FOX 2 Detroit: Weather

3.6 (196)
195.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 2 Detroit: Weather

3.56 out of 5
196 Ratings
1 year ago, Pattycake is my name
I used to be able to turn my phone sideways to view the radar but now I can't. Is this something that changed when the app was updated? Is it possible to have that option again? Otherwise it's a great app. I like that it lets me know when there's a warning but I wish the voice was louder.
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2 years ago, RickyTickyH
Best weather app for Detroit or out of state
Working in the travel industry all aspects of weather is important and this app does it all, locally, nationally, internationally. Personal travel snd business. Easy and complete. This app replaced my weather channel App years ago when TWC videos became overwhelmingly political. I just wanted weather.
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2 months ago, SCSnorth
Dew point
Why did you remove the dew point on the last update? It goes hand in hand with the humidity, please put it back!
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5 years ago, dinomo2
Needs current conditions !
I want to see the current temperature etc EVERY TIME I open the app. Often the advisories and ads appear where current conditions should be. Also it should be less steps to check the weather in another location. Not multiple steps to add a location and then multiple steps to delete that location. Otherwise, good app. Oh yeah, when it opens it says Fox 35 instead of Fox 2 at first.
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5 years ago, Tmg18
New layout
YES! I have been wanting this. The new map, the hurricane tracking, and the storm details really helps and gets in more depth. I personally love weather and now that this app is advancing, I have been using it more. It is crazy now after the update. Very good job, and keep this up!
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6 years ago, ÒïÓ
Stubborn on iPad Pro
I will keep an eye on this for later use maybe. But for now it’s mostly just frustrating to use. Apps open in portrait mode, and won’t switch to landscape till you preform certain tasks, such as watch a weather report video. When it does switch view, top and bottom banners are huge... So, yeah it runs on a iPad, but there is no (imho) true support for the iPad.
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2 years ago, skidoo7272
The app is pretty good but I used to be able to see the traffic with my phone, now it gives me an error that my connection isn’t secure when I’m using Verizon or my home Wi-Fi . I wished it worked as I loved checking the traffic and now I can’t see traffic issues.
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7 years ago, This is a bunch of bull **it
Messed up
I have the weather app and when I want to watch the weather video it states I need the Fox 2 app. I downloaded the app and it takes me back to the weather app. No matter what I am doing it will not show the weather video. I should not need two apps to get the weather video outside the weather app.
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2 years ago, Vern236391635
Alert overlays are super annoying
The app resets your map settings each time you close it, resulting in all “alerts” being active when you re-open the map. Even Tropical Storm for Michigan?!? It prevents me from seeing radar at a glance and I hope this is fixed.
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5 years ago, Bri_201
Fantastic App
Gives me the info I need for my day, it also has videos from previous broadcast including the meteorologists explaining what’s going on.
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11 years ago, Le français garçon!
Pretty Good
It's a pretty good app and it's very practical & professional, BUT it can be annoying when it sends you the same weather alert every five minutes... but that only happens if a watch or warning has been created. Pretty good
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4 years ago, Lucy3d
Great App!
I have had many weather apps on my phone and this app is the one I turn to for accurate forecasting.
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6 years ago, Brandywyne14
Update ruined it
App was fine before. Everything i want to see when you open the home screen. They just updated the layout and it’s much less easy to use, I have to dig around to even find the temp outside. You’d think that would be on the home screen when you open it. Deleting this app
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3 years ago, Romeochick
WRONG way too often
It’s a nice looking app and easy to use and read. However, their forecasts are wrong way too often which is much more important than the look and feel of the app.
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5 years ago, A. Squinter
Map color
The map on the update is like nighttime. The old one is 10times better, easier to read. If not corrected I might switch to a different app. Big mistake.
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2 months ago, Redcatlmf
Doesn’t work if vpn is on
I have some stored locations in the app. It just spins if I have my vpn on. Why? It’s not accessing location data when there are stored locations is it? Totally useless to have to turn off and turn back on my vpn.
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4 years ago, 123cagey456
Uses up the battery
I like this app, but I noticed my battery’s charge was going down faster than usual. A look at settings showed this app was the reason for the drain on the battery. Had to delete it and that solved the problem.
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5 years ago, port huron 10th street
Crappy app
You guys need to fix this app. I use a iPad and every time I try to watch the weather, it either don’t work at all or too many ads and other nonsense to contend with, usually the not working at all. Please fix as I watch fox2 on my tv all the time. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Frooogggyyyy
Fix your app!
This app never actually reflects what you show on your station ever. It is very annoying and misleading.
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4 years ago, star_606
The radar in this app real helps.
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4 months ago, Deadpool3689!
Fix the app. It was working just fine until now. Now it doesn’t want to work at all.
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6 years ago, 1998champ
Sorry I Updated
When I open with my iPad, it opens vertically. To see it horizontally I have to close it and open it again, then it comes on properly.
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3 years ago, Louie1952
Most of the app is ok but, the radar is stuck in past. I want future.
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6 years ago, Rolee16
Since the latest update all of the words and temperatures are really tiny. Why?? Please fix this issue. This used to be my favorite weather app. Not anymore!
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1 year ago, Rdoobob
Doesn’t work
Only works when weather is good. Radar won’t work when storms are coming.
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5 years ago, shamewow699999999
The new update is terrible
I’m about to download another app because the new update is very slow/laggy and it’s full of glitches
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4 months ago, Dale gobie
Don’t know
App is totally screwing up since you changed it. Attempting a third delete and reinstall.
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2 years ago, gmyrdvnydgyedgswfh
Love the app
Love the app it works really good
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5 years ago, Crusoe40
Advertising gets in the way!
The ads get in the way
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6 years ago, Mouse2333
I turned on the emergency notification and I’m now getting hit with dozens of spam emails directly to my inbox!!!!
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5 years ago, CC Xanadu
Cannot open since updated!!!
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6 years ago, rsagheri
Needs an overhaul
Looks like an iPhone 4S app on my iPhone X.
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3 years ago, Chirleski
Needs a widget
Otherwise I like it
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3 years ago, Dale Robinson
Where the heck are the data on pressure????
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9 years ago, Jeff C N.
It's good for the most part.
I like that the app allows you to see detailed info on the radar. The only thing that really bugs me is that the forecast for the day changes 80 times a day. 5 minutes ago it said its going to be mostly cloudy and now it says showers and thunderstorms likely. It has changed 5 times already.
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9 years ago, Bryan-1
Lots of info.
Good app, helpful maps especially the cloud cover radar. My suggestion is to change the high temp color. The color red is hard to read against the dark background.
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8 years ago, Kozmick
Can't see the high temperature
It is a good app, but unfortunately it is hard to read the high temperature in the daily view. The red against the dark background makes it extremely difficult.
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10 years ago, Mastrechief
This app is great for people who want to see exactly where they live and what kind of weather they are about to get. Great app!
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7 years ago, DJT61013
I don't like being forced to have 2 apps
I use the fox 2 Detroit app which has a link to weather but not it forces to you download the weather authority app too. I don't like this, takes up unnecessary storage space on my phone when I used to be able to just get the weather information and news from one app. Not happy about this at all. Wrong move guys
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11 years ago, ilerch
Exactly what I need
Simple interface and easy to get to the information needed quickly.
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9 years ago, IslandPam
Too small
The font size is too small. Same for the Fox2news. Hard to read. Take a peak at other news and weather apps. Sorry. I want to like yours, but.....
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10 years ago, DetroitTigers1
Live updates and more.
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11 years ago, Beastleon
Nice app
Nice app its just what you need to keep check on the weather hourly
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7 years ago, dad44uncleg
Weather app
I don't like the new weather app either , like how it was . Gave it a star because it still had some what of a radar to follow the rain clouds. Have Fox 2 app now I need weather app , no thanks , I'll try 4 or 7's news app
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11 years ago, Philip1414
Cool App
I wish all weather apps were like fox 2 weather app!!!
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7 years ago, Bsiz an dixnebsic
Don't like this
I already have the Fox News app and now I have to get a whole separate app for the weather? This is stupid and unnecessary.. I don't like this at all, please change it
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9 years ago, Courtycloud
Used to work great
This was my absolute favorite weather app. Now it won't update at all. Cannot even get it to open up. Fix it please...I want my weather app back.
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9 years ago, Slick and slippery
Crashes all the time
Changed my review to one star, use to be my go to weather app. It's been a week & half still won't open
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11 years ago, Make it better plz
It saved me
It told me about the tornado
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9 years ago, jitterbug42849
Will not open
After the update it refuses to open. Delete!
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