right for the yearly subscription. After some digging and filtering out some stuff, I had 0 luck finding a job that could work for me…. And I feel really stupid not going for the trial membership…. I was looking for jobs like pet sitting, social media manager (a fun one) or even working at a skateshop. Nope, just saw a bunch of jobs that just weren’t for me…. 0 stars (if I could) ill give this app 5 stars if I can get my 60 dollars back.
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10 months ago, Infinate Directioner
Can’t Apply W/out Paying…
In todays job market where a masters degree, 4+ years experience, and front name on a peer-reviewed published research paper is considered entry level. Where 100+ job-specified applications and cover letters average zero (0) response. At a time when employers belly laugh when asked to respect an applicants time, spit in the face of streamlined onboarding processes, and are apparently unconcerned that 100s of prospective applicants are rotting aware in the spam box of the signatory “retiring next year” HR rep. Whatever lol idk but until you require more accountability from employers using your service I ain’t paying just to fill some humiliation kink.
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2 years ago, La la land land
I have to pay to apply for a job?
I am already working full time and I have decided to see if this app could introduce me to possible part-time gigs. I made an account with them years ago and decided to log back in to see my options. I immediately learned after logging in that I have to pay to see the job options? What? If I’m prospective employee who is unemployed and is looking for work to get $$$ in my pocket, why would you ask me to pay anything?? Doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, this app is not for me and I’ll be looking into how to permanently delete my account.
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3 months ago, pynkrosé
I STRONGLY ADVISE TO NOT download or make any purchases through this app. I made the 2.99 purchase for 1 month free, yesterday, March 24, 2024 at 7:32 pm, the payment was successful on my end but I didn’t have access to the account, the app wouldn’t let me pass the subscription page. I called the customer number, which was difficult to find btw, and told the representative my issue, he told me he see my account but doesn’t see my payment. How come if I have a receipt from my bank and from apple it self. JUST STAY AWAY‼️‼️ NEGATIVE ZERO STARS ‼️‼️(since I have to give a star 🙄)
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11 months ago, BbronzeGoddess
I didn’t even get the opportunity to use the app because it asked me for a payment. I read the reviews and decided against it after reading about how ineffective the search engine and filtered results are I was highly discouraged. A 1 month free trial should definitely be offered. Update: I’m gonna try it and see, hopefully my experience is better. I decided to try because it says “no scam job” and I’ve had a ton of experience with scammers and just want to eliminate the confusion and skepticism.
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3 years ago, KGBazzle
FlexJobs helped me find the work-life balance I needed
FlexJobs weeds out all of the work from home scams and only posts legitimate remote and flexible jobs. This app and a flexjobs membership is key for anyone looking for work-life balance. It’s easy to search for jobs and research companies that hire remote workers. The career coaches are very knowledgeable and help job seekers with resume writing and give excellent career advice. Love this app and love FlexJobs!
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3 years ago, DanMan1970
#1 app from the #1 job search site
This app rocks! I’ve been out of work for the last few months due to the pandemic, and have been a FlexJobs member ever since. The ability to easily access a huge database of legit employers offering flexible and remote jobs has been a game changer. The app has a rock solid design, a slick interface, and is super simple to use. Thanks FlexJobs!!!
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2 months ago, Mietaylor
Paid for it, downloaded it, nothing
I paid for the trial with the highest of hopes. I have no idea why; I should really know better. I put it on my phone and put my new shiny password in and…it was the incorrect password. Surely I’m not that tired but, ok. I reset it and tried again. No, it sent me again to the purchase page. So, even though I’ve already bought it, the Provo is going to continue to send me back to that screen. Fantastic. You can return my $2.95 for the 10 minutes I put into this. It was useless
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1 year ago, Burned Fool
FlexJobs is the best!
I don’t know what all the complaining is about. Invest in yourself and you will see returns. I didn’t want to pay either but I did it and got the year subscription. I haven’t gotten a job yet but I’m very happy with the services the site provide. The app is just garnishment.
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1 year ago, Jjla
Scammy app
I payed for the subscription and got no response from job applications, plus all the jobs are linked to other job sites, so pretty much if you focus on LinkedIn and Indeed, you can save the money. A complete waste of time. Update: The replies by whoever responds to these reviews are pathetic and complete lies. Somehow no one can leave their opinion and they can just learn, fix it and make it better. If you’re on the defensive all the time, maybe it’s time to look at what you offer and rethink it. The worst job site ever, for now…
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12 months ago, Phoebe LM
You have to pay just to see the jobs available
I’m not going to pay for a service if you can’t promise that you’re going to have decent jobs posted I have no idea how many jobs are posted or how many are in my range that I’m even interested in posted. Why pay for a service when there’s no knowledge of what types of jobs you’re offering. there are better ways to find a remote job. I’m guessing if the jobs are posted here they’re probably also posted on a free board anyway.
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3 years ago, maddiemcmahon
Flex Jobs Fabulous
Flex Jobs is Fabulous. The online instructions for some reason get through to me and I understand concepts that I have been trying to comprehend for many months. I am so much more optimistic about finding a good match and meeting my goals. Madeleine Mc Mahon
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3 weeks ago, Kr173@!
Incorrect Description re: basic features
It says in the description that you can access basic features before you subscribe, that is not true. You have to pay before you can access anything in this app. I specifically asked in the chat to this company “so what is written in the App Store is a lie? You have to pay to do anything in your App” and the response was, “Correct Kimberly”. Why would I trust an app that’s being misleading before I even use it?
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1 year ago, susie olarte
Doesn’t work
I pay, because they say it is 100% effective, but that is not true, they really steal your money I apply for a lot Jobs, and never received any email or any information about job, some jobs already find the person, but they still at the platform, that mean They don't update the platform, so You waste your time filling all your information here, because them You just need to fill everything again in the job pages, so no helpful.
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3 years ago, shin0409
Extremely frustrating
This is app is extremely frustrating. Not FlexJobs itself but just this app. I’ve reset my password several times and was able to login on the website but everytime I’ve used this app it says that my information is invalid. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. But everything works great on the website. It’s annoying and frustrating. And kinda inconvenient considering that being able to use the app is supposed to be a convenience 🙃
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7 months ago, Rere🥰33
Reading all the reviews has definitely helped me decide. There are way too many people saying the same things. What gets me is when customers receive a reply, they say all this about screening & search engine works for them, basically a whole lot of NO ACCOUNTABILITY or care for the customer that has paid them. I will be immediately uninstalling, especially since they don’t have customer service. Glad I didn’t pay!
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4 months ago, Vibe 2022
I signed up and paid the offer price through Apple Pay and when I go to log in, it keeps trying to get me to pay it again. I’m looking for remote work so figured it was worth a try for the promotional price. Not so. I have my Apple receipt and I expect you guys to make it right. Update: when I tried to report it to app developers to get my money back, it said “Spam Identified” so they definitely get their negative responses so they do not have to respond.
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1 year ago, NestPest
They don’t really care about you
How are y’all going to charge broke people obviously looking for a job?? YALL ARE CHARGING TO FIND JOBS. Really? In this economy? Edit bc of response: LOL be fr. “you can still use the app” NOT YOU CANNOT yeah you can open the app and scroll around but to actually see any information about any jobs posted you have to PAY. So no you can’t still use the app without paying. Don’t you charge these companies in order to have them posted? This is just greed.
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2 years ago, Brelove07
Worst App Ever
If people are looking for a job why charge for the service? Job apps are supposed to help people find a job so that they may be able to provide for their families and themselves. Charging someone to help find a job is the biggest scam I’ve ever come across. I wouldn’t recommend this app to my worst enemy. Whoever reads this comment please go to free apps that actually care about helping you find a job and not trying to charge for a service to fill their pockets.
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3 years ago, kaavar
Back the beginning ?
When you click on the search icon for “find jobs” and then you scroll and find one, click on it to read it, then you hit back ( top left) it takes you to the very beginning of the list in which you’d usually wanna go back and continue right where you left off instead . Super annoying
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2 months ago, nowmaria
App stuck on loading screen several times
I only got to enjoy the app for about a week until it got stuck on the loading screen. Both times I deleted and reinstalled the app and was able to get in ok. Once I leave the app and return, I’m stuck on the loading screen. Not sure what’s going on but it was useful when I was able to access it. Been using the browser instead
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9 months ago, 🌻Alexismachine🌻
Great so far
I like It a lot better than the free websites I’m so tired of scam jobs which I’ve had zero since going to this website but I haven’t found a job either hope I find something soon
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10 months ago, screaming melon
Asks for payment AFTER asking for your info
It requires a subscription to access, which is fine, but it makes no effort to mention that until after you give it your info. Also, why would I have the money to pay for an app if I am actively looking for a job? Seems like a joke to me. Congrats to those of you who are able to afford a subscription to help you look for a job, but that’s not me 🤣
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3 years ago, PamTulip
Love love this app!!!!
I just love the clean, uncluttered look. It’s so easy to navigate and I much prefer using the app to the website because it’s just so much easier to find exactly what I need!! This is great, and I will be recommending this on my Next Door neighborhood group.
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1 year ago, G91mm
A total scam
This app is a scam. It keeps sending you to the initial page and subscription page. When you buy the subscription it takes you back the initial page where you choose what type of job are you looking for and it keeps doing that back and forth. You can’t claim your money back and if you cancel and renew in that very moment it charges you again. Never got to see the job list.
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3 years ago, Thundefan1984
Fantastic app for finding a remote job!
Awesome site for finding remote work during pandemic times. 10 out of 10 would recommend for anyone looking for flexible work options. Great for working parents too.
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3 months ago, Love this game.!
Doesn’t work
The app just spins it never loads. I removed it and redownloaded it and it worked once. When I timed out I couldn’t get it to load again. I’m not sure what the bug is but it won’t work. I pay for the subscription and I’m disappointed I’m limited to using it when I’m at home on my laptop. The mobile site is alright but the mobile app when it works is better.
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1 year ago, Mariiis2021
So far so good but just a ?
I’ve applied to 13 jobs so far and I like the whole process but today I was messaged by what was obvious a scam . Idk if they got my info from here or another app. Are all the jobs legit?
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1 month ago, anonybnm
Price and Function
Paying this much for a service, you’d think that the search function in the app would work better than it does and now it won’t even properly sort by date. I haven’t had much luck with the service anyway not sure I should have let it renew. 😢
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8 months ago, Zildjianflord
Pay before you get a job?
You have to understand, most people in here aren’t looking to pay, they’re looking to get paid. Some maybe employed, some maybe not. So before getting people to pay you they’re money, maybe you should find them a job first, and then charge them. Like a fee.
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2 months ago, tyloriam
The Application is Broken
I downloaded the app, created an account with my Apple ID, and then bought a subscription (no free option/ trial? Really?) . After which, I attempted to log in, but each time it took me back to the subscription page. Fortunately it didn’t double charge me, but every time I select the subscription I chose it took me back to the login screen. A never ending loop.
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