Folder Lock

4.2 (1.7K)
54.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Folder Lock

4.25 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
7 years ago, Hairtrigger1983
Good app
The app does what it's supposed to by pass word protecting any photos, videos, or other media you may not want others to have access to. I also like that it gives you the option of automatically deleting the original file once you've uploaded your media into the app. The biggest complaint that I have about the app is the ads. Even when switching between folders within the app, ads will pop up in addition to ads as soon as you open the app. The ads a re minor inconvenience, but annoying nonetheless.
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4 years ago, MaccaJude
Don’t waste your time
When the app isn’t crashing, there’s no way to actually put your photos in it. Hit the + button and it goes to a blank screen that says there are no photos. Once it showed me my actual camera roll but when I tried to actually select stuff it went to the blank screen. Also there is no option to browse your entire device and select things to move at will. There are folders titled photos, videos, etc. If you try to move something into one you can only select from that specific file type. I had an entire folder on my desktop that I wanted to lock away but I couldn’t get to it through the app. That may be what the “transfer via WiFi” option is but being as this is not 2008 I feel like I shouldn’t have to transfer files in such a convoluted way. Why can’t you just browse all your folders from within the app, select the items you want, and have the app import them?
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5 years ago, user who paid for this app
Keeps Crashing/Cant Open Notes
Loved it until the main feature I got it for (Notes) stopped working It just keeps crashing. I have the paid premium version. It won’t open notes after I sign in. It just closes itself. I have important notes saved. They’re also backed up to Dropbox at .dat files. But it seems only the FolderLock app can open them. And the folder lock app just crashes every time I try to open notes. I even downloaded the folder lock advance app and paid for premium upgrade AGAIN to see if I could open it there. Seems Dropbox sees it as a completely different app and won’t upload the notes I backed up. So now alive paid TWICE for premium features just to access important files, but the app won’t work. It just keeps crashing. I’ve also emailed the developers and haven’t gotten a reply yet.
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7 years ago, CyberSpider2012
Almost, but...
This app has a lot of nice features, yes, but as others have said, the ads are ridiculous. Every time you do something, there's an ad. OK, I get it, not everything can be free, so I would have paid for this app, EXCEPT... If you import photos, that works well. You can put them into any folder you like. No problem. You can select multiple photos at once. It has a very nice feature where it asks if you want to delete the photos from your regular memory. You might have to sit through two or three ads to do this. But if you rename the folder, the photos get cropped to a square thumbnail OR so corrupted that they are not viewable. THEY ARE GONE. I hope that you didn't delete them... (Sit through another ad.) The same thing happens if you move the photos from one folder to another. (Sit through another ad.) When you are in a folder, you can't switch folders. The back button doesn't work. The only solution is to exit the app and re-open, which means reentering the password and... sitting through more ads. If you don't believe me, download it yourself and give it a try. Just don't delete those photos yet.
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6 years ago, ttin0msn
Great app but needs X update
App works great but there is no unlock for facial recognition on the X? I upgraded from a 7 that was set on fingerprint unlock. I couldn’t access on the X because it was waiting for my fingerprint. I had to go back to my 7 reset password from fingerprint to alphanumeric password then re set up my new XS Max. That worked and I now have access but have to enter the password. Facial recognition would be quicker? Other than that it works great!
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3 years ago, booboomulligan
Simply Terrible
This app had been incredibly frustrating to manage, not user-friendly at all, but I stuck with it. Photos/videos would be uploaded and somehow ended up sideways or worse, upside down, but I stick with it. Accessing the app would be a constant series of failures, ‘kickouts’, but I stuck with it. I upgraded believing the situation would be better and felt good about my decision initially; I was able to sort out the issues. Foolish me. When I then allocated the photos/videos into specific folders, I LOST close to 50% of them. And by “lost” I do mean LOST! They're gone. Blank tiles is all that remain. Unfathomable. Since then I salvaged the remaining items and have moved onto another app. Simply TERRIBLE!
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5 years ago, Cemc47
Ads plus
Not only are all the ads a nuisance, after having the app for a few years, one day I was unable to open it up where I had a lot of irreplaceable pictures saved. I figure it was because I refused to up-grade??? I only use about 3 different sign on codes and none of them would work. It took me approximately 2 weeks to get ahold of someone to ask for help. After several emails back and forth the kind lady said something about if you didn’t register ??? she wouldn’t be able to help me. I didn’t understand what she meant by registering. Anyway I have lost several years of photos and videos. I’d think twice about using this app.
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6 years ago, iichiko_togi
READ: Files NOT protected from Folder Lock
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! I never write reviews but I have for Folder Lock. I paid for the ad free version. I had real important files in the app like travel documents, W2s and so on. ALL were lost forever. I contacted Support and they inform me “If the photos have become corrupted there’s no way to retrieve them.” They never answered my question on how a file “safe” in Folder Lock can become corrupted. An app to protect things destroys them? They say “back it up”. Mine was, only I didn’t know I had backed up the so-called “corrupted files”! 159 of my important files gone forever!! I’m so mad & frustrated. Thanks for nothing Folder Lock!
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7 years ago, 1224Max5667
Latest update freezes phone
After downloading the latest update, attempting to select a folder with a large (>50 photos) amount of photos will freeze up my phone (iPhone 7 running the latest version of iOS 11). I am unable to access some of my folders containing many images due to this. Other folders with less images in them can still be opened, but after waiting some time. Restarting the app or the phone does not fix this problem. In addition, I’ve found that there were many white images created in my folders that I had to delete. Please fix!
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7 years ago, Travel Pro
Ads pop up can't close
What a joke! Never seen an app do this. When you try to open a folder an ad pops up. It will have an x in corner to close it, or with close button. However when you try to close it it does nothing. You have to open the ad. Then go back to the app re-login and the next time the ad pops up it may let you close it. Not always. Sometimes you have to repeat this process. I think they get paid by having people select an open their advertisement. So this is a gimmick they use to get people to open the ads. A royal pain! Seriously don't get this app you will regret it!
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1 year ago, NexusFilmStudios
Great App! One Minor Request
This app is great for password protection and going above and beyond to deflect intrusions. The request I would like to offer to the dev is to add an auto-save feature to the notes, so when I accidentally back out, my progress isn’t lost. 😅 Thank you! Review will be adjusted if done!
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6 years ago, Mr. Sacks R Harry
Works exactly as described.
Pay for the ad free version. After the 3.99 it’s a perfect app to keep people away from private videos and photos. It’s easy to use and will even scrub your phone of the videos you store in the app. The only thing is that if you delete the app without putting the videos back on your phone then you’ll lose your stuff forever.
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6 months ago, Jaynamastecrazay
It’s all gone
All my saved files are gone. They made a new app, the old one with the files in it is broken. As soon as you try to open any of the file categories the app gets stuck loading “Photo: 1 Photo” forever no matter which option you choose. The new app doesn’t have the files. Now I have two versions of the same broken app on my phone. This is the exact opposite of what anyone would ever want!! So if you have anything important that you want to get deleted and lost forever, this is the app for you.
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2 years ago, Mark.......
Does not work
Just got this app, had to pay the fee to actually use it. Then it doesn’t work., Cannot do file transfer over Wi-Fi. Followed all instructions, nothing shows in the browser. Waste of money. I want a refund. Re: Developer response. The computer and iPad were on the same WiFi network. Nothing worked. Your a-p,also stopped the App Store from working. What do you know. I uninstalled your app and the App Store worked again. So, not only did your app not work how you say it should, it messes up other apps. Definitely not recommend.
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3 years ago, SeaRanger67
Back to normal
With the newest update it looks like they fixed the issues that were created by the previous version. Seems to be working fine now. The developers were quick to respond both here and go email. Great customer service.
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8 months ago, turkeybreakfast06
If i previously had the app without the premium features then i deleted it and got it back a month later and the photos aren’t there would i be able to purchase premium features to get them back?
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3 years ago, ncdkc
Back up stolen
I have once backed up all my private photos into this suspicious app, but never been able to recover my data, every time I download it again, it asks you to put new password, that is so weird, because it is supposed to ask us to put email address to restore your previously backed up data, but it doesn’t ask you anything, but it stats you over, which is very disappointing, its been a year now, but I have tried sending emails but nobody replies back. Please help if you still can.
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2 years ago, MillionDollarIdea007
Photo and video orientation
This app is great for protecting sensitive files however the lack of adjustability to photos and videos is in need of improvement. Some added files appear upside down or once turned sideways are impossible to view. Some editing to files within the app would be a great addition to an already awesome platform.
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6 years ago, Manithan100%
Do NOT waste your time
I wanted to see how it works before buying it. I have never seen such a horrible application. Before even I start setting this up, it showed many ads and I need to click on and open the ad to get rid of it. It still keeps showing and insisting on opening it. The close button they show on many of the ads does not close it. It is another trick to open the ad. Cheap people. Download this app only if you feel your time is not even worth a penny.
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3 years ago, Rotarysenpai
App keeps crashing
App updated now it just crashes after a few seconds I liked this app but this is annoying
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4 years ago, Dikosay
Not good enough for me
The worst thing about all these locker apps is having to retrieve forgotten passwords (one of the reasons most people use the same password for everything). After several months of not using this, I couldn’t remember the password (I call myself bucking the trend and using different passwords for everything). So I clicked the forgot password link. Nothing was ever sent to my email. I now have an app holding my private files on my phone and l can’t even access them!
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3 years ago, John Nesselhauf
Can’t recover
So i was Having issues with the app glitching so I deleted it and went to re-added and now all my content all my pictures how do I get those back how do I restore those
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7 years ago, DoggyLoves
Good app
I paid for all the features. I have figured out how to delete whole albums but not individual things. Can someone explain this. Also when I got to add photos they dont all show up on my list
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3 years ago, PA-Ana
Paid version
I have the paid version. My complaints are: When I save pictures I can’t recover the dates when they were taken. Neither I can’t save them back to my phone folder unless I screen shot them…. And of course the quality isn’t the same.
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6 years ago, DaisyBug
Buyer Beware
***EDIT*** I have the paid version of this app and just bought a new iPhone X. It will not even open. At all. I am livid. All of those documents and pictures are gone forever. I would not buy this or anything else from this developer. Please do not put anything important in the app that is supposed to keep them safe. 😒 There are two key things you should know about this app. The first is that you can no longer import photos from your phone’s camera roll. So it is basically useless now. Nor should you expect any help or support. I have twice attempted to contact the developer with a question and I have never received an answer. (It should be noted I have the full paid version.) Keep looking.
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5 months ago, Datstealthninja
Recently downloaded app to see if I liked it. This far I have zero complaints. It is what it claims to be and I think this will be my new go to for private files
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5 years ago, mahdi3036
The Best app in this category
I have downloaded and use this application for some year in both windows and iOS and had no problem, the few advertisements aren’t bothering,
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2 years ago, azha_217
It's awesome, u can set the program with double click in screen to say (the app stopped working ) and be close. But if u click correct on screen it will let u to get in
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3 years ago, deeforilla
BEEARE of Data Loss
If you use this app make sure to back it up elsewhere. I have used it for years over several phones and never had a problem... until it wanted to track my data over other apps. When I said no it immediately crashed and would not restart. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app and lost years of irreplaceable data as a result.
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5 years ago, jacobsoccer2005
Great app
This is a great protective folder. It even has in the settings a place to put a fake error message that sends all but the user away. Go to settings and see. So far this has been great
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6 years ago, Dave804
Needs polish... Badly
Kinda janky. An “almost-out-of-beta” kinda look and clunky user interface. Definitely needs more work there! The latest update breaks the ability to add photos from camera roll. Also, when attempting to add video... all it shows is a blank black screen regardless of front or back camera. Needs cross-device syncing!
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6 years ago, Kyle Krass
Can't add new pictures?
The app is great. I paid for premium. But for whatever reason, I can't add anything new from my photo gallery? It will let me take a picture in the app and add that but I can't add pre-existing pictures? Help!
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4 years ago, Rba9
Love this app
Keeps things on my phone secure Easy to use Cheap to buy it and get rid of the ads Very convenient way to transfer files from my pc to my iPhone
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6 years ago, bunkor
Problem on iPad
FolderLock works fine on my iPhone but on my iPad Pro it will not wi-fi transfer data file making it useless. The IP address is totally wrong. Contacted support a couple of times but no help. I worked until about eight months ago. With being able to load data it is useless. Don’t know if other iPad users are having the same problem.
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2 years ago, Dan170604
Cloud does not work
Cloud is nog connecting . You cannot rely important documents without cloud backup. Anytime this app will crash bringing with ig your important files. I do it manually to save everything into dropbox . It is unrrliabld but it has use if you keep backups by doing ig yourself. Better use the free version.
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7 years ago, sunbumsue
Great concept but way too many pop up ads
I really used to love this ap. Now every time I open it ads & games pop up and you can't even close them as it exits you out of the ap. I also am not able to figure out how to remove documents once you put them in there. Not that user-friendly.
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1 year ago, Free TPH
I’m trying to add videos to the app, bought the premium, and when I try adding the videos it just shuts down… I’ve kept trying but it does the same thing… It worked better before I bought the upgrade but it didn’t save my videos and pics when I broke my phone…
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3 years ago, Ready Ward
It’s seamless
My only request is to make it easier to delete files. Everything works as advertised.
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6 years ago, bnc1395
Simple and efficient.
This app does everything you need it to do to be protective of your personal information. I paid the $3.99 to upgrade and I love it.
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7 years ago, PreciousNJ
Disappear / froze / white images
I trying to retrieve /restore all my photos from this app and they disappear . I have just white images and that’s all I see . Please inform and help Me to resolve this problem. Thank you for support
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3 years ago, yoursMBA
Works as expected
Those who say the app is crashing should be looking to their system as cause for the fault.
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6 years ago, ijophes
Cannot export videos
The app allows pictures to be exported back to iPhone photo album as a “Save Image” but no way to export video. This is a problem if I do delete a vid from iPhone photo folder. What if I want to share a vid after importing to Folder Locker? This alone prevents me from using this app at all. Unfortunately I paid for the upgrade before testing the vid options.
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6 years ago, wolffurry
Pretty good for a first try but
The only thing that I have a problem with is the image thumb nail of the nsfw photos that I’m trying to hide still show
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4 months ago, Roman goat95
How can I move to pictures back to my phone?
Show more
3 years ago, Bigg321
App crashed on an update
I can’t contact the provider I have sent a few e mails they sent an update I didn’t need it was working perfectly no I lost the icon on my main screen and the app won’t open I have a lot of stuff locked in the app idk what to do
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7 years ago, Sappy pappy
Eh. Not bad for free I guess.
The ads are a bit much. But that's what you get with free I suppose. Also if I go into the photo section, the back up arrow doesn't work. So I have to close the app and reopen to another slow loading ad. Other than that it works.
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4 years ago, NickMendoza8
Keeps everything safe.
Share my device at work Nice to have everything safe
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6 months ago, Hee Hee Momma
Not perfect but a good value
Some irritating occurrences but after getting used to getting around them the app shows promise. Good value. If you are ok with dealing with them a rating of 4 1/2 would be fair
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6 years ago, Yezonk
Great app!
Great app! Really works well. Love how it takes a picture if someone gets the password wrong. And how it saves space on your phone. It’s perfect.
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6 years ago, rook888
PC version is good. IOS version has too many annoying popups
The PC version of Folder Lock is good. I had similar hopes for the IOS version. Wow - what a difference! The IOS version has annoying pop-ups that make me question the professionalism of the overall product. You’ve already lost me as a customer. I’ll look at other solutions.
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