Flores Mobile

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Flores & Associates
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flores Mobile

1.67 out of 5
42 Ratings
8 months ago, Uncommon
Fails in too many ways
In order to upload receipts, the app insists on having access to all of your photos, not just selected ones. I finally gave in and granted access, but then suddenly it wouldn’t accept my password anymore. So I gave up and deleted the app. I’ll just use the web site.
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1 year ago, silvernova5775
Used to work. Broken now
As with the person who commented on October 13, the app no longer allows me to upload a claim. This feature used to work very well, but trying to submit a claim in October was a bust. I thought to change from “zoomed” to “standard “ display, and at that point I submitted my October claim. I tried to do the same in November and it is just as described in the comment from October 13. I even removed the app and reloaded it. I tried “zoom” setting and “standard” setting. Nothing is working. It isn’t possible to file another way (electronically) - I can’t go to the website and upload. This used to work EASILY and is broken. It’s as if the app wasn’t tested for this basic functionality on all devices. I explained to my rep that there was a flaw, and I hoped for an update, but we are stuck with “the claim is not complete” and something missing from the submit screen that would make the spp function as it used to. Poor work on the update, developers. I used to test software, and it appears this basic functionality was not checked.
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1 year ago, kr helms
This app is awful I sent some claims in in January worked ok but I was trying to put in claim in I missed from November 22 wouldn’t work. What was really bad I called and a man rep answered I explained what I needed to do and he was rude. Telling me it was my devices that wouldn’t work more less it was my problem My device worked just fine in January, 23 and still is not working , The IT department needs to do something to fix it, not just try to blame or say it was my device. So I give you no stars at all , the women reps were very helpful went the extra mile!!
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1 year ago, Bloffredo
The app is ok when compared with WEX’s app. Not hard to file claims. But it keeps directing me to use the Mobile App when I am already using it. Also, it says I can take a picture to validate the claim; but then it tells me I can only submit .tif or .pdf files. Won’t take the picture. Annoying.
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2 years ago, Mmason66
Trouble Logging in after putting in the PID#
Logging in after putting in the PID# and it said are you having trouble logging in click here .. then you can’t scroll to read the help screen.. and it doesn’t give you an option to reset your password..
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8 months ago, other madge
Pointless app; don’t waste your time
Same issues as others. I was told on the phone that my needed access to the camera. I provided that, including to all photos. Still couldn’t upload a document. What is the point of designing an app that doesn’t work in any way shape or form? Plus a snotty attitude over the phone at the Flores company doesn’t help matters either.
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2 years ago, Swmchugh
Couldn’t File a Claim
I’m unable to file a claim using the updated app. Had the following problems: Wanted to take a photo of my bill - app required me to allow access to my photo library. There was no “done” or equivalent button to tap after I entered the dollar amount of my claim, so the app kept treating the field as incomplete. This resulted in being unable to file the claim.
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1 year ago, Ouchie.
Absolute Garbage
Yeah, I can log in, but that’s about it. Can’t upload images despite having the required permissions, got logged out 5 times trying to upload an image for a claim, incorrect total balance that differs from the balance in my web browser. What’s going on with this thing? User experience and functionality = terrible.
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2 months ago, Starr148
Can’t select photos
The app does not allow you to select photos and requires access to all photos before you can upload a pre-existing picture or take a new photo. You should be able to take a photo directly from the app. I SHOULD NOT have to give you access to every photo I have to file a claim. App deleted.
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1 year ago, jahatl
You can only check your balance. Other options send you to a bad link. Just take this down until you invest in a real app.
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2 years ago, SomeoneinLA
Poor design and poor feedback response
I read some of the comments from 2 years ago. It’s absurd the app developers haven’t listened to the customers pain-points and have maintained the same poor experience. It reflects on this company and its engineering and product design teams. Don’t consider this company if you are a employer exploring FSA options
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4 months ago, Kittydog313
Worst financial app and worst financial company
This is by far the worst financial app and company I’ve ever had. They have screwed up my HSA repeatedly since day one. The app is extremely difficult to use and fails in so many ways. Not surprised though since they can’t get their accounts straight. Do not use them.
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1 year ago, Agile panda
Submit button unresponsive
Upon login for first time, welcome screen is the Flores logo and 2 words Hi {name}. Would expect some sort of account summary or list of possible actions/next steps. Attempted to upload document and the Submit button just flickers with no resolution. Have to abandon the action. Not good user experience.
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1 year ago, JDanville
Requires access to camera and all photos
There’s zero reason for the app to require both camera AND photo access. Further, iOS allows apps to access *select* photos however the Flores app won’t work unless it has access to all photos.
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3 days ago, 4dadof4
Don’t bother with the app
App will not let you upload pdfs, demands access to ALL photos which I did not want to give because the app seems less than secure. I will delete the app off my cell and iPad and just use the website. It will accept pdfs.
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1 year ago, WillowNotWeeping
Won’t upload
This app and this childcare flex benefits company are terrible. There’s no card and the process for reimbursement is awful. This app rarely actually uploads pictures to submit documents. If it works the pictures are blurry.
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3 years ago, Sweetveronica
Needs Work!
It’s a helpful app to access your account and upload pictures of receipts, but it’s flaws outweigh the benefits. There is no way to delete pictures taken nor upload them from your files. I mistakenly took a picture of the floor and it was forever pending. I had to uninstall the app and reinstall it just to delete the picture. When checking your balance it pushes you to the internet instead of having the information in the app. The app definitely can use some work.
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1 year ago, DiH78754
Unfortunately basically unusable
Titles do not display on iPhone- it’s almost like the app is not mobile compatible. Upload is confusing and requires access to all photos. Workflow to add a single photo does not work.
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1 year ago, arayaaak
Unable to login
I have perfect access on the website however it does not allow me to login to the app. I was able to but it seems for about 4 months now I am unable to do so. Please fix!!
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10 months ago, ry.sp.wil
Doesn’t work at all
Literally doesn’t work. Won’t allow you to submit anything and logs you out every single time. Useless, but the website won’t allow submissions on mobile.
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1 year ago, junk57963682
What a mess. Doesn’t load correctly on my iPhone. Called Flores but they didn’t know how to help. The company they bought out, ProBenefits had an excellent, easy to use app. Wish they’d just use theirs. Not happy with the Flores app.
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1 year ago, Vechog
Buggy app
Not sure if any testing has been done on this app before release! Required me to share all my photos even to take a picture. Could not submit fsa claim from my iphone13pro!
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7 months ago, sixstringtheory
Fix photos access
It doesn’t accept selective access to certain photos. I’m not giving it access to the entire photo library.
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2 years ago, Adhunt23
Great update
Love the new app very easy to use
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1 year ago, Phil91827365
The old app wasn’t perfect, but it was fine. Now when I complete a claim, it just says “error”. Tried to call customer service and couldn’t reach anyone.
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1 year ago, ETAFAN1
All the app does is launch Safari and logs in. Literally the app is nothing more than bookmarks for your web browser…
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1 year ago, UpsetwithSnapchat
The app simply redirects you to their website. They also don’t offer a connection to Apple Pay, so commuter benefits are a hassle.
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1 year ago, h0bes
Immediately Broken
Unable to upload documents needed to continue my insurance.
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2 years ago, Aurelius X
Useless, possibly even a scam
This app is utterly useless. Every button simply launches a browser window. It might even be a scam to steal passwords. I’ll be changing mine now.
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12 months ago, urawizardhaylie
Basic login errors
Cannot login and the help desk can only reset your stupid password
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12 months ago, User20121212
All photos?
Wants access to *all* my photos, not just the ones I select
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10 months ago, jremeeeee
What’s the point in the app?
What’s the point in the app if everything you click redirects you to the website? J-U-N-K
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2 months ago, 🌐Slavko🌐
Stopped working
Can’t submit claims anymore. Please fix it
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7 months ago, Wkeithg
You login and get a blank screen.
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8 months ago, pinkveggie
Horrible HSA
This is the most horrible HSA I have ever used.
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2 months ago, Aaa41
App just blinks submit incessantly
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4 years ago, YCXMR
I’d give zero star if I could
The web app doesn’t allow uploading of an image so I downloaded this mobile app to try to upload receipts from online purchases. Just like the other reviewers said this app doesn’t do much at all. I tried the upload data feature; you can’t remove the image you took if you don’t want to submit it. It’s there until you submit. It does remind you to submit ALL THE TIME but it’s super annoying when you have a bad image there you don’t want to submit and can’t remove! All other links or menu items take you to the web app. Not sure why they even bothered to develop this app. It is terrible.
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5 years ago, cs1ktech
Terrible app!
It really doesn’t do much besides redirect to the poorly designed web site. Even that it cannot do well. It hangs frequently. It is about what I expected given the alternative- their web site on a computer. They clearly do not respond to the problems others have reported. Flores seems to be a low budget flex benefit company that operates out of a garage. Even when they came on site for an HR presentation, they had no interest in hearing about problems submitting claims. “Just use the app”. Well that doesn’t work very well either. As is sometimes said.... “I have no choice in the matter”. And, they know and act like it.
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3 years ago, Kel B Smith
Poorly designed app
I was excited to download this app and the initial few times I submitted a claim it was a breeze. Now it just takes me in circles and every time I try and upload an image I get an error that the file format isn’t accepted. I never had this issue before. I don’t understand why now I cannot load a jpeg. So frustrating. I called for support and was told they couldn’t tell me what this issue is and I would need to fax, mail or submit online. This app is pointless.
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11 years ago, NCMichael
Great idea, and when it works, it's very helpful. However, in handling this type of transaction, I'd like some sense of stability and you just never know when this app will work, and no one seems to be doing anything to address it. I accept it not being perfect out if the gate, but ignoring the follow through in making it function properly says a lot about where priorities lie...and it's been many, many months since they've known the shortcomings of the app
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6 years ago, ...just
poorly designed app
this is a poorly designed app. and it seems they aren’t reading reviews because i’m having the same issue as someone who reviewed the app 4 years ago. issue being that you can’t upload an image you’ve already taken. also with the bleeding edge technology of email... you should be able to upload an actual document (PDF for instance), as some receipts are sent via email now. additionally, there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete an image you may have accidentally taken. i’ve used other apps for FSA receipt submission and they are leagues ahead of flores. i also don’t appreciate the app being the ONLY way to submit a claim. if you must force people to use your app, you should at the very minimum make sure it works for each and every scenario... oh and that it works in general.
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9 years ago, KiwiConvert
Handy for Flores customers but crashes regularly
This is the fastest way to submit a Flores request, however there are two gripes: first the app crashes and requires relaunch and relogin if you do several reimbursements in a row. It seems to occur on the 4th reimbursement when you go to capture the photo. 2nd, the input box for the requested reimbursement around is clunky. It covers the rest of the page and requires hitting done. This is a more minor issue but an irritant. iPhone 6, iOS 8.1
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11 years ago, Tlcfarmer
Unable to choose an existing picture from camera roll. Necessary because my dependents need to be able to take a pic of a receipt and send to me. Unable to back out of Submit Documentation without choosing to upload! Also, please don't tell me I am 'not finished because I haven't uploaded' when 'Finish' is the only option you give me out of Capture Documentation! Other than that- great idea for an app!!
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4 years ago, CableCutter2.0
Terrible Online Access to a HSA
Wish my company used a different HSA company than Flores. The app and websites are not user friendly. Half the time I try to access my account details there are server errors. Out of all the banks and HSAs I’ve had in my life they have the worst online setup. Once I had an issue where I simply needed to void a check and I had to call through 4 different people to get it resolved. I hear they have good investments, but if I can’t even see my account balance online it does me no good.
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10 years ago, epik415
Crashes All the Time
One of the worst designed apps I've ever used. Terrible interface, and completely unreliable. It crashes when taking pictures of receipts and submitting claims all the time. The only reason I gave it two stars is because in spite of the bugs, it's still more convenient than mailing in my FSA documentation. Flores & Associates, please fix this app!!!
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6 years ago, Krilips
Simple, easy to use
I have had a great experience with this app. It lets me easily take pictures of my receipts and submit them for reimbursement which is what I need it to do. Thank you for making it simple and functional.
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2 years ago, Lillian Bubbles
Can't submit
Impossible to submit any receipt Goes into a vicious cycle of select date, upload document, box comes up and says you must submit before can be processed. Does not work. Junk. As I update this review, I see that the app has not been updated in over two years. The website is just as bad, supporting an extremely limited number of file extensions.
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2 years ago, MACIntyre61
Gone from bad to worse, if that’s possible
This is arguably the worst app I’ve ever used. Their “update” has left it useless. Signing in alone takes an act of congress. You know it’s bad when the sign in takes you directly to an error message, and then it goes downhill from there. The bad part is that you’re forced to use this to access your medical spending account. Huge ripoff!!!
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2 years ago, djt853
Only useful for checking account balance
Great for checking account balance. But if you actually need to accomplish a task, this app is very confusing and sometimes unusable. Submitting a claim for transit reimbursement should be really simple, right? Just input a date, dollar amounts, snap a pic of the receipt with your phone and submit. Not possible in this app. This app needs a major overhaul.
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11 years ago, Roccofan
Worked as intended
Not sure why all the negative ratings. The app worked as advertised. I wish I could have grabbed a picture from the photo gallery but other than that everything worked just fine.
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