FOX 32: Chicago Local Weather

3.1 (60)
76.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 32: Chicago Local Weather

3.13 out of 5
60 Ratings
2 years ago, unresponsive name
I like the app. What I don’t like are the alerts it started sending out. I allow alerts in case of a bad storm or tornado. But recently it started sending out alerts stating that we haven’t had snow yet…or lots of sunshine, but lower temps expected….Save the alerts for something weather critical - something that could be dangerous!!!
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2 years ago, Scooby575
Notification overload!
This app is ridiculous! I had it set for severe weather notifications because, you should be aware of a tornado or similar is headed your way, but this app sends so many useless notifications (I’m in Chicago, why do I need to know about weather in Rockford?!?) that makes it completely useless because of notification fatigue. Whoever designed this needs to go back and learn how to keep notifications relevant to where the user is, not for areas over an hour away. Deleted due to being unable to reduce the nonstop notifications that are irrelevant.
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11 months ago, appleton century
Flickering map
I like the app but during bad weather the map section will always flicker , sometimes it stops by reloading the most time not . Very irritating when you are trying to watch wher the storm is going. Only 3 stars and that’s pushing it.
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4 days ago, Irusik54
Ads popped up
After the latest update full screen ads started popping up. We changed privacy settings on the app, seemed to help, but sometimes they still pop up for a second and disappear.
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1 year ago, JJB jr.
What Happened Lately
Use this app all the time, my go to, but recently this app started having trouble loading the radar. It freezes up, can’t run the radar loop showing future cast, loads data slowly too. Seems like since this latest version came out there are more bugs than fixes
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11 years ago, BasilBomb
Every once and a while it crashes and you need to make the screen bigger for the iPhone 5 please it's annoying thanks.
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4 years ago, SkiHill
Freezes a lot
It worked well for months but recently freezes when trying to open. Deleted and reinstalling.
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1 year ago, AJPainter
Sudden high data usage
I have been using this app for several years and have really liked it. It is my go-to weather app. However, this morning the app managed to use over 4.5 GB of cellular data in about 90 minutes. How is that even possible? What would cause it? Has anyone else experienced this?
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3 years ago, Havacav
Alerts needs to be actual weather alerts
App would get a much higher rating if they would stop sending out “alerts” at 6:30 am saying it is going to be cold etc. I only want to hear the actual NWS watches and warnings. Please give us an option to turn off/on the stations weather forecast.
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2 years ago, %*&$#@;;
Non critical weather alerts
Please alter your app re an alarming alert for …“”!!oh the weather in Chicago is beautiful today!” Everyone I know that has this app is complaining about this. And will stop using because of this!
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4 years ago, weatherbug 2525
I used to love this app. Now it’s frozen all the time on 32. I have deleted and reloaded the app several times and it still won’t work. Someone needs to figure out what is going on. From the sounds of the reviews the freezing seems to be fairly normal now in January of 2020.
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4 years ago, Jnokap
Deletes itself.
App deletes itself. All I have is 32 on my screen. Must delete then reinstall again and again and again. Getting tired of it. Considering going to app from another station. I deserve better. Cant give less than 0 stars
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6 years ago, Qretq
Color ‘key’
I can’t find a key telling what the different colors and symbols represent. Please indicate where to find this.
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2 years ago, Oksmix
Currently it doesn’t reflect what was in the live report, been doing this for some time but now it’s useless, live forecast shows 88* the app says 75*
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5 years ago, Chippy1142
Not Broken so why Change?
New format and coloring is poor. People access to see map and forecast quickly. App is too busy and minimalizes its true features. I switched out.
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5 years ago, ytbuchman
Constant problems since last update
Freezes constantly
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3 weeks ago, .Lets_Go_Brandon
Ruined App With 24 hour Radar
The 24 hour should resemble the original radar which it doesn’t
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6 years ago, Picky music Fan
Not working since last update
This app is no longer working after I last updated it.
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3 years ago, house4550
App constantly keeps turning on all the warnings even after I shut them off.
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8 months ago, deeplake
This app has me on 124 web sites
You should look into iPhone privacy report It shows me connected to 124 websites Is it that necessary for them to sell my information to these people ? Drop The App
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12 years ago, Jlc$
Nicely done!
Exactly what I need. Look forward to future upgrades (not to be greedy) but maybe a function to text when tornadoes are in the area, and tracking a storm path with wind gust, lightning, and hail but I would have to say..even if those things were never added...I still like and will use this app. Thank you Fox and Bill! Old weather app has been removed!
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10 years ago, bignoseKate72
Very useful!!
I always have FOXNews playing in the background but never get a chance to actually watch it!! So this app is perfect to find out the weather for what my children need to wear for the day!! Thank you for being so accurate!!
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9 years ago, Titanniafae
Change it back!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so sad to give such a low rating but I'm hoping it will help change things back. This used to be my favorite app and I would suggest it to people. The new color scheme is horrendous!!! It's difficult to read at a glance or even when you stare at it! I really hope someone is looking at reviews because there are a lot of people complaining in your feedback section on the app! Please change or I will find another app to use.
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10 years ago, worshipman567
Best weather app!
I live in northwest Indiana and I was easily able to change to my current location. It has everything you want without all the adds and random stuff that TWC has. Great app for weather!
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12 years ago, mehodge2
It's better than weather channel and Noah weather Hi Def and you can change location to where you are and it's free. I deleted the others. It's great with Noah weather radio.
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12 years ago, Fredro75
So far, I like it. I really like being able to expand the weather map. I'm looking forward to future improvements too! Great app!
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12 years ago, Darth Yamen
Great App!
Great app. Has everything I want to know when checking the weather. Have only one complaint and it's petty; but can we please get a retina display compatible icon. Looks so blurry and tacky next to the other HD ones.
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12 years ago, Lola1011
Love it ... I have a few apps to get all the information that I get on this one. I can delete the other app's now.
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12 years ago, volleyballin_beast
So easy to use and gives you all the information you need!
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12 years ago, BadBob6666
Outstanding Weather App!
This is the best one I've used. Now it will be the only one. Thank you Fox and Bill.
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12 years ago, Zack bond
Greatest weather app out there
It's very easy to use and I can put in any town not just Chicago! Go Bill Bellis
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9 years ago, Morrighan012
No more video!
This used to be a great app and I would open it frequently. I also liked reading blogs. Seems like they are gone now. Too bad. Also don't like the overly blue colors and background. Why fix something that's not broken? I also would like to see weather forecast videos (like in the past).
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9 years ago, HarLee 66
Colors chosen
Too much blue color used, blue on blue, hard to focus quickly on what you are trying to see. Old app was much easily read. Change the color and will be the best. I have used the old version for 2 years, hope to continue???
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9 years ago, Wmorg99
Yuck, Fox added in Ads.
I like the old application better. No ads and more intuitive.
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12 years ago, Beksalias
Awesomeness embodies the App
Great app. Saw it announced on the 9 o'clock news and 30 seconds later I'm following along with the meteorologist! Love it!!!
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12 years ago, Ccurrie12
Love this weather app!
I have had a few different weather apps, this one us one of the best, and its free!
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9 years ago, Ron OC
Nowhere near as good as the previous version.
It wants me to pinpoint my current location, but no matter what I do, it still asks me to pinpoint my current location. I hope the older version remains available, I really prefer its screen layout.
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12 years ago, SupraKrabby
Very clear and easy to read. Nice map!
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9 years ago, SZBAsus
Easier to Read
Looking good.
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12 years ago, TMW0341
Awesome weather app!!!! Don't even bother with any other app.
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11 years ago, Disneyworldmom1
It's a great app!
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10 years ago, Boo 333
This use to be a terrific app but not anymore it crashes every time I open it and try to change cities it's not worth all the aggravation !!!
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12 years ago, D_dubb
Great App, But Update is Crashing
This is a great app for us here in Chicago, but the update is crashing on my phone & there isn't any support links to tell IT. please fix!!!
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11 years ago, Assfacemcgee sanchez
Crashes every time I press future in the radar map
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9 years ago, Fart fart tin $$$$
Nice job
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9 years ago, SZNY
Like last version better!!!
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10 years ago, Get bent1285
The weather and radar are terribly inaccurate. It is never right! Ever!
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