1.7 (253)
94.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Foundation Software, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOUNDATION Field Log

1.69 out of 5
253 Ratings
5 years ago, Me2337
Needs Face ID for iPhone log In
My app doesn’t like to keep me logged in, such a pain! Need a quicker way to log in like Face ID and the print scanner!
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4 years ago, Monica Benning
Pretty convenient
I’m an employee not and employer, so I can’t speak for the employer side of this app. However, I work between four different buildings throughout any given day and the ability to clock out without having to walk all the way to the first building is very convenient for me. Also the ability to switch from job to job is very nice. I also really enjoy being able to see the hours I’ve worked, but it isn’t broken down into days of the week it’s only broken into specific jobs. Navigating the app can be a bit confusing, especially for older people who aren’t very tech savvy. I’ve seen the frustrations in people at my work largely because the iPhone app is much more involved and confusing than other devices. All in all though, a much better system than the old paper punch card. There’s always room for improvement, but that comes anywhere in life itself.
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3 years ago, Kel Guapo
Counterintuitive to say the least
From the spinning wheel for the time and date, to the constant log outs, drop time submittals, inability to see submitted time once it’s uploaded, and just the general clunkiness of the whole interface, this app was not made with the final user in mind.. punching in and out of a simple time clock shouldn’t take 5 minutes. Why do I have to wait for my shift/job to complete before putting in my time? Should be one button to start your time, one to stop. Simple. This thing is over engineered and underperforming and wholly frustrating.
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2 years ago, Brianna0413467
Worked great until recently.
Haven’t had an issue with the app until last week. Will not open on mobile device or internet. The same problem has gone through a majority of our company.
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5 years ago, redta227
Trash. Useless more trouble than worth Update
Time after time field log entry keeps duplicating input time that was paid weeks even months ago. Notice was recd it was fixed —-not true call support it’s a joke they can’t fix Update. Starting to work like they say it should. Still hard to navigate but it’s better
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2 years ago, No names left 1978
This app is absolutely terrible, I wish my employer would find a better one. It always signs me out, my password never works so always have to do the “forgot password “ option . I write the password down every time and next week I will be signed out and it doesn’t work again. After you submit your time you have no record of it.
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2 years ago, kdntoencitb
Should not have been released. Time submitted disappears from one day to the next. Jobs disappear from one day to the next. Employees can’t see what time they’ve submitted for the day. We have to dedicate a full time employee to making sure submitted time is what was actually work, and then making sure it is actually paid for. Worse than terrible.
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1 year ago, Yerd Yerd
Horrible and Out of date
I made a account and each time I open the app it just shuts down immediately. I have also deleted the app and reinstalled it to try to fix it Nothing works. No wonder it has horrible reviews. They need to fix the app and give it an update Last update was a year ago.
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4 years ago, gunyoda
This app is garbage
I hate this app. It is a constant pain, it fails to submit my time saying failed to sync to server. More trouble than its worth. Every update makes it worse. Why is it so hard to get this right? When I first started using it it worked fine until the first update, it was all downhill from there. Don’t waste your time on this steaming pile!
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2 years ago, DRS GME
Rated 1 star because I can’t rate it 0 stars
I’m forced to use this garbage of a time logging app because this is what the company I work for uses. Constantly loses time sheets when syncing. No way to review previously submitted time sheets amoung many other issues. I can’t wait to change jobs so I don’t have to use this garbage.
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12 months ago, dagrjg
Hasn’t ever worked on iPhone 14
Worked fine for years until I bought a new phone. Doesn’t work at all now. When I emailed them they said my account manager would be able to assist me. Nope. Assist with what? Can’t even open the app. Immediately crashes after logging in.
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3 years ago, 253monster
Not worth the time or effort
This app is garbage. So many drop down menus that should just carry over from one entry to the next. Constant logging out, takes forever to load up and just in general feels like a 1st year programmer threw this together. Find another app unless you are a glutton for punishment and frustration.
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4 years ago, The Electrician in WA
Great App!
I enjoy this app. Makes filling out time cards easy. I have had no issues with it.
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4 years ago, geoffy1000
Takes forever to do time
Not user friendly. Need the option to put multiple cost codes for one day for the same employee. Not each time for different coast codes and hours. When you have lots of guys one the job, it can take hours to do time. Waste more time turning in time then actually working.
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11 months ago, Bob5784437
I’m convinced that Foundationsoft makes terrible software to troll people
Surely a software company can’t actually be this incompetent. I think that an eccentric billionaire may have started this company explicitly instructing them to make horrible, truly awful software just to troll anyone insane enough to buy it.
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3 years ago, andhjdnk
More problems than the biden administration
I would let you know how well it works, but it either never loads, or is programmed to have the spinning wheel of death as the main feature. Either way, it’s easier to convince yourself that biden won the election.
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4 years ago, Lmollica
Overall good
Overall easy to use. Sometime a little slow or have an occasional glitch.
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2 years ago, heirnsb
Constantly fails
This app is constantly failing. The only reason I use it is because it’s what my job wants us to use for keeping track of time. But the app is constantly deleting recorded time or failing to load when attempting to open.
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5 years ago, sparky21973
Need the month grid
the scrolling dates wheels take a lot of extra steps when doing week end payroll. Please fix and do the month calendar like it was on the desktop sight.
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1 year ago, Plumbing cont.
Doesn’t work
The app will no longer open. Tech support told me to just use a web browser. So when I told him the app doesn’t work, his response was “yeah it does”. Obviously it doesn’t if I have to use a work around to access it.
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5 years ago, RapidJS22
Time cards won’t submit
This app is trash, week in and week out I have issues with submitting my time and can’t get it into my employer. Time cards submit but never actually do sometimes they disappear and sometimes they just repopulate in the review and submit section. App needs a total reboot
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4 years ago, Ekim Flow
Beta version at best.
I’m not going into detail about how bad this app is. It shouldn’t even be available to download, as it is not a finished product by any means. Maybe it has potential, but in it’s current state, as a released product, it is trash.
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7 months ago, Electro App
Horrible, time wasting, ridiculous, with a lot of bugs that needs to be fixed. Even cheap Chinese apps working better than this outdated app. Every time something different happens and the app crashes with no pattern. Total garbage.
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3 years ago, Big In
Poor app needs lots of improvement
What happened to being able to check your submitted entry’s. Also the app will show you’ve submitted your time then the time will reappear and you have to submit it again... App needs lots of improvement
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2 years ago, FLORIDA JIT!
Laggy buggy and not good at all
This app is terrible to deal with. It needs some talented engineers that understand design and user experience. The whole company is very primitive with its technology use. It doesn’t even have an API to connect to other apps.
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3 years ago, Yourdawgg
Worst app I’ve ever used in my life lol. Such a pain in the behind to do something so simple. Clock in? I used to do that on paper and it was much faster than this. Now it takes ages and the app consistently has many glitches.
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4 years ago, 5 g guy
This app works well most of the time. Just have some patience with it and you will find it’s usefulness.
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3 years ago, average joes gym
Totally trash waste of employee time, app doesn’t work without service, employees shouldn’t be keeping track of this.. this is what accounts and secretary’s are for, overall 10/10 don’t recommend
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4 years ago, $jessica$
This is a horrible app and they keep “updating” with out making any changes. Our company makes us use them and it has been a year with a constant headache every week try to upload our time.
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1 year ago, davidjmoser
Lacking functionality
Seriously lacking functionality. Very little to no access to critical record information for upper field management use.
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4 years ago, GreenGulf
General manager
It’s been a learning curve but it has seem to work as it should so far!
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3 years ago, ghammack
All around failure.
Poor for admin, unusable for employees, and consistently decreasing quality of customer support. I would recommend against any business using this platform.
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4 years ago, chargerskaoticko
Virtual trash
If you Google the definition of garbage this app pops up. You will be missing hours on your check, the app is buggy AF, signing up and signing is going to challenge your patience. If I could rate this a zero I would.
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3 years ago, geniegeorge
John smith
This app is a piece of crap Ola and I’m being nice no one in their right mind would even try to work with this I am rating it one star because I was given no choice I hope whoever created this app has fun with the Devil it’s party time.
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3 months ago, DerekOsterman
Absolute trash
Be better than my employer and try this out before rolling it out to everyone. It’s clunky and flat out does not work like it should.
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3 years ago, Cblee7
Keeps crashing
The app seems to keep crashing during peek hours when staff are trying to clock in.
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4 years ago, Gavin 7643
Literally the worst app I’ve ever used
This app doesn’t work, the reports showing how many hours I’ve worked won’t generate. Clock-in/clock-out functionality doesn’t make sense.
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3 years ago, Adam Rad
I’m not sure what the story is with this app. Really hard to believe it’s 2021 using this. The only reason I give it 1 star is because I can’t give it 0.
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5 years ago, RGSons
Need Grid time card
Absolutely need grid time card feature for us to use.
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1 year ago, La La fae
Worst App
Crashes constantly. Logs you out constantly. Sad they don’t provide updates and fixes.
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5 years ago, AConrad
No grid time card in app
Desktop site has it but iPad app doesn’t. Worse than the old system. Grid time cards need added to the iPad app ASAP!!!! Not usable without
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2 years ago, Gezai2519
No way to make account
How do sign up there is no option to do that
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5 years ago, chillychill68
Navigation and review
Difficult to navigate and can’t look back at the time I have submitted or the overall time I have punched in.
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4 years ago, abigail wienershnitzel
Zero stars
Horrible app. I don’t even know where to begin. Everything that can go wrong will. If I could give it zero stars I would.
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4 years ago, chuck445566
Who ever created this app did a terrible job. I miss hours and hours of time on paychecks because this app can not submit any time appropriately.
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5 years ago, jkzkdkx
Still waiting...
Without the time card feature this app is useless. Do not waste your time.
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4 years ago, Fishershshdhsh
Doesn’t submit correctly, removes recent jobs, has tons of room for improvement
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4 years ago, daveappsbad
Crashes all the time. I’ll send my time and our payroll dept doesn’t get it. The. The next week it reappears in my app
Show more
3 years ago, kevin ronan 1
Field log
This app is so bad I lost so much time on this it was meant to help that’s bull
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3 years ago, JD 655C operater
I hate this app
I have wasted a lot of my time trying to enter timecard, FIX THIS APP, my company is paying you to
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