Flexmls For Real Estate Pros

2.1 (357)
62.5 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flexmls For Real Estate Pros

2.09 out of 5
357 Ratings
4 months ago, the1who tried it
Been using app for only a few days after using realcomp for 7 years. It’s quite different but not a challenge to learn. I switched over only because I’m apart of gmar and wanted to stay however this mls is not showing all listed homes. Saw a listing today, that my client suggested, found in showing time and came home to write offer and can’t find the listing on flex although it’s active on rpr and everywhere else! I’m confused about if this is a bug or are we only limited to certain listing? There are a few homes in my neighborhood for sale but I can’t even pull them up on this mls. If it’s limited to only member listings it’s not worth. This does not help me to look knowledgeable with clients if they’re finding listings that I can’t.
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2 years ago, amccray88888
Wish this app could be adapted for iPads
I have this feeling often regarding apps; but this app is an important tool for real estate professionals, many of whom use an iPad when showing clients information in person (the screen is bigger than your phone but not as clunky as opening and closing a laptop). I wish this company in particular would invest in an iPad interface that gives more than just an enlarged version of the phone app. The opportunity to create a phone app/desktop site hybrid exists and would be well-received by the real estate professionals community.
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5 years ago, ScottRydr
Complete lack of care for design
Please make it so the iPad version can be used in landscape mode!!!!!This is an incredibly important app for realtors such as myself, and really the only avenue for tracking listings. I have to say I have never worked with an app that holds so much potential but who’s creators/gatekeepers have so little care. This app is painful to use. It can’t even do something as simple as save search settings, or remember past address looked up. The MLS staff need to spend one month with a handful of realtors and work out all of the backwards, time wasting nonsense this app forces you through to see and handle listings. It would be great to see our dues put to work on the number 1 took in our tool box.
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2 years ago, Steady Faithful User
This is worthless since the last Flexmls update
I used to literally use this app all the time, virtually everyday. Since Flexmls ‘syncing’ with our local board this app has been frustrating and actually a hinderance to my productivity. It prompts you to login every time you open the app only to pull in the website and tell you that you’re already logged in and to go to the member portal (which also is the website and defaults to the computer version, not mobile). After all that, you can’t move around.. if you want to go to a saved search or back out of wherever you went first.. it backs out to the login. Super frustrating!!!
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4 years ago, Applecaj
MLS woes mostly, some good points
Just like the site, I find the MLS App to be hard to use. My Hotsheet Filter, the best part of the system, doesn’t seem to be able to handle a search of too many areas at once. I’m reinstalling the App because it’s slow and, frankly, an embarrassment at showings when I’m trying to receive data quickly. I usually have to use other sites out in the field because it is not user friendly. Also, pictures are small, and less than ideal for presentation. I do like being able to set up very specific search parameters for clients though.
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1 year ago, rwarrell
Acting buggy
It’s taking forever for photos to load as well as for anything in flex MLS to load up while using this app. My iPhone 14 is completely updated, and I keep checking the App Store to make sure there aren’t any updates that need to be made with flex MLS’s app. I usually don’t have problems with the app, but it has been really hard to use it lately because it’s very slow, regardless of whether or not I’m hooked up to Wi-Fi or if I’m using my cell phone signal. Please fix this ASAP.
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6 years ago, MickeyMcR
Technology in the form of software applications can be incredibly powerful and useful tools. Unfortunately, any app can be a huge waste of time when the learning curve exceeds its intended purpose. FlexMLS seems to have an endless number of quirky, glitchy behaviors that have plagued me over the course of the 10 months I have attempted to employ it to enhance my business. I wish it were more intuitive or that time would resolve the seemingly constant interruptions and challenges to my workflow. It has exhausted me. Customer service has offered palliative, but too often ineffective results to my challenges. Scrap it and cut your losses. Bandaids aren’t the solution.
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5 years ago, ARMLS Flex User
Learn the App Flex MLS
The app is useful since it provides the same information as the desk top version. If, you don’t discover the app, you will think it is limited in applications but after using it constantly I have found all the information I need such as tax & HOA information. There is no difference in the use of the desk top vs. the app other than how you view and find information. Love it!
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4 years ago, ChuckAZRealEstatePro
Worst App I’ve ever used since they started making apps. Impressively bad
I downloaded this app from the App Store for my IPad. The app only uses about 20% of my IPad screen. I have my IPad on a keyboard in landscape orientation. The app does not rotate. It’s about the size of my cell phone on the IPad. Somebody needs to hire a professional to scrap this app and start over. This must be some result from nepotism to get someone’s kid out of the basement during the day and do something. Nobody would hire someone this incompetent to design an app unless it was for family or under some sort of duress. Anyways. Just fire this provider and hire another company please!!!
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3 months ago, SauerPauer
Can't add contacts - can't change status'
Bummer that I'd like to add my contact to portal or save a search and create a new contact. You can't even create a contact and save. There's no easy "email listings". I've designed plenty of software programs with our IT and this is the most useless app for professionals on an iPad on the road! The searches are ridiculous and how you save searches in your regular MLS does not transfer over to this useless app. Phone, name email does not save!
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2 years ago, Alston Art
This app on the iPhone is not very user friendly, it is cumbersome. The app on the I pad is worse. It looks like the same version and size that is on the iPhone, hence a total waste to have an iPad to show clients larger images of properties. I bought an iPad to give my clients a better experience when digitally looking for a home/property but this app doesn’t offer an iPad option.
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3 months ago, tim bowditch
Great for iPhone But lacking iPad Support
I use FlexMLS everyday, and it’s the #1 resource I rely on for all I do in my work. The app improvements over the years have been timely and helpful, for which I am grateful. But I am quite surprised that the App has not been expanded to be suited for iPad so that realtors can engage buyers and sellers with the local comps and neighborhood data on a larger screen.
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2 years ago, bluedevil3s
Missing features
App is ok, a little clunky in UI, but serviceable. However, it’s missing the ability to approve concierge searches (auto searches set up for agent preview). I asked about it and there were no plans to add this feature. Why? For producers managing a huge lead volume, it’s critical functionality and saves us from opening a laptop. Approving these is the first thing many agents do in the morning.
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1 year ago, RogerGhostRider
More of the same
Seems its been a long time in request for this, but an IPad full screen option would be wonderful. I want to cut down on printing paper, so went an IPad direction. Wish I wouldn’t have to use Zillow when talking to customers and looking through listings with them. The cell phone size app on my iPad looks terrible
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5 years ago, SpencerAlger
Not THAT bad
The reviews here are overwhelmingly negative, but I think the app is usable and quite powerful. Don't get me wrong, there's a learning curve, but I find the app to be pretty stable and useful so far. I do think it's a shame there isn't an iPad version. Have you tried using the website on an iPad? It's mostly possible, with extra patience, but having the app there would be so much better.
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5 years ago, nebuha
Maps disappeared and returned just a day after!!!
I gave it three stars review just few days ago because map option disappeared. I’m very pleased with respond and fixing it in short period of time. My favorite app is back in full power. This app should definitely have FIVE STARS REVIEWS!!!!
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4 years ago, AlinaGR
This app is simply awesome
Take it from someone who has used CRMLS app, the dreaded i-Tech app and a slew of other wannabe apps. This app is a Realtor’s dream come true. Honestly I can’t believe why this is not getting 6 stars. It gives me every single thing I need to find homes faster and delight my clients. The photos are amazing and while the other apps lagggggg behind due to cumbersome coding. Flex Pro is whipping through searches faster than I can type. Awesome job developers. Bravo. You folks should be congratulated and rewarded for this. *Unbiased and unsolicited testimonial from a local Realtor
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2 years ago, Alier10
Cannot search listings
I was perfectly fine with the app until this most recent update. Now I can’t type in an address to search. When I type in an address, this listing will show, but when I actually click the address to view the listing, it just keeps saying “results error, there was an error retrieving this listing”. I literally cannot search listings by address at all! Super frustrated right now!
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1 year ago, therealt614
Turn off Comparable
I use this app constantly and consistently. I find I am no longer able to search individual properties but now can only see Comparables? This is not an efficient way for me to work on my feet, while out showing homes. How can I turn this off, or can the app return to allowing the end user to decide how to search? Thanks
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4 years ago, Cheets 1045
Frustrating! Terrible Search Capability
Probably my most disliked App for real estate. I find it almost embarrasing as a Realtor to use other Apps when with a client to find a listing they have interest in. My newest frustration is sharing a Listing. It wont load to send via Text and if sent by email to a contact it does not indicate if sent! So you have no clue if they got the link! Like I said frustrating and embarrasing!
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2 years ago, Snoopy4972
Pictures are’t loading
Not sure if it’s a recent app update or not, but pictures take forever to load when viewing a listing & when you expand pictures to view larger. iOS 15.3.1 iPhone 12 mini. Had the problem last year and then it was fine until last week or the week before. 3/2/22.
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3 years ago, Reelator
Can’t log in on my phone
I used to be able to get in to the app on my phone no problem. Now it won’t let me type in my password! So frustrating when trying to do business on the road!
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2 years ago, quincydubois
Ugh. Hate it. Makes me glad I am quitting this business.
Want something as simple as info on an address? Sure. You can get that! Just spend five minutes typing in search criteria and hope that along the way you don’t hit something wrong. This app is great for the developers who work with it all day long and lousy for agents who are too busy to learn app languages and need info quick and easy.
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2 years ago, tloco4
terrible app
It never pulls up active listings if I search for it through a street name. I end up having to reference zillow to get street numbers details. I search through the listing agent. it also doesn’t give me opportunity to search coming soon listings through a listing agent. I also don’t like that I can’t do change/update listings from the app, it only lets you search for homes.
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2 years ago, Chernico1
Docs and printing
Documents do not print correctly when using the app from an Apple mobile device. I normally have to go to the desktop website to get the documents to print correctly. Defeats the whole purpose of the app.
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4 years ago, ChrisHarney
Maybe in 2021
Well it’s been a full 2 years now for me, and lots of people asking to be able to use the app in landscape mode on an iPad. The developers simply refuse. This is the only app I know of that you can’t rotate the screen. It’s useless on the iPad because I use a keypad and cannot use it in portrait mode. Listen to the people for crying out loud ! I know it’s useless to keep asking, they will never give us the app that we need, but I try nonetheless. Sigh.
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6 years ago, shelleysells4u
Waste of time
Will not even except my password. I have been using the desk top side of FLEX for many years. I link into it on my phone and it does not work great so I decided to download this app. Unbelievable that they cannot even create an app that will except my password which I have years and years. Not particularly motivated to use an app that cannot handle the most basic function required to use it.
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2 years ago, taddle3
I am having a major issue opening this on my phone. It says my pw wasn’t saved properly but won’t let me in to change it. The app is working fine on my Mac and IPad. I have tried to delete it to re-load but I can only remove from my screen not delete from library. Very frustrating!!
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4 years ago, abqedgar
Full of Technical Bugs
I don’t have any choice I have to use it as a licensed real estate agent. Ever since they changed vendors now it is full of so many bugs and issues I have to log out and reset the app all the time. Such a disappointment they need to make this work especially if we have to pay a monthly fee on this I would expect a decent working version.
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4 years ago, Johnnyretail
Powerful but maybe 1 or 2 things missing
Powerful and does a lot, maybe a function or two it could have
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4 years ago, smendez0112
Haven’t been able to log in for a month
My desktop password works to log in but does not with the app. When I called they said it was an ongoing issue with no resolution date. Before that I had no issues with this app and used it regularly.
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3 years ago, Victor Agu
iPad compatibility
Would be great if we can get a landscape view on tablets. The app has a lot of potential but is currently not the best app to give “walk through” data or show clients basic market information.
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4 years ago, bsd55
Very badly designed. Not user friendly at all. If you have more then one MLS there is no way to log out of the app to log into mls in a different area, and they give no way to combine them on the app, their online support told me I needed to download a second app, but they don’t have a second app? So the customer support it just as useless as the app
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4 years ago, RySpi
Need an iPad version
The app is helpful when touring with clients for quick access to information but there NEEDS to be an iPad version...or the iPhone version needs to be able to orient to a landscape mode for use on the iPad.
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2 years ago, MrsJennerBug
Glitches at the worst times
I’d love this app … if it worked. Being able to use from my phone would be great , but this app constantly freezes and won’t open. I have to delete the app and reinstall it constantly, and always at the worst times.
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2 years ago, MyTeapot123
So out of date
Looking at the reviews from over a year ago, they still haven’t resolved the login issues. It won’t accept my login on the app. Desktop is fine but this app is useless. Don’t even install it is my advice. You’ll be deleting it soon after.
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1 year ago, Whitegardenias
Update mistake
Please fix the search error that occurs. When searching the address typed in comes up in a list of others that when clicked DOES NOT take you to that listing but a list of other properties that may or may not include your searched address.
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2 years ago, rmproperty
Awful connection issues
I have been trying to log into this program since yesterday. Contact the helpdesk and they seem to not even understand the issue. It’s a total waste to have it if he’s not going to work properly.
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4 years ago, KTay2016
Won’t even let me log in anymore
Wasn’t having any issues, but now it is saying there is a problem with authorization when I try to log in. I can log in to the website just fine, just not the app. Sure hope someone can fix this because it is very frustrating.
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2 months ago, ctsams
Worst App Ever
If I could give less than one start, I would. Its 2024..how about making the app more ipad friendly?? You have been getting this feedback for years! It’s just too hard to use on mobile devices..and shocker…most agents are mobile????
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2 years ago, I produce more than i consume
Ease of use
Convenient with just enough for a quick look up
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2 years ago, islam alhasan
Great app
Easy to use. Works great. Everything is clear and the design is fantastic!
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5 years ago, LadyM212
Was the “driving directions” link removed?
Use it A LOT and need it, but don’t see the link anymore. If it has been removed, please put it back. It’s one of the very best features of the app.
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6 years ago, user768932
The only app you need
Why use Zillow, Redfin and others? If you’re serious you’ll only use the MLS and your agent’s expertise.
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1 year ago, Scubaproflip
This app used to be solid, but something bad happened… now I can only see maybe 100 listings. I have reset the settings, logged out and then back in, and deleted and reinstalled the app and the issue persists… please fix this problem.
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2 years ago, ZAM1992!
Non functioning text Links
I’ve been sending links to my clients from the app through text non of them have been working lately. I can’t count how many times I use this function in a day, it has now cost me some business.
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2 years ago, lessiejane
Please fix!
Since my MLS - the Greenwich MLS updated their platform this app has been impossible to use. It’s very difficult bc clients expect to ask questions and get answers on the go. The fact that Zillow out performs the MLS apps is sad. We should have something that works
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4 years ago, AnoAnomaly
Stop requiring cookies in safari
I can’t use this app because my privacy is more important to me than your data unnecessary collection. Quit being greedy and just fix this so I can log in and use your app again When are you gonna fix it and respond to us?
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3 years ago, Zwolf7
Can’t even use it landscape mode.
I’m an agent paying monthly fees for this app and yet I can’t use it on my IPad in landscape mode. Honestly, apple should not allow these apps to be listed here for IPad If they can’t go landscape mode. Weird that you can only go landscape mode when viewing the pictures....???
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3 years ago, MelvinVillageLady
Has Fatal Flaw That Needs to Be Fixed
I cannot use the app to text or email a listing to a client because it has the listing agent’s name and contact information. This wasn’t always like this. Please fix this because the app is easy to use and could be outstanding again.
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