FOX 13: Tampa SkyTower Weather

3.2 (199)
216.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 13: Tampa SkyTower Weather

3.19 out of 5
199 Ratings
4 years ago, mlsemon
Nice app. Soaked by future radar.
This is a nice app that is fair in its operation. In particular, it has not hit me with video ads, and I can opt out of personalized ads. In return, I still get a good app for current weather conditions, plus I can watch Fox 13 News without needing a separate app. Alerts seem to work, but there was one info alert that went away after I set Location Services to something other than Always. The Always setting will track you quite a bit; iOS 13 nagged be quite a bit about that. I got soaked by a future radar that was way off the mark. Real Fox 13 (the TV station) never screwed up this badly. I wish there was more SkyTower in the SkyTower app, even if that means my house is in the radar’s blind spot again. Counterpoint: There is video of the most recent real Fox 13 weather forecast, in case I need a reliable fallback. There seems to be no dedicated place to ask for support for this app. Not much to report, but I do wish the map for the Pinpoint feature had the same options as the main map used by the radar; maybe use the settings used by the radar map. So the score is this: 5 stars for the app itself, 1-1/2 stars deducted for decent but still suspect predictions for my area, 1/2 star deducted for no good place to report the minor issues that I do find.
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2 years ago, Tysouder
Great app! As a contractor this is invaluable. Update- Alert overlays are ruining
I’ve had this app for a number of years (maybe since 2017), and this has always been the most accurate compared to other available apps. As a contractor, I need to know if I can keep working or pull the equipment inside, tarp roofs, or shut it down for the day. Time is money and false alarms from poor quality apps can add up. This app has been spot on. I can trust it down to around 1/4 mile which is amazingly accurate. Ive watched many threatening rain bands drift on by that other apps would have sent me running for cover. I’ve recommended this app to many contractor friends since and they all come back telling me how impressed they are. So I’m not sure how people are writing so many 1 star reviews. Updated review. Well they did some app updates. The radar detail is still on point but now they drown the opening page with alert overlays that you can’t see the map. You can undo these overlays but there’s no way of saving. So every time you log in, the overlays all come back.
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1 year ago, 194922
Weather alerts issue
I like your app, but when I go to the radar map, all the alerts are activated and I can’t pick the ones that I want. I select the ones that I want and the next time I come back to the radar view, all the alerts are activated again. This happens every time I try to highlight the alerts that I want and not the ones that I don’t want, or need. I really hope that you will fix this issue, because I’m tired of getting information, that I don’t want or need. Please fix this and thank you for your help.
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1 year ago, Mr Bo Jangels
Great app
Don’t know what’s going on, but the app is really garbage right now and I deleted it. I have been a happy customer with this thing for at least eight years right now it’s been removed. The problem is the radar doesn’t load fast enough I have blazing 600 mag download from Spectrum right here in Tampa Bay and the radar loads real choppy that little thing that goes across to load the prior 15 minutes prior five minutes it scoots across now and it must take at least 60 seconds to load the map I don’t have 60 seconds to look at my phone for anything getting too old for that.
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7 years ago, Smitty715
October 2017 update is not desirable
Not pleased that you have to set your location access to Always rather than just when using app in order to get radar at your current location. I don’t want any app accessing my location always and it made it a little less convenient to use this app. Before this update, this app was my regular radar viewing app. Very good radar and the other options (forecast and video) are excellent.
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2 years ago, PSM 7
SkyTower App Review
I enjoy using the app. It gives me up to date info. That is especially important when your offshore in my boat, and I’m free diving or scuba diving. The app will let me know if bad weather is on it’s way. Which is a must around here especially during the summer. I have fished and dived these waters all my life except for the 12 years I spent in the U.S. Army as a Ranger gh
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1 year ago, tonys reviews
Poor quality
Every time I try to use the radar on this app I have to go completely out and click on it again , radar is always glitchy and extremely slow . If I want to see it work correctly I have to close app completely and restart every-time my phone goes to sleep or the radar just blinks , it’s been this way since the last couple of app updates and has been there even after uninstalling and reinstalling it
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3 years ago, Mikemath26
App crashes when trying to add new location
After installing iOS 15, I cannot add any new locations. The existing locations work fine, but every time I search and find a new location, the app immediately closes as soon as I tap it. It always worked fine before, and hopefully an update to the app will fix this problem.
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2 years ago, JCh0113
Alert overlays have completely ruined this app
This used to be the best weather app out there. Whenever the update came that included all the default alert overlays being on, this absolutely ruined this once great app. Sure, you can turn them off every time you open the app, but it does not save these changes. This is very user unfriendly and very incredibly annoying. Fixing this will greatly improve the reviews of this app and the star ratings along with. Until this is fixed, I am uninstalling.
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1 month ago, Dddbbbos
What happened to the dew point?
Please bring back the dew point. The dew point is so much more important than humidity especially in FL. I need a new weather app because you no longer show the dew point. Please fix this issue. And you also show in all of your guide to the new look see the dew point but it’s not there.
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5 years ago, Drpc123
Junk software
I put it in the junk category due to the inaccurate weather radar, it’s the on reason I downloaded it. When heavy rain is hitting my roof and the radar shows clear, something is not right. I downloaded weather channel and accuweather and looked at all three all but fox13 shows the storms. So after the third day of this I deleted fox13 and kept the weather channel, even though it’s slower even when on high speed internet. I see they’re are alot of 1 stars here so i guess I should of checked first.
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11 months ago, shorstack16
Fox 13 Tampa Weather App
I’d like to give this app all stars, however after this last update IDK 🤷🏼‍♀️ what has happened to the weather app I have Always 🩵 & depended on⁉️ Now when I open the radar part, ( IF IT EVEN WORKS ⁉️) it will only go for a few seconds & then FREEZES ‼️ It is NOT Accurate on Anything & I’m constantly wondering 💭 if a 5th grader is predicting the “10 day forecast ?” Please… I am not trying to be mean… I miss my FLORIDA (Almost Always) Accurate Weather Forecast App‼️‼️ PLEASE, PLEASE FIX IT Sad 😞 in Central Florida
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3 months ago, Jason Reitz
Can’t read the data because of background
With the new update you can’t read the dew point and other data on the night background. Also the forecast , especially the hourly one is so inaccurate. Seems they change it every 10 minutes to match the current conditions. That’s not forecasting, just observing. I can do that just standing outside
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2 years ago, Asandler
No radar or tropics need
This used to be the only weather app I used. Not anymore, there’s hardly anything useful at all now. This year you decided to ditch the tropics updates you had during hurricane season in previous years and now the radar doesn’t even display anything other than lines for the past month. Not sure if it’s the update to iOS 16 or something else but fix it and bring back the tropics news!!
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1 year ago, bethunesigns
Ok app
I’ve watched channel 13 news for over 50 years. This app is so frustrating because it does not always match what they say on the newscast. It seems whoever is supposed to update it is always behind. I have missed many fishing trips because it shows 70% chance of rain and then not a drop falls.
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5 years ago, CK770
Not liking the changes
I’ve noticed two updates over the past month. One was an interface change and now the radar change. The radar seems to hang at the last place I was at when I closed the app. If I go back in say 15 minutes later, it’s at the same image until I put it into motion. Also this radar isn’t as detailed as the previous app.
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2 months ago, Mil Molina
Not accurate
It’s literally raining now - when I check the app there’s no rain in sight. Too often this has not been accurate, lately. I hope they fix whatever is going on, I would hate to figure out another weather app.
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9 months ago, Any driver
Not reliable at all
This has got to be the worst weather app ever created. Two hours ago it said there was a 5% chance of rain. Now it says a 70% chance as clearly rain is falling outside. This is not unusual. For years these inaccuracies occur. You have a better chance of walking outside and looking to the skies to make a forecast. After probably 6 yrs of using this app and dealing with this over and over I’m done… Deleted
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7 months ago, cryocide
Used to be a good app. 6GB usage in two weeks??
This used to be a good app but between the extreme lightning notification spam and now this being my #1 data usage app even though the app isn’t in the foreground, I think it’s time to find something better. Over 6 gigabytes in just two weeks. That’s insane. Is it farming ads in the background?
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2 years ago, DLJ722
Not like it used to be.
This app used to accurately verbally give me the weather and lightning warnings. For some reason now, even though I have my location set correctly, I’m no longer getting accurate warnings. I get lightning warnings when there’s no lightning anywhere and no warnings when the lightning is on top of my location. Same with rain. Very disappointed, this was my favorite weather app.
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12 months ago, Uber rick
The app is really good especially during hurricane season but it needs to be updated more often since from time to time the radar won’t work.
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2 years ago, DMaltbyGA
OK, but
The app is good. However, if there are any watches or warnings, they cover that over the radar and you can’t see the radar. If somebody’s actually depending on this, this could be a life-threatening situation because they want to hide it and not give you away to remove the overlays
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10 months ago, Parkland215
Lightning notices not great
I generally like this app but recently the SkyTower lightning notices are from as far away as 10 miles! Previously they were around 6 miles or less. I don’t care what’s 10 miles away. Fix this!
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2 months ago, arrjace
Cannot read!
Please change the font , color or background! Cannot read Sunset time because the numbers are light against a light background.
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3 months ago, Yakatak
Best Weather App for Tampabay hands down!
I’ve tried every weather app around but this one gives me everything I need to know. Keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, 126sey
What happened?
I have loved your app for a long time. However, currently it only shows half of each screen whether it's the stats, the map, or the forecast. Sometimes it only comes up in vertical mode and will not change to horizontal if I turn my iPad as it used to. It has become worthless and frustrating. What gives?
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5 years ago, vivian352
Awesome app!!!
I absolutely love this awesome app, it works great. It even accurately worked while I was in Breckenridge,Colorado. Kept me updated on all the weather, lightning, heavy rain and air quality for Denver, and Colorado Springs. And I love that it’s Paul Delegado’s voice that keeps me informed.
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3 years ago, RJK_Senior
From RJK
We are now getting a notification to update their program, we have updated and the notification does not go away and is an absolute nuisance. There is no way on the program to provide feedback and there hasn’t been for a very, very long time, they’re not interested in users “feedback”!!
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5 months ago, Trevor77
No longer accurate!
It seems with the most current versions the app is no longer reliable or accurate. In fact you can have alerts for rain in your location and have blue sky at the same time. Time for updated technology that works. Or another app!
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2 months ago, TEDS PHD
Tough to Read
The background pictures make it difficult to read the data on the app. In addition, the latest update remove the dewpoint, which is a pretty big deal for those of us who live and work here in Florida.
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5 years ago, Hud 1959
Upgrade failure
This app used to be pretty decent before the “enhancements” now it is absolutely dreadful. Nothing really changed with the daily and hourly forecast portion but the radar has now become useless and as soon as I submit this review I am deleting it. There are far better weather apps available.
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2 years ago, PGPGPG3333
Limited control
Please allow user to control which layers they want and not revert to too many “alerts” as default
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9 months ago, Dizzy21!
Like the alerts but barely works
I liked the app when I first got it. Good to be informed with the local weather but lately it’s been insufferable. No data loading, try reinstalling, did not work. Had to delete.
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5 months ago, Katobow
Way Off!
Earlier today the app said it was sunny and 67; more like cloudy and 63. I don’t understand how this wonderful news station can’t get the weather even close to correct. I love here and can’t count on the FOX 13 App to plan my time. Ugh!
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9 months ago, hkphooey2019
Can’t plan a day with his trash app
Rain chances constantly change. 90% chance of rain at my location today when I checked the app yesterday. 70% when I checked this morning. Now down to 20%. Total garbage. It’s good for a live look at radar and that’s about it.
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11 months ago, Insomniac727
11 miles away
Why do I need to know if there’s lightning 11 miles away? This app previously let me know if lightning was like 5 miles away or less which is reasonable, but now I get lightning alerts 11 miles away which creates many unnecessary alerts. Please change the distance back to 5.
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5 years ago, Florida grandfather
New app
Do not like the pop up ads hindering the radar. Also why do I get a blank screen for hourly and daily and it says to check my WiFi and airplane mode when both are set properly? Guess I will just go to the built in phone weather app☹️
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2 years ago, filrrr
It’s very very inaccurate. It knows if it’s raining - but that’s about it. Doesn’t know when it’ll stop. “Rain Ends” or “Thunderstorm Ends” always changes, hour after hour. Can’t predict the rain as well as TV so don’t rely on it.
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5 years ago, Michelle in Dundee FL
Why change?
I switched to this App when Channel 8 changed their app and it was just not user friendly at all. Now you guys have changed yours and not for the better. Sorry 13 but I will have to find a new weather app. 😥😥😥
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11 months ago, Jlyn00
Radar not accurate
This app used to be very accurate with the forecast. I can no longer depend on it. It seems like guess work now. I will be looking forward to rain storms and then they disappear. I’m taking 30 minutes not days. Crazy app.
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1 year ago, beaglebeany
Alerts settings can't be changed
Even when the alerts setting is changed to "pling," it still keeps announcing it. Not good when that wakes you up in the middle of the night. The changes to the settings just don't take.
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2 years ago, gcrc77
We have the notifications set for “Pling”, but they keep coming through as “Announce”. Have set, reset, delete, reinstall, etc. etc. Still does not work.
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7 years ago, Mrs. Weaver
Bad update
Used to love this app. The only 1 I used for weather info. Then you made the update and now want to force me to have location services on all the time, not just when using the app. Don’t think so. You don’t need assess to my locations all the time or to deplete my battery. See ya. Finding another app
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1 month ago, Kimmes1
Never accurate
Only 50% accurate. WeatherBug is my go to because I can rely on it being accurate at least 95% of the time.
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11 months ago, wsop bites
I am standing next to my friend who has my radar and he is showing the storm going through Tampa. This app was showing nothing. Whoever is running this couldn’t predict what they’re going to have for breakfast tomorrow.
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3 years ago, mewfla
Updates keep changing the view
Not sure which release screwed up the app, but I can no longer get the radar view to work. Guess it’s time to find another radar app that works.
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5 years ago, Ytcrockpot
Used to be the best until new version
Used to love this app, hate the new version, not user friendly anymore, big AD right in middle instead of radar. No longer useful deleted, will find another weather app, sure is plenty out there
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2 years ago, Tajoslin
Map Alerts
Unable to turn off alerts on map. All alerts are active and when I turn them off, as soon as I reopen the app another time the alerts are back on. Very distracting.
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6 years ago, NoAmszon
Why the change...not good
Loved it. Why can I not get the radar, cloud cover, storms, lightning, water temp etc really don’t like the changes. I’ll stick with it for a few days while I search for another app or you change it back to the last format
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5 years ago, Twotone88
Bad update.
I do not like the new radar colors or the fact it’s not as accurate as before. The notifications I get for rain come way after it’s started. Plus, I still get an ad in the middle of the radar when I open the app. 😢
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