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User Reviews for Forbes Magazine

4.68 out of 5
8.1K Ratings
6 years ago, paul5309
Have a Valid Subscription - Keeps Asking to subscribe
Worked fine for a few months, renewed subscription back in November and have not been able to access magazines since. Keeps asking to renew. Have sent multiple emails to support team and no feedback at all on the issue. No customer care number for Maz provided. Terrible customer service experience.
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3 years ago, Pjbordenave
I don’t even write reviews ever but this app was so horrible, I felt an obligation to speak out about it. Where do I begin…well I’ll start with the fact that it took a century just for the scroll to register. I mean I could’ve gotten up, popped a hot pocket in the microwave, taken a bite of it when it comes out just to realize it’s to hot, come back to my room….all before it took the time for the scroll to register. Second, I tried to search articles and nothing popped up. Then the user face seems so outdated and illegitimate, like I’d catch a virus from using it or like one of those apps you find advertised while watching an illegal stream. If I could give this app 0 stars, I would but I’m forced to give it a 1, but I guess I have to since the app actually turned on. Needless to say, I will not be downloading this app ever again. Forbes, more like Horbs (short for horrible).
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5 years ago, Art in Austin
Forbes is smart… But
I’ve been reading Forbes magazine almost 50 years, so they don’t have to sell me on their worthiness. Yet as we often see in business the provider has not tried to buy their own product from themselves. I have a regular magazine subscription and am having a very difficult time figuring out how to get it digitally-which I think I would now prefer. So many less popular magazines have this available. One stand out is The Economist which gives you a beautiful digital, and a spectacular audio version to listen to while working out or driving. Hey Forbes– just copy The Economist digital/audio format. It has taken a lot of effort for me to get to this point, which is nowhere.
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5 years ago, HarveyWallbangerJR
Love the magazine. The app, not so much.
I hate to ever leave a negative review, but my hope is the the magazine publishers realize how poor of a job their app developer is doing representing their brand. I’ve been a reader for years, and recently decided I wanted the magazine available instantly on my iPad. After paying for the subscription, the app still demands that I pay for every issue. It tells me that I need to activate my subscription, yet does not have any of my credentials recognized. I’ve given it a week to try to contact the developer, but still no response. Apple has issued me a refund, which still leaves me disappointed. I’ll take my money back, but what I wanted was the articles.
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3 years ago, LLLEVIEN
Something to trust
I don’t do ratings often but the last few years have made me value well researched, reporting that isn’t trying to sell me something. I have recommended Forbes to a few friends who have later thanked me. Thanks for making me look good, Forbes.
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6 years ago, Russman75056
Russell Ausseresses
If you're a businessman on your way up, Forbes is not just a necessity, it is almost a requirement and prerequisite for your success. The app is very easy to use. Just as the brand itself, it never disappoints. It is always a go to place where you can find the stories of the movers and shakers of modern America.
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2 weeks ago, gosh foot
Me Ernest Correia
You have kept pace and fresh over the years most appreciated The article on the NFL and Black businesses was great and the other related Black entrepreneurs was most enjoyable. Thank you very much.
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4 years ago, DaveHinPA
Subscription problems
I bought the promotion for a two year subscription. They took the money and issued an account number. However their app will not accept the account number or the other ways to login. I had Numerous contacts with customer service for subscriptions for two weeks I was passed around from one department to another. No one would focus on the problem and it never got resolved. I had to request a full refund. Is that crazy or what??
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1 year ago, ttttttllllll99
Stops loading new articles after a few days
I have to reinstall the app every few days as it seems to just… stop loading new articles. I wish it would save my read articles per account instead of per device as I read on both my tablet and my phone. Love the content but haven’t loved the app experience.
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2 years ago, ngurhfhdgu
Struggling with this interface - really not well laid out
I love the quality of Forbes journalism, but the iPhone app is killing me. I see pictures with a word or two of text under them. Can’t tell what anything is about without clicking on it. There’s a banner asking me to turn on notifications permanently wasting a portion of my viewing area. Come on guys… this is shoddy design.
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3 years ago, Dwmpi2001
App won’t recognize my subscription
I subscribed through the browser and paid. The app recognizes my login but says no subscription and wants me to pay again. Well, at least i can access content through my browser. Pretty heavy ad load however. One plus: browser access let’s you turn off auto-renew.
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4 years ago, jhfdsa
Content is great. The app is quite disappointing.
Love Forbes and the content. Even subscribing can’t make it so the note that tells you to turn on your notifications will go away. Nor will turning on your notifications. Not all of the content can be read either. Certainly expect more from Forbes. “A” for content. “D-“ for the app itself. One of the most frustrating apps I have used.
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3 years ago, dwhenderson
Poorly formatted app
I like having access to Forbes on my iPad, but this is the most poorly formatted app out of all of the news apps that I currently use. This is particularly true given the price of the subscription. I want to have access to the magazine; so I continues to subscribe. However, this is the only app that makes me feel the cost of the subscription is not consistent with the value of the technology.
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5 years ago, Mo Hanafy
You should give us the option to categories so we know where we can go just like the website! Sort the news into categories please!
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4 years ago, kelefe3
Thank you
Well first of all it’s Forbes magazine and second of all I’m starting to learn everyone’s job position and what they own and do and I’m gonna reach the top level of all of this so thank you again ........
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5 years ago, jkepley
You listened
The fact that I have the option of looking at the magazine in a magazine fashion makes all the difference. Thanks for listening.
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4 years ago, Curt12/78
Didn’t work and took my money
Subscription didn’t work but it still charged me and they refused to refund. So I lost 30 bucks and got nothing in return. And then it was a pain in the neck trying to prevent this scam subscription from recurring. So frustration because I subscribed to the physical Forbes magazine for over 10 years and then to be treated like this is a complete betrayal. I never write reviews but this was beyond infuriating to be scammed like this.
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3 years ago, AndyCoachKS
Unable to view paid content despite unlimited subscription
I am logged in and I have a subscription Was never able to view full content in the app, only on the web The help section of the app does not seem to send feedback email Cmon people it's not that hard to do it right Are that that bad with your money? Or just my money..
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4 years ago, YeseniaOrtiz
Cannot Access Anything
Very disappointed with this app. I tried everything to get access to their content and at this point is useless. I paid $30 for the year and I was only allowed to view the first month of it. I contacted the customer service and after doing what they asked me to do, I was still not able to access it. I already cancelled my subscription.
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3 years ago, skibumdude
Not a great news layout
I like Forbes’ news but it’s layout is awkward compared to Google’s layout. It seems less newsy and more artsy. The issue with the layout is it really doesn’t lend itself to sorting through articles quickly.
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3 years ago, ready to quit fortune
Worst magazine app
Forbes obviously doesn’t care about the customers. I have sent in a complaint about this over a year ago and recently and they are standing pat. It doesn’t remember where you last read. Fortune had this issue years ago but fixed it. Forbes just prefers to stick to outdated technology and does not care about its subscribers.
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11 months ago, ptmass
Access is Too Painful
This is one of the most annoying apps I have come across. I currently have a subscription that expires in 6 months. I get countless prompts to enter my information and renew. I’ve lost track of how many times I have entered my info, but it doesn’t seem to recognize any of it. The customer experience is just AWFUL.
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2 years ago, dab7580
Great Articles, Buggy App
Some of the best informed and well written articles I have read. Have not been able to sync browser and app subscription.
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4 years ago, Bill Jung
Forbes Forgot About Me
I subscribed online for an annual Forbes subscription in late January 2020. Its now 9 March and I haven’t received one magazine. I guess Forbes sense of customer service is gone.
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4 years ago, Cal🐶
The app has never worked well. I’ve had to buy the app and pay Forbes to be able to use it? Now the format has changed which I don’t care for. There are great apps out there: WSJ, Economist, even Sports Illustrated. Forbes should be able to do much better than this. The developer represents the publisher and this does not make the publisher look good. We expect and should see excellence.
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1 year ago, Cornidog
Forbes is best for those who want to invest
A subscription to Forbes is very much worth the price for those who want to make real money
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6 years ago, 55precision
Good Continuation
I rather wake up every morning and read what Forbes, has to offer than any main stream social media app!
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3 years ago, Rachel's Thoughts
Brief and Timely
Forbes consistently has articles that are timely. They keep me up to date on what’s important in a brief manner.
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4 years ago, Bethel309
Objective & Insightful
Wide coverage of business news and social and civic concerns. Well written and interesting. Covers stories that others don’t.
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12 months ago, Tee1000g
Lovely the Forbes app!!!
The Forbes app is up to date and it has the latest on what’s been buzzing. I have to check in daily lol😜 and it’s a must you do too!!!💪💪💪💪#1000g!
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4 years ago, IndyC2011
Data and fact based!
For people who do their own thinking. Not their political party.
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4 years ago, Nvder
Im satisfied
Even though, I’m using free version but it has good features that you can use. It’s worth to buy full version to access all features.
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5 years ago, hdjsjajaakaa
Crashing constantly
Your app continuously crashes when reading articles on iPhone. Please find a quick fix for this problem. Thank you.
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3 years ago, zackrulz08
Keep politics out of the articles!
No pc! No slant! No bias! Just a good business read. Facts are presented well and I feel informed vs preached at.
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6 years ago, Anitachristinajalloh
Why do I need a subscription when Instill have to pay $5 dollars to read a magazine?!
There is no point in getting this subscription! I repeat, DO NOT GET THE SUBSCRIPTION!! I bought a year subscription and I still need to pay 5 dollars per magazine for each magazine I want to read? What is the point? This should be changed.
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3 years ago, DariaTsv
The worst experience
I bought a subscription online first and then it got randomly cancelled without any refunds. Then, I bought a subscription in the app - and never received an receipt, can’t log in into the app, but money has been charged. Emailed customer support - crickets
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3 years ago, Mr_Jay_Jackson
The Only News App You Need
Unlike the others Forbes is fair and impartial
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4 years ago, goodhearr
I appreciate Forbes articles and enjoy the knowledge I gain. It's nice to be able to keep up with what's happening.
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5 years ago, OceanSailor1955
The quality of its articles is declining and to read it in the app is not easy. Almost impossible to download it and read it when you don’t have connectivity. After being a subscriber for over 30 years I look at it less and less.
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2 years ago, milletboy
Factual Reporting
I Trust fobs for report in the facts, they are reliable trustworthy and on point. Exceptional journalism keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, JuicyRyan
Buggy Video
Great content and I love they’re moving more digital. My complaint is the buggy-ness of the app. Before I’d pay for it, I’d like to know I can watch a video without it buffering for 10 min.
Show more
2 years ago, oobiiee
Annoying ads that won’t go away
Ads all over the page and won’t go away. Very annoying
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2 years ago, Driu1990/2
Subscription problems
I subscribed the 49USD package on the website for a full access to all content, but I can’t access to my subscription on the app, I’m writing to the customer service but no way they answer me… how can I get a refund?
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3 years ago, Mrs. BG
Falsification of Documents
The photo on this page is not of Donald Trump. It’s actually Dan Quayle, 49th President of the United States. Joe Biden was never elected to the U.S. Senate or any public office thanks to the Zodiac Killer Funds.
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3 years ago, BrentB89
Unlimited Access is a joke
Despite having an unlimited access subscription, I cannot use the app on my iPad. Instead I have to use the web browser to view content. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, macied1
My review
Forbes is the best media to get informed about news and money.
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3 years ago, Bruce315
All Stories don’t load
Just got this.’Feature’ stories load. ‘Most popular’ load a sentence and that’s it. I can go online, find the complete story so there is obviously more that isn’t downloading.
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4 years ago, anonymousssjengabab
I enjoy reading and watching the news
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4 years ago, thejesuscat
Where’s 2020’s Magazine?
I could only receive 2019 magazines. After receiving a response from what I thought was Forbes, I learned this is a separate developer app and not developed by Forbes publishing. Weird.
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5 years ago, Mr. Telluride
The Absolute Best Business Magzine
You I must read it or remain in the dark at you peril.i
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