Flight Schedule Pro

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Flight Schedule Pro
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Flight Schedule Pro

3.72 out of 5
518 Ratings
5 years ago, US Cyber Airman
Well Rounded however...
Not going to give it 3 stars bc I’m generous. The app does what it intended. I just wish the GUI was a bit cleaner and was capable of fitting screens of various platforms (ie iPad and larger smart phones) Considering how wide spread the use of iPad and phone such as the iPhone X Max and other “+” models, you would hope they would at the very least fill the screen. I’m just being nit picky bc I care about the technology I use and this is the face of my flight clubs scheduling platform. It wasn’t developed by them, but it does represent their image, indirectly.
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12 months ago, Trust me 462606
Not very great
The app lacks all the features of the website. You can’t see details on planes such as upcoming maintenance or ground-able issues until you book a flight making it a hassle to book a flight. You can’t filter any of the planes or instructors in the app. When booking a flight if you don’t go to the calendar window to pick a day and just scroll through each day it will just pick a day to stay on and won’t update the schedule to the day you picked adding another layer of difficulty to booking a flight. And finally the app sometimes just doesn’t work it will stay on the opening screen forever and won’t let you into the app or get stuck on some other loading screen in the app the the point where I’ve had to close and open the app multiple times just to book a flight or view my current flights. Overall it’s fine for checking what you have booked but beyond that just use the website.
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7 years ago, BajaKitesurfer
This App. is Great !
If you’ve ever had the old paper calendar at a busy flight school you’ll feel like your walking on the moon with this App. Now finally you have 24/7 schedule access to airplanes & instructors It’s Great - you can now schedule in real time and even cancel & reschedule if need be. Also, when other people cancel or change/reschedule you are able to see all of that too, in real time - you can also leave comments on your reservations such as ‘ will fly on if CAVU VFR Conditions on this day ‘. It really helps everybody more efficiently schedule the aircraft and instructors too. I’ve been using the App. now about two years , it has worked Flawlessly for me - Highly Recommend it.
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3 years ago, Bob Potatoes
Needs more functions and features
The FSP app is great for checking schedules, and creating, deleting, and adjusting reservations quickly, but unfortunately that’s about the extent of its capability. It would be tremendously better if you could perform most of the functions of the desktop website, such as view customer information, view student profiles, look up users in the system, complete syllabus training, generate invoices, and so on. Half the time I use FSP on my phone I end up having to pull up safari and log in on the web browser because the app can’t do what I need to do. This is quite annoying and effectively defeats the purpose of even having an app in the first place. It would be awesome if these features could be added!
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5 years ago, Matt Hatten
Great Update! With a bug.
With the added iPhone X, and Xs support this app feels great. Dark mode is amazing. Only gripe is that sometimes on the “Schedule” page, the times are not correct for the first instructor (the very highest instructor on the page). They are sometimes wrongly listed as 1 hour in the past. For example, when I see another instructor below the highest instructor have a student from 8AM-10AM, on the same time block for the highest instructor it will show them from 7AM-9AM.
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3 years ago, Hayden_CMH
Seemingly too simple
Compared to the website, the FSP app is extremely simple and lacks basic features and UI elements. I’d like to see an option to view the schedule vertically for example, as a phone screen is taller than it is wide. That feature is available on the website. I’d also like to see (only) my reservations in calendar form, on one screen for the entire month. There’s a balance between simplicity and functionality, and I think there is still more work to do on that front for FSP, hopefully these are addressed soon.
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2 years ago, sunday sunday sunday
Could be better
The FSP app is pretty good for quickly checking scheduled flights and availability in the schedule to pencil in more flights. However it could be better. The app should mirror the desktop version in its capability but it does not. I’d love to be able to open the app and check my flight account balance with my school or access the progress pages but I simply can’t with the app. The app is super limited in its capabilities and I think it could be improved.
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8 years ago, bfcoats2
Good start ... Needs more
I like this app for checking my flight schedule. It would be nice if I could pull up a user's profile information, or more specifically, their email or phone number, by just touching their name. It would also be nice to have multiple options for viewing the schedule, like horizontal vs. vertical or day vs. week. I do think this app has a more effective filter than their website's. Overall, this app is useful, but limited. It's a great start worthy of further development.
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3 years ago, kennymig
Finger print log in?
Update. App isn’t very useful if I can’t log in. For the last several days I keep getting an “invalid session token provided”. The app is fine and from a basic aero club member using it for scheduling, it does what it should. I’ve not experienced any glitches, but have one request. Unless I’m missing it somewhere would love to use fingerprint to log in. Currently I have to type my email address and password every time i use the app.
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1 year ago, Sonicaidanj Studios
Great app, missing some features
Overall, the functionality of this app is great. However, it is missing some features from the web version. Things such as fleet overviews and account balance (more so the latter) should be here. All web features should be integrated wherever possible.
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2 years ago, user010177
iPhone 16 software token issues: resolved after deleting app and reinstalling
Update: FSP immediately responded within 2 min of support ticket. Deleted app and reinstalled correctly. Latest software update and FSP no longer allow me to use the app on my phone. I’m able to log in on a browser but get token error issues on the app.
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5 years ago, aviatruax
Lost great features
I used to LOVE the app, but with the new update, I can’t see my personal schedule for the week. I can only see my daily schedule or my school’s overall schedule. I also miss the ability to pull up the month in a calendar form so I know what day of the week correlates to the day of the month I’m looking for (so when I want to search for three Thursdays out, I can just pull up the calendar and see where that is rather than finding which date correlates with the day) Please bring those features back!
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2 months ago, I am Steve Ercal
Fixed something that wasn’t broken
As an instructor it used to be only 2-3 clicks and I could update a reservation be it maintenance or cancel for weather now it seems like a whole process to basically recreate the whole reservation. Website is still the same why fix the app when it worked just the way it needed to. New update feels clunky and unoptimized. More trouble than it’s worth rather just go to the website now it’s easier.
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5 years ago, strngneck
Great App!
I love the his app. I can easily book, view and edit my schedule all from the app. I had some issues (user error) when I first got started and contacted customer service, they helped resolve my issue very quickly. Highly recommended! Please, please, please give us the ability to sync our schedules on FSP with other calendars, namely Apple’s calendar.
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4 years ago, Micky miller
Much Needed Update
There’s a lot of hate towards the older versions of the app. In all honesty I was one of them. Their developer clearly read all the reviews before building ver 2.2.4 because they overhauled the entire app. The bugs and crashing has been fixed and the layout is readable. It’s finally worth using.
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8 years ago, D3AdPo0l
Easy To Setup
Great app. Allows me to quickly schedule and view my upcoming training flights or find out which aircraft is available. A few added features would be nice, profile photo, ability to zoom out on the schedule, but other than that, a handy app to have on my iPhone. Thanks guys!
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1 year ago, did dave review it?
Additional Features
Great app. Could be taken to the next level if users could add invoices, pay for flights, add money to accounts, etc from the app itself instead of having to get on a desktop or use the web browser version.
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5 years ago, Tallpilot19
Needs Updating
Works great on the iPhone, but when using it on an iPad you have to be in portrait mode. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, the new iPad Pro’s with the keyboard are always landscape. An update to add a version for the iPad/ipad Pro would be great. It also would be nice to have the ability to add to your calendar from the app instead of having to login to the web-based version.
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8 years ago, Dklumb
Good start
I like the graphic design of the app and a lot of the features are also quite nice. But is is lacking a little bit. It needs some type of reminding system or integration with the phones calendar. Other than that it's a good app that has potential to get better.
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5 years ago, rafapova7
New update is awful
Now when I try to schedule new times it doesn’t give me the day of the week that I’m looking at. As an example, if I want to schedule new times on every Tuesday Saturday of next month, all it will say when looking into next month is the month and numbered day of the month. So I have to check a schedule to see which days are Tuesday and Saturday instead of the app just telling me when I go to search. So dumb
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5 years ago, pilot 1996
Individual schedule needs to be reverted back to the old version
I can no longer see all of my individual reservations that I have coming up, it shows all of the instructors at once. The old version allowed us to view our schedule, being a flight instructor, and all of the reservations we had coming up all at once without having to go to the schedule page and clicking each individual day to see. This needs to be fixed!!!
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1 year ago, TechyMark
Great Service, Not So Great App
I love the FSP service but apps are supposed to improve the web experience. This app is a bit more sluggish than the website and at least I can save my login on the website. The app regularly signs me out automatically even on the same day of using it. It makes loading the website on your iPad easier than loading the app.
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6 years ago, Jlorion21
Works great
Works great and as it should. UI is easy to use and it makes scheduling training flights easy. Only thing I could wish for is better support for the IPhone 10, the bottom and top of the screen gets cut off.
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7 years ago, Johnecakes
Works great but lacks in features
Perhaps keeping it simple is a good thing however I’d like to see some basic low hanging fruit added. I’m really surprised the app doesn’t offer reminders for scheduled flights or integration with my calendar. I also find it odd that when booking a solo flight I have to choose between CFI flight and CFI ground even though I’m not booking a CFI.
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8 years ago, US_Marine_Sgt
Quick, easy, and useful.
Just started and love the idea that I am able to use this app. Very fast, easy, and useful app to view/create appointments for ground, flight, or anything else that would be needed. Highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, Lazy NJ
So easy and convenient.
So much better than the old days of paper scheduling. You can schedule, cancel or just check availability from anywhere at anytime on your phone, makes life so much easier.
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3 months ago, jthendricksSF
Solid app
Works as advertised, stable, easy to use. Some additional features to help integrate with my mobile device’s calendar(s) would make managing multiple reservations easier.
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5 years ago, Bsnyder13
Great program and app provides mobile access
Great software takes the place of three programs in one. Well thought out and great customer support. The company listens and continues to provide what flight schools need.
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6 years ago, archikó télos
Pretty Simple to Use
My school has recently made the change to FSP. This game platform actually has an app unlike the previous one I used which was only available in website format.
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6 years ago, 68195938
Lacking One Major Feature
FSP is a great desktop product, but the app is lacking one important feature. You cannon check in/out aircraft in the app. You need to load the desktop version on your phone to check in/out. If they ever incorporate this feature, I’ll give it 5 stars. However it seems the developer has not issued an update in years, so I’m not holding my breath.
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6 years ago, Bbqsauceboy
Good Start
I agree with the previous review, that he gets the job done for scheduling. I just wish it had more features, such as more information about the airplanes, airport, or instructors. It also takes a bit to load parts of the schedule. Changing days seems a little clunky and laggy.
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1 year ago, Thinblueline911
App needs more features
Please add more features in the app that are present on the website version including the ability to view aircraft squaks and other MX issues. Also needed is the ability to have the app ‘remember’ login info or enable Face ID for rapid sign in. Adding these features would increase my rating of the app.
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5 years ago, warior-3
Easy to use
This app quick and easy way to schedule. If your flight school is like mine, the prime time slots go very quickly and this is an easy way to keep on top of the schedule.
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4 days ago, Jstendback1
App is not good at its only job
I never know when I'm scheduled as there are constant bugs that lead to schedules being inaccurate. Scheduling is harder than it needs to be, provide an option where I can filter out aircraft and instructors. When I schedule a lesson it changes the times I select so I always have to modify my booking immediately after I book.
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1 month ago, Jose the aviator
Issue editing an existing reservation
When trying to update a reservation to cancel it because of weather, for example, the app requires all details to be entered ( customer , airplane, instructor, etc) as if it was new reservation. Please fix. Thanks!
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3 years ago, shaggymarine
Glitchy, unreliable.
I often get the “check your internet connection” failure message, even when I am able to use other web-enabled apps. This happens so often that I cannot count on the app to deliver reliable data. I want to like it. But this needs to improve. The desktop version is fine.
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1 year ago, Markymark1237
Just OK
The the app so limited that I can’t even sync to my electronic flight book and it’s very annoying to have the app, but only be able to do everything or anything just on the website.
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5 years ago, Grant-KY
Not bad at all
I can’t really complain, which must mean I like it. It seems a little clunky on the calendar on the phone. In other words, a little tricky to see, but it is fairly functional.
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4 years ago, Jordan Bolch
Top Gun
This is a great app and very helpful. I wish it had the ability to sync my appointments with Google Calendar or Apple. Overall really enjoying the experience.
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5 years ago, embroad
Does not work with iOS 13.
It’s a great app, and very good for reminding me about my upcoming flight lessons. I installed iOS 13 two days ago and when I open the app it crashes. I have also attempted to restart my phone but nothing changes. Please fix this issue.
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3 years ago, CG Pilot
Worked for a while
It worked great for a while (so I gave it 2 stars) but now it says “invalid session token provided,” and asks me to select my company, which I can’t because there are no options. I know it’s the app because I can still log in on my computer.
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5 years ago, 172Capt
This long awaited update is night and day different than the old one. The only thing missing is the ability to set push notifications.
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5 years ago, Johnny_Flores14
Great App BUT
Can you make it compatible with IPads. Use my IPad to navigate in foreflight a lot and would make it more better if the app fit the screen.
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3 years ago, Vikingberserk55
Good app. Needs notifications.
Good for scheduling and looking at the schedule. Please update so it will send me notifications for the date for my reservations
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3 years ago, Royal_J_808
Invalid token
Every single time I’ve tried to login for the past 2 weeks I’ve received “invalid token” after I enter my email and password. I’m not the only one, my students are experiencing the same problem and we have no idea how to resolve this issue.
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7 years ago, PilotJoel
Depends on user how useful this is to them.
So the app does show your schedule...but that’s about it. You cannot see full day schedule (whole fleet), or schedule an event, or even add an event shown to your calendar app of choice like website. Very limited and hasn’t been updated in two years according to App Store
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2 years ago, aegis0303
Meh. Website is better
The website offers better functionality. The app is not great and the schedule is terrible compared to website. 3 stars is generous.
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5 years ago, Fickthisnicknameshit
Good, simple scheduler
App functions well as a scheduler, no extra stuff that I don’t need. Has a few nice format options for calendar too.
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5 years ago, slapthemonkey32
Wow! Beautiful update
Just wow! This new update makes the once ungly app look great! There's some bugs that need some fixing still but my gosh the redesign looks great!
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1 month ago, Change it morons
Dark/Night mode
New update gives you the option of seeing things as dark blue and black and no way to change UI color. Blank spaces are dark blue and unavailable is black. How incredibly dumb. That’s an unbelievably basic thing to have.
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