FOX 5 Atlanta: Storm Team

3.3 (216)
77.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
New World Communications of Atlanta, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 5 Atlanta: Storm Team

3.28 out of 5
216 Ratings
3 years ago, Badgerette
Weather app yes
I liked Fox during very severe weather over quite a few years. But recently I sought a Fox Weather app for Atlanta, only found the Fox News app and thought this was the only access. For reasons not pertinent to weather, this was a deal breaker. A friend showed me the separate app, so here I am. I like it. Focuses on local, easy to navigate, so far continues to be accurate and although drama and hooks are not absent, you’ve kept it pretty darn clean. NOAA is my gold standard but since they “improved” their app, it’s not as helpful as it used to be. Please continue to stick to the weather and don’t let anything else smear into your part of the network.
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2 years ago, kmb1105
Used to be great
I use this app religiously to watch radar and weather for managing my horses and weather to keep them inside or turn them out or to track incoming foul weather. Over the past 6+ months or so the app crashes every time I try to add a new city. I periodically add and remove places according to where I’m traveling and the app crashes every time. I have to add the new place at least 5 or more times before it will show up in the app.
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5 years ago, Graciejayyy
Wow! I cannot thank Fox 5 Storm Team enough! I was staying at friends house and had fallen asleep when my phone went off with the tornado alert! There was a local tornado and I was able to call and inform my family at my house down the road! I was so happy to be able to be alerted when something bad was headed towards me or my family! Thank you so much for taking care of us and for being the BEST weather app ever!!!!
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2 years ago, Cubgirl157
Where’s the radar??
Since the last update, I now have a map with so many alert overlays that I can’t even see the radar! Hard freeze alerts, wind advisories, gale warnings, frost warnings, red flag fire advisories —- the map is a checkerboard of so many shapes and colors that the radar is completely obliterated, making it useless! There’s no way to turn off all the overlays — I never even turned them on; they just showed up one day, and I hate it! Ready to dump this one and find another local app that’s not such a mess....
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1 year ago, A Georgia Gal
Hourly weather
The radar is pretty good, but the hourly is hardly ever correct. It changes every 30 minutes to to every hour. So if you have any outdoor plans, make sure to check the hourly weather every 30 minutes to an hour, because it will change. I’ve only found the hour weather to be correct once.
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1 year ago, Brokenarrow1240
Has a few bugs
This is a good weather app but can you please fix the weather alerts section where you can select or unselect the type alerts you want to see where it will save your preferences. Every time I unselect the alerts I don’t want it defaults back to selecting all the alerts and covers my map with a bunch of overlays. Thanks!
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3 months ago, 241Gl
App Missing February 29 hourly weather
Your weather app is never the same as your weather on tv? Also went on app this morning to check hourly forecast for February 29th. There was none you just skipped that day and went on to March 1st. What’s up with you all ?
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2 years ago, B-sims
Crashes adding a location
Looks like I’m not the only one! Tried deleting and re-adding the app and now it’s worse because all the previously saved cities are gone 😬!!! I was able to add one new location then when I tried to add the second - boom! Crashed. Now same result as before, try to add a new location and immediate crash. Used to like this app for the navigation and vipr radar. But now only works for my current location and Pigeon Forge, TN.
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1 year ago, Nbdjingvhg
Used to be good
This used to be a great app. I used to get notifications about storms and rain and all kind of stuff in my area. Must I emphasize used to be. It’s been raining outside for the last couple hours. I’m just now getting the alert that heavy rain is nearby. Lol good thing I no longer rely on this app to know when rain or storms are nearby. Would hate to rely on it if there were a tornado. The alert for a tornado would probably come after my house is leveled.
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4 years ago, RedVinoGirl
Brenda B
The app works now for a day then just won’t open. Having to delete and download again daily. I used to really rely on this weather app. Can’t any longer. Earlier comments below. Rated highly until the last update. Now the app just stops working since it was updated. I have deleted and reinstalled it five times. It works for approximately two days and then stops completely. Thinking I’ll have to move on to another weather app.
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5 months ago, Whatdafukisthis
Can’t turn off overlays
I’ve used this app for many years and been very happy. Recently, the overlay functions have been increased. My main purposes is to look at rain radar, but can’t view it because of all the overlays blocking the view. I Researched how to turn off the overlays but instruction don’t appear to work. I deleted the app and loaded another channels app.
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3 weeks ago, ForsythJon
Radar Inaccurate
Over the last few months the radar on this app has become incredibly inaccurate. I used to depend on this for my weather, but cannot any longer. The radar will show fully clear and it be pouring rain in my area, and other maps are correct.
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11 months ago, LoJac1985
Love this weather app
I love this weather app. The extended forecast, radar, and percentage of rain in forecast help me plan my day and week. I went Europe in May and I knew exactly what to wear. I packed the correct clothes for the weather!!!!
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6 years ago, App Leman
Good but need landscape view for iPad
Really informative app. I like that it’s specific to the area I live in. The problem is that part of the content is cut off in landscape view on iPad. If you rotate the iPad vertically then the full content is viewable. If you fix this it would be great!
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3 months ago, 7612zdr
Just updated the app and insta-regret. Worked fine before, now can’t see any weather data on daily or hourly, or temp on the main page. Did all your troubleshooting. Turned off WiFi/cellular. No IPv6 on router, restarted phone etc. iPhone 15 Pro Max. I rely on this app. PLEASE FIX. As of right now it’s useless garbage. If I have to delete and find a new app it will be a permanent switch.
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4 years ago, timpuparts
Update renders app useless
I give the app 3 stars as it worked pretty well For about a year. I updated the app yesterday after receiving a notification and now the app will not open. I guess I’ll have to delete n then reinstall. Such a waste of time. Why can’t an app just do what it is supposed to?
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10 months ago, Gerbera13
Double notifications
I cannot access your App Support. I am getting double weather notifications and I cannot find where to fix it.
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6 years ago, Jeduca
Recent update
Do not like it—- too busy. If you were going to change anything, why not the color of the city you have selected.??? Now with this new update when you want to see daily or hourly an ad pops up on the screen— really is this the best you can do ??
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4 months ago, BReed07
I used to use 11Alives weather app but they’ve Gotten rid of it. So I started using Fox’s app. I started noticing how contradictory it was in “guessing” the weather. It would use TWC predictions but change it slightly. The most irritating part of it was they’d say it’s raining when in fact it’d be sunny. And the highs for the days didn’t match the temps on hourly. It’s a garbage app that is unreliable.
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2 months ago, catbtay
Very Slow to Load
Recently the app is very slow to load and sometimes does not load at all. I have gotten other weather apps because this one is not dependable.
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5 years ago, UGA Alum 93
Better than WSB
I have used WSB’s app for years. After realizing that WSB’s was not as good as it used to be I looked around for another ATLANTA-Based news outlet for a weather app. This one is outstanding. I love the very robust radar. Thanks Fox 5.
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2 years ago, ShelbyGT500
No longer works with iPad
Thanks Fox 5. Guess I have to move on to another Weather app because Fox 5 no longer works on my iPad. Shame that weather app does not support older iPads and no going to buy another one just to get the weather. Will stop watching Fox 5 too. Goodbye.
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5 years ago, Elmo70p
Open for weather to see an AD you cant bypass
Why... when I just want to see the dang weather do I have to stare at a roller coaster ad for a comatose that isn’t even in this state... oh and it sits there for about a minute before you can see the dang weather map. Come on!!
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5 years ago, krgilb
Hate the update!! Not an update at all!
Storm tracks are now just dots with arrows unless you zoom in really close. The new color schemes of the map are awful, and it’s an OLD satellite view, our house-built 3 yrs ago- is not even on the map anymore! Go back to old map, much easier to read and much better storm/rain tracks! Do not like the map updates at all!!
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3 years ago, Tryin gain time
Great at lying about the weather!
I can’t tell y’all how many times it said it wasn’t going to rain, and then it does. Yesterday (8-6-21) it said there was a 10% Chance of rain today (8-7-21) now there is a 55% chance and we’re about to have storms. If they can’t predict next day weather, what is this app or “Storm Team” even good for. Deleted.
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5 years ago, pdquery
So far so good
Like all the features but like all the other weather apps , no mention or the ability to get information about fronts that are passing through my area
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5 years ago, 987654gogo
After the fact
I am getting notifications after the rain comes through my city, which is no warning. Need to know just before.
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3 years ago, The Game collecting
Great Whether App
I like this app I like whether apps and this is the best app I have ever seen you can take a picture to see what whether it is and share to fox 5 people!!
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2 years ago, kant57
Weather app unusable
Problems still exist with this app. The radar is nothing but overlays. I’ve sent messages about this with no response. I even sent Joanne Feldman a message. Apparently this is not going to be fixed so I’m deleting this app after a long time of great use without any problems. Sad.
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4 years ago, Bailey's cookies!
Life saving!
We had a tornado watch today and I let my family know! We now know when to get to shelter! Thank you so much! <3
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5 years ago, Flartablast9
Big problem
An alert appears. I touch the alert. The app opens. I then click the main phone button, and my main screen comes up. This action bypasses all of my Iphone security. This app is removed as of now. Let me know when the security problem is fixed. Otherwise i find the app useful and well done.
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3 weeks ago, uga03
Don’t make plans
The radar on this app never coincides with what’s actually happening….as I’m writing it’s showing I’m in the clear of incoming storms for hours but it’s literally thunder-storming outside. It does this all the time, I can not depend on this app at all. Love the channel meteorologists but this app is useless if you depend on radar.
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4 years ago, Sierra1sam
Constantly reinstalling
I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app 5 times in the past 6 months. It works fine provided I stay at home and even then it will only work for a few days before I have to uninstall and reinstall it.
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4 years ago, Atlguy_17
App not working
Since the last update the app was working fine and now that we need it for today’s weather it won’t open. Please fix the bug!
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10 months ago, Mishr69
Radar crashing
Images of storms crashing after having app open for a minute. Constantly losing app and restarting it. Plz address this! Never had this issue.
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2 years ago, chp112
Hate the color overlays
Need an option to opt out of all the color overlays. Not even explained anywhere… Switching back to the weather channel app
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5 years ago, Menotfit
Need Apple Watch and Apple TV apps
I enjoy these apps, fox5news and storm app but it’s limited on devices. Please add to other devices!! You’re behind the times and forcing us to use other apps on Apple TV for viewing on TV.
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4 years ago, harlhail
Stops working
Every week I have to delete this app and reinstall it as it stops working. Being in the North Georgia mountains there aren’t many apps that give a semblance of accuracy. When it works it’s okay
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5 years ago, SandyandTom
Fails too often
Have had the app for about 2 years, but it fails way too often. Says “network error”! Then I have to delete and put it on again. Have an IPHONE 7, don’t have problems with any other app.
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2 years ago, dartme99
No notifications
I liked it but now I get no notifications at all
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1 year ago, Me7732679
Fix it
Billion dollar corporation can’t make an app that doesn’t crash half of the time, and doesn’t load the weather map the other half of the time.
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3 years ago, 9tows
Not the best app!!!
It ok for the most part. It does the same as the app that came on my phone. The only difference is this has a live radar on it that never works!!! Kinda not worth the download.
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4 years ago, Olady2
Poor, please fix this
I keep having to delete the app and download it again from the cloud to get it to open. After that it works for a while. Then “rinse...repeat.” Frustrating.
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2 years ago, Medic31077
Storm Pictures
Every time I try to upload a picture of the storm last night, I get a “Upload failed, please try again.” message. I have tried on Wi-Fi connection and cellular data.
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2 years ago, Tywerr6
Videos won’t load
Crashes and weather videos won’t load. I had to delete it. The advertisements start over when I try to skip the video.
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4 years ago, Pepsi town
Since the update on Feb 1st 2020 it freezes every time I open it. You can’t switch between daily, radar nor hourly forecasts because it just freezes up.
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5 years ago, karl813
Good but needs work
Each release gets slower to load. Overall, a good app, but could use some optimization.
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4 years ago, Apple doozy
Quits working
It quits working are you gets everybody’s picture it won’t function you have to delete it and start it again
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4 years ago, Bob35960
Freezes on open
Splash screen opens and that is it. Nice picture of the weather team, but I’m more interested in what you have to say about the weather, not a picture of your team.
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3 years ago, tidefan1950
Fox 5 Atlanta
Fox 5 is the only news and weatherman I will watch. They are great!
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