FOX 4 Dallas-FTW: Weather

3.1 (606)
74.4 MB
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Current version
NW Communications of Texas, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 4 Dallas-FTW: Weather

3.1 out of 5
606 Ratings
4 years ago, mir1315
Don’t like change is app look
Not a fan of the latest update to the app interface. I miss the daily forecast at the bottom of the app when it loads. Thanks for the reply, but that’s not the daily forecast I was referring to. Plus, I don’t want to have to scroll down to find it. I want to see it quickly when I first open the app. I’m referring to the small bar that was at the bottom of the main screen (without having to scroll down) that had the highs & lows of each day & you could scroll to the right to see the days that didn’t fit on the screen. That was nice & convenient to be able to see a forecast summary.
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4 years ago, Taylor2756 E
Just frustrating
Okay so I just got this app thinking...I am tired of just the weather with out a map! So I figured this app was going to be great!! So I get the app and I am trying to pin my location but this thing keeps popping up that says something about unable to pin your location and that you need to check your network and so on. Then it says cancel or retry I press retry. The same thing keeps popping up over and over and over again. I don’t know if it is my WiFi or something but it might be. So it is just really hard to pin your location well it is to me at least. Also I just pinned a random location and looked at all the stuff I really don’t like how you have to scroll down it just is kinda weird. But other than all of that I think this app is really good!!
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5 days ago, Sharon-NETX
24hr Disappointment
This used to be my go to most trusted weather app. If anyone needed a weather app this was my recommendation. Then the option to see the 24hr radar was added. The addition of the 24hr radar has undermined confidence in this app. If I select the radar with the normal setting of 6 hrs I see what appears to be an accurate radar for a “now” setting. If I then select the 24hr aspect I see completely different radar information for the “now” setting. A current radar display should be a current radar display with the 24hr aspect selected or not. It should still display what is currently going on “now” but it doesn’t. Given the discrepancies I no longer trust the accuracy of the radar with any setting. Very disappointing.
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4 years ago, fan of didi
Network failure
The app will work for a few hours and then I get a “Network Failure, make sure airplane mode is off and WiFi is on” alert. This has happened daily in various locations with WiFi and cell service. All other apps work fine. I have to uninstall this app and reinstall it and it will work. I didn’t have this problem until the updated version came out.
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2 months ago, JClarkes
Don’t like Radar only showing future now
Since the last upgrade, my WAPP is only showing ‘future’ radar. The button doesn’t let me select past or past/future like it used to. Only having future radar is not very helpful. Please give us the other radar capabilities back! Note my friend is not having this problem. I’ve tried looking at settings to see if I can resolve but haven’t been able to. WAPP is still my go-to weather app. It’s very helpful in planning outdoor activities for daily life as well as trips.
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4 years ago, VintageRestyle
App doesn’t load
I finally had to delete the app from my phone after putting up with terrible performance since I downloaded the app a few years ago. It would work fine for a period, then another update will download to “fix” bugs, which ends up crashing the app. It started with the app not fully loading so the daily and hourly forecasts would be blank. The last straw was when it decided not to load at all for several days in a row. It would freeze on the sponsor opening image and do nothing else. The same thing happened on my husband’s phone. I don’t recommend this app at all because it’s unreliable. When spring storm season rolls around again, I’ll find another weather app to get radar and weather alerts.
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4 months ago, nkplt
latest update takes away information on radar
The latest update on the Wapp had changed the timeline of the radar. It now only shows the present and what the future computer model thinks will happen. It no longer shows the previous hour or so like it did before. I do not like that feature at all. Also, for some odd reason it now is terribly inaccurate. Yesterday it showed our location was in a red zone of precipitation but we were not even getting thunder or lightening let alone any rain. I went to another app and their radar showed with nothing anywhere near our location. Something is really messed up now so the app is useless as far as I am concerned.
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3 years ago, no-ads!!!!!!
Latest update is beyond awful
The most recent app update seems to be missing something..... like the current weather! Clicking on hourly will show you what it will be in an hour, and daily shows you high and low info, but absolutely nothing shows you the current weather right now. It literally opens to a blank map, and the settings for the map view are also awful. You can turn on clouds and precipitation overlays so you can make an educated guess on the weather conditions. Or you can turn on the temperature overlay which gives a tiny circle showing the temp in each city. So that view is like a hundred little circles with numbers covering the map. Super helpful as well. What in the hell happened here?
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2 years ago, number231
I don’t get the negative reviews lately
I have a iPhone 12. Radar works. Future radar works. Not sure why you use the app for its photographic image view. But my house is there. Thus is my go to app no matter where I am when I want radar, forecast and hourly conditions. It is power hungry so if you just want the temps then others load faster. I haven’t experienced any odd battery drain. For me it’s the most complete weather app. Plus you can see live weather coverage if your power is out.
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4 years ago, Crested12
Used to be good
I have relied on WAPP for years as my weather location for DFW. This newest version is lousy. Personally, I do not need or want to see the cloud cover ... only the actual precipitation on the map. I have chosen “radar” and still get clouds AND rain shown ... for the past few times I have checked the app, it has shown no rain anywhere within the entire US. I find this rather difficult to believe ... especially since the forecast for DFW has included rain. Today, it has rained all day and all I am seeing is cloud cover when I can hear rain on my roof. Something is wrong here!!! Please go back to the old version that was reliable!
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2 years ago, hugsaly
Remove all the alert overlays please!
As other reviewers have mentioned, the default of every single type of weather alert automatically loading makes it so you can’t even see the precipitation on the radar. Yes you can remove them but you have to do it every time you re-open the app. You used to allow users to set their own preferences in alerts and overlays that would “stick” permanently until redefined by the user. Please bring back this functionality. I am going to use another app in the meantime because this new feature is so frustrating. It has been my go-to weather app for years. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, Graham Mees
One big issue
I’ve been using the WAPP since it came out, I’ve never had a problem with it and I use it for every place I travel too. Recently we moved about 15 miles west of where we used to live and it’s giving me an error when I open it that it’s not available in my current location along with a pair of coordinates and it didn’t do this till a few months ago. I love the app but I’d like to be able to use it when I’m home now too!
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5 years ago, Aridon1970
Was great.... now not so much
So I used to love this app because it had a great landscape radar. However someone thought it would be brilliant to put a freaking ad over about 20% of the freaking screen in landscape mode. If this isn’t fixed I’ll just delete the app. It no long has value. Update.. they fixed the issue right after I submitted my review. It’s good again!
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4 years ago, Rds0917
Updated version is poorly designed
Please go back to the old interface , the WAPP used to be reliable. With the recent update the radar takes awhile to load and the drag and drop is not in the best spot on the map. Today it’s raining in my area for the next few hours but this is not indicated on the radar. Last week there were tornadoes and it took awhile to figure out how to figure out the drag and drop along with setting up alerts...this should be automatic. Very disappointed in the update, looking for a safer weather app.
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3 months ago, Rickus22
Messed up
This was my go to weather app but for the last 2 days you would have thought it was weather Armageddon on the app radar. But when watching their live broadcast I realized something was wrong and checked another weather app. Yes, their app was messed up and it took them 2 days to figure that out. No apology for watching waves of storms coming in that weren’t there. As a follow up, the app is showing a large storm coming in from the west but 2 other apps are not showing a lot of activity. The forecast is fine but don’t trust the map.
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4 years ago, 19Colorado
Unhappy with update
I do not like the new radar screen color and I do not like that there is hardly any detail on the map. Only the major roadways and only cities of your choosing, so people like me that live in a smaller suburb we can’t zoom in to see where exactly we are. The overall aesthetics are not nearly as good as before . It was better when you could actually zoom in to small side streets like google earth type map. I. Have used this app since it became available, but today am shopping for a new app.
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5 years ago, Kar120c
Great Weather app for the DFW Area, but...
...for one thing. I have been using this app on my iPhone from early days and it’s a great app for tracking weather in the DFW area as well as when traveling. I recently bought an iPad which I use primarily in landscape mode with a keyboard case. The WAPP will not rotate into landscape mode rendering it mostly useless on my iPad. I have ended up installing another weather app that does work in landscape mode.
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5 months ago, indogoo2
Updated app does not work
I have used this app for several years and really liked it. However, the new ‘updates’ have rendered this app useless. The radar seldom works, when it does, it takes much too long to view the radar as it moves forward at a snails pace. I have reinstalled this app 5 times in hopes it would work properly but the issues remain. Sometimes you’re better off leaving a good thing alone - this would be one of those times. No longer using this app….
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3 years ago, linds7302
Radar Map view inconsistent
I like the app to see the forecast, however the radar view on the map is inconsistent at showing what is actually going on with precipitation and storms. For example, right now I see the lightening strikes and there is no storm cell showing. However, when I go to another radar app, I can see the storm. This has been within the last few months. I never had trouble like this before. Something must have changed to cause issues.
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4 years ago, Blf2050
All I see are ads
This used to be a great app, now it is covered by ads in all phases- which is why I dumped the weather channel app. Trying to slide down to see current weather past the ads is annoying. Bring back the choices at the bottom where you can click radar, daily and extended forecast. Plus the fading color radar is hard to see. The app constantly says it looses connection and to retry...I’m on home WiFi- there is NO lost connection. Fix it or I dump it too.
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3 years ago, scrit025
Disjointed info since updating
Really strange how all the fixes I install on this APP when called to update on my iPhone X just make it perform even less each time it is updated! Weirdness!! Shows my location near Nigeria in the South Atlantic Ocean today! Rarely get to see fronts heading towards the DFW area if any and if so those disappear quickly. FYI Your Advertising works without a hitch. Initially I bragged on this APP and encouraged many others to use it! Even worked out of state on East and western states! Now it is a flop for me!! Boo!
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3 years ago, Arcadeenjoyer
Now I’ve got the WAPP!
Just downloaded the FOX 4 WAPP after seeing a short blurb at the end of tonight’s forecast! I have been slowly starting to watch your FOX 4 weather now that my Sony TV can receive the NextGen TV signals! Perhaps you can bring elements of your WAPP and the FOX 4 News app to the NextGen menus when your station starts offering them on your new signal?
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3 years ago, Mcg55
No Longer Available
This app was my Favorite weather app, simply because it let you set your exact location for forecasts. The other apps all give you the forecast for your town or city. We don't have one. We love 30 miles from the closest town, so the forecast for that town is spotty at best. The new update removes this capability, and contracts the area it supports. When I open the app now, all I get is a message saying "not available for your current location", which is our house. Want a better rating, fix it.
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4 years ago, Textumbleweed
Used to be better
I hate this new update. I do t like the look of the map and can seem to go back to match the simulated map on the app page. I don’t like the black and white background. The choose your own buttons don’t make any sense. I liked that you could choose past present and future of the forecast. Really before this update I loved that I finally had downloaded something that people around me were talking about. Now I’m ready to ditch it.
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2 years ago, Tootrmonky
Can’t see the weather for all the warnings
I don’t know when this changed, but recently a ton of new weather warnings and watches have showed up. Now when I open the radar to look at the weather, I can’t see how severe it is because twelve different watches and warnings all in different colors cover up the actual weather
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3 months ago, Susanna90
Overuse of overlays and alerts
Previous versions I was able to set my weather condition to precipitation, my overlay to storm track, and remove all alerts in the map section. Now I can do it when I’m in the app but the moment I leave and return, everything is back. It’s far too cluttered and opaque. I can’t even see that’s going on in my area. Allow the user to decide what they want on their map.
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5 months ago, NOJ9556
I typically ride a motorcycle so forecasting is very crucial to me. Other apps I have used such as MyRadar/Apple, while very good for current radar, have had HORRIBLE forecasts. So far this app has been good. My only gripe is there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of advertisements. Can there please be a way to buy out of those?
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5 years ago, miz.liberty
Worked great... until it didn’t.
In the last month, when I go to open the app, my location and all of that pops up, but the forecast and radar doesn’t. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the problem is still repeating itself. This is the ONE app I use for weather because I enjoy the accuracy and the news the channel offers. I really hope they get that worked out, because it’s frustrating!
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11 months ago, KTarra
No so great anymore
I’ve used this app for several years but the couple of years it hasn’t worked more than it works. Routinely I check in to see temp and forecast and all I get are dashes and blank boxes with no information. Invariably I have to go to AccuWeather or the weather channel to get my local weather because this app doesn’t work. I really liked it when it first came out. Now it’s just meh…. Would love for the developers to solve the issues.
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4 years ago, Gr8tohave
The app was working just fine until the update a month ago! It works fine and then for hours I will get the network failure. It doesn’t matter if I am at home using WiFi or out and about using my cellular network. The radar seems to have something going on with it as well as the last few storms that have came, nothing was on the radar! Please fix whatever the bug is so I can utilize this weather app! Please HELP!!!
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3 months ago, gkmess
Broken Radar Map
The radar map no longer functions properly since about two weeks ago. If you go tap into it, the weather map flashes on screen very fast or the weather data just doesn't load at all. If you try to use the time-lapse function, you'll get nothing. Basically the primary purpose of this app is not functioning.
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12 months ago, Ankletz
Can’t get rid of weather alerts on the map
I have to manually turn off the weather alerts that cover the map every time I open the app. I’ve tried selecting one or 2 but it always reverts to all items being selected. I’m really only interested in tornado alerts most of the year but it won’t stay the way I set it. It makes it difficult to see what’s under the various colors blocking the map itself. Very annoying!
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5 months ago, ericwking1
Short term forecast
When you designed this app, the priority should be the short term forecast. In other words, people open this app up to see what the forecast is for the next seven days and they want to see all the data immediately, we don’t want to have to scroll all over the place to find it. Make it user-friendly and put the forecast front and center.
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1 year ago, Augustine of Hippo
Can’t delete locations
I like the app overall, but the”delete” option is missing from the location menu. In order to get rid of locations I’ve had to delete the app and then download it again. What happened to the”delete” option?
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2 years ago, Gwen75042
I still cannot delete a location using my iPhone but I can do it on my iPad on your app. I just updated the latest update that y’all put through but it’s still not giving me the option to delete a location that I don’t want anymore
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1 year ago, Bobthegreatest
Make this app great again
I miss being able to keep this app on my main screen on my phone. The radar would work to a degree at one point then it would crash when weather was rolling in. Maybe too many people using it at the same time? This latest update doesn’t even let you see the radar from the last hour. Only current and future conditions. Wish y’all the best but I’m out.
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3 years ago, KCMom0702
What is happening
Ok so normally I love this app, best weather app there is. But today I open the app and it’s not working at all, every time I try to use it it says “this application is not available in your current location”, with no way for me to fix it or do something else. if someone could please fix this that would be great! I rely on this app for all my weather predictions, and it rlly throws me through a loop to have it not working.
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6 years ago, JP1385
New glitch needs to be fixed
I use your app all the time and love it. While introducing the ability to have alerts follow you, you have now created a problem with just seeing the forecast at your current location. I do not want the app always using my location but I do want to be able to select “current location” from the weather dropdown. Please fix! Thank you!
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3 months ago, Mpturner
I’ve depended on the app for several years however this last storm season in Texas has been so frustrating. Tonight it said huge storms were coming across our area and other apps showed nothing happening. When I pulled up the radar it still showed we were getting hammered by storms, outside nothing. Not sure how it can be so off.
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8 months ago, Kryspyx
Update resolved NOTHING!!
FIX THE OVERLAY ISSUE!!! Hey app developers...wake up; you fixed NOTHING. Your app is a complete waste of time as are you. Keep lying to everyone...that will get your ratings up...SURE it will! If you can’t be bothered to fix the app, how about reverting to a last-known working version? Oh, wait....that would mean you guys would have to utilize a little common sense, something the entire lot of you couldn’t come up with if your names were common and sense!
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6 years ago, Dr Webble
Terrific weather app
This is one of the best weather apps I have ever found, love the way I can set it for my Exact location and actually get weather information for here and not 20-30 miles away from me where it’s not relevant. In Coffee City on Lake Palestine. 5 stars for this app
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3 months ago, Yerman79
6hr and 24h Maps are different
When switching between the 6 hour and the 24 hour maps, the map displays completely different coverage even at the same time. Try this. Open the map and zoom back from your location so you see the entire US, then switch back and forth between the 6hr and the 24hr map. Every time you switch back and forth, the time line on the map defaults to the current time and displays current weather. Why are they both in the same time and look different? After researching, the 6hr map is accurate. The 24hr map..,no idea where you are getting this map from. None of the data matches past, present, or future conditions.
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5 months ago, Marine 2/27
No Value
Not a fan of the latest update especially the future (24 hour) radar. To often is is just a blank screen. To me, it is more important to see continual loops of radar as they were prior to update. Many times changes are made for improvement. However, this change was not one of them.
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2 months ago, RedBullet 1960
Don’t like the new update
Since the new update I can only view the 24hr future radar I used to always use the past/future radar I’m deleting the app and reinstalling hoping that this fixes this issue if not I’ll completely delete the app because it’s currently useless
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4 years ago, dTERM78
Current update is useless
I know, everyone hates change, but this one is too much. The old app was perfect. The weather map updated quickly and was easy to navigate. The new one is so data heavy, it takes forever to load. I can’t tell if it’s locked up or still loading data. Really a pathetic change. Listen people, change for the sake of change is just stupid. When you have a solid working product, LEAVE IT ALONE.
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3 months ago, Lilbluesometimes
Freezing up/Crashing
Lately the app has been freezing up or simply just crashing, and closing completely. The app is supposed to be a live broadcast but is always behind. When you click on app support, there is no support? It just opens the app to the news?
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1 year ago, fenderpicker
The Best Weather App Ever
I use this app ever day. It is very reliable and I wouldn’t plan a trip without it! I have had other weather apps that were ok, but none come up to Wapp’s standards! Get it! You will be glad you did.
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4 years ago, 5llirrap
Miss 7 day forecast at bottom of screen
For the most part the update is fine, but I miss the 7 day forecast on the bottom of the screen so I don’t have to switch to another screen for a quick look. Can you get it back on the radar screen?
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4 years ago, sRamBler7
Latest update is terrible
The whole app is glitchy since the last update. I keep having to completely close it and start over. The radar map looks terrible. Please go back to however it was. The time lapse on the radar does not work properly. Reset!!! It was fine the way it was!!!!
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2 years ago, Unshade the Alerts!
Why the need for all the alerts on the radar?
I’m not sure what took place but for some reason now every time I open the radar all the alerts are shaded. Makes it virtually impossible to see the radar and then I have to go down in the map settings and deselect all the alerts. This happens every time I open the app. I hope this gets fixed soon or I’m getting rid of it.
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