Flip a Coin App

4.5 (1.6K)
104.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
App Tyrant Corp
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flip a Coin App

4.46 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
5 months ago, SBila71
It flips a coin
First I’ll let you know that I NEVER give anything a 5⭐️ rating, because that would say that it’s perfect, but everyone knows, or should know that nothing is or will ever be perfect. There’s always room for improvement no matter what anyone thinks. This app does what it’s supposed to do so I like it , thanks for making this app available for free.
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3 years ago, CalebCornFlakes
Married my best-friend
I got this coin flip app because I don’t know how to make any decisions for myself, it’s started small, what to eat, what to drink... but then people started asking me, want to go here? Want to go there? I would flip my coin (heads = yes, Tails=no) and decide from there no questions. The coin app decided that I’d quit my job and travel to Colorado where the coin flip app made me go into this bar, where the coin flip app made me ask if she wanted a drink, after 2 years with the app realizing that this is the moment I wanted to live in, I made 1 final flip.. and I asked the question “would you marry me” Thank you coin flip app for getting me to where I am right now <3 Follow my band Postcards From The Moon on all social media sites
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1 year ago, Auntie AdiWest
Helps Me Make Decisions
I literally use this when I can’t decide between 2 things, like what to watch or where to eat dinner. It also helps end fights between kids. No one carries money around anymore, I don’t have pennies in my pocket like the old days, so this is great. I like to set it to the Susan B Anthony dollar, but you can set it to any coin you want. The sound effect is fun too. There really is an app for everything!
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4 years ago, awesome guy greg
Awesome coin flip
You know when I first saw the app on the App Store I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I never knew how easy it was to get such a top of the line coin flipper for such a small price. It really opened up my world and made me realize I’m not worthless anymore. I can be something in this world if I try and that’s all that matters. Thank you coin flip app for teaching me this I will forever be in debt if you.
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3 years ago, cenuiunhdcwhub
For some reason I would want to make it where the penny can Landon it’s side after around 6000 flips because I landed a nickel and it took me a full week also the odds are 1|6000. Plz add it
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4 years ago, lappsfapps
A masterpiece
With the power of this app I no longer struggle making decisions in my life. I simply let fate decide any move I make with the help of this app. Whether it is helping me choose a restaurant to go to, or simply the outfit I wear, this app has solved every possible problem anyone could ever think of. Thank you.
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6 years ago, chuckychaz
Beautiful and detailed
My buddy and I were looking for a new way to connect over an iPhone game. He recommended this game to me so I tried it. I COULD NOT BELIEVE how beautiful the interface was. I immediately got sucked into the game, playing for hours at a time. It feels so immersive and real. You can not find a better iPhone game.
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5 years ago, Girl ID
Life saver
This coins flip app really came through in a pinch, saving a valuable relationship along the way. It’s been a critical part of mealtime decisions and never led me astray. It does one simple task, but does it well. 10 / 10. Would recommend to anybody who has an ‘either / or’ decision to make in a hurry!
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2 years ago, MayburyFam5000
Disable the sound
You can’t have background audio playing without this app silencing it. Super annoying. Edit: Developer updated and fixed this issue. Now it’s a perfect 5/7.
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6 years ago, HRsNana
Use it all the time
I find this app to be fair, I’ve never had a strange run of either head or tails. I actually recommend it to lots of people. When I’m at restaurants and can’t decide what to have, I use this app and quite frequently the waiter thinks it’s clever.
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6 years ago, eggs scrambled wambled
It taught me how to count
I live my life based around this app. If I want to sleep I say heads and if it’s heads I go to sleep but if it’s tails I don’t go to sleep. If gotten tails 10 nights in a row. I’m so thankful for this app because so far it has taught me how to count to 10, hoping for lucky 11 tonight.
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2 years ago, Dutch Dooley
Great for easy decisions
This is great when the wife and I are trying to make a decision between two restaurants or movies or anything else. I never carry coins or cash anymore so this is perfect!
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5 years ago, Pheonix 2
I am using this app to decide who survives Thanos snap and who doesn’t in a movie I am watching for fun and it’s great to be able to quickly flip with out having to go pick up the coin or worry about losing it.
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3 years ago, Curte007
Does the jobs
...All I want it is a simple program, click on it no advertising to click through, and I just flip the coin ...easiest app ever
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6 months ago, Maaaaaatttt
So far terrific
Been a couple weeks, I like the option of various coins, straight forward, happy with it
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3 years ago, Timmy apple seed
So useful
I don’t like making random decisions, I would rather fate decide for me. This app is the way I make most low level choices. And it’s free so yeah. I like it…5 stars
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1 month ago, Teotenders26
Very excellent
I love this app alot you should and more sound affects and more coins with different sounds for coins thank you have a nice day
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1 month ago, laurie lawless
It really helps 🙈
I get STUCK on trying to make decisions. But I flip lil suzie B (bc feminism 😜) and I’m able to cut to the choice either want to make or have to do. It’s fr been a life saver✌🏾✌🏾
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1 year ago, Joe Thompsom III
10/10 would recommend. 5 stars
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2 years ago, Lms5360
Only Tails
I downloaded this app to use to make decisions for dinner. My husband and I can never make a decision. I was trying it out and it only flips tails. I changed the coins and try several (20+) times and it only flips tails. I guess if I always want to win and pick tails that would be okay but that is not what I was looking for. I am deleting the app.
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3 years ago, Cookside4
Because I saw the Developers Snarky Response
This app does always land on tails so don’t discredit what others are saying. Every time I use this app, I flip the coin and it’s tails. I tried this 10 times on multiple different days and 1/10 it landed on heads, if that even. This is not a 50 percent chance rate like you said and the app needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Docjel95
Fun, Easy
Perfect for those times when you just are not sure.
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3 years ago, johnpalmerk2476
VERY useful
The coins are nice. Also, I have trouble making split second decision. Thank you for this amazing app!
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12 months ago, Rubytadpole3
My Coin Flip App Review
This was a surprisingly useful app that I’ve probably used more than 100 times. Respect to the mad lad that created this app.
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3 weeks ago, casamufasa
It helped me make a crucial decision
My Uber driver asked if he should keep driving after this ride or call it and go drinking with his buddies. It flipped heads and he’s deciding to DRINKING BABYYYYY
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1 year ago, geekay69
Gets the job done
It flips a coin just as you would in life if you had a coin.
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6 years ago, hashtag arithmetic
When I don't have a coin this app is great. It even has features for the coin to flip slow, normal, and fast.
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11 months ago, Ibraaheem Naazir
Nice app👍🏾
Definitely a must have when you don’t have a physical coin in hand😊
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12 months ago, Fraz2112
Life decisions
It’s amazing how many life decisions I’ve let this app control. Been pretty good to me though.
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4 years ago, robbie alonso belen jesuit
Very entertaining and amazing I just wish for less adds.
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5 years ago, Lazy Bones69
Coin flips thing
Great app, got me out of doing my math homework. Would recommend to anyone who is lazy and doesn’t want to pass math class.
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4 years ago, Cycoolminecraft
Can’t get a refund
So I got the app just to flip one coin and that is it just to find out my card got charged .99 cents for a add remover. I didn’t even do that. Plus I didn’t even get a email for the purchase (That I didn’t give consent to charge me) so I can’t get a refund through Apple because I have no email for the charge.
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4 years ago, Can't afford a free sample...
Very useful for indecision
Just problematic when 2 out of 3s become 3 out of 5s.
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3 years ago, Mangaguitar96
Helps when in a pickle
I got this app to help in heads or tails situations and this really helps in moments like this! Would recommend!
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5 years ago, B4Gack
Best game ever!
So much fun. Many ways to play and characters to choose from. I use it all the time! Thanks Flip a Coin!
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6 years ago, widgetking
it is better than the 1st one that comes up because it has normal American coins.
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3 years ago, MissedinHistoryFan
Love this
I use this to decide if I should do something or if I shouldn’t its great
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1 year ago, eli233243
Great coin flipper
I love how the apps as the old Skeumorphic look of iOS 6 and how it has realistic coin noises.
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3 years ago, Chip8789
Was fine before they jumped on the in app no ad purchase bandwagon. Immediate 1 star, especially for an app that it takes longer to remove the ad than to use the function it’s designed for
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5 years ago, kpk224
17 flips!!
It took 17 flips for it to not go heads or tails opposite of the last flip. It’s not random it’s back and forth. It eventually did give me things other than the back and forth but it was an ill written algorithm that was predictable at best. Do not use for anything you want a 50-50 answer on. Flip a real coin. This app is trash
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2 years ago, justLooking4coffee
Sound setting doesn’t work
Turning on or off the “sound” setting doesn’t work.
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9 months ago, Twitch.tv/FinnFlame1
You get what you get very helpful
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2 years ago, poop man fun
I like money
Now I poor let’s go
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6 years ago, Crate Nictdom
Does the job but...
Flips take too long. Cut it in half and we'd be good. Also add a little more variety... long steaks of heads or tails only. Fix that and we'd have a 5 star app
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6 years ago, Jonojomoemoe
Coin flip awesome
Will save u from making a trip in the gas station lol
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2 years ago, MeiEam
Great app!
I’m really indecisive and I don’t like carrying coins, love this app!
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1 year ago, Shakespeare II
Oh beautiful coin flip
Oh beautiful coin coin flips tails too much. Oh graceful coin coins face is so sad Why is coin so sad Where is coins coin friends Did the flips tails to much too? Oh sad coin whatever shall I do Oh coin flip who flips coin, I love you
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11 months ago, hallcfi
Not very random
Most of the time, the flip lands on the same side as you started: i.e. heads will be heads, etc.
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1 week ago, Green Cobra 136
Green Cobra 136
This app is even better (and snappier) than real coin tossing! I love, love, LOVE this app!
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3 years ago, fschwart
Not random
My 6 year old found a pattern. For the most part the coin lands in the opposite side that it started. I tested it repeatedly and it seems to work about 5 out of 6 times.
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