Flip Clock - digital widgets

4.6 (46K)
77.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
翠玲 施
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flip Clock - digital widgets

4.63 out of 5
46K Ratings
1 year ago, PH0T0 GUY
I’m a fan…
I’m a fan. I love this app. I travel for a living so this is an awesome app for my MacBook and my iPhone and iPad. Much better than the hotel clocks…I rarely know how to use them and I just make sure the alarms are off as sometimes they are set to go off at 4am and you got to the hotel late! Anyhow the alarms included were a bonus that I wasn’t expecting when I bought the premium version for all my devices. Use them instead of those hotel alarm clocks and now at home too. It was nice that instructions were included in how to set things up in settings. I would like to see the quality of alarm clock sounds be improved (I.e. dog barking is super annoying). How about offering a fade in option for the alarm so that we aren’t waking to full for e sound? The Background Music option was a nice bonus, BUT the sounds were too low and the beginning and ending of 15 second sounds have a fade in and out which is bad because the sound goes to silent then restarts which wakes me up. How about hard clipping the front of the audio so it feels more seamless? Also do you plan to offer a Windows 11 screensaver? I’d buy that too.
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3 months ago, Ashni D
Great app!
I love this app! I use the clock and the Pomodoro timer everyday on my iPhone, iPad and my MacBook. I use the clock on my iPad when I am teaching yoga classes online to keep track of time. One thing which I don't like is that when you get a notification, for example when you get a notification that your iPad battery is low, the clock pauses until you remove the notification. This causes a problem for me because I am not able to get up to remove the notification while I am teaching my classes and I don't know how much time I have left in my class if the clock is paused. I don't know if this is something you can change in the app, but it would be great if the clock didn’t pause with notifications like this.
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4 years ago, Lilycake1001
Very helpful!
I have this app on my iPod since I don’t have a digital clock in my room and I love it! I have my iPod set up so it won’t turn off on its own and I always keep it plugged in, so I don’t have any problems. The nice thing is I can go into my clock and set an alarm then go back to this app and my alarm will still go off! One thing I don’t like is that I always have to keep my volume down or it tells me when every hour hits. It’s not really a problem during the day, but if I have to wake up at, for example, 7:00 in the morning, it will tell me it’s 7:00 at the same time my alarm sounds, so it mutes my alarm. I usually keep the volume down or set my alarm to 7:01. But I really can’t complain. I love this app so much! Highly recommend!
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11 months ago, kdieijx
Great, 1 thing.
Trying to make this review short and simple! So I recently downloaded this app and I havent seen a lot of reviews from 2022+. But obviously with all the updates and fixes the app has improved a lot. I think the app is really great, especially the display whilst charging your device. The one thing I dislike, which im not saying this is something i cant live without, but there are very limited choices on the options of designing the clock. There is a lot of options but more than half of those options require premium. Other then that, this app is perfect and I plan on using it for the rest of my time living. 😂
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3 years ago, Jwoodruff1028
Horrible sale no reply
Title says all Paid to remove ads then another to make it better with skins for instance the first shows my purchase and never unlocked boy iTunes is not keeping their developers in check just restore my purchase for no ads on flip clock Ivan attach pic where your app says success after I hit unlock done of us want it fast so we get sleep once my app unlocks I can’t give you a positive rating you haven’t Replied I will then give you a perfect rating Their app is a mess I’m ad free I restore purchase it’s never been added free five months now no replys Ty
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1 month ago, *ke
Deletion Wasted WAY too much time trying to set this according to pref!
I’ve had FlipClock on my phone for quite a while. My only reason for wanting it was to have a large digital HORIZONTAL time read out on the app screen of my phone. I don’t want date. I don’t want seconds. I just want the time in big numbers digitally on the app screen of my phone. I have occasionally succeeded in getting this app to show up that way on my screen, but have had to constantly reset it. I mean constantly. and now perhaps due to updates I can’t figure out how to reset it. Very frustrating when you want something that should and could be just simple and straightforward. A large digital horizontal white on black basic time readout (without seconds) showing on my opening app screen. I’m amazed at how impossible it seems to be to get this!
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7 months ago, Oiluj22
It’s exactly what I needed
After configuring my phone and changing my app icons to a more aesthetic look, the clock app was no longer able to show me the exact seconds passing by in the minute. I always found it useful because I always used it to set clocks and what not. This app did exactly what I was missing. A very nice simplistic widget that showed me the hour minute and seconds in a nice format. I wish I was able to share my home screen with you to show you how much this widget completed my phone. I’d say it was a great purchase
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3 years ago, andyshcn
Dear developers of Flip Clock, Flip Clock is amazing. It’s like its great and I’m still exploring it. It’s very helpful because even if you don’t have a digital clock in your home, you can still use it on your iPad. And the best thing is, it’s great and it doesn’t have problems or bugs as far (and as long as) as I have used it. It’s great and you can open your iPad or iPhone or any device and tap into FlipClock, and it can instantly show you the time. It’s a great app, that’s obviously all I can say. Simple, great, easy, and you can know the time anywhere, anytime. Flip Clock is a great app, and if everyone can download it, I think that’s great. Sometimes simple apps are better than colorful apps if it’s useful. And Flip Clock is a model. I want everyone to download it, because it is such a great app and I love the way it works. It’ll be nice to have everyone to experience a great time using Flip Clock. Have a nice day! Cordially, User
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3 years ago, Rec1pr0cal$
Best Digital Clock Ever!
Are you tired of squinting to see an unreadable clock across the room or in the middle of the night? If so, this clock is the answer. Load up the app, prop your cell phone against something and enjoy the easiest to read clock imaginable at zero cost. Can also be used as an alarm clock. Great for home, business or travel. This app deserves six stars! The creator of this app should charge at least a minimal fee. They would likely be millionaires in short order!
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2 years ago, Carbon iPhones
Terrible update pace
They have a working feature that I like I pay for premium feature. Than next update comes and the feature I paid for is broken. They have released several updates since and hasn’t fixed it yet. I have sent several emails to developer telling them so and each update it doesn’t get fixed. The problem is lock screen widget is stuck in 24 hr(military time) even though setting in app and on my phone is set to 12 hr clock. The widgets on home screen work perfectly and have thru every update, but not the lock screen widgets. Working when purchased broken within a week of buying and has been for months thru updates. Stay away they are terrible at consistency
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1 year ago, Namjoondone
It is a very great app and and it has everything you need. Stopwatch, timer, and digital clock. It even has focus timer as well. You can always pick a background music you like and it will not stop playing but you can set timer to auto turn off. This is very great to me. The only bad thing is that you have pay for unlock new theme which is a very common thing so check it out!
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7 months ago, BluSax11
Helpful but not asthetically appealing 🥴
I’m a person that can easily get distracted so this clock has been really helpful for my productivity. I really would appreciate being able to change the color and font of the clock however. I am a pretty particular human and tend to have things very coordinated, so it would be nice to be able to do that with this clock as well too.
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3 years ago, Droxymaine
Military Force
Settings allows you to remove military time thereby giving you the 12 hour clock that most of us(at least in the US) are used to. However the widget on my lock screen is still military. I purchased the full version and am happy with personal design capability and such but having military time forced on me, as with so many other apps, has always irked me to no end. This along with some small aesthetic limitations and redundancies forces my 3 star rating, otherwise I’d probably give a 4.
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3 years ago, Rayne C
great desk app!
i use this app as a desk app since i got myself a windows 10 gaming-dedicated laptop for my desk. i use my iPad to launch this app, and place my iPad on a tablet stand, thus the iPad displaying this app. it's a very handy clock, and a very unique screensaver. i would recommend this app to anyone who just doesn't have much use for their iPad anymore! Thanks, Ash Kohl Cannon, Founder of Ash The Wolfdog Furry Media Group, copyright 2019
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4 years ago, jillibug19346
amazing for a free clock app!
I love this app mainly because it's free and it just works amazing, one thing though is that there are small banner adds at the bottom but I purchased the 1 dollar remove adds, you can set a timer on here and get up at the right time, I do recommend getting something to hold it up if you are putting it on your nightstand but rather than that it's amazing!!
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2 years ago, ContentedInAllCircumstances
Good app, but bo purpose
This is a pretty good app, but really, what’s the point of it when your phone already tells you?? Also, why would you need a premium FlipClock subscription? All it does is change the color of the numbers… pointless if you ask me. There are also apt of ads.
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5 years ago, Buffington
Lean and clean screensaver (iOS and OS)
If you’re looking for a clean and attractive screensaver that can give your screen the appearance of clock then this is a solid solution. Whether for your night stand, meetings, or just having an easy to read clock around your room this does the job! Dependable, easy to read, and a good value.
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9 months ago, BaiGay
Great app!
The upgrade is just a one time fee and it’s worth not having the ads. I love to use this to help keep my tasks to a limited time. Only complaint is when using the timer count down it would be nice to have an alarm or sound to alert the end of the count down for when I get too distracted to look.
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2 years ago, selfpRHOclaimed22
Great Clock but…
This is a great app, especially being free but there are some caveats such as ads if you want to keep it free and the fact that it seems to drain the battery life of an iPad. I do not notice the battery draining on my MacBook so I’m not sure if it is a mobile OS specific problem.
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4 years ago, Bsoudi
It’s okay. I can’t seem to remove the date off my widget. You only have two skins black with white numbers and white with black. If you want the other colors, you have to pay .99¢ and I know what .99¢ isn’t that much but I think there should be an option to make custom colors because the other skin colors are just neon. The only one that I like is the retro. So it’s okay.
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3 months ago, ally3490
Helpful and very useful
I really enjoy this app and it was exactly what I was looking for. As a student I like to have a visible clock and this works perfectly plus it offers many options to change it the way that you like it.
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3 years ago, MizSweetPea
Great classroom accessory
I teach art in a grade school and I have to go from room to room for different grades. Somehow they wall clock and some don’t. I use this clock on my supply table to quickly tell me when to tell kids to clean up! The bold numbers are easy for everyone to see.
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11 months ago, Gvrdddee
This app is amazing '
Honestly the clock on my iPad is decent but this is so much better and it’s bigger and the settings are amazing there is military time and regular time and it automatically matches with your state time 10/10 would recommend!!
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3 years ago, whaskins
Transparency issue iOS 15 iPad
Can’t seem to get transparency to work on iOS 15 on iPad. It just says “choose in app” with no way to choose in the app. The vectors for the numbers also seem a little shaky at times. Small bumps in them. Going back and doing another pass on them would be a nice improvement.
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2 years ago, so my s do frggty
Ok it all started when I saw it on TikTok and I said I have a regular timer I don’t need it so then I kept seeing it and I was like OK I have to get it I downloaded it and only had it for a few seconds then I admit I didn’t know hat to work it but still fell in love with it get it’s worth it💜
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10 months ago, mmoollyyyyyyyy
I love this app. It helps me wake up in the morning and my naps. While I’m typing this I can see the time going. Anyway whoever is reading this I hope you have a blessed day and I hope you don’t regret buying the app it’s really good have a blessed day/night.
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6 years ago, Mandanambapam
Fun Option to See the Time
I’m a sucker for nostalgia and flip clocks were something almost magical when they came out. I couldn’t wait to replace my boring electric clock with a “flip clock”. Times pass but brilliance doesn’t. I’m very glad someone took the time to recreate this very special timepiece! -James
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3 years ago, Nopity Nope 123456789
Dont bother upgrading
While it’s only 1.99 you get absolutely nothing except a wierd message saying ios is too unstable to display properly. Really?! Ois is unstable?! Are you sure it’s not your crappy app that’s unstable. Free version is ok and u get what u pay for. Weirdly you get nothing if you pay but decent enough clock for free
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4 years ago, AJC604605
Does what it says!
I love the ability to dim the clock much lower than expected. It seems to dim lower than the standard brightness setting in IOS which is great. The alarm setting option is alright and reliable, but I’ve just been sticking with the native IOS alarm.
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3 years ago, Dreamover8
Was great
This app did exactly what it was supposed to do. I even paid to upgrade to remove ads. But the newest version has a “ad” at the bottom that says “paid skin” to pay more money to change the skin. When I pay to upgrade to remove ads there shouldn’t be any ads or anything that looks like an ad.
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7 months ago, Ldudisj
Great app!
Love this app! It gives me so many display options with the free version. I’m going to pay for the extended version just to support the developer. An app that is not a bait and switch, like so many other apps. Great product!
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2 years ago, avapucky
This app is sooo calming! I have my iPad on a stand on my bed as a background decoration and it’s so cute. Only thing I would say to fix are the ads right when you come into the app. But that is it, hope you enjoy this app as much as me!!
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2 years ago, 😀Happiness
This is a very good app! There is no additional charges, and it has a bunch of different setting that you can do to customize you own clock. %100 recommend. It also goes in do not disturb mode :)
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3 years ago, Quietudedude
Great for easily visible time
I do a number of student admission interviews, where I need to watch the time without being obvious. I’m just open this app and position where I can see it but still dent cannot. Also use a t while working to keep eye on time
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4 years ago, Radiohalo
Great app
I love using this for keeping me aware of the time, especially at evening and early morning. I like that the flashlight is available, I just wish it was added to the widget that you can add to the front screen.
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8 months ago, Jordan_a1975
Flip time is the best time!
I got very used to the flip time being displayed on my Home Screen. I had to reset the phone settings, so of course, the flip time wasn’t displayed. I felt naked until I got it on there.
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7 years ago, Pygmy Tyrant
Just Get Adblock
This clock is beautiful and simple. I have Adblock so the ads haven't bothered me at all. I'm usually really bad at 1. keeping track of time and 2. using my phone when I'm supposed to study, and this helps me with both of those.
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6 months ago, stan9900
Good but could be better
It would be great if you could set the brightness and the clock would keep it that way when restarted. Alarms are definitely not loud enough so either make some really loud or let us pick our own songs that we have loaded on our phone.
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2 years ago, xo.Luca
Love it!
I’d like the option to edit the color of the line going through the time. It’s always black with no option to change it. Would also love more styles of clock. Overall enjoy the clock options.
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1 year ago, #loveproductives
This app is amazing
This app makes me feel so neat, and aesthetic, it gives a great touch to my morning routines. It helps me tell time without turning my iPad on and off all the time. I use it for yoga, and more! My review is 5 stars out of 5.
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2 years ago, wudjusay9
problem with rotating FIXED!
The developer actually communicated with me, fixed the problem, submitted it to the Apple Store for review, then it automatically download it when it was released, great job!
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3 months ago, parks 😙💗✝️
looking for a flip clock app that doesn’t have lots of adds and that doesn’t waste your battery?
it’s this one! you should use it. i used it all night a couple times and it didn’t waste my battery! you should use this app because you can chose your own themes for not paying and just in adds! it’s free and it’s really good for studying or if you don’t have a clock. i enjoy this app so much and recommend you should get it too!
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2 years ago, Amazonmusic1
I love flip clock very Aesthetic, but I wish that there were a few more skins available for free. Like the black one were the AM or PM is on the upper left corner instead of the lower left corner. Also I think there should be free all time access to the timer, I think many others agree. But overall great clock Aesthetic.
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11 months ago, flynn53
Too many ads. Turn the ads off or at least give an option
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4 months ago, Lamaria Boleware
I love this app
I love this app it is so aesthetic get the app right now I need to get it right now. This is the best app ever for timers get the app it is so pretty and you can customize eight gigs. It is so beautiful I recommend this app get it now 💘♥️from dareal_lamm on ig
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2 years ago, ModBuilder117
Flip Clock
App looks great, runs smoothly and is easy to use. Only questions I have are is there a setting to prevent screen burn (paid or free), or is screen burn in not an issue with this app?
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4 years ago, I'm Martian
The hourly announcement interrupts music play
The announcement of every exact hour is useful but would always interrupt the music in playing and won’t restore the playback after the voice. I trust there’s way to walk around, please solve.
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5 years ago, angelusvero
Good but question
So love this clock works great at night! However I had to unload it from my phone and reload it now it says I have to pay again for the clock skins even though I have already paid for pro version. I have tried restoring purchase and it still says I have to pay. Please fix love having the green numbers!
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5 years ago, Michael the Tower
Amazing, but...
Everything on this is amazing except that I have to turn on the alarm after it goes off. I personally think that it should have a repeat option for the alarm.
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4 years ago, Jbkern
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