FOCUS by Reynolds and Reynolds

2.5 (58)
78.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Reynolds and Reynolds Company and its affiliates
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOCUS by Reynolds and Reynolds

2.5 out of 5
58 Ratings
1 year ago, Kabir raj guru
The biggest loser app in the history of mankind
Our company switch from vin solutions to to this app . I aged 10 years older in few months . 1. On cell phone this app is horrible 2. You need to go on laptop for everything but still not even remotely close to vin . 3. The app is so confused that even developers don’t know what to do with it . 4. Not user friendly at all . 5. To get one information you need to go on 4 different screen . 6. It supposed to save time not consume your brain and time . 7. Email never go through you better right on paper and hand over personally to that person vs sending email . Good luck 8. If you open app on phone and want to access in 10 min or later . It doesn’t refresh so you need to close and then open again . Long story short —- I can’t write so many things but I make your life easy if you don’t like someone and wants him to suffer then suggest this app to that person .
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1 year ago, Nicholiitaylor
Needs major changes
Our company switched from Vin to Focus. This is one of the worst formatted apps to date. Things are scattered, your main page tasks never actually ‘go away’ and it doesn’t show progress with the customer on home page so you are unsure who you have already followed up on it. Over the day it gradually will cause you to waste more and more time since you manually have to check who in your last 45 days you already contacted on home page.
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3 weeks ago, keith.stokoe
The worst app I’ve ever used on a smartphone.
Think about the worst user experience you’ve ever had with an app. This app is worse. Absolutely anything you want to do is difficult, impossible, extremely convoluted, or hidden behind 3 other screens. If you’ve ever smashed your hand in a car door, using this app feels significantly worse than that. I would rather jump into a wood chipper than use this app again. Good luck keeping track of anything. This app makes me consider a new career.
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4 years ago, berr937
It’s basically a wanna be vin solutions
It’s terrible. Hard to use. Have to open multiple screens to get anything done. If you look at notes you have to open each note which takes to much time. Do yourself a favor and just hope your dealership uses vin solutions or another system. Did Reynolds and Reynolds even ask salespeople what they want.
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6 years ago, SalesManSam
Great app to manage the sales cycle
This app has allowed me to help my newer salesmen get up to speed on exactly what I want done in the sales cycle. They can also complete all their tasks from their phone and create a deal from their phone which has greatly improved our follow up and average deal time.
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3 years ago, The Most Gross
Your store needs to purchase it
Most of these reviews are for people who don’t have access. I’m a eLead fan but If you know anything about selling cars, it’s fast and easy to use.
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1 year ago, CW1313141516
Focus App
Horrible horrible horrendous ! Computer use is terrible. Can’t open another screen to aid in information transfer without it closing the original open screen. App description is not applicable to focus. Hurts the sales process lengthening it and making difficult.
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8 months ago, Samposebe
Why this app was created?
This application is useless. Impossible to log clients by scanning drivers license, no normal form to print, can’t call customer from application. Instead of saving time and optimizing selling process this application is making you to lose time. I have filling that creators never tried to work an up especially on busy days. Whoever paid them just waisted the money. Compere to VinSolution or even e-leads just horrible.
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1 year ago, Mine boy craft
Crashes and does not work
Unfortunately I have to use this app for work. But if I had a choice I would not. Works a little better on computer but the app is no go
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1 month ago, MR.TAT005
Worst app on the AppStore
Everything about the app is garbage. The computer version is slightly better. But don’t get your hopes up. Focus makes things much more difficult.
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4 years ago, hsls ni on bl
It’s doesn’t work
This app displays the wrong number of sold units it doesn’t save added notes doesn’t register calls and has issues when adding customers info.
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9 months ago, Not a good CRM
Worst CRM
Can’t track when people skate you, can trying in a timely manner the app is supper not user friendly and the trainers do everything but train you .
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6 years ago, Fodanglewangle
Login doesn’t work
Login screen freezes once it tries to lookup branch. Nowhere on the screen is there any help. Can’t work from home until this problem gets resolved.
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5 years ago, SuperDuperHyde
Would be nice to actually use it
I can’t seem to even login, “unexpected error” is the constant message I get with the CORRECT login information. So a 1 star rating until I can actually log in.
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6 years ago, Dakotacleveland
No trouble shooting
Having the same issue as others. Once I sign in it searches for a branch and then tells me there was an unexpected error. Won’t let me past that.
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8 months ago, antenna86
Doesn’t work on mobile
App doesn’t work on mobile. Needs maintenance
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3 years ago, j_greens
Just awful
Terrible. This needs a complete overhaul. Makes doing my job harder, the opposite of what it’s made to do
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6 years ago, JS3205
App Crashes!
App always crashes, DL and customer info will not push over to ReyRey! Unable to get processed in place. Dealer may cancel digi from our dealership completely.
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5 years ago, jerryk115
UI in far from being considered intuitive. Missing key features.
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5 years ago, Jjosuee
See Dealersocket!
Reynolds clearly has never seen their competitors app (dealersocket). They need to seriously update this app. Too many steps to log a customer.
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7 years ago, phone freezes
Phone freezes
Phone freezes all the time.
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6 years ago, Fíngèrż
Won’t sign in
Searches for branch and that’s it. Won’t sign in. There is no troubleshooting, or any kind of help to resolve the issue. Just a response about licensing
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8 months ago, instructions unclear?
not good
i can’t think of one thing that’s good about focus. it’s like the developers were told about vinsolutions in a foreign language they had an elementary understanding of
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7 years ago, injoy89
Doesn't work.
Doesn't work at all on my i6s. I can sign in, and I get "Searching For Branch" and that's it. For the entire duration I leave the app open. Does nothing.
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7 years ago, cire rolyat
Cannot Login
Login gets stuck on "selecting branch" and never finishes. I've been waiting for this app, but unfortunately can't use it.
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7 years ago, Keithspire
Fantastic Solution!
Reynolds gets it!!!!
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