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Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flocknote

2.9 out of 5
62 Ratings
2 years ago, CeCeTimes6
Helpful for my church to communicate messages to the flock. But please allow the app to let my iPhone bring up my saved login name and password. Every time I need to log in I have to remember and enter my saved login and password. Most other sites let me easily login on iphone by showing the saved login and then saved password for me to select.
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1 year ago, CrawlingErnie
A great tool for communication
Flocknote had been an easy and effective tool to communicate information to various church ministries and clubs. With one click we can reach out by text or email to our specific group. It even tracks who has opened the message for effective follow-up. In the email communications, I wish there was an option to allow for email replies to be shared with the whole group and create more of an email thread. Otherwise super-effective.
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2 years ago, ChelsieDg
This is one of the worst communication applications that I have ever used. The sign up process is terrible because the magic email doesn’t get you in the app, it logs you in the browser. You have to go create a password to login to the app which defeats the security purpose of the magic email. To get notifications about new posts, you have to sign up to receive all notifications that anyone posts. That’s a lot of spam. Lastly, the app isn’t the least bit intuitive. I teach computer science and app design and this app was annoying for me to setup. I’m only using this app because my child’s school uses it.
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7 months ago, Pargent85
Super Buggy
This app started out good and then after an update got very buggy. It crashes constantly on an iPhone and they have all but removed the ability to paste anything in the app. It is the only app that you have to allow pasting and then doesn’t even work. Plus if you write any type of text into a field and it doesn’t crash then it moves the send button below the screen and you have to tilt your device horizontally and then back just for it to show the button. If they fix these issues and figure out why it keeps crashing on the iPhone then it will be a decent app.
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6 years ago, FDR7
Love it, but needs help
Great app, very helpful. Problem = when I click the eCatholic group there is no way to get back “home”. Even if you close and reopen the app it still forces you to join the eCatholic group if you want to get back to your other groups. If you remove yourself from the group afterwards, it brings you back to the join eCatholic group signup page and your back at square one. Suggestion: allow for app notifications so admins know when people comment.
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5 years ago, Franbash
Good service...App needs tweaking
I’ll start off saying that I am really enjoying exploring the possibilities of the Flocknote platform. That said, an app that just takes users to the Flocknote website “as is” doesn’t cut it. If the app is intended to be a glorified hyperlink to the website than it isn’t going to cut it. The app developers need to realize that the user experience on a smartphone screen, which is dramatically smaller than a laptop or desktop is very different, and they need to make the appropriate adjustments to compensate for that difference.
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8 months ago, Peytonman18
Feels like the app is from 2015
The app has super long loading times, and is extremely glitchy moving from different features. Sending notes via email is essentially impossible without a glitch the moves your message off center from the screen making you unable to click the send button. Desktop version is way better, but the app feels years behind
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3 years ago, Jjqualine
poor sign up process
In signing up the process is confusing and poorly designed. Please allow us to set up our usernames with our password on the same page. I keep getting caught in a loop of request to set a password click button - clicks button - to reset password click this button - gets taken to original page. Its very frustrating
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7 months ago, Pdf61
Needs update
App isn’t that great on an iPhone (slow, I don’t get a send button). Looks like it’s been a while since they’ve updated it so yes, please update!
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1 month ago, Thereisnonicknameavailableomg
Insanely buggy and frustrating to work with
This mobile version of the platform could be so convenient for those distributing communications but the user interface makes that nearly impossible. When attempting to create a note, I can never get it sent from the app because the note tweaks and leaves the screen as soon as I finish typing it up. For as much as my non-profit pays for this seemingly simple interface, do better. Seriously.
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4 years ago, Mrs Opinion
Buggy notifications
The app doesn’t allow members to get text messages when groups post messages. No rhyme or reason to the blackout (Yes, notifications aren’t on for all modes of communication) While I can go in and check the app frequently, some of the groups communicate at the last minute. Defeats the purpose of real-time communication. So frustrated with missing important message while driving to the event the notification pertains to.
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3 months ago, P-tee
Horribly Glitchy
As a subscribers/customer of your service I am very disappointed by this app. It has major functionality issues. On an iPhone sending a message to the church is nearly impossible. 1. Cannot copy and paste into new text body. 2. Must turn phone sideways to access preview and send typed messages etc. The neglect from the developers has us questioning the continued use of this service.
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5 months ago, AGorgeousBeauty
Awesome app
This app is an amazing way to connect a people with their church . The only thing is I wish they had a feature where you could send video messages as a text message and not just as an email
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5 years ago, Tomage
I’m surprised that Word on Fire is directing people to Flocknote. I’ve found this app Super buggy. Poorly formatted for mobile (this is where they should be excelling). My messages don’t even fit on the screen. Regularly crashes. As a new pastoral Associate for evangelization I’m hesitant to use or recommend as it’s not a well designed app and it doesn’t appear there are regular updates or attention being given to it.
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10 months ago, Jen's_Atari2600
App is terrible
From a church staff member: The desktop application of this program is nice. However, the phone app is unbearable on my iPhone. It continually locks up and glitches. I appreciate their customer service, but I have tried to bring this up to developers twice, and nothing has changed. It is unfortunate.
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10 months ago, ASFPRO
Bugs bugs bugs and even more bugs
This app has had bugs for at least 2-3 years. Now I can’t even send anything because when I got to edit the preview button disappears. Need to look for an alternative. This company obviously does not care about the app. I get so many emails of “new features”…..Hey that’s cool, how about fix what you have first….
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2 years ago, a lo plus
They drop the updates.
Looks like app hasn’t been updated in 3 years and the interface is pretty much like the web version. Terrible on an iPhone screen. I downloaded the app thinking I can do things in my account faster instead of using web. I will stick to web usage.
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5 years ago, OD6713
Super bugy, crashes a lot
Great idea, amazing platform. Have a long way to go on app though. It is supper buggy and crashes every-time I use it. Have tried different devices and have tried removing and adding fresh installs. Also, it always kicks me off my account during a session then I need to re-enter all my creds, even though I checked box to remember my id.
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5 years ago, Minista D
Heaven Sent
Flocknote has been a Heaven Sent to the Church. Easy and quick communication to the entire church body.. This has made life just a little bit easier. Executive Pastor R. S. Dyer, Greater Grace Church
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7 months ago, Bschex
The app is incredibly glitchy. I regularly have to close and open the app multiple times before I can create and send a message. It’s time consuming and incredibly frustrating.
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4 years ago, HobbitHoleDweller
Not intuitive
This app is not intuitive at all. Not user friendly, not inviting. I have not Googled help yet because I thought it should be easy enough to get news from my local curches without an hour of figuring. I cannot join multiple churches apparently and there is no information from the church I did join.
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4 years ago, JessLFH
Horrible app
Have had to use this app with two different churches and it’s awful. It’s buggy, is hard to find groups, and shows me groups for other churches I didn’t sign up for. I have to click on emails sent by our administrator to access our groups. I can’t access them by logging into the app.
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5 years ago, eksiders
Like it, but...
I like Flocknote but it doesn’t work on my iPhone X. So I’m limited to using it on myMacBook only. It works fine on the computer but not have the convenience of using it on my phone is disappointing.
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6 years ago, heyoung94
Needs some help
Our church has a group but it wants to put me into a catholic group and I get messages and emails from them but I have to be apart of it to get to my group. Need help! But love the app
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7 months ago, Janedixon
Bad app, decent product
I appreciate Flocknote for what it is but you have GOT to fix your app. It’s so darn buggy and glitchy it’s unusable. I always end up on the browser bc the app doesn’t work for anything
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9 months ago, Mama Long 62
Poor performance
It’s very difficult to send a text or email from the app. The preview/send buttons are often not visible. The last update for this app was 4 years ago and it’s past time to work on updates.
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1 year ago, Paulbau3099
Great app
I love the functionality of the app. I would give it a 5 star but the app does not allow copy and paste.
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3 years ago, 12010-".
Flocknote phone app not great
Slow iPhone interface, not intuitive. Difficult to navigate around the phone app. Cannot customize my dashboard.
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5 years ago, KaTzPJamas
Better on PC/Mac
Flocknote is a good service for mass texting and emails. However, flocknote is best enjoyed through a PC/Mac internet browser. This app is slow, clunky, and buggy on both iPhone & iPad.
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11 months ago, alexekofe
As of the present release you might as well not have this for iOS. Hope they can fix it soon.
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2 years ago, CrankyMinister
Great Service - on a desktop
Glad they have an app, but boy is it buggy, the UI clunky, and crashes … a lot.
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5 years ago, Boots Zeigler
Hate this app
I hate this app, I have chosen my 3 groups I want to be involved with on this app and it gives me information for all the other groups as well even though I didn’t select their information.
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1 month ago, iiMichael
Service is great, app is over 5 years old
Can’t log in. Not a great experience.
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12 years ago, JoeG3
Does what it says!
It's nice to send out a quick note when I'm away from my computer. I'm looking forward to some more updates and added functionality! Keep up the good work flockNote!
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4 years ago, jpag57
The iOS Flocknote app is in want.
I’m grateful for this service though the iOS app is in want. For example: rather than saving my log in info in Keychain, I’m asked to reinput the info. Also, if I want to cancel an in the works email, I cannot. In addition, there’s no help or contact section on the app. Please craft the iOS app so that we administrators can get in and get out. Thank you!
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4 months ago, adamwgroves
Completely useless on iOS
This app is completely useless on iOS. Don’t bother downloading
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6 years ago, J in alpine, tx
It's just one glitch after another than makes the app very difficult to use.
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12 years ago, geerlingguy
Great for quick updates
This app is really fast and is good for quick note posting when I'm away from my computer. It's a lot faster than trying to use the website on my phone!
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10 years ago, 10aciousD
App needed for subscribers
An app for list admin is great, but admin aren't the only ones on the go. Email isn't always convenient. Subscribers would benefit from push notifications, especially those without texting.
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11 years ago, blueknight12
Best service
If you have a flocknote account this is a great app. I had been using email marketing and their apps are not as good. I'm really impressed with this service, great app.
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11 years ago, NKfresno
Released too early
Text size cannot be adjusted and does not fit on screen and attachments try to open in a web page, instead of a viewer. No settings available. It is pretty bad.
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3 years ago, Jonosay
I can only think that this must actually be a tool for sanctification in disguise as it pushes your patience to the limit for even the simplest of tasks. Touch one place to edit or insert and it highlights a completely different area. Want to add a link from YouTube? Maybe you can, maybe it crashes, roll the dice, but be sure to save often as it does not auto save, among other things we have come to expect as a basic function rather than a feature. While the browser version on a PC is better, for a program that claims to be a do all for media on any platform, it is easily the most difficult one to work with that I have ever encountered on any platform but especially on a mobile device.
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