FortiClient VPN

2.1 (78)
19.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for FortiClient VPN

2.13 out of 5
78 Ratings
3 years ago, SosillyNickame
Save Password Does Not Work
Seems to be an aged issue as others have also reported this. It makes the VPN unusable in my opinion. It is just to cumbersome to add in a password after every time your phone is locked/unlocked. Why have a save password toggle if it doesn’t actually save password??!! I’ll give it 2 stars simply because the free but there are better options out there.
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11 months ago, Hv y trd trnng t ff nd bck n?
Broken - Do not use until they fix it!
I have a FortiGate FTG-201F and cannot connect to the SSL-VPN from an iOS/ iPadOS device using this app. The authentication (including 2FA) works and then the device presents an “internal error”. After troubleshooting the issue with FortiGate support, it was identified that the 3-way handshake does not complete with a “Reset” flag (value of 1) sent from the app back to the FortiGate device and the connection is dropped. I understand that this sounds like a forum issue or a support ticket, but the FortiClient team is separate from the FortiGate support team and does not provide VPN support for users of the free app. They also don’t provide any way to contact them or provide feedback. I hope this review makes its way to the FortiClient team and they can fix the issue for all users. My FortiGate firmware version is 7.2.5, build 1517 and the iOS version on my iPhone14 is 16.5.1. Thanks for fixing this issue FortiClient team.
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5 years ago, 不是木木三
Connect hangs
It always hangs there connecting. Need delete it and recreate a new VPN profile.
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1 year ago, Hopetheyfixthis
Just a blank screen
I go through and enter in my credentials, etc, and get a blank white screen, except for the word cancel in upper right. This appears to be a known issue, and it appears nothing is being done about it. We were forced to use fortigate, and it literally shut down half the department. I wish we could go back to our old vpn.
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6 months ago, MnRunner87
App doesn't work with iOS 17
Since the last update, I can sign in and it says I'm connected. But once I try to connect to my computer, it spins and spins and never connects. You'd imagine they would have fixed this issue, but here we are over 40 days later with no resolution.
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2 years ago, W4JJK
Save password don’t work!!!
Same as everybody else reported. The save password does not work and if you use complex passwords it’s a real pain in the room to have to try to put it in every time you have to do it. Remove the option if you’re not gonna make it work.
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2 years ago, MegZ-99
Can’t uninstall the App, be careful!
Doesn’t work, tried to remove but no option, can only be removed from home screen but still in App Library, even thought I have deleted its VPN profile in Setting. This is very bad that can’t even uninstall.
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4 years ago, nonicknamenocommenthum
It’s not stable but I don’t have other choice.
You need to try hundreds of times to connect even though you’ve input all of the right information.
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1 year ago, lazyguitar
Save password???? Work reliably???
How can this option still be broken after 2+ years. Broken in the Mac version as well. This app also forgets the client certificate passphrase, which makes is more than useless for average end users
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4 months ago, guitar guy JL
Useless on IPhone IOS
Fire wall blocks Java Script maybe, will never know the app has no support and our team has been unable to fix it. Does work on all non apple devices. On apple it connects but no data appears once webpage loads.
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4 months ago, The first incubi
Blank screen on iPhone
Did all the tricks like remove the app and config restart phone then install the app again. Everything version current… I get two untrusted messages the sso MS page and our 2FA then a blank screen.
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2 years ago, Koby3663
Stay Signed In Does Not Work
App does not allow you to stay signed in for 30 days which is our Microsoft 365 MFA standard. This works on all of our other authenticated services, except for the for the FortiGate VPN. I love FortiNet so please fix this app immediately!
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9 months ago, Why must I choose
Unusable for iPhones
Cannot go less than “a” star ori would. The latest release of this software renders it useless on iPhones. Have tested and confirmed with Fortinet TAC that the application will not connect. Their suggestion is to use the premium application.
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2 years ago, Veratoss
75% of the time I try to log in I get an error stating wrong credentials. My company switched over to this VPN this last spring, and we've hated ever since. More headache and I don't see us sticking with it after the contract is over.
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5 years ago, BornInChina
Stay away from this app, even the other FortiClient is marked as legacy
1) cannot work with IP address based URL - I got “invalid DNS server” 2) funny thing is, the app demands users to upgrade to full version to get additional features and support. But I am a paid user of fortigate!
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4 years ago, soPissedAtToyota
There’s no way to save the password. There’s a save password switch which doesn’t work at all.
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12 months ago, gaelicWizard
SSO doesn’t work
Single sign-on just doesn’t work. When trying to sign in, it just shows a blank screen. This is the only thing I need the app for. I can’t use this app.
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3 years ago, efred69
Nice app
Is there a "stay connected" option? When I close the lid to my Mac Air, the connection is lost.
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4 years ago, Hal06
Broken again
Have you at least tested 6.4.4 before releasing??? It doesn’t even connect now!
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4 years ago, M Long
Bare bones VPN app
App offers minimal functionality but am forced to use it by company so really no choice in the matter. Password save doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, zxy0807
There’s no way I can input my password and download the latest version.
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8 months ago, Nik2002
Save password is a joke
What a poor implementation of an app.. Having to enter the password every single time after paying $$$ for fortigate and licences
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8 months ago, Javopr
Stuck at Connecting Status
The app is unable to finish the connection. It get stuck on Connecting The licensed app works fine.
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7 months ago, Chefsalty1984
Slow and unreliable
Drops connections unexpectedly and randomly, connecting is just as flakey, unfortunately forced to use it for work
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8 months ago, PW060176
Broken and does not work with iPad
Disappointing that the app does not work with ios 16 or 17 update. Someone please fix. This is frustrating.
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3 years ago, DJ RIFFIC
Works as intended
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9 months ago, This guy714714
Doesn’t work
SSL vpn doesn’t work with Azure MFA. Just goes to a about blank window… was told by support 7.2.2 was going to be the solutions. They lied……..
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3 years ago, 我打机养你鸭
Terrible experience
Although I set information properly, it cannot connect. The problem was solve by another app name FortiClient6.0. Device: iPad Air 4th System: iPad OS 14.4
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4 years ago, Flowin Guo
Cannot use google or YouTube
It says no safe connection
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1 month ago, ios 5 was the best
just works
light and does not eat battert
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9 months ago, DPCroy
Latest Update broke SSO
Your latest update broke SSO. Just timeouts on “Connecting” and doesn’t connect
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3 years ago, carl0s____
broken dns split tunneling
dns split tunneling doesnt work. I confirmed the dns server responds to queries while on vpn, but the queries arent sent to the right dns server when using a browser.
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7 months ago, Bigwerm1
SSO Broken
App needs to be updated
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1 year ago, BP0098
DNS issue
No DNS working
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3 years ago, DarrenDK
Needs SAML
No SAML support
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2 years ago, Tianya.
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12 months ago, staywithme8788
Horrible App doesn’t work
Horrible app from a big company like this is unacceptable. I have to switch to Forticlient Android App and works like a charm.
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4 years ago, wayneyang98
I can’t use IPSec to connect my server. The iOS FortiClient6.0 can’t but the Android can. Why ?
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