ForeFlight Mobile EFB

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2 months ago
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User Reviews for ForeFlight Mobile EFB

4.38 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
3 years ago, David T MIPC
Best aviation app or around. But beware one very dangerous feature.
In my opinion, ForeFlight is, by far, the best aviation app out there. It is very easy to use, and has a great amount of features for both VFR and IFR flying. However, a feature they added recently, takeoff and landing distance calculations, have dangerous errors in the calculations. Although I contacted ForeFlight over a month ago about this concern, this dangerous feature is still in the app. When calculating landing distances, ForeFlight does not take the displaced threshold into account. It will show the proper LDA, or landing distance available, but they do not take this into account when calculating your landing distance. Instead, they use the total runway length to do this. When a 2500 foot runway has a 500 foot displaced threshold, foreFlight will calculate the landing distance using 2500 feet. If you use this for planning purposes, you will run into trouble. I had suggested that ForeFlight remove this feature from the app until they can get the numbers working properly. There are other apps out there, some free, which make this calculation properly. I would suggest that you do not use this feature if the runway you go into has a displaced threshold. Make the calculations yourself. Someone is going to get hurt.
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5 years ago, Visth
Foreflight: Essential and best value in all of aviation!
FF is easily the best app for aviation. I have all others, and they are not bad, some even good (eg GP), but I will not leave home without FF. Connecting to various Garmin devices now makes it a great in flight manager as well. I am glad that emphasis is placed on pre-flight management in this update. While flying multiple aircraft in various conditions, different performances, loads, settings, it is all adjusted on the fly through a pilot centered, intuitive interface. This makes keeping track of all data pertinent to a flight, as well as briefing, filing and tracking the flight as easy as can be. As an app goes, it is not cheap like a 2.99 game, but as an essential, reliable tool it is the cheapest utility around in all of aviation. In a world where we measure things in AMU’s, this app and it’s subscription fees are nothing to cry about, and in my opinion the subscription fee is the least I can contribute to keep this ForeFlight team eager to improve and grow. My only concern is not related to FF, but more related to the iPad and its very short life cycle before obsolescence. I am already concerned about what will happen when iPads cease to exist. For now, i am including a new iPad every other year to the price of doing business.
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5 years ago, IFR-Pilot
We use this daily!
We fly 12 to 18 hours per week with ForeFlight and Stratus 2. ForeFlight has come along way since it’s introduction with synthetic vision, excellent integration with Stratus and so much more. I did get concerned with the previous version as we started having multiple crashes on two different newer iPads daily. We do load multiple waypoint and it seemed like that might have been a factor? I always make sure my iPad has plenty of open SSD space and the newer iPads have 2GB or more RAM, so I wonder if the software rolled out too fast? We’re also very careful about not updating the OS until the all clear is given. I just hope ForeFlight’s team slows down a little on all the bells and whistles. It’s much more crucial for the product to work flawlessly versus having 3D views of airports / etc. All in all ForeFlight is the BEST aviation App on the market and their team is obviously awesome at coding. My concerns and comments here about previous crashes are only because we’re addicted to ForeFlight and never want to see it burdened with issues. The new version seems to be more stable with only the rare crash. It does open back up in seconds right were you left off. Keep up the good work. Thanks ForeFlight!
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3 years ago, Banshee517
Life Saver
Early in my flying career, shortly after my first solo but before my ppl check ride I was saved by Foreflight. Flying solo, I was out practicing maneuvers and not paying any attention to the weather that was coming in behind me, and covering the airport I was to return to. When it was time to come back I pointed the nose toward my home base and before I really knew what I had done, I flew vfr into imc. No where near instrument rated I was truly lost in a sea of white. Thankfully I had Foreflight on my iPad with synthetic vision and the stratus 2 feeding attitude information. I transitioned to flying the plane like a video game watching that screen. I was able to keep the plane under control and maneuver though and out of the imc to and alternate airport and land safely. It was an absolutely terrifying event for me. I truly believe the outcome would not have been even close to this had Foreflight not been in the cockpit with me. For this I am truly thankful and fly with Foreflight on every flight. Through the years Foreflight has only increased its capabilities and has never let me down. I recommend it to everyone who flies. Thanks for a great product and saving my life.
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3 years ago, Ekanal
Phenomenal app, superb - no, INSANE!! - Customer Support
Yesterday at 0915 hours I had a question about how to get something done within Foreflight since a fuel calculation did not seem to be working. AT 0919 HOURS I received a written e-mail response that fixed and correctly and completely addressed my issue (it was my own mistake all along). This is THE example of an app that I use to highlight how an app should be built. TREMENDOUS thought on user interface and what the pilot/customer wants and needs, when, how, etc. Absolutely simply and perfectly superb app that keeps having more and more useful functionality added to it all the time. Dollar for dollar, this vies for the honor of, “best money spent on my aviation needs” award. And believe every single tiny thing you may have EVER heard about their customer service. You have never been exposed to any app software support that will even come close to this group. Pilots writing software for pilots. I am a lifelong customer and fan. Way to go, ForeFlight. You just continue to hit these right out of the park time and time and time again!
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6 years ago, Wastintime
Foreflight: ruining an app one update at a time
This is the worst update foreflight has ever made. They took something so streamlined, quick, and easy as flight planning and made it cumbersome and ungainly. It's no longer simple to make a few little changes and see how it affects the flight. You have to load and create performance profiles. It's like they never even considered you might fly a different speed or TAS at different altitudes. Not to mention not everyone wants to waste time with creating a whole new profile when you just want to see how changing one number changes the flight. AND not everyone only flies one airplane! These last two updates ruined the best thing about foreflight. Now they've also ruined your map screen. All the colors have shifted and seem to be permanently stuck on night mode. No setting will change it back. Now you can barely read TAFs and metars in the daylight. On top of everything else the app crashes at least once a flight now, and if it doesn't crash you have to restart it any time it loses communication with your ADS-B unit because it won't reconnect or show any data or even the device unless you restart the app. Talk about going backwards.
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3 years ago, EthanSRichards
This is the best darn flight app out there.
You would not believe how much work load is taken off your hands when you use Foreflight. It is for all intents and purposes a handheld MFD that gives every weather update that you can think of, shows where you are on VFR and IFR charts, pairs with all ads-b antennas, allows you to file flight plans, find and contact FBOs, get all information about an airport in large easy to read presentations, find instrument approach plates in seconds, and can even function as an emergency ahrs if all else fails if you have the right equipment. I’ve had my students use the paper books and charts and then use my ForeFlight app and they find the answer I’m asking them to find in less than 1/2 the time. I’ve had this since I started my private training and I’ve been grateful ever since. A true lifesaver in IFR training, and the ability to pair with ADS-B portable antennas cut my close calls out in busy flight training airspace down to 0. Love this little app. Buy it. It’s worth every penny.
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3 years ago, Jonb94530
Super Product and Amazing Customer Service
I have been using FF for years in many aircraft, needless to say it is a super product and the continual upgrades are just phenomena too. The effort behind this essential pilot tool is clear. But what recently took my appreciation to an even higher level is their customer service. I am working on converting all 15 years of paper logbooks into the electronic FF system (after my MEL commercial instructor and DPE gave me lots of grief for not being in the modern world - it makes summarizing flight experience and signoffs etc. for new certs much easier). Transferring all the time takes some work and I had numerous questions, not only about how to use the system, but how to log things jet sim time, etc. I asked questions and got immediate answers from experienced pilots, at least one of whom served as Chief Pilot for a commercial operation, so he knew the regs cold and pointed me to the proper FAA references. These guys are all about aviation, not just tech. Thanks Adrian and Todd!
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4 years ago, KoleDrake24
Great EFB, but Map frame-rate and resolution are not optimized.
ForeFlight is an excellent tool for flight planning, weather analysis, and everything in-between. However, there are two glaring issues I have with the application, especially when compared to the competitors (primarily Garmin Pilot). To start off, the screen frame-rate is capped at either 24 or 30 FPS. The app feels laggy due to this. This is especially upsetting if you have the latest Apple devices (such as the iPhone XS and especially the iPad Pro) that can do 60 FPS and 60+ FPS respectively. Secondly, the map resolution could be sharper, and isn’t optimized for particular devices. The sectional (or zoomed out En-route IFR chart) view is pixelated on my iPhone XS and does not sharpen up until it becomes a TAC. Even then, the map isn’t as sharp as it is on Garmin Pilot. Updating these two features would be excellent for me, and would change my 3-star review to a 5-star review. For $100 or more to purchase this app, things like this should be worked in.
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5 years ago, KA7MMF
Going downhill quick
I have been using ForeFlight for about 8 years! Excellent platform? At least it used to be. But as large companies get bigger they lose sight of some of the conveniences. I would like to think I helped our company go to ForeFlight for EFB,s, simple easy, but Now days it is gotten so convoluted in its evolution, it often crashes and takes longer to use. Some of this is our company’s fault for not keeping the iPads updated with the latest iOS. still I often wonder when you have a perfect platform and everything is working great why mess with it! It’s lost its quickness, now every time you press a letter you got a wait for the iPad to finish it search before you compress the next one. Most of it crashes I have seen are on the weight and balance. As a pilot I don’t have the option of updating the iPads to the latest iOS. Doesn’t do me any good to send in a crash report for the aircraft I am no longer working on the iPad stay with the aircraft
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5 years ago, N7TX
Don’t Leave Home Without It
As a career software developer/designer, I’ve seen many times where software makes life easier, or more efficient. I’ve also seen many times where software tries to fill a gap that doesn't really exist. With 100% certainty, I can say that ForeFlight is one of the best things to happen to General Aviation since the Wright Brothers’ first flight. It correctly fills many gaps that existed prior to its existence and leverages technology to make your flight easier and safer. I learned to fly in the era prior to ForeFlight. When I returned to flying, I was impressed with how far such technology had come. I can hardly imagine flying without my ForeFlight now. No more paper charts or semi-guesswork ... it’s all in ForeFlight, in an easy to interface on the tablet platform of your choice. ForeFlight offers a 30 day trial. You can’t go wrong with that deal.
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4 years ago, Plane Blessings
Pleased User
This is absolutely the most useful app for aviation available. I have used it for several years and am seriously impressed at the ongoing improvements they provide several times annually. About the time I think they could add a feature, they do so in a manner better than I could have envisioned. Their exceptional, personable, product support team is very responsive and have helped me many times. You will NOT be disappointed with ForeFlight. As a caution, you’ll want a reasonably new IPad with 64gb to run the app. if you want to download all US charts, procedures and have room for electronic copies of FAA documents and some of your own within the app. I have Maintenance Manuals and Parts manuals for my aircraft downloaded and ready in the event I need them on a cross country flight to equip a mechanic with what they may need to make a repair.
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5 years ago, NVPilot
Invaluable for rapid flight planning and execution!
I have used ForeFlight for several years in my personal flying. In the last year I have been flying medevac and can’t imagine doing my job without it. When the 2am call comes, it gives me a great picture of the weather, Notams, and suggested routes if it’s an unfamiliar destination. I recently got the apple pen for the iPad Pro 9.7 and don’t even have to break out paper and pen to copy a clearance, still keep them in reach, but haven’t had to use them once. I never thought I would be comfortable without any paper charts at all but with the required backup Ipad on board I have no qualms. I appreciate the gradual improvements the team makes to the app, it’s never anything so crazy that you can’t figure out how to use the app after an update. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, WingsofCarolinaPilot
Outstanding Pilot Flight Planning, Inflight Safety EFB
Foreflight is the leader in this Pilot Comprehensive Flight Tool (EFB). The tool is data rich providing my commercial pilot and flight teaching operations an exceptionally safer and multiple times more helpful inflight. Your entire IFR certified flight deck could fail and this tool could navigate you to safety. I just got off the very responsive help Team to fix errors that I migrated over the past six years in my Aircraft lists and logbook entries that Joey got me through. As pilots our logbook integrity is the gold that represents our years of flying. It’s our portfolio that the FAA, employers, insurance companies and we take very seriously. The risk of data loss or inaccuracy is of utmost importance and Foreflight backs up and keeps consecutive instances of your data as a fail safe recovery. Thank you.
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4 years ago, tio jhon
More Devices
I have 4 iPhones and and 3 IPads. I would love it to have on all devices but only use two at a time. The issue with the iPad iPhones and the app is battery life and recharge time. My airplane is supposed to have a cigar lighter so maybe I can find it and plug in. But last flight everything went dead at the moment when I needed the most. Fell back to Preflight planning and back up charts. I can see the tremendous potential of the app just found it disappointing that I cannot put it on all my devices without having to pay for more devices. And since Apple account is not normally shared and most people can’t use more than two devices at a time there is absolutely no reason to restrict the number of devices to install the app on. Actually created a potential hazard that was not necessary.
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2 years ago, Leafly720
Good But…
They push the top tier subscription hard and intentionally bait users with new features that readily exist in competitors less costly EFB. Most frustrating is the inability to export a gps file for my flight plan so I can import to my in panel GRT. The inability to enlarge text is another big issue. I have 20/20 vision and use an iPad mini and constantly struggle. Might need to get a bigger iPad. Overall a great product with huge user base but I honestly think other EFB’s are just as good for less money. I have a total of 3 EFB’s and compare them constantly. Finally, it feels as though ForeFlight is pushing away us leisure guys for the corporate and deep pocket folks. Maybe they should consider spinning another company off and give better focus to general aviation.
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4 years ago, Lt. Gilly
Poor Customer value attitude and service
As a flight academy owner, I have been an advocate for ForeFlight to my customers and and a user myself for over a decade. However recently I have been getting complaints from my clients regarding poor customer service. Most share a commonality of brush offs from the help desk and none returned requests for help or service. Personally, I recently lost a feature I was using due to my own fault of accidentally hitting the hide option tab. When I reached out to the help desk I was told the only way I could get back “hidden options” was to upgrade my subscription to the next higher level. When I questioned the sensibility of having to upgrade to get something I already had in my normal package back, the communication from ForeFlight went off radar!!! My rating would be lower, but in fairness I felt like I owed them a couple of stars for the good service I had up until this recent issue.
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6 years ago, WardHolbrook
5 Star App, 6 Star Customer Service
I’ve been using ForeFlight for several years now and the app has always been at the forefront of innovation and usefulness. If it doesn’t quite have everything you could possibly want, just wait a bit, it will probably be in the next update. As for their customer service, it cannot get any better. Problems are few are far between, but when they arise their customer service team is on top of it. Case in point, we had a pop up trip to Mexico and their Mexico/Latin America rep Albert has not only helped me with getting the proper subscriptions, he as also helped us other solving some pilot certification issues with the Mexican authorities. Great App, Great People, you cant ask for more than that.
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1 year ago, Dragonsmoke6
Still can’t add multiple track logs or combine logs
Doing my IFR training and hitting a really annoying limitation… I can’t add more than one track log to a flight and I can’t properly log an x/c with a stop for lunch. We need the ability to link multiple log entries as a single flight or trip, also forwarding from a paper logbook as a single “totals” entry doesn’t allow for the distinction of towered vs. non-towered landings. I have to make tons of additional entries with different properties so that my 8710 actually shows the correct values. Why isn’t there an 8710-style page for entering starting totals from a paper log? Multiple entries for the same day will frequently appear out of order and this is highly annoying. The logbook needs some serious work and ff is falling behind garmin pilot. Then, there’s no way to set up a route on the map with multiple approaches with the published missed, so not super helpful when going up to shoot a bunch of practice approaches. Lastly there’s no spilt screen to show the plate next to the map, overlay’s are nice, but sometimes i need the plate separate from the map because distance rings and traffic frequently cover numbers on plates. On a 10” ipad in landscape mode, there’s screen real estate going to waste when the only option is to split it with AHRS.
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5 years ago, Av8r Popps
Fast search is anything but fast
With the addition of “fast search” FF just became extremely slow and not very user friendly. In rare cases it would be helpful to see available choices but there needs to be a work around too. If you want to type out an IFR clearance in the Maps tab the continuously updating search function makes it impossible to type out a route, your keypad inputs are skipped while the search is running. Even copy/paste seems impacted and rarely works from an outside app or email. When receiving a PDC clearance or a filed flight plan route via email there has to be a way to ‘import’ a route with a quick copy/paste. Unfortunately the FLP edit tab doesn’t allow a workaround for copy/paste either. There either needs to be a setting to turn off fast search or it has to go away altogether.
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3 years ago, pat fdw
ForeFlight customer service
Great app terrible customer service. Bought app had one question. Was charged $5 and they sent links with no resolution. Asked for phone call. They were charging $39. After pressing agreed to wave fee then said phone service wasn’t available. Ridiculous. Guess I’ll figure it out on my own. Don’t count on foreflight. I shifted from Garmin pilot to get a better app. Garmin’s customer service is outstanding. They should merge. Great app and great customer service is a dream. Oh well!! Update- I was scammed by someone other than ForeFlight. Thought I was dealing with FF. Since have been contacted and all is good. They say they never charge for help. My fault. Love the app. Much better than GP.
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5 years ago, afpeet
Customer Service
It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I’m trying to create a weight and balance profile in ForeFlight for a T206 with tip tanks with an FAA DPE looking over my shoulder. (And failing miserably...) After loading all the data I still couldn’t get the CG profile to load properly. All the math was working but the CG envelope was not. I sent the customer service folks at ForeFlight an email not expecting a response until Monday if at all. Well the Customer Service Team responded back immediately with the answer and a sample profile that made it too easy for a dinosaur like me. ForeFlight because it’s the best product on the market and then renew your subscription because their customer service will be there for you.
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4 years ago, lukeryy
What happened to my bookmarks?
ForeFlight is a great tool for any pilot who needs/wants assistance with navigation or flight planning. As a flight student at Riddle, it is a very valuable resource. One of my favorite features was the document feature, where you can download .pdf’s, powerpoints, pictures, and other documents and organize them into folders. This was very useful for studying for checkrides, but with a recent update ForeFlight deleted every single one of my bookmarks for every textbook, FAR, or any other document. This is a huge detriment to me, due to the fact I am taking a check ride next week, and would like the bookmarked pages I had for backup. Now I have to go back and re-bookmark everything which is very frustrating. Please fix, if this happens in the future then I will find a different app to satisfy flight planning needs Edit: Another thing that would be incredibly helpful, if possible I would love to have the option to enlarge my navlog when operating/planning a flight plan. It’s frustrating to have to squint my eyes to see waypoints on the tiny navlog at the top of the screen.
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7 months ago, dcaldo
Customer Service Above and Beyond
Our company had an immediate international deployment and originally my request to get charts to our pilots was left unattended for some time. I was initially frustrated with process for customer service. Then my case was elevated. The customer service manager reached out to me with his personal phone number. At that point the customer service went beyond helpful and accommodating. The agent worked with me at all hours to resolve the issue and get us the charts needed for our mission. I can thankfully say ForeFlight went above and beyond to as far as contacting a foreign nation trying to get us any chart reference for our operation. Thank You!
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4 years ago, Skywagon 1
An old pilots perspective
I am a retired American Airlines captain who has been flying for fifty-three years. I have over thirty thousand hours, seven jet type ratings and am a recipient of the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot award. I now live full time at an Airpark and enjoy flying EAA young eagles in my C-182 and try to give back to aviation that has been so good to me. It is my opinion that Fore Flight is one of the best safety devices developed for pilots in the history of aviation. I not only use the app on my IPad and IPhone before, during, and after every flight, I also contact Team Fore Flight on a monthly basis. I often send them and email with a question and they usually answer within an hour. Pretty impressive in my view.
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2 years ago, Aniemyer
An Essential for Any EFB
I’ve been using ForeFlight for many years and it keeps getting better and better. Like any technical app, the pilot gets from it what they put into studying and watching the rich series of training videos they producing. Even reviewing older ones will enhance your ability to use its many features. Their Customer Service is excellent and very responsive. Most are pilots themselves and understand that when we do reach out to them, it’s time sensitive and always relates to safety and good aeronautical decision making. Between great service and a great app, ForeFlight has become one of my “flight bag essentials”
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3 years ago, Stryker, NCWG
ForeFlight’s awesome support
As part of the Civil Air Patrol becoming part of the Total Force, we’ve been given many tasks that the military or contractors used to do. Recently, the USAF included CAP in their ForeFlight contract. That means we no longer had to self fund this portion of our volunteer support. Even better than that has been ForeFlight Customer Support in this transition. From refunding recently paid subscriptions, to working the account conversations, any concern was resolved in minutes...each time. With lots of morale numbing tasks in flying CAP, this initiative, and especially painless transition, really helps. Both the folks at NHQ CAP, and especially the ForeFlight customer service, have just been awesome.
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1 year ago, atlex2
Needs better UX for Apple’s Pencil and Keyboard accessories
First, I’ll say this App was a complete game changer. But they need to keep up with Apple’s accessories… 1. In documents, switching between a highlighter and a pen should not require this many touches. Right now you must change the color, thickness and transparency. 2. Most other apps let you double tap the pencil to switch to the previous tool or the eraser, Foreflight should as well. 3. Support for the Apple iPad Keyboard: you can’t even pan the map right now using the touchpad, but my iPad is usually in this keyboard stand when I’m not flying.
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1 year ago, Echo 986
Great Support
ForeFlight is so rich with well designed content that there is a ton of stuff that I’ve only begun to be familiar with, but we all know that. What I did not know was the level of support available. I recently inadvertently deleted a flight track and couldn’t see a way to restore it. I decided to contact support for help but had low expectations. I had a response almost immediately and my track was restored right away. I figured it would take several days or a week if I ever got a response at all. I was blown away. Their customer service is by far the best I have ever seen on anything. David
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4 years ago, Bonanza Mike
Great App, even better support
As an official “Old Guy” who started flying in airplanes without an electrical system and no radios and who never touched an iPad until last year, I’m a believer. The iPad with ForeFlight has completely replaced my chart case and while I’m still learning the finer points of updating databases and using the iPad it’s great. The support at ForeFlight is fantastic, quick, and the folks there have been very helpful explaining how to make the technology work for me. I highly recommend ForeFlight to anyone who hasn’t tried it, and if you get stuck, they’re support folks will get you out of the ditch and back flying the same day. Bonanza A-36 / Mike
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5 years ago, Spiralwings
Keeps getting better
I've been using Foreflight since 2007 when it was a web app on the then brand new iPhone. It is without a doubt the best and most useful app I own. When I'm working (commercial helicopter pilot) I use it every day to check wx, TFR's etc. and whenever I'm doing an xc flight I use the maps, and airport info for freqs and fbos. With each new release they improve upon an already stellar product and their support is second to none. Every time I've emailed about a question or an issue I have received a personal response within a few hours. Foreflight has changed aviation for the better. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, GDB-2020
Excellent software, excellent support
Learning to fly isn’t cheap, so for the first couple of years I passed on the added cost of a ForeFlight annual subscription. Seeing so many fellow pilots using it and raving about it changed my mind, and I’m glad I did. Extremely well-designed software that streamlines every aspect of flight planning and navigation. Customer service is excellent also ... Chris helped me realize that a powerful feature (glass cockpit instruments) was available with my basic subscription. Now I’m seriously considering upgrading to get even more incredible features. Give it a try... you won’t regret it.
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4 years ago, fixpain
As a private pilot since 1977, I have gone from paper charts and ruler to GPS and now to ForeFlight— the modern era of navigation and pilot assistance!!!!!! I encountered an unusual computer glitch in a background feature and the response by ForeFlight — especially Albert and Joey — has been nothing short of spectacular, complete, and prompt. I fly with iPhone and iPad both loaded with current routing as well as backup batteries and paper maps (which I haven’t needed to use) ..... and, of course USB cables plugged into accessory (lighter) plug on panel. Equipped? You bet — especially because of ForeFlight — a must for EVERY pilot, from new students to gray hairs!
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5 years ago, EA500 Pilot
Outstanding Support
The app itself is indeed excellent, with new updates continuously bringing new valuable features. But what really makes the app shine is the outstanding support. While lack of a phone number to contact may at first seem disappointing, I can assure anyone that if you send a support question via email or their contact form, you always get a response within an amazingly short period of time. I seem to find myself requesting help every 12-18 months or so. And every time I get a quick response, and they stick with me until it’s resolved. ForeFlight support is among the best of any app I’ve experienced!
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2 years ago, r j squirrel
Recent changes poorly done
Long time user. Recent changes to airport popup dialog causing resizing and movement of map are visually jarring. After years of teaching and ifr use, now mostly for std briefings, ads-b traffic & metars, and close navigation through airspace. Reviewing the many alternatives. Several months later- they’ve improved the above a bit, not quite so bad. Problem now is it barely runs on an old iPhone 6S 16G dedicated to it, no other apps, only vfr charts for MA, NH, ME. Last update I had to un- and reinstall entire app because *only* had ~2G free for routine airport and nav update. They’re chasing high-end users, leaving those using it as grassroots navigator solution behind. Beware if that’s your niche.
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1 year ago, Caiolinn2015
Amazing and Essential
I’ve been using ForeFlight for years now, and it’s an indispensable EFB for my flying. It’s fabulous for logbook entries, weight and balance, fuel calculations, and flight planning. AND with Sentry installed it’s an excellent back up for PFD. It’s so easy to upload my flight plans into my FMS, PDC is fantastic, Imagery is great, and the briefing most useful. If you are a pilot this is a must have. As for support, they have responded to my issues within 5 min the two times I needed support. I am astounded how responsive that they are with any issue. I could go on, but it’d be just more glowing recommendations. GET FOREFLIGHT!
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5 years ago, John 1WB
Outstanding application
I have been flying for only about 15 years, instrument rated for 14 and instrument current since then; and I am comfortable to say that ForeFlight has improved the experience and safety of flying more than anything else I have seen over that time – even the G1000 avionics of my Mooney. Although I am a doctor and a teacher of medicine, I was VP for IT at my hospital for a decade and have written a good deal of software. When I give talks about the horrible things that are happening right now to medical computing, I use ForeFlight as an example of how software good should and can be. Highest recommendations without reservation.
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4 years ago, BrooksW1989
Foreflight is a game changer for military flight instructors
I’ve been an avid ForeFlight user for about 3 years now. I’ve used it on deployment, at home, and as a flight instructor for the military’s newest Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard aviators. Without a doubt, I can say this product has made me a better aviator and flight instructor. Between the situational awareness the product provides, the ability to see and plan for weather, or just being able to flex when your fly goes awry, Foreflight has consistently given me piece of mind. At this point, I pretty much consider it essential equipment every time I strap into the aircraft.
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6 years ago, Jlhrstv
Weather bugs go unfixed, Apple Watch Deleted
If you have multiple weather sources connected, like LTE, a GDL 39 etc... Weather will often not display. If one source does not have data, then it will block data from all other sources. The only way to get weather is to turn off the equipment, or connections one at a time in trial and error fashion. Got an Apple Watch to use with Foreflight, then found they deleted the advertised function in an update. Wish I could use Foreflight, however the lack of weather forces me to use other products that do not have this bug. Have no problem with other weather apps when multiple weather sources are connected. I did report this bug both in person at Oshkosh 5 months ago, and via email.
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3 years ago, m20 doc
I like intuitive venues. Foreflight is a fine example of combining what you need to know with an easy path to get there. The cockpit of an airplane can be tedious and challenging, and when things go south, it is nice to have a backup that is comprehensive and able to solve a multitude of scenarios that might arise without notice. I consider it to be the best emergency kit when the chips are down. In addition…. It takes skill and a lot of energy to generate the documentation required to give the user an easy and understandable text that will enable the pilot to have the tools to use the Foreflight APP in a reasonable amount of time. Part of this relies on staff support that cares and has the knowledge and the personal touch it takes to interact with the customer that is professional, provides minimum response time, and solves the problem. Thank you for all of the above, and continue with the knowledge that you are appreciated. Kudos to all! Have a special day. Ross Ferland
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3 years ago, Fourcher
Unbelievable Support
I was filing an IFR flight plan using ForeFlight and was having an issue with an error related to the aircraft configuration settings. I decided to fly VFR and pick up a clearance if I needed it near the destination. As I was pre-flighting the Cirrus, I received a call from ForeFlight Support who saw that my flight plan had an issue. They were simply amazing in helping me get the aircraft settings squared away. One click and the flight plan was on its way and I was on my way IFR. I ended up shooting an approach in actual at the destination. Thank you ForeFlight for simply unbelievable support!
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5 years ago, Herman the Kid
Current version is infuriating
The app has always worked well until this last update with the active search for previous flight plans constantly gumming up the keyboard entries. I can’t tell you how many times in the last few weeks I’ve had to rewrite the entire route due to missed letters and numbers. You used to be able to just search previous routes as a separate function, but now it’s rammed down your throat and forces you to either tp le hs or t y p e l i k e t h i s to I put your route. The annoying and entirely pointless feature needs to be reverted to the old, separate search. Don’t think to yourself “this asshat must be using an iPhone 3GS to get such crappy lags!” No, I’m using an iPhone X, and this crap is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, sjh7439
The support for this product stinks
I have used this product for years. When I finally needed support and requested someone contact me all they did was send email after email for days. When you’re flying a plane and need the product no excuse for days of emails. I provided my phone number and their best answer was very busy at an industry show. They change the product and suddenly you don’t understand how to use it (just before a flight) and when you request that they explain it they just send you to the next email and the next link. After having used it for so long and paying for it for years and years and years you would think they would have the courtesy to contact you after you beg for help. Very disappointed. SJHowell
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6 years ago, saintredeyes
Can’t click on airports within VFR charts
The new update won’t let me click on airport icons and view the menu with frequencies METERS and other information within VFR charts. Only way to view that information is to go to the airports tab at the bottom. I can still click on TFRs and airways within the VFR chart. This issue is on both iPad and iPhone devices. Love this app, but update broke or took away a great feature. Update: The update seemed to turn off my custom setting to show airports on the VFR map. Was able to change setting on both devices.
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3 years ago, RRB1000
Amazing support!
After two flawless years of use, I did develop a technical problem with ForeFlight. I sent an email to support and within minutes I had a personal response (on a Friday evening!!!). After a couple of exchanges, the issue was better, but not solved. To my utter surprise, I received a call from Albert who added the final touch to solve the problem (which was predominantly a user error). I can not recall when I last received such support from a tech company. That commitment tells you all you need to know.
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5 years ago, BMC2430
Please respect the private pilot.
The latest update, 11.0.1, is asking me to pony up another $100 bucks a year to add 3D airport view to my existing subscription. I’m already paying an extra $100 so that my Stratus 2S receiver will display an artificial horizon and terrain warning. I don’t need jet fuel pricing and international route planning for my Cessna 152 and Super Decathlon. And since I can see an airport in 3D on Google Earth, I don’t think I need to pay you more for that feature. Great app but only 3 stars because of your pricing structure that hoses non-professional pilots into having to pay for what they don’t need in order to get the few features they do want and do use.
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5 years ago, USMA75
Customer Service continues to be the best in the business!
I was having some difficulty getting the ICAO settings on my mobile device correct, and called the helpline. Josh C. was the technician who helped straighten out all of the settings on my portable device that were causing problems. Extremely knowledgeable, portrays a very friendly and helpful attitude over the phone, and got me fixed in no time at all. Thanks again for the good work that all of you do. Because he was so helpful, I will overlook his propensity to cheer for the guys wearing burnt orange.
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3 years ago, Patrol Pilot
Great Customer Sevice,
ForeFlight Customer Service has been outstanding! Through presentations, documentation, and direct technical support, it is the best I’ve experienced in Aviation. The product itself is fantastic; VFR, IFR, and for specialized applications such as pipeline patrol and aerial mapping, it provides the best source of preflight planning and enroute monitoring possible. It even provides the tools that allow you to post-flight your performance as well as your aircraft’s performance, which will fine-tune your skillset and help you get the most from your airplane.
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4 months ago, drozovs
A truly phenomenal product that advances how we fly by leaps and bounds.
Rarely does a product have the changing impact on the way people approach a task as much as ForeFlight has had on aviation safety and operations. I believe It’s human centered approach is at the forefront of this effort and while ForeFlight itself is intuitive and easy to operate, the complexities that the ForeFlight team have managed not and are immense in nature. I look forward to continuing to fly with ForeFlight and look forward to what the future of the application holds.
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9 months ago, Xsplanes
New radar
Definitely a step back and in the wrong direction with the new radar. The old radar was so much better in so many ways. Lowest tilt is missed also. I have both ForeFlight and garmin pilot. This is making me reconsider my ForeFlight subscription. I will say ForeFlight has been responsive in the past, hopefully they read these comments and make a change for the better. I’m a professional pilot and use the app daily, please bring back the old radar, or at least let your long time users know why the change was made in the first place!
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